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Light Yagami for the headcanon compilation 😌

Send me a character and I’ll provide a brief headcanon on the following topics:

  • a lesson they learned in their childhood: “Difficult” seems to mean something different to everyone else. 
  • a reason they have for getting out of bed each morning: Depends on canon point, really. Prior to finding a DN, he’s probably doing it because  you have to go through the motions of every day life before you can actually do anything of consequence, and there might be a small chance of something interesting happening. Later canon, he has a world to fix. 
  • a fear: I think at the core of it, Light has this kind of ennui stemming from the thought that despite his best efforts into things that really matter to him, nothing will actually change from the status quo because society and human nature are slow to change. 
  • a strength: He’doesn’t find the prospect of grinding work daunting. He’s disciplined and has a good work ethic. 
  • how they think others perceive them: The golden boy. He gives the world his best face and he knows he can be cute/charming/impressive as he needs to be. 
  • how they perceive themselves: Gifted. He knows he’s smart and that he’ll be going places in the future. 
  • whether or not they consider themselves a ‘decent’ person: Yep, definitely. He views himself as a model hard working, law abiding citizen who only wants the best for society. 
  • a temptation / proclivity they have: He has random habits that mostly manifest when he’s bored? Pen twirling, staring out of windows, daydreaming, wondering why time can’t go faster. 
  • an alternate career to what they have in canon (if applicable): Could see him becoming a prosecutor, but pretty much he’s going to follow in his dad’s footsteps, join the NPA and eventually become the director general…. and maybe find himself a cabinet position way down the line.
  • how they waste time: Video games with Sayu or Ryuk, going for walks 

memories // panic! at the disco

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Headcanons of mikasa interacting with other 104th boys beside eren and armin??? That would be awesome :D (++points for many cracks lmao)

Oh hell yeah !

  • Mikasa has been Jean’s muse for a long time. He will always have a soft spot for Mikasa, even well into adulthood. She inspires him to continue to fight and work hard. She doesn’t realize the impact she has left on him, even after they have grown close and he’s told her how he felt. 
  • Marco and Mikasa have a super genuine friendship. He makes her feel welcomed, comfortable. She doesn’t have to force herself to speak when she’s around him - he’s perfectly fine with mutual silence and continues to encourage her to be more open about how she feels about things!
  • Head rubs are how many people express their affection towards Connie and Mikasa is no different. Connie spends half the time trying to get this girl to laugh, smile, something, and rarely does he ever manage to get that wind chime laugh of hers, followed by some head ruffles. Her fingers slightly weave through his hair when he grows it out.
  • Reiner is the Dad Friend™ and Mikasa is the Mom Friend™. They’re always looking out for others, making sure they’re okay and eating, and have their own adorkable ways of expressing their gratitude to their friends.
  • Bertholdt is softspoken, quiet, like she is. She feels quite smol standing next to him most days, but she has her advantages. He’s always willing to lend a hand when she needs to reach a book on the top shelf!
The King-part 3

The King Masterlist

Summary- Queen Gwendolyn has been hiding something from King Negan. (medieval AU)

Word Count- 4k

Warnings- Punishments, Anal Stuff, It’s just mostly smut…

Author’s Note- This is for a request “can you possibly write for king Negan and Gwen if she found out she finally got pregnant” So here ya go, Anon! Hope you like it. Also…I live for comments and reblog. Even if you just add a gif. I love that…like I look at all of my story reblogs just to see…

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The entire castle was gathered in the courtyard awaiting to celebrate the arrival of King Negan. He had been gone for three months destroying a herd of unholy creatures that had decimated villages on the outskirts of a neighboring kingdom, feeding off the living, leaving nothing but mangled corpses for scavengers to feast upon. Negan had ridden off with his Saviors to rid the world of these monsters they called walkers.

Queen Gwendolyn’s back ached as she stood. They had been gathered for what seemed like hours ever since their banners had been spotted along the horizon. Negan probably loved making all his subjects wait, sadistic man that he was. Finally, the trumpets sounded as they rode through the gate.

Although she knew her husband and his knights were the most fearsome of warriors, she had worried for him while he was gone. She had not had any communication from him since he left. No letters. No notes. Nothing but a messenger sent to ride ahead a few days ago to herald their return. The concern she had once felt for him was quickly overpowered by fear.

She discreetly tugged at the neckline of her blue bodice. Even though she had let her dresses out, her breasts strained against the fabric. She clasped her hands in front of her hoping her long belled sleeves would cover the evidence of her secret since her skirts no longer hid the small tell-tale curve of her abdomen where the next heir of the kingdom grew. Whispers were spreading, but still, she had not announced the joyous news.

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T-REX RACE & OPENING CEREMONY (Winter Games) / requested by anon! thankyou!! request gifs here

Pay attention, you can see Wes go in to panic mode when he realizes.

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Can you draw Peridot looking really flustered? Also I LOVE your art style! 😁 And Lapidot is OTP

Here ya go anon ^ ^ and thank you much! I am glad you like it! 

Person: PERIDOT, have you finished that assignment yet?! >:[

Send me an ask with something to draw an expression too.

I’m wanting to get some expression practice in for my Lapis and Peridot Human AU, so basically send em something for one of them to respond to XD [be sure to take which character!]

so i fucking love “draw your___” memes rn. so ur gonna get me drawing a lot of these lmao
also!! someone requested i draw adauchi, so here ya go lovely anon!!!!! and his pals are here too

the weird pattern on laurentias everything pisses me off so youre not gonna see a lot of art of her LOL

original post for the draw your ___

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he'd go full on daddy mode when he came back from tour. "Has anyone gotten to see this gorgeous body since i've been gone?" "no daddy, only for you" you'd say as he sucked on your neck. "Good, this pussy is too beautiful for anyone but me. Although, these lips would be a perfect accessory for my cock, do you agree princess?" You'd nod and slowly began to pull down his boxers. "You minx, daddy's going to give you a spanking later if you don't hurry."