also their names are all 3 letters

3 Things I Learned About Lafayette

From reading Sarah Vowell’s Lafayette in the Somewhat United States, a funny, quick nonfiction read that isn’t even a little bit intimidating. Give it a try even if nonfiction usually puts you to sleep!

1. Terrible dancer

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Marie Antoinette literally laughed him off the dance floor.

2. America loved him (so, you know, that hasn’t changed)

But just to paint you a picture, when Lafayette returned to New York in 1824 for a Revolution victory tour, 80,000 people turned out to welcome him. For comparison, only about 4,000 screaming fans met the Beatles when they visited.

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3. World’s biggest Washington fanboy

Lafayette wrote this about Washington in a letter: “His graceful bearing on horseback, his calm and deportment which still retained a trace of displeasure… were all calculated to inspire the highest degree of enthusiasm. … I thought then as now that I had never beheld so superb a man.”

He also named his kid after him, and I don’t mean he named him “George” - he gave his son both names: Georges Washington de Lafayette.

Bonus Washington Fact:

The man could swear.

General Charles Scott described it thus: “Yes, sir, he swore on that day till the leaves shook on the trees. Charming! Delightful! Never have I enjoyed such swearing, before or since. Sir, on that memorable day, he swore like an angel from Heaven.”

Friend: Do you remember what assignment we had to do for class?

Me: No, but did you know that BamBam likes to dab every morning when he wakes up? And did you know that”dab” backwards is “bad”? So whenever BamBam disrespects his hyungs it’s actually a cry for help to us because of his dabbing behavioral addiction! See His real name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul and it has 17 letters and if you add the 3 letters in “dab” then you have 20 letters. BamBam is 20 years old andddd he is from Thailand which is the TWENTIETH MOST POPULOUS COUNTRY! So add that 20 plus the 6 letters in his stage name “BamBam” and you’ll have 26 letters JUST like in the alphabet. We all know that ‘A’ is the first letter of the the alphabet BUT it is also Got7′s second single! So this ALL means that BamBam wants to be the leader of his group but he’ll settle for second-in-command!!


Friend: …..Yeah I remember now why I’m the only who talks to you at school.

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Mun; I'm new here and I'm sorry if you answered this before, but it Killua being called Lua? If so why? Is it just a nickname or something to do with the AU? Sorry if I am bothering you and uh- thank you for your time.

[[ Questions like these are never a bother at all! I’m always happy to explain and answer things, as long as I feel they don’t giveaway or spoil the plot.

Killua is in fact being called “Lua” on this blog. It is a nickname that I gave him before he even came into the blog, by simply taking away the first three (3) letters of his name. I wanted my own way to differentiate him from other Killua’s. It also made it easier talking with Sheepy ( @hatcher-comic ) about our muses. Since she too has Killua muses.

However, there is also a reason as to why Lua prefers to be “Lua” and not “Killua”. I do plan to go into that later on. It’s not a huge spoiler, but it’s something you’re all going to learn the meaning to as Lua opens up more.

That about sums it up really. 

Thank you for your questions and I hope I answered everything correctly.

~ Mun ]]

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👫 sticks a mcleggy up

Send a 👫and I’ll write four headcanons I have about our muse’s relationship

01. LUKE & JUNO YOU MEAN THE 2/3 OUT OF THE MEME TRIFECTA !!! good God the shit they get into with eru would be ridiculous. they are definitely 2 parts roast 2 parts fluff. 
02. they are the eru defense squad & will protect their adorable friend at all costs with shades & all. 
03. luke & juno adopt a hedgehog together & name it sonic because inside joke. 
04. also imagine them in like, a youtube verse just doing stupid sketches that shouldn’t be popular but because they’re so idiotic people love them & want more shenanigans. 

The secret to being a legendary fantasy writer

Not only do you have to have quality content, but I recently figured out the secret to be a legendary fantasy writer.

What are some legendary fantasy books?

Chronicles of Narnia

The Hobbit/LOTR

Game of Thrones

The Harry Potter series

Time Machine

The Once and Future Kings

Now what do all these books have in common? Not only is it the genre, but also the writers.

C.S Lewis

J.R.R Tolkien

George R.R. Martin

J.K Rowling

H.G Wells

T.H White

Do you guys see it? O_O These writers have at least 2 initials in their names. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

So not only do you need quality content in the first place, but just to guarantee yourself on the pedestal of greatness, have 2 or 3 initial letters in your author name.

Job advertisements are a strange sort of document to read. You never know who wrote it (HR manager, department head, someone copy/pasting from an ad from 3 years ago), but it’s the only thing you have to go on for writing your resume and cover letter. 

Here’s an example (company name blurred):

One way to read this would be starting at the top and reading all the way down. That’s how you read everything else, right? But it’s not the way to read a job ad. 

Start with the requirements. This is where you can see at a glance whether or not you’re qualified. It’s also a key part of writing your resume. 

Looking at this list, you can see words like “must” and “required” - that’s where you know there’s no wiggle room. If you don’t have those, don’t apply. Words like “preferred” and “an asset” are a grey area. If no applicants have them, they’ll still consider them. If one or two people have them, those resumes go to the top of the pile

Some of these items are so cliche, they are almost placeholders, but you’ll still need to address them in your application. You don’t have to worry about those at this stage.

If you have the “musts” you can keep reading the ad. If you don’t, find another job to look at. Save yourself time and heartache and don’t apply for what you won’t get.

Remember: you don’t need to have all of the requirements. Just the mandatory ones.

Next, go to the Role/Responsibilities/Job Description section. 

This gives you an idea of what the job actually is. This is especially important for companies where the job title doesn’t accurately describe the nature of the work being done. I once had a teaching position where I was titled a “Coach” because the terms teacher/instructor/facilitator were already used for other positions. I was not teaching anything to do with sports.

In this sample, there is no location, pay, benefits etc. information. Depending on your needs, that could be the first place you look or it could be the last. If you know you need to make at least $15/hr to make ends meet, there’s no point in looking at $10/hr jobs. Unless you’re willing to work two of them.

If you have the requirements (just the mandatory ones, not the entire list!), like the sound of the job, and it has the right location and pay, next up is translating the ad into a resume. Stay tuned!

ok so I’m gonna get nerdy for a second and this might not make a lot of sense if you don’t know much about linguistics but I just observed something really interesting and I wanna write it down for future reference. anyway I was thinking about how certain names have a nickname and then a second slightly weirder nickname that rhymes with said nickname (like Margaret/Meg/Peg, William/Will/Bill, Richard/Rick/Dick, etc.) and I noticed that the letter that gets changed usually becomes a sound with a similar place of articulation. [m] and [p] are both labial, [w] and [b] are also both labial, and [ɹ] and [d] are both alveolar. the even cooler thing is that all 3 of the sounds change from sonorant consonants (in this case a nasal and two approximants) to stops. so for the longest time i thought these nicknmaes didnt really make sense but there seems to be a phonological process going on here and that’s really cool

The Letter - Fred Weasley Imagine


I’m actually so excited to finally request!:D Hey my name is Grace and I’m a Ravenclaw, can I have an imagine where I’m dating Fred and his mum always owls me because she thinks I’m a good influence and Fred is trying to get my attention and being all needy when I’m writing Molly. (rlly needy and cuddly Fred) I also have dark red hair and green eyes, I’m around 5'3" and I’m LOUD. I would be like Tonks and be able to change my hair if you wanna add that. LOVE YOUR BLOG, THANKYOU SO MUCH xxxx

~Grace’s POV~

I looked up at the high arched ceiling of the Great Hall. Owls swooped in and out of the Windows dropping packages, newspapers, and letters to their assigned student. When I saw an owl drop a letter above me, I was not surprised at all. Not even by the slightest. I raised my arms and caught the letter in between my fingers. My boyfriend’s mother has been sending me letters nearly everyday, it doesn’t bother me. Does it? I opened the letter and read it slowly. She’s been asking me the same question everyday! How’s Fred been? How are his grades? Is he blowing anything up? Once you think about it, I really am bothered by all these letters. She thinks that, since I’m a Ravenclaw I’m a pretty good influence on Fred. I stand up and leave the Crowded and loud Great Hall making my way to the west tower of the school. I walk up a flight of stone stairs and enter the Owlery where a bunch of Owls rest and hoot at each other. I scream as a white owl passes me, nearly hitting me in the face. “Excuse me” I say in a terrified voice as I tip toe to the wooden table where parchment and a quill lay.

I start writing on the parchment ‘Fred’s okay. His grades are above average as always and no. He has not blown anything up within the week. He got a detention from Professor Snape yesterday though for putting puking pastels into his tea.’ I heard the wooden door of the Owlery creak open but I paid no mind to it “What else should I put?” I mumbled to myself tapping the quill against the surface of the wooden table “Excuse me! But are you trying to give a reason for my mother to kill me!” I heard a voice exclaim. I turn around to see Fred towering over me. He’s too bloody tall. “Maybe” I smirked and stood up crossing my arms over my chests. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him “I guess I’ll just have to change your mind” he trailed off before tickling me in the stomach “Fred! Fred No!” I screamed as I pushed him away from me, I ran to the door but couldn’t get through due to Fred wrapping one arm around me while the other tickled my side. “Fred! Fred please! I can’t breath!” I cried laughing. I kicked the air “Are you going to rewrite the letter with something good?” He asked smirking “Yes! I will! Please stop!” I screeched.

He stopped immediately making me fall to the ground, out of breath. “You okay Beautiful?” He asked laying next to me on the cold pavement floor. “Yeah, I’m just tired.” I panted, I looked sideways to see Fred smiling at me “Why are you smiling?” I said eyeing him suspiciously “Just thinking about how lucky I am to have you in my life” he said passionately tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear. I rolled on top of him, straddling his lap and placing my hands on his chest. “Do you know what I’m thinking about?” I asked “What?” He smirked “I’m thinking about how bad the Karma must have been to get stuck with you” I joked, he started to tickle me again but only for a few seconds. “I’m kidding! I love you Fred Weasley and that will never change.” I smiled. He picked his head up and pecked my lips a few times before finally kissing me full on. “Oh! Gross!” I heard a familiar voice exclaim, me and Fred looked up to see His brother, Ron; Harry and Hermione all covering their eyes. “We’re not bloody naked!” Fred exclaimed angrily at Ron for killing the mood, I got off of Fred and stood up. I held a hand out in which he grabbed and I hauled him up onto his feet. They uncovered their eyes slowly as Fred literally dragged me out of the Owlery.

He dragged me to the Great Hall where a lot of people were still eating. He patted the seat next to him telling me to sit, I obey and start talking to Ginny. “Oh yeah! Everything’s been okay up there. They always letter m-” I was cut off when Fred wrapped his arms around my waist tightly. I gave him a glare before continuing my conversation with Ginny, he leaned closer. I can feel his warm breath on my neck now, it makes my heart beat faster. I start to stutter as Fred leaves a few open mouthed kisses on my neck “E-Excuse me” I blurted out standing from my seat. Now it was my turn to drag Fred. I grabbed his hand and quickly walked out of the Great Hall. Once were outside of the hall, Fred pushes me back until my back is touching the wall. I open my mouth to say something but couldn’t when Fred pressed his lips hard onto mine. I moaned in his mouth as he grabbed a fistful of hair and trying to bring me closer. “No PDA on school grounds! Both of you will serve detention in my office tonight at 8:00 sharp! 20 points from both Gryffindor and Ravenclaw!” Snape snarled. He swiftly slid into the Hall without a second glance at us “Are you gonna put that on the letter?” Fred asked “Put what on the letter?” I asked “Are you going to put that I got another detention because of you” he smirked “If I do, you and I know that your mother would kill us both” I remarked “Understandable” he nodded his head before giving me a quick peck on the lips. “I love you” he cooed “I love you too” I smiled walking away “Maybe!” I screamed making Fred chase after me.


Story Elements: Writing a Prophecy

Anonymous asked:

Hello! Could you please help me? How do I go about creating a legend from scratch? In my story there’s a known legend that talks about a man who will arrive and he will bring the end to the world, but I’m totally lost about how to begin writing it. My question must be silly, but I hope you can help me! Thank you so much for all the hours you spend answering our questions. :) PS: Can we know the first letter of your name? That way we can say “Hello, A” or “Thank you, A!” hahah :)

Well, first, this is not a silly question, so no worries on that front. <3 Also, you can just call me WQA! ;)

Second, what you’re describing sounds more like a prophecy than a legend. A “legend” is a story, typically passed through the generations, that is largely fictional but is often based on some kernel of truth or elements of reality. King Arthur, Robin Hood, and Paul Bunyan are some examples. A “prophecy” is a statement about something that will happen someday. The birth of Jesus, for example, is said to have been foretold by prophecy. Prophecies that are passed from generation to generation often take on a legend-like status.

Prophecies can take many different forms. They can be short and somewhat direct statements, like: “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.” Or, they can be much longer, more vague, and more like a story. One of my favorites is the prophecy of The Prince Who Was Promised from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series: There will come a day after a long summer when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world. In this dread hour a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him.

In most prophecies, you get some combination of “who, what, where, when, why, and how,” if not all of them, so you definitely want to start by figuring all of those elements out. You may not use all of them, but that’s up to you. So far you have:

Who: the man
What: will arrive and bring about the end of the world
Where: is his place of arrival important?
When: is his time or season of arrival important?
Why: is his reason for showing up or bringing about the end important?
How: is his method important?

From there, you can figure out how short and deliberate you want to be, or how long, vague, and story like you want to be. Here’s an example:

Who: the pizza man
What: will arrive with pizza and soda
Where: at a large house
When: 11pm
Why: wrong address
How: by car

So, for a short, direct prophecy, we might do something like this:

A man will arrive at the large house, one hour before midnight, bearing pizza and soda.

Notice, I didn’t put all the details in there, but I could have if I had wanted to.

Longer, more vague version:

Sometime between eleven and twelve bells, four wheels will roll up to the house of a thousand windows. Though the time is late and the place incorrect, a man will appear bearing a mistaken gift, alluring in scent, savory in taste.

Haha! Okay, that’s super silly, but I hope it gets my point across. Play with your details a little bit, and try writing yours in both short and long form. See which one works better for your story! Try to think of ways you can disguise the details to make them sound more mysterious (and vague). ;)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you, but please be sure to read my ask rules and master list  first or your question may go unanswered. :)

Some Thoughts on Vampire Michaela’s Story Light Novel Volume 1

The main thought is: I WANT THIS ANIMATED. Seriously.

1) I omitted tons of stuff but in fact the description of the battlefield is very detailed and depicted through Crowley’s sensations and eyes. The sound that the neck’s bones make when you pierce it with the sword, the smell of dead bodies. The pain and the realization that your friends won’t smile and talk to you again anymore. All of this is depicted very emotionally through Crowley’s eyes. It’s very very sad. Different’ from Guren’s story but it doesn’t make it any less sad than it is.

2) Ferid is not the culprit. But for some reason he’s very interested in Crowley. Probably because he wants to turn him into a vampire. It’s also obvious that Ferid is bored so he wants to investigate but I’m sure he knows who the culprit is.

3) The vampire that attacked Crowley is most likely a noble. But the letters his name starts with doesn’t give a hint because we have not seen that name before.

4) Crowley realizes that it’s interesting when he’s around Ferid.

5) Ferid is described as a very beautiful man with dance-like moves.

6) Crowley is depicted as very muscular and dignified and probably very popular among ladies. Everyone among the knights looks up to him. Now I understand why he’s so insanely strong and why modern weak people can’t defeat him even with a demon series weapon.

7) To the readers’ disappointment Crowley’s opinions towards women are non-existent here. It’s as if the author is teasing us T^T

8) At the end of the novel as ferid leaves Crowley takes the Latin version of the Bible and looks at it lovingly as if reminiscing of old times.

9) Makes me wonder: does one change their character when they become a vampire? What do you think? Because he’s a lot more cynical than before.

10) And also the main thought. I’m 99% sure that Ferid planned for Yuu and Mika to be raised like that from the beginning. He created that rumor on purpose for Mika to come. They raised Mika as a vampire while Yuu grew up as a human. But WHY? And for what purpose? What are Ferid’s motives? I’m sure he’s using Krul

11) I believe we will get our answers only in summer. Because it’s ALL connnected. Guren’s story, Crowley, Ferid, Mika, and Yuu.



(The Nothingness is only revealed in one other episode.)


(It can still be solved even with a few missing letters.)

Dedicated to all wiki contributors who are also on tumblr. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.


Ever wanted to send Ryu a letter expressing how much you admire him? Or show him your artwork that he so inspired? Or simply tell him your birthday wishes?

Then join in on this special scrapbook project! This project aims to let Ryu know there are people who love and support him from all over the world!

Your digital scrapbook page must include the following:

1. Your name and country.
2. Photos of yourself with something your country is known for.
3. Photos of yourself holding a birthday message for him.

Be creative! Just make sure it’s in high resolution and fits an A4 paper.

Additionally, you may also submit a video message and, of course, your fanarts and letters. 

Email your submissions to or shoot me a message here. Deadline is on 28th April.


  • Your scrapbook page must be in vertical format.
  • The thing your country is known for can be anything - food, places, souvenirs, animals, clothing. Anything.
  • I will do minor edits, like margins or whatnot, if necessary. Nothing too drastic that will change the overall look of your page. 
  • Embellishments will be added on your pages after printing so the scrapbook doesn’t appear too flat/digital.
  • Rest assured I won’t be sharing your work anywhere without your expressed permission. The contents are only meant for our Kamiking’s eyes so I have no reason to share it to the world. ;)
  • Let me know if you have any further concerns!