also the guy on the right is gendry in game of thrones now

Thoughts on trailer

- shut up little Littlefinger SHUT UP, you got a voice over in the last trailer and I’m sick of your divisive voice.

- Sansa’s was so salty that she didn’t get to be in the stride teaser clip with Jon, Dany and Cersei she took up half the final trailer with her own stride lmao

- if the leaks are true I’m guessing the first clip of Jon is him preparing to catch a Wight, JS: “com on lads if we want help from the leaders in the south we better catch a wight and drag it all the way over there to prove it to them” some guy probably: “ur grace wouldn’t it be easier to-” JS: “LADS”

-Cersei looks round: “who’s at the door” Jaime: “its Jon Snow and his Wight” Cersei: “tell him i’m out”. ok i’ll drop this now

- Daenery’s stroke of her map reminded me of the way Cersei stroked that septa and kinda like the way Jon stroked the chairs in Winterfell, parallels idk, maybe you just start to weirdly stroke everything in a seductive way when you become King or Queen

-Arya looking powerful on a horse, Jaime walking dramatically while back turned to the camera and LF looking as creepy af as per. Standard mid way through trailer shit right there

-when the previous owner of your new house leaves his ugly décor all over 

-guessing Jon is talking to Daenerys here, but even though the Starks did bend the knee to the Targaryens for many years, they didn’t actually fight together on any occasion right?? the Starks have always been very reclusive and kept out of southern wars right?? am I missing something, am I not nerdy enough I rlly try, I should probably read world of ice a fire at some point, I’ll read it when if you write winds George

-Tyrion looks pained, probably thinking about his inevitable family reunion, everyone’s looking forward to the starks loving reunion which is fair but the Lannister’s reunion with their little hate triangle full of blame and resentment may be even better

- Brienne and Pod were absent from the entire first trailer and most of the promo pics (apart from the occasional back of Brienne’s head of course) but now they appear, it may only be for a second and a half but never has a second and a half been so well spent they waltz in like the embodiment of medieval Batman and Robin that they are, well done guys, hope you get some actual lines this season Pod.

- Sandor’s made it north then. yay.

- really hope that wasn’t Greyworm being deaded, if it is and he also has sex with Missandei this season it will solidify that if anyone gets together in got either one or both of them will die soon after: Robb and Talisa, Jon and Ygritte, Renly and Loras to name but a few.

-yh okay loads of fighting scenes

- Bran: “Hodor’s dead so I guess i’ll have to get an actual wheelchair now”

- who’s the old man with Bran he looks a bit like bloodraven but he’s dead so…

- wtf Beric didn’t even need a fire to light his sword, how??? is he the prince that is promised or something he’s not even alive in the books ffs

- Daenery’s ships have wings?? babe I know you’re a dragon queen and everything but don’t you think you’re taking the aesthetic a little to far

- so Jaime is charging in a field on his own with fire everywhere looking kinda of manic, it looks like he might be trying to fight a dragon “ JAiME dO NOt try to fight a DRAgON you will get yourself KILLeD, r u mad son” god I hate my favourite character.  

- Theon and Asha Yara look like they just witnessed the firework display of the decade

- the last 10 seconds are so much I don’ t even know what to say

- I actually yelled when Sansa quoted her daddy, at least someone reads the books. 

-where’s Gendry

Arya/Artemis & Arya/Athena

Okay so I remember reading a meta a while back saying that GRRM based a lot of his characters on Greek mythology I’m pretty sure:



And I’m currently reading a random book about Greek gods and there’s an interesting chapter on Artemis. It says that she was her fathers favourite and that her father often took Hera’s wrath to please her. Now this got me thinking about Ned and Arya. Artemis, like Arya, is a warrior and not a typical woman. She prefers to hunt and to run free than to be bound by responsibility of being a conventional lady. Ned loved to appease Arya and often took Cats wrath for their daughters unruly behaviour.

Now there’s many similarities that I see with Arya and what this book describes as Artemis and Ned with Zeus in regard to Artemis. I’m not saying Ned is the equivalent to Zeus or anything I’m just using that as an example in regard to the Arya/Athena/Artemis comparisons.

  • Artemis asks Zeus (her father) to give her gifts and because she is his favourite he complies. He gives her multiple gifts like people to hunt with and a bow and arrow. But the most intriguing thing I read was that she asked for a pack of hounds to run with, swift and fierce. When I read this I couldn’t help but think of Nymeria and her pack of wolves. There’s also a hound bigger than the rest of them to which Artemis chose herself. Probably looking too much into it.
  • Artemis asks her father to keep her chastity, and it just reminded me of when Ned told Arya she’d marry a king and have his princes and she responds with “that’s not me.” But, Zeus also allows her (Artemis) to change her chastity status whenever she pleases, so if she wanted children she could. Or to simply take a lover, she could.
  • she also asks for a city as a gift but just one because she doesn’t like cities. Also reminded me of Arya not liking Kings Landing. And Winterfell can’t really be described as a city? (Not that relevant I’ll admit lol)
  • Artemis also spends most of her time in the woods, by rivers. Like Arya spends her time in the woods and the Riverlands.
  • Artemis is described as wild. So is Arya.
  • Artemis had many names. She has been called Goddess of the Moon, Maiden of the Silver Bow, Lady of the Wild Things and Huntress. Arya also has been called many names. Underfoot, Arry, Lumpyhead, Weasel, Nan and the list goes on.
  • Artemis let no man approach her, and when a man spied her bathing, for she was too beautiful to look away from, Artemis turned him into a STAG. Not too important but thought it was pretty darn cool. (Cos obviously her Bae is a bastard with Stags blood)
  • Artemis had a very good friend who was loved by all, handsome, kind and a hunter as well. They often hunted together, teased each other and joked around and this man ‘Orion’ liked to call her “my lady” for she was still a goddess even though he was a mortal. And he was the only man Artemis had thought about breaking her vows for. This kind of reminds me of Arya and Gendry, how they became quick friends and how she had thought of him in a manner that wasn’t just childlike but of a woman. And of course Arya is Gendry’s lady.
  • she also killed unjustly men, same with Arya. Artemis loved to serve Justice and our girl Arya is doing the same thing.


  1. Let’s start with appearance. Athena is said to have a stern beauty, with a warriors build and stormy grey eyes. Arya fits this description as well, even though Arya is still young her beauty is only just being brought into context. Arya is said to have the Stark look with a long solemn face that almost appears stern and grey eyes with dark hair. She isn’t a soft delicate beauty, like Sansa or Cersei, but stern and harsh I would think. A wild beauty, much like Lyanna was.
  2. Let’s not forget these ladies are both very pragmatic and smart as hell. Athena was often described as the mistress of strategy. She had a quick temper though and was easily jealous. But Athena was also very kind, especially to the mortals who loved her the most out of any gods. This to me sounds a lot like Arya as well, hot tempered but kind when it comes to the small folk and lowborns.
  3. Athena and Hespheastus are said to be soul mates (thanks to @3holmes who pointed this out to me, I did more research lol). Hespheastus is the smith god, who was cast from Olympus by his mother but now works as a smith and forges the gods their weapons and whatever they want. Now who can we think of that relates to this? That’s right our boy Gendry.
  4. Athena was said to have a fondness for Hercules and Perseus…two bastards. Arya also has a fondness for Jon and Gendry…two bastards.
  5. Athena, like Arya, represents feminism. Athena understood the important of weaving and sowing and gave women the power to do so. Although Arya isn’t very good at sowing or weaving she is still a very motherly figure much like Athena was to the people of Athens.
  6. Artemis, Athena and Arya are favourites of their fathers
  7. They both share a similar moral compass. They believe the wellbeing of others is of the utmost importance especially those who cannot fend for themselves.
  8. she was also referred to as a virgin goddess but no one really knew the status of her virtue, many men tried to seduce her, even the Smith god himself. I’m not saying Arya will stay a virgin forever, but at this age she may very well still be a Virgin when the series ends and when the last book is published.

• I’m most likely reading too much into this but I thought It was cool how I came to the conclusion that they had some similarities 🤷🏽‍♀️ I see Arya as a mixture of Athena and Artemis I think, but that’s just my opinion. Gendry is definitely more of a Hespheastus instead of an Orion, except Gendry is hot af and the god of the forges was said to be ugly. Tell me what you guys think! •

Prompt:All I want from life is overprotective Jon Snow threatening Gendry over Arya with Sansa nodding fervently in agreement” via @fandomqueenishere
(also tagging @obsessivereaderandwriter because you asked) 

“You kidnapped Arya’s boyfriend?” Sansa screeches down the line, forcing Jon to hold the phone at arm’s length until he’s sure her voice has lowered a few more decibels. “… the stupidest thing you have ever done! And that includes punching Joffrey in my ‘honour’!”

His lips twitch. He’s suddenly very glad Sansa can’t see him right now, but she’d be hard-pressed to find him feeling guilty over it. Simply put, punching Joffrey Baratheon is easily one of the best things Jon’s ever done and that includes becoming a fireman. The man’s a prick that screwed Sansa over. He’s just lucky Jon got to him before Robb did – which is kind of why he’s in this predicament, to begin with.

“I didn’t do anything,” Jon reassures her futilely. “Robb invited him out and force fed him whiskey. If I didn’t intervene, your brother was going to end up killing him.”

Sansa makes a noncommittal noise in the back of her throat. He can practically see his girlfriend rolling her eyes in disdain and frustration right now. “Uhuh, so why is Gendry locked in our basement?”

“He’s not locked in so much as the lock broke and now he’s stuck,” Jon tells her, but he doubts the clarification is going to put her at ease.

“Right… God, Jon, this is my day off. I really don’t want to be dealing with this right now.” And the defeated sigh he hears from her makes him ache with guilt because he knows better than anyone how exhausted she is after every shift. Her days off are sacred and Jon usually does everything in his power to make them relaxing for her. But this is really not his fault.

“I’m sorry, Sans,” Jon says emphatically. “You know I wouldn’t –”

“Yeah, I know,” Sansa cuts him off. “I’ll be home in ten minutes. Please try not to kill him in the meantime.”


Twenty-five minutes later, Jon is leaning against the door leading to the basement with a cup of tea in one hand. Sansa has her head resting on his shoulder an identical mug in hers. It’s pathetically cute how domestic they’ve become since moving in together three months ago, but he’ll take pathetic if it means waking up to her every morning.

“We’re sorry, Gendry. The lock guy is coming over to fix it soon but since it’s a weekend, it might take awhile,” Sansa calls out.

“It’s okay,” comes the muffled voice. It’s deep and soft, kind of like the man himself – all hard lines and bulky frame but a gentle calmness about him that makes Jon wonder if this really is the man for Arya. He expected someone louder – someone more adventurous and spontaneous like her.

“I don’t mind waiting.”

“While you’re here,” Jon begins because he loves Arya like a sister and he’s always been a little stupid when it comes to her. She’s definitely the toughest woman he knows but that doesn’t mean he’d ever stop trying to protect her. “What are your intentions with Arya?”

Jon!” Sansa slaps his shoulder.

“What?” He gives her a look before angling his face towards the door. “Look, Gendry, you seem like a nice guy. It’s nothing against you but when Arya likes someone, she puts her everything into it and I don’t want you to… If this isn’t serious for you, if this is just some fling then I suggest you break it off now.”

Despite Sansa’s initial protest, Jon finds her nodding along with him all the same. She shrugs when he gives her a questioning look, only pressing her lips gently to his cheek and wiping at the spot with the pad of her thumb.

For a second, Jon almost forgets that Gendry is here. Sansa has always had that effect on him. One look, one kiss, one seemingly innocent touch on the shoulder can render him completely senseless – or rather, his senses are so overwhelmed with Sansa, it’s nearly impossible for him to focus on anything else.

“I… I love her.”

Jon’s eyes flicker back to the door and then to Sansa, and again for good measure. It’s not what he expected at all, and by the dumbfounded expression on Sansa’s face, it’s not what she expected either.

“Okay then,” Jon calls back. “Good. But break her heart and we’ll –”

“No offense, Jon, but I’m more terrified of what Arya will do to me if I break her heart than you or Robb.”

Sansa’s bright, surprised laugh rings in the air. She shakes her head. “At least we know Arya found someone who understands her.”

“Yeah,” Jon chuckles back. He leans forward to press a lingering kiss to her lips. “And if she has a tenth of what we have then I’m not worried.”

“I love you too, you big idiot.”

It takes another half hour before the locksmith arrives to spring Gendry loose from his basement prison. The man immediately barges past them, a sheepish smile on his face, as he races towards the bathroom.

And by the time the door is completely fixed, Arya’s already over, yelling at Jon and making promises to kill Robb, all the while Gendry looks on with fond amusement, a hand to her back in a placating manner.

Maybe he is good for her. Maybe Gendry can be the calm that Arya needs, the way that Sansa is his.

If so, they have his blessing.

anonymous asked:

What are you're drunk Stark/stark SOs headcanons, I only have one (for Sansa) that she's a total flirt when she's drunk and goes FULL alayne stone

So I’ve already done the Starks here, but how bout I give you drunk Stark SO headcanons: 

  • Theon: The sloppiest drunk ever. Oddly confident when it comes to flirting but a general Mess otherwise. He 1000% admitted that he liked Robb while drunk. 
    • He hugged Robb and then did the robot for 10 minutes on the dance floor, asked the DJ to play classical music, and then grabbed the mic and yelled “I LOVE ROBB STARK!!!!!” he then giggled and shushed the mic and said, “shhhhh don’t tell him”. Robb grinned like a sucker, and when Theon woke up the next day with the worst hangover, he found a little post-it on his pillow that said “Robb likes Theon…shhh don’t tell Theon. ~ Robb” Theon was a little mortified but his happiness overpowered it. 
    • Drink of choice: Theon is a Guinness guy. He’ll chug two bottles and immediately get tipsy he’s such a mess of a human being I love him. 
  • Ygritte: Even more intrusive than she usually is lmao. She’s never been great with the “personal bubble” thing, but when she’s drunk she’ll practically sit on people’s laps. They’ll remind her and she’ll go “oh sorry” and literally roll off. 
    • Ygritte at 2 AM: “Heyyyyyyyyy Jon Snowwwww - stop screaming it’s just me - anyway, you want to party with me and Tormund?” 
    • Drink of choice: Tequila, usually, a Sazerac, and on more than one occassion, half a bottle of vodka. 
  • Margaery: She only ever really gets tipsy, and she’s delightfully extra-into Sansa when that happens. Will usually pull Sansa in really close while they dance and there will 100% be making out whilst dancing. 
    • Once she hits “drunk” status, Margaery gets very rambly and wordy (Sansa lowkey thinks this is why Marg doesn’t get drunk). Margaery’s snapchat story will usually be filled with her ranting about something or introducing her snapchat followers to new people at the pub or club. 
    • Drink of choice: Used to be wine but she hasn’t really enjoyed it much after meeting Cersei. Now she enjoys a nice Cosmopolitan. 
  • Gendry: A Good and Happy drunk. Will usually be screaming and “woo”-ing with the crowd and offering to buy drinks for the whole bar. He and Robb can’t drink together because they will offer to buy drinks and they will not have money and they will get chased by a group of angry drunk guys. 
    • Gendry also just wants to cuddle all the time. Will often envelope Arya and bring her into a huge bear hug yelling how much he loves her. 
      • Arya, her voice half muffled by Gendry’s chest: “I hate you” “I LUV YOU TOO ARYAAAAAAAAAAAA”
    • Drink of choice: Will either drink the shittiest beer and claim it’s good or have really exquisite mixed drinks and drink it out a crazy straw. There is no in between. 
  • Jojen: Jojen’s been drunk exactly once. Nobody knew he was drunk because he still spoke about his visions. Jojen doesn’t really like drinking and he haaaates partying so he prefers to stay home. Bran dragging him to a party consists of Jojen passive aggressively sulking in the corner until an hour later when Bran is tipsy and wants to leave. 
    • A Poor Poor Soul: “Heyyyy, Jojen right, want a drink man?” 
    • Jojen, bitterly: “I saw you, darkness shrouded you, your heart was slowing and -”
    • Person: “Ooooohkay no drink got it.” 
    • Drink of choice: None if he can help it. He does, however, make hangover cures. They’re disgusting (Bran thinks that’s intentional for whoever wakes Jojen up in their drunken stupor) but they work so everyone sucks it up and drinks it. 
Game Of Thrones: Season 7 episode 6 non spoiler review: Starkbowl, The blue eyed army, Jon Snow (King of my heart), A dragon or two, A tale of the hammerless Gendry, A love song for Tormund and me being absolutely done with Game of Thrones. Because I'm not ready to die and the show wants to kill me.

Note: Even though this is a non spoilery review, it may contain spoilers which will be noted/indicated before they are revealed. All thoughts are just my personal observations and opinions.

Firstly, let’s talk about Arya and Sansa- because that’s some BS right there and I can’t even; at first, I thought Arya and Sansa were playing littlefinger. But from this episode, I am now unsure. D&D, do you truly expect me to believe that these two sisters who haven’t seen each other in years, believed most of their family members to be dead and had no one and nowhere to call home would honestly be fighting like this? I can understand if there were only a slight atmosphere of distrust and/or caution- they didn’t get along even as children and of course now that they’re grown up they’d be trying to get a better feel of eachother, but all full blown bloody starkbowl is not what I had in mind. I mean [SPOILER] Arya (essentially) only threatened to kill Sansa [SPOILER] by saying she could wear her face (can you wear the face of someone living?). I mean maybe threatened is too harsh a word? But Arya’s intention in that scene was certainly to intimidate Sansa. It was working very well. But bravo to my Sansa (Queen of my heart and my Kings heart), for standing her ground. My point is, I find this very unrealistic and if it’s not a ploy planned by my Stark girls, I very well hope they band together in the end (which they will). I just want my baby’s to understand and recognise each others struggle and bloody love eachother.

Now let’s move on to the King of my heart: Jon “I am a King” Snow. Sigh. Jon oh Jon. Why oh why would you do that? No, seriously. I’m very very angry. I saw this coming of course ( I read the spoilers- shame on me). But I seriously can’t even comprehend what you think you’re doing. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU. [MAJOR SPOILER] There was absolutely no need for you to “bend” the knee. She had promised to help you fight the white walkers. She was going to help you fight the blue eyed demons. Soooooooooooooo why did you do that. [Spoiler] My Queen- YOU ONLY KNOW ONE TRUE QUEEN IN THE NORTH WHO’S NAME IS STARK. Sigh. I don’t get where this sudden affection for Dani has come from. It was literally non existent before. It’s either due to his gratitude for her help. Orrrrrrrrr he’s playing the game. He’s killed the boy, recognised her great affection for him, and has decided to use it to his advantage. He’s killed the boy. Hopefully it’s that latter, but I can imagine it being a mix of both. Furthermore Jon Snow, I am very cross with you, but I love you and trust you enough to know that when we are at the end, your duty to the North, to your family, to your one true Queen Sansa Stark will override everything. Including Dani. You’re a man of your word Jon snow. A man of your word.

Ah, Dany. Now this episode, Dany’s character intrigued me immensely. I’m going to start with her wardrobe choice. When she went to help our gang, she transitioned back in to her lighter coloured clothing (to show that she’s actually doing something selfless for the first time in ages). But as soon as she gets back to the boat, she has changed back in to her darker attire (to represent the dark path she’s still walking on). Nothing in GOT is a coincidence, they’ve done this on purpose. To foreshadow. To mirror her actions. I repeat nothing is a coincidence. They even throw in the conversation with Tyrion. Tyrion’s begging her not to go- to do nothing. Not because he wants our blue-eyed demon fighting companions to die- oh no. He does it because he loves her and he’s scared and he doesn’t want to lose her. But Dani refuses. She has to go. She has to help them. Why is this conversation thrown in? I think it’s to give us hope. Last episode Tyrion and Vary’s are having that whole conversation where they are convincing themselves (mostly Tyrion) that what she did to the Tarly’s (my poor Dickon), was justified. When Tyrion says she isn’t her father, Vary’s replies she never will be with the correct consul. And here in episode 6, we perhaps see the earlier version of Dany. Helping people because she wants too, because she sees it as a duty, because it’s the right thing to do. Not the Dany we’ve been seeing recently: a Dani obsessed with the iron throne because she believes it’s her birth right (lol- R+L= J. Targbowl is really on the horizon). And it gives us hope. Perhaps she makes questionable decisions, but she is still good. Nope. As soon as we’re back on the boat, back in to her dark attire to represent her dark path. I mean think about it, [SPOILER], if they wanted to paint her as this truly good leader, why accept Jon bending the knee? If she had said no, I’ll help you either way, no my faith in her would’ve been fully restored. Because she’d be helping Jon not because she got something out of it, but because she recognises the threat the white walkers pose is too real to ignore. I have a love/hate relationship with Dany. I don’t hate Dany, I love her in the way that I love Cersei- not because she’s a good person, because she’s a complex one. When her and Tyrion discuss what happened with the Tarly’s, she calls it necessary. When Tyrion explains other ways they could’ve dealt with it- SHE DISREGARDS HIM. Sigh. There’s so much I could say about Dani but honestly, I’m just not bothered.

The blue eyed army- also known as the White walkers. This paragraph will include spoilers in essentially every sentence, so I suggest you just skip this one. Okayyyyyy- let’s talk about The King of the Blues- or the night King. Whatever. Same thing. This guy is BADASS OKAY. [SPOILERS FROM HERE UNTIL THE END OF THE WHITE WALKER PARAGRAPH]
The way he killed Viserion on his first attempt? Yeahhhhhh byeeeeeee. Dude’s just too cool for school. He’s too cool for the North. He’s just cool in general to be honest. I really can’t wait until season 8 and the rest of the books to find out what the WW’s true purpose is. I’m really interested to find out. They really killed my baby Benjen. Who deserved so much more in life- YOU SEE JON. BENJEN DIDN’T DIE FOR YOU TO BEND THE FRICKING KNEE. YOU POMPUS SWINE. YOU ATTRACTIVE BEAST. YOU PANTY DROPPER. Sigh. Jon Snow, King of my heart- he knows nothing. But the White walkers are seriously such an interesting aspect of the show and now that they have a dragon on their side, it’s about to get very very interesting. The wall’s coming down. And the war’s about to begin.

Tormund and a splash of The Hound- I just love Tormund and thought it was wrong to write a review and not mention him. I love him and all the cute things he said about Brienne. And his observation of the Hound was bloody spot on (the hound is another interesting character).
[Slight dialouge SPOILER].
“I don’t think you’re really mean, your eyes are sad.”
[SPOILER] I just thank the God’s (the old God’s and the new), that they kept him alive as it was a very very close call.

The Hammerless Gendry- A tale: A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR BLOODY GENDRY THE HAMMERLESS who indirectly saved our gang. Whom is already loyal to his future “brother” (mwahahaha) in-law and the KITN (forever and always) Jon snow. Who could’ve died but kept running. The true hero of this episode: THE HAMMERLESS GENDRY. [SPOILERS AHEAD BUT IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE HIS HAMMER IS READ ON] Okay, so we’ve captured a WW, just another day in the North you know- no bigie and we’re ready to return to perhaps not the comfort of dragonstone (we are essentially bloody prisoners), but definitely as far away from the blue eyed ones as possible when we find ourselves surrounded by the army. YAY. Bloody brilliant. So what does Jon who knows nothing Snow do. We send our most capable rower- sorry- runner to run back to Dadvos (I do love Daddy Davos) and get a Raven to Dragonstone stat. At first, he refuses to leave bro in-law but Jon tells him he’s the only one who can do it. So he begins to run when The Hound stops him, says he’ll be faster without the hammer and so (hesitantly), Thor- I mean Gendry- entrusts the hammer with The Hound (guess he’s worthy). And that my friends, is how Gendry the Hammerless lost his hammer. And he’s a bloody hero for it. If Gendry didn’t get to Dadvos, Dani wouldn’t have known what was going on and therefore, they’d have been screwed. Gendry is the true hero.

My final thoughts: I enjoyed episode 6 thoroughly (apart from a few bits and bobs) and don’t know what I’m going to do next week when it all ends for maybe two years as opposed to one. It definitely gave me all the feels- I shouted, I jumped, I rolled my eyes, I almost cried (twice) and I got very very angry. I don’t understand where Jon and Dany popped out of but understand its necessity in the show in order to set up Targbowl, The (inevitable) Northern revolt and the fulfilment of Dany’s prophecies (three mounts you must ride… three fires you must light). I can tell Dany is smitten with Jon. Couldn’t say the same for Jon until this episode (poor Jorah). I’m happy the gang is safe for now. And I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of Sam and Gilly at Winterfell. Littlefinger death shall be immensely satisfying. Can’t wait for this foolish Starkbowl to end. The meeting at KL is going to be epic. Dany vs Cersei. Brienne and Jamie reunion. Euron shows his face maybe? A flipping R+L=J REVEAL WOULD BE GREAT. And yeah. I have too many feelings to type coherently, but overall, I quite enjoyed that episode.

I’m on book two of The Ice And Fire series: a clash of kings. And so far, I am enjoying them immensely.

Episode 2 Recap & Theories


Jon Snow choking TF out of LF. Just like Ned did way back in Season 1. I loved this. Jon’s face while Baelish was talking was literally like “dude don’t say it, don’t say it…he said it.” The worst part for me was LF standing in front of Ned’s tomb and saying he was “sorry when he died.” FUCK YOU LITTLEFINGER I AM STILL NOT OVER THE DEATH OF NED STARK. 

Can’t say this enough - Littlefinger will betray the Starks. (If he hasn’t already). He claims to “love” Sansa, but we all know his creepy oppressive brand of love, and Sansa keeps giving him the Coldest Shoulder. Not to mention her brother just choked him up and threatened his life. my personal theory is that Littlefinger is feeding info to Cersei (or will at some point). He likes to play all sides. He will likely use the fact that the lords in the North don’t trust Dany and won’t welcome an alliance. Remember, the North sided with Robert Baratheon against the Targaryens. They have not seen the white walkers or the Night’s King, but they do remember the Mad King.

Dany calling out Varys! I’m so glad she did this, and she doesn’t even know the whole story. Imagine if she knew how Varys had intentionally undermined her brother Rhaegar? But that’s a post for another time.

Mel admitting that she’s not that great at prophecies lol. And a shoutout to the gender neutral high Valyrian! This was a long time fan theory. Fun fact: dragons are also gender neutral.

Can I just say how much I love that Jon respects Tyrion, and Tyrion respects Jon, and then Sansa with that “he’s not like the other Lannisters” line just !!! I love this. Tyrion left Westeros with literally everyone thinking the worst of him and hating him so to have these two just totally vouch for him was so amazing, and on the other hand to hear Tyrion speak for Jon to Dany, “I like him. I trust him.” YES. If the dragon must have three heads I hope its Dany, Jon, and Tyrion tbh.

But speaking of dragons…Cersei’s dragon-killing crossbow. Prepare for tears you guys. At least one of the dragons will get the dire wolf treatment. It packs an emotional punch, will make Dany more vulnerable (right now she’s basically invincible) and is a great way to save cgi budget money.

And speaking of direwolves…Nymeria. The feels, you guys. The tears. At first, when Arya said “that’s not you,” I got super scared. Did someone warg into Nymeria? Or worse, is the dreaded Waif Theory true and she’s just realizing that this isn’t the dire wolf she thought it was? Luckily, the Inside the Episode confirmed that its just D&D’s attempt at good writing. The line was meant to be a callback to season 1 when Ned tells Arya about her future as a lady in a castle, married to some lord, and Arya says “that’s not me.” Now she wants her wolf to come home with her and live in a castle instead of in the wild with her pack, which she realizes “isn’t her.” This is also a good way to save cgi money on wolves. 

The Hot Pie reunion! Literally brought tears to my eyes. Her face when she finds out Jon is alive. That she can go home. Just. Omg. Bonus: Hot Pie mentions Brienne. Double bonus: Armor = knight. But why didn’t he mention Gendry? I kept waiting for him to bring up Gendry!

Now that she’s on her way North, I predict that Arya will meet up with the Hound & Brotherhood since they are also on their way north now. And seriously where tf is Gendry?

Show!Euron = Victarion. Jumping on deck cutting people down left and right with that badass axe? Literally taken from Victarion’s like first POV chapter. This is actually a good plan on the show’s part. Obviously they scrapped Victorian’s storyline so I like the subtle shout to his character and also it makes Euron seem less like a Regular Psycho and more like a Murderous Psycho Who Is Also A Badass Pirate. Makes sense. V good plan.

Theon’s PTSD. Heartbreakingly portrayed. Alfie Allen did a great job with this, you can see it all on his face when he’s witnessing the violence around him. I’m glad the show didn’t just make it so that Theon magically “recovered” from his time with Ramsay - you don’t just recover from trauma like that. I have seen a lot of Theon hate, calling him a coward and so on, but I don’t think that does justice to his character at all. Theon was tortured and mutilated, and suffered intense psychological abuse as well. He has severe PTSD (this is made really obvious in the books when you read his POV chapters, and you can really see how the torture has impacted his mind and the way he things). Its so much more realistic that he would be triggered by the violence he sees. 

So Theon jumps in the water when he (understandably) gets too triggered and can’t deal. Now he’s floating around. Who will rescue him? If only we knew someone who has been rowing a boat for three seasons and is due for a major comeback…

Meanwhile, back in King’s Landing, Lord Tarly comes off all self-righteous and badass hurling passive aggressive insults at Jaime (seriously, can Jaime get a break?) but we’ve seen from the trailers that Jaime will lead Tarly men (archers) into battle, so he clearly falls in line. Petition to save show!Jaime from the continued abuse of his character by D&D I just can not take it anymore. So far from book!Jaime’s arc that its basically ruined his character.

Casterly Rock. Loved the looks on all their faces like yessss this will satiate their thirst for revenge on the Lannisters. Super emotional re: Tyrion getting the Rock.  Tywin swore that Tyrion would never have Casterly Rock, but it is technically his by right (Jaime can’t be lord because he is a member of the kingsguard, the Lord Commander of the kingsguard, as a matter of fact, although the show doesn’t seem to gaf about this particular fact so ???). In the books there are large gold mines underneath the Casterly Rock, but in the show those mines now are empty so idk if that helps them at all, but it is said that Casterly Rock is immune to dragon fire so I love that it is Tyrion and his cunning that will take it. Here’s how I think it will go down: Tywin, as an insult, once put Tyrion in charge of all the sewers and drains in Casterly Rock (a plan that totally backfired because Tyrion, being Tyrion, had them in tip-top shape and they never ran so well) so Tyrion is very familiar with the sewage systems in Casterly Rock and I’m willing to bet this is how he devises a strategy to get the Unsullied in.

Speaking of the Unsullied…Grey Worm is gonna die, you guys. I hate this. I hate this. But whenever the show hypes up a romance and makes me feel things, it always ends badly. And that Grey Worm speech to Missandei fucked me up. So I expect this to end horribly. I expect to cry a lot. Foreshadowing her as his weakness. Ugh. Pain. Why???

Sam! Bless this cinnamon roll. I was in real tears when he told Jorah how he was with his father when he died. Rushing in to save him when no one else would try. I expect this procedure to work. But I expect it will have unforeseen consequences later on. I swear if Sam gets greyscale I will riot.

No ravens from Castle Black re: Bran Stark is still alive ???

JON SNOW (KITN) // Season 7 Realizations

Season 6 episode 10, we experienced this glorious moment: 

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Anyway, now that Jon Snow is now confirmed (truthfully) half a Stark, and also declared the King in the North, I have come to an utter realization that we will most likely see in season 7 of GOT. Right now in the fandom, everyone in the North believes that Jon is still the  bastard of Ned Stark. Yet to us, Jon may potentially be something more than just the KINT, but may also be the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, more so than Dany. Whether if this comes into play later, for now Jon is considered a Snow and a hot bastard baby. :D

When Lord Wyman Manderly proclaims Jon the KINT, he says these words: “Jon Snow avenged the Red Wedding! He is the White Wolf! The King… in the North!” Jon Snow is considered the White Wolf. Jon being a Snow labels him the famous bastard of Winterfell. Now that Jon is considered the King of the North, drastic measures are going to take place. Because I’m talking entirely of the North, I’m going into book territory. So just be wary of potential spoilers for season 7. 

Whether Jon is going to do this or not is completely up to him; but usually when a Bastard wins a battle or claims as the heir of a house, the colors of the house sigil changes to be the opposite. House Stark’s sigil is currently a grey direwolf against a white background. Though now that Jon is the heir of Winterfell and the North, this means that the Sigil is custom to change. Meaning that the grey direwolf will turn into a White direwolf against a grey background. 


In the books, before Robb died, he actually named Jon his heir and not only that legitimized him so that Jon may be officially a Stark instead of a Snow. ( I cri.) This is witnessed by several people including Catelyn and a few of Robbs bannermen. Currently in the books, Jon is dead. And when he does come back, I believed he will become the KITN in a completely different way, under completely different circumstances. In the books, there is counter plot known as the “GRAND NORTHERN CONSPIRACY” in which all the houses in the North conspire to put back a Stark on the throne. Including Jon. So which houses are conspiring to put Jon on the Throne? House Mormont and House Glover. Notice in the the show how Lyanna Mormont and Lord Glover are the very two people to say “fuck Jon’s bastard title, he has Stark blood, and we’re standing right behind him until his last day.” In the books, it’s hinted that Maege Mormont (Lyanna’s mother) & Galbart Glover are headed to Howland Reed to help proclaim Jon KITN. (COINCIDENCE???)

Recently, when the season 7 episode titles and plot synopsis came out, we learn that Jon will face a revolt from some of the Northnerners. Probably due to Sansa being a dumbo  and causing chaos with LF. House Manderly, Mormont (for sure) and Glover will definitely be the houses to back up with Jon. The show hasn’t really covered the Grand Northern Conspiracy, so when Jon handles the revolt, we as the audience will see which house TRULY REMEMBERS. Honestly, fucking Umbers man. Book Umbers are legit fiercely loyal to House Stark and even try to deceive and bring down House Bolton for betraying the Starks. But in the show we get the whole fucking BOTB moment where they kill Rickon Stark/Shaggydog and Smalljon Umber being a dick and yelling “WE OWN THE NORTH!” shit. Honestly, what the fuck… #Triggered

Anyway yeah, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the remaining members of house Umber are going to be a part of that revolt against Jon in season 7. I’m also going to count in the Karstarks as well, just cause based on the leaks, we’re getting that whole thing with Alys Karstark next season. It’s too long and complicated to explain what happened in the books just cause it pretty much revolves around the Arya Stark (Jeyne Poole) plotline that Sansa took over in the show and the storyline up at the Watch… Yeah and also the Karstaks haven’t exactly forgiven the Starks (specifically Robb) for beheading Lord Rickard for committing fucking treason. Also they sided with the Boltons… -.- 

Other realizations for the KITN next season would be Gendry and the BWB to head over the wall to fight WW. Along side Davos, Tormund, (also I think Brienne) and maybe one person from the Northern houses. And the Hound too, ofc. I also believe that Bran is going to help Aid Jon beyond the wall. 

Finally, Last but not least. The controversial Sansa and Jon rivalry next season. Tbh I’m still salty that Sansa took Arya’s line in the trailer for s7 so I will skim this one quickly. When the Starks do reunite next season there is no fucking doubt that ARYA WILL BACK JON AS THE KITN. Arya is loyal to Jon AF. And this is proven in the fact that both in AGOT and s1, when Ned asks Arya where she got Needle from, she bites her lip and stays silent about Jon. Claiming that she would never betray him. Out of all the Stark siblings, Jon and Arya are the two closest siblings and have a special bond that no other Stark sibling have with each other.. They constantly think about each other in the books and Jon even died at the end of ADWD for her. (Jeyne Poole) Arya even considered at the time to go to the wall to be with Jon. “Needle was Jon Snow’s smile.” No doubt Arya would rather have her “bastard brother” rule instead of Sansa. Which if Sansa does end up scheming against Jon, THERE WILL BE TENSION BETWEEN ARYA AND HER. This will probably ultimately provoke Arya to kill Littlefinger. Then there’s Bran. Bran is considered the rightful heir of Winterfell. However I believe that with the flashback from s6 and now that Bran is a tree boy, his priorities are much more important than running the North. Bran knows that Jon is a good soldier. And also a good leader. Bran knows that the North needs someone with good leadership/swordmanship qualities to lead the realm into battle against the White Walkers. (Something that Sansa lacks) No doubt too, Bran will back up Jon as the KITN and maybe even the throne (if there even will be one) And he will also be the one to help Jon when the long night comes. The moment Bran and Arya back up Jon as the KITN will be the moment Sansa will come to terms with Jon and realizes that truly the pack survives if they are together…

Anyway, s7 is going to be lit af and I honestly can’t fucking wait. Just 5 more days guys! Honestly, this post was originally me talking about Jon snow and sigils, buuut it turned out to be a whole prediction post soo… :D 

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thenwhatshallwediefor  asked:

Hi! I once read a very long post on why the age gap between Gendry and Arya is pretty much irrelevant, but I can't find it back. I'm pretty sure you wrote it, so could you maybe send me the link or something? Your writing's really awesome by the way :)

Wow, thanks! <3

Umm, I’ve actually written on the subject a few times. I’m just going to copy/paste the relevant excerpts with a link to the meta in question.

On the subject of girls’ marrying ages in Westeros in general, GRRM has said this:

If you go back to Middle Age history, you find people doing things that they just wouldn’t do today. You find kings who are 14 or 15 winning battles, squires who are 8 or 9 rushing into battle with the knights and holding their own. And girls, of course, were getting married at similar ages. So I reflected that in the books. [source]

Keep in mind that there’s some debate on the supposed historical accuracy of this pattern. That is, for all intents and purposes, irrelevant in the case of Arya/Gendry though. The point is that GRRM has gone out of his way to multiple times (another quote below) state that girls can be married before puberty and are seen as okay to have sex with (though less so have children since it can be dangerous, it’s not unheard of however) once they have their periods. 

I’m not interested in stating the “rightness” of this. I’m going by what GRRM has set up because he created the ASoIaF world. 

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