also there is that other small thing


@sipscola asks: “could you do a facial reference of the beatles?”

Here ya are my dear

John: I emphasize his very long roman nose, bushy eyebrows, narrow eyes (also he doesn’t have much of an eyelid crease from what I’ve seen) and small mouth. The most difficult part of john is his jaw shape to me. He has very large jaw but sometimes it looks more Diamond shaped with a protruding chin, and other times it’s very round. I think a lot of that has to do with what year your drawing too, he was rounder and more baby faced until ‘67- then he got a lot sharper. Biggest thing for me to highlight is his nose.

Paul: Eyes/eyebrows make Paul’s face. Very large and doe eyed. Eyebrows are dramatic half circles facing up, eyes are dramatic and droopy half circles. Also he has a short and pointy nose that connects to a v shallow brow bone. His mouth is pretty small too and I’ll either draw it as a subdued version of Rick Wright’s mouth(if closed) or a tilted D (if open) very much like the emoticon :D (but keep it small) Paul’s jaw is very soft though it’s very strong. Also his hair tends to part a little on the left side of his head and swoops to the right.

George: the most defining features on George’s face are his eyebrows and cheeks/jaw. His overall appearance is very sharp, the only soft point on his face is the round tip of his nose. His eyes are narrow and slightly tilted down, their most obvious feature is his large and full eyelashes. His eyebrows are thick angled and very low on his brow (unlike Paul whose eyebrows are very high up on his brow bone) Jojs eyebrows are part of the reason he has a sour resting face, they look very dramatic and intense. Also he has very prominent cheek bones and a loonngg face to go with them. (much like Roger Waters’) George also has large ears and large lips.

Ringo: apart from the large schnoz, ringo also has a very large mouth with full lips. But the main thing I emphasize on him that isn’t his nose is his eyes. They droop very much like Paul’s, but his eyebrows droop low with them instead of contrasting and pointing away. Ringo’s features are in general pretty droopy. He’s also got a short triangle shaped face and a fairly weak jaw. His hair is often very neat with few flyaways, only when it’s grown out does it fam out a bit behind his large ears. I also usually draw ringo with a thick neck.

Hope this helps ✌️

I always thought “Let it go” perfectly expresses Elsa’s (INFJ) inferior Se. (Disclaimer: not saying everyone can’t enjoy this song and identify, of course.)

She lets go of the suppression of her powers and herself that her parents instilled in her (which she expressed before mostly through her Ni-Fe - trying to be perfect/acting as she has been taught she should and doing it because she thinks she has to protect others, particularly Anna. Her Ti would have been trying to justify this as the logical thing to do (but it also made her appear aloof and cold)). Now she throws away all of her cares:

Turn away and slam the door!

INFJ door slam.:) She’s letting out all of her impulses, trying out new (physical) things, throwing away the symbolical aspects of her attire.

It’s funny how some distance
Makes everything seem small
And the fears that once controlled me
Can’t get to me at all!

Ti provides emotional distancing, Se acts without considering/thinking things through

It’s time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me I’m free!

Se is experimenting, and since it’s her inferior function, it’s really intense and exaggerated when it takes over.

You’ll never see me cry!


I’m never going back,
The past is in the past!

Se lives in the moment!

That perfect girl is gone!

Ni strives for perfection.

I just really love how the song fits the character’s mbti type so well, right down to lower functions and the grip.:)

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Whenever I come across a village, I try to zombie-proof it and improve the farms and paths. Maybe even bring a few cats to ensure no creepers will cause trouble. Sometimes I notice everyone will be trying to cram into a single small house at nighttime, so I build a few more! Do you think they appreciate the help, or should I just stay out of the way?

//Well, there are probably two types of reactions you’re going to get from that. 
Some villages are very proud and would consider it rude to start adding things to their community, others are low on resources and need all the help they can get.

I’d advise you try to gauge which kind of these two you have encountered, but it also would help you figure it out faster by asking if they need help or if there is something you could do for them. Trading also helps the those too proud to ask  by giving them resources so they can improve things themselves. // 

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holy shit this junkrat porn emporium is my favourite blog and im gonna cry bc of it ! but aaa can i ask for junkrat with a schizophrenic and depressed male reader? if its okay. like not extremely schizophrenic tho, nothing huge. some small things that spook the reader out though. i hope that wasnt worded offensively, i don't speak english natively so im not sure how to explain it! but anyway love this blog and love ya!!

[ I will be doing headcannons/small bits as apposed to a long story for this if that’s ok bean. I did do some reading on the basic early symptoms and also the differences between that and DID, and some other little bits and pieces as mental illness is something that is hard to write about unless you have it yourself. I have DID which is on the same tree as it but still very different so.. I will give it a go. I hope this one works for you and I hope it offends no one,w as a challenge this one.]

- When Junkrat started to date you he didn’t think you had anything wrong with you, alot of the things you seemed to suffer was something he had every so often himself. When you didn’t feel like having a shower for weeks on end, he was ok with this, meant pressure was off from him having to make an effort too. Also the random giggle fits you’d burst into when feeling pressure or just because they snuck out, he’d soon join you in the mass of giggles.

- When you had your hallucinations, when you swore you heard something and it upset you he would just make up and excuse and it would often settle you down. When you thought you saw something he would put his hand on your shoulder and remind you there was nothing there, that you were safe, it sometimes worked his own paranoia up when you said you saw someone lurking around. Sometimes both of you would bounce off each other in a bad way but Roadhog would settle you both down.

- Both of you often had full blown conversations with yourself thinking the other was talking to you, it was strange for anyone on the outside to see this but you seemed to be fine with the odd interaction with one another.

- Junkrat did his best to calm his own nerves long enough to pull you close and remind you that if you heard or saw something bad it wasn’t there, and even if it wasn’t there was no way he was going to let anyone hurt you.

- “Seein’ that fella again mate?” he called from his work bench when you peered around the corner from his workshop. You nodded. “Hmm he’s a riogt cunt, come ‘ere and ignore ‘im” he would say and pat his work bench asking for you to join him.

- Sometimes it was hard for you to keep up a conversation for long, both thoughts so jumbled and bounced from one thing to another before coming back, you both seemed content enough with dealing with one another disjointed thoughts.

- You knew what you had but Junkrat had no idea, people thought he was just fried from the radiation and life in such an awful place like the outback, but you knew the truth, this brilliant and bright mind was suffering from the same illness as you, and that’s why you were so patient with one another.

- Junkrat had awful memory but thankfully your tendency to say the same thing over and over never annoyed him it helped things stick in his head longer, and half the time he didn’t  realize you’d told him the same thing over and over.

- You still jumped at his spontaneous behavior couples with your doubts of it being real or in your head. He’d see the signs “It’s just me darl’ don’ worry” he would add, seeing you calm right down.

- He didn’t suffer the depression side of things but he knew you got hit bad with it, the sounds and paranoia making you think bad things about yourself but he would be sure to make you feel good. Roadhog was always impressed with how gentle and understanding Junkrat was with you.

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part of the problem is the panels aren't live streamed so people spend a lot time reacting to live tweeting where stuff gets elided due to 140 characters (see the vulture tweet that says after a pronoun slip up moffat said delete gender pronouns which seems to imply he misgendered than doubled down rather than a fan doing so & him trying to make them feel comfortable) or summarized by journalists who miss things or add their own color/framing like the moffat calls backlash fake news articles

CONT: another problem is the journalists covering the main panel usually haven’t seen most of the other interviews the people have done over the con. so they only saw the version of moffat’s comments about the backlash that didn’t also include attacking the small amount of sad angry men. but when you put the empire interview w/ the imdb boat interview w/ the syfy live from comic con interview w/ what he said on the main panel w/ the deadline print interview you get a much better handle on his view

Spot on tbh!

Moffat has always struggled with online media coverage of the things he’s said live at one event or the other. He’s as sarcastic and as #Scottish as anything, and frustratingly so much of what his irony and sarcasm is not proerly translated within the 140 characters online media summary version. To actually grasp how Moffat feels about things, it’s so crucial to take tone into account! 

So many of his c.2012 ‘problematic’ quotes are only seen as a problematic because people take him literally and unironically as opposed to taking him as the sarcastic witty guy he is, and it’s genuinely irritating.


small descriptions: sun, moon, & ascendant


sun - independent and courageous, enjoy leading others and bringing excitement into the lives of others, enthusiastic, very goal-oriented.

moon - incredibly persevering, brilliant sense of humor, modest about achievements (unless they also have aries sun), need to express yourself

rising - individualistic and impatient, quick-tempered, blush easily, outspoken with opinions, likes to get things done quickly


sun - fight for what they want, easy going but stubborn, good work ethic, very loyal, strong love for home, practical, choosy about who they befriend

moon - inner wisdom, dislike unpredictability, value honesty, prefer familiarity, gentle and warm, serene quality that calms those around them, set in their ways

rising - great self-reliance, inclined to frequent stubbornness and jealousness, strongly persistent nature


sun - very talkative, known for their sociability, go with the flow attitude, ability to think clearly, charming, wide range of interests, driven by curiosity

moon - clear and sharp mind, remarkable communication skills, confident speakers, tendency to over think

rising - quick witted, constantly alert, curious mind, strong desire to acquire knowledge, great need to communicate with others


sun - enjoy security while also seeking adventure, unpredictable nature, love to nurture others, value a sense of security, homebodies, kind and warm

moon - need to see the difference they make in other people’s lives, not likely to show their emotional nature to others, very intuitive, supportive friend

rising - sympathetic, very talkative, fond of home, extremely sensitive to criticism, may like to collect things


sun - high self esteem, very devoted, kind and generous, hot tempered yet forgiving, most comfortable when in charge, independent, idealistic

moon - undeniable energy, charming and intelligent, like to take risks, optimistic outlook on life, amazing wit

rising - strong character, normally good natured and generous, demonstrative, energetic, need to be the center of attention, regal disposition, good humored


sun - mind oriented, constantly analyzing and thinking, enjoy bettering themselves, down to earth and practical, selective with friendships

moon - often anxious, intuitive, very critical, high expectations of themselves, detail oriented and a dedicated planner

rising - worriers, tactful and somewhat high strung, strong desire for money, inclined to “tell it like it is”, modest due to self-criticism


sun - diplomatic nature, very expensive taste, get along well with everyone, quite ambitious, strive to maintain peace in their daily lives

moon - find beauty in simplicity, always seeking balance, they love a challenge and enjoy debates, like to have their way, unpredictable mood

rising - love parties, believe in justice for all, courteous and agreeable, tendency to meddle too much in other’s affairs


sun - very intense, like to question everything, treat others with kindness and loyalty, self reliant and in control, tendency to be a bit obsessive

moon - intense emotions, protective of themselves, loving heart, strong presence, need for control, very passionate, can be intimidating

rising - mysterious, intimidating, may come off as aloof or brooding, powerful, strong presence


sun - optimistic, adventurous, sees life as a journey, loves to travel, needs variety in life, independent and honest, fast-thinkers, strong willed

moon - happy-go-lucky attitude, competitive, adaptable, likes to leave an impression on others, impulsive and enthusiastic

rising - loves to be active, very opinionated, bores easily with routine, cheerful presence, curious, appears confident, needs independence


sun - practical and persistent, self-confident, profound thinkers, their seriousness may make them seem unhappy, can concentrate very well

moon - needs to feel useful and productive, does not like dealing with emotions, very hard on themselves, hides sensitivity with sarcasm

rising - takes everything seriously, very conscious of the image they project, chooses to be around others who make them look good, calm demeanor 


sun - free-spirited and eccentric, charming, keeps to themselves and doesn’t express their problems, detached view of life, social, independent and original

moon - very observant, have always felt “different”, emotionally detached, kind and compassionate, strong ego, outgoing introverts, friendly and optimistic

rising - unique, loves to express their individuality, quiet and irreverent sense of humor, curious, likable and friendly, appears aloof while also coming off as kind


sun - emotional and instinctual, easily discouraged, generous with friends, homebodies, accepts people for who they are, may feel unappreciated

moon - silly sense of humor, sweet and soft hearted, genuinely cares about others, creative, easily amused, tries to avoid the dull parts of life

rising - charming and intriguing, very impressionable, dislikes confrontation, is seen as genuine and gentle, dislikes attention

okay, i was in the car with my sisters (who are both cishet), and one of them asked, “how lgbt friendly is our town?”

i responded immediately with, “not at all,” at the same time my other sister responded with, “well, it’s not *that* friendly.”

i was asked by both of them as to why i was insisting that no, our town (which is extremely small and can be summed up by the school, btw) is not lgbt friendly. i told them that so many kids threw around the f and d slurs, as well as calling people gay as an insult, and also, they make those “did you just assume my gender/i identify as an attack helicopter” jokes. keep in mind, i’m genderfluid and a lesbian, so yeah, these things are both *pretty* harmful to me. (granted, i’m not out to my family, so them not listening to what i had to say wasn’t (too much of) a problem, but that’s not the point.)

my other sister, who said that our town was *kind of* lgbt friendly, said, “well, yeah, but you’re going to find that in every school. what i mean is that no one - or at least most people - is going to get turned away for being gay.”

and you know what?


throwing around homophobic and lesphobic slurs and making homophobic and transphobic jokes is not “lgbt friendly,” no matter how normal it is. these things harm lgbt kids (i.e., me), and drive anyone who wants to come out further into the closet. i’m out as a lesbian to all my friends, but i would never dream of coming out as genderfluid to them, and you know why? it’s because they laughed at (not even made - laughed at) those “did you just assume my gender?” jokes. i’m fucking petrified of being myself around others because of these jokes. (goddamn jokes).

so no, our town is not lgbt friendly. i don’t give a shit that *most* people won’t get kicked out of their homes for being gay. as long as gay, trans, and nonbinary kids are being ostracized and pushed into the closet, our town is not lgbt friendly.

if you aren’t lgbt, you need to hold yourself to *way* higher standards than you are now. just because you wouldn’t kill your friend for being gay doesn’t mean you’re a good ally. if you throw around slurs (yes, even jokingly), if you call people gay as an insult, or if you make any of the “attack helicopter” jokes, you’re a shitty ally and an even shittier human.

(yes, cishets can reblog this - in fact, it’s encouraged.)


I’m a serious artist, I tell myself, every day a little less convincingly


I present to you the top visuals of BTS 

Originally posted by hennasdfghjklv

While one slaps the other on the booty 

Originally posted by bossybishqueenbaozi

The other irons him miticulously

Originally posted by smol-jims

Beside not letting Jin live for a second

Originally posted by bogdana8

Nor letting him defend himself

Originally posted by hayoomin

V loves how Jin forgets about it quickly

Originally posted by bwink

He just accepts Taehyung’s mischievousness and consider it cute

Originally posted by chimchams

However whoever tries to come at Jin, Tae always defends him even if it’s his soulmate Jimin

Originally posted by decembertaejin

Jimin even got jealous at how close they are at times

Originally posted by sunbaejin

But can take off super glue TaeTae off Jin: One of Taehyung’s habit BTW is to rest his head on Seokjin’s shoulder

Originally posted by decembertaejin

The other is to put his arm around Jin’s shoulder

Originally posted by decembertaejin

Whenever Seokjin sits

Originally posted by jimiyoong

He needs to pull him closer

Originally posted by meganhyunhee

Taetae also Jump on and hug him like a small puppy

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie


Originally posted by biaswreckertrash

he can (find someone who looks at you the way V looks at Jin)

Originally posted by taejinmin

V really do not care about cameras 

Originally posted by agathekdp

He is suuuuper impredictable (Half of the fandom had a heart attack here)

Originally posted by weakforjin

But V knows how to make our hearts stop skip a beat *wink wonk*

Originally posted by holykyungie

There a bigger admirer of Jin’s looks than Jin. And it is V:

Originally posted by koreanfan1

He even strokes his hair while throwing a compliment

Originally posted by yoongles

But wait! It’s not a one sided thing. Jin strokes V’s hair too

Originally posted by jaayhope

And if V likes the front hugs Jin goes for the back hugs

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

*sigh* Since when back hugs looked that beautiful? 

Originally posted by taejinmin

Jin always find a way to make Taehyung laugh

Originally posted by jongtaekwoon

and tae think most of the eldest’s dad jokes are …

Originally posted by taejinmin


Originally posted by ksjknj

They usually end up both laughing together because V’s laugh is SOOOOOOO contagious 

Originally posted by xingorjin

Taetae really takes care of Jin’s pride AKA his wide shoulders

Originally posted by jiminrolls

He likes them so much he want to have a bite … literally … wtf Tae !!!

Originally posted by gong-yoo

You might think at first that Tae is the obsessed one. No no no. Jin even acts cute like THIS in front of Tae

Originally posted by syubbie

AND lay on him like THIS when he takes a nap

Originally posted by babypeachtaozii

They are VERY proud and happy of the achievements of one another

Originally posted by taejinmin

Even if they celebrate them the EXTRA way

Originally posted by doona-baes

The VERY extra way

Originally posted by chimtae

Please expect a lot more from these two talented handsome dorks

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Sadly we are done now with this spam now

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But before that, receive the kisses of these two handsome men and be the luckiest this week . See ya ~

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Everytime I look at them my eyes, soul and heart thank me. So i hope I hope you also loved those cuties like me.

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By @mimibtsghost

Sweet Creature (Part 1)

Summary: Disappearing after the events of Civil War, Steve makes himself a home in a small town, not knowing what awaits him there. 

Word Count: 771

A/N: In honor of glorious, bearded Steve, I’ve started this drabble series. This was written for ( @whothehellisbella )Bella’s Cool Times Summer Jamz Mix Writing Challenge!

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Steve closed the door of his run-down apartment, locking it and checking the doorknob. As expected, it didn’t budge. His eyes roved over the small hallway, assessing everything and concluding that the closest thing to danger in the building was the fungus now growing in the walls. He sniffed at this, shaking his head.

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BTS reaction to overhearing other members talking about their s/o

Seokjin: Jin overheard Jimin talking about you. “Have you guys seen y/n round an juic- OH HEY JIN!?” Jin is the type of guy that doesn’t get jealous that easy on the surface so he’d start joking around to mess with Jimin while dying on the inside.

“You mean her butt? Ahh yes, my jagi is beautiful but you better stop talking about her like that. You wouldn’t have even a little bit of a chance considering that you’re so small, you can’t even reach the things on top of a shelf”

Originally posted by jungkookiescookies

Namjoon: The most jealous guy ever. He’d hear Taehyung talking about you in your dress that you wore the other day. “Hot! Smoking hot!” Being angry as fuck he ran towards him. After a little talk he’ll eventually calm down.

“Smoking hot? Are you talking about yourself after I set you on fire? She is MINE, you know that.”

Originally posted by yoonseok

Yoongi: He’d be the most annoyed but also really subtle about it. He’d overhear Hoseok being pervy as always talking about how much cleavage you show. “It’s really hot. I mean I’d be a bit concerned if I was Yoongi, probably a lot of guys are hitting on her” Yoongi would just sit casually besides Hobie and change the subject after his comment.

“You’re right, but I was hoping at least my best friends would not talk about her like that.” 

Originally posted by minshoot

Hoseok: Hoseok is a weird ass guy. He’d be kinda proud of being your boyfriend and ignore the fact that Jungkook just talked to the others about you. “…and her hair! All around from top to bottom. She’s bomb.” Like Yoongi he would just join the conversation.

“I know kookie, this is my girlfriend how did I deserve her? Anyway aren’t you a little bit to young for her?”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Taehyung: Tae knows what’s his and he is very protective of you and… JEALOUS. But only when you aren’t around. He’d overhear Namjoon’s kinky comment. “I’d like y/n to call me Daddy.” Jealous Taehyung mode on. 

“Well I guess it’s good to know that she SCREAMS Daddy while I eat her out and doesn’t have time to think about you.”

Originally posted by taemybae

Jimin: Cute mochi would be angry as fuck. Jin wanted to make one of his jokes but it turned out quite unpleasing for Jimin. “ see him like this we need something better. I know! Y/n needs to get naked starts laughing” 

“Hell no, Jin. You better apologize.” 

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Jungkook: Usually Jungkook is the typical cocky and jealous type but his hyung Yoongi accidentally said that your his type. “I’d do her. Oh, I’m sorry Jungkook I forgot.” Kookie would get so angry on the inside but remain calm on the outside

“Of course… No, no problem. Even though it was quite inappropriate.. What, no I’m not mad”

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YOUR BITCH IS BACK!!! And I’m better than ever.. not. Thanks for still liking and rebloging my posts. The school year is practically over so I have more time now, yeay!

trans!peter parker

hello i have seen homecoming three times now and i’m obsessed and in love with everything about the movie and the trans!peter headcanon

The first thing i heard about trans!peter was a post talking about how being bullied for being a nerd in school really isnt a common thing anymore, at least in america, and, if anything, in my experience, it tends to be the smartest kids that are actually the most popular. And the post raised the question: So what if peter is actually bullied because he’s trans? And that makes so much sense. And being a trans boy in high school myself and absolutely on board with the headcanon i thought i’d join in and add some things. Some of these other people may have talked about also.

  • “I am not a GIRL. IM A BOY. I mEAN IM A MAN.” peter gets very upset when donald glover’s character calls him a girl. his voice breaks and he gets visibly flustered.
  • Flash calls him “Penis Parker”. speaking from experience, high school bullies are not very creative with nicknames and will always go straight for the deepest insecurity they know. I personally think this is a dig at peter being trans.
  • Peter has proportionally quite small hands and feet. 
  • He enjoys playing with things like Legos and Star Wars action figures. possibly because he didn’t get to when he was little.
  • He has quite a high pitched voice which he has difficulty controlling the depth of.
  • May’s comment about his body changing and him not feeling like he can fit in at a classmate’s party makes much more sense if you think of peter as trans.
  • Ned asks Peter if the spider venom gave him the ability to lay eggs, which is a bizarre question to begin with, but even stranger if being asked of an amab person. but this likely doesn’t have any substance as it was obviously just meant to be a funny moment, which it was, i laughed out loud all three times i heard it.
  • Peter doesn’t have much in the way of sideburns.
  • He’s pretty short.
  • I personally never saw a spidey bulge. now it’s possible it was toned down or edited out but it was definitely visible on the last two versions of spiderman and i don’t know why this one would be any more edited than them.
  • He doesn’t know how to tie a tie. Now this seems unimportant at first, but i actually think it could mean a lot, so hear me out. Considering how many clubs and extra curriculars he’s in (robotics, marching band, decathlon, etc.) he should have been to many recitals, concerts, competitions, etc that would require him to wear a tie throughout his intermediate and high school years. It’s weird that neither him nor may would know how to tie one. unless- he’s never done it before because he’d always worn the traditionally feminine uniform or formal wear. 
  • Now, there’s those two shirtless scenes that some people have been using to discredit the headcanon where he’s clearly muscular and flat chested with no visible scars. Well, my doubtful friends, there’s the possibility of a keyhole surgery which leaves minimal scarring. Also, the spider venom increases muscle growth and metabolism, and also gives peter a mild healing factor. This could have caused any scars he had to heal and fade completely. 

now obviously i realize not all of this inherently means he’s trans. cis guys can be short or have small hands and feet or high pitched voices or rounder hairlines, especially when they’re only 15 years old and everyone is growing at a different rate. These things just flesh out the headcanon a bit more. 

tl;dr: Peter Parker is an endlessly adorable trans boy and the hero we all need.

Wanna take over my wife's job after her maternity leave? get yourself pushed out of the company instead.

LTL, FTP. I have almost no direct involvement in this tale. I’m writing it on behalf of my wife.

Sorry for the wall of text… TL;DR at the bottom. This story happened (ended) two weeks ago.


We live in a country that needs a lot of improvement on laws, their application and enforcement…. we are a lot better than a few years back, but still sometimes people can get away with forging some types of documents, like medical records, education degrees etc. Also, english is not our main language, so job titles, degrees and other details are translated to their best equivalence.

According to our country’s labor laws:

  • All female employees are entitled to 3 months paid maternity leave.
  • Employers, at their own expense, are expected to cover for the employees on maternity leave, usually with temp workers.
  • Severance payments are mandatory when firing employees (without justified cause… crime, fraud, etc) with more than 3 months on their jobs, so that’s the time limit to be considered a temp employee.
  • Severance payment calculation is rather complicated, but for firing people employed 4 years or less, it usually boils down to about 4 months of salary.
  • To fire Pregnant women, employers have to pay them 6 months of salary on top of the severance payment they’re entitled to.
  • If an employee quits voluntarily, they effectively forfeit all benefits previously mentioned.

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bts personality analysis: jungkook

Originally posted by nnochu

ive talked a lot in these analysis’ about avatars in the industry and how they select specific personas to appeal to a target audience; and i dont think jungkook has one. its weird because nearly everyone does, famous or not. people select an image to show their best side. but the reason i think that jungkook doesn’t have a specific avatar is that i really dont think that jungkook could. he couldnt stick to a certain image and you often see in interviews or lives that his persona falls, like he gets tired of it sometimes. he also kind of mocks the idol stereotypes sometimes and i think its funny because jungkook is one of the most loved idols, yet he is so cynical of his own industry. he doesn’t like avatars, he values honesty. i noticed this most in this years kkul fm - the members ask jungkook if he is sleepy and tell him to notice the camera, and jungkook blows a kiss with a smile and looks back down with a blank expression. i think this says a lot about him and how he responds to certain situations.

jungkook is quiet, observant. its rare that he speaks up in an interview; instead, he prefers to let his other members speak. i dont necessarily think jungkook is shy, but i think he has trouble expressing himself. i dont think he can articulate his thoughts and i think he isnt as aware of his emotions as namjoon and taehyung are. because doesn’t know his own emotions, i can see the intensity of them being overwhelming to him and jungkook breaking down because of stress. jungkook is known as the multifaceted member - the golden maknae. he has to live up to that title and i think the pressure is sometimes a little bit too much sometimes. instead of an idol image, jungkook wears a calmer, more collected exterior to protect himself - this goes for yoongi, too. even though he seems calm, his mind is busy and nervous. 

jungkook is facile because he is so adaptable to situations, he is comfortable in unknown situations and that makes it easier for him to learn new things. where anybody would be anxious in a new environment, a new environment gives jungkook drive. it serves as motivation. i see him also liking change - because his mind is so busy, i think he would be distracted if he was in a routine. he needs to be doing things at all times. i also think that jungkook really shows virgo traits when he is learning something new because he has a desire to improve and perfect, which is his flaw and his strength. because he is such a perfectionist, just like jimin, he sets expectations that he cannot even dream to achieve. he strives for perfection when he cannot be perfect and this mindset can be damaging to his perception of himself and that could lead to him being in a bad state of mind. jungkook is also completely stubborn so he will not give up in the middle of something, he will keep going until his bones atrophy. again, this is a strength and a weakness. i just hope jungkook hasn’t worn himself out.

i think my favourite thing about jungkook is his compassion and complete admiration for his members. although he finds it hard to express this love and sometimes seems almost rude when he is amongst his hyungs, he does it in other ways. a small compliment - “jimin you can sing pretty well”-, or with a joke that he knows will make them laugh. he cannot articulate his emotions. he becomes uncomfortable when expressing himself. thats why i think that jungkook crying with his members before the wings album was such a huge moment for them as a group. im sure they have cried together many times, but for jungkook to truly admit his feelings to his members and tell them that he values their emotions over his own is a fucking big deal. once jungkook begins to develop and mature, i think that he will learn to love himself more and respond to his emotions. i think that he will learn to articulate his thoughts and im sure we will see them in his solo songs.

jungkook and jin are hard to work out because as much as i do believe they adore each other, i think jungkook often forgets that jin is his hyung and demands respect because jin is always so goofy. jungkook doesn’t acknowledge jin and acknowledgement is what jin needs and values.  yoongi and jungkook are a relationship that is hard to define - i find that most jungkook related relationships are like this but ill get more into that in his analysis. both yoongi and jungkook have trouble expressing themselves so it wont be the most overtly affectionate relationship but i see them both having a lot of respect for one another and just a chill duo who just wanna have a relaxed time. hoseok and jungkook have a sibling relationship, jungkook really admires and respects hoseok and his dance and wants to learn from him. hoseok keeps jungkook on his toes which is exactly what that boy needs. namjoon and jungkook are a really special relationship because jungkook sees namjoon as an older brother or even a father figure. he admired namjoon and shows him respect - and for the maknae to do that… he must love the guy a whole lot. jimin and jungkook are odd because as much as i love jikook, i think jungkook is a handful that jimin doesnt have the strength for. but jimin is a really crucial part to jungkook and i think that jungkook needs jimin as a shoulder, someone that he can rely on. jungkook is like jimins younger brother and i think they really do adore each other. taehyung and jungkook are another one of my favourite relationships because jungkook can keep taehyung on his toes and thats what taehyung needs, he needs someone that can keep up with him and give him a run for his money. he loves the competition and thats what jungkook brings.

jeon jeongguk - infp/virgo. perfectionist, observant, compassionate, adaptive.

kim seokjin ; min yoongi ; jung hoseok ; kim namjoon ; park jimin ; kim taehyung

a/n: and that is all the analyses done!!! i hope u enjoyed reading everyone!!! pls come into my inbox and tell me what u thought - lana

Spider-Man was fucking DOPE!

Man, I haven’t seen a Spider-Man movie so good for a very long time. I disliked Garfield’s version and I wasn’t really expecting much from Tom Holland, but after Civil War, my hope actually did skyrocket. And Spider-Man: Homecoming has not disappointed me. Though, it had one small minus.

Spoilers ahead, obviously.

Here’s my list of things I totally loved:

  • Bear papa Tony Stark. Seriously. A++++ character development. Tony is nothing but a sweet angel, I promise. He doesn’t steal the show either.
  • They chose not to follow the boring-to-death Mary Jane/Gwen Stacy bullshit, instead they chose a NORMAL high school-like hardcore crushing/relationship. Not the big, eternal love at the age of 15. Yes, Peter was clearly having strong feelings for Liz, but it wasn’t all unnecessarily too much. They kept it totally natural and realistic. I will love them forever for that.
  • Biracial relationship, biracial marriage. Nice.
  • Many POC characters.
  • Ned is basically me the entire movie, honestly
  • Did I mention they kept it all REAL? Peter cried more than once, because he was in danger, because he was confused, because he is still a kid. Yes, he is tough, he is smart, he is strong and brave, but he is also only 15 and he is allowed to be weak and to learn out of that. I think it was really, really awesome.
  • Zero plot holes. Like, literally, none. They packed it all up nicely, addressed issues from CA:CW and Avengers both 1 and 2. I wish all the other movies and TV-show makers would do the same with their stories.
  • Karen, the suit lady and her instant-kill mode. Yup.
  • The Bank of Queen’s scene, with criminals wearing Avengers’ masks, so a casual viewier would get the “they’re seen as cirminals now” vibe. Small thing, done mostly for fun, but I like it anyways.
  • Also, Happy mentioned the plain contained “materials for Cap’s new shield”. I think I had an orgasm just by hearing that.
  • Oh and about Cap: I can’t even imagine the amount of fun Chris Evans had by jumping into his old Captain America costume just to film those lame educational movie clips
  • Also, the amount of trolling in the post-credit scene is strong. Very strong.
  • Assholes. Seriously. And Chris Evans’ shit-eating grin when Cap said “patience” was the worst. Fuck you, sir.

Things I did not like:

- Peppers Potts. What the even fuck. Like why? Where did she pop out from? Seriously? Just ????????


Ok guys, I feel like I need to clarify what I meant with Pepper.

It’s not that I don’t like Pepperony, or Pepper Potts herself. I freaking love Pepper Potts (as an individual character and not a part of Pepperony ship) and if Tony can’t be with Steve, then Pepper is honestly the best choice for him. (reason I’m saying Steve would be better is because Steve is much more understanding and delicate when it comes to Tony and that’s something Tony desperately needs)(but Stony can happen only if Stucky cannot tho. Stucky #1, always).

Anyway, all I’m saying is just that she popped out of the blue and it looked like nothing happened? Judging by Tony’s face in CA:CW when he said Pepper “needed a break”, it looked like she dumped him permanently, because she disliked his lifestyle and/or was too stressed herself (and that’s totally understandable, tho). It was probably the big drama effect that was meant to contribute to Tony’s general stress, frustration, and the feeling of not being in control of his life (again). I get it now after watching Spider-Man, it actually makes sense.

I just don’t like the way they put Pepper back in the story. Like nothing happened, like Tony was never heartbroken, and they’ve been happily together since 2008. Even though I love to see Tony happy and and head over heels in love, I wish they would save it to the Avengers movie and explain what actually happened between them and how did they resolve the conflict.

Pepper Potts is a strong and smart woman, she’s definitely the Stark Industry boss material, and of course she is a human being that’s constantly put into stressful situations thanks to Tony and his identity as Iron Man. I am not saying that she should block her own feelings just to make Tony happier, but if his lifestyle is too stressful for her and she cannot accept it, maybe it would be better if they weren’t together. Not because they’re not in love, but because Tony needs someone who will stay with him no matter what. He needs this psychological and emotional stability, and I don’t think it does him any good if Pepper constantly changes her mind whether to be or not to be with him. Either she stays and accepts him, and Tony of course does everything to soothe her stress, or they split. I just don’t like the emotional roller coaster Tony is constantly put through: he deserves cuddles, soft kisses and patience. Pepper deserves psychological stability, too.

That’s why I disliked the way they put them back together: I simply cannot know how they resolved the conflict. I miss it, because I wanted to see if they’re actually doing it properly this time. If they did, then I’m totally happy for Pepper’s return too.

Ascendant persona ascendant

To get a deeper insight of your ascendant you can check your ascendant persona ascendant sign, let’s say that you’re a cancer ascendant with an Aries persona ascendant then you come across as quite shy, emotional, a homebody but with Aries persona ascendant you also come across as intimidating, fierce, blunt with your words and action oriented.

Here’s a blend of natal ascendant signs & ascendant persona ascendant.

Aries natal asc with Aries persona asc: will come across as action oriented, loose lips, will be very aggressive, fearless attitude.

Aries natal asc with Taurus persona asc: will be quite stubborn, moody and somewhat of a homebody, will like to enjoy activities with their close friends.

Aries natal asc with cancer persona asc: will be quite emotional, somewhat argumentative with people, will try to hide their vulnerability,

Aries natal asc with Gemini persona asc: will be very talkative and quick witted, will want to take part in activities, will have good comebacks and sharp minds.

Aries natal asc with leo persona asc: will have a strong ego, will be interested in some type of theatrical displays, will want to rise to the top.

Aries natal asc with Virgo persona asc: will be book smart, will possibly offend people with their knowledge without any intention to, will engage in conversation.

Aries natal asc with libra persona asc: will be charming and graceful, swift sharp movements, will not like to offend others , will treat people like family if they care enough for them.

Aries natal asc with Scorpio persona asc: will be quite intimidating, will have a deep dark gaze almost like a cat in the night, will be very passionate and careful with their words.

Aries natal asc with Sagittarius persona asc: will be very interested in meeting new people, will be fond of travel, will want to have memorable moments, they live in the movement.

Aries natal asc with Capricorn persona asc: will have a very strained expression, will be hardworking , will work for what they want, will not let people in so easily.

Aries natal asc with Aquarius persona asc: will be ratherly different, will not care if they’re doing something embarrassing in public, will be very quirky and unique.

Aries natal asc with Pisces persona asc: will be charming and sociable, will enjoy time with people and time by themselves, will also wonder from person to person at times.

Taurus natal asc with Aries persona asc: will be a homebody , will enjoy arts and crafts, will be aggressive and entertaining, brisk movements.

Taurus natal asc with Taurus persona asc: will be appealing and friendly, will treat those dear to them like family, will be quite hesitant in trying new things that they’ve never tried before.

Taurus natal asc with Gemini persona asc: will be talkative and a bit naive, will want to engage in conversation and have meaningful conversations with people.

Taurus natal asc with cancer persona asc: will be shy when approached, will have a certain aura about them that’s quite subtle, will want to be by themselves at most times.

Taurus natal asc with leo persona asc: will be confident and daring, will want to develop friendships, will want people to see them as someone who has it all.

Taurus natal asc with Virgo persona asc: will be quite the intellect, will be grounded and stable, will want people to see them as educated and precise.

Taurus natal asc with libra persona asc: will be socially charming and appealing, will have a soft voice or a lovely smile, will be gentle with people and polite.

Taurus natal asc with Scorpio persona asc: will be deceiving at first, may not want to share a lot about themselves, may be very protective about their identity.

Taurus natal asc with Sagittarius persona asc: will be grounded yet courageous, will want to take part in the action, will want to seek adventure with their friends.

Taurus natal asc with Capricorn persona asc: will be very straightforward, not one to hide behind the bush, will say it like it is , somewhat of a realist.

Taurus natal asc with Aquarius persona asc: will be indifferent and changeable, will try new things just for the curiosity of it, will want to experiment.

Taurus natal asc with Pisces persona asc: will be adaptable, will not show their true colours, will also be moody and emotional.

Cancer natal asc with Aries persona asc: will be intimidating, will have a no chill attitude, will be brave and somewhat a bit shy at going after what they want, will also be passionate.

Cancer natal asc with Taurus persona asc: will be friendly and shy, will not want to be provoked, quite peaceful and content with oneself.

Cancer asc with Gemini persona asc: will be quite shy but yet quite talkative, they need to be stimulated mentally, will not enjoy small talk.

Cancer asc with cancer persona asc: will be very emotional, certain things may offend them, will be smooth with their words and quite shy.

Cancer natal asc with leo persona asc: will want it all, will want to be the best, will go after things slowly then with passion and aggression, will be loyal to their friends.

Cancer natal asc with Virgo persona asc: will be very articulate, will be indecisive about what they want to talk about, will give people tough love and emotional support.

Cancer natal asc with libra persona asc: will be graceful and charming, will engage people with conversations, may help others be content with their lives.

Cancer natal asc with Scorpio persona asc: will be shy and misleading, will not open up easily to others, may have a fear of people finding out their true identities.

Cancer natal asc with Sagittarius persona asc: will be quite shy, will be unpredictable with their movements, will say one thing and do the next, never quite sure of what they truly want.

Cancer natal asc with Capricorn persona asc: will be stead fast, stable and grounded, will keep their emotions in check, will never want to be seen as weak.

Cancer natal asc with Aquarius persona asc: will be quirky and emotional, will be witty and fun, will probably have many acquaintances but a small circle of close friends.

Cancer natal asc with Pisces persona asc: will be self oriented, will be adaptable, will show people they care, will have a naturally charming vibe about them.

Gemini natal asc with Aries persona asc: will be talkative with quick movements, will be brash and blunt with others, may say offensive things to people but may not realize it.

Gemini natal asc with Taurus persona asc: will be bubbly and steady, will have a mind of their own, will be socially engaging and stubborn.

Gemini natal asc with Gemini persona asc: will be very airy, will have a lot to talk about, may talk your ear off, will want to talk about anything with you and will want to talk for hours.

Gemini natal asc with cancer persona asc: will be careful with what they say so that they may not offend you, will care about you, will treat you like family, will also give you advice.

Gemini natal asc with leo persona asc: will be very confident, yet deceiving, wondering from person to person, will have many talents even if they don’t consider them as a talent.

Gemini natal asc with Virgo persona asc: will be very knowledgeable, will know a lot of things the average person doesn’t know, will rub their knowledge in your face without meaning to.

Gemini natal asc with libra persona asc: will be socially likable, will listen to others and improvise their thoughts, will want to make interesting conversations with other people.

Gemini natal asc with Scorpio persona asc: will be talkative but won’t reveal too much about themselves, will possibly like gossip and drama and also seeing other people confront each other.

Gemini natal asc with Sagittarius persona asc: will want to educate people, will share their knowledge instead of keeping it in, will find ways to interact with others on a higher level.

Gemini natal asc with Capricorn persona asc: will be passive and hardworking, will be somewhat of a loner and may keep to themselves, they may also like the company of others but only if they truly value your company.

Gemini natal asc with Aquarius persona asc: will say the weirdest things, will want to freak people out , may have a strange aura about them, will show you filthy deranged things.

Gemini natal asc with Pisces persona asc: will be communicative, will want to talk to someone with their particular interest, may get bored easily with small talk.

Leo natal asc with Aries persona asc: will be quite bitchy without noticing it, will be confident, will be entertaining but some jokes will come off as offensive and blunt.

Leo natal asc with Taurus persona asc: will be confident, will have their own ways, doesn’t want to take advice from anyone.

Leo natal asc with Gemini persona asc: will be intriguing in conversation, will want to be admired for their knowledge and their compassion.

Leo natal asc with cancer persona asc: will be strong and independent, will have many flaws, will be emotional pained.

Leo natal asc with leo persona asc: will tell it like it is, wouldn’t want people to deceive them, will treat those like a doormat if they ever cross them.

Leo natal asc with Virgo persona asc: will have useful information, will use their information with much confidence, will want respect on their name.

Leo natal asc with libra persona asc: will have charisma, will be showy and fashionable, will be know it allah and fashionistas.

Leo natal asc with Scorpio persona asc: will be confident in going after what they want, will not let people use them or take them for granted, will be very passive aggressive with other people when angered.

Leo natal asc with Sagittarius persona asc: will be spontaneous, will be unpredictable, will plenty things at once, constantly on the move and I’m search for other things.

Leo natal asc with Capricorn persona asc: will be fiercely independent, hardworking and trustworthy, will want to have progress with things instead of rushing things.

Leo natal asc with Aquarius persona asc: will be unique, will have a indifferent attitude, will want to have their own sense of development.

Leo natal asc with Pisces persona asc: will be ratherly softer and gentler with people, will not like mind games, will converse with persona at their own pace.

Virgo natal asc with Aries persona asc: will be very mentally stimulating, will use their words with strong dialect and content.

Virgo natal asc with Taurus persona asc: will be very Passive, keen by nature, will enjoy singing or any form of art.

Virgo natal asc with Gemini persona asc: will have a mind that is constantly bubbling with new ideas, self promoter, will achieve success by interacting with other people.

Virgo natal asc with cancer persona asc: will be emotionally distressed, will have emotions that they cannot control.

Virgo natal asc with leo persona asc: will be fatherly aggressive with their words, may have a lot to say, will put others in there place.

Virgo natal asc with Virgo persona asc: will expand their mind with vivid words and memorization, will easily know how to use their words.

Virgo natal asc with libra persona asc: will use smooth words to suppress how they feel, will be very charming and socially graceful.

Virgo natal asc with Scorpio persona asc: will be quite deceiving with their words, will have some type of deeper context with the way they speak and express themselve.

Virgo natal asc Sagittarius persona asc: will seek something more such as an adventure with their minds, will tend to travel to gain more knowledge on a particular subject.

Virgo natal asc with Capricorn persona asc: will be hardworking and motivated to get what they want, will be mature about what they want.

Virgo natal asc with Aquarius persona asc: will be different and eccentric with their tone of voice, will think of weird things and may do weird things.

Virgo natal asc with Pisces persona asc: will constantly live a moments in their heads, will look very dreamy and almost like their fantasizing about something.

Libra natal asc with Aries persona asc: will be charming and pleasing, will be short tempered and a bit aggressive but will only do so if you have provoked them.

Libra natal asc with Taurus persona asc: will want to maintain a peaceful environment, will enjoy finer things in life, will be very appealing.

Libra natal asc with Gemini persona asc: will love to talk with all types of people , will be very interesting in conversation, will not enjoy small talk.

Libra natal asc with cancer persona asc: will be emotionally appealing, will express their emotions freely but with caution.

Libra natal with leo persona asc: with be confident, will be somewhat of a fashionista, will rock anything that they wear and still mange to look good.

Libra natal asc with Virgo: will use their words in a smooth manner, will sweet talk people to get what they want.

Libra natal asc with libra: will be very attentive to themselves and to the needs of others, will not want to start any drama.

Libra natal asc with Scorpio persona asc: will be charming and intimidating, will value their privacy and will only let you in if they trust you enough.

Libra natal asc with Sagittarius persona asc: will be talkative with people, will want to venture out with friends and loved ones.

Libra natal asc with Capricorn persona asc: will be somewhat of an ambivert, will like the company of others but yet still devour time by themselves.

Libra natal asc with Aquarius persona asc: will be unique with their words and body language, will do things that are questionable at times.

Libra natal asc with Pisces persona asc: will be dreamy and charming, will tend to live in their heads and will create tasteful scenarios.

Scorpio natal asc with Aries persona asc: will be very intimidating, will not want to let people in, will be somewhat aggressive.

Scorpio natal asc with Taurus persona asc: will be private with their lives, will be stubborn and lazy, will do things at their own pace.

Scorpio natal asc with Gemini persona asc: will be very deceiving, will show different parts of themselves though never truly showing their true selves.

Scorpio natal asc with cancer persona asc: will be highly emotion, lots of ups and downs , somewhat indecisive at times.

Scorpio natal asc with leo persona asc: will be confident and subtle, will have a sharp mind, will have poise and class.

Scorpio natal asc with Virgo persona asc: will be very deep with words, their eyes will tell a whole different story.

Scorpio natal asc with libra persona asc: will be charming and private , will play mind games with people to see their true colours.

Scorpio natal asc with Scorpio persona asc: will be extremely secretive, will look like they know all of your secrets, will never say bite off more than they can chew.

Scorpio natal asc with Sagittarius persona asc: will have an interest in travel, will possibly travel to dark places where most people are afraid to go.

Scorpio natal with Capricorn persona asc: will be ambitious of what they want, may be book smart, will enjoy time by themselves.

Scorpio natal asc with Aquarius persona asc: will have a dark twisted weird personality, will express themselves in a very indifferent way.

Scorpio natal with Pisces persona asc: will have emotions that are high and low, will constantly create scenarios that will make them escape from the harshness of reality.

Sagittarius natal asc with Aries persona asc: will seek adventure and fun, will love to go places, discover new things.

Sagittarius natal asc with Taurus persona asc: will be happy go lucky, will have a tendency to be lazy and brash at times.

Sagittarius natal asc with Gemini persona asc: will have a mind that is constantly bubbly with new ideas, will want to share their knowledge with people.

Sagittarius natal asc with cancer persona asc: will have emotional outlets but will try to hide it with a smile so that people won’t know that their feeling sad or mad.

Sagittarius natal asc with leo persona asc: will be fiercely out there, will be aggressive and daunting, will want to be respected and admired.

Sagittarius natal asc with Virgo persona asc: will have a lot to say , will want to teach people things that they’ve never learned before.

Sagittarius natal asc with libra persona asc: will be a charmer to people, will enjoy the company of others, will want to get to know people on a personal level.

Sagittarius natal asc with Scorpio persona asc: will be friendly and outgoing, will devour their own privacy, will like the idea of knowing other people secrets but will never reveal their own.

Sagittarius natal asc with Sagittarius persona asc: will be happy go lucky, will wonder from place to place , will gather information and keep it stored in their memory.

Sagittarius natal asc with Capricorn persona asc: will be ambitious, will have a thirst for knowledge and a thirst to climb the social ladder.

Sagittarius natal asc with Aquarius persona asc: will have a unique way to say things, will create interesting scenarios and think of strange things.

Sagittarius natal asc with Pisces persona asc: will want to live moments in their heads and make them a reality, will be a day dreamer and may still believe in fairytales.

Capricorn natal asc with Aries persona asc: will be ambitious and hardworking, will approach things aggressively.

Capricorn natal asc with Taurus persona asc: will enjoy nature, will find peace within themselves, can be quite lazy at times.

Capricorn natal asc with Gemini persona asc: will have a bubbly imagination, will be somewhat of a realist.

Capricorn natal asc with cancer persona asc: will be emotional but would try not to show it, pretty good at hiding how they feel, doesn’t really want people to get too involved in their business.

Capricorn natal asc with leo persona asc: will be confident with their work, will have a very huge ego.

Capricorn natal asc with Virgo persona asc: will be very analytical, will want to read between the lines, trying to find the true meaning behind things.

Capricorn natal asc with libra persona asc: will be serious and charming, will have a natural appeal to them, eased expression.

Capricorn natal asc with Scorpio persona asc: will have an intimidating look to them, don’t really like talking about themselves much.

Capricorn natal asc with Sagittarius persona asc: will want to go places, will be ambitious and spontaneous with their work and play.

Capricorn natal asc with Capricorn persona asc: will be very serious, takes their work very seriously, will be extremely hard working.

Capricorn natal asc with Aquarius persona asc: will have a unique way of working, will develop their own sense of originality.

Capricorn natal asc with Pisces persona asc: will look dreamy and serious, will be gentle and cautious when approaching new people.

Aquarius natal asc with Aries persona asc: will be original and aggressive, will be outgoing and somewhat different.

Aquarius natal asc with Taurus persona asc: will have a stubbornness to them, will want to do things that is convenient to them.

Aquarius natal asc with Gemini persona asc: will have a very unique mind. Will be constantly thinking of different interesting scenarios.

Aquarius natal asc with cancer persona asc: will have plenty acquaintances but will only be true to their small circle of friends, will show their emotions to their close friends.

Aquarius natal asc with leo persona asc: will be confident and fierce, doesn’t care what other people think of them and how they express themselves.

Aquarius natal asc with Virgo persona asc: will be very articulate, will use words in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

Aquarius natal asc with libra persona asc: will have an appealing personality, will talk with people on a regular basis, will probably have plenty friends.

Aquarius natal asc with Scorpio persona asc: will be strangely intimidating, will be weird and loyal to people.

Aquarius natal asc with Sagittarius persona asc: will want to go after an adventure, will probably search for aliens or ufos.

Aquarius natal asc with Capricorn persona asc: will have a natural ambition to them, will go after things with much hardwork, will gain success in a weird way.

Aquarius natal asc with Aquarius persona asc: will be very strange and different, will show people disturbing weird things online.

Aquarius natal asc with Pisces persona asc: will be unique and emotional, will have many ups and downs, will most likely hide this part of themselves from people.

Pisces natal asc with Aries persona asc: will be emotionally aggressive, possibly passive aggressive, will go after things with a fierce attitude.

Pisces natal asc with Taurus persona asc: will be very dreamy, will have an appeal to their appearance, will be lazy at times.

Pisces natal asc with Gemini persona asc: will be interested in news ideas, will think of ways to do things differently.

Pisces natal asc with cancer persona asc: will have many emotional ups and downs, will be somewhat emotionally unstable.

Pisces natal asc with leo persona asc: will love to talk with people, favour time to themselves, will go after what they want with much confidence.

Pisces natal asc with Virgo persona asc: will be very book smart,will be very analytical of other people and will be somewhat of a perfectionist.

Pisces natal asc with with libra persona asc: will be very socially appealing, will charm other people naturally, will be a daydreamer at times.

Pisces natal asc with Scorpio persona asc: will be intensely emotional, will be deceiving to other people, will not trust easily.

Pisces natal asc with Sagittarius persona asc: will have a need to explore, will be living moments in their heads but will love to make them a reality.

Pisces natal asc with Capricorn persona asc: will be very ambitious to get what they want, will be dreamy and somewhat of an introvert.

Pisces natal asc with Aquarius persona asc: will be strangely unique, will have natural abilities to write, will probably write strange things, possibly strange and taunting poetry.

Pisces natal asc with Pisces persona asc: will be highly emotional, will tend to stick to themselves, will have a small circle of friends.

GOT7 flirting Style

request by anon:  Heyy idk if you want to answer this but what do you think got7s flirting styles are? Like is one member more subtle or obvious or tsundere style etc? Thank you if u answer it!

Jaebum: Youngjae said it himself (YESS 2JAE) that JB is tsundere style. Those who don’t know it’s when someone shows a more cold or chic attitude at first but eventually shows a loving and warm style. If that doesn’t scream Jaebum IDK what does. He would probably ignore you and act super cool around you especially in front of a group; but then one day if you and he are alone and he notices you looking down or sort of tired he would offer to walk you home or buy you your favourite drink. “_______, you seem cold. Here.” And hands you a scarf casually. 

Mark: He’s a quiet flirt. He seems pretty shy and reserved so he wouldn’t outright flirt with you. You would probably take a lot of the gestures for granted as friendly actions. Like fixing your t-shirt if it was falling off your shoulder or offering you a bite of his food. He strikes me as the kind of guy who is friends with a girl first and then slowly tries to work his way to a boyfriend. He would probably flirt by asking “Hey do you think we could go for a walk tonight?” or just wanting to spend time alone. 

Jackson: He would flirt with you by always sticking by you. Offering to be your partner in games or wanting to sit next to you when your group of friends goes to the movies. He would put his arm around you in a friendly way but maybe squeeze you just a little tighter and closer than usual. He would literally never stop complimenting you, and honestly, his crush on you would be hella obvious “You know ______, I didn’t even know it was possible for someone to be as pretty as you.” 

Jinyoung: He would be the most traditionally flirtatious. A gentlemen, of course, but also coy and kind of teasing. He would jokingly pick on you a lot but also take care of you whenever you needed help. He would make comments about how he likes his other friends better than you and then laugh but then he would sneak in winks and lip bites (but deny them if you ever brought it up). He has a very push and pull style of flirting. “Maybe you’re seeing things ____?” (winks again). 

Youngjae: He would want to be subtle but honestly he wouldn’t be able to contain the way you make him smile and laugh more than anyone. He would compliment your hair and smile. He would bring you small gifts saying that he just had them laying around the house. He would always ask you to go for walks with Coco and him to the park and insist on buying the ice cream. “______ “ you would reply “yeah?” He would smile and say. “Nothing. I just like saying your name” 

Bambam: He would make a lot of comments that sounded like he was joking but really he wasn’t. He would say things like “Oh _____ you look hot today.” And make one of those whistle noises at you while laughing. As he casually holds your wrist to lead you. He would actually be super nervous on the inside but play it off casual and funny. He would probably compliment your fashion and also tease you about things a lot. Giving you excuses to push him or playfully punch his arm. Which is what he is hoping you’ll do. 

Yugyeom: SHy babyyy. He would always giggle around you ad stutter whenever trying to impress you or flirt with you. Literally, everyone would know about his crush (even you had a little suspicion). He would be extra nice to you always asking if you’re okay okay or checking if you’re tired or hot or cold. He would try to joke like Bambam but it wouldn’t come off as confident as him. His flirting is really more just giving his crush away as opposed to a secret. “You look so beautiful today. Not that you don’t always look beautiful. Like pretty or just nice I mean beautiful too but…you know what I mean ______” 

I wrote a thing about Link getting smashed and Sidon having to deal with that but I was thinking…what about Sidon getting hammered and suddenly, Link has a 11 foot tall, muscular, very excitable as well as very, very, very drunk shark man on his hands?

Like, Link goes to the Zora Domain one day to be told that Sidon is supposedly “tipsy” so he, of course, goes to go see the Zora Prince so he can know how he is when he’s drunk and discovers that Sidon’s touchy feely, affectionate levels have gone through the roof. In other words, he’s a cuddle / compliment monster who could literally spend an hour gushing about how small and amazing Link’s hands are as he strokes and kisses his knuckles or how his eyes look like the ocean or just generally how unbelievably incredible he thinks Link is. Link also learns early on to never, ever let Sidon get him into an embrace because the Zora Prince’s arms will lock tightly and he won’t be getting loose until Sidon sobers up (which I mean, isn’t the worse thing in the world but Link has places to be and Sidon doesn’t really know his own strength when he’s drunk)

Bonus: Sidon talks incessantly about marriage whenever he’s drunk and about how he plans to make Link his bride, his “Queen”. Link mentions it to him once after he’s sobered up, expecting Sidon to get embarrassed but the Zora Prince just nods and is like ‘yes, that sounds about right, I’m just waiting for the perfect moment to propose’

McCree, Deadlock, Domestic Terrorism and why Gabriel Reyes would Recruit Jesse rather than throw him in a Cell.

So @iamwalkingdead1 and I were looking around the Route 66 map and spit-balling about why Gabriel Reyes would raid the Deadlock gang and recruit Jesse McCree.

Okay so first things first. We know that Jesse McCree was brought into Overwatch by Gabriel Reyes at the age of about 17 and up to that point he had formerly been part of the Deadlock gang in a tiny Route 66 town. However, why would Gabriel Reyes and by extension Blackwatch ever concern themselves with a small town gang, even if one of their members was a good shot?

The answer? Deadlock was NOT just some small town gang. They were much closer to a domestic terrorist group, and the hints to this can be seen on the Route 66 map.

The first Defense spawn on the map is a propane business that is explicitly owned by the Deadlock gang, most likely as a front business (which isn’t uncommon as they are the primary ways groups would need to launder their money).

But then there’s this:

The either the gang is named for the town or the town has become named for the gang. What becomes increasingly clear is that the gang has a hold on the town, from seeing their tag all over the place to evidence of them being able to freely take over businesses in the area, especially evident if you look at the Diner/Attack spawn.

The Deadlock gang has blatantly taken over the diner to serve as a forward post for an operation.

What kind of operation?

The Theft of Military grade hardware, straight from a government train.

If Deadlock is can steal military ordinance directly from the government, how many times have they done this before and how well equipped are they?

For the latter question, they are pretty damn well.

Weapons, rations, stolen corporate equipment from Lumerico and at least one other company, MISSILES, computer components, and a LOT more unidentified items. This is not the set up of some small town gang, this is the stockpile of a group with real power to do some serious damage beyond this small town.

The most benign thing that I could possibly imagine this group being a part of is Arms Dealing. 

But then I also saw a few things like this:

Patriotic memorabilia and evidence of an a hit being placed on McCree.

Now, in the US there are well documented cases of far-right domestic terrorist groups. These groups are often well-armed, set up in remote areas to train their members in paramilitary skills, and are often ultra-nationalists (even if they view the government as evil). Another aspect of these groups is that they can be extremely fanatical or even cult-like in their maintained group thinking.

Being that McCree was orphaned at a young age and grew up in a town where the gang was clearly the dominant power, it would have been simple for them to induct him into their group with out him being able to fully question it.

All of this provides ample reason for Overwatch to decide to raid Blackwatch. After the operation and having taken prisoners the best case scenario for most of those taken alive would be life in a cell, and that’s where McCree was headed as well until Reyes intervened. McCree was then presented with the ultimatum, “Join Blackwatch or rot with your friends.”

With the cult like thinking of domestic terrorist groups and having been a part of them as a child McCree was made a child-soldier by this group in all but name. At the age of 17 and with the seriousness of the groups crimes Jesse was definitely being treated as an adult and the higher-ups probably weren’t thinking about what would have actually been needed for McCree, such as de-programming and years of psychological help and readjustment. Serving in Blackwatch was the going to be the best chance anyone would have of breaking the mindset Deadlock would have likely instilled into McCree, even if that way of going about it would be morally dubious at best. This is speculation, but Reyes probably brought Jesse into Blackwatch in an attempt to potentially change the direction of his life.

Fast-forward to the present; McCree having left Overwatch is wanted for his past crimes (Blackwatch didn’t “officially” exist so the government and Overwatch agents are also illegal) and Deadlock is none to happy about his leaving way back when and even have people ready to take him out should he ever return to their town.