also the rocks are purple


awgeezitsthetoiletnator, i do not go back on my word. 


I have boots of The Color Purple revival, Waitress, American Psycho, Disaster, She Loves Me revival, School of Rock, Deaf West Spring Awakening, Something Rotten, and SO many more. Send me an ask if you want any of them and feel free to ask about specific shows you’re looking for.


Just a couple of quick pictures of my current hoard, which consists of mainly rocks and minerals, but also some succulents and dried flowers (which aren’t really shown in this post). I’m also planning on getting a couple of animal skulls too, so if anyone knows a good website for that I would appreciate it if you told me!

Since I started SU, I see some of my family in them. My mom is like Rose, she’s kind, cares about her kids and would literally give up her life for them, she also has lots of curly hair. I see my sister in Pearl, she’s smart, calculated, and while she does care she can be salty. And I see a lot of myself in Amethyst. I’m shoty, I have curves and don’t care, I share her style, and I’m scrappy, and I say weird things sometimes. That just makes me so happy! (I also rock purple hair like no other!)

- the-desolation-of-the-avengers