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I really wanna do this cool fanfic thing

((Its basically a crossover between Diaries and Mystreet. Ive had this idea for the past months but I never really had any idea on how to properly get it out there. I didnt wanna do one of those kinds of fanfics where they are short, fast paced, poorly written. I wanted to make this one like one of those really high quality fanfics that are slow paced and have just really good story in them, however I still never got time to write or to properly plan and order the story. But I still wanna share my idea. I am still debating on what to exactly do.

It takes place in Season 3 of Diaries, and that intermission season between Season 3 and 4 of Mystreet. 

[spoilers for my friends who still need to catch up on the series]

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Welcome to Week Five of Ichiruki Month 2017!

Thank you so much for all you have created and all you have shared with us this month. In honour of that, have some bonus prompts! 

Here are this week’s prompts:

  • Monday: Fade to Black
  • Tuesday: “Thanks to you, the rain has stopped.”
  • Wednesday: Honeymoon Spread
  • Thursday: Dance With Snow White

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Shade at Flash Writers

Hey Flash writers if Candice is confused about Iris being a reporter and Danielle is confused about why Killer Frost turns evil then you are doing a piss poor job at developing certain aspects of that character. Also your treatment of Wally is disgusting as hell. I mean seriously I see you trying to “Laurel Lance” just like Supergirl is trying to “Laurel Lance” James and it needs to stop. Also if Cisco can make a suite that stretches like Ralph then there is no reason Barry shouldn’t have a Flash ring. I am also tired of the splits personality between Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost. We notice when you retcon things so stop doing it please thank you!

riahchan  asked:

The two headcanons that I like to spread are modern... 1- Sansa is totally a clothes thief to her male relatives! Jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, sometimes even pants... all fair game! 2- Sansa loves Ren Fair! She loves going and making garb and she ropes her family into it too!

[cont. – BTW- the link to your askbox on your page goes to your old url… I had to type in your new one to send you these.] 

I love those headcanons!!! I so see that. I bet growing up the boys would leave their jumpers and hoodies all over the room and Sansa would just pick it up, pull it on and keep it. I bet she doesn’t even notice she does it too. It’s just like second nature to take it when she feels cold. Honestly, I can see her taking Jon’s t-shirts to wear when she stays over and doesn’t want to get dressed, then she’ll just wear it home, to the point that Jon stops her one day like, “Sansa, I literally have no more t-shirts to wear to bed. Why do you think I’m always shirtless now?” and her just being all innocent and cute like, “Oh, I thought that was for my benefit.” So the next night the family gather and have an intervention where they rifle through Sansa’s wardrobe and take back their clothes, which she steals again later on. It becomes a tradition. Spring cleaning is just showing up at Sansa’s to take back what she stole. 

And Sansa loving a Renaissance Fair is so legit. I bet they all started as a family thing with like Ned and Catelyn taking them as a fun day out in the sun, then Sansa gets really into it so they keep coming back. Until they all decide they’re too old but Sansa’s not so she’s determined to go back with or without them, but Robb won’t let her because she’s just starting to look like a woman and those corsets are way too revealing, so he begrudgingly goes with her as a knight with a heavy prop sword to swat at any boy who comes too near to his baby sister. Then the family starts trading off like, ‘ugh, whose year is it this time to go with Sansa?’ because they refuse to let her go alone since she’s too nice and gets too excited and there are a lot of creepy guys who like to stare at her boobs in the corset. By the time Jon and Sansa start dating, the family stop trading off and deem it Jon’s responsibility as her boyfriend, so he sighs and buys a knight costume instead of just renting one. But secretly, he kind of loves it because he gets to carry a sword. 

Anyway, yes, this is me elaborating on your headcanons because I have 0 chill, sorry. xD 

ALSO, thank you for telling me!!! It’s all fixed now so if people were trying to send me asks before and couldn’t, you can now. Sorry, guys! <3 

Bar Knowledge: 5 tips on becoming a greater bartender!

A bartending job is much harder than you might think. Taking care of a bar (bar-sitting) is one thing, becoming a great host, entertainer, server, team player, chef, and do-it-all is another! Here are 5 Tips on becoming a better bartender.

  1. Have the knowledge. And more importantly be hungry for it. Nobody wants a badly made drink, and even worse, nobody wants to order their preferred drink and get something completely different! People feel taken care off and safe, when they are in the hands of a knowledgeable bartender. Study to become better every moment you can so when somebody asks you for a cocktail they presume you don’t know, you will not only know, but make them the best one they ever had! SMART!
  2. Know your responsibilities. From coming in and knowing how to prepare your night, to closing your station properly and everything in between. Be responsible for your actions and make sure you’re focused. Don’t serve another drink to a very drunk customer. Give them a glass of water instead. Don’t have sex in the bathroom with a customer and leave the till unattended, ask your friend to keep an eye while you’re gone. RESPONSIBLE!
  3. Be a great team player. Try working in harmony with your co-workers. The work dynamics can be easily destroyed by one person being out of tune and can lead to problems down the line. The most important skill a bartender should have is good communication. You’re a team, like an ant colony or them dudes that fix up the F1 cars in the pits. TEAMWORK!
  4. Have Style. There is a form of showmanship needed in this industry. People go to cocktail bars to have a good time, for the experience. The part of that experience in not just the drink, but also you. Whether it is juggling 3 bottles in the air or a stylish twist of a spoon, create your own style and personality behind the bar which will make you stand out from the rest. ROCKSTAR!
  5. Be Humble. This is by far the most important, but often neglected point. Especially by young bartenders who just moved up from being average highball & beer servers to cocktail makers, and now think that they are super cool *coughHipsters*. The moment you think you know everything, is the moment you will stop your progress. You are not a brain surgeon, chill…, know that you know nothing (like Jon Snow). This is the beauty of our industry. Every time you step into a subject like for example vermouth, or bitters, you can spend months doing your research and still just scratch the surface. SO GO OUT THERE AND BECOME BETTER!

If you enjoyed this article share it with people and hit that like button! Also if you have any questions or want to share your thoughts please comment below. - UM. Thanks guys!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't know if you're accepting prompts/requests right now, but if you are, could you write about a Stark reunion (Jon & Arya preferably, but others are also fine) from a third POV - someone who hasn't had great sibling relationships - Dany, Jaime, or Stannis, maybe? Thank you! :)

Dany can see Arya is excited. Arya has barely stopped speaking of Jon ever since they began to travel North. Now that they are at the castle gates she is fidgeting and hurrying and clasping the little sword she carries as though it is the most precious thing she has.

Dany envies her as much as she loves her.

Jon Snow is there to meet them. He has Arya’s long face and Arya’s dark grey eyes. The Stark look. Arya is suddenly shy and Jon seems very solemn as he looks over their rather large party. He doesn’t let his gaze wander long though before he steps forward and his face breaks into a wide smile.

“Little sister.”

It is barely more than a whisper and Arya runs to him and they are hugging and Arya is showering him in kisses and showing him the sword and Dany didn’t think he could smile any wider but he does.

“You still have it,” he says in a pleased voice.

Dany feels like an intruder on their moment, even though Arya calls to her and introduces her not as a queen but as her friend. Jon Snow studies Dany with cool grey eyes.

“Your Grace,” he says, respectfully.

He is courteous to her but it is clear that all he truly wants is to take Arya into the castle, into their home. Dany still doesn’t have a home, even in Westeros, and she feels it keenly now just as she feels so lonely watching Jon and Arya together, still talking affectionately. She longs for the house in Braavos again, the one with the red door, back when she was just a little girl and Viserys was still just a boy and he would smile at her and tell her stories too.

I once had a brother I loved too.

patster223  asked:

11 for Matt/Foggy :)

11 things you said when you were drunk

Drunk Matt Murdock is adorable.

This is not up for debate. This is just a fact of nature. Objective reality, if you will.

First, he gets all giggly, and his smile gets very, very bright. Foggy has good record getting Matt to smile as it is, but telling jokes to drunk Matt is simply cheating, because he is more than ready to laugh. Basically, Matt without his super-ego is a huge goof.

Second, he tends to share more. Usually tight-lipped and reserved, a drunk Matt is more prone to talking about his family, or even his feelings, and Foggy is not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. He probably shouldn’t encourage Matt to drink, really, but he has a feeling this brings more good than evil, at least Matt gets his cuddles.

Because thirdly, a drunk Matt Murdock is clingy like you wouldn’t believe. He doesn’t merely hold onto Foggy’s arm, he virtually wraps around him as they walk back from their post-exam bar trip. 

“Whoa there, buddy!” Foggy says when Marr sways dangerously, nearly bringing them both to a fall. “You almost fell onto a trash bag.”

Matt laughs and suddenly pulls, and voila, here they are,  a giggling mess of limbs, wriggling on the trash bags. The trash is surprisingly soft. This is my heart, Foggy suddenly thinks, very soft and trashy for Matthew Murdock.

“Soft - yes, I agree, but trashy? Nope, not true, do not agree,” Matt says.

“Did I said that aloud?” Foggy asks; this must be a little embarrassing, except that it’s not, because a) it is true, and b) he is drunk and happy.

“Yup,” Matt grins. “The trash is soft, though.”

“Yeah, it really is.”

They rest for a while, contemplating the deep philosophical bases of trash and softness and the intricate ways in which the two are connected.

“Listen, how about this,” Matt says, “you’ll be the soft, and I’ll be the trash. We are perfect together.”

Foggy agrees that they are perfect together, he kinda wants to stay together forever, but something in this model is bothering him.

“How about neither of us is trash in this relationship? I can be the soft, and you’ll be something that rests on the soft, hm?”

“I like the sound of that. But where does this leave the trash?”

“Here in the trash bag, where it belongs, Matt! Come on, let’s go home!”

They laugh as Matt struggles for balance and finally gets to his feet, then pulls Foggy back up and wraps an arm around his waist.

It’s cold, and the snow is falling, but Foggy is free and warm with love, liquor, and the hug. Their dorm awaits, and by now he is fairly certain the hugs won’t stop there, because once the drunk Matt Murdock plops on top of him, there won’t be any way to kick him out of Foggy’s bed, which can guarantee more giggling and a lot of cuddles (also a dragged-out war with the blankets). 

More than worth the hangover, if you ask Foggy.

You and Me- Till The End

Author: i4z-0892-imagines

Word count: 1,202

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: The Reader suffers a fatal injury on a hunt, and Sam is the last thing she sees.

Warnings:Aaaannngggsssttttt, Character Death, Deaattthhh. Sam cries. (I know that’s not really a warning, but… it gets me every time.)

A/N: Requested by Anonymous-  I see that your requests are open! And you also love writing angst, any chance you can write a song fic based off of Snow Patrols “Chasing Cars”? Maybe where the reader is dying and Sam is holding her cause she wants to feel him close to her one last time. Some thing like that, or anything that you think would fit! Thank you

Your breath slowed. Everything slowed. Time had all but stopped, and everything became crystal clear. You heard your blood pounding in your hears, and the low sucking gasp in your chest. The small explosion from the gun going off, the ringing slicing through the otherwise dead silence. Out of the corner of your eyes you could see Sam’s terrified expression, and his long powerful legs stretching unable to get to you fast enough, Dean standing behind the man with the gun, his own raised, firing off a killing blow. But it wouldn’t matter.

You could smell the crispness of the air. Everything seemed cleaner, sharper in the winter.  You felt as if you had just stepped out of your own body, watching yourself. You could almost reach out and touch your face, move the hair from your eyes as you whipped around to see the end. You wished you could move yourself, just a foot to the left… just one.  Or that you could find away to stop the bullet… Your breath came out, and your eyes widened as you snapped back into your own body, just in enough time to feel the sharp, ice cold sting rip through your chest with such force, knocking you off your feet.

You hit the pavement, all of the air pushed from your lungs, and slowly filling with warm, bitter iron. You heard another shot go off, and a body fall limp to the floor, and Sam’s heavy boots coming to a frantic halt beside you. His hand wrapped around you, pulling you into his arms. The look on his face panicked, and terrified, as he smoothed away hair from your face. Dean towered over you, his hands in his hair, jaw dropped as he realized what you hadn’t quite figured out how to digest yet.

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blackwolfartz  asked:

Hope you are doing well~ I like your zoo posts, it's been years since I've been to one. I love the recent ones with the snow leopard. Best kitties with the floofiest tail~

Hi Jenn! Thank you! I hope you’re also doing well. 😊The snow leopards were so fluffy! I have a video going up of them today, so you’ll get to see the fluff in action!
But aaa! It seems to have been a long time since anyone’s been to the zoo. D: You gotta fix that if you can! Zoos are the best places and I know I always feel better after visiting one. 💜

Have a super lovely day and thank you for stopping by my ask! Take care! 💜💜💜💜🦉

anonymous asked:

Climbing Class Prompt: AU - Chris thinks Josh is dead and is grieving as they're waiting for the helicopter... but then Matt and Jess appear out of the woods, leading a very disoriented but alive Josh.

Thanks, anon! This is the first fic I’ve sat and written for like a year (????) and it’s a little short so I hope it’s okay!

(Also on AO3)

The snow stops once and for all as they wait for the helicopter.

It’s a blessing, it is, because it means that rescue will be there soon. It means that the five friends standing together in the early light survived the worst night of their lives. It means that they can go home.

The problem is that there are five of them. Five where there should be eight.

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anonymous asked:

Rin/Haru #7 (Stuck Someplace Together in Winter)

Okay basically the premise for this is they were hanging out and Haru wanted to go swimming so they’re at the Samezuka pool when they get stuck. Thanks for asking anon! Enjoy :)


Rin emerges from the Samezuka locker room with a sigh as he glances up to the sky light covered ceiling. The glass is coated in a sheet of snow, continuous and without indication of its depth, but Rin can imagine the layer is quite thick. Moments later, Haru follows, tugging on a heavy winter coat over his garish yellow Iwatobi tee shirt. Sensing Rin’s distress, he sends him a glance that asks “what’s wrong?” 

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Wee little bit, for no other reason than because I can.

His thumb traces soft lines on her upper arm as they sit on the bed in the captain’s quarters, backs against the wall. His arm is around her and her head is on his shoulder. The Jolly Roger, sitting at anchor, rocks gently in the waves and adds to the lulling effect. Emma’s eyes drift closed as she snuggles impossibly closer to her pirate. “You’re going to put me to sleep if you don’t stop that,” she mumbles, lazily lifting a hand to indicate his thumb.

“If you’re tired, you should rest,” Killian replies. She can hear the tender, indulgent smile in his voice.

He does not still his thumb.

She forces her eyes open and lifts her head. “I don’t want to rest. I want to enjoy the peace and quiet while we have it.”

As a thank you for babysitting her little brother for him and Snow, David is manning the station for Emma. He’s also promised to hold all calls to the savior hotline so she can take a few hours for herself. She intends to savor every single moment she has off.

“Isn’t that what we’re doing?”

“Well, yeah, but my point was, I can’t exactly enjoy the peace and quiet if I sleep through it.”

His blue eyes shimmer in the daylight filtering in through the windows. (Portholes? She’s still learning the proper names for all things nautical.) “Well, then, what did you have in mind?”

She fingers the blanket at her side and grins up at her pirate. “I believe I once promised you a, what did you call it? Oh, right. A nightcap …”

Killian arches an eyebrow, then grins.


[Info credit]

TV Today Reads:

StarForce Says Goodbye!

The precise details of the Star Force series finale are being kept closely under wraps, but those with an ear to the ground around Storybrooke studios may have picked up some interesting tidbits, which we have collated here for you. Speculation is, naturally, rife. What do you think is going to happen based on the facts we’ve heard below?

A casting call has gone out for a non-American actress in late-twenties to mid-thirties, specifically with blue eyes and preferably brunette. The character has not been named but given the iconic line ‘brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and an accent you wouldn’t soon forget’, I think we’re safe to assume that oft-talked about but never-seen Mrs Lacey Stiltskin will be making an appearance. But will she and her husband be reunited?

We know there’s going to be a character death, and the showrunners have confirmed that this will take place in the last episode, and that the victim may surprise us. Graham Humbert, whose character Officer Hunter was the bookies’ favourite to be killed off before the series finale, took to Twitter last night to confirm and rejoice in Hunter’s survival - it’s the first time he’s played a character who lives to the end of a TV series.

There have been several fake scripts circulating on various social media platforms including Twitter and Tumblr. Showrunner Aurelius Midas has been tirelessly replying to seemingly endless tweets and confirming that these are all 100% fake, but he has remained tight-lipped about what is really going to happen.

We certainly can’t wait to watch it, and we’ll keep you updated as more spoilers come in…

“In other news, we wonder if love may be in the air for Star Force star Rum Gold, who was spotted at the HBO network party last night in the company of a beautiful, if unknown, brunette, and it appeared that a good time was being had by all. Some of our sources suggest that this might be the one and only make-up artist Belle French, whose praises Rum had earlier been singing on the Star Force panel at SDCC. One thing’s for certain though - Zelena West, who’s made no secret of her intense admiration for Rum in the past, was looking as green as her rather ill-fitting dress in envy. Rum Gold has not been linked with any ladies in a romantic sense since his highly acrimonious divorce from his wife Milah Weaver ten years ago, and our editorial team think that it’s high time he regained some love in his life.”

The Star Force Cast Reacts on Twitter:

#starforcefinale I can’t stop crying! I guessed what was coming but still… Some beautiful moments, well done @leo_white @ammidas - Mary Margaret Blanchard (Officer Snow)

Just finished reading my #starforcefinale script and GUESS WHO’S STILL ALIVE!! Thank you @leo_white, @ammidas #starforce #grahamhumbertlives2k15  - Graham Humbert (Officer Hunter)

laughing to crying to squealing in 60 secs. you’ll all love it! #starforcefinale - Elsa Snow (Officer Arendelle)

A fitting end to a triumphant series. Well done everyone #starforcefinale - Albert Spencer (Force General King)

I CAN’T WAIT TO FILM THIS! #starforcefinale also CONGRATS GRAHAM! #grahamhumbertlives2k15Emma Swan (Commander Leyah)

I can foresee tears of joy and sorrow on set #starforcefinale #breakoutthetissues #makeupwillhateusall - David Nolan (Lieutenant Charming)


A PRESENT FOR @servant-of-spamano who didn’t get a Christmas this year~ I love superheroes, so have a superhero spamano AU for Christmas!))


Green eyes looked over the city skyline with a sigh.

He HAD to get home in time- but at the same time, the city was a real mess today!

With a sigh, he glanced up at the sun. He could feel the energy from it seeping into him, fueling his fire.

He jumped off the building.

Immediately, his whole body caught on fire.

If you asked Antonio, he would say the key to not getting burned by fire is to welcome it. Appreciate the sensation, the warmth. Bow to it and let it move you. Antonio did, and the fire inside him hadn’t let him down yet.

The sun was his brother, the fire was his friend.

Speaking of the sun, it was edging him towards the north. A robbery.

He grinned, landing outside the law firm that was being robbed. A law firm? Mm. Suspicious. He jumped up so he was in front of the window, shooting a fireball through it. “Hey amigos, let’s let los abogados return to their business, sí?” He said, laying on the spanish. Antonio’s accent wasn’t all that thick (although he did have the exclusive Spain lisp) but El Fuego’s accent was fresh-off-the-boat thick. He sounded like he just came over from the old country that week.

He sighed, watching as the burglars tried to escape. He followed them, trying to get the software and files they took back. The sun was out, so his powers were strong.

But it was also the dead of winter. Snow was everywhere and it was COLD. God he couldn’t stand the cold! 15 minutes into his day and he was off his game. Not completely shocking, considering the date and the cold and his promise and he really should have slept last night…

He finally caught up to them and the ring of fire he made was weak at best, but still enough to stop them “now come, drop the stuff.” Antonio said.

They did. A good choice.

After returning the stuff, accepting the obligatory “thank yous” and “how can we ever repay you good sirs” Antonio just sort of floated around for a while, using his best to keep himself warm. Nothing came up, and he silently hoped maybe he could go home?

Nope. Just before lunch there was a large hold up in the train station. Perfect.

He arrived just after the police. Hostages were bad. And yet, soon enough at the risk of civilians, he was bursting through a window in a ball of fire, melting machine guns as he went. Being below ground was never good for him. the sun couldn’t reach underground.

So when he felt the sharp pain of a bullet hitting the calavar Ludwig INSISTED putting in his suit and breaking a rib, he really shouldn’t have been surprised.

He kept fighting anyway, broken ribs were nothing new.

Police officers outside started shooting as well, and then Monsieur Elastique and Eagle showed up. They were the dream team. They were THE trio. They could do this.

A few more bullets to his torso (Note to self, bake Ludwig a very nice “I’m sorry for calling you a stupid head for wanting to put bulletproofing in my superhero outfit it’s quite useful and I blame my husband for wearing off on me” flan to be delivered to his house), and he and his friends were watching the officers cuff the gunmen.

Antonio sighed, rubbing his shoulder (he had gotten a nice bruise) and wishing he could just go home to be with his husband.

His Lovi.

Lovino had been pouting when he left. Antonio and Lovino Vargas-Carriedo had the day off. Their restaurant was closed. But El Fuego knew that evil never rested, even if Lovino said he wouldn’t don his own mask and cape on Christmas Eve.

It wasn’t shocking, Lovino loved his other occupation, but he had limits most Heros didn’t. Unles something big happened, he tried to take off Christmas, and sometimes on his birthday. Their wedding anniversary was another No day, since the two prefered spending it together. But the worst days were when Antonio went out and Lovino didn’t.

Lovino knew Antonio was capable - hell he’d saved Lovino many times, and Vice Versa! - but days where they knew the other was out alone were hellish, and they usually argued.

Antonio just hoped Lovino would make an exception for Christmas, especially if he made it home for dinner.

Lovino got upset when people missed planned meals. Dates, celebrations, parties- if there was food planned, the least you could do was show up for a moment. And it was even stronger when Lovino cooked. As a chef, he took much pride in his work. If he planned a dinner party or it was his night to make dinner and you missed it with no warning, Lovino got upset.

And, oh Antonio could just picture Lovino if he missed Christmas dinner of all things.

Lovino wouldn’t be upset. He would be absolutely LIVID.

He would demand where Antonio had been, rant about how he had spent all day slaving over a hot oven to make a delicious meal on CHRISTMAS of all days and how Antonio didn’t even have the decency to say he couldn’t come or even come up with a good excuse (outside from the world ending, in Lovino’s opinion, there was no good excuse for missing dinner) and on top of that he had no clue if Antonio was safe and not dead in a ditch by some guys lucky bullet (Lovino really did care- he just showed it with some more colorful language)

Needless to say, he would go to bed that night on the couch with a lukewarm meal in his stomach (he didn’t dare reheat Lovino’s food- nothing he made touched a microwave. Period. It was too late for him to turn on the stove, the bill would already be high from all the work Lovino had done and there was a strict no fire in the apartment rule), a heavy heart, and not so much as a kiss from his husband in the way of a Christmas gift. They both would be quiet and upset in the morning, and then it all varied. Lovino’s “I’m not speaking to you” record was a full month and a half and Antonio had only fixed that one by finally sucking up his nerve and proposing. (he had thought Antonio had cheated, which he would never , and Antonio thought Lovino had been the cheater, which had hurt Lovino. It was the worst month and a half in either of their lives since meeting each other and there was an unspoken agreement to never speak of it.)

So yea, dinner was a big deal.

After saying goodbye to his friends, Antonio stretched, all set to head home.

And then there were bombs.

Bombs had been planted throughout the city, and antonio’s attention was immediately redirected to fire control.

The worst part was that now clouds were out, and it was snowing. His power was weakening. By the time all the fires were under control, he was running on fumes.

He knew he should have gone home, called it a day and let others handle it.

But the police knew that there was one more bomb. And Antonio refused to let it blow.

Another hour and the bomb had been located. The building had been cleared of people, but the experimental tech would cost a lot of money and have a lot of impact if it blew.

So Antonio went in alone, hunting for a bomb.

He had no clue where to start, but he had to hurry. Do me was in an hour and a half. And the bomb had 2 hours left.

1 hour and fifty minutes later, he had nothing.

Lovino would be PISSED.

At the 1 and a half hour mark, he honestly considered leaving right then and there. He could be home in five minutes, and that wouldn’t be bad at all. 15 minutes was when Lovino got upset. But he had to do his job.

It was night now, and it was still snowing. Antonio’s powers were shot and because he didn’t have any energy from the sun, he was exausted.

So when he found the bomb, his first thought was to get it out of the building.

He didn’t have time to dismantle it, and he knew he could absorb the punch it packed. So he jumped out a window. With the last of his energy, he flew up.

It exploded against his chest in mid-air, and it HURT. Oh god, so much for the fire never fighting him back. THIS was what being on fire really felt like. With no fire left in him, the fire around him consumed him.

Antonio was on fire and for once he was not flying instead he was falling and in his mind he silently told Lovino he loved him good god he loved him so much, told Lovino to go out and live don’t waste too much time grieving and he was so so so sorry he missed dinner he was sure it was delicious.

What he wouldn’t give for just one more dinner with his beautiful amor. Shame.

And then, Antonio wasn’t falling.

He was floating. Floating but he wasn’t on fire-

He realized he was in an energy bubble. There was no oxygen in here so the fire was going out but Antonio also couldn’t breathe but, oh hey who ever made it thought of that in that moment because the bubble popped and he was falling falling-

Arms. He was in someone’s arms.

Someone was sobbing.

His hearing returned to him first “-oh god you big stupid bastard don’t you dare be dead! You’re not allowed to be dead so open your big stupid eyes and just look at me so I can yell at you for being a stupid idiot!”

Ah. Lovino had saved him then.

Antonio opened his eyes to see Lovino (in his persona as mr. Mysterio), flying with him in his arms.

Antonio coughed. Lovino looked down and actually sobbed- no why was Lovino crying was he that upset over dinner?- as they landed on the roof.

Lovino carried him inside, placing him in the bathtub and filling it with lukewarm water after stripping Antonio of his suit.

Antonio watched as Lovino gently washed him down, looking sadder at every bruise and burn he had.

“Lovi-” Antonio croaked “shut up” Lovino snapped, washing him down.

Lovino finished cleaning him up, dressed his burns and taped his ribs before sitting him on the couch. “Lovino.” Antonio grabbed his arm before he could walk away. Lovino finally looked at him- god his look broke Antonio’s heart- “lovi I’m sorry about dinner.” He said.

Lovino only looked sadder.

He left.

Antonio sighed, trying to get comfortable on the couch for the night.

And then Lovino came back, and thank dios he had water, Antonio’s throat was scratchy.

He drank his water in silence, Lovino watching every swallow, making sure he finished the glass.

Antonio finished it, and put it down.

And then he had a lap full of Lovino and lips were on his and hands were in his hair and Antonio absolutely melted.
he always did when Lovino kissed him.

What? Lovino was Italian after all!

When he pulled away, Lovino didn’t let his hair go, pressing his forehead to antonio’s “Lovi-” Antonio tried again

“Do you know” Lovino said “how much you fucking scared me tonight?”

Oh. Oh…

“Lovi I…” “When I first heard about that bomb, I thought sure; he can handle this. It didn’t hit me until half way through the two hours that you were probably running on fumes if not dry. And then you didn’t come out and when 15 minutes were left I decided I was going AFTER you and then you just jumped out that window just before I would get there and you didn’t fly holy fuck I got so scared when you didn’t fly you just fell you fell and you can’t fall I won’t let you-”

Antonio kissed him again, gently, calming.

They split apart, Lovino was crying “and I don’t fucking care about dinner that much you idiot you almost died! How could you be that stupid you knew you had no energy! You should have asked for help- I would have shown in a heartbeat! God you shouldn’t have been out there alone. Grandpa was always out there alone and he’s dead and-” he took a shaky breath “and I don’t care if it’s Christmas or whatever I just can’t lose you! So you’re never allowed to die- and especially not on Christmas!”

“Lovi.” Antonio said “don’t worry. I’m here. I’m alive. I’m just fine and I’m not leaving you. Ever.” He took Lovinos hand, rings touching “till death do us part, remember?”

Lovino let out a laugh that sounded more like a sob “how could I forget?”

They kissed and cuddled some more. Antonio’s stomach growled at one point and Lovino went to the stove to go heat the food again.

And when midnight rolled around and Lovino kissed him and whispered merry Christmas Antonio decided he really really shouldn’t go out next Christmas.

(Oh, and his Christmas present was amazing.)

(It was Lovino)


((Moral of the story- don’t go out and save people on Christmas. XD I don’t know what this is but HEY ITS 12:09 AS I FINISH THIS MERRY CHRISTMAS))