also the thing that happens when everyone heard about it

Since I’ll never get enough of Will and Mike’s relationship in this season here’s a few headcanons of what happens after the end, because yes!!!! Add yours if you want to!

  • As soon as Will gets back home Mike goes to hug him tightly and they both cry a bit
  • Mike insists on staying another night next to Will
  • For the following weeks Mike is still really protective
  • Will remembers some things about what happened and he confesses to Mike that he feels really guilty and that because of him being used as the spy lots of people and Bob died
  • But he also confesses he heard everyone talking to him and that he thinks that Mike asking to be his friend is the best thing that happened to him too
  • When Will gets back he needs to get his wound bandaged and Mike freaks out a bit when he sees what happened and Nancy tells him she had to do that
  • Also Will finally meets Eleven and they get close pretty quickly
  • Anyway Mike’s mood gets way better now that he knows both Will and El are fine and safe
  • He still has lots of sleepovers with Will because he doesn’t really want to leave him alone
  • Both Will and Mike have nightmares from time to time: Will about the upside-down and the people who died, sometimes about killing his own friends and family, Mike about losing Will and El for good or bad memories about what happened, like Will screaming like crazy
  • They have long talks about what happened, Mike was pretty shaken up too and he keeps thinking of Will screaming, kicking, crying, of how he kept getting worse and how scared he was of being forgotten by Will and losing him for good

dark-chestnut  asked:

A concept: a story about how greyback became so evil and cruel. A story about the things that happened to him and made him the monster he is

(( OOC: Literally nothing. He’s just a terrible person.

That’s legit my head canon. Dude grows up with a decent family, has nothing particularly bad happen to him. He’s just sick and twisted… the kind of dude that people go “how did he turn out that way? There’s no reason for it!”

Nope, no reason…. he’s the kid that left his parents wondering what kind of demon they spawned when they walked outside to find him torturing little animals. He’s the guy in school that the other students avoided like the plague, not because they didn’t think he was appealing, but because they heard about the way he’d treated the last person he took out.

He’s also the guy that was a monster before he got bitten, and getting bitten was the best thing that ever happened to him… and the worst thing that ever happened to everyone around him.

Fenrir’s just a monster. Plain and simple. It’s nice to think that there’s always a reason for the way someone behaves… but sometimes there’s just no way to explain it. ))

i saw falsettos today (7/15/17) and thought it would be fun to make a list of iconic things i heard or saw in the theater. also a callout post to the woman sitting behind me who was really rude.

-a girl walked in with someone and as they were walking to seats they went “this is gonna be hell” and honestly big mood

-yall know the hair pulling everyone talked about in tight knit family / love is blind? i forgot about that until it happened and i gasped. so loud. my mom just stared at me.

-the boy in front of me laughed so hard during days like this when mendel makes that one joke (i cant remember it) and only cordelia laughs that he hunched over and his phone fell out of his lap. i swear to christ the screen cracked. i heard that shit. 

-i started crying during either marvin hits trina or i never wanted to love you (it’s a blur tbh) and did not stop for a second until falsettoland (reprise)
-i don’t think i’ve ever cried harder in a movie theater than i did during unlikely lovers to falsettoland (reprise)

-when whizzer showed up at the baseball game one of the several women behind me whispered “oh fuck” also a mood

-when whizzer collapsed during more racquetball the entire theater gasped and i heard one person go “no. not yet goddammit.” 

-during unlikely lovers i whispered “oh no” really under my breath and my mom gave me a roll of toilet paper she took from the theater bathroom and whispered back “i can tell you’re gonna need this more than me”

-while we were leaving this group of kids were walking out. one of them took a really long, deep breath and had their hand on a friend’s shoulder. they whispered “whizzer didn’t deserve that” and their friend patted their back and went “we know, we know. it’s okay.” and they broke out crying again. i was like. mood.

-okay call out time

-to the woman who sat behind me who talked during the whole thing, complained it was “too long” (bitch it’s a recording of a broadway show of course it’s gonna be longer than a regular movie) and said they could’ve casted someone better than anthony rosenthal: eat my fucking ass! 

thanks for listening.

Jumping to conclusions {Steve Rogers x reader oneshot }

“Could you please do 2 & 48 with Rogers? Maybe some angst leading to fluff? Love your writing ❤️”-anonymous

“ you never loved me ,did you?” Steves voice startles you. You turn and see him leaning in your doorway.

 “ what the hell are you talking about steve?!” 

 “ I heard you and Bucky when I walked by his room the other night. You told me you had reports to finish, but you were in his room . And I heard everything , how you instructed him how to touch you, how to-” You lose it laughing , knowing exactly what he’s referring too. Bucky asked for your assistance in the sex area, wanting to know what girls like in this generation . He begged you not to tell anyone, afraid of the others making fun of him . So ofcourse you helped, the poor old man still thought there was only two sex positions. 

 Steve looks unamused at your outburst ,“ your and not even going to deny it?!?” 

“ oh god steve- I wasn’t fucking Bucky you jackass. He had some questions he wanted answered and was embarrassed. He didn’t want anyone to know !” Steves face drops , anyone else wouldn’t buy that answer ; but he’s been in Buckys shoes . He had to ask the same thing if Natasha a few years ago , so he fully believes it . He sighs in relief , and pulls you to him in a bone crushing hug .  

“ I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions.”

 “ it’s alright steve , I understand . But if you ever accuse me of cheating again, you’ll have a black eye , understood?” 

 A few days later - 

 It turns out steve isn’t the only one that heard your and Bucky that night . Stark also happened to walk by, and when he heard th same thing steve did , he decided to stay and listen since he didn’t believe his ears ( you believe that he was just being a pervert) . But he heard the rest of the conversation consisting of Buckys sex questions and confusion send found it hilarious. Tony decided to bring up a particular question of Buckys about foreplay, infront of the entire team ; resulting in everyone trying to hold back a laugh. 

 “ I should of shot you when I had the chance .” Bucky mutters as he exits the room ,clearly embarrassed. You may or may not of leaked a picture you took of tony after you did his makeup and put a bra on him while he was drunkenly passed out . You and Bucky plastered photocopies all over the tower as pay back. Revenge is a bitch.

Too Magical to Touch

Because Emma really has the best ideas and there is a damned lack of lady-lovin’ in this fandom that I intend to remedy one completely unsupported pairing at a time. So, this is dedicated to @ghost-grantaire and her amazing original post about this ship. 

(Title from Centrefold by J. Geils Band)

“Got another hot date to get to?”

The voice is sudden enough to startle Nancy out of his thoughts. When she looks up, Carol is sitting on the kitchen counter, an almost empty bowl of cereal next her. Her red hair is still damp and curling around her shoulders, and Nancy feels her cheeks heat up a little when the long t-shirt Carol’s wearing creeps up around her bare thighs as she shifts to dump the bowl into the sink next to her. Part of her is embarrassed for Carol, because there’s no way that anyone could look at her and not know she’s just been having sex. Then again, how can Nancy really judge?

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REMINISCENCE ~Kojiharu Letter to Yuihan on her Seitansai M.T ni Sasagu Stage~ (Feb 3, 2017):


Dear Yui-chan,

Happy Birthday! Working hard (lately) in Pro-wrestling?

I saw a picture of you as a tofu maker on the internet, it really fits your image. (half-trolling lol?)

This time I have been requested to write a letter for your birthday.

I’m super delighted to do so.

Perhaps this is my last time writing letter for seitansai right?

I like Yui-chan,

But I’m not really sure why I like you…

So since I’m writing a letter to you, this is good chance for me to think about the reasons.

I knew about Yui-chan when you were a KKS in the episode shoot of Ariyoshi AKB

When everyone said “Onsen is a little bit…” (refusing the job), I heard that you volunteered yourself up.

If it was me, I definitely refused.

Same thing (happened) as when you were Mariko Chan’s sub during the A6th stage.

You had to replace her because she was busy, but you managed to remember all of her moves during the rehearsal.

If it was me, I definitely refused.

Also that goes the same as now,

The general manager after Takamina…

If it was me, I definitely refused.

Last year’s Request Hour,

Yui-chan started (the GM position) with a closing speech.

And the atmosphere from the audience went “Will Yui-chan be okay (being the GM)…”

There’s no one like Takamina who works real hard and cute (as her).

So I thought (of telling you) that Yui-chan is fine just being yourself

But you cried after the performance.

When I saw that appearance of you, I thought to myself “Is there anything I can do (to help out)?”

As I am also not really good talker who can wrap up things too

But the least I can do is take a step closer by standing beside with Yui-chan before you started talking.

When Yui-chan is in trouble, I will definitely follow (behind) you

Providing help with all the might I am able to, I’ve never had this (kind of) thought to others

So why did Yui-chan gave me this thought? I understood (why) as I am writing this letter.

That is if it was (the old) me, I definitely refused.

Watching Yui-chan continue and keeps on taking up challenges,

Working hard with utmost effort in anything, that is the reason I like about Yui-chan.

After seeing off Takamina (who is the same generation as me) in her graduation, Yui-chan is the reason why I had kept on working hard in AKB.

“Working hard for Yui-chan’s sake”. Is not just a thought that I carry, but also (shared) with a whole lot of people too including other members, staff and fans.

That is the charismatic point that Yui-chan possess.

By the way, about the Request Hour (2017) earlier, a year hasn’t even pass by yet (since last RH),

I am surprised that your closing speech has improved a lot!

And I am sure that it was because you worked really hard and you gave your all to hold AKB together.

I am extremely happy(glad) that you asked me, “Kojima-san! Let’s make (good) memories by taking lots of pictures before you graduate. ^O^/ ”

But I only take pictures with (us) holding watermelons in the summer.

Let’s make lots of memories with the remaining time left,

I know you probably would be busy, but if you want to make time and take some fresh air outside,

You are always welcome to invite me.

Also one last thing, speaking of Yui-chan…here is the instrument that will be played at the concert (Kojimatsuri)

“Itsu no Aidani Series” (see notes), I am a big fan of this series!

With all these things I see, I become to like Yui-chan more and more

Practicing the flute…I know it’s going to be hard

But it is a very important part in Kojimatsuri!

I really want Yui-chan to play the flute!

2 hours a day, and practicing hard for a week,

You will seem to get the sounds out of it.

If it was me, I definitely refused.

Kojima Haruna

Notes: “Itsu no Aidari Series” (Before I realised series: a mission event that is assigned by Nyan in Kojimatsuri)

























一生懸命で可愛いし 誰もたかみなのようにはできない。















由依ちゃんのために頑張ろう。そう思っているのは私だけではなく メンバー、スタッフ、ファンの皆さん、沢山います。


そういえば この前のリクアワ、まだ一年しか経っていないのに







忙しいと思うけど 自分の時間を作ったり外の空気を吸いたくなったらいつでも誘ってね。











**Note: Actually we plan to post this earlier when we launch the blog but got delay for quite some time (long time perhaps).. & there will be a video version in near future (we hope so).. & hope u guys enjoy read this beautiful letter from kojiharu to our dear yuihan.. o(^o^)o

War and Peace

Alexander x Female Reader


Word Count: 2362

Warning: Cussing

Request: Could you do a alex x reader where alex finds out they’re super ticklish and he begins a tickle fight??

A/N: Surprise! Two in one weekend! This was just really fun to write. Sorry @ the requester if this isn’t exactly what you had in mind when you requested. You said “tickle fight” and I turned it into a tickle war. Also, I feel like this one is kind of choppy and doesn’t transition between scenes very well, so my apologies. But besides that, enjoy my first Alex fic!

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Hope you are doing fine :) could you write a story with Zen x MC where MC had years of suffering bc of her parents? Mother and father were mistreating and hitting her bc they were extremely strict and drink too much alcohol. One day she ran away from home and left everything behind. Even her older brother didn't help her. She also got a handicaped sister who she took care of since childhood. Now she can't see her and Zen is the only person who understands her and helps her ease the pain

hey anon! to be honest I’m still a bit sick, but thank you :) also, thank you for the request! It was…a lot, but I had some fun with it. It goes along with zen’s route, for the most part, leaving out Echo Girl.

oh, and since you didn’t specify ‘handicapped’ I left it kinda vague, hope that’s okay ^^;;  side note: im hoping this was your imagination but pls don’t hesitate to talk to me if you wanna 

I hope you like it!! Requests are open <33 

Word Count: 2017(well isn’t that ironic)  Trigger Warnings: alcohol, hitting(.. i can’t word things), past abuse ,cheesy zen

Edit: sorry cuts hate me;;

 “You’re late.” Her father’s voice. “I thought we made it clear that 8 o’clock was your curfew.” Her mother’s now. Which wasn’t good—she could handle one of them, but both was just annoying. She had hoped it was one of those days where they would pass out by 7:30, but apparently she wasn’t that lucky. Still, she was 5 minutes late… “Do you have anything to say for yourself, MC?” No, she didn’t. Even if she did, it’d be useless. “Nothing, huh? How ungrateful…we were giving you a chance.” Sure, mother, call it a chance. “Look at me, young lady.” MC reluctantly followed her father’s words, knowing full well what would happen. It wasn’t the first time—and it probably won’t be the last—but she grew used to it. One slap for every minute she was late. This time, it was 5. The least she ever got was 2, the most 15. Her father did the hitting while her mother counted and poured both of them another drink. Scotch this time…must be a Thursday. When that punishment was over, a bag search. That was the easy part. Her mother would take the bag from her and shake it until everything spilled out on the floor. A pack of gum, her house keys, loose coins, a $10 bill, and a tube of lip gloss. They’d take her $10, give her one last, hard slap for “worrying them”, and send her upstairs. MC didn’t even care about the money, she had something more important in a hidden pocket she made. A girl learns things over the years.

While she went upstairs, she passed her older brother’s room. He used to be helpful, but he caved. Now, he was practically like them. Just as drunk and rude, the only difference being he didn’t hit her. He stayed holed up in his room, only going out for school and the occasional party he gets invited to. MC had half the mind to wonder if those parties made him any different. He wasn’t important, though. What was important, was her sister. She meant the world to MC, especially since she was the one to take care of her when they were kids. There was…an accident when MC was 7 and her sister was 5 that left her practically under house arrest. These days, she barely ever came out of their shared room. It wouldn’t surprise MC if their parents forgot about her. “Psst, it’s me.” MC whispered, opening the door just enough for her to slip through. “I got you something.” Her sister moved the blanket from her face and turned to her. “Is that why you’re late..?” MC shrugged, taking out the small bag apple slices from the hidden pocket in her bag. There were only 4, but she knew it would make a big difference. “It was worth it.” She said. Walking to her sister, MC carefully opened the bag and handed her a slice. “No it wasn’t MC,” her sister said, taking the slice anyways. “You shouldn’t get beat for fruit…” MC sat at the edge of the bed, getting a slice out for herself. “We shouldn’t get beat, period. But that’s our life, right?” Her sister ate the slice slowly, savoring it. “It doesn’t have to be. You could get out of here.” “And leave you?” MC responded automatically. “I couldn’t.” MC’s sister shook her head, “You can. And you should. One of us deserves a decent life.” MC popped the whole apple slice in her mouth and handed the rest to her. “Do we?”

When the day came, MC was definitely not prepared. “Go!” Her sister whisper-yelled from their bed, motioning her to the window. “We planned this, remember? Out the window, to the back, and do not stop until you see the third gas station.” MC nodded, opening the window. It was pointless to be quiet, their father was coming up the stairs as they spoke. MC started to put a foot out the window when she turned back to her sister. “And you’re going to stay in bed, and pretend you’re me…oh, this is ridiculous, just let me take it-” “No!” Her sister cut her off. They heard their father’s voice down the hall. “I didn’t answer your question back then, but the answer is yes. One of us does deserve a decent life. And you’re our last chance. So go!” The voice was getting closer, and MC was still not completely sure about this, but she knew her sister meant that. And out the window she went.

It had been 4 years since she left. At first, she tried to keep contact with her sister. Even if that only meant flying paper airplanes to the window. But she was found out one day by her mother, who yelled at her to never come back. MC didn’t know what happened that day or after, but they didn’t threaten her to come back. Part of her was relieved at first, another knew exactly why. It was confirmed by her mother, who had told her, “don’t you dare come back here, MC! It would be a huge disappointment to your sister, huh?” They hadn’t forgotten. Which meant who knows what for her sister. “If I see you near our house again, then you will come back. And it’ll make things so much worse.” Was the last thing she heard from her mother, complete with a smirk and a vodka bottle in hand. Vodka meant she was extra strict and dangerous, but it also meant somewhat honesty—much worse than lies. That, and it was Monday.

Ever since then, MC had nightmares. About what had happen to her sister, about if they would force her back there, how bad things really were. They did seem to get a little better, however, when she joined the RFA. That was also kind of forced, but the RFA was full of nice people. Nicer than pretty much everyone she knew before. There was one person who, uh, was a little too nice at times, but MC found herself drawn to him. Sure, the others were just as nice. She thought that Yoosung was cute, Seven was amusing to talk to, Jaehee was kind, and Jumin was even funny sometimes. She even liked V, though she rarely saw him. But Zen was…weird. In a good way. Her nightmares seemed to not be as frightening when she talked to him before going to sleep. He called every morning just to talk, made sure she ate—like everyone else—and now she had more pictures of this guy on her phone than she did herself. Seven told her he was kind of into her. Yoosung agreed. Jaehee was skeptical, but MC could understand. She was just getting to know this guy, just like she was with the rest of them, it’s not like she could fall in love through a messenger. But then he sprained his ankle and she was in a car Jumin sent on her way to his house. She was nervous, even dressed up a little bit. Okay, maybe she could fall in love through a messenger. Maybe.

Wait, did MC really find love over a messenger? Because she was supposed to leave his place an hour and a half ago, but here they were eating dinner together and laughing over something he said. It was easy around him, MC thought. And he was happier again, though she didn’t even have the chance to mention the cat food model job—sorry Jumin. After dinner, he took her up to the roof. It was a beautiful night, with stars practically everywhere. There, he spilled his life story to her. And at first, MC was surprised at how similar they really were, but she took her time to listen. This was important to him, she could tell. Plus, the blush on his face was cute. Damnit MC, focus. “It’s strange,” Zen said, “I feel as if I’ve known you for a long time…you’re strange.” MC smiled a bit, “Well…maybe it’s because we have kind of similar stories.” Zen looked at her, tilting his head a little. “What do you mean?” “It’s a long story…” “You listened to me, it’s my turn to listen to you.” He said, returning her smile. Now MC was blushing. “Alright…here we go.”

She took a deep breath and told him everything. From the accident with her sister, to the alcohol, to when the beatings started, her older brother, all the way to the day she ran away. Even the nightmares and the day she was yelled at by her mother. Somewhere along the way, she started crying. Not long after that, Zen started crying too. When she finished her story, the two of them were a mess. “MC..” Zen said, regaining his composure first. “How long…have you been keeping all of that in?” She shrugged lightly, “What, 4 years? It doesn’t matter, they’re not what I’m worried about-” “It’s your sister.” He said, cutting her off, but she nodded. “…I can’t see her anymore. I don’t know what they’re doing to her, what they already did to her, I just left her!” Zen quickly took her hand, intertwining his fingers and holding it tightly. “MC, listen to me. Nothing that happened was your fault. I have no doubt that your sister is proud of you and does not regret your decision. She’s happy that you left.” MC looked at him, her tears coming to a stop. “But they’re probably hurting her…” Zen sighed and brought up their hands, kissing hers gently. “I know…but whatever you do, you can’t go back.” She nodded, the blush coming back slightly. “You’re right…and I’m sorry, you have family problems too. I fully support you in your decisions, you know that. If you want to go back or not.” Zen smiled, “ Don’t be sorry. And I know, princess. Thank you. Oh, it’s late…you should probably go back to the apartment…” MC blinked, “Oh, yeah…Jumin’s driver is still outside…” He helped her stand up, hands still together. “I’m sorry if it seems like I’m kicking you out, but I honestly feel like I might faint just holding your hand.” MC laughed, following him back inside. “Please don’t. Your ankle still isn’t fully healed.” They continued talking while they walked towards the door. “It will be by tomorrow, I know it! Anyways…text me when you get back safe, okay? Promise?” MC nodded, “I promise.”

It was late by the time MC got back to the apartment, but she didn’t mind. She texted Zen as promised and joined the messenger when she saw he was on. Yoosung was on too, and the three of them talked for a while, but he went off once one of his guild members called him for a raid. Then it was just the two of them.

‘That boy..anyway I’m glad you made it back safe, MC. Make sure you rest up’

‘I will, you rest up too. You’re going back to the doctor tomorrow. Goodnight Zenny~’

They both left the chatroom, but he called her right after. “Can’t get enough of me?” She said teasingly when she answered. “No, actually. I can’t. Haha” He said, “I really just…wanted to thank you. For coming over, letting me share my story, and letting me listen to yours.” “I should thank you for having me…you made dinner.” She heard his laugh again, “That’s nothing, babe. I just made dinner. You made my day.” MC laughed now,  “Are you always this cheesy?” “I prefer ‘romantic’, but either way the answer is yes.” She rolled her eyes, smiling. “But seriously…thank you. And sweet dreams, my love. No nightmares tonight. It’ll just be you and me in the land of dreams.” He hung up after that, but he still left MC with a smile. And that night, there were no nightmares, like MC had a clear head for once. She really did just dream of the two of them, back on the roof and looking at the stars. 

(male)Pregnancy in a Gifset

Statistically speaking almost every case begins the same way. You ask yourself the question and do a little back and forth:

‘Could I be Pregnant?’

‘There’s no way I could pregnant…’

‘Am I pregnant?’

Then of course the realization: ‘I totally could be pregnant’. This is nearly always followed by a positive test and the need to tell everyone the news. 

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jo sungmo reveals that in his debut MV, he wasn’t allow to appear because he was not handsome, if he showed his face, he was afraid that it might affect the album selling rate (which happened to kim bumsoo before - his album selling rate dropped down a lot after he showed his face)

and tao was quite angry when he heard it, he didn’t agree with the thing called “singer-can-not-have-an-ugly-face”, he also stated that “if you have a good voice, you should stand on stage and sing for everyone”

About Asexual Awareness Week, today it’s about how one thinks any of the characters they see as asexual interact with the asexual community or how their asexuality influences their life. Most of this is actually gonna be how I view them finding out about their sexuality. I’m putting this under read more ‘cause it may get a little long

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My thoughts (I ramble forever I'm sorry lol)

I’m 15 years old. 15 isn’t much, when you think about it. Yeah sure I’m halfway through my teenage years and if you’re Swedish you’re about to make your life’s most important decision, but at the same time I have 3 more years until I’m an official adult and I’m still in highschool. My worst problems should be that my crush doesn’t like me back or that a girl in my class is making fun of me. Young teenagers all around the world should still be innocent beings. They should still be exploring their surroundings and themselves. They should be finding their way through life with the help of others but instead they’re all grown up. They know and see pain no teen should see. They grew up realising what world they lived in quite quickly. It’s torture. It’s horrible. How many young teens are saying that they hate themselves? That they hate this world and everyone around them? That isn’t the mindset a teenager should have. But instead we grew up learning about politics because it is all crumbling down right before us and we are the generation who has to fix it. We grew up with wars happening in countries such as Syria and we wondered why no one has tried to stop it. We grew up terrified of ourselves because we started questioning our sexuality at the same time as people told us that “there are only two genders and two sexualities”. We learned about transgendered people through cases like Leelah Alcorn instead of in school and we learned about homosexuality when people were brutally murdered over it. We asked why, why was someone killed because of their identity? But when our parents didn’t give a reply we also learned to not speak about these things. They’re “normal”. They happen so often it’s no longer a speaking matter. When we were tiny and our eyes were still filled with hope, we saw everyone as our friend no matter the skin colour, but suddenly Mike Brown died and so did our hope. We are the generation that grew up too soon because love didn’t have a childhood. Because hate grows up too soon. (quote from Shane Koyczans “Shine”) And we are the people whose voice isn’t heard because we’re too young to have a say in the matter. We are everywhere from 13 to 19 years old and we’re living in the middle of wars, dictatorships, terrorism, Muslim bans, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, suicide and most of all, fear. We are living with fear everyday and everyday we watch the news and 90% are all the horrible things that happened while we were asleep. And our cousin can’t stop crying because her bestie just killed herself and our friend can’t stop screaming because they might just be deported. Hospitals in Sweden don’t have enough nurses and people are dying because of the lack of help. Swedish hospitals are so full sick people are being put in the laundry rooms. Students all over the world are getting chronic stress and mental disorders because of school and the society they live in. Parents around the world are lying to their kids and sacrificing their lives in order to atleast give their children a shot at a bright future. We are living everyday hearing that it’s popular to want to kill yourself, It’s popular to hate yourself and popular to have a mental disorder. As if being healthy and happy just goes to show how ignorant you are to the worlds hatred. We saw happiness and hope but it is now being taken away by the second as bigotry has gotten a new low with Mr Trump. (How can America have downgraded from the first black president to an angry Oompa Loompa
Spreading hatred!?) I am 15 and I honestly can’t take watching the news and reading newspapers. I can’t take another suicide from a kid that just wanted different pronouns. I can’t take more people dying because of religion and skin colour and I just can’t take the hatred anymore. I am exhausted. Truly and deeply. But I will continue. Humanity needs to know that we might have been taught that this is normal but we are finally seeing that it’s not, this hatred shall remain normal no more. It shall be demolished and ruined and we will scream and let our voices be known. We will donate to charity and we will stand up against bigotry and we will most definitely let people know that this is unacceptable and we will do everything in our way to stop you. We will stand among others no matter how young. We might have grown up around hatred but we will make damn fucking sure the next generation doesn’t.

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Hi! You YT video about meeting Jared P was cute. I want to bid for his M&G at the next con but I hear rumors that people are turning his M&G into their own personal therapy. I refuse to pay $300+ just to listen to a selfish person hogging a 30 minute M&G to talk about their own sob story. Did this happen when you were at his M&G? Also, I really want to believe you aren't one of those selfish people ruining it other fans who want to listen to Jared, not from other selfish fans.

It really depends on the M&G, I’ve heard the same thing but my meet and greet was not like that. Jared made sure he got to everyone, even ignored the volunteers telling him time was up. We went 10 minutes longer than we should’ve been there because he refused to leave until he answered everyone’s questions. Some people did take up more time than others but that was mainly because Jared took a longer time answering their questions. He went around the circle for questions/comments and I was third to last out of twenty, so I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to ask my question, but Jared made sure I was able to. And the last two people were still able to ask their questions after me. I can’t guarantee that you will have the same experience, but this was mine.

19 Things I’d Learned While 19

1. Alcohol is your very best frenemy. I’d like to say that the flask of vodka you’d bought last weekend is two-faced- either your best friend for the night, or your worst enemy- but I’ve learned this year that it’s much more complicated than that. For one, different drinks give you a different type of drunk; do with that what you will. Second of all, I have a seriously dangerous love-hate affair with alcohol. I love that it lets me do whatever I want, say whatever I want, all while having the excuse of not being sober but I hate it for the very same reason. I’m still not sure if “drunken words(/actions) speak sober thoughts(/actions)” is true but if it is, I have a lot of explaining to do.

2. You’re too young to be “too afraid” to do something. The older I get, the less transparent I become. No longer blending in- I showed more skin, I wasn’t afraid to dance with him, I spoke to that boy at the bar (and all of his friends), I’d made friends with people I’d only heard others talk about and played wing woman for people I’d only just met, in hopes they’d find something I still haven’t. I stopped being afraid of raising my hand and decided to stand up instead. 

3. Your friends are your family. I would not be who I am or where I am today without the incredible friends I’ve had with me every step of the way. I’ve always loved my friends but something about turning 19 and being rushed into adulthood really makes you appreciate the people in your life that don’t rush or pressure you. The people who accept your flaws, who love to hear about the mistakes you made last night, who support your every decision (even though half of them were poorly made), who make sure you get home alright, who give you advice even when you don’t want it, who stay up with you while you wait for him to talk to you, who take you in when you don’t know where to go, and who sit with you, and cry with you, while you realize maybe what you did was right and maybe he really isn’t the one you need right now. 

4. You can’t change him. He is the way he is for a reason he wants to share with you or not, and very rarely you’ll be the miracle that will change that. He wants one thing from you and it isn’t love. Do not fuck with that unless you can handle the rejection afterward. And again. And again.

5. Everybody talks. I’ve always heard names and stories of people I’ve never met or maybe never even heard of before. It’s a strange feeling to hear people relaying twisted words of a story about my own life to me, asking questions like who, when, what happened? I’ve never been a topic of discussion and now it’s like strangers even know what’s happening before I do. Is it really that difficult for everyone to stay out of everyone else’s business and mind their own? The thing I’ve learned to remember is to handle it with a “but that stays between us,” all while knowing that it will, but also will with 11 of her closest friends.

6. Don’t be a push-over. This is pretty straightforward but more specifically, do not let boys push you around. Don’t let them play with your feelings. Don’t let them lead you on. Be straight up, find out what they want and if it isn’t what you want, DO NOT try to change that. DO NOT believe that the way he’s acting is okay if it’s hurting you. Do NOT waste your time waiting for him. You can do better and you will, when you stop being a dumb bitch.

7. Learn to let love in. No matter your baggage, your past, what you’ve done or who you’ve hurt. Every passing day you work toward who you’re supposed be. You never reach it, you will never be finished. This doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be cared about or that you don’t deserve someone who cares about you. It’s hard as fuck but you need to let someone care for you, even when you can’t care for yourself. Especially then.

8. Never trust tequila. Not if it presents itself with a compliment. Not if presents itself as an ice-breaker. Not if it presents itself tall with a friendly smirk. Not if it presents itself in  3′s. Not if it presents itself to you after presenting itself to another girl across the bar who’s all legs and white teeth. Not even if it presents itself with undivided attention and a hand on your waist.

9. Just because he doesn’t want you, doesn’t mean no one does.

10. Love lasts. I’ve had a countless amount of best friends and just because they may not be in my life anymore, I love them no less. Either from growing apart, a bad “friendship break-up,” distance (emotional or physical), or any other completely absurd reason, I’ve learned from recent distance and recent reunion that the love i have for those people will always be there. We’re able to love a lot and just because we forget about it doesn’t mean it’s gone to waste or that it doesn’t exist.

11. Intimacy comes in the smallest of packages. Kisses on the cheek, hand holding, hugs, lean-ins, eye contact, eskimo kisses. That “drunk look”; sleepy eyes, sleepy smiles, idle fingers, closeness. Good conversation. You don’t need urgency for intimacy.

12. Accept yourself. 

13. Do not compare yourself. You cannot be her. As much as you wish you could look like her, have what she has (and who she has), get the attention she does; you can’t. You can be yourself, have what you have, realize the attention you get. If he wants her and not you, he clearly isn’t someone you should be chasing. Or him. No- not him, either.

14. He only loves you when he’s wasted. He won’t care or even remember this tomorrow. He won’t remember what he or you said, he won’t remember the kiss, he won’t remember the way you looked at him, he won’t remember the way his fingers idly reached out for yours. The alcohol loves you, not him.

15. You are so much more than “pretty.” Being complimented on your face and your body are all empowering, especially if it’s coming from someone whose eyes you wish belonged glued to your form, but you are so much more than petty, superficial compliments- sincere or not. You deserve to be noticed for your talents, intelligence, strength, and personality. If someone tells me I’m a good person, I’ll melt at their feet. That’s the real shit that matters.

16. Retail therapy is real and it’s a saviour. Go buy a pair of boots or a book or a bottle of vodka. You will feel so much better about being emotionally drained when you’re financially drained, too.

17. Feel it but do not let it consume you.

18. Be the bigger person. The older you get, the more sacrifices you have to make. Whether it’s for your well-being or that of others, it’ll more thank likely be difficult. Sometimes you have to put your personal feelings aside and sometimes they need to be a priority. You can’t be selfish.

19. It’s okay to change. Change is inevitable and it happens to everyone. In a year’s time you could be a completely different person and you more than likely will. Turning 19, legal, definitely changed me. It’s like my first legal Summer opened a door for me that I didn’t even know existed, just like how I never seemed to exist to anyone until I opened it, either. If my Summer 2014 self saw me Summer 2015 self, she would never recognize her. Sometimes I still don’t, looking back on some nights, but that’s a part of growing up. Changing and growing and becoming, making mistakes, kissing the wrong people, taking the wrong shots, making the wrong decisions, walking home shoe-less with your best friends, crying and smiling over someone who probably doesn’t deserve it, dressing up, dressing down, ignoring and being ignored, wanting what you can’t have and having what you don’t want, believing tall, dark and handsome’s white lies, going to sleep at 5 AM and working at 7 AM. It’ll all make sense eventually, just keep changing, keep chasing pavement, keep kissing the wrong people and making mistakes; it’s the best and worst time of your life. 


Prompt: You have a car accident and the car looks absolutely awful, that’s all you can think about. Steve is just glad that you’re okay. 

Warnings: None

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Car troubles 

As soon as Steve received a call from the Police saying you were in a car accident. He rushed to the scene of the incident as fast as he could, by foot. It happened not too far from the Tower. So he got there in no time. The first thing he sees is your car, which is smashed up to pieces. Feeling the panic arise within him. Looking all around for you. His heart is in his mouth. 

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