also the story about his wife was really cute


Recently I’ve been getting back into Hey Arnold! (again…) and with all the hype about Nick dropping some heavy clues that our long wait for the jungle movie or just any news at all for the ending we all know Hey Arnold! Needs and deserves well I couldn’t help it but get back to reading fanfiction again!

Now now … lately I’ve been complaining a lot about the bad fanfiction I’ve been reading and how little rec lists there are since the fandom is sorta tiny so I decided to make a rec list of fanfictions that won’t make you wanna cringe!

So I might as well get this one out of the way, since most of the fandom has read it and it’s one of those “fanfiction the entire fandom knows about” but I’m sure there’s a few people here and there that haven’t read it and the story is of course, the amazing,

Ribbons/Hair/Never/There by Heidi Patacki

This is an amazing one; I love how realistic but yet somehow still canon the characters are. I won’t spoil much since it’s that amazing, it will make you cry. I’ve read this fic many times and every time I read it I become more and more emotionally attached to it.

Anyway on with the list!

Tutoring Arnold by Azure129

I must admit, when I saw it was rated K+ I was a bit skeptical and didn’t think it would be all that great… but to my surprise I fell in love with it. Helga tutors Arnold and this is set after the confession, the characters are written flawlessly I swear it could’ve been an actual series of episodes! Also this fic is lengthy and extremely charming! So if you love really long fanfics with lots and lots of cute fluff this is a must read!

Learning to be Helga by Azure 129

This is the sequel to Tutoring Arnold, again amazing and very lengthy except this one is 28 chapters and that’s even better if you love really long fics!

Christmas in Brooklyn by Heidi Patacki

This is another one of those classics in the fandom, but surprisingly less hyped up than Ribbons/Hair/Never/There. This one will warm your heart and then step all over it. Helga gets into an elevator accident and well… that’s about as much as I’ll give away.

Let me be your hero by AiraChica

Helga G Pataki, the girl that takes no one’s shit is left broken in the most unfortunate of events, and Arnold is there to help her find herself again. Don’t worry, you know me already… I hate stories in which Helga is weak and this is not one of them! She just had something terrible happen to her but she manages to be the strong and brilliant Helga G Pataki we all love in the end again!

Dropped the ball by Luvtowritefics247

The consequences of a drunken night between our favourite tipsy blondes, especially Helga who more sooner than later realized she couldn’t keep her secret from her football headed love god for long.

The swing of things by Luvtowritefics247

Sequel to Dropped the ball, a cute story of Arnold trying to get well the swing of things with the lovely tough blonde girl we all love after the newest member of the duo came a long.

Let’s be ‘friends’ by StarvingWriterMaeve

Just trust me, this one’s hilarious and cute ;) also fuzzy slippers!!!

Love is like a baseball bat by StarvingWriterMaeve

This one is incredibly the good kind of cheesy, also if you’re a baseball fan you’ll love this one. I love this one, and it’s really cute how Arnold and Helga interact.

Blue Oceans by Jae B

This one is an interesting one, in which Arnold and Helga talk about their love story to Gerald and his wife. (Also, I think this counts as one of those “fanfiction the entire fandom knows about.)

The pink ribbon that he untied by Pyrex Shards

So this one guys, is one of my favourites, possible actually it is my favourite! I love how well the characters are written, and also it takes a look as to how Arnold feels about Helga after a confrontation. Also just look at how beautifully written it is

“I’m that bully and I’m the girl, that, Cecile that has your heart. I’m both of them at the same time. I’m not bi-polar Arnold, and I don’t have split personalities. That little girl doesn’t hide alone in here somewhere only to come out in your presence. She’s me. She’s always been this basket case of a woman that I am. The entirety of my being is in love with you Arnold. So much that I can say, that I, my heart, my soul, my mind, my body, belongs to you. Do you understand that?

The pink ribbon that he untied is a MUST READ.

Arnold’s couch confessions by DarthRoden76

Arnold visits Dr.Bliss and he finds out what his true feelings for Helga are. This is a really sweet one guys :’).

A Letter For Helga by Otter

Arnold writes a letter to Helga (Doi…!) I just added this in here because I thought it was real cute.

THIS IS JUST THE FIRST PART GUYS THERE’S GONNA BE MORE IN A FEW DAYS but this is long enough already so enjoy!!!

Why I think Newtina is so exciting

I think it’s really cool that we even get to see this budding relationship between Newt and Tina.

Think about it, JK Rowling only wrote and published the textbook ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them’ for charity and because it would be cute and interesting to read something Harry Potter had read.

She wrote out an 'About the Author’ section as a spoof of literally all modern books, (mentioning where the writer lives now, with their spouse and few children/ pets) and casually decided to mention that this Newt Scamander fellow had a wife named Porpentina (haha, animal names).

But she was so intrigued by the world of Newt Scamander that she decided to write his story. About his creatures, his adventures, and also about his personal life, like how he met his wife.

Which is so really really cute because this is this old wizard couple, casually mentioned, and now we get to see the story of who they were and what they did and how they met.

And we already know they marry, and they’re two mature adults. I think JK Rowling has a wonderful opportunity to show us how a slow, healthy, adult relationship grows into a long, happy marriage. This is so rare in fiction cuz we ALWAYS get the same 'will they, won’t they’ couples or the straight off the bat happily ever after central romances. And I really think that Newtina will be such a wonderful relationship to watch slowly unfold on screen, you know?
Like we get to see all of it, from the day they met, to maybe years after they are married. And it’s such a breath of fresh air.


holy shit it’s ten thirty; this game is so easy to get sucked into

I went into this fully planning on romancing Barista Dad Mat, but then Craig showed up and was so great with the college stories and the cute hair and ugh

so I decided I’d romance him but then

but then


Jesus Dad

oh my god he’s so adorable??? I want to rescue him from his terrible wife and make his children happy

Also, I’m conflicted about Brian. I really like Daisy and Amanda’s relationship, but I’m not really a fan of the competitive thing. Although I am 100% sure I’d like it better if I didn’t keep losing every single minigame in this game.