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oikawa tooru for @sasukeeuchiha

Worthless pride, huh? That’s true…
Listen up, Ushijima.
I never thought my decision was wrong,
and my volleyball hasn’t ended at all.
Don’t you ever forget my worthless pride.”

just some headcanons about our fave raven gang

  • they go grocery shopping and adam and blue sit in the carts while gansey and ronan push them. it’s definitely a race and more often than not ronan wins because he gives up running and just like kICK S the cart as hard as he can and adam rolls his way to victory
  • ronan starts wearing pink? WHO REALLY KNOWS WHY?? probably because of blue and adam tbh but like no one actually knows why and everyone just kind of is confused and meanwhile hes there with his bright pink hat or light pink shirt and hes all fucking dangerous and adam just grins and kisses him on the cheek “you look good” ronan wants to maul him anyway
  • blue and piggyback rides? she is always on henry or ganseys back. she also occasionally wears ronan’s pink cap
  • henry is a vlogger lmao and oddly its ronan who teams up with him sometimes (because he doesnt like actually being in it) and when ronan steals the camera its all “dicK WHERE’D YOU PUT THE FRIDGE” or “thats adam look hes the worst person” *turns the camera off* “just kidding babe you know i love you”
  • when henry vlogs its obviously the most aesthetic thing in the world like he does all these beautiful shots and says all these lovely things
  • maybe one time adam took it and was taping ronan and ronan tried to get it back and maybe they ended up tumbling around and maybe fucking and maybe theres an accidental sex tape
  • gansey with the camera is awful its all “isnt adam the most beautiful thing youve ever seen” or “ronan no dont put my journal on the fan. RONAN NO!” or “blue you beautiful lovely little mouse” or “henry you prince you god, you-” then ronan in the back “GANSEY SHUT UP”
  • MUSIC FESTIVALS. ronan convinces them all to go to his music festivals that he loves and he even lets blue dress him up and put a flower crown on him and she puts on on her head too. they hold hands and blue is often on his back and everyone who sees them thinks theyre dating until ronan grabs adam by his collar and pulls him in for a kiss
  • gansey and henry and blue all hold hands. gansey and henry constantly make out. blue and henry and blue and gansey i love my polygamous children

↳companion romances | sole survivor x piper wright

“it sounds to me like you’re interested in becoming more than just friends.”
“oh! I… I mean, I’d be lying if I said that I never thought about you that way… not that I’m always thinking that way… it’s just, blue, I’m loud and pushy, and constantly getting in over my head. why would someone like you want someone like me?
"you don’t need to be flawless, piper. you’re perfect for me.

Hierarchy of diamonds (theory)

Having seen all the of the diamond’s portrayals, i started to wonder about their potential hierarchy.
Could it be that they are not in fact equal? Interesting pattern starts showing in their depictions:
First, White Diamond is surrounded by a dozen or so planets, and her gem is on her forehead, the highest place “available”.
Both Yellow and Blue Diamonds have gems in the same place - a little bit lower than the White Diamond, on their chests. And both are surrounded by a similar number of planets, but smaller than White Diamond’s.

And then, there’s Pink Diamond with only ONE planet (lol) and her gem’s placement much lower than the others. Also it kinda looks like she’s coming out of some mineral aggregation, like she was just made, perhaps this can indicate that she’s the youngest diamond (but maybe this is just stylistic choice).

Different but equal - that is the most popular take on diamond’s hierarchy.
But why show one diamond with a dozen of colonies and another one with just Earth?

I suppose that diamonds may later be shown as ‘duets’ opposed to each other and perhaps their gem’s placement is a clever design choice to outline this dynamic. Up and down - White and Pink, left and right (but in order to stay symmetrical they both have gems in the middle of their body) - Yellow and Blue.
Perhaps WD’s strength, superiority (also shown by the number of her colonies) will be shown in opposition to PD’s weakness (being shattered by her own soldier) and Yellow’s Diamond military/”objective” (as Peridot stated) philosphy will be opposed to Blue Diamond’s religious/spiritual style.


Long vintage hairstyles? Here we go!

Starting with that gorgeous redhead you have victory rolls with no bangs, then we have the perfect Diva Akasha with blue victory rolls and straight hair that you can also roll in the back, next is Katy Perry with her pink bangs in victory rolls up and below we have The Freckles Fox with hair up hiden in a bandana with curly ends in a candyman style, also with loose hair and a faux bang aaand last but not least we have Diablo Rose with many rolls and loose hair with curly ends…boy that was fun! There is a lot more style but I hope those answers the question (:

Hugs and Kisses from Silver Fox! xoxo