also the teeth of the show

Ex-POT from tonight. Can y'all believe this nigga? He says he wants to meet again, but when I say it’s not gonna work out, he’s all “yep thot so too.” Nigga you kept saying we should go to Japan together, you could show me around, how you’d love to see me again. Fuck offffff. Just take my words and leave. And also, brush your fucking teeth. Fucking sewage smells better.

Poor guy’s ego is hurt and wallet is down a couple bucks. Take the good conversation and my pretty smiling face (who didn’t even flinch when I literally almost gagged over your funk breath) as payment. My company is worth more than the meal you paid for.

Literally no amount of money can make me fuck this man. He hasn’t had success with AM… I fucking wonder why! Maybe I’ll ask him to meet again and gift him a toothbrush, some toothpaste, and some goddamn extra-strength Listerine. Also a referral to my dentist.

I feel bad for his wife, in many ways.


@thosefuckingsims replied to your photo “Ya’ll I need some constructive criticism.  I’m liking where this is…”

Id say make the jaw shorter/face more rounder. The drawing has a longer face than the actually ref


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“Ya’ll I need some constructive criticism.  I’m liking where this is…”

try making the eyebrows thinner and closer to the eyes, the upper lip thinner, her jaw smaller, her nose bridge less concave, and her neck straighter and shorter. your colors and blending are spot on and the general shape of the hair is good. also, in the picture, she has two teeth showing a bit but i don’t think that’s going to make an impact on the resemblance. your art is great, but translating real people to an art style is hard and takes a lot of attention to detail! hope this helps!!


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“Ya’ll I need some constructive criticism.  I’m liking where this is…”

I love it so far!!���� Hmmm maybe the eyes (her expression) could be more intense and the jaw more defined?


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“Ya’ll I need some constructive criticism.  I’m liking where this is…”

Are you purposefully going for a more bubbly effect? If not, her eyes/nose/mouth being a bit smaller in proportion to the rest might help. It’s lovely so far!


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“Ya’ll I need some constructive criticism.  I’m liking where this is…”

You can recognize people mostly by their eyes, so if you focus on making them look more like the photo then I’m sure your drawing will resemble her more. Great art nonetheless :D



“you can work on the eyebrows and shadows a bit more!!!”

Thanks everyone for the feedback!  It helped a ton!  I’m finished it and I’m getting ready to post it! ❤❤❤

me, to myself through gritted teeth, after watching a new show and liking literally hundreds of posts relating to it: okay now pick the PERFECT one and ONLY reblog that one because you need to show some goddamn SELF-CONTROL. MAYBE put one in the queue. don’t overdo it this time

me, a day later: hi guys so i’ve switched fandoms,

romidant-diarmi  asked:

Since it's on it's way: imagine having to explain April Fool's Day and/or the concept of pranking one's friends for the sake of amusement. Like, maybe the aliens understand setting something up in regards to honing reflexes or something, but things like whoopee cushions and complex Rube Goldberg machines to fling shaving cream at someone just baffle them. Also the concept of a prank war in space is just amusing.

Thrnawxh watched in confusion as Human Frankie attached some sort of transparent film to the entryway, snickering to themself and occasionally looking over their shoulder as if fearing they were being watched. It put Thrnawxh ‘on edge’ as the humans would say.

In xir experience, if a human was worried, anyone else ought to be terrified.

Eventually, xir worry won out, causing xem to ask what Human Frankie was doing.

“It’s the first day of April.” Human Frankie said, baring their teeth in a show of either aggression, or bizarrely enough pleasure. Usually Thrnawxh would be able to guess which one it was based on a human’s statement, but this one made no sense.

“Also known as April Fool’s day, and oh boy does Sara got something coming for her.” Frankie continued, apparently having no idea that xe didn’t understand their explanation. What’s worse was that Human Sara apparently had something hunting them.

“And this device will stop Human Sara’s would-be attackers?” Xe asked, not sure how that would work, but xe had seen humans accomplish much more demanding things with seemingly worse odds.

“No, no what I meant is that Sara doesn’t-” they began before pausing, seemingly to reconsider whatever they were going to say. “You remember when I explained human humour to you, right?”

“Yes, when I believed you were ill because of your stomach contracting while you looked at an oddly shaped root vegetable.”  Thrnawxh confirmed, not seeing the relevance.

“Great. So this is a joke. I’m going to play a prank on Sara, because it’s April’s Fool’s day.” They said, though some of the words didn’t seem to translate well or at all to xir native language.

“I do not understand,” xe said, looking up at them in a way xe hoped Human Frankie would realise was questioning. Xir hopes were however not high.

“Shit, right okay. Erm. So a prank is a trick - you know what a trick is, right? Good. It’s a trick that you pull on someone because it’s funny, or like today, because it’s tradition. Sometimes they’re mean, but unless you’re a dickhead, they’re just funny. Like… shoving a pie in someone’s face, or pulling cellophane across the doorway and having them walk into it. Just, harmless fun, you know? And April Fool’s day is the first day of April - that’s one of our months; one of the sub-parts we divide the time it takes for our home planet to orbit the sun into. So it’s the first day of that sub-part, and it’s tradition to prank people.” Human Frankie explained, giving a small nod when they were done as if confirming what they’d just said.

“Why?” Xe asked, getting only a shrug in return - a signal of uncertainty or non-commitment. “What purpose does it serve?”

“Oh, no no purpose. I mean, maybe it did at one time? Superstition or what ever, but it’s just fun.” Human Frankie said before delving into a story of a prank they and a friend did on an authoritarian learning monitor when they were younger.

The story itself was interesting, though Thrnawxh was hardly able to focus when xe had so much new information to process about human behaviour.

Xe certainly had a lot left to learn.


-wears sunglasses indoors
-covers his mouth when he smiles
-reads and reads and reads and reads he always has a book
-is very extremely respectful of personal space
-layers. lots of layers. he is always cold.
-smells like vanilla and green apples and aftershave
-can do complicated math in his head, is a total show off about it
-loves to be kissed suddenly out of nowhere
-also loves kissing someone suddenly out of nowhere
-likes to have the covers tucked under his feet bc it makes him feel safer
-says he likes rough sex but actually prefers slow love making
-laughs rarely but beautifully
-sometimes forgets that everything is okay, Harry reminds him daily
-really really white teeth
-perfectly clean and shaped fingernails
-cries a lot
-very much in love with Harry Potter. He’s doing alright.

The Naturalness of Skam

I’ve seen so many things about how realistic Skam is and I feel really passionate about this subject so here’s a little late night scribble for you.

I’m from Finland but I watch the show in Norwegian because it’s so similar to Swedish that I understand it. But even though I can’t know what exact words norwegian teens would use etc, they way the characters speak and communicate seems very familiar and normal to me. Also even though the miscommunications are setting our teeth on edge (but I mean we love it), that happens in real life too and like what is so frustrating about Even not replying to Isak is that we’ve all been there. We’ve all send a risky text and panicked and maybe overanalyzed for not getting a reply. It’s so realistic and so easy to relate to.

Honestly the thing which  fascinates me the most and dragged me into the show was the fact how realistic it is (I feel like I’m over using the word realistic but oh whale). I think that Finnish culture is pretty similar to Norwegian culture so all the things they say and do, and how they behave it all feels very normal. 

Also perhaps my favourite thing is the way the characters look and dress - they look so natural and the fashion is very much something you’d see on people. In so many shows teens are portrayed by 20+ people. For example in Gossip Girl the actors were all in their 20′s as they began filming and the characters were 16 going on 17 but the actors looked nothing like it. The characters in Skam are portrayed by real teens and they look so natural and we can see their spots and imperfections what are what makes them so real. And the way they dress? I have many friends who dress up like Eva or Noora and one friend who dresses a lot like Vilde. The kånkens, beanies, scarfs and coats are very much the way people dressed up at my school and very much what I see out on the town. One thing that makes the style seem so real too is that they use highstreet shops like bikbok or h&m - shops that these characters would be able to afford realistically. It’s not like in many tv shows when kids turn up to school wearing head-to-toe designer outfits. And they recycle and loan clothes from their friends too! They actually reuse outfits which I believe is so rarely seen on tv.

 For someone who is close to the age of the characters (97) all the things that are being said, all the things that are happening and simply the way the characters are and behave is so very real that it got me hooked up right away. It’s like having a bit of a gossip with you’re friends - you’re seeing and hearing all these things that are happening to the characters but it could easily be someone you know from real life.

i know everyone is on some high right now (that episode was just really fucking good i know) so i’m kinda gonna ramble into the void, but the scene when luna calms raven down carries such a strength that i haven’t really witnessed on this show before. it literally left an indelible mark on me, because as much as it is an experimental choice it just happened at the right time and i can’t tell you how happy that makes me. and all that human contact that is established through the angle, lightning, movement and sound is just so immense? that entire embrace creates one of the most defining moments in the show for me, to be honest.

i mean, if we look at the scene and jump into the moment we begin at the point where raven still grits her teeth, but with luna also telling her “to say it”. that contrast between the one who wants to fight and the one who wants the one to fight to be calm here is how the director manages to take us on a whole different journey, because the well defined points of reference you can make is the interplay between “fire” and “the sea” (just look at the shot below yall im yellin)

the tracking motion that matches itself into luna’s sway, which then allows raven to fall into the “waves” of the sea and let them carry her, while all she needs to do is repeat luna’s words too, creates such a great element of focus because you get a non-verbal communication (their physical intimacy), and a verbal one.

and everything starts to match so well together into this big expression of human emotion. literally everything flows. from the camera motion, to luna’s expression, to raven’s tears and the visual tone when she repeats what luna wants her to say. acoustic subjectivity turns into a rhythm that both characters simply fall into. neither is detached from the image but is feeling what the other feels. and it’s freaky because this is not only clear by the movement of the camera itself but also the subtitles because they are literally becoming one and then


into the fucking




I had a dream last night that Neko Atsume added a new food item called “Shitty Bitz” and buying it gave you fish instead of the other way ‘round but it put it out as soon as you bought it and you couldn’t replace it and it took forever to get emptied out (the only way to get rid of it) because it would only attract two cats and their names were Hobo and Glunkus but also that was the only way to get those two cats to show up.  Hobo looked like a kinda dirty brown cat and Glunkus looked like the devil like he was black and his entire face was teeth.  I woke up crying

I love rwby for exactly what it is

It’s real irritating watching a show grow so much from its first season only to be bashed and torn down by its “fans” for not being a master piece.

The animation, the writing, the story itself have come so far. Having watched it since volume 1 came out, I feel like I’m watching my child grow up. And I’m so happy that the show is becoming more popular.

At the same time it also breaks my heart. People don’t seem to realize the amount of time and effort that go into creating something like this. This show that started out as a side project for rooster teeth.

With every new episode this volume, it’s like all people want to do is find any kind of flaw and create this blown out of proportion discourse.

It’s not perfect and that’s ok. you can criticize the show and it’s writers all you want. If you’re not satisfied with what you’re watching either stop watching or (as my papa likes to remind me) go make your own thing.

I’m a firm believer that there is always room for improvement. But I also think that when it comes to art of any kind, some times you just have to appreciate it for what it was and what it is.

Shout out to Rooster Teeth and CRWBY. I love you guys.

Marvel Hogwarts Houses

So this happened.

Tony Stark: Ravenclaw
- I’ve seen a few people describe him as a Slytherin and I will personally have to tell you that you are very much wrong. Muy Wrongo. Tony is a genius, he likes showing it, he connects best with other Ravenclaws, and he enjoys learning new things. Most Ravenclaws also tend to be very sassy so thar ya go.

Steve Rogers: Slytherin
- NOW HEAR ME OUT. I am a Slytherin and can firmly say that NOT ALL SLYTHERINS ARE EVIL MASTERMINDS. The term only means that we’re ambitious and cunning. NOW LETS TAKE A LOOK AT LIL STEVIE. He lied THROUGH HIS TEETH on any enlistment form out there in order to get into the army, he lied to SHIELD about what happened to Nick Fury, and he even went against the government and started a CIVIL WAR because he thought that being restrained was bullshit. He may bleed red white and blue but you’ll be DAYUM sure that he is a green-blooded Slytherin.

Bucky Barnes: Hufflepuff
- BAD. ASS. BADGERS. I mean, did you see the scene in Steve’s first movie when Steve wandered off at Stark Expo? “You see that? Flying cars, that’s really something isn’t i- STEVE!? OH NO WHERES STEVE. STEVIE COME BACK. GIRLS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT IF HE INHALES SOME POLLEN AND DIES!?” He is a total hufflepuff.

Thor: Gryffindor
- Brave? Check. Chivalrous? Check. Friendly? Check. Wears a shit ton of red? Check. Yes he does learn humility and what it truly means to be kind at the end of Thor and the entirety of Thor: The Dark World but it doesn’t mean that he isn’t a real personification of Gryffindor. Most Gryffindors I personally can’t stand but Thor has a bit of a soft spot in my heart.

Loki: Slytherin
- Now his brother(ish) on the other hand… He is almost the exact opposite. Cunning, Sly, Ambitious TO THE FUCKING MAX. Hell he even DRESSES IN ALL SLYTHERIN COLORS. “He likes to… um… fiddle with the circuits… Of the entire planet! And likes to see which lights go out” - Tom Hiddleston

Bruce Banner: Ravenclaw
- Brucie is a bit of an enigma in the Ravenclaw community. He is smart and he does enjoy learning about new things but he doesn’t share the common “I am right and everyone must know it” personality. He would prefer to just learn in his little study while Tony prefers loudly shouting to all who can hear about how correct he is. That’s not bashing Tony, it’s just a fact.

Natasha Romanoff: Slytherin
- Did you not expect this? Really? My bae and I are both similar Slytherins. Lying and manipulation galore! Plus we both share the syndrome that makes us constantly look like either a depressed cat who gives no shit or a murderous angry serial killer.

Clint Barton: Hufflepuff
1) MY GIRLFRIEND JASMINE AND I (well she doesn’t know that we’re dating yet so shhhhhh)