also there are floaties

more than a few taz moments have been drawing me in to draw or animate them. for some reason i chose an early season moment i didn’t even remember happened until the second time i listened to the series.

🌌Star Boys🌌

(practicing lighting cause i suck at it and this helped loads. I love how other artists use the red glowy thing so i tried it? also i love aesthetic floaty things :D)

(Also heavily referenced from the amazing maddox-rider‘s work of Dan and Phil to practice lighting and all that :D Please check them out! I’ve learned so much from them and their art is absolutely amazing!)


Done for @charlesoberonn‘s prompt on his discord art server: “Draw an unlikely crossover“

Note: This is a Very Large Image, so please view in hi-res~


This is a crossover of Persona and Mystic Messenger, in that I have assigned the main characters major Arcana, like in Persona’s Social Links/Confidants.

This took me about 3 days to complete, and I’m super proud of the result! Up next should be either MC or Jaehee~!

Please do not remove my caption or my signature.MC


Mob psycho 100 chibi pen doodles~ I’m really proud of these mobs

Final Apostasy: Ende Der Welt

after two and a half weeks straight of suffering i am finally done with this mess

not quite what i was going for but i like how it turned out

desperatelyseekingsanity1  asked:

I like dark warm colours but my room and wardrobes are white and I can't repaint because I rent. Any tips for how I could warm the place up a bit?

Room anon back! My room has a couple decent sized windows, a loft bed, & it’s pretty open (but rn it’s kinda cluttered & messy haha). I’d like to make it more cozy, & I really like nature so I’d like to add some nature-inspired touches too? (ps you’re a sweetie :D)

So I got these two messages at once and I think I can make a joint post to help you both. 

How to warm up a white room or any room in general. 

  • Choose a colour scheme. In the case of the white room it should be easy because you only need to add a colour to the preexisting white. Since you’re going for warmth I would obviously advise you go for a warm colour (yellow/red/orange - or you can even use cooler colours as long as they are not too cool: e.g. mauve, dark blue, olive green). The colour scheme i used for my old room was a mixture of warm yellow/plum/wine colours :) Btw, choosing a colour scheme doesn’t mean repainting or changing furniture. You can do it by changing small things in your room (curtains/bedsheets/other small decorations around the room).
  • Fairy lights. Maybe instead of plain fairy lights you can choose multicolored ones to add even more colour to your room. Like these:

Also the ones in the centre are meant to look like flowers. So something like that would definitely add a nature-vibe to your room (they also sell fake ivy that you can hang around your room if you want). I think fairy lights look great when they’re framing either a door or a window. If you’re worried about fire hazards they sell battery charged fairy lights.

  • Curtains/rugs/bedsheets. Basically, just changing the preexisting curtains and/or rugs to your colour of choice (I also think curtains with a floaty material add a magical touch to your room). I’m not sure if the person renting can make these changes, but if you can, I think it would definitely add that warmth that you want.
  • Crates. This is more for the nature-inspired anon. Wooden crates as storage space for books/etc, or as your bedside table are a cheap and tasteful option to give your room a rustic vibe :D I think they’re also sold for reasonable prices on different online stores.
  • Accent Wall. If you can’t paint your wall you can easily make an accent wall out of anything. Some of my favourite options for cheap/non permanent accent walls include: 

Throw/tapestry wall hanging.

Chalkboard Walls. Basically removable chalkboard wallpaper which you can use to draw on or even use as a planner! They sell in all kinds of sizes online so you don’t need to get one that takes up an entire wall if that’s too much for you.

Big ass map lol. This one might be a particular thing of mine. But I LOVE old looking maps as decoration. So if you can find a big ass map to take up part of your wall or if that’s even your kind of thing i’d definitely go for it.

  • Finally, I realize this might not be doable for you. But if it is, a canopy/mosquito net over your bed increases your room’s cozy score by +1000. It’s science.

I hope I could be of some help :) If not, you are always welcome to ask for advice xx


Some re-design (ish) things I sketched. X3 For some reason, lately I’ve been thinking about Danny Phantom getting a reboot that’s got more of a serious undertone while still conserving stupid puns and jokes. I was actually looking at anna-cattish ’s blog and I wanted a reboot to look like some of her art. It’s beautiful. :3 Anyway, I’d love a dp reboot that’s less afraid of angst and serious themes.



she is full of childlike wonder, always ready to have fun, and occasionally very pouty. she’s kinda small, between Garnet and Opal in size, and she loves being herself so much that she finds it difficult to unfuse– until the pressure of being made from two somewhat troubled gems gets to her. also, floaty hair!

she comes from the same underdeveloped AU as Orange Agate– perhaps the Gems have taken in Lapis and (a much more subdued) Jasper and are trying to form a giant mega fusion to fight the cluster??? or maybe i just like to draw fusions. :P it’s a mystery

click for all my fusions

I love how flippin’ cool my starbound character looks

GOT7 Reaction | When their S/O tells them they can’t swim

| GOT7 reaction to their crush admitting they don’t know how to swim… or ride a bike? PLEASE thank you I love your work 💕💕💕💕 | aww thanks honey pie it means a lot to hear thattttt ~also i adjusted this request a lil bit to fit with what i had in mind sorry about that!! ~Admin H

Mark: he’s grown up along the coast and he also has a pool so like the idea that someone can’t swim so so strange to him but he understands it, and he’ll ask you if you want him to teach you how to swim and you guys have a cute date together at his parents house and he rewards u w lil kisses when u swim towards him send help 

JB/Jaebum: okay well what do u want him to do with this info?? are you afraid of the water or did you just never have the chance to learn how to swim?? like, he’ll offer to teach you if you really want to learn but tbh he doesn’t always like,,,have the best patience out of the group so maybe he’ll ask Mark or jackson to help you learn to

Jackson: he’s such an athletic person wtf but he’s a beautiful ray of positive energy so he might tease u a little bit but he will seriously ask you sometime if you want him to teach u how to swim and he’ll start out in the shallow end where u can touch and he’ll hold ur hands and slowly swim further and further out until you finally let go of his hands and ur swimming on ur own honestly he’s gonna be so hyped for you he’ll probs buy a cake or some shit 

Jinyoung: he’s such a sweet person underneath all that Savagery™ so around u he’s gonna be mr gentleman and offer you any help you might need with swimming but tbh if you just want to chill in the shallow end of the pool he’s so totally fine with that 

Youngjae: honestly he’s the type to take you to the pool on a date and then find out you can’t swim later on and he’ll panic and call JB who’s like. fucking. teach them to swim ur already right there. jackson’s in the bg like !! KIS THEM WHEN TH EY SWIM CORRECTL- so youngjae teaches u to swim in a v cute and flustered manner and it s so cu te and maybe,,,just maybe he gives u a lil giggly kiss when u swim to him on ur own ahhhhhHH

BamBam: dis btich is gonna know u can’t swim and jump into the (shallow) end of the pool just to freak you out and he’s not gonna offer to teach u to swim bc he’s v much enjoying the fact that ur holding on to him v tightly so that u dont like…drown also Bammie pool sex doesn’t work v well when one of u can’t swim okay calm down

Yugyeom: he’s so tall doesn’t he just touch the bottom of every pool?? lmaoooo honestly other then Jackson and Mark he’s the one you really want to teach you to swim bc as soon as you tell him that you can’t he’s gonna be planning out a pool date w u and he’ll do the cute things like give u kisses when u swim to him on ur own but also he’s gonna do races with you and give u a pair of floaties like,,,I’m not a child Gyeomie please but he’s like nope i dont care how good at it u are now wear the floaties(tbh its mostly bc he thinks u look super duper cute but he’s not gonna admit that,,,,also he’s taken like 12 pictures of u and its now his phone bg)