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Any opinions on Dex/Nursey as parents?

OOF. So I’m actually halfway into the first chapter of a secretdad!Nursey fic so I have a lot of dad!Nursey thoughts, but I actually had to put some thought into dad!Dex opinions, and then a good amount of thought into the combination of Dex/Nursey as parents! That said, do I have opinions on Dex/Nursey as parents? 


  • So first off: the way these boys were brought up has a Big Impact on how they are as parents.
    • Nursey was raised by two moms who loved him to pieces and let him be soft and feminine when he wanted to be and were hugely affectionate when they were there, but who also traveled a lot for work. Dex was raised by parents who also worked a lot, but who were almost always stressed about money–and he felt that stress really young and learned to internalize it. They both love their parents, but they also both picked up a lot from their parents–both “what to do” and “what not to do”.
  • That said:

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So I was once redania but I made a new blog cause there was so much shit on that one and I hadn’t use it in a looong time due to having no internet (i die)

BUT I’m back and now I need new blogs to follow yay!!! 

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  • The Witcher
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  • Obsidian games
  • Dragon Age
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Borderlands
  • Indie games
  • I also like some tv shows and anime and MTMTE
  • But mostly just VIDEO GAMES
  • PS I also like doggos and memes are welcome
Twist & Shout ** Very Important**

hello guys <3 

a few years ago @hellfires and i published the fanfiction work “twist and shout”.

since then we’ve been overwhelmed by the response our fic has garnered (good, bad & ugly). 

that’s why, today, i wanted to take the time and say that some changes will be coming regarding the fic and it’s availability online. 

it’s due to circumstances we couldn’t predict, but at times that is how life works. 

the point is, even if it isn’t ideal, we will be making the fic available as a full novel for purchase within the next few weeks/months. what we’re asking right now is for your support. that same support you’ve given the fic so far. we know many of you have been asking for this for a long time, so we are hoping that your excitement remains!

for now, please pass this post around to as many sources as you can. it is important, also, for people to know with publication comes the chore of scrubbing and erasing the fic from the internet as much as we can to avoid any legal troubles. if you have a pdf of the fic we ask that you do not post it to the internet anymore. please tell your friends this. we are hoping that the novelization will lead to response as much as the fic. 

raven and i are going to work very hard to keep the integrity of the fic intact while still making enough changes that it is viable! it will still be the story you love, with a bit of a makeover. 

thanks for you love & respect. please continue to support us on this venture <3 we couldn’t do it without you. at this time raven and i are still in conversation so we won’t be able to answer all your questions right away, but if you have any major concerns or interest please come to us for an official answer <3 thank you again xoxo

hannah & raven


This might (read: this most definitely is, but it would be cool if this much thought has actually been put into this) be a stretch, but, if you cast your minds back to the Reflections, where everyone made an appearance in some way, even if it was subtle (billboard advertising Lucio’s world tour, Symmetra appearing on the front cover of an Architect magazine, etc). 

If you recall the two page spread showing the majority of everyone having their own Christmas traditions, you see that:

The newspaper featuring Bastion appears in Torbs frame.

And we just got a comic featuring Torb and Bastion.

Now, I am probably (read: definitely) giving too much credit, and this was probably (read: absolutely) just random chance, but if this was thought out and deliberate (I can already hear the anons saying I’m reaching too far but let me hypothesise for a sec, okay, people?)

So lets just hypothetically say this was deliberate, and this was a nod to a future comic, we can then hypothetically say that there were perhaps other instances nodding towards future comics and/or shorts.

Ignoring the panels where people were obviously grouped together because of their connection to each other (Roadhog and Junkrat, Ana and Jack, Genji and Zenyatta) or on their own (Hanzo, Gabriel, and Lucio and Symmetra having smaller cameos) there are two frames that stand out with people being grouped together that have no current connection to each other:


We joked at the time about Reaper’s two adopted kids meeting up for the holidays and getting drunk together, or Sombra stalking McCree on Reaper’s orders, or a variety of other theories surrounding the holidays as to why they ended up in the same bar. But long story short, there was no real reason to put these two together in the same panel. Sombra could just have easily been drinking at another bar to parallel McCree’s loneliness, or she could’ve been shown holed up with a computer in a dark room, finding out everyone’s secrets.

And D.Va, Zarya, and Mei. All both shown right next to the RECALL: ACTIVE sign at Watchpoint. Similarly, these three could’ve been shuffled around the panels and appeared elsewhere, instead of grouped together. So, with apparent rumours of a Mei short in the works, this might hint towards more characters teaming up or coming together by chance with their own stories? We might also end up seeing something involving McCree and Sombra at some point too, and I think I saw somewhere that Johnny Cruz mentioned a Lucio short too, but he didn’t know when, so, maybe we’ve got hints as to potential shorts or comics in future here.

I don’t know, I know this is one helluva stretch and I’m rambling on the  internet for nothing, but it’d still be pretty cool if the writers planned ahead for stuff like this. Highly doubtful, but, worst that can happen is I’m proven wrong, so…

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Hey, Sam! You said for your job you “synthesize data into manageable chunks.” I teach college composition, and one of the curriculum's assigned units is the synthesis paper. Since my own professional experience is limited to teaching, I was wondering if you could give me an example of what your end goal of synthesis would be, so I can give my students an example of the skill's worth besides "this is one component of your research/argument paper in the next unit." Thanks!

Sure. So, a little context – I work in a research office, and our clients are mainly fundraisers who are asking their donors for LARGE donations – generally $100K at minimum, and up to hundreds of millions of dollars. So the stakes are relatively high. 

A great example for your students is the “one pager” we do. One of our main fundraisers attends a lot of galas and events, and he needs to know who will be there and how to interact. So he’ll send us a list of, say, 20 names. Our team will prepare a one-page biography on each person, which includes: 

– Name of donor and anyone attending with them, how they’re related to our organization, and their photo
– Full but brief work biography including college degrees
– Spouse or co-attendee’s brief work biography, if any
– Children, if any
– Their previous giving to our organization
– Their giving to other organizations 
– Their last meeting, if any, with the fundraiser who will be reading the bio

This is all stuff that takes maybe an hour to assemble per person, but finding some of it takes some fairly specialized skills, and it’s also an hour that the fundraiser doesn’t have to spend on it if we do it. Additionally it means they ONLY get the information they need – no extraneous facts sloshing around in their heads. The document serves as a record of the person’s current situation, so if in the future they try to remove a portion of their work or giving history from the internet, we still have that information in the document (and in our database, where the info is usually entered once the document is finished). 

Another different less literary example is what we call “prospecting” – using a database of thousands of constituents to find new prospective donors. We are trained to take a list of between say, fifty and five hundred names, “pull” their info (giving to us, giving potential, interests, location, position and place of work, last time they spoke to us, etc) and pick out the best perhaps twenty names; we might do a little additional research to make our case, then present those names to the fundraiser who asked for them, who then goes out and asks them for money; what we’ve done is heavily increase the odds they’ll ask the richest people with the most interest in our org, giving them a better chance of landing a major donation. 

Both the one pager and prospecting are different forms of information synthesis we perform, but the business applications are obvious – this synthesis is how you break down vital information to offer to your clients, employers, and colleagues. It’s the most concise way of reporting information, but also the most convincing, because you go straight to the heart of what they need to know. 

Clarity in writing is so important for our job that I have literally been told in job interviews “We asked you to this interview because your cover letter was so much better than anyone else’s we saw”. I literally landed an interview on the strength of my business writing; they didn’t care that my degrees are in theatre or I started with the org I’m in as a receptionist. That’s how important it is to be clear and convey information well in prose.  

I hope that helps – I think good information synthesis is the root of good communication, getting both what you know and what you need across as clearly as possible. 

Feel free to use this post for your teaching or hit me up with other questions you may have! 

7am and I’m full of pancakes!

Also, there’s a bunch of messages in my inbox that have been building up for the past few days. I’m not ignoring anyone, I’m just really shitty at the whole answering in a timely manner thing. But I’ll get to them in the next few days, I promise!

Also, I’ve lost a bit of motivation with writing the Lemons AU story but I have 24 posts ready to go (which is about halfway through what I want to get done before I start posting) and I’m hoping the motivation will come back once I get my nerd cave set up properly again.

Also, I’m considering doing a live stream for my next major follower milestone. Internet permitting (because Australian internet bites the big one) it should be next weekend but I’m still trying to work out the details of when and what I’m gonna be doing so I’ll let you guys know more when I know more.

ANYWAY! Pointless update done and time for me to sleep! Have a great day/night everyone =)


~Good time of day everyone~ 🌸Have almost finished my desk decoration and organization, there also will be 2 shelves, but I’m already in love with the result🌸 🌿The printable quotes I find on the Internet are amazing and look so pretty🌿 🌸Also find the printable to do list really cute and funny, cupcakes are everything🌸 🌿There’s still more to come, but I am happy with how it’s turning out🌿 ~Have a great time everyone~

10 Reasons Why I Think I Made My Worst Investments Ever

I’ve been thinking about my investment style and how it’s changed over the years.

My first few years were pretty rough. I dove right in. I put some money in a brokerage account and just started. I was buying and selling with really no real idea. It was pretty reckless. But everyone starts somewhere.

The other day I started my taxes. That had me looking back at some old trades. Some of them are just awful. But hilarious. I had to include two examples in this post (see them below). I hope by writing this all down I’ll avoid making these mistakes in the future:

1. The P/E ratio is the absolute worst metric ever. It needs to be burned off the front page of every finance website. It is a backward looking metric. The stock market is forward looking. WTF. Avoid this. If a company has a really low P/E ratio, it generally has one for a reason.

2. Stay away from any and all foreign exchange risk. If you buy stock in an ADR or a company based in a country outside the US, and that country’s currency takes a hit, your portfolio is going to feel it. Managing investments is hard enough, you should not have to also worry about currency fluctuations.

3. Picking bottoms and calling tops is Russian roulette. A stock that’s down 50% from its highs can still drop another 50% from there. A stock that’s up 100% over a year can still climb another 100% in the next year.

Here’s one trade where I tried to be the man and short NVIDIA after a massive run

And here’s another. Yes, I actually said this. I thought the tech trade was over

4. Know where you’re going to get out before you make the investment. This makes life much easier. Before you buy a stock, know why and when you’re going to cut it out of your life if it goes against you. Don’t get trapped. Don’t waste time.

5. You need to be a master at avoiding FOMO (fear of missing out). There’s nothing worse than watching a stock spike, and so you buy it. You don’t want to miss out. You just need to join in. F that. Don’t do it. Chasing a stock rarely ever works.

6. Never buy a stock because of buyout rumors or because you think it will get acquired. You want to own strong companies not rumors or theories.

7. Always know your shareholder yield. Does the company pay dividends or have a history of buying back stock? That’s money being returned to you. If there’s no shareholder yield (dividends or buybacks), you’re basically left with a bet on growth. Know the difference. It will change your timeframe and expectations for any single investment.

8. You can’t ignore the overall market. In bear markets, they say all correlations go to 1. It’s hard to find quality stocks in bear markets. Everyone makes money in bull markets so don’t let it get to your head.

9. Study the tax code. It will immediately change the way you invest or trade. Trading can be a lot of fun. But at tax time it sucks. It’s a lot of work and even more taxes. You can save up to 20% on capital gains taxes when you hold a stock for more than a year.

10. The Internet is your best friend in the world of financial markets. But you have to double check everything. There’s so much free research available. There are also so many smart people writing and sharing ideas each day. But you still need to double check it all. If you like a trading or investing idea from someone online, make sure you corroborate the data yourself.

About POI’s accuracy on technology

As someone that’s “good with computers” like they say on the show, I’ve been watching Person Of Interest with my geek goggles on. What I saw was so deliciously satisfying that I felt the need to check on the Internet to see if others had noticed how accurate this show actually was. Surprisingly, I didn’t find many posts, there were some, sure, but I was sad it wasn’t praised more. So, I put together a list of the things I noticed were true or really close to the truth. [Geekmode == ON] Here we go : 

1. The most impressive fact is how Person Of Interest predicted the NSA scandal one year before it happened. In 1x22, Reese was sent by the Machine to protect NSA agent Henry Peck who wanted to reveal to a journalist how his agency was conducting illegal surveillance on a massive scale. In 2013, Edward Snowden did exactly that. 

2. The show once mentioned a dangerous virus called Stuxnet whose source code was in the laptop that Reese and Kara were sent to retrieve in Ordos by the CIA (1x20).

In the real world, Stuxnet really exists and is indeed a very dangerous virus. In 2010, Stuxnet reportedly ruined almost one-fifth of Iran's nuclear centrifuges.

3. In Person Of Interest, they like to show real code without explaining it. It’s just for fun, they know the general audience won’t care because most people don’t understand it but they also know that geeks notice these things. For example, they showed Finch casually manipulating the real source code of the Stuxnet virus in 4x05:

4. Speaking of Finch, you know how one of his aliases is Harold Whistler, right? We know that he chooses his aliases based on bird names but this one in particular can also be explained by Harold’s past. More specifically his teenage years, back when he used public phones to call people in other countries for free (3x11).

            Btw, the guy on the phone is definitely not French, horrible accent ^^

In the real world, the first hackers were called phreakers, they did exactly what Harold did using… whistles. The blue whistle Harold uses in this scene is the actual model the phreakers used in the 70s, crazy right? It’s in fact a toy that was found in Cap’nCrunch boxes of cereals back in the day. That particular whistle produced a sound that matched with phone operators’ systems and provided to the phreaker a free international line. So, Harold is indeed a Whistler and a good one at that.

5. Still about young Harold, when he built his first computer in 1980, he hacked the ARPAnet (the ancestor of the Internet) which is why he has been wanted by the FBI for treason ever since (screenshot from 3x12).

In the real world, in 1980, someone introduced a virus in the ARPAnet which temporarily halted its functions, they still don’t know who the hacker was.

6. Once again, about Harold, his struggle to accept his creation is already a real life issue. Scientists and engineers are indeed working on building AIs and are facing ethical and moral issues similar to Harold’s. The possibility of a benevolent AI is also mentioned as the only way to avoid a Samaritan-like AI in this very interesting TED talk:

7. In 5x01, Root and Reese stole a truck of Playstation 3’s to rebuild the Machine. I remember smiling at that at first, then I thought about it and figured it would probably work. Of course, in the show, they left out a lot of parameters that would have been needed to make it work and building it should’ve taken at least a day or so but I won’t blame them for that, an episode only lasts 45 minutes after all.

In the real world, the US Air Force actually built a similar supercomputer called « the Condor Cluster » using 1,760 Playstation 3’s. Well done POI, very well done !

8. This one is about Root and is more of a fun fact than technical stuff but still. When Root first appeared on the show, she was this anonymous and mysterious hacker who had managed to break into Harold’s system, which is huge considering how much of a “private person” he is.

So, what is all the fuss about ? Well, when you use a computer, you have a username, right ? All Linux systems have a default user which is called « Root ». So, the root user, also called « superuser » or « poweruser » has full access to everything in the machine. Basically, Root likes to be called a Superuser in her daily life. Now, thanks to my job, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t see root…

                                 Yep, this is me becoming root ;)

9. Other fun fact, in Linux systems, the « admin » user is like a common user, the root account is the only one who can modify the system. Just like Harold is « admin » to the Machine, she is Root to everyone (except Harold, I can understand why he always calls her Ms Groves, it must be frustrating for him to be constantly reminded that she bested him). She’s a hacker so the way I see it, when people call her by that name, they literally recognize her talent (even though they don’t know it), saying she’s so good she can access anyone’s system. Considering how the show ended, I’d say that her name is more than ever accurate… Love you Root, you classy, sassy, badass cinnamon roll.

10. Now, this cool trick that we use at work with my colleagues of the IT department: neodym magnets taken from (old) hard drives are some of of strongest magnets you can find. They’re so strong we use them to fix screwdrivers to the wall but they can also mess with electronic devices. This trick was used by Root in 5x07 to open doors which had an electronic lock. Root, you badass geek, forever in my heart.

I’m choosing to stop here because there’s just too much awesome accurate tech stuff in this amazing show to count!

If some people want to add to the list, or discuss it, I’d love to know your thoughts! [Geekmode == OFF]

First addition to this list by ellainthetardis:

11. When writing code, everything must follow a specific order, otherwise the code will act up and don’t know what to do. Think of HTML and CSS codes, which are what you see in web browsers every day!

The element in an HTML file (or root element) tells all the other elements in the code what to do. What order they should appear in, what to make certain things look like, etc.

So my first thought when I saw Root’s chosen name was this: like the person before me said, Root considers herself a superuser. Add to that the fact that she thinks she’s superior to everyone else, even Harold. Like a code in a string of HTML, she loves telling others what to do and expects them to follow her commands.

She’s always saying “Trust me” because she actually knows what’s the better option here. And also, because even though she thinks (knows) her mind is superior, she is still asking for other people to really believe in her. (And now I’m gonna go cry. Excuse me.)

About POI’s accuracy on technology 2.0 is now posted! It’s here : x

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When I was in elementary, I had a conference with my teacher and my parents specifically to address the fact that I was always sneaking books in the classroom and reading when everyone else was still working. (Taking away my reading privileges was also literally the only way my parents could punish me - at least until we got internet in the house and I discovered fanfiction)

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You had a book intervention, that’s the sign of an avid reader!

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How would the RFA + V take care of their S/O when they're on their period?

Didn’t really know what to write ahhh

Yoosung :

  • he has a sister so he knows, sometimes she made him go and buy pads - and even though he was mortified and embarrassed af - he would still do it and it’d be no different with his s/o, except he might feel like he’s a hero saving his s/o or whatever he tells himself to make himself feel cool
  • would do / buy / cook anything his s/o asks of him & makes sure his s/o eats healthily
  • if his s/o is in really excruciating pain to a point where they’re crying, he might cry with them

Zen :

  • also one who’d buy anything his s/o needs - except he wouldn’t be embarrassed, in fact, he might make a whole thing about it like ‘yeah I’m buying tampons, for my partner, yeah I know I’m a cool boyfriend’ - and would bring them flowers and chocolate everyday until their period’s over
  • might ask on his twitter - or reddit or something - his fans what they think he should do to cheer their s/o up if they’re going through a particularly painful time
  • he supplies a bunch of his comfy shirts and sweatshirts for his s/o to wear & would try to get his s/o to be a little active since he read it helped with periods - he’d suggest taking a walk, stretching with him or maybe some more ‘intimate’ activities if his s/o is up for it

Jaehee :

  • oh, she knows. She just. She knows. There’s always an entire box of pads and one of tampons - always. There’s also a big tub of her favorite ice cream that she’s willing to share when her s/o is on their period.
  • If they had their periods at the same time - and Jaehee didn’t have too much work - they’d lie on the bed, leaning against each other while sharing their ice cream and clutching heating pads on their stomach
  • they use this opportunity to pamper the one going through 'their time of the month’, putting hair and face masks, making the best and most comforting cup of coffee…

Jumin :

  • he knows what periods are but he can’t really understand how much it would hurt or how it would feel so; he asks his female employees what to do (and they think it’s really fucking weird jfc Mr Han) and then seeks professional advice from doctors (who also think it’s weird)
  • if the pain is too bad, he’s willing to take all his work home and work there so he can still be with his s/o - he gets very protective of them during these times
  • would be more affectionate when they’re on their periods, hoping to make them feel a little better by holding them close, taking naps with them in the middle of the day, giving them massages..

707 :

  • Doctor 707 is in and prescribes his s/o the most ridiculous 'treatments’ he finds on the internet + the ones he makes up - surprisingly, some of them actually work 
  • would provide an endless supply of Dr Pepper or any other sodas to help his s/o + if they need a heat pad, he doesn’t have one but he’ll plop himself on their stomach and lie on them (might not be that helpful but you know)
  • he doesn’t go out much but he’ll make an exception for his s/o and leave the house at any time, even during the night, to buy whatever his s/o wants - he might also draw his face on the pads’ wrappers (why)

V :

  • he’s already a sweetheart by default and yet, he manages to up the sweetness by a thousand when his s/o is on their period - he’ll buy them flowers, their favorite cake from the best bakery around, would take them on a walk outside and take pictures together, smooch his s/o all over and tell them how beautiful they are
  • he knows natural home remedies for everything - including period pains - and has the most extensive collection of herbal teas and infusions you’ve ever seen, he’s got his s/o covered
  • he’d encourage his s/o to get some sleep while he takes care of whatever chores or even some work they have so they don’t fall behind when they get better


Yeah you.

Are you a baby boomer?

Do you often scoff when you see people on their phones?

Do you talk about “this generation” in a negative way?

Then come here.

Little closer.

Did you know…

that phones…

and computers….

aren’t just light boxes?

That’s right!

Get this!

They’re communication devises!

That means that they’re devises used for communication.

Did you know that texting isn’t just typing words? 

Those words you type are actually sent to someone.

That person can actually send you words back.

And you two can have a conversation.

Imagine that! People using their phones to hold a conversation with people they care about.

You can even do this if your friend or family member is somewhere far away.

Distance doesn’t mean you can’t talk to someone everyday when you have a phone!

Did you also know that people can use phones and computers to read?

That’s right. Free of charge too.

Usually they read other people’s amateur work and leave comments.

These can be encouraging, or criticizing.

Either way they help someone with their writing skills.

Speaking of writing.

Did you know your phone can be used for that as well?

Even if you’re far from home when you’re inspiration hits, you can still sit down and write.

Isn’t that just the best?

Did you know that if you use a computer or a phone to write, you can back everything up on the internet without having to retype it all?

Did you know that you can share your experiences in real time with anyone you care about that can’t be there with you?

All you need to do is take a picture and hit send!

People can actually see the highlights of their baby cousin’s birthday party even if they live in another county.

Speaking of which.

You can also send pictures of yourself.

It takes only a few seconds to send your sick friend your smile.

Speaking of friends.

Did you know that you can meet people in so many new ways using the internet?

Being in the same place is never an issue.

Instead you meet people based on interest instead of locations.

You can meet people that like the same band as you in the comments of the music video.

You can meet people that enjoy the same humor as you when you share a video.

You can meet people that share so many things with you because they came to the same place.

Even if it wasn’t at the same time.

Did you know, that on the internet your words are what speak for you instead of your looks?

All anyone has to see is a profile picture.

So you’re more judged on what you say and like.

Your personality and intelligence is the first thing people see, instead of you looks.

Did you know…

that when I’m on my phone….

I’m not just staring at a screen?

Guess what?


So hey.

Yeah you.


anonymous asked:

what is the hardest thing about being internet famous?

people expect me to be the woman I am in my poetry 100% of the time, even in real daily life. although I am the same person, the girl in my poetry is the most eloquent expression of myself; the version I have time to edit. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be everything to everybody all at once. 

also, people forget that I am not a full-time poet. they forget I’m only 20 and still a full-time college student who also works 3 jobs. I’m just doin my best to keep track of it all.

anonymous asked:

wow, you write very well and detailed! the plot is amazing too. can I request a scenario of rfa (and v + saeran if you can) being yanderes while they're dating mc?

Oh, thank you so much! So… I didn’t intend to go full yandere because I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with (not because of the theme, I just wasn’t sure if I knew how to do this), but that kept getting darker as I wrote, and it turned out really abusive and angsty. I’m not proud about Jumin and Saeyoung ones tho, they’re not that great, but I hope that’s what you wanted. :)


RFA + V and Saeran being yanderes ANGST


  • Whenever you hang out in public, he’ll always have an arm around your shoulder or waist
  • In bed, he enjoys fucking you in front of mirrors, he loves to watch himself giving you pleasure
  • Won’t let you cum till you tell him how great he is at everything and how no other man you’ve ever been with could ever be compared to him
  • He won’t forbid you of wearing certain clothes, but he won’t pretend he’s not bothered, he’ll pout and insist you have to change because he was the only one that deserves to see you at your best
  • If he’s not able to convince you, expect to find dark hickys all over your neck, collarbones and thighs after sex, that way you can’t wear low cleavage tops and short skirts
  • He’s not afraid of getting into fights if someone approaches you, fuck the scandals, you’re his
  • You always have a seat reserved on the front row during all of his musicals, and he makes sure the seats by your sides are empty, he doesn’ t want anyone distracting you from giving all your attention to him when he’s performing
  • At first, he would never let you be photographed or give interviews, HE is the public person here and anything concerning your relationship would be answered exclusively by him
  • He used to say this was for your protection, but you knew he just didn’t want you getting the same kind of attention he gets
  • But then, he realized  he enjoyed to show you off to media, so he’d spend days training you to say the right things and find the right clothes, so he’d dress you up like a doll
  • He was determined to turn you to a modern day princess and your relationship should always come across as a fairytale in the public eye
  • But he started actually believing in this, so any attitude of yours that didn’t meet his expectations would be harshly scolded
  • You didn’t feel human anymore, everything you did felt so robotic, made only for other people to see
  • He was the actor here, but you felt you were the one always pretending  to be this perfect princess
  • Neither of you knew what was real now, not even your love


  • He will hold hands with you in public and tight the grip everytime some guy (and girls, eventually) look at you and smile
  • In bed, sometimes his insecurities get the best of him and he can’t hold an erection for long, your warm touch makes him lose control of his body immediately
  • You would always reassure him it was fine, the sex was still great, anyways, and you loved him so much
  • But he didn’t like your tone. To his ears, you sounded like you felt pity for him, and he hated!
  • Still, you always managed to praise him a lot, and you just hoped he could notice that every moan and compliment you gave were sincere
  • He could almost read people’s mind on the streets when you went out. “What is she doing with him? Poor girl can get someone so much better” He was always wondering when you would realize that too 
  • He wasn’t strong enough to fight for you, so the only thing he could do was make himself weaker and weaker, so you would feel obligated to take care of him
  • So he’ll hurt himself everytime you get late from work/school, everytime you talk to another guy, everytime he feels you’re not giving him love and attention enough
  • He hates your pity, but if this will make you stay, he doesn’t care


  • Trust always was a low point in this relationship, even though she would never admit to you and to herself
  • You were always so sweet to everybody, sweet… or were you just flirting to everybody?
  • She gets it, ok? You’re a little younger than her, you’re pretty and bubbly, there isn’t a single person who wouldn’t fall desperately for you like she did
  • But she knew those guys would be coming to the cafe just to see you, they didn’t care about coffee at all
  • So hiring another person and putting you on paperwork felt like a natural move to protect you and her feelings for you
  • You missed talking to people, seeing their smile everytime you would hand over their delicious and beautifully made drinks
  • But you would never complain, you didn’t want to upset her, she would be so cold when she was upset and the sex would feel so awful
  • Because this would be clearly about her pleasure only, and sometimes you could swear your frustration would turn her on more and more
  • In fact, making you feel frustrated was an habit now. She would make you overwork so you’d always look frustrated, stressed out and tired. If you’d be like that, you wouldn’t look that cute to other people now, right?
  • She became what once hurt herself so much, but she couldn’t even realize it, she just wanted to be the only one to see your true beauty and sweetness that would be hidden behind those dark circles under your eyes and the ill aspect of your skin.


  • You didn’t remember the last time you went out by yourself, if he wasn’t with you, at least two bodyguards would
  • His arm is always around your waist, he wouldn’t let his guards down not even around his own father
  • He is very possessive and demanding on bed and this is a huge turn on for you at first
  • But you could always tell when something went wrong at the office, because he would take it out on you very roughly,. Most of the times, you would feel the pleasure through the pain, sometimes you wouldn’t, it was just that scary pain
  • In the beginning, he was very understanding that you had different habits from his, but it got really perceptive when he was slowly pushing his eating and sleeping habits onto you. It was for your own good, he would say.
  • Controlling you was for your own good, he would say
  • Things started to get weirder when you went out by yourself for a couple hours. A friend of yours was in town, she was going through a tough time and could use a friend now, she seemed so sad and afraid, you felt that taking the bodyguards could be intimidating
  • When you returned home, you never seen his eyes that dark and never heard his voice this low and husky. “Where were you?” “Why didn’t you take my calls?” “Are you leaving?” “Are you trying to escape like Elisabeth did that time?” Oh no, not this again…
  • He got you a bracelet with a tracking device, the bodyguards got very detailed instructions about never leaving you alone if he was not around, a female bodyguard was hired exclusively to watch over for you in the bathroom, that was the level of insanity going around that penthouse
  • You and Elisabeth were his precious little kittens, but if you’d gonna behave like an wild animal, he’d need to tame you at all costs


  • He is not too clingy in public, but he’s always by your side or a little behind you
  • In bed, he will make you scream his name out loud and tell you’re his, only his
  • If he was too busy, he would hire Vanderwood to keep an eye on you when you’d go out
  • As much as you enjoyed Vanderwood’s company, it was uncomfortable, and you told him. He didn’t like it, but dismissed his services on a very passive-agressive way.
  • “I’m just worried about your security, MC, it’s a shame you don’t care about yourself as much as I do… but I won’t tell you how to live your life”
  • Still, he needed to know if you were always ok, so he attached GPS devices on your clothes and would always hack security cameras on the streets to watch you
  • He also installed cameras and wires at your apartment, but he didn’t tell you.
  • Hacking your laptop and phone started as a hobby , but quickly became a habit, he’d love to trace patterns in your interests
  • But everytime you ‘d search something he considered inappropriate (like photos of that cute guy on that boy band) he would take down the internet at your home or send you a virus, this also worked as an excuse to go to your place or make you go to his, 
  • This happened so often that you felt you were actually living together, but not in a very natural way
  • He got obsessive about your online activities, he felt he could know you better like this than actually talking to you.
  • Everybody is more honest when nobody is watching, and although you were so special, you weren’t any different . Watching you like this would make sure you would never lie to him.
  • He just wanted to be the one who knows you the best, it was the least he could do after pushing you away like that. Now he wanted you closer as possible.
  • None of  the tasks he did for his previous job felt filthier like this one, and he got surprised how much this satisfied him


  • Like Saeyoung, not clingy in public
  • But he showers you in compliments in front of others, and gets slightly angry if people don’t respond in a way he considers adequate
  • Even when you don’t take his compliments as he desires, he will get frustrated. “You need to start seeing yourself as the magnificent person you are, MC. It really bothers me you’re uncapable of”
  • He puts you on a pedestal, and everytime you do something that doesn’t go according to how he pictured you should do, he will scold you for not reaching your full potential
  • Takes tons of pictures of you doing several activities during the day, and sometimes, he takes pictures of your reactions when he touches your body and praises you, those ones became a collection
  • A very prestigious art critic pointed out how the model would look despaired in some of the pictures, which V hated
  • Now he was determined to only get your joy in his photos, so he would create every possible situation that could make you smile. But still, nothing was good enough for him, you never looked happy enough, and he would be very clear about how frustrated he was with you
  • You watched as your boyfriend was only seeing you through pictures, you didn’t feel like a real person who could show her emotions genuinely
  • But what hurt the most was that you didn’t see your boyfriend’ eyes anymore, they were always behind the camera lens


  • He’s too shy to show affection in public, but he’ll walk with beside you, glaring at people like a hound dog
  • In bed, he is very instable. Sometimes he treats you like a porcelain doll and touches you like you’re gonna break, he feels so guilty for everything he did, so treating you like this feels like he’s finally doing the right thing
  • Other times, he’ll be rough, very rough. You’ll have dark bruises due to hard hickys all over your body, he enjoys tasting your blood, he says is the most delicious thing he ever tasted
  • He can be like this out of the bed too, the shy and quiet Saeran or the loud one who’ll snap at you over the silliest things. You never know which Saeran you’re gonna face
  • He hates it being like that, he feels like shit and knows this is too much for someone so bright and lovely as you to handle.
  • But he’s so afraid you’ll see you’re making a mistake being with him, it’s probably a matter of time for you to notice you’re too good to him
  • So, before you realize that, he has to find a way for you not to feel so good, he needs to lower you to his level
  • His snaps will be more aggressive, he’ll tell you how useless you are at everything, you’re stupid, futile, you’re so lucky that he’s patient with you, you ‘d never find a guy who could bare you like he does
  • And slowly you start believing in that, you never noticed how much you and him are alike. Yes, you’re lucky you have him, if you two  are so wrong for the rest of the world, at least you can be wrong together.
  • He  feels like shit, the only way to make you stay is if you feel exactly like him
Important Announcement: Financial and Overall Situation

Hey everyone. So as you all know, I’m on Patreon (for those of you reading this on patreon, thank you so much for all your support and I can only ask for your understanding and forigveness for what I am about to elaborate in this post). Apologies in advance, but this is going to be rather lenghty and I really need people to read this and be aware about my online artistic endeavors and why they are in danger.

If you’re not familiar with my work, please follow THIS LINK to my artblog. If after reading this, you’d like to help me somehow, please do consider becoming a patron of mine as if I get enough money together, I will be able to loo at options of not only continuing my work, but expanding it and giving you all more art to enjoy as well.

 Just to clarify. I am 24 years old and I have been looking for a job for 2 years now and unable to find one. Every month, I send out at least 20 or more applications and attend various interviews. All ending in rejections due to my nationality. (This isn’t a racist thing, it’s because companies have to pay the local government a fee for hiring a foreigner and no company in their right mind ever wants to shell out extra for someone like me with no experience.)

Because of this, I’ve had to move home with my parents, who have been less than encouraging or helpful in my attempts to find my own way by having a patreon (something I’ve only just begun late January of this year.) They are unwilling to see what potential I have to earn my keep as a creative individual and are blind to the potential the online world of support and wonderful people that lurk online have.

A bombshell’s been dropped on me that my parents are no longer interested in letting me live with them. I am being sent to another country after a friend of theirs offered a job I could possibly take. Now, I saw possibly, because I don’t even know if they will have me.

I am a graphic designer by trade and the job they offered was a “Sales Accounts Executive.” This is really sudden and urgent as I was told just TODAY I will be shipped off (or rather, flown(?) off) next week, Wednesday March 15 2017 (March 14 2017 for those of you in America). I have less than 5 days to get all my shit together before they just fucking send me off. (I don’t even want to know what they’ll do to my One Piece collection while I’m not home to protect it).There are several problems with this:
  • Location: this job will require me to move to the Philippines, which, has been notorious in the entirety of South East Asia for having the WORST internet speed and connection EVER. It also means I will NOT have my work desk (which I do all my drawings on) because I will be moving in with my grandmother and two aunts (who are in pretty awful financial situations themselves) in a house that pre-dates WW2. That’s right. It’s situated in a backwater place where not every home has at least 1 computer and people still watch local cable. We use this home for our Christmas stay every year and I will tell you now, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to work in. It’s hot as hell, nobody will use fans or the AC because it costs too much and there is no wifi.

  • NO WIFI: Of course, this location leads me to this very important second point. There is NO WIFI at that godforsaken old-folks retirement home. Of course, this does not mean I am going to give up and stop drawing or uploading my work. I’m as stubborn as a mule, but please bear in mind it’s going to take some time to find out how I can get an internet connection, if I can move to another relative’s house (while of course, paying rent), that has a connection, etc.

  • Schedule: Back to the “Sales Accounts Executive” position I am being offered. I was given full job details (while I will not disclose just where, just know it’s for a 5-star Hotel located in downtown Manila), which I KNOW will definitely interfere with the current output of how much art I post not only on tumblr, but also on patreon. Every single day, 5 days a week, from 9:00am - 4:00pm, I will be out and driving, catching buses and basically running around to meet 8 different, snobby, big corporate clients in order to ‘sell the hotel’. I have a minimum quota of 8 clients I HAVE TO MEET in a single day, every work day of the week until 4:00pm, after which, I will then have to travel back to the hotel and make my report. This is EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

  • Foreseeable exhaustion: Obviously, someone who travels several kilometers every single day, especially in public transport, via walking, or whatever have you will always, always be tired by the end of it all. I can’t even imagine how DONE I will be at the end of the day of doing such a thing and SUCKING UP TO CORPORATE ASSHOLES, let alone, doing it 8 times a day, every day, 5 days a week, week after week, after week. As we all know, when you have such little time to sleep, such little time to recharge, your artistic ability or capacity or even DESIRE to draw becomes next to none. All you want to do is plop down in your bed and sleep.

In summary, this move will mean that I have limited internet access, limited time and energy to work on my art, and limited access to the proper tools and facilities I need to actually MAKE my art:

Limted internet access; I will of course give it my all in procuring a proper connection, because let’s face it, without the internet, people like me and most millenials might as well be dead. This however means that my posts might be few and far between, so I humbly ask of you to please be patient with me. I have not, and will not give up the ZoSan or the OP fandom, or making art in general.

Limited time and energy; This is one of the things I am most afraid of happening. I fear that I will be so exhausted that I no longer feel that making ZoSan/One piece/ any fanart gives me joy. As a creatively inclined person, I, like most others like me, feel very attached to our identity and our creative outlets are almost 100% if not 100% who we are. I do not want to become another zombie of corporate society. As such, I humbly, humbly beg of you to forgive me, but I will most likely have to adjust my patreon rewards as a result of this. I will still provide the same quality and same variety of work, but in less quantity. I am truly, truly sorry.

Lacking proper tools and facilities to make my art; this is the third and I believe the most important thing to address. If I don’t have a place to work or MAKE any art at all, not having the time and energy or the inernet connection to upload it will not matter. As such, I forsee a possible hiatus beginning from my move next week while I try to get my shit and my life togeher in an entirely new country I have never lived in and never been comfortable in, in all my years of Christmases spent there. This is the most important part of this whole thing for my patrons on patreon.

To my patreon patrons: 

I understand if you’re not willing to see if I can pull through and continue to make art and posts by the same amount I used to. I thank you all so much for the wonderful support you have given me not just financially, but emotionally as an artist and as extremely good friends whom I think of fondly everytime I have tumblr open. (Which is everyday to say the least XD )

I would however, like to remind you that if I do not post anything for that month, you do not get charged at all. You can still be my patron but not be robbed of your money if I do not create. (Props to patreon for this!)

Still, I know I promised at least 3 NSFW pieces and a minimum of 2-4 other pieces every month. This is a possible total of 7 pieces. While I believe this is doable no matter where I am, the fact that I am moving in the middle of this month means that either 1 of 2 things will happen:

The first possibility is that I will be able to finish my new pieces as well as continue to work on my ZoSan video special (which most of you are supporting me on here for, as you hope to see it finished), before I fly off, and be able to schedule posts for the rest of this and next month so that you get the same amount of content until I get a proper connection, place to work, etc.

It’s 1:46am for me here now and I’ve been stressing about this entire ordeal while trying to get some new stuff lined and scanned as best and as quickly as possible. I need to rest, but once again before I go, I ask that you all please forgive me for this sudden change. I really am truly sorry.

All your support has been amazing and I never, EVER thought that even a SINGLE person would care about my art enough to fund me for it. I can’t thank you enough for your comments and support on tumblr and how much it really hurts me to know that I might not be able to continue as I have been now, or even at all.

I know it wounds ungrateful of me to even wish it, but I hope I do not get this job and hopefully find another one that will allow me enough time to work on my art.

Or, that my parents change their minds entirely about really just sending me off on a one-way ticket that will force me to leave my scanner and most of my equipment they think is unecessary for a corporate job, behind.

Lots of Love, @mossybrows

anonymous asked:

I didn't think I saw anything about this topic, so I was wondering if you had any resources on echolalic speech patterns for characters. I have one character who I intend on writing with these patterns but have no idea how to write them (especially since she has delayed echolalia, but nothing really to replicate except what her colleagues say to her).

Hi! First of all, I’m intending on writing up a complete post on echolalia some day, but in the meanwhile, for our readers who are not familiar with it, I’ll leave you with this excellent video by Amythest Schaber which explains the different types of echolalia and why an autistic person might use them. There also are tons of resources in the description so you can check these out.

If using delayed echolalia, your character will basically quote things which she has heard before. They can be complete sentences or fragments of sentences or even disjointed words. They can come from what has been said to her by people, from what she has heard (for example on TV/ on the radio/ in a song…), or even from what she has said herself. She may have heard these words only a few minutes ago, or more than 10 years ago if they have particularly marked her.

Here are some common patterns:

  • Using pop culture references. This is so common it’s almost become stereotypical. I don’t know your story, but if it takes place in our universe, your character could definitely quote her favorite movies or famous songs, or TV ads. And if the story is taking place in another universe, this is a great occasion for some worldbuilding! What are iconic pieces of media in your world? In historical fiction in a European setting, this would probably translate into quoting the bible when relevant. In a futuristic sci-fi setting, it’s up to you to invent hundreds of years of pop culture!
  • Using common idioms, phrases and sayings. Even if your universe doesn’t have a pop culture per se, they will probably have proverbs. These are phrases which are commonly heard and repeated, so using them as echolalia makes sense.
  • Speech mannerisms. These are phrases they use all the time, which will often be their go-to response. Most people have these, but they’re often more commonly used by autistic people. Speech mannerisms can mean using short filler words such as “like”, which is not really what I’m talking about here. Let me give you a few examples of what I mean. Here’s a personal one: When someone says something along the lines of “what do you want to do?” or “what are we going to do?”, my first response is almost always “pancakes”, even if it’s usually completely nonsensical in the context. This is not my actual answer, just something I say automatically and which gives me time to think. I even say that a an answer to “what do you want to eat” when I don’t want to eat pancakes at all. Another example could be immediatly replying “You’re the X” when someone says a sentence which contains the word X, even when it makes no sense whatsoever. And these mannerisms are very easy to “catch” from other people.
  • Using sentences they have heard a lot in their life, for instance words their parents would say to them as a child.

But really, they could quote about anything as long as they’ve heard it before. For your character, this could include what her colleagues say to her, but also everything she’s ever heard and she remembers. You don’t have to pull dialogue from your own story for her echolalia, it could be words she’s heard a stranger say in the bus as she was making her way to the office, or something she’s heard on TV, or something she remembers her sibling saying as a kid. You can get as creative as you want here. Keep in mind why she is using echolalia. Is it stimming ? If so, she’ll probably be repeating words which sound nice to her (bubbles!). Is she communicating? There will be a connection between the echolalia she uses and the meaning she’s trying to get across (eg : “Do you want juice?” to mean “I am thirsty”.)

I hope I’ve answered your question. If I haven’t, please shoot us another ask with more détails!

-Mod Cat

I just want to add that although the word “echolalia” is usually used in terms of aural things the person has heard, there is a very similar (in my mind, identical) thing that uses things someone reads, especially if they are hyperlexic (learned to read at a very young age - before 5, often as young as 2 - with little to know instruction). I am hyperlexic and learned to read at 3, and I personally thank books for many of the social skills I seemed to possess at a young age. I consumed books at an incredible rate and on a wide range of topics, mostly fiction. Most of the time, when I was having a conversation with someone, I was pulling some or all of my side of the conversation from various conversations and prose I’d read in books, though no one ever suspected that. Because I “hear” what I read in my head, I remembered it the same way I would remember a spoken conversation, and was able to echo it later. Rather than seeing my odd speech patterns as a sign of autism, I was frequently praised for being so eloquent and having such a big vocabulary for my age, and for speaking like someone much older than me (because I was generally echoing adults). I still have a plethora of favorite phrases and sentences which are pulled from books I read as a child. Sometimes I hope that someone will catch on and get the reference, but so far, no one ever does.

The character doesn’t have to be hyperlexic to use something they’ve read in this way, though. Any level of reading can work. Even something they saw in an advertisement on the side of a bus can be added to their internal library.

The internet is also a big source these days. I have a lot of phrases in my library which come from Homestar Runner cartoons I watched in high school, or articles I read on Cracked, for example. This could potentially include grammatically incorrect writing that people use online. 

Also, be aware that words learned by reading are often pronounced wrong. If your character prefers communicating in writing rather than speech, they might mispronounce many words when speaking. People tend to laugh at someone who does this, especially if it’s someone who’s usually eloquent and uses a lot of big words. (I really need to do a masterpost on hyperlexia someday!)

Basically, yes, people who are mostly nonverbal or not very verbal might use a lot of echolalia. However, even those who seem to speak very well might use a lot more of this type of scripting than you think. If people knew how much of my speech is directly quoted from another source or from scripts I’ve compiled in my head over the years, they would be very surprised indeed.

Happy writing!

-Mod Aira


i’m taking a while with personalized moodboards due to internet issues )and picture downloading problems), which i feel quite bad about, so i’ve decided to do a lil thing to make up for it!! i’m still working on the moodboards, but i’ll also be doing blog aesthetics, which are much more easier for my shitty wi-fi!! so, yes!! the “rules” can be found right below, and the different formats can be found under the cut!! (block ‘sam does aesthetics’ if you don’t want to see my posts regarding this!)


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