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I love this ridiculous, trashy, rowdy, obscene bar.

Bonus (Kix-drank-too-much edition):


The Furry Replacement

- a Niall Horan blurb

You rolled over on the couch trying to make yourself comfy, but it was no use. It just wasn’t the same having lazy Sundays watching telly when Niall was gone. Missing him was a normal thing by now. It was something you had gotten used to over the last year or so, but sometimes it still hit you afresh. He was a busy guy but you were willing to pay the price of loneliness if it meant that when he came home it meant coming to you. Right now he was out on tour. He had been gone for almost two months now yet here you were lying on the couch somehow halfway between a pity party and sulking. You huffed out loudly and adjusted yourself once more. Almost as if on cue your dog, Duke, trotted into the room. 

He was a Great Pyrenees, white as snow and full of love. He was your big baby. You felt a cold nose nudge you several times before you gave in and looked over. He plopped his large furry head right now onto your chest and let out a sigh. It was as if Duke was feeling the same way. You brought your hand up and ruffled up his white fur.

“I know, buddy, I miss Niall too.” The moment Niall’s name left your lips Duke’s ears perked up. He picked his head up and glanced towards the front door. You laugh to yourself. “No, Duke, he’s not back yet. A few more weeks and then we will see him.”

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I really like Sonic and Tails relationship in Boom and how Sonic actually shows a lot of Big Brother Instinct. 

Like the pilot, his reaction when he’s scared to death Tails is dead:

and his relief when he hears his heart beat and promise.

There’s also when he protects him from a robot and spends the rest of the shot looking shielding him and looking pissed off. He just gives that thing a death glare.

He even calls Tails his best friend in Blue with Envy (seems like he’s getting protective because he doesn’t trust the new guy that turns out to be a robot later)

Also, other random shots of them acting so naturally around each other

The pictures on Tails’ wall


It’s done and it’s beautiful 😭
Photos can’t do it justice honestly
I finally got my David Bowie tattoo today thanks to my grandma! She was nice enough to pay for it as a graduation, Christmas, and birthday (my birthday is tomorrow!) gift!
Words can’t express how happy I feel about this so I’m going to just leave it at that.
Also if you wanna see in progress shots and other pictures of it check out my friend'a blog @strange-rock-and-roller !

Beni Amer Boy

Growing up as kid, it seemed like every Eritrean household in the diaspora had this boy’s image on their wall. His inviting smile; his big pearly whites; his mud-stiffened ringlets hairdo known as the tiffa and tribal scars on his cheeks made him a memorable face. Although no one knows his name for certain, he does have a few aliases Eritreans commonly refer to him by, including Beni-Amer boy and smiling boy.

So who is he?

Despite being one of the most recognized images among Eritreans, we still don’t know much about him. All we know is this iconic picture was taken in 1965 by James P. Blair, a retired National Geographic photographer. We also know the picture was shot in Tesseney, Eritrea, a mid-size town near the Sudanese border. Aside from these few facts, there isn’t much information to go on.

Judging by the boy’s face, he seems to be between 14-16 years of age when Mr. Blair took his picture. Since the image was taken 48 years ago, this would make him around 62-64 years old today, assuming he’s still alive, of course. While this information is nice to know, it still doesn’t give inklings about his personal life. Unfortunately, we are still left with rumors to fill this void.


Lack of information about people usually results in rumors. Among the most entertaining ones about him is he was allegedly given a modeling job by Crest, a toothpaste company based in America. Another one of my favorites is a French model tourist visiting Tesseney was struck by his good looks and married him and took him to Paris with her. Perhaps the most plausible rumor is he allegedly joined the Eritrean Revolution and was martyred in the late 1960s.


Since Ethiopia annexed Eritrea in 1962, National Geographic presented him to the world as an Ethiopian boy. Additionally, the Ethiopian tourist agencies during the Haile Selassie and Mengistu Haile Mariam administrations used his image extensively to promote Ethiopian tourism. As a result, he became well known among Ethiopians, too. Even today, his image can be seen in many Ethiopian restaurants and households.


The Beni-Amers, who are generally classified as the largest subgroup within the Tigre ethnic group, are named after Amer Ibn Kunnu, a 15th century CE founder of the clan. In fact, their name literally means “sons of Amer”. They live mostly in south west Eritrea and around the Eritrean-Sudanese border. Although their original language was Bedawi (Beja/Hidareb), today they speak Tigre as their first language.

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Happy Holidays and may 2017 be merry and bright.

Alex Reagan Moodboard:The mysteries you solve and the discovery of those things you are afraid are hiding in the dark.

Dedicated to the search for the truth behind the Black Tapes and the woman who won’t stop searching for that truth.

The more that Alex learns about the things on those tapes that Richard Strand holds so dear; the deeper she sinks into the mystery of the Black Tapes.

The deeper she sinks into the mystery; the easier it is to believe in the impossible.

The easier it is to see the shapes and figures that have always been hiding just out of sight.

And the sudden sinking realization that the more you learn and the more you dig; the harder it is to keep those things out of your life and out of your house and out of your mind.

The deep and unsettling knowledge that more you know about them; the more they learn about you.

//New year, new ask blog- [Shot]//

//Plot?– [Double Shot] ..Or just an excuse for me to draw them all [Third Shot]//

|| All of them ended up in the same dimension, somehow and are “trying” to find a solution.. If it’s actually possible.. Who knows? || 

L:A:【”In the meantime, let’s get along!!”

EE:【”Ah, seconded!”

L:E:【”So.. Bright…”

AmT:【”…” (Too bright..)】

Base!Ain:【“Haha! Yeah..” (Ishmael have mercy…)】

//Bonus: They’re all chibis,,, just because of my style haha [Fourth Shot]//

Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison onstage during the ‘Once Upon A Time’ panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2015.


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