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i keep thinking about that post that went around a while back, about a high school rom com where an unpopular girl has to go to prom with the most popular boy in the school for a bet or a dare or whatever, and instead she falls for the dude’s female friend who’s been put in charge of the makeover

and i think you could do a lot of interesting things with that, especially if the unpopular one starts out with that alienated-kid thing where she’s developed a little dash of internalized misogyny and “not like other girls” and dismissive of anything too strongly female-coded

and if the popular girl can see through that bullshit and calls her on it, but also feels a little boxed in sometimes by the makeup-as-empowerment beauty industry, like sometimes you just wanna go outside without thinking about how your face looks, and also maybe she’s internalized a little too strongly that you have to be nice to people no matter what and the unpopular girl is like, nah fuck that.

and they could teach each other things and they could argue about performative identities and they could secretly like the exact same super-saccharine pop ballad, and they confront each other about the ways they’re eat lying to themselves, and possibly they don’t even wind up going to prom, they just confess their feelings and spend most of the evening in somebody’s old treehouse with craft supplies and glitter, writing a comic book about a team of girl superheroes and occasionally taking breaks to make out

but i have literally already written a teen rom com about a same sex couple and a plot that involves fake dating at prom, and good lord that is one hyper-specific niche to write yourself into

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fire emblem awakening / fates / echoes
the last of us
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get to know mc: social media profile series [1/?]

kaon mantiani from the freshman / sophomore 

taylor hill as kaon mantiani

I’ve seen a lot of social media au’s recently and decided to go for it. Also becca’s post is inspired by ravenscryx’s post

next up is instagram!


I did a translation of the new HYYH notes that are coming out these days. This is the first Namjoon HYYH note from Love Yourself. Keep in mind this is translated from chinese scans, so there might be mistakes (also cause this is just my third year studying chinese and it’s my third language). This is set in year 20 so it’s set before Tae run away.

We must live on/survive is actually something Namjoon wrote on a mirror/window in the Prologue so it must refer to that!! And the secret base is speculated to be the classroom where Sugakookie play the piano or where the photoshoot for boy in luv (I think?) was set:

Here’s the original Chinese scan (if anyone who knows it better than me want to check it out). cred

Picked up a Mega Man art book at a used bookstore the other day :D I’ve always had a soft spot for Mega Man designs, these and Magic: the Gathering cards basically taught me how to draw. My only complaint about the book is that it doesn’t have anything from the Mega Man Battle Network series, which has some spectacular character design, but which I can’t seem to find in a proper collection anywhere.


so after groundhog day on sunday, I was done at the stage door and andy was still talking to the people at the very end of the line for about a half an hour, while i went to sit down on one of the steps of the theater. after he was done at the stage door, andy went back in to the theater to collect something of his, and about an hour later, me still sitting on the step, he goes to meet orfeh and a few of their friends outside and they start walking towards me to pass me on their way somewhere. so they’re walking towards me and I’m like “oh shit” and look down at my phone. I can’t help but to look up as he walks past, though, and he takes about two steps past me but then stops and turns to me, I say “I’m just moping around for a while, that’s all” and he smiles and thanks me for being awesome for coming a bunch, or whatever, I respond “no, thank you so much” then he lunges towards me and extends his right hand out to me, in what i suspected was just for a low five, so I comply, and reach out with my right hand to hit it back, a pained from the show smile on my face as we lock eyes, and at the same time slapping my hand down onto his but then he CURLS HIS FINGERS INTO MY HAND when they meet and by natural reflex I grab it back. OUR FINGERS LOCK for almost a full second, looking into each other’s eyes, and I’m utterly shocked by this. after the (too quick) second passes, he starts to let go. as he does, he also begins to turn his body while looking at me for another second and as he starts walking and turning his head away from me, I let slip out of my mouth, in what now I can only hope was a quiet enough voice for him to only catch maybe the first word, the words “I love you”, each word getting quieter, the sentence trailing off, as I realize what I’m saying while I’m saying it, and then he walks away. of course it was tempting to get up and follow him but at the same time I didn’t want a restraining order from andy karl himself and more importantly I couldn’t pull myself away from the theatre anyway. so I sit there for the next five minutes staring at my hand and repeating the motions of the low five/hand hold a few times and I just break down crying for fifteen minutes straight and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since and I almost start crying every time I do

tl;dr this is the long winded version of the story of the events leading up to the time I quietly (so he hopefully didn’t hear me) told Andy Karl that I love him. and I really meant it. I am shooketh.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 1: lets introduce viewers to the series with a 1-episode arc that quickly introduces the main characters and how alchemy works!

Fullmetal Alchemist manga page 1: hello reader, here’s a 10-year-old kid who’s missing a leg


I cropped some of my TAZ fanart to fit into phone wallpaper sizes since I get a lot of messages of people trying to edit them to the proper resolution. Here are some Lup-centric ones (I plan on doing more but these are just the first). In case tumblr destroys the quality on these, here’s an imgur album with the proper 1080x1920 resolutions:

You can edit these into your theme or icons, I don’t mind. This goes for playlist covers, album art, AMV usage as well. Just don’t remove credit and give me a shout out when you do so! I’d rather people not just completely reupload these to other sites though.

who deserves happiness and everything good in the world?


jyn and cassian (from various videos)

warhammers, shields, arrows, swords...what century is this?? have you not heard of guns??