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Olympic Theory

Okay so everyone basically knows that Victor has definitely gone to the Olympics but no one talks about the possibility that Yuuri has.

1. Yuri is considered Japan’s best skater

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In the anime, Japan has believed this since at least the 2015-16 season. Please consider that 2 Seasons prior would have been the year for the 2014 winter. It’s reasonable that Yuuri would have been considered Japan’s best in 2014 because it’s not likely for skaters scores to vary too much between seasons. [Excluding Viktor Nikiforov & Yuzuru Hanyu who have the ability to score 35+ points above the next skater because they are considered out-liars]

Looking at the scores from Yuri on ice, the competition scores tended to vary by 10-ish points overall from competition. So likely they also all had lower scores 2 seasons ago, if they were competing, because of natural progression. [Unless your an out-liar] 

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Brahms - Piano Concerto in D minor, op. 15 (1858)

If you can’t decide between a career-defining symphony and a more introspective piano sonata, why not mash the two together? That’s what Brahms did with this early masterpiece. 

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PruAus Week 2016 ~ Uniforms

They’re dressed for a game which took place September 2nd, 2011, where in Austria’s hopes and dreams of qualifying for the 2012 UEFA European Championship were dashed straight to Hell thanks to Germany.

I imagine Austria is a bit of a sulker once losing. Meanwhile, Prussia is bouncing around, expecting a hug and some praise like Old Fritz used to give him.

I’m sure these two always find a way to make up later…


worlds 2015 - aa contenders

Steven Universe Theory: The Number of a Fusion’s Eyes and Arms Determines Their Stability

For example if you count up all of Ruby and Sapphire’s eyes and arms you get a total of 7 (3 eyes and 4 arms) but Garnet has a total of 5 arms and eyes. This means she lost 2 arms during the fusion giving her a “score” of -2. Fusions who lose the most arms or eyes during a fusion are more stable. 

Rainbow Quartz and Opal also have a score of -2 because Rainbow Quartz loses 2 arms and Opal loses 2 eyes.

Sardonyx would have a score of -1 because Garnet and Pearl combined have 5 eyes but Sardonyx only has 4.

Alexandrite’s score is a little harder to determine because her eyes are not visible, but Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst add up to 7 eyes and 6 arms. She definitely has 6 arms and it is also possible that she also has all 7 eyes as well. This fanart for example shows how she might look with all eyes uncovered.

This would give her an overall score of 0

Sugalite would also have a score of 0 because she has 5 eyes and 4 arms just like Garnet and Amethyst added up.

Malachite is also a complicated fusion because she has 2 normal arms and 4 leg arms. But if we were to count the first 4 arms as arms and the last 2 as legs then she has the same number of eyes and arms as Jasper and Lapis together.

It is also worth noting that the only fusions that have a score of 0 are Alexandrite, Sugilite, and Malachite, whose names all end in -ite. This could mean that the suffix -ite implies that a fusion is particularly unstable.


Just to put last night into perspective.

1. Steph Curry tied the record for most 3 pointers in a game, and is now tied for 1st with Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall.

2. He has also scored 40+ points 3 times since returning from the All Star break (6 games). 2 of those games actually being 50+ games.

3. He also broke his own record for most 3 pointers in a season last night with 288..and there is still 24 games left in the season. NOT TO FORGET, this his 3rd time beating his own record.

4. And last but not least, the game winner he beat OKC with last night was measured at just under 40 ft. And they had a time out to call to advance the ball. That is just ridiculous.

I guess the moral of the story is. We are all waching God’s created player in 2K. Straight other world type stuff right here.

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Rayark’s Cytus 6.0 and New Project Info

Cytus 6.0 confirmed to have special 10 free songs of the chapters theme song. In Cytus every chapter have a theme song and it previously released as an album called Alive. Now you can play all those 10 songs for free. The songs will tell the storyline of Cytus from chapter to chapter. New Cloud storage to save your game scores will also be added on Cytus 6.0.

Rayark also announced 2 more new projects. After Project Symphony, they will also work on Project V and Project I. Project V confirmed to be a rhythm game (like Cytus, Deemo, and Project Symphony).

Conceptualising Seirin's strength in basketball

So I’ve been struggling super hard with how Seirin has been able to defeat the teams it has defeated so far. True that it is shonen manga, shonen tropes, but that also seems a bit unfair to them.

Naturally, the thing to do is to try and work it out properly.

I’ve tried to assign base stats to the characters/teams rpg-style. The scale goes from 1-5, and the numerical digit represents a character’s skill level (based on performance adjusted for consistency across a number of matches).

Level 0: unable to play basketball at competition standard.

Level 1: able to play competitive basketball, but poorly/below average.

Level 2: average/ordinary.

Level 3: good//very good/above average. solid and strong basics from this level up.

Level 4: great/flashes of brilliance. possesses signature moves and/or has worked on developing their individual skillset. visible impact on gameplay and results.

Level 5: outstanding/reliably brilliant. iconic play. highly developed individual skillset. decisive impact on gameplay and results.

This ranking system applies to the people already in the competitions/league, so even level 1 indicates a degree of basketball skill.

For the vast majority of teams, the ordinary teams, their ace will be a level 3 player (good//very good/above average). It’s likely that they’ll have only one level 3 player, or if they’re very lucky they may have a level 4 player. The typical make-up of such teams will be: predominantly level 2 players, with some level 1 players on the bench (or on the team if they don’t have enough people), and one or two level ¾ maximum.

3 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 11


3 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 10

or at best

4 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 13

Meaning that ordinary teams generally have a team stat in the range of ≈ 8-13. The early stages of competition will be filled with these teams, almost all of which will be eliminated by the knockout stages.

Teams who make it to the knockout stages will have a range of ≈ 14-18.

For the kings and kiseki schools, the level 3 player is their average player/first-stringer. That is the difference in basic skill. Even without fielding their aces, these schools will still be able to play a very decent game.

3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 15

And then there is the Generation of Miracles, who surpass everybody else. They’re monsters who break the system; that’s how good they are. Hence they will be the only ones to get a level 6 designation.

Level 6: genius. utterly dominant, changes the face of the game and even the sport as a whole. MVP without question.

The Uncrowned Generals are all level 5.


Using this, let’s calculate the team stats.Teams within range will have the ability to beat each other depending on their form on any particular day.

It’s all approximate especially since only whole numbers are used (in truth some of these characters should score slightly higher or slightly lower than what they’ve been assigned). Everything is open to debate.


6 (Akashi) + 5 (Mibuchi) + 5 (Hayama) + 5 (Nebuya) + 4 (Mayuzumi)

= 25


6 (Midorima) + 4 (Takao) + 4 (Ootsubo) + 3 (Miyaji) + 3 (Kimura)

= 20


6 (Murasakibara) + 5 (Himuro) + 3 (Okamura) + 3 (Fukui) + 3 (Liu)

= 20


6 (Aomine) + 4 (Imayoshi) + 4 (Wakamatsu) + 4 (Sakurai) + 3 (Susa)

= 21

+ 6 (Momoi) but halved because she is not a court player

= 24


6 (Kise) + 4 (Kasamatsu) + 4 (Hayakawa) + 3 (Moriyama) + 3 (Kobori)

= 20

As reflected above, the team score of most of the kiseki teams (excluding Rakuzan) will fluctuate around ≈ 20-23 (player score only).

19-20 on bad days or against opponents where they don’t need to push themselves, as their collective strength is clearly more than enough to defeat most other teams. 22-23 on days where all members step their game up for intense clashes. Rakuzan is different because it has 3 uncrowned, so its base stat is automatically higher.

And then there is Seirin, the anomaly.

Seirin begins the series with significantly lower stats than they do now.

5 (Kuroko) + 5 (Kagami) + 2 (Hyuuga) + 2 (Izuki) + 2 (Mitobe)

= 16

Bearing in mind that level 2 indicates average/ordinary player, not poor. Hyuuga and co would have hovered around the 2-3 mark, so Seirin would have had a team score of ≈ 16-19. Which possibly explains why they were able to defeat Kaijo and Shutoku even without upgrades.

With subsequent individual development and the inclusion of an Uncrowned, their team score rises significantly. They are also the only school with 2 players who can play at kiseki level, which gives them an enormous advantage.


6 (Kuroko) + 6 (Kagami) + 5 (Kiyoshi) + 3 (Hyuuga) + 3 (Izuki)

= 23

It still produces a result well over 20. If in fact we consider Hyuuga and Izuki as level 4 players now, their team score actually ends up equalling Rakuzan’s 25

Put into numerical form like this, it suddenly seems a lot more believable that Seirin has managed to triumph over extremely powerful teams. A victory over Rakuzan sounds less deux ex machina than it would be in most shonen series.

october 11th 2016 // it’s 6pm right now. I just got an early dinner in one of the dining halls before grabbing an oolong milk tea from chatime! their teas are so yummy but so $$$ too. now I’m sitting in the library studying for my statistics midterm tomorrow…probably gonna be here til 9pm tbh. I also got my calc 2 midterm back today which I scored 68% on, was totally stressing about that til I realized that it’s an A thanks to the curve. that curve is my favorite thing in the world right now.