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im interested on your take on the differences between twilight princess link vs botw link (or other links) :thinking: .. (also, do u feel like he somehow managed to find his way to the twilight realm after the game i must Know)

Well, Twilight Princess Link I’ve actually always viewed as closely linked to his incarnation botw. Twilight Link is very much this quiet dude who gets a lot of joy out of helping his small community and doing physical work. Kind of a loner. Like enjoys company but tends to go off on his own sometimes without regard for who worries about him. Deathly loyal. Selectively mute. Before the wolf thing he had a strong connection to nature but after the wolf thing he basically got eaten entirely by it. 

Twilight Link, to me, did not get a very happy ever after. He was permanently changed by the magic that turned him into the Divine Wolf and his battle partner kind of up and vanished right at the end of his journey and broke his heart. He just kind of keotLike, he understand WHY she did it, but it doesn’t really undo the damage and Zelda only just barely manages to keep him from going full feral for, like… call it a couple decades. 

Then he just kind of turns into a wolf one day and never comes back. 

BotW Link gets a lot of his home-in-nature, slightly feral tendencies from that incarnation and all of them get it from OoT Link lol. Twilight was just the first to go like… full werewolf? So he’s the most wild so it stands the botw Link has quite a bit of that too. I personally think the hero from 10,000 years ago was like a straight up barbarian, princess Mononoke style. 

I’d say the main difference between them is botw Link has a lot of suppressed dread and trauma around his destiny whereas Twilight Link kind of… like, it made sense to him and he rose to meet it. What happened during his journey didn’t break him, it was losing Midna at the end that took him out. Twilight Link also smiles and emotes alot more easily than BotW Link. BotW Link is also kind of a slut? Twilight was a bit more withdrawn about that stuff. 

ID #54995

Name: Shanleigh
Age: 20
Country: Australia

Hii everyone, how are you!

First off I’d like to say my ultimate goal is to make some really good friends here
I am a 20 year old girl from a small town in Australia who loves
🎮gaming (we can vs each other)
🌿 nature (crystals, plants, stars)
📺Tv shows including, SKAM, rick and morty, suspicious partner, daria, orphan black, riverdale, the vampire diaries, anime
🎧 music
✏️Drawing and art- if you’re also interested in art we could send each other things!
🧡I love animation and would love to Make animation videos I think I follow every animation channel on YouTube I also upload some vlog videos on YouTube sometimes

I think I have a big personality, I like jokes and sarcasm and laughing
I would love a penpal that would be willing to write snail mail possibly straight away or if that’s not possible chatting on any type of social media is a-ok 😊 I am a very caring person by nature I am also quite outgoing, so if I seem a bit forward at first it’s only because I’m excited to meet you!
I also plan to send photos of my dog, cats, plant babies so be ready!

Preferences: 20+ but if your 19 that’s cool too, I’d love snail mail but will also love chatting on other social media (maybe both?)

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hey, is joey and the rest of the studio going to do anything for him?

((joey and the other toons throw a little party for him after everyone else goes home, there were a lot of “happy birthdays” from most employees, and a few small gifts from a few that could afford to bring them. also, people hold back on yelling at him for being annoying just today because its his birthday.))

why is eating detergent pods suddenly a thing, like hold on, I know the psychological reason, our ape brains associate brightly colored small things as fruit, I got that, but how do you bite into a ball of soap and bleach and not immediately just throw it up before you even swallow

I feel like our monkey brains also have the “THIS TASTE BAD” instinct, why do you people pick and choose which natural instinct to go with then ignore the other

HEY DO YOU MIND UHHH leaving me the FUCK alone?

literally ALL i did was post a stranger things / it 1990 crossover au because the thought of maybe will byers having an adult to relate to - someone who also went through the realities of being bullied and victimized for being gay and small and percieved as “weak” or other - just as el has kali to relate to and mike is comforted by hopper as a positive adult in his life. the thought of eddie being a strong, confident and out adult and a role model for will to look up to was a good thought.

and you’re ruining it, as well as ruining my night. leave me alone, please.

“mothman is bullshit”

fuck him up, bobert

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IU mentioned Jonghyun in her daesang speech at the 32nd Golden Disk Awards

“To be honest, I’m still very sad. I had to say goodbye to someone who was very precious to me as an artist, a friend, and a musician. I think I understand to some degree how hard and painful it was for him, and because it’s not a feeling that I am completely unfamiliar with, I still feel very sad and sorry.

I think that many people other than just me are also sad. It’s a shame and even more sad that we all busy with things to do tomorrow and we have to worry about what’s happening a month from now, and make plans for the next year, so we can’t let ourselves feel this sadness as much as we need to. I hope that you will let natural things show and accept them naturally, like feeling happy when happy, crying when sad, feeling tired when hungry, and slowing down when sick.

In particular, as artists, we are people who comfort other people, and so while it’s good to have a professional mindset, I truly hope that no one becomes more sick and pained after not first looking after ourselves as people and comforting ourselves, and not showing how we feel.

You’ve been busy today and will be busy again tomorrow, so while you might not have enough time, I hope that the people who won today will celebrate and enjoy today to its fullest and then sleep well. I will too. Thank you.”

Source: soompi / video

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do you have an idea of a checklist for learning how to create digital art? like i know practice is essential, but i don't really know where to start or where to go from there. thanks so much xox

I think I can toss some stuff out here that might be of use.  Assuming an artist learning digital art starts from the beginning–owning a tablet & drawing program but not knowing how to use them–here’s an inconveniently long list of stuff that could help them.

TL;DR: 1, mess around till you’re used to drawing digitally. 2, study and create ad infinitum. 3, a bunch of tips that are pretty hard to TLDR so you should probably just go over em.  Step 2 is basically what you asked me NOT to tell you (“practice”!), but unfortunately it’s all I know how to do :,(

1) If you own a tablet that you plug into your computer (i.e., you don’t draw directly on the screen), feel free to spend a few weeks or even a month+ just getting used to it.  When you first start out, it’s really freaky drawing in one place and seeing things appear somewhere else, but trust me in that you won’t even notice the disconnect after a few months of consistent digital drawing.  I’ve been painting digitally for about 2 years now, and it’s actually slightly easier for me to draw digitally than traditionally.  [If you have a cintiq, or you use an iPad with Procreate, or something similar, then you probably don’t have to spend as much time in step 1.]

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how good you were with traditional drawing when you start digital; the mental disconnect you have will make it very difficult to think about proportions, values, edges, colors, etc.  You’ll probably notice yourself making mistakes that you wouldn’t normally make on paper.  Don’t worry about them, just keep drawing as you usually would.  Digital you will catch up to traditional you in time.  

For now, get used to blending colors, drawing somewhat steady lines that go in the correct direction, and fooling around with brushes and brush settings.  If you come across a brush that you like (easy to work with + pleasing results), it may help to stick with it as you continue to learn.  Digital doodles and sketches are good for this stage; though try to keep doing traditional work so your base art skills don’t atrophy.  

If you’re just starting out with Photoshop or Sai or Krita or whatever software you’re using, you’re gonna be intimidated by all the funky buttons and settings that you first see.  If it makes you feel any better, I use maybe 0.1% of the tools that Photoshop offers me.  When you start, all you need to worry about is the brush tool and control-z, maybe the eraser too.

2) Do studies as well as pieces from imagination.  You can move into step 2 as early as you please; you don’t have to wait until you think you’ve become “skillful” at digital drawing (in fact, this step is what will probably help you become the most comfortable with digital).  It’s alright if your colors are icky looking and your values are off (tip, occasionally turn the saturation of your drawing to 0 to check the values), because as long as you keep studying reality and appealing art & continually learn from your mistakes, you’ll get better. 

Always remember to study or at least appreciate the qualities of art you enjoy.  It’s the same thing that people always tell writers–you have to read a lot to write well.  You probably shouldn’t shield yourself from the influence of other artists; while you may think that this action would help you develop artistically in the manner most true to yourself, in reality the vast majority of the process of learning art will be honing in on what you find visually pleasant so that you may, in turn, express your artistic taste in your work.  If you look at other people’s art, you can pick out tiny aspects of it that you like and incorporate that into your style.  It’s a bit trickier to build a style without the “help” of other artists, though you can always turn to nature for help. On that note, I also recommend referencing nature as much as you can, because we as human beings are sort of wired to find natural designs, colors, and structures beautiful.  Look at nature for the universally beautiful, and look at art for the subjectively beautiful (i.e., enjoyed uniquely by you).

If you find yourself getting burnt out pretty quickly, then just paint/draw simple and small things for period of half an hour to 1 ½ hours a day (and switch back to traditional).  You can spend this time mapping out proportions, creating thumbnails of values/colors, drawing linework, or whatever.  Add complexity to your pieces as the months go by, and if you already have a decent foundation in drawing aim to create somewhat finished pieces after maybe four months to a year.  Please note that the second part of that sentence was something I completely made up out of my head, because I’m trying to quantify pretty unquantifiable concepts such as a “decent foundation in drawing” and a “somewhat finished” piece of art.  If you find it unrealistic, or just too easy of a goal, disregard it entirely.  It can take you half a decade to learn to make finished digital art, or you can get it down in a couple months.

3) Fun fact, there’s not really a step 3 as you stay in 2 forever, always studying and creating.  But there’s a few other things about digital art that you ought to know, so here they are:

• If your computer doesn’t make a fuss about it, I’d recommend working on a decently large canvas (at least 3000 by 3000; I personally prefer 6000 by 6000). You’ll get less defined edges and colors if you go below 1000 by 1000, from my experience.

• If you have a tablet with pressure sensitivity (you probably should otherwise digital painting is kinda hellish), go to your brush settings and set ‘transfer’ to ‘pen pressure.’  This is what makes it possible to blend.  

• If you’re having trouble matching colors while studying, you can always color pick the ref (in photoshop: bring the pic into PS and use the eye dropper tool) and compare its colors to your colors.  Some people add too much red to their skin tones, some people draw their highlights with overly desaturated colors, some people make trees and grass in their landscapes too green; whatever the case, take note of and correct errors that you consistently make.  

• Get used to using the transform/warp/liquify tools (liquify is technically a filter but you get what I mean).  They’re lifesavers for fixing proportion mistakes that you’ve only noticed 8 hours into a piece. 

• Give layers a shot.  I only work on one layer, but I’ve heard from people who divide their piece up into multiple layers that they’re damn useful (until you draw on the wrong one). 

• Flip your canvas horizontally every once in a while to make sure stuff hasn’t gone awry. 

• Screw around with color modes; they can do some really fancy things that are difficult to duplicate with normal digital painting, let alone traditional.  On the topic of colors, don’t be afraid to use somewhat desaturated colors (near the center of the color picker square in PS). There are some very aesthetically pleasing color combinations that you can make out of somewhat dulled colors.

• If you’re using PS, bind ‘step backward’ to control Z, not ‘undo.’  This is under keyboard shortcuts.  Set up a bunch of shortcuts that are the most convenient for you–personally, I only keep my left hand near the lower left region of my keyboard (my right hand is away from the keyboard and off to the right, drawing on the tablet), so I have all of my necessary shortcuts in that area.

This was a bit longer than I expected, but I figure that someone out there can get something out of it.  Cheers to you, if you do.

5e Backgrounds: 8 Backgrounds For Your D&D Character...


You come from a humble social rank, perhaps working as a farmer, servant, or laborer. 

Although your background is not as glamorous as others, you find it easy to blend in wherever you go and have a sort of folksy wisdom that can sometimes help you out of a jam. 

When you choose this background, choose a profession that is found among the common folk, or roll a d20 and consult the following table to determine your  particular expertise. 

d20                         Result 

1–2                         Fisher 

3                             Forester 

4–7                         Laborer

8–11                       Messenger

12–16                     Serf

17–18                     Servant

19                           Shepherd

20                           Trapper

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Persuasion

Trait — Salt of the Earth: Since you come from the ranks of the common folk, you fit in among them with ease. 

You can find a place to hide, rest, or recuperate among commoners, unless you have shown yourself to be a danger to them. 

They will shield you from the law or anyone else searching for you, though they will not risk their lives for you.

Suggested Equipment: Common clothes, iron pot, spade, tool kit (appropriate to your profession), 14GP, 4SP.


You know the wilderness like the back of your hand. 

You have spent many days and nights in the wild, sometimes traveling on your own but more often leading others along rarely used tracks and paths.

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from Animal Handling, Athletics, History, Medicine, Nature and Survival.

Trait — Wanderer: You have an excellent memory for maps and geography and can always recall the general layout of terrain, settlements, and other features around you. 

In addition, you can find food and fresh water for yourself and up to five other people each day, provided that the land offers berries, small game, water, and so forth.

Suggested Equipment: Backpack, bedroll, hempen rope (50 ft.), tent, tinderbox, traveler’s clothes, waterskin, winter blanket, 40GP, 8SP.

Guild Thief

You made a living by stealing as a member of a thieves’ guild. 

The guild is similar to a modern organized crime syndicate. 

It exacts protection money from criminals and businesses alike, and uses its influence to keep the city watch focused on apprehending criminals who operate without the guild’s blessing. 

Necessity might have driven you to this work, having no other means to provide for yourself, or you might have been an orphan taken in by a thieves’ guild. 

Whatever your reasons, you learned how to slip into places where others would prefer you not go, neutralizing traps, locks, and sentries with uncanny skill.

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Stealth.

Trait — Thieves’ Cant: Among thieves, there is a secret language, a combination of jargon words and secret signs that members of the criminal underworld know and use. 

Creatures hearing you converse in Thieves’ Cant might think you say one thing when you are actually saying something else entirely. 

You have learned the secret language of thieves. 

You can correctly interpret thief signs and doublespeak, and you can communicate in this manner to others familiar with this language.

Suggested Equipment: Thieves’ tools, lampblack, oil can, breeches with secret pocket, small steel mirror, belt pouch, 18GP, 4SP.


You were employed as a jester by a noble. 

You performed acrobatic stunts, told jokes and stories, and provided entertainment for your employer and his or her guests. 

However, you also served a key role, lacing your entertainment with criticisms and observations too controversial for others to speak aloud.

Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Performance

Trait — Licensed Fool: You enjoy the rare privilege of speaking your mind with little concern for repercussions. 

As a jester, it is your duty to use comedy to point out the absurdities of the world. 

You can criticize through the lens of humor without offense. 

In addition, you can gain access to nobles in order to perform. 

When traveling, you can usually find a meal and a place to stay in the local castle or manor house in return for a performance.

Suggested Equipment: Jester’s motley, tin scepter, musical instrument (your choice), book of bawdy poems and jokes, traveler’s clothes, 38GP.


You have successfully completed your training as a squire and earned the title of knight. 

Your title carries many responsibilities, and you are expected to behave in a chivalrous manner, protect the innocent, and mete justice across the land. 

You might be sworn to a noble house or be a wandering knight, questing for some prize or glory.

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from Athletics, History, Insight, Intimidation, Perception, Religion and Survival

Trait — Knight’s Station: When you are among nobility or some other group that would recognize your station as a knight, you can expect to receive free accommodations and food for yourself and your adventuring companions for the duration of your stay. 

Certain nobles might decline, but this is a serious breach of etiquette and usually has social consequences.

Suggested Equipment: lance, token of affection, signet ring, sealing wax, light warhorse with saddle and bridle, grooming kit for horses, feed (seven days), traveler’s clothes, 32GP, and 5SP.


You wander the land performing music, telling tales, and entertaining audiences with your talents. 

Rarely does a community not welcome you in, as you bring news of distant lands to the common folk.

Skill Proficiencies: Performance, Persuasion

Trait — Noted Performer: You can always find a place to perform, usually in an inn or tavern. 

At such a place, you receive free lodging and food (within reason) as long as you perform each night. 

In addition, your performance makes you something of a local figure. 

When strangers recognize you in a town where you have performed, they typically take a liking to you.

Suggested Equipment: Fine clothes, ink, musical instrument (your choice), paper (five sheets), traveler’s clothes, 27GP.


You have pledged your life to serve a god, pantheon of gods, or philosophy. 

You serve as an intermediary between your chosen power and the mortal world, conducting sacred rites, offering sacrifices, and expounding the teachings of your faith to those you meet. 

When you choose this background, select a deity or power. 

Your knowledge and experience is drawn from your time as a priest in the service of that faith.

Skill Proficiencies: Religion, Insight 

Trait — Temple Services: You belong to a specific temple dedicated to your chosen power. 

You have a residence there, and you can perform religious ceremonies and offer sermons drawn from the sacred teachings of your faith. 

While near your temple, you can call upon acolytes and fellow priests for assistance, provided the assistance you ask for is not hazardous and you remain in good standing with your temple. 

Additionally, when you are in a location that has a temple, shrine, or other presence of your faith, you can expect to receive free healing, care, and religious services for yourself and your adventuring companions from others aligned with your faith.

Suggested Equipment: Holy symbol, flask of holy water, ink, ink pen, paper (ten sheets), vestments, 3GP, 9SP, 8CP.


Years of being a street tough have given you an aura of menace. 

Your look communicates a basic message to those who annoy you: You’d as soon break their knees as receive an apology. 

Threats and bullying tactics come easily to you. 

Your demeanor has landed you jobs with less-­than-­reputable organizations in the past, where you’ve provided both protection and muscle.

Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation, Athletics

Trait — Bad Reputation: No matter where you go, people are afraid of you due to your connections to the dangerous criminal underworld or your history of violence. 

When you are in a place of civilization, you can get away with minor criminal offenses, such as refusing to pay for food at a tavern or breaking down doors at a local shop, since most people will not report your activity to the authorities.

Suggested Equipment: Sap (equivalent to club), tattoo, half of a set of manacles, common clothes, 28GP, 4SP.

Livestreaming//Finn Wolfhard x reader

Fuck so this is my first ever imagine here and I apologize if it’s shitty yikessss. 

Thank you for 200 followers by the way! This is my gift from me, to all of you. 

Warnings: None lol, just pure fluff

You and Finn have been best friends for almost two years now. You guys first met on the set of Stranger Things and since then you have been inseparable. You guys got a long so well that sometimes people mistake you two as a couple. You and Finn are aware of the fans shipping you two and you honestly didn’t mind because well, you like Finn. I mean, what’s not to like about him anyway? He’s sweet, caring, and kind. What more could you want?

Millie was the first one to notice that you liked Finn. You didn’t know how because you made sure to not be obvious about it. Millie was great at reading people, she considered it as one of her talents. She always pushed you to tell Finn about your feelings for him because she believes that Finn felt the same way. You didn’t believe that though, it was crazy. How could Finn Wolfhard like you? It was just too wild so you constantly brushed that idea away whenever it came up.

After promoting season two of Stranger Things, you and the rest of the cast were given a break. Finn invited you to spend the break with him in Vancouver to which you happily accepted. 

“Can you get your foot off of my face? Gosh you dick.” You said jokingly as you pushed Finn’s foot away from your face. You guys were laying opposite from each other on Finn’s bed, just hanging out and talking about random things. 

“You’re so rude.” Finn replied as he continued to place his foot on your face. 

“Says the person constantly placing their foot on my face.” You rolled your eyes playfully as you continued to push Finn’s foot away.

“Hey I know,” Finn suddenly bolts up and sits down, “We should do a livestream! We can sing together and answer questions!” Finn smiled as he proposed his idea to you. 

“I’m okay with livestreaming, but can we not sing? I don’t even sing well.” You said you continue to lay down on Finn’s bed. Finn loves the way you sing, he’s been trying to get you to sing with an audience, but you weren’t so keen to the idea. That doesn’t stop him from suggesting it every once in awhile though. 

“Oh come on, Y/N! You sing great, I wouldn’t be constantly bothering you to sing if you weren’t good!” Your best friend said as he shook your leg, “Come on pleaaasssseee?” 

“Fine, just one song though.” You say as you sit up. 

Finn smiled so widely which caused you to smile too, his smile was contagious. 

“That’s enough for me.” Finn got out of his bed to go get his guitar. You grabbed your phone which was placed on Finn’s night stand and opened Instagram. In a few minutes, Finn was back with his guitar. He then sits beside you and you give him your phone. Finn quickly switches out of your account to his account and he then starts the livestream. Viewers rolled in the stream in no time. He then places your phone on his nightstand so he didn’t have to hold it during the stream. 

“Hey guys so, Y/N and I decided to livestream because we’re bored and guess whattttt.” Finn said and comments saying “What” started pouring in. “Y/N and I are going to be taking song requests so go ahead and request!”

“Uhm requests? I thought we agreed on doing only one song?” 

“Sorry nope, change of plans Y/N, we’re singing our heart out today.” Finn said with a teasing wink which made you roll your eyes. 

“Why are you like this? You’re so annoying.” You said while jokingly pushing Finn away from you.

“You love me though.”

“No I hate you.”

You both didn’t notice but every time you spoke to each other, the closer you sat together. With every word spoken, you and Finn scoot closer to each other.


milliebobbybrown: you guys are so cute!!!!

wyattoleff: “we’re just friends!12!!!21212!1″ 

jackdgrazer: just date already smh

You and Finn leaned in closer to your phone’s screen and read everyone’s comments. 

ahoeforstrangerthings: okay but every time they talk, they scoot closer to each other fuck THIS IS THE TYPE OF CONTENT LIVE FOR

You and Finn both read the same comment and quickly scooted away from each other. You tried to play it cool, but you were slowly losing it. Your hands were getting clammy and your heartbeat was slowly rising. Finn on the other hand was blushing crazy.

“OKKKKAYYY, so a lot of people requested for Girl Crush by Little Big Town so we’ll do that.” Finn said while getting his guitar ready, you quickly look at him and saw that his face was red. You cleared your throat and started singing as soon as Finn strummed the first chord to the song. Finn would harmonize with you every now and then.

dontfuckpennywise: funny how Finn chose to do this song ;)

sophialillis: you guys sing so good together damn sOMEOEN GIVE THEM A RECORD DEAL

A few minutes later, you and Finn finished singing the song. Everyone was cheering in the comments which made you smile. 

“Alright that’s enough songs for today, I told Y/N we’d only do one song. Don’t worry though, I’m going to try and convince her to do more song covers in the future.” Finn teased as he turned his face towards you to give you a smirk. 

“That won’t happen sir, not on my watch.” You reply while smiling at Finn. You two kind of stared at each other’s eyes for a few seconds. There was this electrifying feeling coursing through the both of you, but you didn’t know why you felt that way. 

uncle_jezzy: electricity


(YourShipName)isreal: JOE APPROVES

Finn looks through the comments again and sees Joe Keery’s comment, he turns red as he mouths the word ‘electricity.’ You choked on your saliva as you read Joe’s comment, but you played it cool by acting as if you were just coughing.

“Okay we’ll take questions now, go crazy but not too crazy with the comments you guys.” You say as you looked at your phone screen searching for good questions.

gatenm123: i miss you guys!! when are you guys planning on visiting me? :DDDD

“We miss you too and we’re planning on visiting you for sure, Gaten. We just don’t know when yet. We’ll let you know.” Finn said and you nodded in agreement. 

cuddlesand(YourShipName): are you guys dating? ;)

“NOPE! JUST FRIENDS!” You and Finn said simultaneously as you came across the question from @//cuddlesand(YourShipName). You found it quite interesting how the both of you replied at the same time at the same comment, but decided to dismiss it. Surely it was just a coincidence, right?

“I’m so cold what the hell? Can you change the temperature of thermostat please?” You asked Finn as you rubbed your hands on your arms in an attempt to warm yourself up.

“The thermostat is all the way downstairs, that’s a lot of work. Here just-” Finn turns around and tugs on his bed’s comforter, “Here.” Finn covers the both of you with his comforter which helped with the temperature situation. 


“Yeah, better. Thank you, Finnie.” 

“Stop that.” You laughed as Finn rolled his eyes as a joke, he secretly loved when you called him Finnie.

The fans freaked out, both of you were sure that there will be edits of you two all over the internet after the livestream and you didn’t mind at all.

thestrangestofthings: are you guys sure that you’re just friends? I mean come on!!! Look at you guys!! 

As you read @//thestrangestofthings’s comment, you couldn’t help but remember Millie’s advice: “Just tell him how you feel Y/N.” Millie’s voice echoed inside your head.

“Finn doesn’t like me like that, you guys.” You say as you effortlessly hid your disappointment, you were an actor after all.

“What if you’re wrong?” Finn suddenly blurted out while turning towards you and looking at you straight in the eyes.

The comments section exploded.

“What do you mean wrong? I… I don’t under-”

“Well, what if I do like you, Y/N? What if I told you right now that I have liked you for two years now? What if I told you that when I first met you, I immediately liked you, and not just friend like, you know… like…like.”

You stared at Finn, tears of joy threatened to spill out of you as you stared at each other. You couldn’t believe what he was saying, there was just now way.


therealcalebmclaughlin: I owe The Duffer Brothers $20 

sadiesink_: @//therealcalebmclaughlin you and the duffer brothers were betting? lollllll

You slowly processed everything that Finn just said, it was hard for you to accept it but slowly you digested the new information.

“Well Finnie, what if I told you that I too have liked you for about two years now.”

therealcalebmclaughlin: we been knew sis

noahschnapp: this is old news 

mikessweaters: LMFAO CALEB IM CKMKFGdfdf

If smiles could actually melt a person, you would be melting now. Finn was beaming at you. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He couldn’t believe that the girl he has liked for two years feels the same way. Never in Finn’s wildest dreams thought Y/N would ever feel the same way. To Finn, this whole thing felt like a dream.

beepbeeptozier: get you a man that looks at you the way Finn looks at Y/N

Finn scoots closer to you and you do the same causing the small gap between you two to disappear. You were dangerously close to each other now, but you both didn’t seem to mind. In fact, you liked how close you were. You faced each other your foreheads touching.


Finn gently places his hand on your cheek and begins to lean in. The next thing you know, you were also leaning in. 

jaedenwesley: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

milliebobbybrown: oH MY GOSH

Before you two actually kissed, your phone falls off Finn’s nightstand. You were glad that that happened. you didn’t want three thousand or more people to watch you and Finn kiss. You felt selfish for wanting to have that moment all to yourself, but you didn’t care. All that matters now is that your best friend feels the same way and that Millie was right all along. 

The kiss felt magical, all the cliche story or movie descriptions of how a kiss should feel like were actually accurate. You felt sparks everywhere and you felt like you were going to explode. The world stops for a second or two and it was just you and Finn for a little while. A few seconds later, you and Finn pull away from each other. 

“Holy shit.” said Finn while smiling from ear to ear.

“Holy shit indeed.” You reply with a giggle. You quickly pick up your phone from the floor and looked through the comments: 

gatenm123: bet you they kissed

jackdgrazer: of course they did @//gatenm123 no doubt about that ;)


sophialillis: pay up @//chosenjacobs

“Alright thanks for watching you guys! Sorry about that whole mess… yikes.” You say as your face flushed. 

“We’ll do another livestream tomorrow, we’ll sing more songs, I promise. Bye!!!” 

Before Finn ended the livestream there was one more comment:

dkharbour: no funny business after this livestream. You know what I mean.

Common Sense in Witchcraft

Some common sense for the Craft:

1. Research any ingredients you plan on using, thoroughly. Some are poison, some will react negatively with medications, some will be harmless. This goes for plants, crystals, minerals, anything.

2. Take everything you read with a grain of salt. Don’t let others opinions or comments be the last word. Even if I came upon a very simple Witch Tip, like the ones on my own blog, I would be skeptical. This goes along with research, but I feel it needs it’s own spot on the list.

3. Read. Read everything. You don’t have to agree with it or even include it in your practice. But knowledge is power. And the more you read the easier it becomes to spot patterns, and recognize innacurate information.

4. Tumblr is the tip of the iceberg in Witchcraft. It is a lot of fun. The aesthetic is impressive. But, you are only seeing a very small percentage of the wealth of information available to you. This can also skew your perceptions of things if it is the only Witchcraft related information you are absorbing.

5. Protect yourself. From harsh chemicals by using gloves/masks. From toxic bloggers by blocking them. From negative forces by setting up wards. You get the idea.

6. Respect. Respect is so important! Respect others and their right to a different opinion. Respect nature and animals. Respect spirits. Respect yourself.

Please, be careful. Please always use discernment. Please add to this list.

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I have this weird feeling that several super heroes and vigilantes would make fun of Peter due to his shortness all Peter would do is smirk cause he knows that he can bench press a tank and they can't

I don’t know if they would make fun of him, 





hello my friends! in a moment of inspiration (aka me not wanting to write another paragraph for my essay), i have decided to make a post of tips! and hopefully it’s helpful to some of you :0 some of these are common and worth repeating, whereas others i haven’t seen? and are hopefully useful

disclaimer: i’ve only been in uni for one semester and everyone is different so if some of these don’t work for you then that is a-okay! also i don’t know much myself so feel free to comment/add as you please


  • there will be a day where you need a Very Small Thing (socks, necklace, That One Homework Assignment, a paperclip, an earring) and you won’t be able to find it
    • how do you avoid this? easy. stay organized
  • have pillows/blankets if you can. they’re nice to sit on if your desk chair is hard and wooden. also you can be cozy and turn yourself into a burrito if it’s cold, 10/10 would recommend
  • be nice to your roommates and/or suitemates if you have any
  • on that note, set rules right away
    • possible things to consider when making room rules:
      • whether or not you’re okay w having alcohol/substances in the room
      • if you wanna know when your roommate’s friends are hanging out in the room (i personally have to mentally prepare myself to walk into my room and see 8 people hanging out)
      • if visitors are allowed to sleep over, and if so, how many days in advance do you wanna know
      • snack policy. shared? individual? ask before you eat?
      • what time is “quiet time”
      • if you’re gonna sleep and i have hw, is it okay if i stay in the room or is that distracting?
      • who takes out the trash/cleans the bathroom/vacuums (switch off every week? one person does each thing? do it if you see it needs to be done?)
    • sometimes you will have to compromise and that’s okay


  • eat. eat 3 meals. eat 4 if you want. just please please eat
  • don’t skip meals. it’s not healthy and you should treat your body nicely bc it’s the only one you have
  • get a water bottle and bring it with you to class
  • have snacks. have ones that come in little containers or smaller packets. put them in your backpack. pull those bad boys out when it’s 3pm and you still have 2 more classes and you need a little pick-me-up
    • fruit is good. apples, oranges, bananas, plums, etc.
  • my food tag has lots of easy things to make
    • or just google “easy college food” and you’ll find stuff too
  • freshman fifteen doesn’t have to be a thing if you are mindful of what you’re eating and how much you’re exercising and all of that
    • also a little weight never hurt anybody so calm down and be nice to yourself and know that it’s okay


  • i don’t ever skip class. maybe you will have an easy class and you will want to skip it. it’s up to you.
    • however, you will not be able to skip class all semester and teach yourself everything about an unfamiliar subject
  • make friends in your classes. text them. eat lunch with them once in a while so they know who you are when it’s halfway through the semester and you’re sick and miss two lectures and need their notes
  • know when the tests are. study for them. even if it’s a subject you know well, study anyway and get a 100%
  • sometimes professors change exam dates. or they assign extra homework.
    •  they might post it online or email you or something
    • or they might announce it in class. and if you’re not in class then you won’t know. so maybe go to class
  • stay on the cautious side your first semester. don’t overwhelm yourself with 5 difficult courses. after that, tailor your schedule times and difficulty to suit you


  • do it, and do it asap
  • i’m not kidding, it will save you so much trouble later on
  • start studying for tests at least a week in advance
  • prioritize things. yeah that discussion post is really interesting but if your professor just checks it for participation, then maybe spend less time on that and instead prioritize the project that’s 20% of your grade
  • if a prof’s office hours don’t work then email them, usually they’re nice and will find a time that works for both of you
  • i’m not kidding you should really do your hw asap


  • stick with what you like. stop what you don’t like.
  • go to club meetings, they’re usually not longer than like an hour (mine are only 30mins) and the club heads will notice you and appreciate you
  • it’s a nice way to meet people who are interested in similar things 


  • ask people to eat lunch with you. 90% of the time they will say yes.
    • the other 10%, they either already ate or are in class, but they would if they could. don’t take it personally if they’re busy
    • seriously ask people to eat with you. it’s a nice way to get to know people
  • do things off-campus once in a while. go to museums, the beach, shopping, laser tag, escape rooms, etc
  • do things on-campus too. there are usually cool events and sometimes they end up being a lot of fun
  •  don’t go to parties if you don’t want to. it’s okay.
    • don’t drink if you don’t want to. seriously. it’s okay. people will understand. and if they don’t, then they’re not a good friend


  • if you live close to home, visit your family, but also spend time with people/friends. they want to get to know you
  • if you live far from home, hang out with your friends, but also take time to call your family (+ pets) and update them on your life. they miss you
  • have some cash on you if you can. i keep ~$20 on me
  • things get stolen on campus. don’t leave your stuff lying around. bring your backpack into the bathroom if you need to
  • get a stapler. professors like it when you staple things
  • headphones/earbuds. you will use them at some point
  • find time to read for fun, it’s a nice way to get away from screens and think about something else

Good luck, all! My ask is always open c:

what she says: I’m fine.

what she means: Jonathan Byers is always portrayed as this sad, depressed loner in the fandom and that’s just not true?! He has multiple jobs and has amazing grades and enjoys spending time with his little brother. He helps take care of the home and makes breakfast every morning. He doesn’t care that everyone at school is basic and boring. He’s an artist and enjoys his photography. He’s happy to sit at home and listen to talking heads and read the slaughter house five on a Friday night. He wasn’t in a hurry to change any of this. He is ready to go to NYU, he has big plans for his life. He knows who he is, he’s comfortable with who he is and isn’t ashamed at all. He’s also just incredibly kind, sensitive and gentle. He’s also selfless and puts others before himself. He of course isn’t perfect and his life growing up wasn’t perfect… his dad is awful. But he’s learned how to cope with it and step ahead of it. He’s better than his father ever will be and he knows that. He only loves three people and he plans on keeping them safe and close. Jonathan Byers contradicts the stereotypical cliche of the loner brooding guy in the small town.

“Why I Ship Them”

So. Not to brag or anything but I knew these two would end up getting together after watching this scene when Betty asks Jughead to be part of the Blue and Gold. I watch a lot of movies (obviously) and I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at predicting when two characters are going to get together.  At first glance the pairing was unexpected but there was this undeniable chemistry that was just palpable. It was one of those things you could sense. Is it due to the two actors and their incredible talents? Is it because of the excellent writing? It’s usually a combination of both. 

But. Also. Sometimes two actors bring a little extra magic to the scene.  

That bit of extra magic is due in part to some real life tension and attraction. When they kissed, I was jumping and saying to my girlfriend “see see? I told you I TOLD YOU they’d pair them up!”

Who can deny that something exists between these two?  I honestly think this is partly why Bughead blew the fuck up. People could sense this chemistry and they love it. People gravitate to what feels real. Not that I’m trying to hint at sprousehart because I’m all about letting people live their private lives privately but… I’m also hinting at Sprousehart (*side note* this is why I kind of love that Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie even though it’s not that good of a film, it’s because Brangelina were fucking hot and were super feeling each other and we all could sense their natural chemistry and that’s why it worked so well.) 

My bughead obsession is based on the fact that their chemistry feels so god damn real.

Also this love story is such a classic! We got two characters on the surface that are the complete opposites; yet they both share a certain level of darkness on the inside. They help each other through that but also they are able to really see each other for who they are. They accept each other. There’s something so *queer* about this storyline and I’m gay as fuck so I love it. 

This darkness, if explored properly, can lead to some of the most intense and best scenes. Unfortunately I don’t think the writers have properly achieved this quite yet. I’m not a big fan of season 2 so far. I think the writing has gotten sloppy. But maybe things will change. Hopefully. Season 1 really set us up for some goodness but I feel like the writers have dropped the ball on a lot of opportunities. Not just between these two characters but also amongst a lot of other side characters that they haven’t properly explored yet. smh. Also this black hood storyline is so damn tired.

There were still some small good moments in season 2 that hinted at the darkness within…

(like omfgggg)

Anyways I’m looking forward to seeing the second half of Season 2 and hope they treat these characters and their stories better than in the first half. 


ohno, I’m again came up with au of katsudeku about which I can’t stop thinking for several days D: but I likeitsomuch 

This universe in the distant future. Science fiction where there a lot of robots, developed technologies and machines. And most importantly, in this au I have a war between people and cyborgs (people above, that control all cyborgs and cars). Although, how to say the war .. rather, some people began to dominate the world, to seized territories, in order to create “some kind of a world without wars, etc.” and that all obey the authorities. (and those who don’t obey and don’t follow orders, respectively, kill)
And sad thing in this universe is that most of the robots are formerly people, or half people, half of the machine-killers, only completely devoid of feelings. And this all lasts for several centuries.
And now to the main thing - how did Katsuki and Deku take their places in this au.
There are people who “survived” and they live underground. They have everything arranged, they have weapons, and they themselves are developing something like machines, so that in an emergency it is possible to protect an innocent people (only not experimenting on other people, of course, this in the literal sense of the machine and some robots, but small, true) (“survivors” don’t even even know that half of the cyborgs are former people)
And Deku is among those most surviving people. He’s a young inventor and with all his heart he wants to help people (and he helps what he can). He dreams that someday this hell will end from the outside (and above all everything is destroyed, all cities have turned into ghost-towns and all around are fragments). He’s also a student of Toshinori, which many people know about, since many machines, useful devices and robots are created by him, so Izuku is almost always beside him, and he learns inventions (and he does a lot of things - disassemble small robots, repair some machine, creates something himself). People also often get out of the ground into so-called “forays”, and look for some spare parts on the surface, and in some places a dump of abandoned cars and robots from above is formed which have already outlived their own, but no… them repair that there are forces, disassemble and assemble again, and etc.
And on one such forays together Toshinori, Izuku and several other people, Deku finds Katsuki. He lay in a pile of metal, but unconscious. From a distance, he thought that the “machine” had survived very well, and it could be picked up, repaired, but when he came closer, removed some interfering objects over the robot, Izuku saw… that he was half human. And Izuku was frightened, so he told Toshinori about this not at once, only for the end of the forays, and Yagi decided that the robot shouldn’t be touched at all, since it looked exactly like those “killer machines” from above, and for such a good copy will surely come back to pick up, he probably could have had a chip somewhere along which he could be tracked. Deku initially protested, saying that he was half-human, he couldn’t just be left and thrown, but Toshinori simply forbade him even to approach to robot.
But did it stop Izuku? Haha, no. That same night, he left the shelter on his own to return for him. And he carried it with great difficulty past the guard so that he wouldn’t be noticed, and in his small “laboratory” he began to repair Katsuki. And then… and then I’ll tell later.

Oof, in general, I have always been clinging to such topics, where there are robots in which human feelings, emotions, and etc. I really like this topic so much, it can be some angst and in general… *a long scream* :’)))
And I really will try to develop this au, as like samurai-au. (I didn’t forget about it!) And now this au (science fiction) - I’ll try to do it in the form of a black-white comic.

It’s all hard, but I’ll try to do everything in turn. I just need patience and strength, which I can’t always concentrate on one thing, without losing my spirit. And random drawings don’t apply to this, they come out spontaneously and relax me. And similar topics with au for me is a serious work, which I don’t want do carelessly.

I just hope that I’ll can to realize my ideas… And I also hope for your support - without you I’ll not succeed. :’)

The One (Part I)

Part I –> Part 2

Genre: Hybrid!Taehyung, Fluff, Angst, smut in the future

Paring: TaehyungXreader

Word-count: 2,9K

Warnings: Abuse, unjust, anxiety, forcing, animalistic feelings

Summary: You’ve never liked the idea of hybrids, since it’s straight up abuse from a owner to a hybrid, they aren’t treated like humans. But what happens when your boss gave you a hybrid as a gift?

A/N: HAHA, I might look a bit like a copy cat since others have been writing about hybrid!au related stories, but I’ve actually liked the idea of the genre a lot, so sorry not sorry <3


‘I get what?’

You stare wide-eyed at the man in front of you, somewhat irritation running through your system. You’re genuinely confused to this request of your boss. It’s not something you’d normally get for the christmas days at work. Regularly, it’s just a box full of food and extra nobody-needs-that things. You’ve never wanted a christmas box anyways, you never use all the tools and mostly you even give it to the homeless.

‘Come on ___, everyone these days wants one.’ He chuckle, nudging your side as he smirked down at you. You hate that smirk of his, he always want to tease without a good reason. It’s as if he always needed to hamper you, though you let him notice you’re not into his bullshit that day. But at the end, he’s still your boss. You can’t do anything about his tremendous deportment.

‘I don’t need a hybrid in my house, so no thanks.’ You sigh, deciding on turning around, but your boss only called for you to hold there. ‘You don’t have a choice, have a nice christmas ___!’

You scoff, now not hesitant on rushing out of that room. Sometimes you don’t even know why you became a part of this pesky enterprise. It pays well, yeah, but this has a thousand too much problems within. Their problems are mostly on the social-part. It’s the way they treat employees, particularly women, who they like to impede. With ‘they’ , is meant the fewer higher-standing employers. But whatever you might disagree about, it still pays well, over average. And in your position, you could use some money to keep up your own living.

Suddenly your phone began to vibrate in your pocket. When you see the message of a shipping oganisation, knowing it wasn’t your doing, you began to internally scream. You can’t believe this fucktard of a boss litterally sends you this so-called hybrid to your house, no announcing or anything. You’ve never wanted a hybrid to even begin with.

It’s not that you hate hybrids individually, it’s just the matter on ’why’ they were made. You know that these hybrids are also human beings, converted to this inhuman rase. Not only do they break nature’s law, they also treat hybrids like complete garbage. Most people want them to help with their own lacking desire of affection. It’s sad, truly, but the most sad of them all is that the hybrids have no idea. They think it’s just the way life goes. Getting raped every single day? No problem, if that’s what you have to do to please your owner. It’s sickening, knowing this sort of extraordinarily abuse exists. Unbelievable.

You race over the highway in your car, making fast work on getting yourself home. You want to send the hybrid back as fast as possible, you don’t want to support this kind of mutated human, not when there is too much wrong about it. It’s a form of rebelling, indirectly showing your opinion on this. You want them to feel free, to feel loved like other humans. It’s almost as if they have less right than a cat or a dog, though they are human like the rest. If they only would realize that it wasn’t the right way to live your life, they would revolt and you would be a 100% supporter of that

You arrive at your house, immediately noticing a man standing in front of your house, hands folded over one another. He wears a kind smile, like he just delivered a small package, but in reality he just delivered you a whole human being. You can see the well-known uniform of the hybrid-company, called Hy-Tech, disgusting.

’The hybrid is in the back of the truck, should I get hi-.’

‘No, I don’t want ‘him’. It was a present of my workplace, but really I don’t need one. Still thanks though.’ You’d cut him off, walking straight past the shocked-looking guy. You struggle on getting your keys out, wanting to avoid the awkward silence between the unknown person and you.

‘Sorry miss, but we can’t take him back, at least not the same day.’ You can hear his wavering tone, somewhat scared for your reaction. From what he has noticed, you’re rather a spicy girl. And he is right, because you almost want to smack your keys to his head when those words left his mouth. Still, you try to keep yourself calm and steady, turning around with all the continence you have left in your bones.

When can I return him?’

‘Two weeks is the minimum. Mostly it’s used to see if the owner likes the hybrid, if not, it will be exchanged for a better one-.’ He almost drifts off ‘But, you can also just wait and then return him.’

You let out a deep sigh, lifting up you hand to massage your head for a small second to think. It’s not like there’s a lot to think about, you don’t have any choice. Two weeks isn’t long, so it’s somewhat doable. It’s just, you’re furious about the cause, your boss. Couldn’t he at least tell you? Ask you?

‘Okay… I guess I don’t have a choice.’ You sigh, nodded for the guy to get the hybrid, the poor thing. The guy smiles genuinely, probably just happy he didn’t had to disappoint his boss with an unhappy customer. He walks up to the back of his truck, opening it and smiling at the hybrid inside. He nudges his to get out, encouraging. You let out another sigh, again feeling a drill of irritation flowing through your body. Now you think about it, your boss must think that you’re some lonely loser who needs a fucking hybrid to fulfill your needs or something. What kind of creepy thoughts does this guy even have about you?

Then the hybrid finally steps out of the truck, looking around to take in his surroundings. You cock your head to the side as the hybrid and the man approaches you. He is… beautiful. It’s no doubt, his eyes, hair, body, lips, nose, you could go on and on. But then again, they must be made to be beautiful. thereby, they are here to please you, also your eyes.

‘Hi…’ He says shyly, looking away from you. You have to admit, he is really cute and you nod your head in return at him to greet him. You analyze his hybrid features, vastly noticing it’s some kind of cat, probably a lion or something, since his ears are yellow and so is his tail. His tail also has a little fluffy hair bundle at the tip. He wears a big sweater with black tight jeans, casually clothed, making him more adorable for his owner. Pathetic.

’So, there isn’t much you need to know about hybrids since you will be returning him again.’ The ears of the hybrid sprang up as he wears a really sad expression by hearing the words of the man, your heart sinking immediately. He must be very sad that you don’t want him, as if he is just a object, as if he’s lacking. How could this bastard say that in front of the hybrid himself? Like he isn’t part of the conversation. Fucking hell, this gets you so damn mad. You clench your jaw as you kept your eyes on the guy, having a stern glare.

‘He needs to eat and drink like any other human. He also needs some medicine for his heat, which he gets next week. Unless you’s want him to-.’

No.’ You cut him off again, not at all feeling the need to want any sexual things from this hybrid. You can take care of your sexual frustrations yourself, which is clubbing.

‘Well, then you need these pills.’ He gave you a small bag, white pills piled on one another. ‘He needs it once a day.’ You nod  as you put the bag in your jacket pocket. ‘That was it I guess, you can call me any time you need me.’ ‘There will be no need.’ You answer, now turning around and signaling for the hybrid to go with you, sighing a soft ‘for fucks sake’ under your breath.

Once the both of you were inside, warmth embracing your bodies, you pull off your jacket and shoes and the hybrid did the same as he just copied your doings. Then a question suddenly shot through your head.

‘Fuck, what’s your name?’

His eyes shot up at you with confusion written all over his face. He shrugs, literally not knowing his name. ‘I don’t have a name yet, you need to give me one.’ He says. Anger again began to boil within you. How can’t he even have his own name? Everyone has a name, it’s not possible for him not to know his own name at this point.

‘Didn’t they give you a name, ever?’ You say, now slightly interested in his background story. You’d like to know how his past life went, if he got treated well. You can’t imagine him, this sweet angel with a boxy smile, being abused, tossed around like a no one.

’They called me kitty, you can call me that too if you want.’ He says, giving you a small smile before focussing his gaze on the ground again. Then you noticed, as he looks at the ground, he is just having a straight face. As if he isn’t allowed to look at you? You run your hand through your hand, calming yourself.


He frowns, now giving you little glances up at you, but quickly looked back down at the floor. He is confused, why are you reacting like this? His past owners always were overjoyed and immediately wanted to use him for many different things. But he could sense you didn’t want any of it, you were different. You also gave him some kind of dominant vibes, so maybe you were just immense strict towards him, maybe wanting him on his knees to beg you? What do you want?

‘Look up at me, never look down ever again.’

He obeys, looking up at your eyes, still confused. You take his hand, carefully taking him to the couch and sitting him down. You’re mad, but still, you can’t blame him. You need to be careful with him, show him what real love is so he might want to escape and never return from this world. Maybe you can change his few on this world.

’Do you have a particular name you like a lot?’

Taehyung… I like that name… a lot.’ He almost looks scared to speak his own mind. He hesitates in his sentences a lot. He can’t even have his own opinion, fucking bullshit. It’s all bullshit, if you’d ask. How much you’d like to go back in time to where the hybrids got invented and just ruin it all, destroying all their new-found inventions.

‘Okay Taehyung, I’m ___, we’re going to make a few things straight in this house.’

He nods, a bit confused to why you would name him his preferred name, are you just being nice so he would have to pay it back later in bed? Is this some test? To show you that he is a great pet? Because you already wanted to throw him out the moment he walked up to you and you hadn’t even looked at him yet. But the way you’re treating him made him confused. you disliked him so much in the first place, what got your mind to change like that?

‘First, you can go out whenever you want, I don’t mind, just don’t go too far because you will lose track on your path. Secondly, you may eat whatever you’d like, just look in the kitchen if you want anything and you can grab it, just don’t eat my whole fridge away. Thirdly, you can be casually with me. Fourthly, I don’t want anything from you, with that I mean your body. You can be free here.’

Your four simple ways around your house got his head dizzy. He never has been treated this way and he couldn’t really find a reason to why you would be different. Of course, he isn’t complaining, he just can’t stop thinking that’s it’s a trick and you will be throwing him out any minute now. It’s his biggest fear as a hybrid, being left alone and back in his own cell again, waiting for the next owner. To him, a home is way better than the cells the hybrids have to live in while they are in the between-owners period. It gets him chills, thinking back to those cells.


You smile at him, hand reaching up to pet his ears, which hadn’t stopped twitching with confusion, but now eased down as you kept petting him. The feeling isn’t foreign to him, but it still has been a long time since he has been petted, and to your information, he loves it. So it wasn’t a surprise that he purr immediately formed, head leaning into your hand, eyes still wide open as he didn’t yet dare to relax with you. What is he makes the wrong move? Will you punish him?

‘Relax, I won’t hurt you.’ You try to assure him and he eventually does, closing his eyes and head laying down on your lap, loud purr heard. This place suddenly felt like heaven to him, as if he has finally find his destination, a good owner. He can’t stop admiring you all of a sudden, loving your smell, the way your hands slide over his ears as you turn on the television. You don’t mind him having on your lap, it’s adorable and you see how much he needs this. He obviously never really had the chance to relax, so you wouldn’t mind showing him how life also could be. Thereby, you’re extremely tired and you just want to relax, you will deal with your new accompany the next day.

He turns around to face you on your lap, arms making their way around your waist as he couldn’t help himself anymore, affection drilling through his body by your touch. It’s so overwhelming, feeling so satisfied after many years of being a ‘slave’. He just wants to keep being in your arms, resting his head on your lap.

‘Aren’t you cold?’ You say as you feel a slight breeze in your apartment, thinking that he might be cold from it. You know that cats like warmth, since you had a cat when you were younger and still lived at home, so maybe lions do too. He shakes his head no, but you didn’t take his response as an answer, still standing up and getting a thick blanket for the both of you to lay under. When you came back and laid the blanket over his body, you notice his big boxy smile, purr as loud as always. You sit down next from him as you took the blanket over your body too, nudging him to come closer to you and so he does. He lays his body close against you, arms again around your waist as he watches along with the series you had zapped to.

‘___, are you testing me?’ He suddenly asks and you just shake your head, hand coming up to pet his hair slightly, reassuring that everything is okay and that he can relax for the upcoming 2 weeks, because you’re still not planning on keeping him. But maybe, just maybe, you will let him stay? He thought. If he’s just really good to you, you might reconsider your choice?

‘Just relax tonight, Taehyung. Nothing will happen, I won’t ever play with you like that, I’m not like that.’ You sigh, hand returning to your own lap. He feels relieved. You’re so different from most people and he just can’t wait for you to open up more to him, showing your real nature to him. Because, as he feels your skin on his, he feels something strange. Something he never felt before and he didn’t know it was just affection or something stronger than that, talking about his mate. Mating is still something very big in this system of hybrids, since it’s a big turn on for the humans, wanting to be mated with a hybrid. It’s fucked up, yeah, but humans like it, getting owned by something with a big animalistic drive. Like with heaths, humans enjoy those the most out of everything.

Never leave me.’ He mutters, genuinely meaning the words and making your heart break. You can’t, you don’t want to. You’ve always been against it. Always. You can’t just take a turn on your opinion because of him… But still, he seems to have this effect on you when he lays close to you, it somewhat gets you dizzy. Maybe it’s just the effect a hybrid has on its owners. Whatever it is, it makes you want to be closer to him, cuddle up to him and hold him. You try to fight back as much as possible and that eventually works. You’re not that weak, you know how to stop. But others don’t. What if he goes back, to that centre and then eventually to another horrible owner? You can’t let him go back there, not knowing that he will go somewhere terrible. 

It has only been the first hour and you feel as if you’ve fallen into a deep ravine. Boy oh boy, this is going to be a whole new adventure.

A/N: I hope y'all liked it!


anonymous asked:

Will you answer any questions about the new episodes?

Okay, here’s what I’ll say after seeing the first five:

  • MS3 is definitely a My Struggle episode (packed with all the bad voiceovers you’ve come to expect) but for most of the hour it’s a slight step up from the first two, if only because it’s got some momentum and Mulder and Scully are in a good place. But someone makes a highly upsetting suggestion that puts an episode from the original series in a new light. It will clearly affect this season’s story but hasn’t yet. That’s all I’m saying.
  • This: Glen Morgan can write my life. His Mulder and Scully have exactly the dynamic I believe they have, flirty in a comfortable, lived-in kind of way, and also they’re badasses. The time jump between MS3 and This could be anything from a few weeks to, like, over a year, depending on whether you believe they’re actually paying attention to the fact that MS3 was set in 2016 and This seems to exist in a present-day political climate. Personally I do not come to The X- “Our Pilot Is Set in 1992 for No Reason”-Files for a timeline that makes sense. God bless the inventor of handcuffs.
  • Plus One: Entirely fine. No one needs to worry about the doppelganger thing. Not all of Chris’ interpretations of MSR jive completely with the other writers’: I did a few double takes in one scene, mostly for very small reasons (like, spelling out things that are good but that I just didn’t think needed to be spelled out) but for a couple of slightly bigger reasons too. But that scene is also easily my favorite of the episode; it is a Mood. There are some really sweet lines in this one, all the “intimations” David promised, and a pitch-perfect ending.
  • The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat: I didn’t stop smiling for a second. Classic Darin Morgan: meta and sincere at once. Really absurdly funny. An examination of truth and interpretation. Like Jose Chung’s From Outer Space if Jose Chung’s From Outer Space were actually as good as everyone says it is.
  • Ghouli: James Wong knocks it out of the park and gives Gillian the best dramatic material she’s been handed from this show in a very long time. I wanted to personally hand-wrap one scene and deliver it to the Emmys. She’s incredible. This episode is weighty and has a lot of heart, and it’s handled really deftly, I think, and in a way that feels organic to the show. I love it. 

Overall, everything after MS3 pulled me back from the ledge, and I came away from the first half of the season really happy. David and Gillian just naturally fill out all of their interactions and spark against each other. Everybody looks good. The MOTW stories are solid and distinct and all feel like the show, but there’s also more blurring of mythology elements into the cases of the week than we got even in the original series, which is especially necessary for such a short season. I guess I don’t really have a sense of the Skinner plan yet? He has a cool FBI hat. (Also he’s hilarious in LAFS and I just realized that’s the perfect acronym.) So far, so X-Files.