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Headcanons for dating Indiana Jones? Thanks🌷

  • He’s not the easiest man to date. He’s stubborn, temperamental, leaves for a while, danger written all over him but he tries.
  • He always protects you. If you’re put in danger, he protects you above everything else.
  • There’s a lot of arguments but they’re easily resolved. How can you stay mad at that face?
  • The most passionate kisses ever. And also the best sex.
  • He walks around shirtless a lot.
  • He always has an arm wrapped around you as you sleep.
  • You’re one of the only people that knows everything about him.
  • His dad loves you.
  • It takes him a while to tell you that he loves you but once he says it once, he says it all the time.
  • Communication isn’t always the best between the two of you but he tries his best.
  • Giving each other massages after a long day.
  • He knows exactly how to make you weak at the knees.

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I accidentally deleted the ask (sorry nonny!!!) but they wanted to know why I drew myself with wavy/flippy hair the past two times when in selfies my hair is straight and flippy.
Well nonny, this is what my hair looks like while wet (and if I let it air dry.) Normally I will brush it and blow-dry it so it goes straight. But on rainy days or lazy days I will let it run wild.

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The english dub for episode 1 of season 2 is streaming now on Funimation's website. Since you said you'd be checking it out, I'll just ask the obvious: what did you hate about it? Was there anything you liked about it?

 It’s hard to be critical now because after three years of frequent anime con attendance, I’ve met most of these people. Some of them several times. I have a better idea of the difficulties they face and also the effort they put into their job. I still side eye a lot of the word choices, but again, matching flaps is hard and requires some creative hand waving. They do the best they can. 

A few things I will say. Jessica Calvello was a good choice for crazy mad scientist Hange but I was anxious to hear how she’d do in the more serious season 2 role. She did fine. That said, there’s no way anyone could compare to the amazing Romi Park, so Jessica is at a huge disadvantage.

Josh Grelle’s as Armin screaming his way into Eren’s room made me laugh. He’s my favorite English VA for good reason. He’s consistently amazing.

Gelgar’s little lisp might grow on me. In fact, I think it’s growing on me as I type this.

J. Michael Tatum is one of the funniest men alive, so I cannot take him seriously as Erwin Smith. My favorite J Michael moment was when he was signing autographs sitting next at Matt Mercer (Levi). Someone in my group mentioned their crush on Matt and J Michael looked at them and said, “Good luck with that, honey. I’ve been barking up that tree for five years!”. It’s hard to hear them together on screen and not laugh thinking about that.

Thanks for your ask anon!

Exo Reaction-Girlfriend has tattoos.

Hey guys, sorry for the time its been taking to get out reactions i’ve been trying my best since the main admin became a mommy.  Until she returns i’ll work hard to bring you guys content!!!  —Admin K

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Xiumin:  He would tell you not to listen to all the haters.  He would spend most of the time making faces at you and trying to make you smile so you don’t listen to the haters anymore.

Luhan:  Puts a flower in his own hair even though it makes him look girly just so that those guys make fun of him instead of you.  He also does it to make you laugh.

Kris:  gives evil and underminding stares to the ones that are hating on you until they are uncomfortable and walk away.

Suho:  Sees you getting hated on from a far and yells at you to get your attention.  When you see him, he is making funny gestures and faces in order to get you to laugh, which he does.

Lay:  One he sees people making fun of you, he turns all angry and tries to defend you and tells the other guys where they can go to.

Baekhyun:  After being bullied you immeditly call your man and once he hears what happened to you, his mind starts to have a millions different thoughts on how he can help you out.

Chen:  You had told him what happened and while he doesn’t know how to help you right now, he would just give those girls dissapointing looks letting them know that he is upset with them.

Chanyeol:  Would be sad with you once you told him that you had been bullied.  He would lend you his shoulder while you told him everything.  Once you started crying he would let you until you feel better.

D.O.:  He would get all protective of you and once he heard you were getting bullied he would turn into evil DO and spring to protect you.

Tao:  Uses his fighting skills to help defend you once he saw some guys bullying you for your tattoos.  Once he started to go all weird on them they would run away leaving him as your hero.

Kai:  Once you saw him later in the day you would tell him what happened and he would do his best to cheer you up making cute little faces at you until you smiled as well.

Sehun:  He wouldn’t really know what to do when you told him that you were being bullied.  He would just let you talk to him while he listened.  When you were done he would tell you everything will be all right.

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Can I please just say thank you so much for what you do just for the danganronpa fanbase in general! Like all the transparents are so amazing and just thank you so much! You are also just a great person! 😊 have a nice day/evening/afternoon/night...whatever time of day! (I was originally gonna send a height ask but I decided with this...) (also sorry if this seems weird...)

someone: sends in sweet ask
same person: also apologizes as i lay there on the ground, tears of joy flow down my face

AHH BUT SERIOUSLY!! No need to apologize, this makes me super happy! I’m glad to be of help, even if it was just for one person ahah. I’m trying my best, I’m really happy to help out and thank you so much!!! Have a nice (time of the day) too!

the world at your tongue

Darcy/Nat, rated T for Darcy’s potty mouth and some serious kissing

Darcy does Jane a favor, gets drunk, and maybe falls a little in love in the process.

for the delightful @paranoidwino, the best muse a girl could ask for.

Also on AO3. (it would mean a lot if you could leave a review!)

Darcy has always been powerless against Jane’s puppy eyes, and today is no exception. She knows it’s no coincidence that Jane waits until she’s trapped in a bridesmaid fitting to ask her the favor, and part of her wants to say no out of spite.

Jane can obviously see the compulsion in her face, because she juts in quickly, whispering furiously, “Please, Darce. I’ll owe you a million, but please don’t make me go alone with them.” Her eyes dart to the door of the fitting room, as if her future mother-in-law might pop out of nowhere.

Frantically, she hisses, “Please! You know what Thor’s dad said about me. If I’m stuck with his family alone with limitless alcohol and no escape, you might have to bail me out for murder.”

Darcy rolls her eyes. “One, limitless alcohol is still better than getting stuck with them while sober. And two, at least that way maybe I’d get out of maid of honor duty. I’m not seeing a problem, here.” Jane throws a wadded up ball of tulle at her for that and Darcy, trapped on a pedestal and covered in satin, is too slow to dodge. It smacks her square in the face. Seeing that Jane has switched from joking to overwhelmed, eyes swelling with tears, Darcy relents. She carefully hops down from the platform and shuffles over to Jane, swishing obnoxiously as she goes.

Gathering her into her arms, Darcy soothes, “I’m sorry for teasing, Janie. Of course I’ll go to the damn wine tasting with you. Someone’s gotta keep Odin in line.”

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I don’t care if it’s uncommon have you seen his fuckin sprite. He has a feminine face. And I guarantee you I do not draw him or my ships for you. I draw them for the people I know will enjoy them, which, believe it or not, are more than you’d think. You can find jacket/biker or whatever floats your boat elsewhere. Let me bitch on my own blog, Jesus. That’s what it’s for.

I get that you’re trying to be helpful or something, but it’s not working. And chances are if it’s been 24 hours since I posted a vent the issue doesn’t affect me anymore. You were condescending for nothing…………….

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They made ANOTHER chat thingy!!!! This one has Murdoc almost poking 2D in the face lmao- and 2D does say that he respects Murdoc! I like how caring 2D is, calming Murdoc down, but also still jabbing at him sometimes. I think 2D still respects Murdoc to some degree, like he said in the latest interview chat video, but he still understands how shitty Murdoc can be and doesn't forget it. To me it's kind of like a mix, so they're like argumentative brothers or best mates again. Or something. :D

ANOTHER ONE? And like..I think I see another German one there too??!?! )Murdoc speaks Dutch?? I think??) Omg they need to let us rest lmao.

And yeah, you and I are on the same page just about. I hope they continue to give 2D more Ws in their ongoing arguments.

common depiction of angelica schuyler & aaron burr’s friendship: ideal business partners, mutual respect, never talk down to each other, angelica Supports aaron a lot, cinnamon rolls. 

ideal depiction of angelica schuyler & aaron burr’s friendship: Vitriolic Best Buds, you’ll think they hate each other, aaron sends her a winky face and fake dick pick of the “biggest black cock” he could find on google, angelica answers with the nude of a light skinned woman (probs her current gf, she asked permission) saying “this is how you make me feel baby ;)))” and when burr mocks about the skin tone change Angelica sends a picture of her “renewed feelings”, which is just a picture of her middle finger. They do support each other though, they just won’t tell it to each other’s faces a lot. complete and absolute sinnamon rolls, to this point they aren’t sure why they are friends but who gives a shit. not them. 

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You're an amazing, funny and beautiful woman and I love seeing your face and hearing your singing. You're intelligence is severely attractive and I admire your ability to go and study the things you post about so you're actually informed. You're also definitely what I'm looking for in a woman but you live in a different state so I'm cursed to admire you from afar but you deserve the best and you're awesome. Keep being awesome.

Aww wow. That’s incredibly sweet! 😊


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