also the last part killed me lmao

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fam your threesomes are so lit 👌🏻👌🏻 they've made me in the mood to read some more, do you have any recommendations for any threesomes? specifically thing like ones because those kill me omg

okay, okay, I think i got you 👌🏻 cue to me scrolling through my following list so i don’t miss any out.

» business | Taehyung + Jungkook | by @btssmutgalore (there’s two parts right now, i don’t know if there will be a third, I mean, I haven’t even read part 2 yet because part 1 messed me up too much (but well i did skim the ending because my curiosity got the better of me and well…rip me)) 

» pour up | Taehyung + Jungkook | by @jungkxook (this was one of the first things i ever read on tumblr and there are no words to describe how good this is tbh) 

» unexpected | Yoongi + surprises | by @noona-la-la-la (I say surprises because the last part made me explode haha, it’s a series and not technically a threesome, but amazing nonetheless!!!) 

» the resolve | Jungkook + Wonho | by @wonhopes (KILL ME NOW. I’m still in denial about crushing on jungkook AND wonho probably, but when my sister showed me this I had heart palpitations… thanks sis)

» boastful drunks | Jungkook + Jimin | by @ellieljade (confession time, I haven’t read this yet, but I know it will be good OBVIOUSLY so it’s next on my list, I just need to make sure I’m well hydrated first…) 

Also, I just realised Jungkook is in all of these bar one lmao, so yeah… ooops, I need to reevaluate myself and read more!!! 

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I'm gonna slide in your conversation between you & shy anon. I also have a fear of spiders. If I see a spider near me I'd freeze or cry. I saw a dead spider in my room & I screamed out to my dad while crying telling him to kill it even though it was already dead haha. Then last month I saw a huge spider & I mean huge, you can see it's creepy eyes , out my window and it seem like it wanted to get inside, luckily I was calmed and took a video to show my parents the dangers of the house 😂😂

LMAO that last part seriously had me dying from laughter! I always have to get my dad to kill the spiders too, even if it’s 4 A.M in the morning! Thank goodness for having dads otherwise I’ll be frantically throwing books at them and somehow end up missing each time.

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idk this might be weird but can you write a fix where you're like datin the ol lizard king and hes an absolute dick? like a terrible person. and like yells a lot and treats u like the ppl he roasts n stuff. idk it just seems lit

Lol so I’m a terrible fucking person for lying to both you guys and myself that I was actually going to post twice last night haha kill me. Anyway, this request is like: yo don’t read if you have a problem with verbal abuse. Also, can I just point out: “idk it just seems lit” LMAO WHAT PART DOES? like please explain. Can’t believe this is where my content has headed smh lol Well, let me know if you guys enjoyed! 

LeafyIsHere - Roasting You

The two of you have been dating for some time now. You thought it would be like most any other relationship you were in before. Well, you were wrong. Calvin was known for being a complete dick and cyberbully to people, but you didn’t think he would be that way towards someone he cared about. It only seemed to be five times worse than the people he talked about in his videos. The more the two of you would hang out and chat, the more comfortable he got with roasting the living shit out of you. 

It started out simple, he posted a roasting video of you on his channel, that went in pretty hard, but claimed that it was better he roasted you before someone else did. The strange part was that he was a perfect gentleman when it was just the two of you. Whenever there was a public audience, though, he would always throw rude comments your way and post slick comments on Twitter about you. 

Today was just another typical day. The only difference was that the two of you were going to a party together to see some friends. The both of you arrived and immediately went on to chat with other people. Wanting to catch up with one of your favorite streamers, you immediately go over and chat with him. Calvin clearly takes note of this and stops his conversation to point out to his friend how shady you were being. Along with other comments like how you are completely whipped for him and would suck his dick everyday if you could. His friend turns to him and is a little shocked that he would say something like that. 

To be honest, everyone has been a little concerned about you with all the recent comments. Sure, there were girls and guys that tried to roast you, but none of them were near the content Calvin would say or post. At the party, even the streamer you were talking with asked if you were okay. You kind of shrugged it off and said you were thinking of ending it with Calvin because you were getting tired of everything. 

Your friend gains a little confidence and leans down to your ear and says, “Well, if you do, I’ll be here waiting for you.” You simply laugh and push him off of you a little. “I’ll be sure to take that into consideration.” “C’mon Y/N, I would never treat you like that. You deserve to be treated like royalty after putting up with this cyberbully for so long.” He says in reply. Letting out a small smile you say, “Thank you for the offer, but I don’t think my boyfriend would be comfortable with you sweeping me off my feet before his eyes. I’ll talk with you later.” Leaving his side, he gives a quick, “Okay, just text me later.” adding a small wink at the end. 

You walk back over to Calvin to check in with him. He is chatting with one of his friends. After you approach him he immediately says, “Oh so you’re done acting like a whore who just wants to sleep with everyone in the room?” A little bit annoyed you sassily replied, “didn’t know I had to get your permission to talk with my friends.” Things are starting to get a little heated and his friend is starting to look very uncomfortable. Calvin only grows the atmosphere by saying, “I mean when you are practically sucking his dick right in front of me why don’t you just leave with him like the bitch you are?” “Calvin, what the fuck is going on with you?” you ask. “You look like a character from WoW and you expect to get someone who is better than me? Sorry, Y/N, but you are a 6/7 at best.” He says, clearly drawing more attention of others to your conversation.  Now quite annoyed, you reply with, “Then why the fuck are you with me if you feel that way?” Roasting being his element, Calvin replies with, “Well, when you suck dick like a porn star, I feel bad that you have a face and body like yours. How many videos have you made on the side for a quick buck?” Infuriated that he is practically announcing everything to people at the party, “You know what, Calvin? Fuck you. This is over. Good luck finding someone that will put up with your bullshit.” You grab his friend’s drink and immediately throw it into his face and storm out. 

Just after leaving the house, your wrist is caught by his hand and he spins you around to face him. Before you can say anything, his lips are attached to yours. Backing away immediately, you slap him across his face and begin quickly walking down the street. Walking away, you hear Calvin shout, “What the fuck, Y/N?! How do you think you’ll get home?” The only thing you do in response is throw up a middle finger and walk off into the sunset. 

You were completely unsure on how to get home to get the rest of your stuff, but you weren’t about to stay there any longer. Thankfully, an older lady in a convenience store helped you out and even offered to help you move into a room she had open at her place for the time being. The following day, word had spread like wildfire and you received a lot of messages from people saying things like: “about time,” “idk how you did it for so long,” “Leafy’s a dick, hmu if you need anything.” You felt bad for ending a relationship so poorly, but were somewhat happy to be out of such a cancerous relationship. Calvin had a way of twisting his words around to justify what he said, but you weren’t about to give in this time. 

Lol I can’t really see Calvin being too much, or rather this much, of an asshole to someone he is dating. Anyway, hope you got what you wanted, anon. I’m still stuck on the “idk it just seems lit” lmao. 100 Notes and I’ll save your relationship ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Any headcanons for an MC who can't drive worth shit, due to a) never fucking learning and b) too scared to learn bc hoooo boy that would be an easy way to kill yourself (you dont have to include the last part if that makes you uncomfortable, im just self projecting whoops;; )

Me and the other mods were talking about this in our discord chat, mod 707 brought it up and said ‘’ AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS LIKE THIS ‘’ and within seconds me and mod saeran said ‘’ same ‘’, we all hate driving, it’s scary.

But ! If this were true then mc either gets over this fear because in 707′s after ending she drives his car LMAO, or she drives that car while terrified while ALSO never driving in her whole entire life, which would be impressive.

I want you to all think of a petrified mc that just steps on the gas while she is being shot at and her boyfriend got shot int he arm and she j UST FUCKING ALMOST HITS A BUNCH OF PEOPLE AND VANDERWOOD IS SCREAMING IN THE BACKSEAT LMAO
She just slides down into the sit when they finally step and just kinda laughs nervously and says ‘’ i think I saw hell ‘’