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So, I noticed a thing about our favourite Russian

See here a screenshot from episode 10 where Viktor is shown with his medals 

Hmm, that one in the centre seems to be quite prominent from the rest.. I wonder…


Having figured out the dates, Viktor would have been freshly eighteen years old right here (the men’s finals took place at the start of February). So we can take the assumption that this was his first Olympics. And that boy won gold. And with the way it’s displayed, prominent and at the centre of his chest, it appears to be the one he’s most proud of? How adorable??? 

(also I’m now assuming that he won gold at both Vancouver and Sochi - considering how he was at the height of his career during this time) 

(canon three time Olympic gold medallist confirmed)

Bonus: Imagine fourteen year old Yuuri’s reaction

The signs as characters & beasts from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Aries: The Niffler

A small, independent, and defiant creature that has an obsession with anything shiny. Absolute scene-stealer, everyone wants one but not everyone can handle one.

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Taurus: Swooping Evil

A large creature, much like a butterfly, emerges from cocoon and kicks major ass. 

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Gemini: Jacob Kowalski

A really lovely human. Friendly, social, and incredibly adaptive. Also, he makes some damn good pastries.

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Cancer: Pickett, the Bowtruckle

The Most Adorable™. Has slight attachment issues, but covers it up with sass. Is willing to fight for loved ones. The creature version of (ง •̀_•́)ง

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Leo: The Occamy

The prettiest of all. Fiercely protective, can change size depending on the situation.

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Virgo: Porpentina Goldstein

Boss bitch. Will always fight for what’s right. Sometimes acts like they know what to do, but they don’t. Clever and determined as hell.

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Libra: The Thunderbird

Can sense danger. Always ready to get shit done. Just wants to go home most of the time. So statuesque and pretty. Reliable as hell. 

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Scorpio: The Demiguise

Mysterious as hell, always knows what everyones thinking. Can literally turn invisible when stressed. Super cool grandpa.

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Sagittarius: Queenie Goldstein

Living ray of sunshine. Seems like she may be stuck up but as soon as she speaks is an absolute delight. Smart, clever, and adventurous. 

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Capricorn: Percival Graves

Can’t quite tell his motives until the end. Dedicated, will stop at absolutely nothing. Calculating and powerful.

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Aquarius: Newt Scamander

People that first meet him think he’s quite odd, but he’s the most kind-hearted person on this planet. Cares deeply for loved ones, curious, truthful. Quite the rambler, but who cares he’s adorable.

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Pisces: Credence Barebone

Please, just someone give him a hug and fix the injustice done to him. He is a sensitive boy and deserves the care. Long story short, if pushed to the edge he will SNAP.

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Back when I drew my first Princess Paul picture someone asked if I knew about Ladybeard. I did not, but I looked him up and I’m so happy I did.

The way he describe himself is: an Australian professional wrestler, heavy metal screamer and crossdresser since he was 14 years old who lives in Japan and seeks to combine badassery and cuteness.

Also, his fans are called Ladybirds with is the most adorable thing ever.


Awe yeah, finally done editing! \(>w<)/ Been holding onto these a while, but I haven’t really been feeling so good for a pretty long while, so I just never edited them. I’m better now though. :D

Had so much fun during this shoot, cause me and my friend went to a park with cliffs and stuff. In two of the shots I’m actually on the edge of a cliff. “>w> I’m a terrible role model. Don’t do as I do, kids. Also, Yarny is super adorable and Unravel is the most gorgeous game ever. Plus it’s set in Sweden, which is where I live. ( ಡ౪ಡ)  

Anyways, hope everyone had a great day! Take care of yerselves and stay hydrated. OwO <3


Sweet summer child Yugyeom’s struggles during girlfriend-related missions


this was;;; so annoying but also the most adorable



· Spending nights video chatting when you’re not together. And him being pouty because he can’t be there to cover you up with blankets or feel you pressed against him.

·Taking vacations together and everywhere you go you take pictures with the most exotic animals in the country. It just so happened that Jackson and this elephant really got along.

· On a casual date and he finds a billboard with his picture printed on it. Was he really going to pass up the opportunity to be a dork? No. So you’re automatically forced to play his game and take the photo. You would admit he was embarrassing but also the most adorable human.

·Begging you to come spend some time with him in the practice room even though he knows you’re busy. You say no until he bribes you with food.
“I knew I would get you with that one.”
“Do you want me to change my mind?”

· Unexplainable photos being delivered to your phone. When asked he responds with short, sweet answers. “You see that photo? I’ll be like that ready for you in bed tonight.. ;)”
“Cool. Well I won’t be coming home. Night Jackson.”

· Whilst trying to be together the members continuously keep knocking on the door. Jackson finally gets frustrated and makes up a story that would force them to leave you guys alone.
“We’re trying to fuck can you possibly not?”