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What could happen if you put 3 agents of Overwatch in Disneyland?

I couldn’t wait to post this so I’ll make another part with the rest of my ideas later =D 

Ps: It really happened once in Disneyland Paris: the system which hold the sword in place broke and a tourist manages to put the sword out of the stone. It made it to the news in the evening.

Things I think I know about the Throne of Glass series having never read it

Here you go, @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks !

I honestly did try to get into the series after I finished ACOMAF and before ACOWAR came out. I got a few chapters in, but the audiobook narrator is INSUFFERABLY WHINY-SOUNDING and I just couldn’t deal, so that was a no-go. But, following as many ACOTAR blogs as I do (by the way my main is @bonnie-wee-swordsman), by now, I’ve seen most of the main series spoilers, and so have ended up with a lot of scattered knowledge. Here’s what I think I know about ToG (spoilers, obviously): 

#1. Birdman Legolas has an angsty face tattoo. It tells some sort of story of his tragical past but he gets pissy when you ask about it. Classic manpain. 

–> thing I DON’T know…how big of a bird does he turn into? Like…is he a human-sized bird, or a proper bird-sized bird?? 

#2. Celaena=Aelin. Came across that one pretty early. She’s blonde and an assassin and has fire powers of some kind? And is heir to the throne of somewhere? 

#3. Sam was a precious cinnamon roll who was taken too soon. I did get far enough into the book to have been introduced to him, so I was sad to hear of his demise.  

#4. Dorian is a prince and also a sexy motherfucker and his dad sucks 

#5. Manon is a witch but in a good way 

#6. Manon’s mom is bad news bears. No clue why or how but she’s a nope 

#7. There’s a talking doorknob named Mort. which alternately makes me think of Alice in Wonderland or A Christmas Carol. 

Mort is apparently a good bloke for a piece of hardware, but I do not know how or why. 

#8. Lorcan is Cassian, basically 

#9. Elide and Lorcan snuggle on a stone floor of some kind at some point. I saw an art of this and thought it was so beautiful 

#10. Aelin is currently houdini-ing against her will in a coffin buried somewhere for some reason by some person?? Which is just a cruel cruel cliffhanger SJM 

#11. Chaol. I am told it’s pronounced “Kale” but in my mind it’s 

#12. Chaol has not yet found love? 

#13. And he got hurt somehow? 

#14. And he has his own book coming out soon? 

#15. And is mostly a broody swordy-sword guy?

#16. But also amazing? 

#17. It helped a lot to see ‘Adarlan’ written out because from only the audiobook I was like “OTTERLAND”?? 

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#18. Aelin and Rowan are mates 

#19. There is a gold nightgown at some point that makes Rowan lose his goddamn bird mind

#20. Aelin is fae but I don’t know how she came to be so…I thought she was human to start? Did she pull A Feyre on us? 

#21. There’s a castle of glass which is just dumb AF from a design and privacy standpoint. Throne of Assses

#22. There is a Cadre which is like the inner circle but bigger and possibly hotter? 

#23. There is a snuggly dragon name Abraxos and there will be a fandom riot if he/she dies

#24. Fenrys, Fenrys….Is Fenrys the dog? fuck I can’t remember. He’s either a man or the dog. 

#25. Aedion is a Thor-looking motherfucker and because of his name similarity to Aelin I’m guessing they’re related? 

#26. Crochan is…something...I have no clue but I see the word a lot 

#27. WAIT WAIT WAIT NO THE DOG IS FLEETFOOT! #better late than never. #sorry Fenrys #which sounds way too close to a ship name for Feyre and Rhys and so confused me for a long time  #fleetfoot mac 

#28. There are people/soldiers maybe? who wear yellow stockings. Alternately they are also birds hence the yellow legs. no fucking clue 

#29. Aelin likes fancy clothes 

#30. Princeling/Witchling are #goals

I will add more as they come to me. 

Let me know how I did! 

Emma Carstairs: A Legend

• saved the blackthorn children while simultaneously driving a dagger directly into Sebastian’s heart during the invasion of the Los Angeles Institute at the age of 12
• helped the mains in TMI find Sebastian even when no one at the Clave took her trial with the Mortal Sword seriously
• lowkey is the reason why the Mortal War ended
• a big sister figure to the four youngest Blackthorn’s: cuddling Tavvy when he has nightmares and picking up stuff for the Blackthorn family when she shops
• helps Jules explain things like sex and periods and other ways of life to the younger Blackthorn’s
• knows her place in the blackthorn household and even chose a room in a different corridor
• dedicated five years to knowing the truth behind her parents deaths spending every dime she had on clues from the shadow market and was still willing to give it up if it hurt the blackthorn family
• being unapologetically confident in her sexuality
• takes a whipping that could easily kill a mundane for her parabatai and Mark Blackthorn
• shows up the Unseelie King in .45 seconds even after being manipulated and specifically chosen because he thinks women are weak and easily defeated
• being the best Shadowhunter of her [all] time
• a feminist badass basically
• quick witted asf and not afraid to tell her superiors that she literally fucks with no one
• plotted against the man who hurt her best friend by trapping him on top of a colony of fire ants
• has some of the best and most underrated lines in the books
• kills one of the seven riders which is unheard of in all of history
• helps Julian burn down a stone building and also heals him after being shot with a poison arrow
• destroys the mortal sword which shatters into pieces

Things I want to see happen in the upcoming live-action version of Disney’s The Sword in the Stone:

  • Set in modern times
  • Arthur to be in his 20s
  • Merlin to have the appearance of being in his 20s
  • Arthur played by Bradley James
  • Merlin played by Colin Morgan
  • The movie picking off where the BBC Merlin season 5 finale left off
  • A Merlin movie

i just wanted to say yet again that i think Sir Galahad is the most unnecessary fictional character ever created and is basically the first ever Mary Sue because he was introduced fairly late after all the familiar elements of Arthurian stories had become settled and literally the only thing Galahad does is Mary Sue over everything and be better than everyone at the thing they were supposed to be the best at like it turns out theres a new sword in a stone and Arthur cant pull it out but Galahad pulls it out and then he goes on a grail quest and actually finds the literal physical fucking Holy Grail so fuck-off to that story element about how it was a quest that not even the greatest of knights can do and also instead of physically dying Galahad meets the spirit of Joseph of Arimethea and is like “I wanna go to heaven” so fucking angels fly down and pull his physical body up directly into heaven because he is so incredibly awesome and flawless he gets to join the “ascends directly into Heaven” club in Catholicism alongside Elijah and Mary like what the fuck fuck him Im glad his Shadowverse card sucks

The Great Polish Book Recs Post

@classic-literature-snob​ asked me for some Polish book recs, so here we go.

Polish books translated into English:

  • The Witcher Series by Andrzej Sapkowski (fantasy)
  • The Doll by Bolesław Prus (historical fiction: 19th century)
  • The Fictions/The Crocodile Street by Bruno Schulz (magic realism)
  • The Pianist by Władysław Szpilman (non-fiction: WWII; escaping from Warsaw Ghetto)
  • Who Was David Weiser? by Paweł Huelle (historical fiction: post-WWII)
  • On the Road to Babadag by Andrzej Stasiuk (contemporary)
  • A World Apart by Gustaw Herling-Grudziński (non-fiction: WWII; memories of a Gulag survivor)
  • Wedding by Stanisław Wyspiański (play; pretty heavy symbolism)
  • The Peasants by Władysław Reymont (historical fiction: late 19th century; Nobel prize winner)
  • The Shoemakers by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (play; magic realism)
  • Short stories by Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz (especially Friends & Lovers of Marona, if you can find those)
  • Like Eating a Stone by Wojciech Tochman (non-fiction; civil war in Bosnia)
  • Story For a Friend by Halina Poświatowska (kind of an autobiography)
  • Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz (historical fiction: Roman Empire; beginnings of Christianity; Nobel prize winner)
  • The Trilogy (With Fire and Sword, The Deluge & Sir Michael) by Henryk Sienkiewicz (historical fiction: 17th century; respectively: the Khmelnitsky Uprising, the Swedish invasion, also known as the Deluge & war against Ottoman Empire)
  • Solaris by Stanisław Lem (sci-fi)
  • The Stranger by Maria Kuncewiczowa (psychological)
  • Czesław Miłosz (poetry; Nobel prize winner)
  • Wisława Szymborska (poetry; Nobel prize winner)
  • Tadeusz Różewicz (poetry)
  • Zbigniew Herbert (poetry)

Books that haven’t been translated into English (yet):

  • Dobry by Waldemar Łysiak (historical fiction: PRL)
  • Taksim* by Andrzej Stasiuk (contemporary)
  • Drach* & Król by Szczepan Twardoch (historical fiction)
  • literally anything by Miron Białoszewski (mostly poetry and diaries)
  • Czterdzieści i cztery by Wojciech Piskorski (fantasy/historical fiction)
  • Gnój by Wojciech Kuczok (contemporary)
  • Najgorszy człowiek na świecie by Małgorzata Halber (contemporary)
  • Kobieta nie-doskonała by Sylwia Kubryńska (contemporary)
  • Inne pieśni by Jacek Dukaj (sci-fi)
  • Śmierć w Breslau by Marek Krajewski (crime story/historical fiction)
  • Jeżycjada by Małgorzata Musierowicz (contemporary, YA)
  • Tango by Sławomir Mrożek (play, contemporary)
  • Siekierezada by Edward Stachura (magic realism)
  • Akademia Pana Kleksa by Jan Brzechwa (kids lit)
  • Wakacje z duchami by Adam Bahdaj (YA; detective story)
  • Pan Samochodzik i templariusze and the rest of the series by Zbigniew Nienacki (YA; detective story)
  • Kamienie na szaniec (non-fiction: WWII)

*available in German

These are some of my favorites. Feel free to reblog and add yours!

This Is Going to Be About Heroes

Enough of the educators who were at ALAN/ NCTE ‘16 have asked me for the transcript of my keynote there that I’ve finally decided to post it. Here it is, give or take.


This is going to be about heroes.

I’m going to tell you three stories about heroes and bravery, and then I’m going to tell you how all three of those stories could be told differently.

Nowadays, I find myself a professional storyteller. A maker of heroes. I spend my days putting swords in stones, monsters under beds, ghosts in attics. I have learned that often the difference between a hero and a villain is merely the narrator I choose for the lens of the story. I have learned, too, that the difference between a horror and a romance is sometimes as simple as where I choose to begin the story. A tragedy and a comedy can convey the same events — the difference is in how you tell them.

I’ve also learned that this isn’t just true of the stories I write. It’s true in the story I’m living. The first hero I ever built was myself.

So. These three stories. I’m sharing these three stories about heroes because I want to talk about how the most important stories we tell are the ones we tell about ourselves. Those who have the power and wherewithal to change the narrative of the events around them are the ones who will change the future. Those who have the guts to say “that’s not my version of events” when they hear someone else telling their story are the ones who get to own their own story.

Here is story number one: I drove down to NCTE from my home in Virginia on Saturday. It was supposed to be about a seven and a half hour drive but it turned into a ten hour trip because of Atlanta traffic. Because of my car’s tiny gas tank, I ended up stopping for gas three times. Each time I pulled into a station, a thing happened, the same thing that’s been happening every time I park my car in a public place for the past month. I’ll get out of my car and swipe my card at the pump, feeling like there are eyes on me. I plug in my zip code and put the fuel nozzle in the car, and as I do, I’ll see that the eyes are attached to a motorist or a pedestrian who has paused to stare at me. By the time the tank is full and I’ve gotten my receipt, I’ll discover that they’ve made their way over to me. The conversation goes pretty much the same way every time.

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Damn, College of Satire, Stone Sorcerer, and Oath of Treachery didn’t make it.

At least Drunken Master and Oath of Redemption made it in, and Celestial Warlock is a great way to build a more casting-heavy paladin without ruining the flavor, but I’m not happy about how much of this is reprinted from Sword Coast Adventure Guide. Or from a baby name site; why the fuck do you need a list of real world names in a D&D book, just Google “French/Indian/German names” or maybe learn about the world on your own

Also it looks like there’s ONLY the racial feats, which kinda sucks. Especially if you like playing the neglected monster folks.

anonymous asked:

Hi! How are you? I saw the pictures of your previous trip to Japan. They are awesome. I plan to visit Kyoto this April and I would like to ask which Shinsengumi related places are worth the visit? Are there any places where I can buy Hakuouki related things? Last year I watched the whole Hakuouki anime series (all of the seasons, movies, specials) and I became a fan and I would like to visit the places which were mentioned in the anime. As you were there in April was it crowded? Best wishes, Éva

Thank you! I didn’t post nearly enough of them, honestly, I have so much more to talk about because the whole experience was just… completely surreal, but what is time? 

There are books dedicated to touring Japan to visit significant sites relating to the Shinsengumi, including two Hakuouki ones (one of which JUST came out). Of course, the biggest issue is that this information is all in Japanese and that’s something you’re going to come up against if you want to visit these places. You definitely don’t have to understand Japanese (I’ve heard of people managing) but it honestly helps.

My personal trip started in Tokyo, then we went down to Kyoto, back up North to Aizu-Wakamatsu and then onto Hakodate. We really just focused on many of the big spots but there’s just so much to cover, two weeks was never going to be enough, especially as it was my friend’s first time in Japan too so we had other things to do. 

As to the crowds, being hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season Tokyo and Kyoto were crowded, but I feel like that’s always a thing since it’s Japan, but the more you go off the beaten path, and the Shinsengumi sites kind of are off the beaten path, it’s not so bad. Aizu and Hakodate are definitely not as crowded, especially with foreign tourists. My friend and I were definitely standouts.

As far as being able to buy Hakuouki related goods, if it’s related to the Shinsengumi your chances of finding Hakuouki things to buy is high but it really depends on the location. I had the best luck in Kyoto, Aizu, and Hakodate since… they’re kind of big Shinsengumi hot spots, but we didn’t spend a lot of time in Tokyo for me to really go looking for stuff there. (I will say there is a disappointing lack of stuff in the Animates I went to.) I’ll be going back in April and focusing more on the sites in Tokyo so I’ll have to report back on that.

Here’s some of the major highlights of my trip that might be most worth noting:

**Warning: Long post is long! Click the location names for relevant links!**


Hijikata Toshizou Museum

The Hijikata family residence where Hijikata’s family resided during his lifetime has evolved to include a museum. Since the site is still a private residence, the added on museum is only open during certain days of the year. Typically two Sundays each month. Hino is considered part of greater Tokyo, but it’s quite a hike from the city itself. This is one of those places you have to be prepared to go to and spend a good chunk of your day at. The museum is small and you won’t be there long but it’s a wonderful place to go. The family runs it and is very pleasant to visit with. This is also where you would go to see Hijikata’s beloved sword, Izuminokami Kanesada. 


Being that Hino is Hijikata’s hometown, there’s more than just the museum to visit. Just a few minutes journey from the museum is the Sekiden-ji or Sekiden Temple which is one of at least four places, I believe, with a grave for Hijikata. It’s a temple with a cemetery, containing many members of the Hijikata family, so it’s important to be respectful but it’s easy to find the stone marker and the grave itself is nearby. 

Hino also has a big Shinsengumi festival every year in May. One of these days I’m going to go to it. 

It’s good to wander around the city a bit. There’s so many houses with the Hijikata name plate and it’s clear this town is proud of it’s famous historical figure. I’m looking forward to going back and exploring it more on my own to see what I missed last time.

Itabashi - Kondou Isami’s Grave Marker

Itabashi is where Kondou was executed and after the war was over, Nagakura Shinpachi built the grave to memorialize the commander in 1876. Hijikata’s name is also inscribed on the stone pillar. Nearby is also a grave for Shinpachi as well. It’s a straight shot from Itabashi station so it’s not too difficult to find. The grave honestly is a memorial to the entirety of the Shinsengumi, but being that this is where Kondou was executed, it has special significance for that reason.

Other places to visit in Tokyo, that I intend to visit when I go back this year, include: 

Shieikan dojo - There’s nothing much remaining here beyond a stone marker, but this is the origin of the Shinsengumi and worth visiting.
Ryuugen-ji - Kondou’s body was brought here (sans his head) after his execution and buried. 
Imado Shrine - This site is primarily famous for being the birthplace of the manekineko or ‘lucky cats’ but it’s also significant for being the site of the hospital where Okita Souji was supposed to be recovering from tuberculosis. It’s not his grave or where he actually died though.
Sensou-ji - But his grave is close at the famous Sensou-ji, however, it is only open one day a year.
Chofu/Mitaka City - Birthplace of Kondou Isami and many members of the Shinsengumi. 
Kashio Bridge - Former site of the Battle of Koushuu-Katsunuma, the battle the followed the Battle of Toba-Fushimi and Kondou Isami’s last battle before his execution.


Mibudera / Yagi House

One of the sites of the Shinsengumi’s headquarters, these two places are a must see. The nice thing is that once you find one, the other is right down the same road, practically around the corner. You’ll see big “makoto” banners that signify they’re Shinsengumi sites. The Yagi House does do tours but they will not be in English (hopefully you get the nice man with the strong Kansai accent–he’s super nice). After the tour you get to go to the little shop that’s out in front for some tea and a treat as part of paying for a ticket for the tour. There’s a little garden in Mibudera that you pay 100 yen to get into but that’s where all the statues and memorials are that are the highlight. Including this really neat prayer board:

Nishi Honganji

The second headquarters of the Shinsengumi. It’s HUGE and it’s beautiful. Definitely worth a visit. Seriously, my pictures do not do the size of this place justice. It was immense. No wonder the squad wanted to relocate here. 

Ikeda Inn/Hana no Mai Restaurant

Now the site of the Hana no Mai Ikeda Inn branch but there’s a stone marker outside that states that this is the site where the Ikeda Inn used to stand. You need to make reservations but worth it for a good meal and where I drank my way through the Hakuouki Shinsengumi XD

Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle is a good place to visit just because it’s Kyoto and it’s where the Shogun lived when he was being protected by the Shinsengumi. As I recall it’s the site in the Hakuouki game where Kazama and the other demons reveal themselves to Chizuru while the Shinsengumi are guarding the Shogun.

Sanjo Bridge

We weren’t able to make it here, being on a time crunch, but it is near the castle. A site that is also famous to the Shinsengumi and all of Kyoto in general. This is the bridge where the notice was that Sano protected in Hakuouki. It’s also said that there’s a sword wound on one of the pillars on the east side from the Ikeda Inn Incident. 


Our ryokan was here so we got kind of an intimate experience of the area but it’s a nice little area to explore if you have the chance. The infamous red light district, this is where many men, the Shinsengumi included, would go to relax and drink off-duty. The entrance gate is kind of the major tourist attraction but this is where you can find the Sumiya.


This is the ageya famous for being visited frequently by Serizawa Kamo and the location where Hijikata and Kondou got Serizawa drunk before later assassinating him at the Yagi House. It’s also the oldest remaining example of an ageya still in existence. There’s sword marks inside made by Serizawa on the first and second floor. You need to make a reservation to see the second floor but it’s so worth it. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside (which is pretty typical) but there’s one room that is just covered all over with inlaid mother of pearl and it’s just insane. And they still don’t know how they did it! 

You are allowed to take pictures on the first floor and this is supposedly one of the sword marks from Serizawa:

Our ryokan was literally two houses down from this site and when I realized where we were I might have had an emotional freak out… >_>

There’s soooo many places in Kyoto though, one day I hope to go back and find the others that I know we missed. Fun side-story, one of the things one of my friends wanted to do what do some Shinsengumi cosplay, so he found us a shop that did it and on our last day in Kyoto we dressed up and got to visit the Mibudera in our outfits, it was pretty embarrassing but I’m glad we did it XD

Here, have a picture:

Ironically, it was the one day in our stay that it was RAINING LIKE CRAZY -_-


Tsuruga-jou (Tsuruga Castle) aka Aizu-Wakamatsu Castle

When Saitou talks about defending Aizu, this is the castle at the center of it all. Tsuruga Castle was the home of Lord Matsudaira Katamori, who is the man responsible for sponsoring the Shinsengumi in the first place. He is the man that they feel indebted to and is basically the man they answered to, ultimately, and this is where he and his family resided. And for me, this is where my fascination with this period in history started, so naturally I had to go back. The original castle had been so riddled artillery fire during the Battle of Aizu, that it was demolished by the new government in 1874. The tenshu, the largest tower of the castle, was reconstructed in 1965 and currently houses a museum on the inside. It really is a must-see for anyone interested in the Bakumatsu and the Shinsengumi. 

Iimori-yama (Iimori Hill) / Byakko-tai Memorial

The Byakko-tai was a squadron of young teenage boys from the Aizu domain that fought to defend Tsuruga Castle and the city of Aizu during the Battle of Aizu. They were fighting along with the remnants of the Shinsengumi that stayed behind (such as Saitou), perhaps not directly though under the same banner of Aizu, but tragically, when the boys saw Tsuruga Castle burning they assumed the castle had fallen and each committed ritual suicide on the hill. While the castle would eventually fall, the tragedy is the boys’ death was premature. At the top of a long path of stairs climbing up the side of the hill (mountain? Feels like a mountain lol) is the memorial dedicated to them. This was the site where I really felt my first interest in the Bakumatsu and the Boshin War blossoming, so while not exactly a Shinsengumi site per se, it’s still related history and worth visiting. 



The famous site of the last battle of the Boshin War. Goryoukaku fort is where Hijikata retreats with what remains of the pro-Shogunate forces when they flee to Hokkaido, at the time called Ezo. Now the site is a park that is infamous for it’s gorgeous cherry blossoms. I was sad that unfortunately we were there a little too soon for the cherry blossoms but practically all the trees on the site are cherry blossom trees so when they are in full bloom it is quite a site I’m told. 

The Magistrate’s Office (lower picture) was only recently rebuilt as a museum over the site of the original office and is the location of Hijikata and Chizuru’s infamous kiss in Hakuouki ;) Though in reality it is the last stand of Hijikata and his beleaguered men. Walking through it is rather incredible as much detail was put into the restoration and one of the rare sites that lets you take pictures throughout the interior. They had DVDs for sale that went through the details and the lengths that they went through to reconstruct the Magistrate’s Office and it is beyond fascinating, I purchased a copy and hope to be able to share it some day.

Goryoukaku Tower

Not necessarily a Shinsengumi site historically speaking but if you want a nice aerial view of Goryoukaku Fort this is where you want to go. Also, personally, there’s two wonderful Hijikata statues here that are worth seeing, and a whole blow-by-blow of the Battle of Hakodate that’s really neat and that I have pictures of that I hope to share at some point.

Shomyo-ji (Shomyo Temple) / Memorial Monument for Hijikata Toshizou and the Shinsengumi

Here’s a description taken from the sign on site:

“After joining Enomoto’s army, Toshizo Hijikata (deputy leader of Shinsengumi) was killed in the battle of Hakodate. Opinions are divided regarding the exact location of his burial; Ippongi in Wakamatsu-cho, Tsuruoka-cho, or Eikokubashi in Jujigai. A record taken from the Kongoji Temple in Hino, Hijikata’s hometown in present-day suburban Tokyo, only noted that Hijikata’s memorial monument was erected in Shomyoji Temple in Hakodate. The monument did not survive three fires during the Meiji era, and the present monument was erected in 1973 by volunteers. 

Four others names of Shinsengumi members’, whose tombstones in Shomyoji Temple were destroyed during a typhoon in 1953, were also engraved on the monument.”

Monument Marking the Site of Hijikata’s Death

Located in front of a rather normal office building, this was the end of our pilgrimage, which I’m not a religious person necessarily but the weight of standing here and having come so far, I cried. Finding this was a little difficult but we had managed to get lucky and when I explained to our taxi driver why we were there and what we were doing and he literally drove us to our last two destinations pointing out highlights and patiently waiting for us at each site. It’s really cheesy, I know, but coming here was the pinnacle of a long journey and I really hope I can go back again one day to pay my respects again.

This person’s blog has some great suggestions of things to see in Kyoto relating to the Shinsengumi:

Of course, as I said earlier, the only downside is that none of it is in English, which is going to be the struggle for anyone really wanting an immersive Shinsengumi or Bakumatsu experience. While you can get around not knowing the language I feel like, honestly, there would be a lot lacking. Especially if you try to venture further North to Aizu or Hakodate, Aizu in particular would be tough for non-Japanese speakers. 

There were so many places to see and since I was not on my own there was just not enough time to hit them all, but these were the major stopping points on our tour along the path of the Shinsengumi. 

Also I love Alistair being like “you’re going to let the guy who just tried to murder us join the team?” when Alistair, buddy, we got a qunari who butchered eight people because he lost a sword, a giant stone monster murder machine who is literally stomping the local bird population to death as we speak, and Morrigan who turns into a giant spider and eats people, the real trick is finding someone on this team who hasn’t committed some kind of recent atrocity 

Magical Items

It is common in fairy tales for powerful and magical items that end up in the hero’s hands, so some items based on this concept.

 Windsinger’s Cornet- A powerful horn that with one blow can flatten a castle

Tidelord’s Eye- A crystalline sphere that shows your heart’s desire

Flamecaller’s Light- A unbreakable glass lamp that glows brightest when all hope is lost.

Stormcatcher’s Dowsing Rod- Sick and tired of the hacks Stormcatcher made some rods that actually find water, not really magical but the patent is pending

Icewarden’s Fang- A dagger made of fine white steel, freezes anything upon contact

Shadowbinder’s Cloak- A cloak made of shadows that conceals its wearer, doesn’t work on sunny days 

Lightweaver’s Mirror- A small and ornate hand-mirror that only shows the truth

Gladekeeper’s Pouch- A pouch that is contains the seeds of every plant of Sornieth and is always full no matter how much is taken from it

Plaguebringer’s Sword- A sword of pestilence, it slays with even a small nick- but it is also said that the wound can be healed by a small aloe stored in the hilt of the sword

Arcanist’s Star- A brilliant and bright stone that was believed to be once part of a star, it radiates enough magical energy to power an army of mages

Earthshaker’s Table Cloth- Despite the humble appearance, it is object of great desire- for once place upon the ground and saying “Dinner is ready!” food appears in great portion, enough to feed a whole clan for a day

Been thinking alot about how fandom really focuses on Sansa and ‘lying’. To me, it is very overstated and overfocused considering Sansa never lies with malicious intent to hurt people. Sure, how she shapes and interprets reality in A Game Of Thrones especially with the Trident Incident is important (where she falsely recalls Mycah hitting Joffrey) is important, but it’s not the be end all of the character. How Sansa grows and changes is also vital. Here, I’ll try to make clear that lying is not one of Sansa’s ‘flaws’, she is human and is not perfect but holding her lies against her doesn’t really work.

I don’t mind discussion about how lying impacts on Sansa, and the role in plays within her story- my problem is when people use that as a reason to be against her character.

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y'all i had so much fun cosplaying mare barrow. i literally felt like such a kickass princess because i did this in honor of being discharged from the mental hospital (that story is somewhere else on my page)


what i did: half of my face is mareena. the other half is mare. one the mareena side i tried to look cold and dead like a silver hence the cool tone foundation and dark makeup. basically, i did my very best to be silver and even added a silver flush that you can see if you look closely.
on the other side- i made myself look beat up and worn down like mare. i added as much color and damage to my face ask possible. i also attempted some pretty terrible looking lightning scars.


this was so much fun. i hope everyone, including Queen Vic, loves it as much as I did. @vaveyard 🖤🖤🖤

xoxo, iliana 🌹

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Summary: It’s been a summer of fun and romance with Peter in Neverland, but as the summer comes to an end, you must decide whether to stay in Neverland or go home to Storybrooke. You’re ready to tell Peter your final choice when an overheard conversation between Peter and Felix gives you second thoughts.

Word Count: 1228

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: I know this one is named after a song by The Clash, but don’t think that doesn’t mean I didn’t listen to “Summer Nights” from the Grease soundtrack on a loop while writing it. Because I so did. 

To say it had been a hell of a summer was an understatement.

When you’d first stumbled onto the island, you weren’t sure you would actually be staying any longer than five minutes, especially when you’d heard of the big-headed, narcissistic dictator who resided there.

Who could have predicted that the seemingly stuffy Boy King would have ended up becoming the highlight of your summer?

Every morning, the two of you would race along Crocodile Creek, a daily competition of who could reach Mermaid Lagoon first.

And every morning, you would win, Peter panting behind you and claiming that he “let you win”.

But nothing could have beat those summer nights.

Peter would chase you through the valley, eventually tackling you and causing you both to collapse in a fit of breathless giggles.

Once on the ground, the two of you would lie for hours just gazing up at the stars. You’d never known how clear and beautiful the night sky was in Neverland.

That’s when Peter would put an arm around you and pull you closer, and you’d rest your head on his chest. Doing so felt so natural, like your body fit perfectly next to his. Like the two of you could stay like that forever.

Unfortunately, you could not.

As the end of summer neared ever closer, you knew a question was sitting in the air. It was not only going through your head, but also through Peter’s, and even through the Lost Boys’:

Were you going to stay here for good?

Truthfully, you didn’t know. Going to Neverland had been an accident, a simple spell gone wrong. Surely you had to go home, didn’t you?

After all, this was Peter Pan you were talking about! For all you knew, he could have had a different girl playing Wendy Darling for him every season.

But then you thought of the way he’d gaze at you, like you were the only thing worth looking at in the entire camp. You thought of how he’d hold an arm out protectively whenever he heard the slightest sound when walking together in the woods, and all the fiery comebacks he’d spit whenever one of the Lost Boys tried to gang up on you.

This couldn’t really just be some summer fling, could it?

This inner debate went on in your head for days, and finally, the time came to talk to Peter.

You took a deep breath before crossing the campsite to Peter’s tent.

C'mon, you mentally cheered yourself on. You got this, Y/N.

Right as you were about to enter, a voice that was not Peter’s came from inside the tent, and you froze.

What this voice was saying made your heart sink to the lowest part of your chest.

“…And that’s why you got to cut her loose, man. Trust me, she seems fun now, but there’s no way she has what it takes to be a Lost Girl full time.”

You felt anger boiling up within you, and you balled up your fists. Felix.

“So, how are you gonna break the news to poor little Y/N?” You heard Felix push on, and you turned on your heels, high-tailing it back to your tent. Very quickly, you began to pack your knapsack of all the items you’d managed to collect while being in Neverland. It’s not like you’d came to Neverland with a lot, so gathering all your new belongings didn’t take long.

So much for a summer romance.

You were a person of many characteristics: you were smart, resourceful, and sometimes, you laughed so hard you snorted. One of your characteristics, however, was not staying somewhere where you clearly weren’t welcome.

When you left your tent, you’d expected to go into the clearing, give both Felix and Peter a piece of your mind, and then make your dramatic and memorable exit.

What you didn’t expect was to enter the clearing and become a witness in a dangerous looking standoff between Felix and Peter. Felix was furious, his eyes wild and crazed. Peter remained composed and still, but something told you he wouldn’t stay like that for long if Felix continued.

The Lost Boys were surrounding the two boys, eager and ready to watch the fight. You dropped your knapsack to the ground, shoving your way through them to get to Peter.

Once beside him, you stared at him, bewildered. “Peter, what the hell is going on?”

“Oh, great! The Lost Girl herself is here!” Felix bellowed, throwing his arms up in the air with hostility.

You glanced at Felix, and his expression towards you was filled with hate and disgust.

Peter put a hand on your arm, and you returned your attention to him, desperately needing him to explain what the actual fuck was going on.

Calmly, he stated, “Felix was just going to grab his things and leave, Y/N. It seems he no longer understands the purpose of our camp anymore.”

“I understand this camp just fine, Peter!” Felix spat, his shaggy blonde hair falling in his eyes from his angry head flailing. “I understand that we’re a camp of Lost Boys, not Lost Boys plus whoever Peter decides to let tag along because of some…infatuation!”

You grew immediately uncomfortable as you realized this argument was purely about you.

You knew Peter had been being relatively calm and collected about the whole matter, but Felix’s response sparked something in him. In the blink of an eye, Peter drew the sword from his belt and pointed the tip towards Felix’s throat.

“Felix,” Peter began, his voice so quickly transforming from unperturbed to deadly in a matter of seconds, “You’re going to get your things and you’re going to leave Neverland, and you’re not going to disturb us again. Do you understand?”

For the briefest moment, you thought Felix was going to cry. Instead, though, he just slowly nodded, and began to turn away from you and Peter.

But as soon as Peter’s sword slid back into his belt, Felix was spinning around and lunging at you.

Now, you were not an advocate of violence. Really, you weren’t.

But you also knew that, occasionally, some jackasses needed a good beating.

So, with a guiltless heart, you swung your fist at Felix and decked him right in the eye. He dropped like a stone, and for a moment, everyone was in silent shock. Peter’s jaw was wide open, as well as the jaws of the Lost Boys.

Then, one of the Lost Boys started clapping. Then, whooping. One by one, all of the Lost Boys began to cheer, one even screaming, “Hell yeah! That’s how you get ‘em, Y/N!”

You turned to look at Peter, and his face held a mix of of temporary disbelief and pure amazement.

“Hey, I was just-” You began to justify yourself to Peter when he leaned in and kissed you, picking you up off the ground and twirling you around.

As nervous as it made you to show this kind of PDA in front of the Lost Boys, Peter kissing you only caused them to cheer more, and you let your unease melt away, enjoying the moment.

Felix was out cold, and so Peter ordered two of the boys to carry him back to his tent.

Peter and you watched as one boy lifted Felix’s feet and the other lifted his shoulders. 

Turning to you, he said with a smirk, “And to think Felix accused you of not having what it takes to be a Lost Girl.”

wowie this took a lot of turns ty for reading my dumb writing ily