also the way you try to avoid the camera

the wedding video- h.s imagine

After pressing the record button, Niall sat down on the chair across from you. He gave you a thumbs up which you returned back with a smile.

“So Y/N, tell me about what you thought about Harry the first time you met.” Niall read off the list he prepared to ask both you and Harry. With your wedding coming up in a couple of weeks, Niall thought about what he could possibly give you guys as a wedding gift. He wanted to get you guys something special. He wanted to get you something that hopefully one days you guys will cherish. So…he came up with the brilliant idea of creating a pre-wedding video for you guys. He planned to interview you and Harry separately and ask you questions about your relationship. He figured that maybe you guys might want to play it for the guests at the wedding. He also thought in the future, if you guys were ever feeling doubtful or getting through a rough patch in the marriage, you guys would have this video to watch and remember the love you guys have.

You let out a chuckle as you remember the day you met Harry clear as day, three years ago. “The first thought I had about Harry?” You repeated, looking back at Niall, trying to avoid contact with the camera (Niall said that it would look more authentic that way). Niall smiled and nodded his head.

“Clumsy.” You looked down at your lap and shrugged your shoulders as you let out another laugh. Niall softly let out a chuckle himself. “I remember when he was walking up to me, I guess he was so nervous, he spilled his wine on me.”

You shook your head and with a smile, you continued, “He was apologizing a million times a minute. I was laughing the whole time. I remember Harry’s face was as red as a tomato. He promised he would buy me a new blouse.”

Niall smiled, having a mini flashback from when Harry told him about how he spilled his drink on the most beautiful girl he has ever seen in his life. He remembers Harry’s lazy smile as he described how funny you were and how you even laughed at his God awful puns. “And did he ever buy you a new blouse?”

You looked up at Niall and laughed, “You know what? He actually never did. He did buy me a drink though that night.”

“When did you first realize you loved Harry?” Niall asked as he read out another question.

You remained quiet as you tried remembering. In reality, there were tons of moments where you just stopped for a moment and took a minute to look at Harry and go, “I really love this man.” You tried pin pointing the moment where you knew Harry was it for you. 

Finally you answered, “The first time I realized Harry was when we babysat Freddie for the first time. Louis was in a bit of a pickle and didn’t have anyone to babysit so naturally we volunteered. As soon as Louis left the door, Freddie was an absolute mess. He was crying and screaming off the walls. We didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t until Harry picked up Freddie and whispered into his ear ‘Everything will be okay. Daddy will be back soon’ that he started to settle down. Seeing how well Harry treated Freddie and how he was able to calm him down that quickly, it made me realize that I wanted Harry to be the father to my children one day. Seeing him like that…it made me fall in love.”

As you were telling the story, you were staring at the ring on your finger with a smile. Harry’s always been wonderful with children and you knew, without a doubt, he was going to be the most amazing father.

Niall looked down at his list of questions. He smiled as he read out one of the last questions, “Do you have a message for Harry before the wedding?”

You smiled as you stared directly into the camera. “I love you, Harry. I love you so much my heart hurts. I love how you’re able to make me laugh even when I’m feeling as low as can be. I love your stupid puns even when no one else does. I can’t wait until I’m your wife. Nothing will make me happier.” You paused and wiped your eyes as they began to get teary, “I know in my heart we are meant to be. You’re my soul mate and I am so lucky to get to spend everyday for the rest of my life with you.”

“Alright Harry, I’m just going to ask you some questions, alright mate?” Niall asked as he sat down on his chair across from Harry.

Harry nodded his head as he stared at the blinking red light at the top of the camera. Niall looked down at his questions, debating on what question he should ask first. Finally, Niall asked, “What was going on in your mind as you were proposing to Y/N?”

Harry took a hold of his bottom lip and let out a chuckle as he stared off into the ground. “I was thinking ‘God, I hope I don’t shit my pants’. There I was on one knee, asking the most beautiful girl known to man to spend the rest of her life with me. There’s always that doubt in your mind. Yes, you’ve been with that person for a long time but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be in that type of commitment with you. I think any person thinks that as they’re proposing. They think, ‘Please take that leap of faith in me’. And when she said yes…I just couldn’t believe it. Honestly, it took my mind a moment to realize that she said it. To this day, I still can’t believe it.”

“What was your first impression of Y/N?”

“My first impression of Y/N…she’s gorgeous. I saw her from across the room, just standing there and she took my breath away. I knew that I had to talk to her or I would regret it for the rest of my life. Somehow, without even knowing what her name was, I knew she was the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with.” Harry smiled as he looked at Niall.

Niall nodded as he mentally praised himself for having one of the best wedding gifts ever. “What’s your favorite thing about Y/N?”

Harry looked down at his fingers, playing with his rings. “I couldn’t pick just one. I love everything about her. I love how kind her heart is. I love how she never saw me as Harry Styles, celebrity. She saw me as me. Plain, old Harry Styles. In our entire relationship, I never had to worry about her loving me for the wrong reasons. I knew she loved me for who I am. Not my status. I love how she’s beautiful, inside and out. I just love her.”

Niall stood up and stopped the video from recording. He clapped his hands together, “Alright. I think I have enough questions.”

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Scale, hierarchy, impacts

From image 1 to 5 we have 5 different scales of different impacts, notice how the shapes of the smoke are all different from small to huge, this is very important in order to communicate the force of the impact.

We have a very small transparent round shaped smoke for image 2 vs a very dense with shadows and lots of little details for image 5. If you want to animate a very big explosion you have to keep in mind that the bigger it gets the more details you have to draw (debris, fire, lights and shadows, etc.), also, massive smokes are more dense and move slower. We are always trying to avoid these huge epic smokes because they are very time consuming, so it’s better to think about ways of showing big scale without actually having to draw it all. For example on image 5 the camera is following julith for a couple of seconds so all the big smokes on the bottom doesn’t need to be animated because they are out of the frame. 

this question was asked by @maginpanic:

can you advice how to handle epic scenes? (Like tsunami flooding the city, or village in fire).

If you want to communicate effectively that something is huge you need to: draw tons of details, they have to move slow, you need something small so the audience can compare and tell how big is the thing you are showing. And I recommend that the scenes don’t last too long, unless you want to spend all your life in front of the computer drawing tiny slow lines… We actually avoid this scenes at Ankama because we are a small team, so I can’t really tell you anything more useful.

Sorry about the late response! 

I’m going to start making lists of the things I find myself oft repeating to customers (especially now that I work at a beauty supply store, the name of which I’m not allowed to say).

Hair colors:

  • you cannot lighten your hair several shades without bleaching it. It just won’t happen. You want to go blonde but you don’t want to bleach your hair? sorry, it’s not going to happen. “but what if I just put this semi-permanent hair dye on top of my very dark brown?” your hair might be a little bit shiny? but I mean you’re not gonna get the advertised vivid color.
  • There are four kinds of hair dye: temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. The first one is obvious, it washes out with one or two shampoos. Semi permanent dye will also wash out, but it will take maybe a month, and it’ll more likely just go kind of pastel. Demi-permanent is the same, but it fades out instead of washing out. Permanent color might fade in the sun or if you go swimming a lot, but other than that it is not going to go anywhere.
  • Do not under any circumstances buy your hair dye at a drug store. Please go to Sally’s. 
  • There’s a semi-permanent brand called Ice Cream (I think?). I have never heard a single good thing about them.
  • Manic Panic is a good semi-permanent hair dye to get yourself started, as it’s often sold in places such as Hot Topic or Trivium. HOWEVER, MP fades very quickly, especially with their more red or pink dyes. If you’re looking for a red dye that will stick very well, try the One ‘n’ Only Argon Oil brand.
  • Argon oil has a natural red pigment. If you want to be blonde or ashy or grey (etc.) do not buy any product that includes argon oil (including shampoos or hair masks!)


  • please don’t buy your makeup from Sally’s. Their stuff is usually terrible, ie. they have like maybe four shades of foundation and they’re all varying shades of white
  • NYX matte cream lip colors are absolutely fantastic. You can find them at shoppers drug mart. These things go on smoothly, dry matte, and don’t feel like they’re heavy at all. Above all else: super bold color! My fave is called ‘vintage’.
  • Despite NYX having fantastic lip products, their mascara is shit. I bought one that was kind of a clear gooey fluid with tiny black flecks in it?? like guys pull your shit together.
  • GOSH BB creams are super nice and light, great for when u need a little bit of coverage to last you in a casual setting, and they’re a bit cheaper than your usual Sephora fare. 
  • on that note, GOSH also has an amazing eye primer that looks kind of like a white crayon? Goes on white, and holds any color you put on it with an amazing vibrancy. 
  • Check out BH cosmetics for some cheap eye shadow palettes that have a wide variety of color! I’ve got their galaxy palette (which is just as great as it sounds) but I also have a 99 color palette. Coupled with the GOSH eye primer everything is beautiful. (b/c these are ‘cheaper’ brands, without an eye primer the colors don’t show up as well.)
  • Don’t laugh but Forever 21 has a really great cream contour palette. Keep in mind though I’m super white, so if you have a darker skin tone this cream palette doesn’t go darker than, like, “orange” tan.
  • Ipsy bags and other monthly makeup kits of $20-$25 are actually surprisingly worth it. Ipsy, for example, customizes your kit a bit more to your skin tone/hair color/eye color/skin type. A good way to learn new brands and try new products. 
  • If you are going to be in front of a camera, do not under any circumstances use shimmer. I’m talking shimmer powders, shimmer highlighters, even if your primer advertises ‘glow’ or if your foundation is ‘luminous’. Any kind of shimmer will catch the light and reflect it strongly into the lens. 
  • Same goes for SPF.  If your foundation/BB cream/anything really has a bit of sunscreen/SPF, that will also catch the light and reflect strongly into the camera. 
  • If you are self-conscious about your wrinkles, avoid shimmer products. They will highlight your skin and cause a large contrast with your creases.
  • If you want to make your lips look larger, use shimmers, glosses, and/or light colors. paler colors will make any space look larger, whereas dark colors (like NYX’s Vintage, for example, or bold reds) will make your lips a little bit smaller.
  • those wedge sponges you can get for like $3 a bag are actually really really good for your foundations. Esp if you’re doing makeup for multiple people. I actually find sponges apply liquid and cream foundations/contours/highlighters a lot better than brushes, as they’re a lot less streaky. 
  • Don’t go overboard with your setting powder if you’re going to be on camera/on stage, as heavy application of your setting powder will also come out as pure white in photos.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean your makeup brushes. It evaporates faster than water, is less likely to mess with the glue holding your brushes together, and sanitizes everything it touches. 

off the top of my head this is all I can think of tonight but expect there to be more in the future, as I continue to try to explain to people why they can’t just throw color on their hair and expect it to be Just Fine. 

(also if anyone has any questions or suggestions go ahead and send them!!)

Time to Play FUNNY GAMES by Nathaniel Thompson

Something a lot of moviegoers have to struggle with is deciding how they feel about a film that absolutely, positively doesn’t want to be loved. The term “feel bad movie” was even coined to describe films that are deliberately alienating, infuriating, depressing or even boring. Of course, everyone’s mileage will vary; for example, some people felt an elevated transcendence watching REQUIEM FOR A DREAM (‘00), while others hated it with every fiber of their being. There’s no right or wrong response here; it’s all part of the complicated and fascinating process of how we consume art.

For me, I can’t think of a director who gives me a tougher time than Michael Haneke. The German-born filmmaker has built his career out of regarding humanity like specimens under glass, including his audience. He finds a stimulus, gets a response and then finds a way to jab deeper to get a more intense reaction from his characters and his audience, often pushing them to the breaking point. Sometimes I love the results he gets from this approach, especially his post-2000 work like THE PIANO TEACHER (‘01), THE WHITE RIBBON (‘09) and AMOUR (‘12). Others leave me feeling annoyed or scratching my head, though that isn’t to say that a repeated viewing might not change things.

And then there’s FUNNY GAMES (‘97). Oh, FUNNY GAMES. Is it possible to greatly admire a film, find it fascinating and have it linger in your memory for years, and yet deeply resent it at the same time? If so, this one is at the top of the heap for me. Here Haneke takes aim at the way people watch and process violent entertainment, with an unspoken but very clear allusion to horror movies. The film feels like a reaction against films like HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER (‘86), STRAW DOGS (‘71) and LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (‘72) with its harrowing chronicle of a nice, normal nuclear family invaded and gradually torn apart by a couple of sadistic sickos in tennis clothes. Haneke has no interest in generating pulpy thrills here, but then again, the film’s predecessors had more on their mind as well than just torturing their characters. It’s the torture part, both physical and emotional, that Haneke is really examining here with his two villains addressing the camera directly and trying to implicate the viewer by questioning why they would watch something like this… and why they won’t do something to help the victims. It’s an interesting gambit, or a stunt if you want to view it that way, that clearly means to flatter the more critically-oriented people out there in the theater seats, but it also makes assumptions about genre cinema that become a huge problem if you’re more than passingly familiar with horror films.

I’ll try to avoid spoilers here for those who haven’t seen the film, but it’s difficult to discuss without at least hinting at two of the most infamous moments in this film. The first is a tragic, brutal event that occurs at the end of the second act, with Haneke’s camera lingering on the static aftermath in excruciatingly long detail, making Tarkovsky seem like a case of A.D.D. by comparison. My interpretation is that we’re supposed to be parsing out our feelings in what amounts to a very dark sort of meditation; as the characters try to process what’s happened with the camera refusing to move and the actors staying in the same spot, it turns into a Rorschach test where we’re meant to project our own responses onto the screen. It’s an interesting concept, but it also treads that fine line between artistic exploration and viewer exploitation as it essentially batters our emotions for a reaction; if you don’t respond like the event clearly wants you to, the effect can be distancing and somewhat distasteful. Then again, maybe that’s what he was going for. Haneke’s a tricky fellow sometimes. A similar tactic is used near the end of the notorious French horror film MARTYRS (‘08), which locks the camera down for a pitiless wide view of a central character being tortured at length, basically beating the viewer down as well until we’re pulverized enough to accept the truly daring and, for me at least, remarkable terrain the story treads into for its final stretch. If you tried to watch both films back to back, you might need to go into therapy for months just to get over it.

Then there’s the fact that the two psychopaths are all too aware that they’re in a film, repeatedly breaking the fourth wall and referencing things like genre conventions and running time. This hits a highpoint during an action at the climax that’s become something of a make or break moment for many viewers, a deliberate sabotaging of what the audience wants and expects done in the most sadistic way possible. (Hint: it involves a piece of TV equipment.) I’ve seen people actually give a middle finger to the film at this point, and with good reason. Whether this statement (or nose tweak, depending on your perspective) on how we root on violence under certain circumstances is a valid one is a tantalizing idea. However, if it’s supposed to be a scolding against people who watch violent horror and action films, that’s where things get sticky. Any sane viewer knows the difference between simulated and real violence; no one watching a slasher film or a shoot ‘em up wants real people to feel pain, let alone die, and the thrill of seeing a bad guy dispatched at the end of a story is something that goes back to the very dawn of storytelling. If this film deliberately sets itself up to be as naturalistic as possible and sets up its evildoers to be as reprehensible as possible, it’s pretty disingenuous to wag your finger at the viewer for wanting to see some payback.

So, did Haneke’s experiment achieve anything in the long run? I still honestly don’t know. The shot-for-shot English remake with Naomi Watts from 2007 was fine, albeit completely unnecessary apart from the way it showed how much its shock value had diminished in the ensuing decade of home invasion and European extreme horror films. Haneke’s film was considered shocking and even dangerous when it opened, though now in the wake of some of his thematically related films (especially 2005’s CACHÉ, a significant entry in between his two versions of the story), it’s easier to assess as a key entry in his cinematic looks at how society can twist and distort what we think of as the secure family unit and normal behavior. The violence may not be quite as harrowing now, but the central thesis of this film is still an uncomfortable one. So all that said, this movie still makes me a bit angry. And that’s not only a good thing, but probably a necessary one.


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*He wanted to go round to your house after you guys had broken up a week ago but he thought he would give it some time for you both to cool off, however he ended up bumping into you in the shop and he knew this was his chance to try and get you back*

Y/N: “I’m sorry Jongin but I think it is for the best that we remain apart from each other…goodbye”


*You had ended things with him as you did not feel as happy within the relationship as you used to but this didn’t stop him from coming round your house again to ask you to reconsider getting back together*

Y/N: “I know it is hard for you, it is for me too but us getting back together wouldn't solve anything.. I want to end the relationship for good”



*You had been dating for just over two years now but his schedule was  just getting busier and busier and you spent more time missing him than being with him, so you decided to end it. Multiple times he called you which ended up with you talking to him for a while but you decided to meet up with him to sort it all out*

S: “Just give me one more chance thats all I want Y/N”

Y/N: “I don’t blame you so don’t ask me for chances, but giving this relationship another go won’t change anything. I love you Suho but it isn’t meant to be I’m sorry*


*When he knocked on your door he was wearing his heart on his sleeve hoping that this wouldn't be the last straw in the relationship, but his hope ran dry as you told him that you didn’t want to get back together*

Y/N: “I wish you all the best Chanyeol, I really do”


*You had both missed each other, but you faced up to the fact that you were going to have to conform back to before you had dated him and get used to the fact he wasn't going to be with you anymore. Baekhyun however took longer than you to face this fact which was evident when he turned up at your house*

BH: “Please just hear me out Y/N”

Y/N: “There is nothing to say that hasn’t already been said Baekhyun, we need to get used to not having each other again. I have tried my best to start doing that but it isn’t going to happen if you don’t let go. I know we love each other but sometimes it’s just not enough”


*He fully respected your decision but he had to give it one last shot, the fact that it didn’t work out did not surprise him but you both breaking up on good terms made him and you feel a sense of comfort*


*You guys didn't break up on such good terms, it ended up with you telling him to get lost and to never come and speak to you again, but some time had passed and you forgot the anger you felt. When he stopped by with the hope of rectifying things, and possibly getting you back they were shattered when you simply and solemnly said no*

C: “I understand, goodbye Y/N, do me a favour and meet someone who will make you happy okay”


*He didn’t really know what to say when you said that getting back together wasn’t something you wanted to happen. He honestly never thought it would come to this so he just nodded his head and walked away*

Y/N: “Bye Tao”

T: “Goodbye Y/N”


*Honestly his heart was broken and so was yours, he thought the relationship was going strong but he didn’t  notice the warning signs and now it was too late. He agreed to let you go as you did with him but he made sure to tell you that you always will have a special place in his heart because he had never loved someone as much as he had loved you*


*Before leaving he made sure to pull you in for a final hug just so he could have one last memory of holding you in his arms. He made sure to take in everything, your beauty, the perfume you wore, and your smile one last time before you both said a reluctant goodbye, and you detached your hand from his and closed the door*


*Once you had said you final goodbyes he didn’t leave straight away, he just walked down the first flight of stairs and sat at the side pondering about where or what he should do from here. He kept trying to reassure himself with the saying time is a great healer but he was constantly blinded by the site of your smile, or the way you would laugh in his head and he knew it would be along time before he could escape that*


*He had tried to get back together but you told him that it wasn’t going to work however, he was blinded by how much he loved you so he didn’t see that for a while. It was hard during the aftermath with you also being an idol, he would see you on stage often and try to avoid his facial expressions showing how he missed you whenever he saw the camera on him, but he did and you missed him too*

Guess who is back with the reactions..meeeeee also this is so dramatic what have I done like a bad drama lmao

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Preference #4: How The Fans Find Out You're Together (5/5)

This is a shorter one! But enjoy!

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Liam: You Two Are Out Shopping Together (Liam’s POV)

The fans saw you two together for the first time while out shopping. There had been speculation in the past that Liam had a new girl in his life, but there was no solid evidence that he was, in fact, in a relationship, until fans spotted you two in a London shopping, their cell phones out in seconds to snap some photos. Photos that would be posted to Twitter in a matter of seconds.

“Grab the bag, Y/N.” I whispered into her ear as her big eyes were filled with lust. With my hand comfortably at her waist, I watched as she looked at the bag she had been wanting for months on end. The high-end shop we were in was virtually empty, apart from a few shoppers and those working.

“No, Liam. It’s too expensive.” She rested her hand on my chest briefly before walking away from the bag on display to continue search through the racks of clothing. I loved Y/N to death, but she was so stubborn when it came to me buying things for her.

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anonymous asked:

I've always been so self conscious about the way I look and I find myself obsessing, it gets it the way of me living my life and following my dreams because I just have no confidence. Have you ever felt that way? If so how did you overcome it? I want to be like you—beautiful, but there's so much more to you than your amazing looks

Oh boy. 

To this I say: ME TOO. 

I’ve been self conscious about my looks and my awful personality since I was mentally able to understand what that meant. So like, 6 or 7 years old? How disgusting is that? God, don’t get me started on how screwed up it is that little girls like you and I have been basically assaulted with expectations our entire lives.

I’ve struggled with my weight, my skin, my stupid hair, the way I act, everything teeth to nails, it’s all made me uncomfortable for years and years. I honestly do not have the time to list all the issues I have with myself. I still have confidence issues. I’m still dealing with it every. single. day. of. my. life. And objectively, I know I’m wrong to feel this way. I know everyone’s beautiful in their own skin and all that. I hope and pray that I truly believe this about myself in the future, but it hasn’t happened yet. If you ever see me at an event, watch how much I fuss. I’m so uncomfortable I’m basically twitching. 

I’m 25, technically an adult, stable in my career, family, and friends. I should be dancing out of bed every morning. I should not be afraid of mirrors. But it doesn’t work like that. Things don’t just click. I want to tell you it goes away. You wake up one morning and you’re magically happy with who you are. It’s not like that in my experience. It’s gradual. I’ve (hopefully) felt it happening over the last few years. I don’t mean waking up looking like a troll and thinking “I AM A GODDESS”, but just being able to say “I’m okay.” 

I think that’s the first step. You’re okay. You’re more than okay. It is okay to love what you love and look the way you look, or don’t look. It is okay to be who you are. And you are more than deserving of a fully-lived life. We all are. 

I challenge you to find anyone who is completely comfortable and confident with every inch of themselves. It’s next to impossible. I guarantee you are not alone in these feelings. And if somehow the world is playing a cosmic joke and everyone else is perfectly content, I’m still here with you trying to beat myself into being happy with who I am. 

I’m in a weird position in that people now want to listen to what I say and take pictures with me sometimes. It’s very odd to me and for a person who actively avoids being on stage, on camera, or in photographs in real life, kind of against my biology. But because I can compartmentalize this and tell myself “this is your DREAM JOB, DO IT WITH A SMILE YOU UNGRATEFUL CRONE,” I can do a pretty great imitation of someone who is comfortable at these events. 

I take comfort in knowing other people are struggling like I am so let me say I’m here, I’m just as messed up as you are, and I’m also trying to find my way. 

I’m also here to listen if you need it.