also the history behind who hook was


The Pistol Armor of Charles Noe Daly,

Charles Noe Daly was an antiquarian who discovered this bizarre piece at Bordeaux in 1917. It was a steel cuirass mounted with 19 pistols. Here is a further description from Firearms Curiosa,

“…cuirass of steel … when brought into a right angle position may be fired in batteries of four and five by pressing the studs and levers, which release the hammers which are cocked by a hook carried on a chain.“ The armor also came with a pair of stirrups that contained two pistols, which would fire by pulling on a strap in case one is pursued or attacked from behind.”

Harry Hook headcanons:

- Captain Hook despises all children, including his own. And among his own kids he hates Harry the most- in his carefree smile and flamboyant nature Hook saw more of Peter Pan than himself

- all Hook children compete for their father’s approval and Captain Hook likes to pit them against each other for his own amusement 

- Harrys unstable personality is in most part the result of growing up in a chaotic and violent environment shaped by his fathers constant temper tantrums, cruelty and deceit 

- Harry really never learnt how to count - he has dyscalculia and it makes it impossible for him to comprehend numbers or even read analog clocks. Because of that he also has difficulty with estimating distance ( 2 or 10 meters jump? same difference), which often results in his reckless stunts. Like with most things in his life, Harry is hardly bothered by this little inconvenience

- his relationship with Mal was a hot mess for everyone involved- their gangs did not get along and barely tolerated the significant others. It was a bit of Romeo & Juliet situation. The tension was of course especially high between Mal and Uma because of their history, but also between Harry and Jay, who felt protective (and a bit jealous) over Mal

- the reason behind their breakup was Mal giving Harry an ultimatum- either he cuts his ties with Uma, or they are over. Harry refused to be forced to do anything he didn’t like, so they went their separate ways. Harry does not take people leaving him well and it broke his heart. He never told Uma what actually happened, but hurting Harrys feelings was enough to fuel Uma’s hatered towards Mal even more.

- the hook Harry carries around is actually the Hook- he stole it from his father in attempt to prove to him how ruthless he was- Captain Hook was indeed very impressed but also told Harry the next time he sees him he will feed him to the crocodiles. Harry haven’t been home since

“Hook is basically just Regina’s character profile with a dick”


If you think this then it shows not only a gross misunderstanding of Hook as a character but also of Regina and of their interactions with Emma.

People who ship Hook with Emma aren’t doing so because he’s the male version of Regina - he isn’t. For fans of his character and his relationship with Emma it was never about gender, it was about personality and character dynamics.

Hook and Regina are both attractive, have a fondness for wearing black, and share a common history of villainy rooted in loss of a loved one; they are both working towards redemption and hide behind a snarky mask - but that’s about where the similarities end. Their PERSONALITIES are very different, as were their interactions with Emma in the seasons where they first get to know her. 

And when you look at how Hook interacted with Emma in seasons 2 and 3 and compare it with how Regina interacted with her in seasons 1 and 2 … the differences are stark and staggering.

Hook was immediately drawn to Emma and felt a connection to her - he engaged her with sincerity and he was able to read her in a way that spoke to their, sadly, similar histories - he recognized the orphan in her, he recognized her as someone who had lost love. He opened up about his own past.

And as they began to work together he was sincere and SUPPORTIVE.  Even when they were actively working against each other he PRAISED her abilities. And her offer to join her and be a part of something - it reminded him of the man he used to be - the man he’d rather be.  Hook’s interaction with Emma made him want to be the BEST version of himself.

And in turn Hook’s unwavering support of Emma made her FEEL GOOD about herself. His positive attitude about her magic gave her confidence, he helped her son work through his grief over a lost parent, he encouraged her to accept her role as Savior, he encouraged her to accept her home in Storybrooke and her relationship with her parents, and he never shamed her about her past. He was a POSITIVE force in her life - he offered her not only LOVE, but also true FRIENDSHIP.

The same can not be said of Emma’s interactions with Regina in their first 2 seasons. I’m not going to list all the negative aspects of their dynamic from that time period because I am a fan of Regina and supportive of the growing friendship between her and Emma - but let’s just say that Praise, Support, Compassion, Encouragement, Friendship and Love aren’t the words I’d use to describe Regina’s behavior towards Emma during that time period.

So NO, Hook wasn’t written as a “male version of Regina”. In fact his interaction with Emma and the way it paralleled HENRY’S relationship with her, NOT Regina’s, is why so many fans fell in love with Captain Swan. 

Regina’s come a long way in her relationship with Emma, and had she behaved the way she does now way back in S1 and S2 I maybe could have shipped it. But that just isnt’t the way she was written. Emma was supportive of Regina but the opposite can not be said. And by the time Regina’s interactions with Emma actually did take on a positive tone Emma had already completely fallen for Hook - and many fans, including myself, had already fallen in love with their love for one another. 

It’s never been about Hook’s gender, or him wearing black, or being a former villain. It was always about Hook and Emma’s chemistry and dynamic - the way Hook made Emma feel and the positive way his presence in her life encouraged growth and self acceptance. 

Simply sticking a dick on Regina wouldn’t have changed my feelings about her relationship with Emma, and had Captain Hook been Milah instead of Killian I still would have shipped CS (and honestly what a cool twist on the original tale that would have been). And had Emma fallen in love with a Milah Jones I doubt the anti-Hook viewers would be saying “she’s just a copy oF Regina” because to anyone paying attention it’s clear that sex is FAR from the only difference between Captain Hook and the Evil Queen.