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Will Leave You in the Morning (But Find You in the Day)

A/N: this is the first CS Fic I’ve ever posted, gentle ;) I also wanna give a shout out to euphoric-melancholyy and captainmeerkat for encouraging me to write again… Okay, here we go!

(I listened to “Last Kiss” by Taylor Swift and “In My Veins” while writing this, just thought I’d share in case you wanted to listen while reading) 


It all happens so fast, a flash of light and an evil laugh, he calls out her name and then he’s gone. Vanished into thin air. And she’s frozen: can’t move, can’t breathe. She hadn’t expected the witch’s threat to be true but it was and now he’s gone: with no memories of her or Storybooke. He’s lost in some other realm with no way back to her.

She barely registers what happens after she falls to the ground. The faint sounds of the witch being taken out by Regina and the amulet Belle found in Gold’s shop. “Killian?” She calls into the air. She knows he can’t answer her, but she waits and waits until she can feel all their eyes on her and she screams. “Killian!”


He falls the ground with a thud, his head spinning. It takes him a moment to register where he is. Tall trees and a large field, The Enchanted Forest. His mind tells him he’s home and he’s off to find his ship.

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