also the show was really good

i think after i go to school to learn animation and whatnot, i think i might take out a loan to take a fashion design course?

ID #54995

Name: Shanleigh
Age: 20
Country: Australia

Hii everyone, how are you!

First off I’d like to say my ultimate goal is to make some really good friends here
I am a 20 year old girl from a small town in Australia who loves
🎮gaming (we can vs each other)
🌿 nature (crystals, plants, stars)
📺Tv shows including, SKAM, rick and morty, suspicious partner, daria, orphan black, riverdale, the vampire diaries, anime
🎧 music
✏️Drawing and art- if you’re also interested in art we could send each other things!
🧡I love animation and would love to Make animation videos I think I follow every animation channel on YouTube I also upload some vlog videos on YouTube sometimes

I think I have a big personality, I like jokes and sarcasm and laughing
I would love a penpal that would be willing to write snail mail possibly straight away or if that’s not possible chatting on any type of social media is a-ok 😊 I am a very caring person by nature I am also quite outgoing, so if I seem a bit forward at first it’s only because I’m excited to meet you!
I also plan to send photos of my dog, cats, plant babies so be ready!

Preferences: 20+ but if your 19 that’s cool too, I’d love snail mail but will also love chatting on other social media (maybe both?)


Teen Titans Fancast: Naomi Scott as Raven

So I was talking a while back about how weird I think it is that the upcoming Titans TV show cast a 13-year-old to play Raven when the rest of the cast is in their twenties, and I’ve also talked in the past (as have others) about about how Raven was a character who was created with strong South Asian influences from her inception, and how I’d like to see the character made canonically South Asian rather than just leaving her as a white character who appropriates those influences.

In light of both of those things, I started thinking about how cool it would be if the show had cast Naomi Scott instead. At 24, she’d fit in with the other actors age-wise. She’s of Indian heritage, and I think she’s a really good fit for the role in looks (far more so than the blonde kid they cast, frankly.) Not to mention that she’s basically already played part of a superhero ensemble in last year’s Power Rangers movie. I think she’d have been a perfect choice.

(Also, not to take this into shippy territory too much, but she and Ryan Potter would have been an absolutely adorable couple okay.)

I really love the thought of

Katsuki watching eyeliner/make-up tutorials online, especially after he first gets his hero costume and tries on his mask and mutters “Fuck, didn’t fucking think this much of my eye would show outta the damn mask.” It takes him a while of watching videos on his phone and practicing in the bathroom (“What the fuck is taking you so long Katsuki!?” “Shut UP and mind your damn business, hag!!”) but he’s finally able to complete the tutorial, which fills in the spots his mask leaves open, but also makes him look damn good without the mask (in his opinion, thank you very much).

Perhaps this is why no one is allowed in his room - while he certainly carries himself with a lot of outward confidence, he also is a private person and does not easily open up to both things that bother him as well as things he enjoys. He’s not quite ready for people to see the mirrors and lights and brushes that have become a part of his hero persona as much as the grenade gauntlets and mask and baggy cargo pants are.

And inevitably, 1-A hears about the how Shouto and Katsuki had to battle with children (“You beat up children??” “Shut the fuck up, Shitty Hair, it wasn’t like that!” “It certainly felt like a battle at first.” “No one asked you shitty Half and Half!!”) and word gets out about how Katsuki’s eye looked…different…after his mask was torn away. Naturally, Eijirou, Denki, Mina, and Hanta turn it into a game of “Who can pull off Blasty’s mask to see what he’s hiding without getting killed first??” No one remembers who did it first, as they eventually decided to team up and do it together, but the mask is finally removed and the make-up is there for the world to see.

“Dude, you could have just said it was eyeliner under the mask.”

“And why the FUCK is it any of your business, Pinky?”

“Easy Bakubro, it’s cool! It gives you that “smokey-eye, mysterious babe” look!”

“That’s IT, Pikachu, you die for real!”

They laugh as Katsuki chases Denki around the training area, but it’s not long before they demand to know how he does it so quickly or how it never (usually) gets super smudged during battle training. They want him to show them sometime how he does it, and though he fusses and screams and moans, he spends a night or two (read: several) with them to “shut them the fuck up and get them off my damned back already.” The mistake there, though, is that now Hanta, Eijirou, and Denki want Katsuki to teach them how to do it as well. After a few tantrums and lots of screaming and several poked eyes, Hanta, Eijirou, and Denki proudly walk into the 1-A classroom with their attempts. They’re beaming as they sit down and the class moves to ask them about their new look. Katsuki takes his seat silently, but intently listens to the idiots in the background and tries not to smirk.

He feels a small tap on his shoulder - Izuku, of course, and turns slightly to eye the boy. “K-Kacchan? Why are Kirishima-kun, Kaminari-kun, and Sero-kun wearing make-up? N-not that it’s a bad thing!” He waves his hands to save face, “but I’ve never seen them wear it before?”

He turns more in his chair in order to fully face the boy, whose jaw drops a little more as Katsuki shrugs, two perfect black wings on the outside of either eye. “Beats the shit outta me.”

(…it was only supposed to be a thought on Katsuki watching make-up tutorials on YouTube but turned into a drabble/fanfiction…oops)

Edit: fuck me I can’t fucking spell Sero’s name it’s Hanta not Hanata ffs…

3. Capable Traveler

Got a little behind on making these, but heres the third character in my 100 characters in a year challenge! the third character on my 100 characters in a year challenge, capable traveler. Basically she’s a girl scout thats so good that she’s earned every badge. She brings around a giant backpack that she has any camping supply you could ever need, and it also doubles as a tent, and I feel like one day Im going to pitch this character to Cartoon Network as a show and call it Happy Camper

(I’d like to thank my two years as a Junior Cub Scout over a decade ago for not really at all helping me draw all those tiny girl scout badges)

I’m okay with Liv possibly not liking the reunion because:

- It’s realistic, she was hurt and hasn’t found a way to forgive yet, remember she found out about everything a lot later than Aaron and the viewers, and she was hurt by Robert in September. She’s also a young teenager, healing will take her longer.

- It means they’re not brushing Liv and Robert’s relationship under the carpet and giving her instant forgiveness. We’re going to see that bond rebuild and Robert support her and her grow to trust and love him again. It shows that their relationship is valued by the show.

- Robron will have drama to face together, rather than drama that gets between them

- Liv coming to want Robron together again will hopefully bring people like Chas and Paddy to want Robron together again too

- It can spark a really good storyline for Liv that will give Izzy great material to work with and give Liv a lot of depth (possibly an addiction/disorder/mixing with the wrong crowd?), and hopefully bringing up her history with never having a stable family and her fear of losing her family again

Listen, I understand the need for good platonic relationships in the workplace, but can Garcia just have a good life please??? Like, I love Luke, and I think showing the work that has gone into their getting along really adds some compatibility that wasn’t there with Derick. Derick always felt like a platonic flirt. Luke worked to understand Garcia.

Also, like, why go through the trouble of giving Luke a fucking romance when Garcia has been here and deserves a happy ending. Like, I would rather her fall in love and romance some doctor than Luke, honestly.

truth-fiction  asked:

omg so glad you like Elementary. I love that show and I hate when people keep going on about the BBC version, thinking that it's better when really Elementary is so very nuanced and believable, and I absolutely love Lucy Lui as Watson and Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock, also his addiction is not only explained really well (as in he tries to numb his senses) but also dealt with in such a respectful manner. anyway, so glad you agree that it's a good adaption =)

Yes!! And I love the absolute, definite way they establish a completely platonic relationship between the two. When I watched this for the first time, I thought Watson would fall for Sherlock the moment I heard this Watson was a woman, but Elementary breaks that trope neatly in half. And making Joan a WOC was a supremely bold but pleasing move! Lucy Liu makes Joan shine as a well-rounded character and a wonderful complementary partner to Johnny Lee Miller’s Sherlock, as every Sherlock adaptation should treat Watson so. (It also made my Asian American heart very happy to see someone that looked like me appear as an intelligent and kind protagonist in an adaptation of one of the greatest stories of all time).  

In addition, I adore how the Elementary writers refuse to make their Sherlock Holmes infallible. Sherlock Holmes may be a genius, but he’s not a god. So when he gets an unsolvable case, he gets help from Marcus instead of flat out refusing to cooperate with the police department. He recreates the entire murder scene in his apartment to get actual results of what happened instead of arrogantly visualizing it in his head and leaving out so many variable factors in a situation. Most of all, he actually listens to Watson’s take on things and sees her as his equal. He doesn’t insult, belittle, or use caustic/snarky commentary to make himself appear superior. He has so much respect for Watson that it’s beautifully heartwarming, and that is why Elementary will always have a close spot in my heart.

✓ ID #50188

Name: Michela
Age: 17
Country: Italy

Hi everyone!

I’m Michela, I’m a 17 years old italian girl with so many passions that even I have lost the number. I love losing myself in a book and watching tv series and films, but I also enjoy spending time outside running or being lazy, just being under the sun is good!

Currently I’m into marvel movies and some tv series such as Vikings, Game of Thrones or Stranger Things, but I often change my favourites shows. I love talking about them and sharing my opinions on them, so be prepared to many comments!

I also really like reading, my house is full of books that I always read again and again. I love losing myself in new worlds and sometimes I create my owns, writing and painting what comes into my mind. In these days I’m reading The Martian, but I’ve read Harry Potter, Shadowhunters and many italian novels.

I always loved the idea of a penpal, I love to send photos or gifts to my friends all over the world, to share my culture and to discover new places. I hope to travel all the world one day, to discover new places and to meet new people, it seems kind of an adventure to me!

Preferences: I’d like to meet people of my age, between 16 and 19 but everyone is welcomed, as long as you like listening to me chatting about everything! I love the idea of snail mail, to send and get small gifts, but emails are awesome too. I know english, italian and a bit of spanish, so I’d like to talk in one of these languages.

man once i stopped getting all my news from twitter i felt more informed/i threw AP and WaPo and the NYT and etc into their own separate list and now i look at that when i feel like being updated and also on twitter

rachel maddow’s show that i listen to in podcast form is really good for deep dives into the really intricate bullshit that’s happening. also she’s gay and i trust her

trends like these is good for a quick overview of just all the bullshit that happened in a given week

autostraddle is good about their political coverage as it pertains to me, a gay

the bbc is good for a non-american perspective and global news and nobody yells at me when i read it at work

as a student i have access to the nyt and wapo through my university so there’s that, but all the other shit is free!

anonymous asked:

(Anon with demon-stabbing issue) Thanks for your answer! I'll go try watching 12x06 and think about that then (^_^). Another question: when demons first appeared on the show, brothers said that exorcism is supposed to send the demon back to hell forewer. But then Meg came back in season 2 and killed a fair amount of people, so... Is it safe to assume that any demon can come back?

Hiya again! :D 

Yeah, sort of turned you onto 12x06 because it was what I was watching. 11x06 is another good one to watch to see Sam dealing with it openly and a clear acknowledgement he finds it difficult.

And also for that first question and definitely the next one, 7x15 is really essential. Edlund wrote several episodes which were clearly aware of the issues of torture (4x16 is the strongest one obviously, because it’s like the best episode of the show :P) and 7x15 really deals for the first ¾ before the twist with how messed up the Winchesters are from an outside perspective… We REALLY see them from an outside perspective when they drop Jeffrey off freshly tortured at the hospital, and when they meet him again he lists all his injuries and how it messed up his life, to have been the vessel they tortured. So it’s something the show has addressed even if a lot of the time for emotional necessity they glaze over it or explain how bad the mindset is with a clear dark arc (e.g. Sam while looking for demon!Dean torturing a bunch of demons has clear rationale for why he’d do something so bad, and a strong critique of his actions in the entire set up, as it was a set up to critique them in many ways, either via Sam or Dean’s actions/words.)

Also, yeah, in 7x15 the issues is Dean exorcised the demon and it needed a powerful spell to come back to the surface. It seems a lot of Hell is a prison for the demons as well as the souls which are still being demonised… There’s stuff like the Shedim there, and the cage, and some demons we saw like Samhain and the 7 Deadly Sins who were clear examples of demons that had been locked up forever and wanted a chance to wreck shit for the first time in hundreds or thousands of years. Meg in 2x14 implies she had escaped Hell and she had been tortured there too after Dean exorcised her. In 10x09 there’s a little subplot by Rowena where one of the demons has been smuggling other demons to Earth now Crowley has established a base up there and it’s more common for his minions to be out and about, it seems like whatever set up he’s got is leakier than it used to be but still involves a little bribery and underhandedness to leave Hell when you’re not supposed to.

There’s probably a bunch of other stuff, but whether it’s the exorcism that binds the demon to Hell, or Hell is just a bitch to get out of, even when you’re a demon, once you’re there it’s definitely a problem to get out again. I think in 12x06 they said it was a few years back when they first encountered the demon, and exorcised it then, and it took a while to return and start harassing Asa. 

I think that’s all my surface thoughts on it :D Sorry, I’m pretty tired today so I don’t have an elaborate theory :P 

terezees  asked:

(1/2) I'm laughing cos I've been thinking about that space bird au all day and I keep thinking of every soft or emotionally charged moment in the show rudely interrupted by birds?? Just imagine- Lance: we are a good team :) Keith: :) Some Bird in the Background: *obnoxious squawking*


Idk why but I’m obsessed with the “superhero is forced to tell their secret identity to the public for the greater good” trope, as well as the “superhero is unmasked while injured and revealed to the public against their will” trope.

I’ve found like, one story in the Flash fandom that has this, and I’m really hoping that there are more that I just haven’t found because holy shit do I love that trope. I also like it in Arrow though slightly less because Oliver is seen so negatively by so many people (at least at the part of the show I’m up to, which is only season 2.)

So… if you know any fics, would like to write me one, or want to give me a prompt to write for one, hit up my ask box!!

araxis222  asked:

Hi there! Thanks for letting us ask questions! I was wondering, do you have any tips for someone learning Korean who can't speak it on a daily basis and doesn't have a way to speak with any native speakers (or any speakers at all really)? I find it super difficult since I have no way to ask someone else or learn from someone besides myself. Any advice?

i think a good way is to listen to ttmik’s iyagi series because it really will help with listening? and pronunciation. because like…the way koreans actually pronounce certain things is different a lot of the times from the standard by the book things. like 것같아요 is more often pronounced as 거같애요 and the pronunciation difference btwn 어 우 오 is very prominent once you hear it a lot. 

so if you cant speak with actual people, listen to a lot of things like reality shows (i like roommates its on dramafever) or ttmik has a lot of things. kdramas arent too good for this bc its really rehearsed? also speaking wise just talk to yourself. i do that all the time lol in the shower especially. maybe record yourself just talking/give yourself a topic to talk about and play it back to hear how you sound and if you can find any mistakes grammar wise and such.

also idk if it is an option for you but maybe try to find like language exchange meet ups or cafes? that could be a good way to get advice from people. or check some of the more advanced speakers’ blogs to see if your questions have been answered, and if not, ask them~ i really like @study-korean @mykoreanstudy @studiousbees @nocturnalinseoul @hansuuki and @hannah-dulset :) 

good luck in your studies! even if its just something little per day like a new vocab word, dont feel discouraged that you’re not doing ‘enough’; learning a language is a long process so take it day by day. opportunities will present themselves

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better! I was tagged by @polkadotsvstripes, thank you love!

Relationship status: Married.

Favourite colour: Grey. It’s so versatile. 

Lipstick or chapstick: Both! 

Three favourite foods: My mom’s chicken and dumplings, pizza, right now I’m really into shortbread. 

Last song I listened to: Lost in Stereo by All Time Low. 

Last movie I watched: Star Wars The Last Jedi, I think?

Top three shows: THIS IS TOO HARD. Brooklyn 99, Good Place, and Crazy Ex Girlfriend are my main ones right now. 

Top three favourite bands: ALSO TOO HARD. The Killers, Panic!, Fleetwood Mac. Chosen by top three shows I want to see this year if they happen. (The Killers are next Sunday, YAY!)

Top three favourite artists: Lorde, Lady Gaga, James Bay. Chosen at random do NOT @ me. 

Book I’m currently reading: The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer. 

Do I even know 10 people let’s see: @thekingisawoman @alivingfire @afirethatcannotdie @femkinkharry @protectlouandhazza @littlechilllarrie @louisarsetattoo @casuallyhl @ls2k14 @becomeawendybird

acebuckeye13  asked:

Hello! So I've been thinking a lot about animation recently (been listening to the Talking Simpsons podcast, specifically), and I was wondering-what's the best way to learn more about the animation production process, especially for television? Are there any books, podcasts, or documentaries that you could recommend off the top of your head?

Thats a good question. The only one I can think off the top of my head would be the Steven Universe podcast, which I’ve listened to the first few–they are really great and they interview artists who work on the show.
It isn’t TV, but Cartoon Saloon also has a podcast that interviews their artists.
I don’t know of any books or documentaries about the production of animation for TV. That would be cool. You could check out some art books; for example, the Over the Garden Wall art book dives into the making-of for each chapter of the series, and you can get the gist of how stuff evolves over time to become the final product.
Anyway, have fun and keep exploring!


it’s time to talk about a weird animal again here at bunjywunjy dot tumblr dot com (my house), and what better way to begin the new year than with an inspirational survivor to motivate us all with its sheer bullheaded tenacity?

you see, this animal has been around a very, very, very, VERY long time. 

it’s called the Coelacanth, and it’s your grandma.

SEE-la-kanth. say it right sonny, my ears aren’t what they used to be

Coelacanths are the oldest form of lobe-finned fishes on the planet. their  relatives first appeared 400 million years ago, and immediately made themselves famous by being the very first vertebrates to wiggle onto dry land. (they immediately wiggled right the fuck back into the water, as they had forgotten to evolve lungs first)

these fishes later evolved those weirdly buff fins into actual legs and developed into the first true land animals, though tragically they lack the Coelacanth’s roguish sense of style.

there’s a lot of stumpy little legs in this picture

while these lobe-finned fish did go on to become literally all land-dwelling vertebrates ever INCLUDING YOU, the Coelacanth was content to retain its fishy shape and continue on as it always had. for 400 fucking million years

they probably barely even noticed all those major extinction events. meteor who?

it’s coelaCAN, not coelaCAN’T.

today, Coelacanths are still more closely related to you than they are to most other fish. think of it as the weird cousin that never gets invited to the mammal family reunion.

the Coelacanth’s relationship to land vertebrates has long been known from fossils, but Science believed it had gone extinct sometime in the Cretaceous period more than 60 million years ago. so imagine Science’s surprise when a live Coelacanth was pulled up by a fishing trawler in 1938, off the coast of South Africa.

surpriiiiiiise! bet you thought you’d seen the last of me

this makes them the first ever example of a Lazarus Taxon (which is an absolutely badass phrase that would make a damn good name for a rock band), meaning it’s an evolutionary line we thought was extinct but they lived, bitch.

today, the Coelacanth is known to live in the Indian and South African oceans, where they thrive in deep water far away from the prying eyes of their nosy hairless ape relatives. 

they are mostly active at night and can grow to be 6 and a half feet long, and live more than 60 years. they don’t have much personality, but BOY are they tenacious.

I make up for it with my stunning good looks

Coelacanths mostly drift with the current, eating whatever happens to pass by that’s smaller than they are. this just goes to show that laziness does pay off in the long run! 

it’s a valid survival strategy, MOM.

Coelacanths don’t have many natural predators, as they taste completely disgusting. sharks are pretty much the only predator who will give it a try, but sharks also eat outboard motors and license plates so that’s really not saying much.

all that aside, these ancient fish can motivate us to face the challenges of the new year. just remember, if a weird fish with demi-legs can survive for 400 million years on the benefits of laziness and just being kind of weird and disgusting, so can you!



Small touches (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧