also the show was really good

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idk his name bc I'm don't watch mha, but yknow angry yellow explodey boy? hurt Him.

That one time he got kidnapped, or as I call it, Bakugou and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


Pairing: Peter Parker (Spiderman) x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^^

Warnings: Mentions of sex, hICKEYS

Rating: PG-13

A/N: Dude, Petey is seriously the cutest, also, this is a little short. “Anon: the Avengers thinking someone really hurt Peter because he has bruises on his neck/going onto chest and interrogating him who they need to kill until he cracks that they’re just hicKEYS HE’S OK REALLY GUYS then realizing what it is and reader walks in and smugly kisses his cheek and FLUSTERED PETEY?

Peter sat calmly on the Avengers shared couch in the common room. Today was a good day for him. Not too much homework since it was the first day of summer break. Also, last night was an amazing night with you; and by amazing, he means, neither of you got much sleep. Both of you woke up, sore but tangled in each other’s arms, smiling. He didn’t mind your morning breath and it showed as once again, he made you writhe and moan under him.

The one thing that distracted him was the massive amount of hickeys all over his chest and neck. It’s not like you were any better, but a lot of the hickeys on you were in places only he could see, places that were his. You had taken the liberty to mark him everywhere. It made him nervous. Aunt May and found out the hard way that Peter and you were intimate. The Avengers, hell, they didn’t even know you two were dating. So Peter wore a sweatshirt, despite it being almost 90 degrees.

Peter’s strange attire didn’t pass by Steve or Tony. “What do you think those are? Bruises?” Steve asked. Tony just looked grim, nodding. “Should we talk to him? I know he gets bullied at school.” Tony nodded again. Both of them walked over to Peter, sitting down on either side of him. Peter looked at them, confused and worried. Steve put his hand on Peter’s shoulder. “Bud, have you been beaten up?”

You can in through the door behind the couch and neither of them looked at you. When you heard Steve’s question, you smirked, you had to hear this.

Peter looked confused. “What do you mean?”

“The bruises,” Steve says, rubbing his shoulder. Peter’s face turned red and he looked incredibly embarrassed, almost as embarrassed as when May walked in on you two one night. He rubbed the back of his neck.

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So don’t get me wrong, I’m terribly sad about season 5 being the last. But I’m also kind of happy for Sarah. Because let’s be honest the girl needs some good sleep, warm food, quality time with Kira, and time to wash her hair. And let’s face it, none of that can really happen until this whole nonsense with Neogenics is done and the show is over.

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something i noticed while rewatching chowder is that the voice actors REALLY gave it their everything, i mean the performances are amazing

especially dwight schultz as mung daal, he brings so much life to the character. so much love and passion but also a lot of insanely funny deliveries. i knew there was a reason mung was my favorite character, and i think his voice is that reason

i’m also amazed that john dimaggio does such a good job as schnitzel but only has literally one thing to say. radda is going to stick with me forever tbh

and nicki jones is amazing as chowder, he was an amazing child actor. having a kid character actually feel and sound like a real kid is something not many cartoons can do, and his delivery works in perfect harmony with the writing

and. truffles. just truffles. i want tara strong to voice more grumpy old yiddish women pls

i wanna draw ALL the fanart for this show now,,,,,,

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Can I ask for your advice? One of my friends ships karam*l and I don't and she asked why and I don't know how to explain that I really want to hurl Mon-ew into the fucking sun without sounding like a douchecanoe, since I don't really think she's noticed that he's horrid (heteronormativity yay). Any suggestions?

peak my masterpost here with links to the good posts about how mon-el is abusive and why it’s a shitty ship. Alternatively his character tag (mon el, mon-el, monel) will have a lot of posts on it that sum it up really well for you. The karolsen, sanvers and supercorp tags also have a fair bit of decent commentary too. There are posts upon posts of the shows statistics showing that he has taken up a ridiculous amount of screen time this season. Seriously, someone edited out all of his parts in 2x16, and that left us with 25 minutes of a 45 minute show left to distribute among the other characters, he’s that fucking screen heavy. 

But basically he’s a gaslighting, manipulative fuck, who owned slaves and lied to Kara about that so that he could get into her pants. He literally complained about not being able to objectify women. He’s not doing anything for the good of the people, even with his heroing he’s stated that he’s doing it to spend time with Kara. He also only started training as a hero in the first place to spend more time as kara to get into her pants, furthering the sexist trope that it’s a woman’s job to make a man better. That doesn’t make you a hero, that makes you a misogynistic twat with super strength. Not to mention that they broke up Karolsen, a healthy interracial relationship, for no reason other than to stick Kara with him. There was literally not one good explanation given for their break up. they spent a whole season healthily building up that relationship only to tear it down when the white boy came in to the picture.

And finally he just doesn’t respect her at all. Not once has he actually listened to. When she asked him to be quiet about the relationship, he lasted literally 10 seconds before announcing it to not just her friends, but to everyone she fucking works with too. Without her fucking consent and after she asked him not to. And in her fucking workplace of all places. When she asked him to respect her, he didn’t. When Winn said he should respect Kara, he listened. That’s classic misogyny. And not to mention the fact that when they broke up, he literally ignored that during The Flash episode and acted like it didn’t happen. J’onn had to call him out for it by saying “I thought you two broke up”. To which Monfuck’s response was “shhhh”. True loves kiss my fucking ass. And he keeps invading her personal/safe spaces. He was just in her apartment?? Without her permission or consent?? When she asked for him to leave her alone?? Creepy as fuck mate.

Even in this episode where he’s meant to be decent: Kara alled him incredible, sweet, kind and selfless. Do you know what he called her? Annoying. He called her annoying.

It’s not a healthy ship and Kara isn’t happy. Melissa even said so herself. 


Yuzu FS Ruthrough at Practice Day 2

So this was not his best training session, but it does not really matter. It is practice after all and there are also good things in it. A 4S to die for, Bielman Spin is back and once again a 3A+1Lo+3S right at the end of the program. He shows once again that he can change his layout in one thought.

I don’t care too much about practices.

Quality of the video is pretty good!!!!!

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after that picture Zuke just posted I think I'll be rewatching every single episode featruing lapis and peridot just to see how much their happiness changed when they were together! Also its really cool that Zuke can now explore her own opinions on character's relationships now!

Nice!  That sounds like a good idea, Anon :)

They’re so much happier around each other than they are with anyone else - it’s honestly beautiful to watch.

And yeah, it’s good that Lauren can effectively produce Lapidot “fan art” now!  It’s great to see that they still have some love for the show and its characters (which basically quashes the stupid “Lauren was fired lol” rumour, as well as being a gigantic “fuck you” to the haters).

“S” stands for Sawyer

Maggie Sawyer is the actual best thing on this fucking show, and I will say it until the end of time if it needs to be. 

The rest is becoming a serious joke… (even if 217 was a bit better, thanks to Kevin Smith)

Anyway, quick recap:

Kara : is she finally back from “lost in space” ? because I do believe I saw her last night

Winn : I really start to like him. Besides, Winn not just being the guy behind his computer but also being a man in action, I like it

Winn and Alex : always good

James : Holidays again?

Jonn : For the moment, I don’t get what the writers are doing with him

Lena : Where is she? some chess tournament or what?

Emily : I thought they would do a plot twist with her name, that in fact she would be Kate but… no. 

Emily and Maggie : 5 years? ok…

The ¨President : Ok…. I don’t see the point right now.

Is the all Cadmus/Jeremiah situation over???

Prince of Daxam : I tried to understand and to be interested in his story, now that the show is about him, but I can’t. Nothing against Chris Wood.

Rhea : Teri, in this mess, you’re doing good, don’t worry.

Alex : Well she is Alex. But she keep shining more and more in her relation with Maggie. She is more confident, she creates a safe place for Maggie and stands for her. She is great.

Maggie : I LOVE HER. She’s got a past, she’s got a present. She is not perfect, she is real. We can relate to her, to her story. She deserves to be loved and happy. Maggie Sawyer is everything.

Sanvers: In every single scene, Sanvers is “THAT couple”. The Sanvers talk scene is THE Highlight of 217, and probably my favorite Sanvers scene. That scene is everything that Sanvers is. Chyler and Floriana were perfect. Once again, they used their magic to save National City.

The Danvers Sisters : Oh yeah, let’s go back to season 1 to see them

Oh and I almost forgot : Maggie Sawyer and Alex Danvers are in love with each other

Watching old MM videos makes me always nostalgic and shows how awkward the girls were and how good they got. It also shows how ungrateful people are. Really, I come from watching early 10th Gen. stuff and boy does Harunan look awkward, in particular her dancing, Kudo looks always tired in mv solos with dark circles, Masaki is still the shy schoolgirl and Ayumi has the most awkward stares, they’re improved, different people and far better today. Give it a try and look back, it’s cute.            

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what do you mean in your ross post about him…

But I think it’s intentional. That is very much the skill of his acting. He misses his natural softness, his spark of eyes, he doesn’t fearlessly pour our his heart, he is a different Ross with Elizabeth. It’s precisely those little nuances I love that show how good Aidan really is. It’s not Aidan’s acting that’s lacking, it’s Ross’s.

Oh, but don’t get me wrong. In no way I’m criticizing Aidan’s acting skills. While I do like to make fun of him, I think he is a brilliant actor and I admire his talent immensely. Ross would be an unredeemeable piece of unpleasant trash without his charisma behind it and his natural softness. It’s like it pours out of it and he makes Ross incredibly warm and human. ALSO, I think Ross could potentially be an one note character without his acting and his subtle moments and it’s a pleasure to hear him talking about the show because you see he understands and at times relate to this character and loves Ross and working on the show. I do think, however, it’s not completely free from how he feels about the story he is telling, and how he seems to be really comfortable working with Eleanor because he found this incredible actress that is his equal in skills and just work perfectly alongside him and that he respects a whole lot and how the chemistry is sold because it’s so natural and not fabricated. So, when Ross smiles at Demelza with eyes so loving and so true it is because Ross LOVES Demelza and just projects with Elizabeth, but I think it is also about a series of factors that makes it efortless of his part. He never can quite sell anything with Elizabeth, even when he so clearly has to because what’s lack there goes BEYOND acting. That Aidan is capable and Heida got a lot better in Season 2… In fact, when you compare both Ross and Demelza scenes in Season 1 and Season 2 you can sense a shift that’s a lot telling from both seasons also there. So… I think what happens is that Eleanor brings the best out of Aidan and vice versa so when Ross is in love with Demelza we as audience can really buy it while with Elizabeth the whole thing seems forced and flat. Just MO.

Harvey Beaks is a good cartoon that flew under everyone’s radar, including its own network. It’s super cozy while also being surprisingly interesting; it may not have a secret, underlying plot that eventually comes to the forefront (at least I’m 90% sure), but it does has some really nice background worldbuilding, atmosphere, and characters. 

These are a few super quick doodles of my favorite characters from the show (Jeremy probably being my absolute favorite just because being a slovenly, immature, anxiety-riddled adult is extremely relatable). One thing I really like is how they maintain unique, creative designs while being very easy to replicate, a trait I think is super important in a children’s cartoon. It encourages young/aspiring artists to draw while giving em material to pull from! If this show had been around when I was a kid, hoo boy I would have eaten this up

Anyway I’m bummed that it’s being cancelled, but Nickelodeon will only be lesser for its decision. C.H. Greenblatt and his crew have done an amazing job, and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors. I’m glad that even in my late twenties I can still be inspired by a cartoon.

Iain Glen’s Jack Taylor Is the Perfect Fix for Your Game of Thrones Withdrawal

The Thrones star also weighs in on whether Ser Jorah will ever get a change of clothes. 
by Joanna Robinson

For the last seven years, Scottish actor Iain Glen has spent a good portion of his time filming one of the biggest shows on the planet, Game of Thrones, in Ireland. When he’s out and about in Belfast, he’s the steadfast Ser Jorah Mormont. But a few hours drive away down on the coast of Galway Bay, they call Glen by a different name. “I can’t really go out and walk the streets without getting a lot of attention as being Jack Taylor,” Glen told over the phone. “That’s who they think I am, in very sweet, very supportive way.”

Jack Taylor is the hard-drinking, Irish private investigator hero of the books by Ken Bruen, and the lead of a series of nine hour and a half TV crime thrillers of the same name. In Taylor—a former officer of Irish Garda Síochána and something of a ladies man—Glen gets to bring the full force of his charm out from behind the layers of repression he plays on Game of Thrones. In fact, through a quirk of European TV’s laissez-faire approach to scheduling, Glen actually appeared in his first Jack Taylor episode back in 2010, before he ever picked a sword on Thrones. And now, all nine episodes—including the third season, which just aired in the U.K. last fall—are finally available for Glen’s American fans on Acorn TV. Talk about methadone for your Thrones withdrawal. The actor spoke with about the lure of crime thrillers, why Jack Taylor has more success with the ladies than Jorah, and whether we’ll ever see poor Ser Mormont change out of that nasty, filthy shirt from Season 1.

V.F. HWD: I heard that you’re a life-long crime thriller fan. What about that genre appeals to you?
Iain Glen (IG): All that crime does is just give you a structure to your story in a very simple sense—a very strong beginning, middle, and end. Within that, you’re just telling stories. It can have romance, comedy, whatever you like. I suppose I think it’s a liberating milieu. There’s been a rich vein of Scandinavian drama, The Killing or The Bridge; through those, I feel like I’ve got to know Sweden a bit and Norway a bit. You get to know the politics of the place, the people, relationships. You sort of discover a society through it.

If that’s true of Scandinavian crime, I wonder what about Jack Taylor is distinctly Irish.
There’s a great deal that is quintessentially Irish. There’s a strong obsession with religion and Catholicism within Ireland, which has done lots of good things and lots of bad things. The Irish boom and bust business—they made hay, and then it all went pear-shaped—means Jack is always deeply suspicious of business and those that are making money out of the community. Obviously you’ve got beautiful coastal Galway, but it’s a paradox in some ways—it’s a very beautiful coastline and city center, but there are problems. It’s got one of the highest suicide rates in Ireland. There’s a big youth population and quite a lot of drug culture there. There’s a dark underbelly to it.

One of the things I like about Jack Taylor is I do think you get to know a community. You get to know Jack, his family, his mother, his difficult relationship with his mother, the people he falls in and falls out of love with. There’s a kind of claustrophobia, which is very true of that part of Ireland. We know it. It’s very funny. When we film there, I can’t really go out and walk the streets without getting a lot of attention as being Jack Taylor. That’s who they think I am in very sweet, very supportive way.

You’ve got this great, big, beautiful blue coat that’s iconic to your character. How much does slipping that on put you in the Jack Taylor mindset?
Ah, Jack Taylor and his coat. The producers were a little bit wary to begin with because it covers everything. But like a dialect, I think it certainly helps me as an actor. In a single statement, it tells you that he used to be Garda. He’s ex-police, and he’s still fucking with them, really. He’s upsetting them by wearing the coat, and they constantly want it back and they’re never going to get it.

Meanwhile, poor Jorah would probably kill for that coat—he’s been stuck in pretty much the same costume since Season 1.
They found it for me, a costume that just felt right. I don’t know. It just felt like it belonged and belonged to him.

But every year it gets dirtier and dingier and more threadbare. I’m worried that by the end, Jorah will just be wearing scraps.
IG: I think Jorah just needs to land in a safer place, and then he’ll have time to change his clothing. Get cleaned up a little.

You’ve actually been Jack longer than you’ve been Jorah. I think it’s hard sometimes for American audiences to understand that you can shoot nine installments of a story over seven years.
It’s been a frustration, sometime, but I am entirely, or at least to some degree, responsible for the time it’s taken to put together because I need to be very available for it. Because of other commitments, that’s been quite difficult. But you try and keep a continuity thread. We hope to make six more as soon as we can, and I think somehow in that feature format, that hour and a half rather than an hour, I think you get away with more time between them somehow. But there are so many different platforms now for TV in a way that it’s been such a radical change. Now when it hits Acorn, people who never saw the first ones can watch it all at once. Hopefully, if we’ve done it right, you don’t feel the time it’s taken for us to put it together. Maybe I look ancient in the last one and I look young and youthful in the first. I have no idea.

I know a lot of people who watch you on Thrones are rooting for Ser Jorah to get the girl—any girl! Do you think they’ll be happy to see that Jack Taylor isn’t all about unrequited affection?
Yeah, it’s sweet, the fan reactions. I think that they wish Jorah well, and I think they wish he would—that he deserves physical love in return or something. I don’t know. I mean, the male fans react a little differently. But there is a certain female fan where maybe they see themselves in the story, and as long as you’re failing as Jorah, you’re maybe still more available for them in a funny way. Jack is a polar opposite in that he will get himself into terrible sexual pickles all the time, and is always doing very inappropriate things like having sex with the major suspect and that sort of stuff. He goes there without thinking and then ponders it afterwards, and Jorah ponders it too much, I think. Not that Jorah’s ever going to get it. Well, he might. Who knows?

Do you have any general words of optimism or hope for Jorah fans who are quite worried about that spreading stony rash on his arm?
In all honesty, no one is more worried than me. There’s a high death rate in Thrones, and I desperately don’t want to be part of that number. We’ll have to see what unfolds.

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Why are so many of your characters wealthy or rich ??? just wondering

Hmm….I have like…Three wealthy rich characters (probs more that are decently wealthy) that are notably…rich as heck lol They just happen to be the characters that are shown and presented more than the…like 10 others that are average to poor XD

Also because I love the environment that the wealthy elites are shown in. I think those sorts of venues are really fun to create and play with, especially in regards to corruption and manipulation plots!

But yeah, I have a lot of regular ponies too, it’s just my main two are wealthy/rich in their own ways so they show up a lot. But it’s true that a good chunk of my characters are quite well off or involved in a higher society. LOVE ME SOME LUXURY.

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8, 20, 27, 33 for nessian ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

HAHA you picked good ones for them. :) Thanks!

8. Who sleeps in their underwear (or naked)/ Who sleeps in their pajamas? I think that at first Cassian would sleep naked and Nesta would be like what are you, a heathen? And he would say yes, yes I am, let me show you how. ;) But then she would be totally into it and eventually would also sleep naked, claiming that it was just… more pragmatic?

20. Who is dominant/ Who is submissive? This is a really interesting thing for them… I have a hard time saying it is one of them all the time. They are so good at pushing and testing that for either of them to back down would be… difficult to imagine. Unless it were not in a battle of wills. Like if we are talking about everyday interactions, then I think that Nesta would make a lot of assumptions about her word being law, and Cassian wouldn’t… he wouldn’t really think the same thing about himself, but he also wouldn’t let her get away with that assumption?

Now, on the other hand, when we are talking about bedroom things… because clearly that is what you were thinking when you sent this to me… I think they would take turns. But… there would always be consent. I know there is a “consensual non-consent” prompt on the @acotarkinkmeme right now, but… I dunno. I don’t see that happening with them. Like consent will always be a thing, and it’s not just my personal view on like where I draw the line in the sand? I think that’s just… them. That’s Nesta with her history, and Cassian with his complete respect of her and boundaries.

Sorry I should have come up with something hotter for that, I just think about things too much sometimes. :P

27. Who takes a long shower/ Who sings in the shower? CASSIAN SINGS IN THE SHOWER. THAT’S ALL.

33. Who would wear “not guilty” t-shirt/ Who would wear “sin” t-shirt? I feel like Cassian would wear the “sin” shirt with a shit-eating grin on his face. Nesta would roll her eyes at him and probably refuse to wear the matching “not guilty” shirt. But he would wear it so often (just to annoy her) that he would wear holes in it. And then he’d come home one day to find that she had replaced it, without saying a word.

50 OTP things

so i have some frens over in the twitterverse who work as GOMs and need a bit of a boost to get some orders in. especially those that have minimum orders to meet. and because no one wants to pay a ton in shipping for such small packages. i offered to help by posting about them here to my followers because you never know who might be interested. a lot of them are slogans but there are some other cool things in there too. (-: 


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That interview with mr. Darweesh is a must see:

His words remind me of Anne Frank’s:

I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Protests are also happening at Dulles International Airport in Virginia tonight. Show up if you can.




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