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“Your ass looks great.” “Will you fuck off for a second?”

“You’ve really fucked me over this time.”

“Please let me in.”

genre: fuckboi!jungkook, roommate!jungkook, possibly smut in the future? angstish for now tbh

How you ended up with the world’s biggest fuckboy as your roommate, you don’t know; actually you did but still why you stayed you don’t know. This was seriously one of the world’s wonders; there were no common interests or reasons we had to get along but somehow we both ended up in this place together. You had been placed in the same apartment thanks to your friend Jimin who was moving to his own place and he said he’d look for a roommate for you, you didn’t expect that guy to move the worst person he could possibly choose into your home.

“I’m sorry, okay? He needed a place to stay after getting kicked out of Youngjae’s place.”, Jimin sympathetically told you whilst you tried to enjoy a meal. “If they kicked out, what makes you think I want him?” “Come on, he’s like a younger brother to me, he’s your age. Give him a chance?” “He’s literally the worst, since the day I met him I’ve wanted to murder him.” “Jeez, you need to stop hanging out with Yoongi.” “Besides the point, Jimin.” “I’m sorry, just give him a chance, if you can’t stand him, just leave, come to me, I don’t care, but give it a go. I kinda do wanna live on my own now?” “Am I the problem?”, you asked unamused by his hectic argument. “No, no, it’s not you, it’s just easier to get to work and school from my new place. You’re always welcome over if you need to stay or something, don’t worry.” “Fine, this is all for you Park Jimin.”

The things you do for this guy; you had a soft spot for Jimin, he was like an older brother to you. The one you never had, he really needed a roommate and soon you became friends, that was after realising you guys had mutual friends. Well, now you were living with Jungkook for Jimin’s sake.

It wasn’t too bad at first, neither of you spoke to each other and when he did attempt to make conversation you would simply tell him: “Did we agree on talking at this time or am i hearing things?”, causing him to sigh and give up on trying to gain your friendship. Other times you were forced to speak to him, like when he was in front of the fridge, the stove, the microwave or the door. “Move out the way dickead.”, you told him after he was blocking the entrance to the bathroom. “That’s not how you pronounce Jungkook!”, he pouted as he dried his hair with a towel. “Was I trying to pronounce your name? I don’t think so and you’re still in the way!” “My apologies, my lady.” He would always attempt to joke around with you and be friendly, but you assumed he was doing so to be civil not to be friends with you after he dropped you and Isla back in high school, even if you weren’t friends with Isla anymore, it still sucked.

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“Better luck next time.”

Bank Robber AU for @ambiguous-eyepatch for the Valentines @aftgexchange!

I had a lot of fun drawing these and I hope you like it! 😃

I realized too late that this wasn’t exactly what you meant by your prompt, sorry about that, but I hope it’s still okay!

The rest of my mini-fic/headcanons/ramblings about this AU are below the cut:

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Photographs according every sub-genre of metal

Heavy metal: motorcycles and hot babes.
Thrash metal: dumpsters and abandon places.
Black metal: cemeteries and forest (corpse paint also axes or knifes).
Power metal: fake dragons and princess over unicorns.
Folk metal: Woods, hills and booze (a lot)
Gothic metal: victorian clothes in black & white.
Viking metal: swords, battles, ships, warpaint and also booze.
Death metal: blood, corpses and bad ass faces.

Extremely Important Claymore Theory #1

At the point in time where the story takes place, we know the ins and outs of Claymore physiology pretty well. Little details about their regeneration and limitations are revealed with time in the series, and there’s a lot to suggest that we understand their half-yoma bodies about as much as we could ever hope to. But when you think about it, even though the Org has scientists, most of the information had to come from the Claymores themselves, as human scientists can only learn so much through observation. Most of what we know about them has come from a decades-long process of self discovery on their part. And that makes sense, given that most of their special abilities shine through in combat, and they do a lot of fighting. Of course they’ve learned a lot about themselves that way.

But you know what isn’t combat related? The weird way their body processes alcohol. Now, it’s not strange that they would drink and eventually figure it out, but you’d think that they’d assume they just have much higher alcohol tolerance than humans, and not that they can completely control how much alcohol effects them. The fact that they understand it to the degree they do speaks of some form of deliberate research effort.

So like, what I’m getting at here is, at some point in history, at least one Claymore set out to get absolutely shitfaced for science.

underappreciated chardee moments:
  • gdee being genuinely concerned when charlie got shot in the head (i know season 1 dee is a lie, but still)
  • dee sticking up for the nightman cometh when the guys are just laughing about it.
  • charlie asking dee’s therapist what she said about him in a concerned way.
  • the flowers in the bottles on the table they set up while they were stealing frank’s meat. (also the fact that charlie’s apartment was noticeably cleaner than usual at that time, which infers that he cleaned up for her).
  • charlie genuinely telling dee she looked great in her dress in the prom episode.
  • dee betraying her brother’s offers to have her on his side more than once (the gang gets held hostage, frank retires, etc.) even though she openly vies for dennis’s attention and it’s obvious that he’s the most domineering presence in the group, therefore throwing away her chances at possibly coming out on top with dennis in favor of allyship with charlie.
  • “think of this little girl as your soulmate… of pain.” “i can’t stop crying ernesto!”
  • “you just earned your spot in the head of the robot, dee”
  • “you gotta eat dinner sometime, dee”
  • charlie seeming genuinely impressed/supportive before dee performed at the comedy night.
  • dee being the first thing charlie sees when he comes out of whatever messed up state he was in after electric boogaloo.
  • dee being very concerned for him and sounding genuinely relieved and touching his leg all gentle like.
  • charlie wanting dee to be his best friend.
  • werm hat finger wiggle
  • “i’m just gonna go home” “good, go home. i hope you uhh-” “get hit by a bus?” “dee, come on….” :(
  • in charlie’s false fantasy of the halloween party, he and dee were being genuinely nice to each other and complimenting each other (even though it didn’t actually happen).
  • “what is she saying? charming taint man?” (The Jealousy)
  • passing the secret jug of booze back and forth in quarantine (also charlie knowing where dee hid her secret stash)
  • beginning of fatty magoo and like… every other scene with them in it
  • peter nincompoop vs. peter nickel eater

on his broadcast of wednesday food talk, which aired today, taemin discussed shinee’s method of curing hangovers. he revealed that their method as a group is to practice the following day (of a few hours after, etc., depending) and “sweat out” all the alcohol together. he mentioned that they “smell like booze” when doing this. (lol) taemin also confirmed that onew can drink the most during one session out of the group. he’s said to be able to drink as much as four bottles of soju while taemin revealed that he can drink just two. [note: jonghyun has mentioned in the past that he can barely finish just one bottle of soju before he’s completely drunk.] shin dong yup, who’s an mc on the show, confirmed that this is true because he’s drank with onew before. he also said that, when drinking with onew, he got the feeling that onew doesn’t really “show” how well he can drink in case there’s fans around at the same bar, etc. (source: polina choi + sullaem)

anonymous asked:

Hey hey hey hon, I luv everything tou write, you're so creative! Can I request a scenario when RFA + Saeran and MC really like each other, but are embarassed to confess, but they get drunk/high together and the truth comes out and maybe things get a little heated, and next day they aren't sure if It was real?

Thx thx! I decided to do this one as mini-fics. Hope you enjoy it! ^^

RFA + Saeran and MC getting drunk and heated (NSFW -ish?)


He saw your name on his screen phone and picked up without even thinking. “Hey, Zenny! What are you up to?” if you only knew the way his heart and his imagination race everytime you call him Zenny, maybe you would be more careful of your words. “Nothing much, MC…What about you?” “I’m just bored, do you wanna hang out?” “Yeah, sure!” he tried to keep it cool, but inside he was screaming “yes, yes, yes!” “Cool, your place, I’ll bring the booze. Just wait for me!” he would wait for you forever if you asked him… no, focus! Now he needed to clean up his house a little and make himself presentable for you.

He knew he would look gorgeous wearing anything, but knowing you were coming made him feel like nothing was good enough to impress you. “What if I just open the door shirtless?” he laughed at himself only imagining your face, no, he would never do that, what if he scared you or made you get the wrong idea? He could never live with himself if something so silly and vulgar like that made you run away from him… he didn’t imagine his life without you anymore, even if it was just friendship.“Here, I bought that grapefruit beer we talked about, I also got vodka.” He was shocked at how much booze you brought, you shrugged and told him it was 25% off, so why not?

He was a little nervous, you’ve never been at his place that late and with booze, especially that much! What if…? No, he was a gentleman! Taking advantage of you like this would be wrong in so many ways! “What’s wrong, Zenny? Cat got your tongue?” “Ugh, don’t even joke about things like this, MC! Just imagining one of these fur balls that close to my precious face…” “Oh, I would be so jealous, you have no idea!” Oh… what? His heart just skipped a beat, he looked at you flustered, you weren’t even looking at him and just chugged the rest of the beer. Were you a flirty drunk? What a grateful surprise! Grateful or… too much tempting? “Uhh, I’m hot!” Yes, you were… wait ! Oh, you’re feeling hot! He got that when you threw your jacket at the corner of the sofa… Dangerous thoughts, Zenny, dangerous thoughts! He wasn’t used mixing drinks like this, the effects were showing pretty fast on both of you.

“Hey, since you’re here, would you mind helping me practice some lines?” he needed to make those ideas go away from his filthy mind. “Sure! Can we go to your rooftop? It’s really hot in here…” “Yes, of course.” Yes, this was better, knowing some sneaky neighbor could be looking would be a good inhibition.

“So, uh… here, let’s start from page 4. On this scene, the guy confesses his feelings to a girl he’s in love with for a very long time.” “Oh, what made him decide to confess?” “You mean, the character’s motivation? Hum… he’s afraid of losing her to another man, and would be such a tragedy, right? Losing the woman of his life because he’s a coward?” “Yes, I could only imagine… so, I’m the girl?” WHAT? “On the scene…” you explained, as he looked puzzled. “Oh, yes! Yes! I’m gonna start now, ok?” you nodded and he cleared his throat. As he talked, you felt like the sky was getting darker, the stars shining were nothing compared to his scarlet eyes peering at you, waiting for your line… “You make my heart race so much, Zenny…” “Huh, that’s not… the line, MC. Are you improvising?” he fidgeted through the script pages, and stopped when he felt your hand holding his. “Would you like to feel it? My heart…?” “W-What?” MC, what are you doin… oh god!” he let out a groan when you placed his hand on your chest. “MC, don’t do this to me, please…” “Shh, it’s okay… see how much it’s racing? I want you to make it race even more… if you just…” your face was getting closer and closer…

Zen woke up completely sweaty. What was that? Another wet dream with you? How many of those did he have that week? But this one felt a little more real…Part of him was hoping for this to be one of his premonitory dreams… who knows? One day he’d be brave enough to tell you how much he cherished you and wanted to hold you tight and never let it go… he was took aback by his phone, where a text of you could be read. “Hey, Zenny! Are you okay? Think I forgot my jacket there, can you bring it for me? See ya ;)”


You appeared at his apartment out of the blue. Well, you told him you were coming over, he didn’t take it seriously, but there you were, standing at his door with a bottle of vodka on your hands. “What’s that, MC?” “I heard you killed your mid terms, so I thought I could stop by to celebrate. But I understand if you’re too busy…” “N-no! Not at all! I was going to play LOLOL, but this looks like more of a celebration for a college student, I guess… Come in, MC!”

You would always look perfect at his eyes, but there was something about you that night that made you look hypnotizing. Your eyes, your smile, the way you tucked your hair behind your ear and chugged the vodka. “Ugh, my hair is a mess today! Would you mind borrowing me one of your hairpins?” he would gladly do so, even though he couldn’t really see the mess, your hair was flawless as usual… but he took the one that was on his hair and handed to you “Can you tie it for me?” you grinned, he blushed as his fingers slightly touched your forehead. “Come on! I can’t be the only one being drunk here! I won’t look like a fool by myself! Drink it just a little? For me?” he drank staring at you, he would do anything you wanted asking like this.

He felt loosening up pretty fast after he drank. His face was burning and he was feeling tipsy, maybe he was a little stronger than he thought? That was cool… “So, I told you on the messenger, but I’m gonna say it again, congratulations on your mid terms! I’m so happy for you, you have no idea!”

“Thanks, MC, I… I was only able to do it thanks to your encouragement, you know that? I feel like I’m going back to my high school days, when I felt so motivated… you’re a great motivation for me… I mean, for my studies and… you know.” You giggled. “I’m glad to know that! So… Yoosung in high school… I gotta say, you looked cute, I would totally have a crush on you if we studied at the same school…” “Y-You would?” he felt his throat get dry. “Yep! I mean… I definitely prefer you blonde now… but back then I would still fall for you, and… wait to see you at parties, so we could play spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven…” What were you saying? You were talking so naturally, like it was nothing, couldn’t you see how thrilled he was getting? “I… I was… a big nerd back then, I didn’t go to parties… so I… I… never played any of these… games…” “Oh, what a shame, isn’t it?” “I guess…”

You looked at him, his cheeks were so pink, his wide eyes were half closed, his hair looked messy… he looked so sexy right now, his hands were so pretty… how would it feel having these skillful gamer fingers tangling to your hair? Touching your body?

“So… do you want to make it up for lost time?” “What?” “Do you want to play right now?” “P-Play what, MC?” “It’s your choice, but if you ask me, I would prefer 7 minutes on heaven, so I guess I’m a little biased here…” he gasped, what was happening right now? You were so close to him on the couch, he could feel his arm rubbing in your shoulder, you looked so soft, so smooth… and you smelled amazing! So he took the empty bottle of vodka, placed in the table and spun… it pointed to him and… the lamp? Oh crap!

You laughed , took the bottle and placed it to point to you and him. You leaned to him, he could feel your breath on his face…

Yoosung woke up feeling like he got hit by a truck, his head was about to explode! His eyes were close, he was afraid to open them up and get hurt by the daylight… but then he remembered, and he opened his eyes in surprise… you weren’t there… oh no! Did he have one of those naughty dreams? This was so embarrassing, how could he look at you again if the only thing he had in mind was that dream? He would act even weirder around you… yeah, like he had a chance with you before! Wake up, Yoosung! A girl like you would never even look at him, on high school, college or in the RFA… you were too much for him! All he had was these filthy dreams…

He runned his fingers through his hair and noticed he didn’t have the hairpin on, he didn’t remember taking it off… it must be on his nightstand… oh! He found the hairpin, along with a note: “Tnx for the hairpin and for last night. Call you later ;)”


You invited her to go to a bar with you, you were feeling stressed because of work and could really use a girl’s night. She gladly agreed to, she loved the idea of a girl’s night because she never had many girls as friends, this made her feel so… normal. And it was you, so she knew she was in for a very fun night.

You looked stunning, she felt like she wasn’t properly dressed for that bar, you told her she looked amazing and she couldn’t help but blush, a goddess like you telling she looked amazing? She never felt this flattered.

A few guys approached you two at the bar, you politely refused , telling you were just in for some fun with your friend. Her heart was racing everytime you waved a goodbye to a guy and came back to her smiling.

“So, have I told you about my boss? My god, Jaehee, what a prick!” and she listened to everything you had to say, you were adorable when you were mad, the way you moved your hands to accentuate your words and the way your voice got into a high pitch, ah… it was just… so charming.

“Seriously, what’s wrong with him? He’s the worst boss ever!” “Hmmm, I’ll have to disagree on that one, MC.” “Oh my God, yeah, Jumin! I totally forgot how much… handful he is…” “Handful? We’re talking about the man that made me cut my hair and use glasses just so I didn’t look attractive to his father.” “Well, if it makes you feel any better, you looked totally attractive to me…” and you took another sip of your drink. “I… looked?” “I mean, you look gorgeous right now too, but I liked your androgynous appeal very much, it was… sexy…”

She could not believe what she was listening, gorgeous, appeal, sexy? She never heard things like this referring to her, she didn’t know how to respond, so she just mumbled a shy “thanks” and you winked at her!!! Oh my god! What’s gotten into you? And why was she feeling so hot? Maybe it was because of these fancy crazy drinks?

You knew what you were doing, those drinks really boost your confidence to finally make a move on her, you’ve been gathering courage to do this for months, it was now or never… “You look so cute when you’re shy, Jaehee…” “M-Me? Cute? MC,what’s going with you today? You’ve been complementing my… looks too much…” “I would do everyday if you let me, Jaehee. Will you let me?” “Oh, I… yes, thank you, MC.” “No, thank you…” and you leaned to her to tuck a locket of her hair behind her ear, her heart was racing like crazy! “So… my place or yours?” you asked playfully. Your lips were so close… she closed her eyes in anticipation…

Jaehee woke up still a little dizzy, she sighed knowing she was still a little drunk, and the hangover would be a torture! She could use a cup of coffee right now! So she went to the kitchen, and then she remembered… oh my, drunk dreams can be so… real. She blushed remembering the things in her dream, your soothing voice complimenting her beauty over and over… if only it was real…

She grabbed her favorite mug, poured the coffee… weird, she didn’t remember making any coffee… and she gagged when she saw a post-it on the coffee machine. “Thought you might need some after last night. Call me :)”


He invited you over for some wine, he didn’t think you were actually gonna say yes, but you did, and now he was nervous about what would be the perfect tie for the occasion. “What about this one, Elizabeth the 3rd?” the cat meowed loudly, so yep, it would be that one, he just hoped you would like too.

Buy why was he so worried about this? What was about you that made him get worried about the silliest things made him feel afraid it wasn’t enough? He wasn’t enough? To be your friend or… oh, what was he thinking?

“Thanks for having me tonight, Mr. Han.” You smiled cheerfully. “No need to be so formal, MC.” “I know, I was just messing with you, where’s Elizabeth? I brought her a little treat…” and you handed him a tiny bottle of wine for cats, you messing with him and now this? He couldn’t help but smile softly. “Oh, that’s a nice tie!” and now he was almost grinning.

As soon as you started drinking, he felt loosening up as his weird jokes started coming out and he even laughed! Truth is he couldn’t stop smiling everytime he glanced at you. That night was all about you, he asked you a million questions about your family, friends, work, and he was living for the stories of you in college. “You were very eccentric, I suppose.” “Nah, I was just trying to have fun, studying, going to frat parties, playing Truth or Dare, you know, things all college students do…” “I… never played Truth or Dare… on college or…” “Really? Not even with V?” “No, I wouldn’t be comfortable with him either.”

There was something adorable about him looking so vulnerable… you admired Jumin’s confidence, but seeing him open up a little stirred something inside of you. “Are you comfortable right now?” “I suppose.” “Okay… ask me!” “Pardon?” “Truth or Dare! Ask me if I want Truth or Dare!” your voice sounded very enthusiastic, the wine was getting to you.

“Truth or Dare, MC?” he smirked. “Hmmm… Truth.” He looked at you, confused. “Oh, I didn’t explain the rules, right? You just have to ask me a question, and I have to tell the truth, usually you ask something I can only answer yes or no, but I’ll make an exception since it’s your first time. Ask me anything!” This was definitely interesting…

“Why did you accept my invitation to come here tonight?” “That’s easy! I enjoy your company, Jumin, very much!” “Oh… I… enjoy your company as well, MC.” Your eyes were locked, you looked dazzling, he was fascinated by your honesty, spontaneity and uniqueness… “Truth or Dare, Jumin?” Oh… now it was your turn… the wine made him curious and adventurous “Dare.” “Okay… I dare you to show me how much you enjoy my company, Jumin…” you made your way to him and sat on his lap, Jumin was shook, this was so bold and… exciting! You felt his hand move to the back of your neck and pull you closer…

Jumin woke up when Elizabeth climbed up to the bed, next to his head, her whiskers tickled his forehead and he opened his eyes, longing to find you beside him in the bed… you weren’t there. It was all a drunk delirium? You were being the death of him that much that he was dreaming about you again? He felt a little disgusted at himself for covering an adorable sweet lady like you of impure thoughts! Impure and delicious thoughts…

His phone buzzed and that smile from last night was back on his face again when he read your text: “I hope Elizabeth enjoyed the wine and you enjoyed the night. See you at my house tonight!”


He usually wouldn’t drink, but you were so adamant about it, pouting and begging him to join you it was impossible to say no. And he knew it was the right decision as soon as you turn your pouting into the brightest smile he had ever seen. If you only knew how much he loves your smile… especially when he was the reason for you to be smiling…

“But… I have one condition. It has to be on my terms!” he said on a very teasing tone. “You name it!” he wasn’t expecting you would agree so quickly, that got him excited. “So… I propose a drinking game featuring the RFA chatroom!”

Yoosung makes a typo? Shot! Jaehee scolds Yoosung for wasting his life over LOLOL? Shot! Jumin posts a blurry picture? Shot! (Bonus shot if it is a picture of Elizabeth)  Zen uses the words: “handsome”, “jerk” or “furball’? Shot! Anybody ask you if you have eaten? 3 shots!

Two hours and 16 shots later, you two were turnt! Laughing of everything and you unconsciously started being a  little handsy, resting your head on his shoulder, touching his arm without apparent reason… he noticed and got nervous. You two chose some light drink knowing it would be a lot of shots, and he knew he was losing control of his good judging, and you leaning over him like this… lord help him, he was shivering!

“Are you cold? I can warm you up!” you told him smiling. “I’m fine, MC.  Hey! We didn’t… we didn’t finish our game! We should do an edition featuring… us!” “Us?”

“Yeah! You know, everytime I do a crazy joke, I take a shot, and… everytime you… do that thing with your… no,forget it!” “I do what?” “Nevermind, I don’t know what I’m saying!” “Saeyoung…” oh! He melted everytime you said his real name… “Yep, that thing with your… breasts?” “What about my boobs, Saeyoung?” he didn’t sense any hint of teasing, you genuinely didn’t know what he was talking about. “It’s just… you… use your arms to… push them together and… MC, I’m really drunk!” he was so embarrassed.

“Yeah, no shit!” you laughed. He was blushing so much, it looked so sweet! You loved how he was always trying to play cool and be the memelord, but whenever you were able to get him like this, it was just… too much satisfying!

“So… were you looking at my boobs?” “Well, it’s hard not to look when you… you do that… but it’s nothing dirty, it’s just… cute.” “Cute?” “Yeah…” “I see… do you want to feel  how cute I am?” “What? MC,I…” “Because I think you’re pretty cute too, and I can see your… cuteness showing up right now…” you moved your hand to under his shirt, he was gasping… “Come on, Saeyoung, show me your cuteness…”

He woke up with Saeran throwing a pillow at his face. He dozed off on the couch and his head was spinning around a little… but most important, where were you? You were here last night, weren’t you? Drinking with him, laughing at and with him, and touching him… oh hohoho! What a nasty dream! You would tease him forever if you heard about this. But what other reactions you could have? Could you enjoy this as much as he did?

“Get off, you fool! It’s my turn now! Don’t try to play funny and break our deal!” Saeyoung looked puzzled from what his brother was saying. “Seriously, you and MC had the house for yourselves last night, now it’s my turn! Go to her place or something, she said you could go when you wake up, so move” and boy did he move


You just wanted to run away for a few hours, work was stressing your mind off and  your family was bothering you with nonsense. Seeing your struggle, Saeran kidnapped you, sorta.

He just took you to this motel out of town and explained he would go there once in a while to run away from his brother a little and just enjoy some alone time. He was sharing his secret place with you, how cool was that?

You brought some whisky along with you. Usually he didn’t drink, but he decided to join you, it’s been a while since he haven’t drink anything but Dr. Pepper, since it was the only drink available at his house.

“To our problems” you proposed a toast. He laughed softly, “To being fucked up” and you both chugged. You loved how comfortable he would be around you, it made you feel special, and he looked so handsome under the moonlight coming inside the bedroom by the window. And a chug quickly became a few chugs, and then a lot…

“Hey, is this one of those motels with pools?” you asked. “Yeah, I guess…” “Cool! Come on!” you dragged him out of bed, which was a relief, because he was starting to feel weirdly aroused with you beside him in the bed.

“Wanna go for a swim?” you asked him. “What? No! You’re drunk and you don’t even have a swimsuit!” he was sitting on the board of the pool, looking at the water. “Says who?” he just saw you jumping in the water and your dress thrown at his face.

He wouldn’t dare to look, were you… in the buff? He sighed in relief when he saw you were wearing underwear, a lacy black bra and dark pink panties… you looked… beautiful… “Won’t you join me? The water is great!” “I… I don’t know how to swim.” “Oh, it’s not even that deep. See?” you stood up and now he could see your whole body, he looked away, blushing.

“It’s okay, I can teach you to float, at least.” You went to him on the board, he felt his whole body tensing up. “N-No! I don’ want to! Get away from me!” “Are you afraid?” you teased him, he glared at you. “I’ll show you afraid!”

He took his shirt off and jumped in the water, the – thank god – cold water. You made your way to him and  put your hands on his shoulders. “Do you trust me, Saeran?” “Unfortunately, I do…” you giggled and rested your head on his chest, when you looked up, your eyes were locked to his, his hands slipped to your waist…

Saeran woke up screaming out your name. He looked everywhere in the house for you, but you weren’t there? A dream? Really? Well, this was better than all his terrible nightmares, so much better! But still… why couldn’t it be real? He wanted to take you to his special place and make you feel special… would he ever be able to or should he just settle with his dreams?

“Hey, bro! Are you okay? You got home all soaked last night! Oh, and MC left a message, you should call her” he never thought something Saeyoung said would make him so happy.

  • Me: *Stares at open googledoc*
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  • Me: FUCK.
Saudade: Ch17

As far as afterparties go, this probably had to be one of your favorites so far. Tyler and Jenna had encouraged Josh to get a little loose, and he had been drinking, getting pretty handsy with you, which you liked. In fact, you loved it. Tipsy Josh meant he didn’t have his anxiety in the way of things, so he was much more confident in dirty talking and touching you, two things you never had to worry about when it came to Brendon. However, now, with Tyler singing karaoke and Jenna sipping on a wine, and you and Josh sitting on a sofa while people danced and laughed and talked and drank, you were having the time of your life. Josh had one arm around you, his hand massaging one of your tits, lazily whispering dirty desires in your ear, making you blush. Halsey was sitting beside him, clearly wasted at this point, hooting and hollering for Tyler singing on the stage. You had decided not to drink, in order for someone to be sober to drive Josh home safely, but with the bright lights, wild atmosphere, and your boyfriend’s hands all over your body, you couldn’t help but feel a bit out of the ordinary.

“There he is!” Josh shouted, obnoxiously laughing and pushing you off the couch. You narrowed your eyes, bothered at his sudden rejection of you, but quickly your mood was changed when you noticed who had walked into the room. “That’s my winner!”

Brendon had taken off his suit jacket, now just in a simple shirt and tie, looking hot as ever. You watched as he greeted Josh with a wide smile, giving him a hug, Josh congratulating him. You lazily got up off the couch to join them, and Brendon must’ve been drinking too, because you could smell the booze on his breath, but you also noticed how he stared a tad too long at your body. “Congratulations Brendon,” you greeted as casually as possible, Josh instantly putting an arm around you, probably to steady himself. “Rock album of the year, right?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “Pretty crazy, huh?”

“You’re just amazing,” Josh sighed happily. “So successful.”

“I know right?” Brendon laughed. “Looks like I’m stealing everything from you these days, Josh.”

You froze at his words, the bold approach making your insides churn, thinking Brendon’s cockiness finally got the best of you.

“An award isn’t everything,” Josh rolled his eyes, responding without missing a beat. “This looker here.” He tugged you to his side and planted a kiss on your lips, making you forget for a moment about what Brendon had said and blushing. “Y/n is my everything.”

“Ah,” Brendon chuckled. “I don’t believe I stuttered.”

You turned rigid, giving him menacing eyes as if to cut out the act, but he just smirked, amused.

“You take care,” Josh patted him on the shoulder.

A pretty girl walked up to Brendon, kissing him on the cheek, wrapping her arm around his waist, then turning to face both you and Josh. You frowned at her, especially after witnessing the way she touched and kissed Brendon. She was gorgeous, bright eyes, glowing smile, hair done up, and a floral dress and heels. “I’m Sarah,” she extended a hand towards Josh. “Brendon’s girlfriend.”

“Nice to meet you!” Josh greeted, too intoxicated at this point to realize how you glared at Brendon, half offended, half hurt. Brendon looked at you, almost unsure of what to say or do. You almost wanted to slap him across the face, first for having such a big ego, but now for not even bothering to bring up the fact he had a goddamn girlfriend.

“How long have you been together?” the question spilled out of your mouth faster than you could control yourself.

“Oh, a while now,” she smiled, bubbly personality only making you despise her more. How could Brendon not have mentioned her before? “I don’t know, probably a couple months.”

“I see,” you sighed. “Well Josh and I have to go back to our designated spots, he’s been drinking and I can’t let him out of my sight, you know.”

“Yeah good idea,” Brendon nodded, probably just as nervous as you were. “Come on, Sarah, let’s get some more drinks.”

As Josh tugged you back to your seat on the sofa, another drink in his hand, you couldn’t help but have questions flood your mind. Why had he never brought up Sarah before? Did he get together with her after he had left you? Is that why he was so hesitant to fuck you the dressing room? Why did he still insist on giving you his number? Did he already have sex with Sarah? Was she better at the whole rough sex thing than you were? Were they in a long term relationship? Had he been cheating on her with you? Where had she been all award show long? It seemed like your mind could barely keep track of all the possibilities and inquiries. “Hey babe,” Josh slurred. “Come on, let’s have a little fun.”

“I don’t know,” you sighed, pushing his hand away from your chest, Brendon obviously being the reason for such a sudden sour mood. You were already grumpy that you were forced to be the sober one, but now, with Brendon barely in distance, chatting up his girlfriend and handing her a drink, you were twice as resentful.

“It’ll be fun,” he insisted, hand sliding up your thigh through the fabric of your dress.

Honestly, any other day, you would kill to have him treat you like this. In fact, you’d probably beg for him to pull this kind of behavior on you. It was what you had been longing for all this time, but now that you finally had it, a boyfriend that was in the mood to have a little naughty fun, you weren’t interested in all. In fact, you just wanted to go home, go to sleep, and forget about everything that had happened. You felt used and stupid and pointless, especially with how pathetic you probably sounded begging Brendon to fuck you in the dressing room, and now here he was, with someone much prettier and much better than you. It was probably pity sex anyways. Your stomach churned, a miserable feeling surfacing, and you wanted more than anything to be quiet and alone. However, you were stuck here, in a place full of people, with your boyfriend unable to keep his hands off you, and now, with Pete Wentz screeching Womanizer on karaoke, which was anything far from quiet.

“I need a breath of fresh air,” you whispered, getting up from the couch, only to have Josh tug you back by your hips, making you crash down onto the cushions.

“Nuh uh, I’ve already heard that excuse before,” he shook his head, pulling you to his side, snuggling up to you. “Doesn’t work on me.”

“For real,” you argued, trying to push him away, but he only clung onto you more. “I’m getting overwhelmed, Josh.”

“Then let me help you relax,” he insisted, placing his lips on your neck, but it only made you feel ten times worse.

“I need to be alone,” you finally stated forcefully, him quickly pulling away, the hurt in his eyes making you feel instantly guilty, but also thankful because when he had finally let go of you, you were able to properly breathe. “Please. I promise I’ll be right back.”

“Promise,” he reminded, eyes locked with yours as you got up from the couch.

“I know,” you reassured. “Just, don’t drink too much when I’m gone. Okay?”

Before you knew it, he was already hitting on Halsey beside him, hugging her waist and nuzzling up to her. You watched as he gave a goofy grin and she laughed, wrapping an arm around him and pulling him closer to her side. Strangely enough, it didn’t bother you. Instead, you wondered if maybe he was better with someone else. Not necessarily Halsey in particular, but somebody. “Hey there,” the voice made you jump, and sure enough, when you turned around, there he was. Brendon.

“Oh fuck you,” you spat.

“Hey,” his voice softened, eyes too. “Come on, I didn’t mean-”

“Sure,” you narrowed your eyes. “You don’t need to explain yourself, I know what’s going on.”

“Look, y/n. Me and Sarah haven’t even been together that long, we’re just a fling, it will most likely come and pass just like every-” he began.

“Every relationship you get into,” you finished for him. “Bullshit. Look, I’m sorry about what happened earlier. Clearly I wasn’t thinking straight, okay? I apologize for that.”

“You don’t have to apologize for anything,” he insisted. “I wanted that, y/n.”

“And I’m sure you want Sarah too,” you glared.

“So what? You’re allowed to date but I’m not?” he challenged. “That sure seems fair.”

“You know what? I’m sorry I ever met you in the first place!” you shouted, frustrated.

“Well I’m sorry I’m just finally trying to have a successful relationship for once in my life!” he yelled back.

“Oh,” you laughed darkly, looking him in the eyes, a bit offended. “So us, we weren’t successful? You didn’t think that worked out? Two months of us? That was a failure?”

“Of course it was a failure!” he screamed. “Look at where we are now! Y/n, we haven’t even talked in months! You think I’d call that successful?”

“You’re crazy,” you muttered. “I’m crazy, this is all-”

“Just forget it,” Brendon tightened his jaw. “Forget about all of this. Forget about us.”

“I was trying to,” you narrowed your eyes. “Until you fucking came along at the awards show.”

“Oh so it’s my fault I’m at an awards show?” he widens his eyes. “No shit! You know I got invited to that actually? And I won that fucking award. And I beat your boyfriend’s sorry little ass.”

“At least he actually loves me,” you argued.

“You think I don’t love you?” Brendon was bellowing at this point, and you didn’t even realize how loud you were being until he unclenched his hands, and you took a deep breath, and came to your senses. There were at least five people around you shouting your names, Jenna tugging on your arm, telling you to knock it off.

“You guys are being loud as fuck,” one of the security guards warned. “You better watch it. Take your scream fest somewhere else and learn to grow up. Got it?”

Both your body and Brendon’s was shaking from how loud you were yelling at each other, the anger pulsating through yourselves, the way there was still so much to say but never enough time or opportunity to say it. “I’m out of here,” you grumbled, shrugging off Jenna’s grip on your arm.

“Y/n wait,” Jenna tried to insist but you shoved her off of you.

“Come on Josh, we’re going,” you stated, approaching the couch, when you found him already asleep on Halsey’s lap. “Oh god.”

“It’s ay-okay,” Halsey slurred. “I’ve got him all under control.”

“I’m sure,” you sighed, running a hand through your hair. “Okay, come on Josh. Let’s go.”

“Mmm?” he grumbled, shifting his position on her lap.

“Ugh, I swear this night just keeps getting better and better,” you muttered sarcastically, tugging him up off of her and shaking him awake.

After you had miraculously found a way to drag Josh all the way to the car and drive him back to the hotel, you were exhausted. He had managed to strip down to his boxers and get in bed, and meanwhile, you were locked in the bathroom, thinking over it all. You got out of your dress, sliding out of the fabric and tossing it onto the counter, closing your eyes before glancing up at yourself in the mirror. You were such a mess. You ran some warm water, splashing it onto your face, wiping it off, trying to get a grip on the entire situation. You glanced at your phone, which now had several missed calls from Brendon. You closed your eyes, unlocking the bathroom door and snatching an oversized shirt, slipping it over your body, and then glancing at Josh who was already in a deep sleep, cozy in bed. Maybe if you stepped out onto the balcony, you could see what all the fuss was about.

Sliding the glass door open, stepping out onto the hotel balcony, then closing it, you glanced at your phone. You wished you didn’t care so much, but you knew you needed to clear things up with Brendon. Another phone call came in, and you bit down on your lower lip at the familiar contact name, then hit the accept button, pressing it up to your ear. “Okay, what do you want?” you sighed.

“I’m sorry about today,” Brendon apologized, words slurred and voice slow, evident he was drunk as well. No surprise there.

“It’s fine, we can talk about it later,” you reassured.

“No, talk about it now,” he insisted. “I know I’m far from sober, but that doesn’t mean I can’t speak what’s on my mind y/n. I need to tell you the truth.”

“I’m listening,” you whispered.

“The only reason I’m with Sarah is because I’m trying to have a healthy relationship for once,” he explained. “I’ve spent my entire life with small flings, one night stands, friends with benefits, all that stuff. Ever since the breakup with me and uh… I mean the band, ever since the band broke up, I didn’t know love anymore. I lost that feeling, that connection. All I knew was just sex. And then I met you, and there was something special there, and I thought maybe I had a chance at this whole thing again, you know? That I could love people. But you always seemed to be taken and you were already invested in Josh, I mean after those two months ended, I knew I couldn’t do that. You had known Josh for two years and you knew me for two months, and yet, you had fucked me probably more times you had ever fucked Josh. You knew as well as I did. It wasn’t right.”

“And so you tried to try again,” you stated flatly. “With someone else.”

“It’s not the same, but it’s something,” he decided. “And just like you’re invested in Josh, I’m invested in Sarah. I want to try this for real. An actual relationship.”

“Does um, does that mean we’re-” your voice caught, unable to finish.

“Done? No, I don’t think so,” he replied. “You can’t choose who you’re in love with y/n, and as far as I can tell, I’m still very in love with you. That’s not going to change anytime soon. But I also know Josh loves you, and you love him, so you need to stay true to that.”

“I know,” you sighed, closing your eyes tight. “I’m trying to.”

“Just stay strong for me,” Brendon mumbled. “I know you’ll get through this one way or another.”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly, staring out into the dark sky, feeling distant as ever. “I sure hope so.”

  • me: i hate rich people
  • a rich classmate: ah, you are sardonically vocalizing your anticapitalist socialist ideologies through the frustration of growing up poor in an unjust system. you're such a raw and truthful person, i love being friends with you. did you have fun at the party at my house last week? we had fun, you sat in the corner on your phone all night while i shared inside jokes with all my also rich childhood friends and didn't share our booze. let's go to american apparel this weekend
  • me: i'm going to rob your house

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It was your first time at a meet and greet.

Especially for SpiderMan: Homecoming.

Iron Man and SpiderMan were your favorite Marvel characters, so getting to see them a week early before the national debut was a big thing deal for you.

You waited in like with your best friend, who shared a love for superheros as well. Despite her favorite being Flash.

“Robert is so hot for an older guy.” She swoons. You giggle and she makes and ‘ugh’ face.

“He is. But Tom Holland is pretty cute too.” You say.

“He looks like a 10 year old who hasn’t hit puberty yet.” She says. You swat her arm and she smiles.

“He is playing a freshmen in the movie.” You declare as the line surges forward.

“Yeah yeah. I know. I just like teasing you.” She laughs. You roll your eyes and your heart pumps louder as you see Robert and Tom at the tables, taking photos and chatting with the fans.

You loved the fact that even though these things were rushed, they still made time for the fans.

You guys are next and you hand practically also faints in RDJ’s arms.

“How much booze did you give her?” He asks me as I snap a photo of her and him. Its my turn and I laugh.

“None surprisingly. She just really loves you.” I say, smiling for the photo.

“And you don’t? Do that again. I think I blinked.” He says to my bestie.

“I’m obsessed.” I say, smiling again. He shoots me a wink and a smile and tells me to add the photo to my shrine. I laugh and head over to Tom, who freezes when he sees me.

God I must be bright red.

“H-hi.” I manage to say, hoping not to spit on him.

I hold my hand out so he can slip on the SpiderMan bracelet but my hand starts to shake. He chuckles and goes to put the bracelet on but fumbles, his fingers not being able to clasp it.

“I-I’m so sorry.” he stutters. I smile sheepishly and he finally gets it on, holding my hand.

“Just get married why don’t you?” My bestie says, snorting at us. I blush even harder and Tom’s face goes red.

I turn to leave when I feel a tap on my shoulder.

“Sorry for not being able to put the bracelet on. But I was wondering if you guys would like to catch up for some lunch after?” Tom says, pointing to Harrison who waves.

“Sure.” My bestie says.

“Can I have your number so I can tell you where to meet?” He asks.

My bestie elbows me in the side and I come back to reality.

“Yeah okay.” I manage to say.

He flashes a smile and leaves, the piece of paper with my never on it, tucked into his shirt pocket.

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Drunken Moogle Graffiti Takeover

Drunken Moogle Graffiti Takeover

Saturday 29th July, 10pm UK Time (5pm Eastern US), Balmung.

The Drunken Moogle invites you to an evening of Music, Dancing, Booze and PAINT!

Don your brightest colours and get ready for the biggest Graffiti Takeover Eorzea has ever seen. We’ve bought out the alchemist’s supply of paint and we’re going to give the Blind Iron Mines a much needed touch of colour. They might be blowing up parts of it next week, but nobody said art has to be permanent.

The Blind Iron Mines, why would you ever want to go there? Did I mention booze? Also, it was the first place we asked that was okay with us covering it in paint. We will have our own custom themed drinks to sample, just be careful you don’t spill any over someone’s work, it’s likely to come right off. And of course music, dancing, a few games and some prizes.

When: Saturday 29th July, 10pm UK time (5pm Eastern US)
Location: Blind Iron Mines, Lower La Noscea (X26:Y16), just on the border of Middle La Noscea.

More details to come soon.