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There are a million things in this universe you can have and there are a million things you can’t. It’s no fun facing that, but that’s the way things are.

so i noticed… aos jim tilts his head and neck like this… a Lot

Jim is a rising internet personality, Bones is a cryptid who refuses to show his face on the internet, Spock is a beauty guru, Scotty and Jaylah build things, Nyota is a badass linguist and vlogger, Hikaru likes plants, and Pavel is a yelling 13-year-old Russian genius. And somehow YouTube has looked the same for 200 years. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For the YouTube AU I made, and developed with the help of @honeychamomilee and @feminist-jim-kirk!

Good Girl

Jim X Reader

Word Count: 1445

Prompt: “Oh I’ve been looking for a good girl, yeah been looing for good girl, tell me if you think you found, tell me if there’s a chance you’ll let me know.”

Summary: You’ve always been stereotyped as being a goody-two-shoes but you’ve caught Jim Kirk’s attention

“You’re a good girl Y/n. You’re a well behaved child and your parents are lucky to have you.” Was what you constantly heard as a child. Still when you went to the Star Fleet Academy you were told how well behaved and disciplined you were. It was a stuck record and you didn’t know how to get out of it. What you didn’t understand was that you were rebellious, you’d taken drugs and drank until you couldn’t stand. Had one night stands and kissed girls and boys on the same night. You just didn’t do it all the time and gave in your homework on time, which ‘apparently’ meant that you could do no wrong.

People always labelled you as a goody two shoes even though your friends knew you could have a real short fuse. You were just able to control yourself in a respectful way to your lectures’. Which some of your peers didn’t seem able to do. Jim Kirk was one of these. You admired his ability to be spectacularly intelligent and at the same time a complete idiot who wasted his time. It had almost become a goal of yours to have the image he did. People knew he was a playboy who didn’t do as he was supposed to and slept with a different girl each night. But he also aced every test and was top of most of his classes. Saying you envied Jim Kirk was a massive understatement.

But lately, weirdly enough, he’d been talking to you a lot because of Gaila. She kept inviting him round and then leaving so you two were just together in your shared dorm. He’s never tried anything and you appreciated that he didn’t have to be as nice as he was. You at school wasn’t exactly the company he wanted. You were usually revising for something and he’s often help you with that. But recently he’d been coming round off his own volition which was strange

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Star Kisses. [James T. Kirk Oneshot.]

A/N: I’m not going to lie, I intended this to be a 500 word thing, but woop it ended up being over 2,000 yikes.
I hope you guys like it, it’s actually my first official piece for Kirk. :) I’m kinda excited.
Reblogs and likes are appreciated, as is feedback!

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Title: Star Kisses.
Pairing: Captain James T. Kirk x Female!Reader.
Words: 2319.
Rating: T.

“Here,” Kirk urged and sat a shot glass in front of you. It was full, to the very brim and a few drops of it landed on his fingers and landed silently on the bar table in front of you, “it’s on me.” The smile he gave you was charming enough to make your heart flutter inside of your chest.

“Thank you, Captain.” You replied and gazed down at the light brown liquid in the shot glass.

The smile on his face faltered ever so slightly at the name you had chosen to call him, his hand bringing his drink to his full lips so he could take a drink. Jim chuckled behind the glass before setting it down once again, this time, with a small ‘pat’ as it made contact with the oak counter. “You know, you don’t need to call me Captain right now. We’re not on duty.” Emphasizing his words, he nodded his head and looked at you.

This was very correct, but earlier this evening, you still found yourself surrounded by people like Pavel, Scotty, Leonard, Spock and Uhura, all of whom had already left, leaving you alone with the Captain. And as right as he was, you couldn’t find it in yourself to call him by anything else. He was your Captain, and you had forever called him that since you met him nearly three years ago. Prior to that, you had heard things about him while at Starfleet Academy, but you didn’t have the glorious opportunity of meeting him until you were assigned to the Enterprise, under the Science division. You had been working rather closely with Leonard, and in turn, Captain Kirk, since your time aboard, and had heard things from Leonard himself.

Pushing back what he had told you, that being “Jim is a womanizer, I wouldn’t think about getting too close”, you picked your shot up, and downed it. The alcohol burned at your throat as it slid down, and for a second, you scrunched your face up and sighed. It wasn’t an awful taste, but it was stronger than you had anticipated. The rush of drinking it lit up your senses momentarily as you were tugged back into reality by the drawl of his deep voice.

“You can call me Jim.”  He swallowed another drink, but you hadn’t even noticed that he picked up his glass again and was now waving it, signaling the bartender that he wanted another. His jaw clenched, the muscles there contracting in front of your eyes. The lighting that bounced off his skin was giving the appearance of godliness, illuminating his sharp features, the curve of his mouth, which curled mischievously on the sides, and the arch of his thick eyebrows. He continued. “Or if you want, James. I guess whichever you like better.”

“Kirk,” You said rather hastily and clutched the shot glass tightly in your hands.

“That works too.” As if he needed to be any more visually attractive, he turned in his seat to give you a smile that you were positive you’d never seen from anyone before. Whether it was made up of cockiness and slight drunkenness, or perhaps happiness, you couldn’t tell. But, it was the kind of smile that started at the edges of his mouth, to the edges around his bright eyes. It was a full on grin, and not one out of politeness. “As long as it’s not Captain.” He mumbled, watching with careful eyes as the bartender picked up his now empty glass and replaced it with a full one. Kirk gazed at you from his peripherals and slid the glass towards you and slurred to the bartender, “Can I get another one?” He was leaning forward in his seat, his ribcage rubbing against the edge of the counter.

A minute later, Kirk was drink in hand again and let his attention dwindle back to you. Lifting his glass, he knocked it towards you and whispered, “I’d like to make a toast. Well, more like a friendly gesture.” His mouth shut and he pursed his lips, his blue eyes fluttering as he tried to stay sane.

You chuckled quietly, watching him compose himself enough to actually speak clearly. You’d never seen him in such a state, and though you were sure a lot of other crew members might have, you still found it heart-wrenching that he appeared to trust you enough to see him like this. Not composed, to the point where speaking was a problem, and loose enough to actually have a good time without having to worry about the lives that were usually at stake on the Enterprise. His hair was slightly disheveled, and rather than lying to the left, parted neatly, it was rather messy, a few pieces scattered as if he pushed his hand through it multiple times this evening. This, you didn’t doubt. He was in civilian clothing, as were you, wearing a pair of tight blue jeans, a black t-shirt under a vintage leather jacket. Kirk, undoubtedly, looked amazing. And the way he moved, made you wonder if this was something he was aware of, or if he had enough to drink to be cockier than he usually was.

Nodding in agreement, you raised your glass so it paralleled his. “I for one, never realized how pretty you are,” He started rather confidently, “Wait, wait.” kirk squeezed his eyes shut, “I lie. I did realized… Realize how pretty you were, I was just too much of a baby to say anything to you, plus,” He leaned forward and momentarily, his glass rubbed against your own, “Bones would kill me if I tried to get with you. He’s like your dad or something, it’s kind of scary.” Kirk hiccuped, “I swear, this is no-not the alcohol talking. (Name)… I am very, very interested in you.”

“Isn’t that a conflict of interest, sir?” You asked and held your glass tightly. You were positive if the grip on it wasn’t so rough, it would slide out of your grip and explode on the floor. His words, and the brave tone of voice he had used, made your face burst with heat. Starting in the middle of your cheeks, to expand and sweep up to the tip of your ears. You weren’t sure if you were red, but if Kirk did mention, you could always blame it on the alcohol. “I’m one of your crew members… You’re the Captain. You’re directly above me. I don’t think it’s appro-”

“I don’t think the way you’re avoiding this is appropriate.” He suddenly said, sharply and clearly enough for you to understand, “You- you…” Kirk’s brows furrowed together, “don’t think I notice you staring? Or, or the way you get nervous around me?” You rested your glass back onto the counter. “I usually don’t know what I’m doing, I like to wing it, and I don’t like rules,” He explained to you, “But, I dunno. I kinda wanna see what it’s like to know what I’m doing.”

“We’d be fraternizing, sir.” His baby blue eyes shot up at that word.

“Well, technically, yeah.” Kirk gave you a sly grin, his voice rocketing inside of your ear, “But, I can bend the ruuuules just a little.” You knew this to be true, in some senses. But in others, not so much. What he’d call ‘bending the rules’ was actually flat out breaking them, sometimes with absolutely barbaric outcomes, sometimes, without any.

For a brief second, that felt like five minutes, you heavily considered this. The outcome, the entirety of the situation. Condensation lifted itself onto your chilled glass, dripping down onto the coaster that protected the oak counters from damage.

“If ya don’t say something, I’m taking it as a no, and I’m going to leave and cry my eyes out tonight.” Kirk joked, though deep down, you wondered if he was being serious. It was obvious that he two things when drunk. Emotional, and macho. Depending on the situation, these two things worked together beautifully, but as of right now, they were messing with your mind. “I mean, Uhura and Spock… They fra…” He had to pause and think of the word, “Fraternize, don’t they? By definition of the word, I mean. They have a personal relationship, which is what you’re implying would happen if we did, say…” You looked at him, watching as his mouth moved before taking a swig of the drink in his hand, “Kiss tonight.”

Kirk had leaned forward, only about a foot away from your face. One foot was on the floor steadying him so he didn’t stumble right on top of you. You could see the close up details of his face, the mischievous playfulness that rested behind his eyes. The two of you looked into each other’s eyes for what felt like eternity before he finally spoke, “I know you want to. I can see it.”

This was undoubtedly true.

And the fact that you wanted nothing more than to kiss him right then and there, was also undoubtedly true.

“Is it still considered fraternizing if we do it off duty?” He intrigued, setting his glass down on the counter.

“Nothing’ll change the fact that you are the Captain of the Enterprise and I-”

“Bones was right,” Kirk chuckled and grasped the back of your head slowly. His fingers expanded, tangling into the depths of your hair, causing a shudder to break out down your spine at the sudden amount of affection he was giving you. “You’re such a goody two-shoes…” Kirk raised his hand and lightly pushed his thumb against your lips. It took all you had not to peep your tongue out,  “You like to follow the rules because they give you structure, I don’t blame you,” He replaced his finger, with his mouth, it only being  a few inches away from kissing yours, his breath dancing on your face and the vague taste of his lips lingering on yours overpowered you as he mumbled delicately, “but, you need to learn how to break a rule every once and awhile. Let me give you some structure. I’ve been told I’m good at that.”

“Who told you that?” You laughed quietly, biting down on your bottom lip.

“Uhm,” Kirk shut his eyes and puffed quietly, leaning his forehead against yours. “T-That doesn’t matter right now. Some girl, I think. First year at the Academy. Then again, she coulda been talking about something else.” Kirk had raised his eyebrows suggestively, opening his eyes in the process, “If you let me kiss yo-”

“You talk a lot.” You informed him, your right hand reaching forward to rest on his thigh as if to remind him you were only a few inches away from him, “I knew you did before, but this is a little extensive.”

“That, I have also been told. Actually, by Bones like three hours ago—”

“Let me talk, then.” Kirk popped his mouth shut at your sudden assertion and nodded. “Let’s say… I let you kiss me… We are off duty, after all…” He licked his mouth slowly, tantalizing you, “Then what?”

He smirked, ever so slightly, but enough for you to take notice, “I’d kiss you again. And again, and probably again…” He was inching closer and closer to you, the hand that was once on his thigh now resting on his side. The fabric of his leather jacket played at your fingertips as he craned his head down, his lips barely grazing against yours. It was minimal contact, but it was still enough to make your entire body light up. Starting at your lips, your senses came alive. There was a small beating at the base of your skull, like a headache, but oddly enough, it felt soothed when Kirk began brushing his fingers through your hair. Your mouth yearned for more when he push for a deeper, harder kiss.

There was something inexplicably wild about what was happening, his free hand raising to cup your jawline, subsequently making your eyes flutter shut at the feeling. For a minute, Kirk seemed to overpower you, his hands keeping you from moving, and yours bracing yourself against his body as he stood up from his seat. He ran the hand in your hair forward and grasped the other side of your jawline to cup your entire face, his mouth rapid against yours without necessarily pulling away. He tasted like everything he had to drink this evening. A bit of Cranberry vodka, a bit of a Bud Light Classic. Simultaneously, Kirk tasted sweet, bitter and warm. To contradict this, he felt physically soft. You had expected otherwise. You’d expected for the muscles of his torso to be hard, unmoving under your fingertips, and from between the fabric of his shirt. But, it wasn’t. Kirk was literally melting against you, his entire body, from head to toe, as if he needed to be near you. His mouth was melding against yours, assuring both of you were pleased by the pressure of the kiss.

It was a secure sensation. A structured action.

Pulling away from each other was the hardest thing to do. Kirk had stayed true to his words, and when his lips ceased contact with your own, even for a breath, he was diving in for another peck. The small, almost chaste kisses left you wanting much more.

You lifted your shoulders and breathed in heavily, his hands now resting on your forearms. It was chilly now, that you weren’t embraced by his warmth, but his fingers kept some parts of your skin warm. “Jim…”

“I knew I’d get you to call me by my name.” He chuckled cutely, running his hands up and down your arms, “I like how you say it… I like how it sounds. It’s like… The stars are calling my name.”

“That’s cheesy.” You whispered lightly, bumping your nose against his.

“But, it’s true.”


Prompt: Congrats!! Can you do kirk one where your pavels twin and you come onto the enterprise to study a rock sample? Or something and kirk really takes a liking to you? Much pavel love, and bones sneaky comments? For Anon

Warnings: No……

Pairing: Kirk/Reader

A/N: I changed it to you beeing an older sister, just to make the age gap better. Also, I think this might get a part two!

Word Count: 2048

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Kirk trying to ask you out

Jim Kirk X Reader

Word Count: 1385

Prompt: “You’re too drunk sweetheart.”

Summary: Kirk keeps trying to find you to ask you out but you’ve been able to avoid him till today

“He’s been asking me all week which classes you’re in so he can talk to you.” Nyota grinned over the table as you sat in the quieter corner of a loud club down town.

“Really?” You asked and she nodded.

“Says you’ve been avoiding him.” She raised an eyebrow questionably.

“I’d say more tactically lowering my chances of him ever talking to me.” You smirked and Uhura laughed.

“We’ll they don’t seem to be working.” She nodded to the door, Jim was practically running over. “Have fun!” Nyota quickly exited the booth and grinned at Jim.

“Hey Kirk.” You muttered as he slid into the seat next opposite you.

“You’ve been avoiding me.” Kirk grinned and you rolled your eyes.

“Not true.” You pushed over your second cocktail to him. “You’ll probably like it.”

“Thanks. But I’d rather take you out.” Kirk pushed the drink back towards you.

“And yet I’ll have to decline.” You pushed the drink back towards him with a smile.

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cool things about star trek beyond
  • jim kirk not being an annoying dudebro, no weird/sexist interpersonal relationships with “foxy” alien ladies
  • the horrified look on bones’ face when spock starts laughing out of delirium
  • the sequence where the enterprise is basically decapitated and dismembered and then set on fire is pretty spectacular (also when kirk and chekov are running around being badasses in the wreckage)
  • chekov being a motherfucking pimp, literally flirting with anyone and telling outrageous lies about russia
  • also chekov being an absolute sweetheart and getting everyone else into their escape pods before getting in himself
  • the sequence with the beastie boys playing in the background was actually super-cool and not cringe like guardians of the galaxy
  • sulu is a bad bitch. this is just a fact. super cool. super gay. very pilot.
  • uhura kicking ass, sacrificing her own safety, saving spock lmaooo
  • jaylah being super rad, unsexualised, intelligent af
  • thank the lord for simon pegg he did a great job integrating women without making it sexualised and unnecessary, integrating sulu’s homosexuality without making it this huge deal, making the film funny without making it cringe niiceeee
  • the photo of the old cast was a lovely touch. very well done.
  • chekov and sulu lowkey dancing to the beastie boys while flying a motherfucking starship
  • i’m just really happy that chekov got so much more airtime, he was a central character with a lot to do and anton did a marvellous job
  • the dedications to leonard nimoy and anton at the end
  • “to absent friends” — did the camera linger on anton? idk?
  • it was just a really well balanced film with good action, lovely set design, comedy, tragedy etc and i think it was the best of all the three films so far
  • i miss you a lot anton, thank you for a lovely performance.
Accidentally Married -  Jim Kirk x Reader


Pairing: Jim Kirk (AOS) x Reader 
Words: 1861
Warnings: None.

Summary: Getting married when you’re drunk is a terrible and stupid decision and something you would never ever do. You have self-control after all, right? Especially when it comes to your Superior Officers. Especially when it comes to your Captain. 

A/N: I love this trope so much, so don’t judge me. Also, I know the name of the story is very creative. It’s a rather slow burn as well. I tagged a few people who are not usually on my tag list so if you don’t want me to include you, please tell me! 

Chapter 1

“I swear to every deity known in this universe, if you follow me again, I am going to ask the Captain to let me transfer to the Farragut,” you announced without looking up from your PADD when you heard the door slide open, voice thick with anger and annoyment. “I seriously can’t believe you’re upset with me! Breaking up was - oh.” 

When you finally did bother to see who had come in - it wasn’t your now ex-boyfriend standing in the room, but instead a very confused and at the same time amused looking captain. Your eyes widened, shocked that you had been caught in this room.

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THIS IS NOT MY CATCH OR THEORY!!!  THAT WONDERFUL OBSERVATION BELONGS TO @red-is-the-new-blackington, who discovered that OUR red seems to be the driver of the town car in 4.17.


  • In her original post, she noticed that it looks like a young red driving the town car that Kate is in the back of… notice the sideburns and greenish eyes.  we also only see part of his face, as usual:

here’s now MORE evidence to back up her claim…

  • we see the car parked in front of the house several times throughout the show, including when the police are there after masha is kidnapped.
  • a man is then IMMEDIATELY seen inside the foyer, holding a framed photo of masha.  it appears to be a man’s hand by the look of the nails.  it also can’t be kate, as she’s obviously still approaching the house, or katerina, as she is upstairs packing in the bedroom.  kirk is not at the house at this time, and if it was an officer, why not simply show the man?
  • and remember, red said at the beginning of season 4 that he is familiar with the “summer palace.”
  • OUR red is also familiar with the apparent comings and goings of kirk, knowing exactly when he was at the “summer palace.”  red tells kirk, “she [masha] lived at your house, as your daughter, on and off for four years.  sometimes you were there, sometimes you weren’t.”  how would red know that, unless he was there as well?
  • this mysterious figure then walks away as kate is approaching the front entrance.  he takes the photo with him.  kate never sees him.
  • now we know by red’s own words to lizzie in “luther braxton part 2″ that he was there the night of the fire WITH katerina to retrieve the fulcrum.  
  • (and red obviously can’t be the real raymond reddington as he has already kidnapped masha and the fulcrum and gone to america).  
  • katerina tells kate that she knows raymond took masha to america, and now that’s where she’s going.  she says she’ll deal with it herself… but she probably took OUR red with her (who more than likely worked for her to spy on her).
  • we also learn in this episode that sam was the ONLY person who knew BOTH katerina and raymond reddington.  so if sam duped kate by introducing her to a doppleganger version of raymond (which i believe he did), kate would have no way of knowing OUR red wasn’t the original raymond reddington.  
  • this idea makes perfect sense when we look back at “general ludd” when sam is dying.  he tells red, “i need to tell lizzie.”  red replies, “no.”  sam argued, “i KNOW WHAT WE AGREED… but before i go, i have to tell her.”  red says, “i can’t let you do that.”  sam again argues, “she deserves to know the truth.”
  • so sam is definitely in on some kind of con with OUR red.  it is very possible that that con stem back to when he duped kate all those years ago about red’s real identity.
  • kate said she never met raymond in person before.  she even says as much to OUR red upon meeting him.
  • but here’s the kicker… red tells kate that she probably knows him better than she realizes.  (she probably just never paid close enough attention and didn’t recognize him).  if red was the family driver for katerina, kate probably saw him daily but never put two and two together.  he was right in front of her the whole time.
  • lastly, we may have been given an easter egg by tptb when katerina explains the job to kate.  she tells kate that when she is around, kate’s only job is to observe how things are done, (in order to keep consistency when katerina isn’t there).  
  • but what if this also means maybe OUR red was there undercover to observe and spy on katerina for the us?

what better way to observe katerina than by being a driver/bodyguard/etc for the family?

the best part?  are the comments on the show in the past about people never having seen red drive before.  talk about ironic, lol.

UPDATED: 5/6/17 

@red-is-the-new-blackington also caught this little nugget in ‘Cape May’ when Katerina and Red are loading the body into the back of the Range Rover… Red immediately offers up, “I’ll drive.”

with @red-is-the-new-blackington‘s permission, i’m going to add this to my “imposter red theory post” with credit because there is absolutely NO WAY this isn’t correct imo.  

i’m so excited that more people are now jumping on that theory!!!

My “Red Is An Imposter” Theory: (warning, it only opens in a browser, either phone or computer… tumblr phone app will make it crash)

Also, check out this theory submission wondering if the car in ‘Requiem’ is the same one that was in ‘The Kenyon Family’

  • janice and christine admit to each other one night that they both have sort of a thing for nyota
  • they jokingly call themselves a club for blondes pining after beautiful communications officers, and they end up hanging out a lot more than they did before
  • (it’s nice to have someone who understands you know?)
  • and christine is incredibly sarcastic when she’s not being kind hearted (and sometimes even when she is)
  • and janice’s commentary (on holovids, on their fellow crewmembers) is bluntly over the top and sly and–
  • well, neither of them have laughed quite so much in some time
  • nyota isn’t jealous that her two best friends are falling in love with each other. she’s not. no, seriously, she isn’t, she ISN’T–sulu, shut up
  • you and ben asked each other out the second you laid eyes on each other; it’s not as easy for the rest of us
  • she’s just feeling a little out of the loop, which she thinks is perfectly reasonable. they haven’t even bothered to tell her yet that they’re dating!
  • it’s movie night and they’re all a little tipsy and christine’s shoulder is warm against hers and janice’s head is in christine’s lap and she just can’t keep quiet any more
  • I know I should wait for you to tell me yourselves, but I’m really happy for you guys
  • I love you both so much
  • I’m so glad you found each other
  • christine is spluttering and janice turns bright red
  • we’re not–
  • except they kind of are aren’t they?
  • when they aren’t with nyota they’re with each other, and while their mutual pining hasn’t stopped there’s less bite to it these days
  • they can’t quite look each other in the eye, and nyota is smiling
  • but she also looks kind of sad
  • janice’s fixes her eyes on the painted pin-up of captain kirk that someone bought her as joke and she happily pinned to her ceiling, right over her bed
  • you know… we love you too
  • not in the best friend way- although, I mean, that way, too-
  • she’s tongue tied for the first time since first grade, when the first girl she ever liked invited her to make daisy chains, but luckily christine knows what to do
  • (the way she always does)
  • if you don’t want me to kiss you, you should say so now
  • she reaches out to turn nyota to face her, fingers lingering on nyota’s jaw, leaning in slowly–
  • nyota reaches out to drag her in desperately, and janice wolf whistles to keep from smiling like a fool
  • lookin’ good, ladies
  • after another thirty seconds: hey, save some of that sugar for me
  • christine is laughing against nyota’s lips, hand still cupping her jaw
  • you’re shameless, jan
  • and feeling abandoned, chris
  • well, now we can’t have that can we?
  • nyota draws away from christine, a teasing sparkle in her gaze as she meets janice’s eye, and jerks her chin just a bit
  • janice scrambles to sit up, throwing a leg over christine’s lap so she can reach for nyota
  • none of them know how the holovid ends
  • (they’ll just have to try again next movie night)
Ten Characters I Would Kiss

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1. Leonard motherfucking McCoy, ladies and gents, just in case you weren’t sure yet. Just look at his sweet little face. ugh.

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2. James T. Kirk and his glorious, glorious eyes.

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3. Jadzia Dax, aka one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. She’s also just amazing in every sense of the word.

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4. Eomer (oh look its Karl again, what a surprise!) There’s a whole lotta man underneath all that hair, kids.

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5. Speaking of LOTR, Legolas is probably the first real nerd crush I ever had, and will always have a special place in my heart.

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6. Poe Dameron, THE PILOT OF MY DREAMS. As much as I ship him and Finn, I would never say no to a kiss from that man.

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7. Ben Skywalker (NO NOT KYLO STOP RIGHT NOW) - So this is an obscure one, but in the expanded universe books that no longer exist Luke and his amazing wife Mara have son named Ben, and let me tell you, he is a CUTIE.

8. Diana (Wonder Woman) because she’s my childhood hero and the love of my life and such a badass.

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9. Steve Trevor because CHRIS PINE and I sobbed my eyes out during that movie (you know when. You. Know. When.) He is so GOOD ugh.

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10. Sir Nicholas Devereaux because you can always have more Chris Pine, and this is precious baby Chris Pine in the first role I ever saw him in. Thanks Princess Diaries 2. Thank you so, so much.

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Mise-en-abîme- Chekov x Reader

A/N: Goddamnit I hate the fact I’m fond of this trope (slight mythology parallels, Chill older brother!Kirk-not yet but there will be, all of it). But the tag needs more fics and here, have one and have a long-ass one :) Also enjoy my philoso-babble at the start, let’s hope I can bullshit my exams this well. Um yeah, it’s gonna parallel Psyche and Cupid, take your feelings and run. Translations are ripped from google translate (sorry).

Part 1 of 5

It is known to all who study Earth History, that the within study of the Western World; religious beliefs have shifted from that of the Polytheistic to the Monotheistic. Evidence of which can be traced from the study of literature of antiquity.

Yet above all, it should be noted that humanity worships love. This notion is to be found within the basis of all major Earth religions (see Chapter 3 for further elaboration). The fixation with the idea that we are not wholly alone in the world and are destined for an inextricable connection. Platonic or erotic. Romantic or eternal. Whether this love transcends class, race, gender, species or divine nature; it is to the discretion of the individual and society for whom these texts resonates with.

The Mise-en-abîme- a dream within a dream, a story within a story that parallels the key narrative- of the tale of Eros & Psyche is a notable example. Found within Apuleius’ Metamorphoses, it remains a prime example of an allegory and, of humanity’s ability to relate to the transcendent concern of obstacles to love. Yet it is worth noting that in this instance, it is the woman who is undertaking the physically perilous trials of love as opposed to the literary trope of the “knight in shining armour”. This trope itself; resulting in the hyper-masculinity of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, was resurrected in Walter Scott’s 1820 novel: Ivanhoe. This courtly love, while catering to conservative Victorian sensibilities as a departure from the seemingly-libertine nature of Byron strains of writing, do not remain eternal and do not truly represent human nature when it concerns love. Humanity is ultimately drawn to those tales of Eros and Psyche, Persephone and Hades, Achilles and Patroclus: reiterations of which are implanted within our minds from our childhood fairytales of forbidden love. It is emphasised by the novels of our youth, then cultivated in the next generation; as we from our deathbeds, spin a final enchanting tale for our grandchildren.

-An Extract from M Reyes, The Human Story: A study of societal perceptions of fictional and non-fictional literature. Required reading for graduate-level Earth History cadets.

“You’re ensign [y/n]?” You stood nervously, fiddling with the sleeve of the blue uniform you’d spent a childhood dreaming of as you roped poor elder and younger siblings into playing ‘diseased- patient-on-an-away mission’ while yourself played the Starship Captain or the Science Officer or the Chief of Medical interchangeably. However it was most frequently the role of Science Officer that you played as your friends’ defeated Klingon warbirds. The bridge of the Enterprise, fuck that, just to be part of the Enterprise crew was notoriously difficult. But apparently your ability to bullshit was sufficient.

That was a bit of an understatement, you would fight anyone, tooth and nail to get here.

But Captain Kirk continued to stare at you evenly, observing his PADD with your details before him. He smiled encouragingly as you confirmed your details, impressed with your exam scores. Well he should be, you spent night after caffeine-fuelled night studying chemical formulae and the biology of various planets. You stretched, using textbooks to lift your leg in the splits as you revised nineteenth-century authors and their works. You memorised mathematical equations, an old-fashioned marker correcting integrals on the bathroom mirror. You were discouraged as a precocious nine year-old for aiming too high, the Enterprise only accepted the best they had told you, and you re-tied the ribbons adorning your pig-tails and said “fucking watch me”.

Your eyes now began to observe the brilliant array of personnel aboard the bridge, lingering briefly on an ensign about your age at the helm, before once again attempting (and failing) to make eye contact with Captain Kirk.

“You specialise in scientific research? That’s cool-“ Kirk looked up, pointing at your diploma displayed on-screen in his lap.

“Jim, no one says ‘cool’ anymore,” You recognised the quiet sass to come from the Lieutenant Uhura, and you suppressed a snigger. This crew was practically legend, everyone in the Academy talked about the gorgeous Captain Kirk and his equally as talented crew, navigating deep space, surviving John Harrison and Romulins and Klingons.

“Aye captain,” You nodded, holding your hands behind your back to calm your nerves, appearing to be brave. “I took a double degree, majors in Xenobiology and Xenoarchaeology-“

“It also says you took courses in Creative Writing and Earth History?” Kirk raised a brow in amusement, smile playing on your lips. From the corner of your eyes you sensed both men at the helm turning to face Kirk’s command chair. This time you took a proper look at the boy about your age, dark-blond curls adorable messed as he offered you a shy, reassuring smile. Navigator, his position must be navigator. Why else could he be seated at that position with such authority?

“I like too many things?” You replied unsurely with an uncomfortable grin. Your eyes instead met the smiling boy’s as he held back a quiet laugh, tilting his head down at a reproving glance from his companion. Kirk laughed in delight at your cheek and stood, shaking your hand. He congratulated you and with a rather brutal clap of your shoulder, told you that you’d love shadowing Dr McCoy for the first few weeks. The doctor in question seemed to perpetually wear a frown, but with a terse smile he led you to the turbolift to what you knew would be the med bay. Glass panels slid before your eyes, taking one last look of a bridge that you hardly dared believe you would see again. You bid a quiet farewell to the polished surfaces and the efficient crew as sliding doors silently slid before your eyes. The pristine-white panels, chrome detailing reflecting artificial light and a crew who were easily the best in Starfleet. You felt a slight lurch as the lift began it’s descent to a wholly new world below the bridge, one far more chaotic and experimental than the necessary control of the navigators and linguists and commanders above.

The likelihood was that unless you rapidly ascended the ranks or, someone managed to get severely pissed-off enough with Commander Spock to murder him, you wouldn’t be seeing the Bridge anytime soon. It was a nice dream, a sweet dream to be remembered when the hours spent staring at data got far too much. Or perhaps it was more convenient to imagine the Bridge as Doctor McCoy grumbled on and on about how a single hole in the hull of the ship could boil everyone’s blood to-

Well, you didn’t like to dwell on it. The next five years were going to be absolute  fun.

“Mr Chekov, I understand you are as of now, off duty.” It was more of a statement than a question, but Chekov nodded anyway at Spock, acknowledging the Vulcan as he vacated his post for the next shift. He couldn’t quite place the name of the particular Lieutenant in question, but he gave a cheery greeting anyway before walking over to Spock.

It was always ‘do this, Mr Chekov’ and ‘don’t press that, Mr Chekov’ and his absolute favourite:

“Kirk, doesn’t the lad look adorable?” Scotty would pull the engineering goggles off his head and ruffle his curls with no small amount of pride, “he’s going to be a bit of a heartbreaker when he grows up, just watch,” and of course, Captain Kirk would reply with:

“Curls get the girls, Mr Chekov- or really, anyone.” With a snide grin and a wink, attempting to set him up with crewmates about his age, or attempting to teach him how to flirt-

He was never following that particular piece of advice ever again, not if he wanted to remain alive for the next five years.

“Yes, Commander?”

“Mr Chekov, would you mind delivering this PADD to Doctor McCoy and his assistant-“

“Ze new ensign?” Chekov interrupted Spock, a little excited. It had been nearly three months since they’d left Yorktown and he hadn’t even had an opportunity to greet her, let alone get her name. In his mind she was just fleeting glimpses of a short, blue hemline and snippets of laughter and conversation. Always rapid-paced and always intelligent. She was the embodiment of excitement and passion, finishing her lunch in the mess hall before bidding her friends goodbye and returning back into her lab. Their shifts never aligned, he ran regular daytime shifts while it seemed she worked irregular in the laboratory as she seemed to enjoy, spending the rest of her time either observing Doctor McCoy or watching some old earth film in the recreation hall.

“Yes, ensign [y/n].” Spock confirmed. Chekov felt his pulse begin to quicken a little, the barest hint of perspiration forming at his temple. He was nervous now, why was he nervous? “Mr Chekov, are you well?”

“Eh-ah… yes, sir.” He was sure he’d more-or-less snatched the PADD from the Vulcan, raising a brow in silent question before turning away.

The brief trip to Medical Bay was boringly familiar, most people retreating to private time within their rooms for showers and calls home. He had hoped no one noticed his slight nerves, after two months of only seeing part of her, he would be able to address her directly. That was new.

And also somewhat terrifying.

He could do this. After all, he was seventeen when he first came aboard the Enterprise, surely talking to a girl was easier.

“Chekov! Spock told me he’d be sending you down,” Bones turned the corner, exiting a small room. His eyes were first drawn to a slumped figure, seated upon a stool as she had evidently grown tired of waiting for the computer to analyse the unknown samples, “that the PADD?”

“Yes sir,” Chekov handed the PADD over as they both stood over the young ensign’s shoulder. Chekov found her slow breaths enchanting as her chest rose and fell in the rhythm of sleep. Her hair gently cascaded from a ponytail, fanned over the stainless steel bench, her elegant head resting upon her forearm in what he could only guess was a terribly uncomfortable position. “Ees she asleep, sir?”

“[Y/n]? She’s been down here for three days, only left to grab food from the mess hall.” Bones shook his head in consternation. “She’s an absolute sweetheart- got all the work done- but gone and burned herself out. She sleeps deeper than a comatose patient, knocked over some equipment earlier and she didn’t even make a peep.”

“Reelly, sir?” Chekov was interested more with the gentle flutter of eyelashes against her warm cheek and the slight shadow they cast. She looked so wholly at peace, so different to the literal ball of energy who would bump into him in corridors, attempting to find a colleague in order to corroborate her hypothesis. What clever mind lay asleep there? “она хорошенькая,” He stopped himself before he could continue, noticing the incredibly satisfied smirk on Bones’ face.

“She got you all hot and flustered now?” He whispered in amusement, “I have no idea bout what you said-“

“I said-“

“Whatever it is, don’t be mean to the poor kid, you’ve no idea how many loops she’s flown through to get here,” Chekov nodded at Bones’ warning, brushing a strand of hair away from her serene face.

“нет, I don’t theenk I ewer could,” Chekov’s reply was mostly to himself, quiet and delivered with a small smile on his face. No, he never would.


She’s pretty

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Imagine Kirk and Picard are good friends (and Generations didn’t end that way). Picard is always telling Kirk anecdotes about the crazy things that happen on his Enterprise. Kirk just laughs, because, boy, can he relate.

One day, Picard is complaining about the latest antics of Q (who Kirk has already heard plenty about). Kirk gets a little smile on his face and says, “Sounds like someone has a crush on you, Jean-Luc.”

“What?” said Picard. “Q, infatuated with me? Don’t be ridiculous, Jim.”

After that, Kirk, as a joke, starts writing Qcard fan fiction and sending it to Picard periodically. Picard is annoyed, but that doesn’t stop him from reading it.

(Jim also shares the fan fiction with Spock, who is stoically amused.)

One day, Picard is in his ready room, reading Jim’s latest installment. He is so intensely focused that he doesn’t even notice when Q appears in the room with him.

Q looks over Picard’s shoulder curiously. “What are you reading, mon capitaine?

Picard jumps and quickly turns off the monitor. “Nothing! It was nothing.”

“Did I catch sight of my name?”


i want a 100k fic of jim introducing spock to human culture like crazy illogical human culture during like, a mission they have to spend in 21st century earth,,
“you strap yourself into these dangerous rides for, the thrill?”
“What is the purpose of a ‘selfie’? One is aware of what they look like.”
“I fail to see the relevance or appeal of jumping off a cliff with an archaic device to help achieve one float safely to the ground. Or for that matter, an elastic band to prevent them from certain death.”
“It is most fascinating the, range of music that Humans have created. How does one of the same race write sophisticated symphonies, while also repeatedly singing about the excitement of it being Friday?”
“Why does this man keep repeating that the other man has killed his father, and should prepare to die?”
“I do not understand Captain. How does adding words to a photo create a, humorous internet phenomenon?”
“I prefer your face on your own body, Captain. Green does not flatter your features.”
“You mean to tell me that, massive groups of people sit quietly together, common strangers, to watch something? And snacks are consumed?”
“Humans pay to see stars in a dark room, when they simply can look at the night sky?”

i just,, need Kirk endlessly amused and falling more in love than before

Fated | Part 2

Jim Kirk x reader AOS 

Summary: Jim helps you out of a sticky situation at a bar and you are both intrigued by each other, but you like to play hard to get. Will you two see each other again after this wonderful night?

Warnings: none this chapter

Word count: 964

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Jim’s POV | The Next Day

“What kind of trouble have you gotten into now man?” McCoy sneers towards you while walking towards the entrance of Starfleet HQ.

“I haven’t done anything this time Bones.”

“Yeah and I’m the king of Siam” McCoy replies in his usual sarcastic manner.

“It’s probably just about the Enterprise taking off tomorrow. I swear, I’m innocent.”

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Terra Nova  ~Part Eight: Plans~

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So my posting caught up to my writing this week! Never fear, I’m now a chapter ahead. We return to the Enterprise, where you and Bones have just arrived, new baby Colin in tow. 

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS).

Pairing: Reader X Bones

Words: 1,454

Warnings: Some moderate swearing and more (though brief) daddy!Bones (the fluffy kind I swear!)  

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Captain’s Log, Stardate 2285.6. We have managed to retrieve Chief Medical Officer Leonard McCoy and Security Officer Y/n, Y/l/n from the surface of planet A’xar. The returned party has informed us of at least ten further human captives, and the Enterprise remains in orbit until we can determine how to proceed. Our chief engineer is investigating methods of retrieval – there has been no further further word from the alien intelligence. The baby rescued from the planet has been entrusted to the care of our CMO until his parents can be located and retrieved.

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