also the pictures are mine that i found and the screencaps by me as well

Uchouten Kazoku/The Eccentric Family 2 Stamp Rally in Kyoto

Right now, from April 7th to September 18th,  with the airing of Uchouten Kazoku season 2, there is an on-going promotion in Kyoto for a Stamp Rally that takes you around the city, to various locations featured in the anime, where you can collect stamps and also pick up an exclusive clear file folder (and maybe a can badge if they ever restock). It’s a lot of fun to see the locations scenes take place in, especially for a show like Uchouten Kazoku which has such beautifully and accurately rendered backgrounds. Below, I detail where to get all the stamps as well as other locations you can find that show up in the anime!

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aight buckle up kids, it’s story time:
in the summer of 2013, when i started making vines and gaining a following, i discovered austin jones, who at the time was know for pop punk culture-related vines and being an independent singer. a very warped tour scene kind of kid. i followed him on most of my social medias because i enjoyed his content and he seemed like a likeable kid. once in a while he’d interact with my tweets which of course made me pretty excited.
he had some contest or something one day? i forget but i downloaded kik just for it lmaooo then i won or something and we had a full convo on kik, i was pretty excited, and then we exchanged numbers!! wow!!! and for a while we would text a lot during the day about just regular stuff and music and everyday life. it was p cool. at one point he sent me some of his demos for songs that were gonna go on a new EP, to get my opinion on then.
so when i was doing the vine things, he told me that my vines were good and he wanted me to build up a bigger following, so he’d revine me a lot of times so i’d gain followers. basically the whole reason i gained a big vine following.
so! one night we’re texting and things take a…..turn. and he starts opening up about his…..fantasies….. and i’m like dude u ok? it got very….um….yes. unfortunately i never got screencaps of this but u can trust me. anyways i may have been a naive & immature 17 yr old at the time (he was 21 at this time) but i was v smart and did not succomb to the weird manipulation or actually do stuff he was very vaguely asking me to do. *pats self on back*
so in short. we were internet friends (still??? yes i know i’m disappointed in myself too), he helped me gain my vine following, and we would text often (one time he even sent me a video where he was in his car and was like what’s up miranda i’m in my car!, i was v excited about this, and saved it to send to ppl who thought i was being catfished lmao)
so!!! fast forward to 2015. we still interacted on the internet now and then (to this day he still follows me on ig/twitter and likes my ig pictures often), but then! a youtuber named damon fizzy ~exposed~ him on twitter; the internet found out (quite a lot of girls came forward with ~stories~ about him) that for a long time, austin jones had been manipulating his younger (underage!!!) fans and would ask them to send him twerking videos. gross !!!!!
so i was like ok wow this actually makes sense, it was v sad i was v disappointed in him :/
about a week later he released a big apology video and long fb post, and like it was a legit apology, look it up if u want. it was very heartfelt and i said okay wow, he’s coming clean and admitting to what he did, that’s v good. of course the whole thing affected him for a while but he’s def cleaned up his act and gotten his ish together since then. (obviously a lot of ppl were still like, he’s gross!!! bad person!! etc. and well to an extent….i did agree)
today he’s known for his a capella covers on youtube and was recently on a european tour and like i said before, we still interact on social media, and he seemed like he’d very much gotten his act together. but then yesterday….his past choices led to him getting arrested on monday night. and i feel SO BAD bc i SHOULDNT BE LAUGHING but i am? also this is all very sad but apparently new stuff has come up…..gross,,,,,,……so ya know, he had it coming, there isn’t much else to be said about that
anyways this has been the story of my interactions with austin jones, have a wonderful night everyone

so we’re back to square 1 (potentially a callout)

so i still dont want to call this a call out a post but use   deathaze/now moved to herweary   is still blantantly copying. i am unable to contact them again because they either blocked me on all of their active blogs, or deleted the ones we were able to work things out on. i would still do so, if there were ways for me to contact her but at the moment, there is no way.   so in the early months of october (october 16th) i had made  THIS  POST  as something to be aware of.    but now as they have moved blogs again (as they seem to do so as this problem is always brought up) i was able to see that they still have not changed. and under the cut are some screenshots of things that ARE STILL WAY TOO SIMILAR to connie and her character.

look, i only keep bringing this up because as someone who has had this character since middle school, who has gone through so much hefty development, so much time and love put into, only to be disregarded or copied off of, it really makes me uncomfortable ! it makes me feel like there is no point of being on here since there is someone else just like mine. and that’s no fun is it? be creative, friends. don’t copy. it isn’t fun to the person you are stealing from. if there’s a problem that keeps coming up to you, dont you think you should fix it ?

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Tales of a Stalker

When I was 15, I moved across the country to go to a specialized charter art high school. The move itself was very difficult and it was definitely a bit of a culture shock. My previous school was an art school as well, but it was less specialized and the visual arts courses were basically the classes that student with behavioral problems were put into to get an easy A. Of course, because it was less regulated, there was so much room for weebs who wanted nothing to do with the mandatory drawing exercises and only attended that class because they thought that it was a class where you could just draw manga all day. My mom and I felt as though it was necessary to switch to a school where visual art is taken more seriously since I had decided that I wanted to actually become an artist for a living.

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wendy-comet  asked:

Hi! I'm looking to make a Jillian Holtzmann cosplay and I was wondering how you made your DIY proton pack? It looks really cool, and your whole cosplay looks amazing. :D Any advice?

Toner cartridges from a photocopier!

They had cool, complicated bits on one end, which was a plus. And they were free. And any work or school with a photocopier tends to have a HEAP of them. So I got two and spray painted them black (on my back lawn, in the dark, while it was wet. And yet the paint job still held up. I should just spray paint everything from now on).

See the little knob bit on the left-hand end? I thought that looked dorky, so I knew which end I wanted to hide in the “body” of the proton cannon. So I taped the two painted cartridges together, cut a cardboard box to cover the join, and used more tape. Like this:

(The lower tube is the nozzle of the gun, and seems to be longer than the upper tube which is connected to the power line. So I built my box a little towards the back to try and shorten the upper tube, and used the ball thing to fill the gap so that the tubes wouldn’t slide back and forth inside the casing. … I don’t think this had much of an impact on the overall proportions of various bits, but I felt good putting that effort in.)

So I had a black box, with black tubes coming out of it. It looked very plain and boring, and since I had like… five hours to make this happen I just… I literally googled “sci fic control panel computer” and searched through pictures that came up. I wanted something with switches and knobs, but instead I found a screencap of Luke’s navigation computer from Star Wars. I printed it out, coloured it in with highlighters, and taped it on.

(There are some good-ish reference pics of the proton packs from the new film (and HEAPS for the old ones), so if you have the time and the energy you can cut out some circles and rectangles of coloured paper and get something way more accurate than mine. But that said… I got through a whole day at the con, several photo moments, and a bunch of people seeing this cosplay online and only one person let me know that they recognised the Star Wars screen. If something looks busy enough and sci-fi enough, people will just breeze right past it.)

What else is there?

The particle accelerator that looks like a disposable plastic plate that’s been spray painted silver? I made that by spray painting a disposable plastic plate silver. … Look, I made this in a night, okay. I lined it with red cellophane and had little fairy lights to tape inside so that it would glow red like the backs… But the lights weren’t bright enough. And nothing could make this not look like a disposable plastic plate. Holtz makes little faraday cages for the packs that are HONESTLY just mesh colanders:

I didn’t fuck around with that, because I could only find two size of mesh colander - teeny, and TOO BIG. But if I ever wear this again, I’ll probably cut my bullseye out of the plate and glue it onto a colander. Then get the fairy lights stuffed in  and that’ll lift my game.

The long bit of tubing I had lying around. It’s from a CPAP machine, and I guess most people who have one of those need the tube? Tbh, the film packs have black power cables with some coloured wires on them, so if you can source some extension cords that no one is using they’d be a way better option imo. I blued a wooden chopstick inside my tube to try and make it stand upright, and then used ribbon to sew the stiff end to the back (+ tie the lower end of the chopstick to the back handle to convince uprightness. It worked for like… 30 seconds). I used a hot glue gun to attache the other end of the tube to the plasma cannon. That worked really well, to my surprise.

Then I used wire to add some holster loops to the lower right side of the bag, and I had a ribbon attached to the body of the plasma cannon that I pinned to the upper right of the bag. That way I could holster it and walk around with my hands free.

Jfc, look at that plate. ANYWAY. I also had a can of Pringles tucked into the pocket on the other side of the bag, because props that double as snacks are so worth it at cons. And having a functional backpack was also a great idea. (One of my buddies cosplayed as Tiny Tina from Boarderlands a few cons back, and was so into getting the LOOK of all the bags and packs that Tina has right, that none of them… actually functioned… as bags -_-;; )

 That’s all that I can think of atm, but if there are any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.