also the most adorable

Headcannon that at least some of Yuuri’s fans have always found his awkwardness endearing

“It was so cute, I walked up an said he was my fave and he immediately looked over his shoulder like I couldn’t be talking to him, then pointed to himself like, ‘Me?’” #ProtectKatsukiYuuri

“As he skated by during warmups, I held up my sign and yelled as loud as I could, ‘I LOVE YOU YUURI!!!’ and GUYS I SCARED HIM HE ALMOST FELL because of me i felt bad but it was also the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen   (̂ ˃̥̥̥ ˑ̫ ˂̥̥̥ )̂ “

“Our awkward skating son”

“He’s like ten years older than you?”


“Katsuki Yuuri is too precious for this world”

“I want to bundle him in blankets and keep him safe forever”

@ v-nikiforov “Please tell us you bundle our precious boy up and protect him”

v-nikiforov - “Of course!!!!!” [Insert pic of Viktor holding a Disgruntled Katsuki Yuuri Burrito]

“Dear fans, please STOP GIVING HIM IDEAS”

list of things the yoi fandom forgets
  • Phichit and Seung-gil are 20 
  • JJ is 19
  • Georgi is 27 not 25 (that’s Chris) 
  • Guang-Hong is 17 and this season was also his debut year for seniors
  • Guang-Hong trains in the US and Canada during the off season
  • Michele and Sara are 22, meaning they were in juniors with Yuuri 
  • Emil is only 18 no matter how much older his beard makes him look
  • Mila is only 18 too
  • Emil does extreme sports during the off season 
  • JJ does a lot of charity work during the off season 
  • Minako is actually older than Hiroko indicated by Hiroko calling her ‘senpai’ which means upperclassman (Hiroko is 49 meaning Mianko is likely 50 or 51, maybe 49 depending on her brithday) 
  • Viktor’s gold skates also have Russian flags on the outer side of the blades
  • Georgi was seen with another girl (who is not Anya) at the end of the season - presumably on a date 
  • Otabek is only 5′6″ (168 cm) 
  • Otabek has trained in America and Canada and Russia, returning to Kazakhstan only a year ago
  • Guang-Hong and Phichit are two of the Three Most Adorable Figure Skaters in Asia
  • Minami also made his debut in seniors this season having placed third as a Junior at Japanese Nationals the previous season

How long have you been planning for Coulson to be the Ghost Rider – and what was Clark Gregg’s reaction to finding out that news?

Jeffrey Bell: To say he was happy, it would be an understatement.
Jed Whedon: I think what he said when we told him was, “I didn’t think I could geek out more,” but he was like, “It seems I can.”
Jeffrey Bell: Yeah, that was what he said. [x]

Ok like we have Yuri being seen as cute by Otabek but like… what if Yuri found subtle things that Otabek does as sorta cute?

For example Otabek in practice successfully does a jump and does that little baby fist bump. Otabek is so stoic but Yuri can see his happiness and think it’s pure.

Or Otabek gets super excited about something but doesn’t want to show too much of it. Though Yuri can see right through and just sees how endearing it is. He loves that sorta childish excitement from Otabek.

serenity0220  asked:

Any chance you could please find some that Yuuri and Victor are married, but no one knows they are AU. Like, "Victor is a famous skater and he's married, but no one has a clue who his husband" is kind scenario? Thank you!

Hi! Thanks for these requests! This is a really fun AU! (Most of these fics are based off @skygemspeaks post which you can find here!

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Identity Reveal

Who is Coach Yuuri? by glitteryimagay, Teen, 24k
Nix, Fish and Frankie were over the moon when they were told they were chosen by skating legend Victor Nikiforov himself to be taught at his rink in America. But upon arriving, they are informed Victor was asked last minute to be the choreographer for the Olympic US Skating Team and instead, they will be taught by the rink’s head coach, who they know nothing about! This is great!

The Internet Exists For a Reason by tomorrowsdreams, Teen, 2.8k
Katsuki Yuuri amazes people even without them knowing who he really is. Thumbs up!

Comfort Zone by BertholdvonMoosburg, Gen, 8.9k
Yuuri decides to go back to school. He’d really like to experience being normal again for a while, and he wants friends, not more fans.It’s hard to keep two lives separate. Love this!

Yuuri Katsuki, MA by BertholdvonMoosburg, Teen, 10k
Two years. Two years she’d known Yuuri Katsuki, since that welcome reception where he’d looked so uncomfortable and she’d invited him to the pub. He had been a mystery at first, friendly but closed off. When he finally let her into his life, she found a real friendship with this warm, expressive, gentle man. And with his warm, expressive, extra-as-fuck husband. Thumbs up!

My fun fact is: by stillmadaboutpetra, Gen, 6.3k
Yuuri fails to mention to his new non-skater friends who he is or who his husband is. Or that he even has a husband. HAHAH THIS IS GREAT

Ethical Dilemmas in Sport Psychology: When Googling Your Friend Gets Weird by Adrianners, Teen, 1.5k
Grad student Yuuri is late to his study group, but nobody has his phone number or university email. One “Yuuri Katsuki Wayne State” Google search later and… Why does Yuuri have a Wikipedia page? Awesome fic!

Showing Results for ‘Katsuki Yuuri’ by Ferrero13, Gen, 3.9k
Victor makes it his goal to get Katsuki Yuuri, figure skater, to the first page of Google results. There is no way he could let such a brilliant skater be overshadowed by Katsuki Yuuri, winner of some stuffy academic medal, who is probably 50 and balding. I LOVE THIS FIC SO SO SO MUCH

A Real Life Cinnamon Roll by Seito, 2.1k
Yuuri Katsuki’s students knew three things about their new teacher:
1) he was adorable
2) he was extremely passionate about teaching them
3) based off the lovesick expression he often wore, his wife was a lucky woman. I LOOOOVE THIS FIC

How do you not know? by missykristy, Teen, 4.5k
Yuuri Nikiforov-Katsuki, after retiring from competitive skating at 27, decides to go back to school and build on top of his Communications degree. He becomes the Teaching Assistant to a first year Japanese class and is more than happy to stay silent about his career. But honestly, a quick Google search and he’s there. How could you not know? Fun read!

And the answer is… by nessiesaur, Gen, 1.5k
Yuuri Katsuki is adorable, but also one of the most mature people in their class. Yuuri Katsuki is in her study group, which definitely saved her ass on the midterm. Yuuri Katsuki is…wait, who is he!?

A Prince in Disguise by lourthor, Gen, 5.1k
The one thing his classmates know about him for sure is that he loves his husband. Such a good fic!

Long time no see by ddugeun, Gen, 4.8k
“Mum? What’s wrong?” he might be 27 and retired, but his anxiety never gets easier about the smaller things.
“Yuuri! Oh, don’t worry, nothing’s wrong!” Hiroko chirped through the speakers. It’s not quite enough to quell his nervous thoughts just yet. “I got a letter for you in the post; it looked quite important so I opened it incase it was time sensitive, and it turns out it’s a high school reunion invite!” High school reunion AU… you have to read this!

icebreaker by Cesare, Gen, 6.1k
Marianne gets to know Yuuri Katsuki mainly because she never heard the name “Yuuri” before their class together. AWESOME fic!

five theories about victor “my husband” nikiforov (+ one fact) by dadvans, Not Rated, 2.1k
No one knows the truth about the strange, well-paying man who comes into the bar three times a week and only talks about his husband. But everyone has their theories. Rec’d by my followers!


yuri!!! on ice instagram: phichit chulanont, leo de la iglesia, & guang hong ji

(part 2/7) (part 1) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6) (fancast)

andi mack is very very cute. good on you disney


#tbt: brownie being absolutely adorable with the toronto marlies!
           ↳ for @connrbrowns ♡

Wow wonho flirting with changkyun in their recent vlive is just-

Wonho: Oh handsome!

Changkyun: The chopstick?

Wonho: No, Changkyunie~



(I really hope someone gifs this moment, it’s so cute!)

So, I noticed a thing about our favourite Russian

See here a screenshot from episode 10 where Viktor is shown with his medals 

Hmm, that one in the centre seems to be quite prominent from the rest.. I wonder…


Having figured out the dates, Viktor would have been freshly eighteen years old right here (the men’s finals took place at the start of February). So we can take the assumption that this was his first Olympics. And that boy won gold. And with the way it’s displayed, prominent and at the centre of his chest, it appears to be the one he’s most proud of? How adorable??? 

(also I’m now assuming that he won gold at both Vancouver and Sochi - considering how he was at the height of his career during this time) 

(canon three time Olympic gold medallist confirmed)

Bonus: Imagine fourteen year old Yuuri’s reaction

The ToG crew in high school
  • Aelin: Choir member, popular but in a good way. Hates fake people and is good at literally everything. Haters hate her but secretly want to be her.
  • Rowan: Notorious for dating Aelin. Is the quiet hot guy who refuses to be a f*ckboy. Football captain, but not a jock. Kind and super protective of his friends.
  • Aedion: HA. BABE MAGNET. Hottest guy in school, football co-captain, sassy jock but still has tons of respect. The most loyal guy ever.
  • Lysandra: Dates Aedion and makes sure all the girls know it. Dresses super nice everyday, get chocolates from all the guys. BFFs with Aelin, lead cheerleader.
  • Elide: Lead flute in band, also in choir. Known as the nicest and most adorable. Tutors for free, has the cutest smile and wears legging and fuzzy sweaters. Always dragged along by Aelin and Lysandra to parties.
  • Lorcan: Snarls at anyone who is mean to Elide, seems like an ass to strangers, but once you get to know him he's super protective and courageous. Always drives Elide to school, also on the football team.
  • Manon: Damn. Boys got eyes on her EVERYWHERE and she ignores them. Snarls at anyone who dares cat-call at her. Good at all subjects, on the boy's volley ball team cause she's too good for the girls'. Super competitive and will kick yo ass if you get on her bad side.
  • Dorian: BFFs with the librarian. Writer for the school paper. Dates Manon to everyone's surprise. Rumour goes around saying he's secretly a sex god (hehe), always leaves flowers for Manon in her locker once a month.
  • Chaol: Captain of the boy's track team, plays trumpet for the marching band. Teacher's pet, charges 5$ an hour for tutoring, wears glasses and cute clothes.
The signs as characters & beasts from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Aries: The Niffler

A small, independent, and defiant creature that has an obsession with anything shiny. Absolute scene-stealer, everyone wants one but not everyone can handle one.

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Taurus: Swooping Evil

A large creature, much like a butterfly, emerges from cocoon and kicks major ass. 

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Gemini: Jacob Kowalski

A really lovely human. Friendly, social, and incredibly adaptive. Also, he makes some damn good pastries.

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Cancer: Pickett, the Bowtruckle

The Most Adorable™. Has slight attachment issues, but covers it up with sass. Is willing to fight for loved ones. The creature version of (ง •̀_•́)ง

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Leo: The Occamy

The prettiest of all. Fiercely protective, can change size depending on the situation.

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Virgo: Porpentina Goldstein

Boss bitch. Will always fight for what’s right. Sometimes acts like they know what to do, but they don’t. Clever and determined as hell.

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Libra: The Thunderbird

Can sense danger. Always ready to get shit done. Just wants to go home most of the time. So statuesque and pretty. Reliable as hell. 

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Scorpio: The Demiguise

Mysterious as hell, always knows what everyones thinking. Can literally turn invisible when stressed. Super cool grandpa.

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Sagittarius: Queenie Goldstein

Living ray of sunshine. Seems like she may be stuck up but as soon as she speaks is an absolute delight. Smart, clever, and adventurous. 

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Capricorn: Percival Graves

Can’t quite tell his motives until the end. Dedicated, will stop at absolutely nothing. Calculating and powerful.

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Aquarius: Newt Scamander

People that first meet him think he’s quite odd, but he’s the most kind-hearted person on this planet. Cares deeply for loved ones, curious, truthful. Quite the rambler, but who cares he’s adorable.

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Pisces: Credence Barebone

Please, just someone give him a hug and fix the injustice done to him. He is a sensitive boy and deserves the care. Long story short, if pushed to the edge he will SNAP.

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Trans Lance Fan Fic Part 1 (based off my headcannon/prompt)

*two years prior to Garrison*
      Keith walks to his locker, it’s the second day of his junior year of high school and he already hates it. He is with his third foster family of the year and he’s just moved to this city. He turns the volume up on the Fall Out Boy song he is listening to and keeps waking without paying attention to his surroundings. He crashes right into something which startles him from his thoughts. He looks down and finds a tan girl with wavy brown hair and stunning blue eye sprawled on the floor in front of him. He quickly pulls the earbuds from his ears and offers a hand to help her up. “I guess I kinda fell for you huh?” The girl jokes as Keith helps her up which startles a laugh out of the ravenette.It’s the start of a great friend ship.

     Keith learns that the girl’s name is Lacey. She shares almost every class with Keith which is great since neither of them have many friends besides each other. Keith’s favorite classes that he has with Lacey are drama and music because that is where she seems to be most in her element. Every time she makes someone laugh while portraying a character her eyes light up the way that Keith adores. She is also the most talented guitar player and singer that Keith has ever met.

     By the end of junior year they are inseparable. They spend as much time together as possible. After school they can be found doing their homework at the park across the street as neither of the two were in a rush to get home. Keith learns that Lacey isn’t as happy as everyone thinks she is. He notices that a lot of her smiles don’t reach her eyes and her laughter is often forced. Whenever he asks her what is wrong she just brushes it off and cracks a joke or changes the subject. Keith find a bottle of antidepressants in her bag about a week later and just pulls her into a hug without a single word.

      By the start of senior year Lacey’s depression has gotten much worse and Keith seems to be the only thing that makes her smile anymore. He keeps trying to find out what is wrong but she still refuses to tell him, claiming that she didn’t want to lose the only friend she has. Keith assures her that he would never stop being her friend but she insists that she doesn’t want to take that chance. Keith does his best to make sure Lacey is happy whenever they are together. He does just about anything to get her to smile even if he ends up looking like a complete idiot in front of everyone else. Seeing Lacey’s eyes light up the way they do when she smiles is enough to discredit any embarrassment Keith may have felt. It becomes increasingly harder to get Lacey to genuinely smile. Keith can tell when Lacey’s smiles are faked and when her laughs are forced.

      At the end of senior year Lacey does not smile at all. Keith keeps trying to make her happy again nothing is working. On the last day of school Keith tells Lacey that he is applying for the Garrison and she tells Keith she was thinking about applying too. Keith encourages her to apply and talks about how much fun they’d have at the Garrison together. Lacey just shrugs and says that she hopes Keith gets into the Garrison. They promise to keep in contact over the summer and then go their separate ways.

     Lacey’s family notices her worsening depression and they decide to find out what is causing her so much sadness. Lacey’s oldest sister Alicia corners her one day and persistently asks what is bothering her so much. Lacey can’t hold back any longer and breaks down in front of a shocked Alicia. Lacey explains her feelings of extreme dysphoria, self-hatred/disgust, and depression then goes on to explain what transgender is. Lacey comes out to Alicia as a trans boy. It takes Alicia a few minutes to process but then she pulls her younger brother into a reassuring hug and smiles. “Is there a name you’d prefer to be called?” She asks softly. “Lance, I’d like to be called Lance.” He says proudly and Alicia nods and pets his hair gently as he cries with happiness at the sound of his preferred name being used for the first time.

     The next day Lance comes out to his family and is promptly taken to the hairdresser where he gets a stylish boy’s haircut and he smiles shyly the whole ride home. It’s a few days later when his mama comes home from work with a medium sized package. “Lance, mijo come here for a second!” She calls and Lance runs into the kitchen to greet her. “Yes mama? Did I forget to do one of my chores again? I really didn’t mean to, I was helping Marcus with his homework and I completely forgot…” he starts to ramble and his mother cuts him off. “I got you something that I think you’ll like.” She says and hands the package over to her son. She watches excitedly as he opens it. A gasp leaves his lips as he lifts the brand new binder out of the package it came in. “Thank you so much mama! I love it! I love you!” Lance says and hugs his mother tightly.

     Lance spends the rest of the day admiring his flattened chest in the mirror and smiles widely the whole time. Alicia is constantly checking up on him to make sure he is feeling good and when he looks like he is having a rough time, Alicia will tell him how handsome his haircut or his outfit is.

     It’s around a month and a half later when Lance gets another huge surprise. His mother gets him into the car and refuses to tell him where they are going. To say the least, he is very confused when they pull up to a medical center. When he tries to question it his mother shushes him and ushers him inside the building. He is all but dragged into a doctor’s office and stares at his mother in confusion. A doctor walks in a few minutes later and sits down across from Lance at smiles. “Good morning Lance, do you know why you are here today?” The doctor asked him and Lance shook his head no and looked at the man in confusion. “Today we are going to discuss Testosterone shots and see how soon we can get you started on them.” The man explains and Lance cries with relief and happiness. Everything is moving so fast for him and he couldn’t be happier. With all of these changes he forgets to keep the promise he made on the last day of school.

     Thankfully for Lance, he only has to wait three more weeks for his first testosterone shot. The doctor shows Lance how to do it himself and explains that the rest of his shots will arrive at his door and explains the schedule of when he should administer them to himself.

     He is officially three months on testosterone when his Garrison acceptance letter and he is ecstatic to go to a school and start over, no one will know about the life he had in high school. Surely none of the people from his high school would be going to the Garrison! Or so he thought…

  (Sorry for any errors in grammar or spelling I may have made)