also the pink is back!!!

GLtAS Live Action Dream Cast - pt. 2 - The Star Sapphires

  • Rashida Jones as Carol Ferris
  • Bipasha Basu as Queen Aga’po
  • Parineeti Chopra as Ghia’ta
  • Octavia Spencer as Galia (voice and mo-cap)

as before, screencaps from bentfire​, textures from here


4:50pm// three exams down two more to go. My first few ones were all one after another and I was so stressed out so I’m worried, but I need to clear my mind and focus on the others. Fruit salad with cold condensed milk and coconut jelly is pure heaven and puts me in a happy mood 😄 also its super pretty because the berries stain the milk pink/purple ! Anyways back to studying contemporary human evolution. Good luck on exams guys

i know people have been saying this a lot, but this new joker looks exactly like one of my old ocs when i was 12. his name was cyrus. he had vines growing all over his arms in a weird sleeve. he had Only God Shall Judge me on his back. also he had glowing pink eyes. and he was a demon, cursed with immortality. also i think he had to eat spinal fluid. i was a weird kid okay. point is, the joker.

happy to welcome the pink stripe back ♡ also please ignore the cans in the back, we had a pre-party last night and i haven’t bothered to clean up just yet heh…

It has come! April 15th is the day Namjoo turns 21 (20 internationally). Just look at how excited she is in the picture!!
Haha to think she was Apink’s Sunny when I first saw her in 2013. But I realised she is also a wonderful yet adorable person who knows how to make us pink pandas smile with her aegyo.
Happy Birthday Namjoo! May this day be a blessed one for you. Good luck to your future activities in Apink and also for your studies at Sungkyunkwan University! Us pink pandas have got your back and will support you as always~~~
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sorry if this is a weird question but i was wondering if you knew what kind of fabric your friend used on their narancia costume ?

Not weird at all! I don’t know the name of it, but it’s a performance stretch from Joannes. I made sure we all used it (except Abba). It’s a 4-way stretch with shiny dots on it. My suit it lined with it(gold), Giornos suit is /made/ with it (the pink and also the black diamonds on back are also) and Narancias is also entirely made of it.

Actually I googled it. It’s this one!

Only Danny Pink

Haunted House AU

Clara makes a deal to bring back Danny Pink. Also Dean was an asshole (see A/N below for apology)

Companion’s Rule #5: Always have a torch handy.

Clara clicked hers on as she carefully crept into the creaky old house near one of the infamous Missourian swamps. She asked for Mardi Gras. Instead she got a haunted house a state over- and on Halloween! Of all nights the TARDIS could have chosen, this was undoubtedly the worst.

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Painted my nails for the first time in months, feeling like a boss ass bitch, good to be back in pink 💁🏻🌸🌷🌺💞💟💖🎀🌂👙👛 also looking great against the color of my pax



My dad apparently flushed all my heavier pain medication because he got worried because last night I wa slurred and acting strange and the only reason I got up from bed like less than ten fifteen minutes ago is because he said I needed to take my meds.

I’m still tired and my fingers dont wanna move the way I want them too. I’m a bit dizzy and slurred and confused. It’s Monday right?