also the forehead boop was so cute look at her smile

Will You Be There?

A/N: I know this isn’t smut, but I wanted to do something different and write out of my comfort zone! I am not good with sad to just bare with me lol. I hope you guys like it! Feedback is appreciated. :) Oh and @nobravery​ here ya go I tagged you so don’t @ me. 

I sit on the grey ottoman by our window looking out into the empty night as I try to make sense of it all. How did we get here? When did everything go dark?  I wish we could change and go back, but it’s too late for any of that now. Everything is black and burnt. There’s no hope for us anymore.

I’m pulled from my thoughts as I hear tired footsteps down the hall headed toward the bedroom. I don’t bother to look up because I know the expression on his face will kill me. The door creaks further open as he slips inside and shuts it quietly behind him. He sits on the end of the bed staring in my direction as he lets out a strangled breath. I know his eyes are begging, his face broken. He puts his hand on my thigh, and I look away because if I find his eyes, I know I’ll break.

“Will you be here when I wake up? Please baby I can’t bare to look over and not see you there. Just one last time… I’m begging you.” He swallows hard, trying not to losing himself. I finally look up at him, his pain filled eyes blinking the tears away. He looks as if he could shatter into pieces as any moment. It breaks my heart seeing him this way, but I can’t find the right words to answer him with.

I’ve told him this wouldn’t work. Us. He’s always gone and lately he’s been so distant. He has become so infatuated with his music. Making sure everything is perfect to a T and it has put a strain on our relationship. I can’t stay here and be alone. Not on my own. I need someone who is here for me, with me. And actually present when he is here. We haven’t been us in a while, and I can’t bare the heartache any longer. We are a ticking time bomb waiting to explode at any moment.

It started with small things. Texts getting shorter, phone calls becoming less frequent, Skype calls becoming nonexistent. Then it progressed. Our sex life became obsolete. He stopped flying me out to see him. He doesn’t look at me with the passion in his eyes. The look that would melt me into a puddle inside my stomach. He doesn’t hold me anymore. He doesn’t touch me, kiss me. Nothing. I feel alone. Shawn is so wrapped up in tour that he doesn’t have time for me anymore. He’s stressed all the time. I get that, and I want him to live his dream. I am so proud of how far he’s come. He’s worked so fucking hard for this and deserves all the opportunities coming his way, but I can’t stand being alone here anymore. It’s time to accept  that we aren’t good together anymore. But for some reason something in me says to stay. For him. One last time.

I let out a deep, shaky breath and nod my head in compliance. I look up at Shawn as he nods back at me, his face hopeful that maybe he can change my mind, but the decision is final. I get up from the chair pulling up his old t-shirt to keep it from falling off my shoulders. I slip off my pants and pull back the duvet hopping into bed. I watch Shawn as he slips out of his grey t-shirt and black jeans to climb into bed next to me. He lays his head on the pillow as his brown eyes search for the blue in mine. He’s empty, and I’m the reason for it. I hate this I really fucking do, but how can two people stay together when the happiness is gone?

He tries to be strong, sending me a soft smile and wraps his arms around me as I burry myself into his chest. He pulls me tight against him, leaving a warm, lingering kiss on my forehead saying goodnight and then, it’s silent. The both of us hanging onto this moment. Knowing this is the last time I’ll ever lay next to him. I always loved falling asleep in Shawn’s arms. It felt so safe, so right to me. Like the world could be crashing around us, and it wouldn’t matter. Because he would be there to hold me and help me face whatever problem was coming our way. But not now, this is something he can’t fix.

I can tell Shawn is now asleep by the soft snores coming from his mouth. I look up and my heart skips a beat. He looks adorable, his brown curls a mess and his mouth slightly parted, cheeks flushed. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. I slide my fingers across his jawline and leave a soft kiss. My eyes wander to his nose, watching the cute way his nostrils flare as he breathes. The first night I ever slept over at his place, I caught myself watching him sleep just like now. I fell in love with the simplicity of it. So pure and innocent. His crinkled nose, his skin covered in sleep lines from where he’s been in a deep sleep. And no matter how often he would toss and turn in his sleep, his arm always remained across my body, holding me. Admiring the sweet sight in front of me, my chest tightens at the thought of leaving him. I can’t bare to see his face in the morning, broken and distraught. He’ll try and get me to change my mind, and I’m afraid I’ll give in. I’ll decide to stay and be right back where I am now, coming home everyday trying to mask the pain and emptiness. I could stay and try to work this out one more time for the sake of us. We have so many memories together, and they are all so hard to let go of. I mean, how could I just let go of us and everything we’ve been through? The only problem is, we haven’t been us in a long time, and I don’t think we will ever get back there. Walking away from our relationship is not something I ever wanted to do. This day would never have come if he would have been there the way I needed him to.

With that, I let out a strangled breath and I pull back the covers, letting my feet hit the cold floor as I walk over to the closet and pull out my large duffle bag. I begin packing my drawer that Shawn had cleared for me in his dresser a few months back. This was a hard for him to do, considering his clothes take up so much damn room. He spent the day before rearranging all his clothes around just so I would have room for my things. The day he showed it to me, the gift of the drawer was also followed with a key to his place. It was a big step in our relationship, but we were so excited for what that change would bring us. Two kids, desperately falling for one another.

I walk into the bathroom to collect some of my toiletries. Looking over at the walk-in shower, I can’t help but giggle to myself in reminiscence. Every morning before work, Shawn would take a quick shower while I sat on our sink and did my hair and makeup. He would sing different melodies he had been working on because he knew I loved to listen to him. Sometimes he would sing off key on purpose because he loved to make me laugh. And one morning I was walking past the shower to grab my makeup bag from my purse and he pulled me into the shower with him, soaking the shirt I was wearing, but I didn’t mind. We just laughed as he held me against him, leaving wet kisses all over my face as I tried to free myself from his grip, but it never worked I just continued to chuckle at how silly he was. So in love, nothing else mattered but us in that very moment. I zip my bag and quietly tip-toe around the room, careful not to wake Shawn.

I walk around the condo, making sure I haven’t left anything behind when I see it. The photo of us on Christmas Eve last year, the day he told me he loved me. We were outside his parent’s house drinking hot chocolate, my head in his lap and his fingers ran through my hair. We sat out there cuddled close to one another for hours having meaningless conversation. I looked up to see him grinning like an idiot and I reached up to boop his nose making him let out a soft laugh. After asking him why he was smiling, the words just fell out making my heart burst. He was perfect, everything I wanted. This Christmas Eve was different. Shawn was in Japan doing an album promo, and I was at my parent’s house helping them wrap presents for our other family members. I only heard from him once that day, and it was a quick have a good holiday, then nothing. Like we were acquaintance. Like the I love you meant nothing to him now.

I walk down the hall into our room for the last time, staring down at a tired Shawn still sound asleep. I lean down and give his forehead one last kiss, wiping the tear from his cheek that had fallen before I turn and head for the door. I’ll miss this apartment and him. The laughs, the memories, the tears everything. Our love was built here and slowly faded here. I turn around taking one last look at the condo as I wipe my tears with the sleeve of my shirt. We had so many great things, but I know this for the best. I grab my bag off the floor as I turn the knob. Never looking back.

Shawn’s POV 

It’s been a month since I woke to the sound of the door closing. Looking over in disbelief at the sheets on her side of the bed that were pulled back. I remember pulling myself from bed, praying this is all a horrible nightmare. Walking around the barren condo, seeing that all of her things were no longer in their place, her drawer empty. She was gone and it was my fault. I got so caught up in work, and I fucked up. I loved her but I could have shown more to her, for her. I pushed her to her limits and I hate myself for it. I was lying to myself, saying the tough times would pass. Telling myself we were still happy—that we were just going through a rough patch with me not being home as much, but I was wrong. She was broken, a girl who used to have so much happiness burning inside her. Happiness that I burned out.

The empty feeling in my chest comes and goes. Keeping myself busy in my music helps even if all of it is about her. Being in a new condo, even better. I know I’m stronger at all the places her leaving broke me. But some days, after all the work has been done, and the clutter of the day has been cleared, I still find her in the back of my mind. Sometimes I play the old videos on my phone of her dancing and singing in the kitchen, just to hear her soft voice. I’m afraid I’m going to forget just how gorgeous that sound is, for the most beautiful moments always seem to accelerate and slip beyond our grasp just when we want to hold onto them for as long as possible.

Imagine bringing your child out to public for the first time with Chris.

A/N: Here’s the epilogue! Oh my God, it’s always so hard to part with a series. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it, I’m not sure if I’ll be back again with another but we’ll see. I’ll be linking the previous parts here: (Memory Lane - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist)

You and Chris smiled as you watched your son look out the tinted window of the limousine; he was utterly mesmerized by the crowds of people waiting to see his father, as well as the rest of the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ cast. As insane as it was, you and Chris had decided to take your seventeen month old baby to the premiere of Infinity War Part 2.

There were a few reasons that led to the decision: Chris not wanting to be apart from either of you, you not wanting to miss Chris’ premiere, the cast wanting Baby Cap to be apart of the celebration, Chris not wanting to constantly answer the question “when will we see Jack?”, both of you a little sick of the paparazzi trying to get a sneaky shot of your son; the list went on and on. It took a couple nights of discussion before you finally decided that it was time for your child to be introduced to Hollywood. You both agreed that if Ryan and Blake did it with ease, why couldn’t the two of you do it too?

“Daddy, look.” Jack glanced back at Chris as he poked his tiny finger at the window. “People,” he said with a wide grin which made you and Chris smile. “Lots of people.” He said then giggled to himself, making you and Chris chuckle.

It amazed the two of you how smart your son was at seventeen months old; he could speak in full sentences with zero baby talk. You believed it was because your son was a genius, whereas Chris said it was because of your control issues; you spoke to your son like you spoke to other adults, banning baby talk completely because- that was how your mom raised you and your brothers. Whatever the reason, you were both glad your son was the way he was because he made a very good conversationalist and gave both of you the company you needed when the other was working.

The limousine slowed to a stop and Jack gasped excitedly, carefully climbing off the leather seat and padding over to the door. “Let’s go,” he said and yanked at the locked door handle. “Daddy, let’s go. Open the door, please.” He grabbed Chris’ hand and put it on the handle, thinking his father could open what he couldn’t.

“Before I do, we’re going to have to talk man to man.” Chris told Jack. “Okay, buddy?” He asked for confirmation and Jack nodded in response. “There are lots of people here tonight, so you’re going to have to stay with-”

“Is Uncle Seba going to be there?” Jack quizzed.

“Yes, he is.” Chris nodded, chuckling softly. “Now you’re going-”

“What about Auntie Scar?” Jack continued to interrupt his father; Chris glanced at you with a weary smile and you pressed your lips together, suppressing your smile; he clearly got that from you. “Is she going to be there?”

“Yes sweetheart,” you told him, taking his small hands in yours. “They’re all going to be there. Uncle Rob, Uncle Tony, Uncle Chris, Aunt Liz, everyone is going to be there.” You said and he smiled. “Now can you please listen to us while we give out some ground rules?”

“Ground rules,” he nodded and pressed his lips together to show you he was done talking. You turned to Chris with a smug smirk and he scoffed, chuckling softly with a shake of his head. Jack Evans was close with his father, yes, but that boy was definitely your boy.

“You’re going to have to stay close to me and your daddy, okay?” You told him and he nodded. “There are going to be lots of people tonight, if you run off- we won’t be able to find you and that is going to make us very upset. You don’t want to see us upset, do you?” He shook his head. “Good,” you kissed the top of his head.

“But let’s say I do run off,” he began as you pulled away. “By accident,” he quickly added, feigning innocence before that cheeky grin; a splitting image of Chris, really. “Won’t Captain America just be able to find me?” He asked and made both you and Chris burst into laughter.

“You know what, bud.” Chris picked your laughing son up and hooked him onto his side. “I think it’s safer if you just cling onto Captain America tonight.” Jack giggled when Chris tickled him, wrapping his arms around his father’s neck. “You too, beautiful,” he looked over at you with a smile and you nodded, slipping your hand into his. 

• • • • • • • • 

The crowd unsurprisingly went wild at the sight of the three of you on the red carpet, the surprising thing was how much your son enjoyed the attention; the one trait that he didn’t get from the two of you. He giggled every time he did something cute and got the crowds cheering for him, it definitely got you thinking about what career he was going to pursue when he was older. You and Chris glanced at each other, smiling as you watched your son wave at the cameras; perhaps being made for Hollywood was genetic.

“Chris, Y/N! It’s so good to see you again,” Alexia, a known reporter from Vanity Fair, greeted the both of you with a smile that grew wider when Jack smiled and waved at her. “Hi buddy,” she gave him a small wave. “This must be the famous Jack Evans, it’s very nice to finally meet you.”

“I’m famous?” Jack looked over at you and Chris; the both of you chuckled and nodded. “I’m famous!” He cheered, leaning back and throwing his arms in the air. “Daddy,” he cupped Chris’ face in his small hands, “I’m famous. Did you know that?”

“Do you even know what famous means, bud?” Chris chuckled softly.

“It’s what you and Momma are,” he responded. “And now I’m famous too.”

“He’s adorable,” Alexia commented and you both nodded in agreement. “It’s really nice to see all of you out and about. It’s been a while, especially for you, Y/N.” You nodded. “How has parenthood been treating both of you? Things must be a little chaotic around the house considering-” she gestured to Chris, “you have press and-” she gestured to you, “you’re just getting back into work. I heard you’ve just signed a contract with Paramount writing a drama?” You nodded. “So what’s life like at home? You both look great, by the way.”

“Doesn’t she?” Chris smiled at you.

“Oh stop it,” you looked over at Chris, chuckling, before you turned back to Alexia. “No, things have actually been really smooth sailing at home. Yes, we’ve got a lot on our plates but we’ve got a great family backing us up. Both our parents have been incredibly helpful, Chris’ siblings- Scott and Shana who don’t have kids of their own are always happy to help us with Jack. It also helps that Jack is superbly well-behaved,” you smiled at Jack when he giggled. “And that I’ve got a wonderful husband. We only work because we’re a team, and we are a very good team.”

“A well oiled-” Chris began only to be interrupted by Jack.

“Uncle Seba!” Jack spotted Sebastian and called out excitedly, reaching over Chris’ shoulder; Sebastian opened his mouth and widened his eyes, running over in the most comedic manner to make Jack laugh. “Uncle Seba!” He laughed, clapping his hands.

“Hey Jack Jack.” Sebastian booped his nose and Jack’s laughter grew louder. “You look so handsome in your little suit, I wish I was as handsome as you.” Jack tapped Chris’ shoulder and gestured for him to pass him over to Uncle Seba. “C'mere, bud.” Sebastian held out his arms with a soft chuckle.

“You basically gave a speech and he didn’t interrupt you once, but the second I speak-” Chris shook his head, chuckling as he passed Jack over to Sebastian. “You’re too much like your mom, Jack.” He said, straightened the back of Jack’s little jacket.

“I think he’s too much like you,” you disagreed, leaning into Chris as he wrapped an arm around your waist. “You always said you were a momma’s boy, right?” You whispered into his ear and he chuckled. “I guess this is payback for how you made your dad feel.”

“Look, who’s that?” Sebastian bounced Jack in his arms as he pointed at Anthony who was finishing up an interview a few meters down. “It’s Mack Attack, do you want to go say hi?” He asked Jack who immediately nodded. “Let’s-” He stopped himself when he remembered Jack wasn’t his kid and his parents were standing right there. “Can we?” He asked, his eyes as wide and innocent as your son’s.

“Please?” Jack pleaded. “Can we, please?”

“What do you think?” You looked over at Chris and he sighed, chuckling.

“Captain America would trust Bucky Barnes,” you heard Sebastian whisper into Jack’s ear.

“Captain America would trust Bucky Barnes,” Jack repeated for his father to hear and you all laughed. “Please, Daddy? Please can I go? I promise I won’t run off, I’ll stay with Uncle Seba until I see you and Momma again.”

“I’ll take good care of him,” Sebastian assured the both of you.

“Fine,” Chris finally caved. Sebastian and Jack grinned at each other and started to make their way over to Anthony, who had spotted them and was now grinning too. “If you lose him, Sebastian Stan, don’t bother coming back.” Chris called after them and earned a two finger wave from both boys, making you laugh.

“Relax,” you gently rubbed his back.

“Gee, thanks,” he bit sarcastically and you chuckled.

“Do you need a distraction?” You asked. “I’ve got some Gummi Bears in my clutch.”

“I think I’d much rather a kiss.” He told you and smiled when you leaned in, pressing your lips against his. You felt him smile as you smiled yourself. “Yeah,” he breathed when he broke it, resting his forehead against yours. “Much better.”

“Higher, higher!” You heard your son cheer and both of you turned in their direction; Anthony was now holding Jack, and tossing him in the air. Chris gasped whereas you chuckled. “Higher, Uncle Tony!” He squealed with delight as he was tossed up again.

“Mackie!” Chris pulled away from you and jogged over, leaving you behind. “How many times have I told you not to toss my son in the air! Hey, stop! Sebastian, I trusted you to keep him safe. That is not keeping him safe!”

“He’s a protective dad, isn’t he?” Alexia quizzed, laughing softly.

“Did we really expect him to be anything less?” You responded, smiling.

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Makeup Voiceover; Haechan

Requests: First off I wanna say I love your blog and your makeup voice overs give me life. Tbh your whole blog and existence gives me life 💕🤧🔥 any who honey boo boo, can I request a voice over for Haechan? If not that’s totally okay, but if so thank you!!!!

Heyy babe!! So as a fellow NCT blog, I’m completely in love w your makeup voiceover series. Do you think if you got the time, maybe you could do a Haechan version?? 😌💓

  • this series is so cute and im glad it’s been receiving lots of love!!
  • another member now,
  • none other than sunshine hyuck
  • i feel like he’d be the cutest and funniest one??
  • and i apologise again because i know nothing about makeup and im fully depending on google HAHA
  • okay let’s start

  • so interesting background story

  • how you met him
  • when you first started out as a youtuber you were not popular at all
  • and even after uploading 8 videos, on average you’d only get 20-30 views
  • until one day you were at a convenience store
  • and you were just casually choosing your favourite sandwich and what to get
  • until you felt a tap on your shoulder and you were met with this cute boy who was smiling brightly and his hands crossed together nervously in front of him
  • “y-yeah?..”
  • “you’re Y/N right? i love watching your short videos!! especially your vlogs haha, they’re so cute”
  • and you were so shookt because wow,, someone actually notices you???
  • and after that you’d checked your instagram and he’d directed message you and you noticed that he’d been following you for quite a while
  • and yall chatted and bOOM
  • soon enough he’s your boyfriend- after months of chatting and getting to know each other better, he slowly appeared on your channel too
  • and as time passed you got more familiar with youtube and you were more popular now
  • and many fans LOVE your relationship with haechan because he’s always stealing the camera to film you be it pranks or just vlogs
  • but the challenge was suggested by haechan himself
  • “baby i just watched this video and i thought it’d be cute if i did this, what do you think?”
  • and obviously you agreed because he seemed so excited to do it
    • he was giving you that one pout and the pair of puppy eyes which makes you s o f t everytime
  • so after 45 minutes ot filming the video
  • and donghyuck trying to peek into the room and watch you,
  • you were finally done
  • video and mic all set up, you pat on the bed so haechan can sit comfortably
  • “okay you can press start now”
  • cheeky smile again!!!!
  • “hello Y/N’s youtube family!! it’s her boyfriend, the most handsome and cutest, haechan here today”
  • “i’m going to be doing the makeup voiceover challenge”
  • “let’s hope it’ll go well”
  • “oh look at Y/N- she’s barefaced”
  • “a sight you all dont see often but i see it almost everyday- beautiful as ever”
  • “dont be jealous guys”
  • “she’s taking out a small container”
  • “i think this is foundation?”
  • “it looks like a nail polish though omg”
  • “it’s the Nars brand one”
  • “she’s dabbing small little boops on her cheeks, nose and forehead”
  • “she looks so silly HAHA okay but cute-”
  • “spreading it out effortlessly woah”
  • “…and she’s done!”
  • “next step”
  • “EYES?”
  • “yes im right”
  • high fives you
  • “she’s using her finger to apply this slightly pinkish shade?”
  • “she’s forgetting to show the brand like always”
  • “this is the third time i counted!!!”
  • “guys comment down below to remind her to show the brands in her videos please”
  • “i love a forgetful bun”
  • “as we’re talking she’s done with applying both eyes”
  • “oh she’s taking another shade”
  • “this time, a lighter shade of pink”
  • “and she’s applying at the end of her eyelids”
  • “she’s taking out her favourite mascara, also the one i got her, the one from benefit!!”
  • “fun fact: she loves it so much and continuously uses it everyday it’s finishing soon”
  • “i guess i’d have to buy you a new one”
  • starts giggling
  • “what’s so funny omg?”
  • “nothing i just find your concentrating face really cute hehe”
  • “and her eyelashes have more volume now!”
  • “i guess she’s skipping eyeliner today,”
  • “so moving on to her cheeks”
  • “i love squeezing them”
  • “she holding up the uh.. Too Faced Candelight Glow?”
  • “it’s so shiny woah”
  • “using a brush she’s just brushing it on her cheeks and forehead”
  • “ohh she’s glowing under the light now”
  • “like how she does in my life everyday-”
  • “why are you so sweet today”
  • “i’m feeling nice!!”
  • “to the blush”
  • “oh wait why’s she blushing already”
  • “and why’s she laughing”
  • hears himself singing in the background “hurry up babe~~~”
  • “oh HAHAHA i didn’t know i was that loud”
  • “i guess she doesnt need blush anymore- i could make her have rosy and red cheeks”
  • “omg she’s really skipping it”
  • “lastly, lipstick!!”
  • “she’s picking out her favourite nude lipstick from Dior”
  • “doesn’t it suit her so well??”
  • “finishing look!!!”
  • “as expected, my girlfriend Y/N!!!”
  • “doesn’t she look beautiful??”
  • “woah my heart”
  • “this ended so quickly i was distracted countless times”
  • “but i had fun and i hope you all had too!!”
  • “continue supporting my babe and give her love like i always do”
  • “see you all next time again”
  • then he flashes you a satisfied and bug grin
  • “i didn’t expect this to end so quickly”
  • “we should do this again soon”
  • “aw haechan i love you so much omg you said so many sweet things”
  • and he attacks you with a big hug
  • “but im serious in whatever i said though, they’re all true”

this is inspired by @suplosers‘s absolutely hilarious incorrect spiderman quotes. specifically, by this one, this one, and this one. also by four drink amy santiago because amy santiago is the love of my life. enjoy a very silly and short fic. oh, i also tag my wife @spideychelle-romanogers, a gem @spideychelleblessup, and the always lovely @bellamywarriorblake.

four drink michelle is forward and horny (ao3 link)

It’s only fitting that the first time Michelle drinks, she does so with Peter and Ned. They’re all in Boston for school and it’s orientation week and there are lots of frat parties going on. So, naturally, Michelle insists that Peter and Ned join her, her roommate, and a few of their new friends on their adventure to some of the frats hosting Thirsty Thursday parties.

They all pregame in Michelle and her roommate’s small double and drink vodka that tastes like death. Apparently, alcohol doesn’t really get better than that either. Which, Michelle thinks offhand, might just be a result of the fact that none of them were willing to pay more than ten dollars for a bottle. But whatever the truth may be, Michelle drinks shitty vodka, quickly, in shot glasses, so she doesn’t have to deal with the taste.

Which is how after four drinks, a very drunk Michelle is draping herself across Peter as they stand by the wall in a dark basement at one of the frat houses. He’s got an arm around her waist to steady her, and she would be upset but she honestly thinks she might need it right now. (She’s not entirely sure at the moment, honestly.)

She’s mumbling something about how Peter really should have just gone to Harvard and not MIT beause MIT is great and all but MJ’s at Harvard and then they’d be able to study together like they had in high school and she wouldn’t have to suffer through gen chem all alone. Peter’s chuckling and then he tells her that she doesn’t need his help in Chemistry because she’s a chem major and she should be the one helping him.

For some reason, that pisses her off. It’s a compliment, but it’s entirely too nice. He can’t be too nice to her or else she’s going to fall in love with him and she can’t have that happening on her watch. So she steps back slightly, pouts, and jabs a finger into his chest as she spits out, “Fuck me.”

Peter looks absolutely stunned and taken aback and his mouth opens in that silly way where you just want to smack his jaw back up to where it belongs. And there’s a blush forming on his cheeks and he’s about to say something when Michelle finally realizes her mistake. Her eyes widen and she gets out, “I mean fight me.” She giggles, hoping it seems like this was just a drunken mistake. Which, in all honesty, it was. But there was a truth to it she didn’t want him to know. “Damn autocorrect.”

Peter scrunches his eyebrows together and it’s too cute. “MJ, we are having a verbal conversation.” He starts to smile a bit, blush still present on his cheeks. But MJ wants him to stop.

“Shut up, loser.” She smacks his shoulder and pushes herself off him so at least he won’t have that to hold over her. She leans back against the wall and crosses her arms over her chest, slightly off balance and feeling like the world is spinning. Peter leans back and grabs hold of her when she starts to drift down the wall.

“It’s okay, MJ.” Peter sighs, a bit sad. “You’re drunk. It was just a mistake.” He pulls her back up so she’s standing straight and she drapes her arms back around his neck, leaning her head down onto his shoulder, even if the angle is awkward.

She pokes his nose and laughs. “Boop!” He just smiles at her, fond. “You love me.”

A smile. His eyes twinkle when he gently whispers, “I do.”

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Star Crossed - Part 20 (H.S AU) - “Into the Unkown”

Smut Warning*** with gifs i- including a kind of nsfw gif…I think…I mean you can see an ass.

Maddie’s POV

After ordering a pizza, and stuffing our faces, it came time to serve the birthday girl her cake. I grabbed the ‘Happy Birthday Robin!’  cake out of the fridge and popped the candles into place. Before lighting the candles, and carrying it out to the counter where Robin and Harry are sat – Robin in Harry’s lap, waiting. Harry and I sing happy birthday to the giddy ten-year-old say before us, and she makes her wish, blowing out her candles.

“Did you make a wish?” Harry asks, craning his head around to look at her while he chews his gum. While I cut up the cake, and grab both ice cream whipped cream from the fridge, Robin shakes her head and says no.

“No?!” Harry asks shaking her like she’s gone mad, “what’dye mean?” he exclaims as Robin laughs lightly.

“I don’t need to make a wish…I’ve got everything I want. Today was the best birthday ever.” Both Harry and I look like we’re on the verge of tears at her beautiful words. Leave it to Robin to make everyone in a room feel so loved that they could cry tears of joy. “I love you guys,” she says cutely, taking her served plate from me and starting to dig into her chocolate cake.

“We love you too, little bird,” I smile to her.

“So much, kiddo” Harry responds, wrapping his arms around her from behind, and hugging her cutely. Robin smiles and leans her head on Harry’s shoulder as she continues to fork her desert. I wish I could spend the rest of my life just like this. With two of the people, I love most in this world. Laughing, and making life long memories.

Harry sneakily reaches out his pointer finger and collects some of the whipped cream, ‘booping’ my nose with it with an innocent smile. Oh , it’s on. I reach up to my nose with my tongue, and wipe the whipped cream onto it, sticking it out at him teasingly, before pulling it into my mouth.

“Since when could you touch your tongue to your nose?!” he asks chuckling at my childish behavior. Robin announces she’s going to bed once she’s finished her plate. Harry and I continued to stare directly at each other waiting to hear the magic sound. Once I heard her door close, I smiled deviously. I wanted him to expect that my look was me telling him he was free to do what he wanted to earlier. I continued holding his stare,

Not because that was my real intention, but because I wanted to tease him.

I brought my eyes to the can, staring at it staring at it the same way those girls had eyed Harry today. I pick it up and bring the nozzle to my lips, tipping it, and filling my mouth with whipped cream. Harry backs his chair up and doubles over in laughter. I swallow the sugary substance and laugh silently once. Harry reaches out and takes the canister from my hand, holding in his palm. He stares at the object in his hand, and like a light bulb flicking on, he looks as if he’s gotten an idea.

He turns his gaze back to me and shakes the canister before tipping the nozzle and dabbing a small bit of cream onto the tip of his nose. I know exactly what he’s expecting, so I saunter around the counter, and lean in, licking the trace of cream off the tip of his nose.

When I pull my full face back to his view, he smirks, again, and sticks his tongue out. This…little…shit. He places the same amount of topping on his tongue and sticks it out for me. That’s it, I’ve had enough of his teasing. I grab his jaw in my hand, a little roughly, which catches him off guard, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He grabs me by my hips and pulls me to him so that our hips are flush against each other, standing tall to where all 5’10 of him is towering my 5’2 stance. It takes me a moment to realize he’s returned to his full glory, his hardness pressing against my thigh, just like I pictured it doing when I noticed in on the beach. Just what I craved for it to do. He stares at me darkly, daring me to do what he wants me so desperately to do.

I bring his lips down to mine, dragging him by his jaw clutches in my hand. His tongue stays where it is, poking just outside his lips. I drag him down further until our foreheads are touching, and we’re staring straight into each other’s souls. Steadily, I tilt my head up remotely, swiping my tongue against his, flicking the cream onto my tongue, causing a guttural groan to resonate from his chest. I swear I could feel his stiff cock twitch against my thigh when I scraped my tongue against his. He tightens his grip on my hips and walks me back to the counter near the window, lifting me onto it swiftly. Though he initially acts out of impulse, once I’m sat against the cool surface of the granite, he kisses me softly. One thing leads to another, and he’s pulling out of the kiss not to catch his breath, but to slip his tongue to mine again, pulling my bottom lip between both of his.

He groans, reaching for my shorts. With the flick of his wrist, the button is undone, but he pulls away to rip his shirt over his head. Before he can kiss me again, however, I push him back roughly, and unbutton his skinny jeans, pushing them down. He takes the hint, and slips them off, as quickly as he can kicking them to the floor when they reach his ankles. He also takes the opportunity to yank my shorts down, leaving them in a heap with his pants.

He slams his lips back to mine, delving his tongue back into my mouth, as he tugs on the bottom of my tank top up past my panties, while my hands push his Calvins down as far as I can reach from the angle in which I’m sat. 

My stomach is flipping around so hard inside my body, I feel like it could tie itself in a knot. He lets out a relieved sigh when his erection slaps against his abdomen. I muster up as much force as I can and shove him back so that he stumbles toward the opposite counter and catches himself on it staring at me completely shocked. I slide down from the granite countertop, and drop down to my knees before him, looking up at him innocently.

“Oh my God,” he moans, knowing exactly what I’m about to do. “you don’t have to, angel,” he pants shaking his head. “it’s okay-“

“I want to,” I cut him off, too hungry for him to turn down the opportunity. I look up at him and lick my lips at the thought. You can do this, I tell myself, just remember what you read about, I think, eyeing his shaft.  “I need you to tell me what you want, though.”

“Oh God, anything love, please just do something I can’t take it anymore,” he whines.

I nod, and gently wrap my hand around him. Right of the bat, he hisses from getting the attention he so desperately needs right now. Small beads of pre-cum dribble from the slit of his tip, as I start to stroke him lightly. I swipe across his tip with my thumb watching him throw his head back as he lets out a long deep moan. I take a deep breath, sitting up on my knees, so I’m faced with his raspberry tip. I press a wet kiss to the head, making him twitch for sure, this time, and he chokes out a moan - not expecting me to be giving him oral. He looks down at me like he can’t believe his eyes, but he’s loving ever minute of what he sees simultaneously.

I swirl my tongue against his tip causing him to groan, and pull his bottom lip between his teeth. Two strong hands wind themselves into my hair, encouraging me to keep going as he looks down at me with such an intensity I’ve never seen cloud his perfect eyes before. I bring him into my mouth, as far as I can and hollow out my cheeks, bobbing my head up and down slowly, then picking up the pace. As my movements grow quicker, Harry’s moans grow louder and more frequent.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop,” he pants, clenching his eyes shut, as I slip my mouth from around him with a pop.

“Did I do something wrong?” I stare up at him confused.

No! No Angel, you didn’t,” he rasps, reaching for my arms to raise me back up to my feet where they wobbly connect with the hardwood. “Jus’ want to cum inside you’s all.” Just as fast as he had placed me on the counter before, he lifts me up by the underside of my thighs, and wraps them around his waist, carrying me to our shared bedroom after scooping up our discarded clothing in one hand with the other holding me in place. The only layer between us is my pair of red lacy panties, which I am lucky I wore tonight. In a flash, we rush past the pink seashell covered wallpaper, and I hear the door creak open when he reaches behind me. We both cringe at the noise, growing tense as we silently hope it didn’t wake Robin up, given our rooms are literally separated by one wall. I hoped so deeply in that moment that that wall was thick.

Harry whips around and locks the door behind use before rushing over to the bed, dropping both of us on top of it. The cold tacky quilt pressed to my suntanned back, sending an extra wave of bliss through me. My shirt is practically ripped from my body, as he pushes my back down against the bed, running a hand down from the bottom of my bra while he stares at my skin.

My bra is the next piece of clothing to hit the floor, before he kissed a trail of wet kisses down from my collarbones, between my breasts, all the way down to my underwear. My impatience makes me squirm underneath him. Just as his fingers hook into the waistband of the garment, slipping them from my legs he looks at me, and I know exactly what he wants, but I can’t give it to him.

“Harry, please,” I pant, “just fuck me,” I whine throwing my head back.

Shit,” he groans, reaching up to pull the nightstand drawer open. Without even blinking, he yanks the box open and grabs a packet from inside. I sit up and snatch the foil square from his hand, tearing it open with my teeth. He inhales sharply as I roll the latex down every inch of him. I lie back down and allow him to lean forward so that our chests are only inches apart.

“You ready, love?” he asks one last time. I nod eagerly, as he presses his swollen tip to my entrance, and drags his hips forward. I feel the familiar burn of my sensitive flesh as I stretch to accommodate his size. This time, though, there’s no pain. My nails dig into his back as I brace myself when he pulls back before thrusting himself back in. But the pain never comes. He continues his movements, slowly, only making me want it more. Making me want him to fuck me properly.

He kisses and nips at my next, running his tongue over the surely reddened skin, undoubtedly leaving his mark on me, as he groans. “Harry,” my voice pulls his attention from my neck. I grab the back of his neck and pull him down to me. “I want you to fuck me. Please, Harry, Please give it to me faster” I whimper quietly. He groans in pleasure at my words, letting them sink in. My words are all it takes for him to starting thrusting faster. He grabs my hips roughly, the tips of his fingers digging into my back tightly as he tilts my hips up slightly, pushing even deeper inside me.

I moan at the filthy sounds of his skin slapping against mine, dragging my nails down his back. When the tip of him hits my g-spot my head shoots up and my jaw falls open in ecstasy. The feeling is mind-blowing and causes me to clench around him, which earns a deep dark groan from him.

“Look a’ you love,” his voice is an entire octave lower while his dark eyes stare at me with desire, leaning in to kiss the corner of my mouth while he continues to pound into me, “such a good girl. Taking me so well.” His words send another wave of pleasure through me. I feel my stomach growing tighter and tighter as our moans fill the air of the small room. “Fuck,” he moans reaching down to rub my clit as he continues to snap his hips forward roughly, pushing me further and further toward the edge, “cum for me, cum all over my cock,” His face scrunches up in as his thrusts get sloppier, indicating that he’s close.

Fuck,” he gasps, “m’cumming,” he cries out. With one last deep curl of his hips, I feel him reach his climax inside of me, spilling himself into the condom. His quiet gasps combined with both of our pants is the only sound in the room.

“My God, love,” he sighs. I close my eyes, as I try to calm my ragged breaths. Our bodies now covered in a slight sheen of sweat, he presses his damp forehead to the side of my neck as we come down from our highs. He pulls himself out, slowly, and gets up to rid himself of the condom in the en suite bathroom bin.

“Remind me to empty the trash before we leave,” he smirks, as he walks back toward the bed where I lay, extending his arms for me to take. I snake my hands across his arms as he pulls me from the bed and walks me to the shower. Turning the handle and lifting his foot inside, he pulls me inside with him. The water rains down on us as he wraps his strong arms around me, stroking the back of my now wet hair as I press a kiss to his collarbone and lean my head against him just as I did the first time we showered together.

“So good to me,” he mumbles into my hair, “don’t deserve you, angel,” he hums shaking his head. I pull my head back and send him a bewildered look.

You don’t deserve me?!” I ask, absolute dumbfounded, with a sarcastic laugh, “Harry, look where we are. Because quite frankly, I don’t deserve you. You do so much for me, and for my sister, and giving this day, today. Harry, I couldn’t ever possibly thank you enough for what you’ve done for us.”

“You don’t have to thank me though pet because I love you,” he shrugs, smiling at me softly. I return my head to its original position against his skin and close my eyes.

“I love you. So much, Harry,” I mumble.

“Gwen!” my father shouts, panicked, “they’re here…” he nods, “they know,” he mutters frantically. I can see a tear fall from his eye. 

My mother grabs me and hauls me upward by her grip under my armpits, resting me on her hip. “What do we do?” she asks, growing frantic, searching my father’s face for answers.

“Mommy, What’s going on?” I whimper in fright. She looks from me to my dad, who shakes his head, not allowing her to answer my question.

“Sweetheart,” he calls out, “I have to go, okay?” he asks.

“But…why daddy?” I ask, as my lip quivers and my eyes brim with tears.

“One day, you’ll understand, okay?” he asks nodding questioningly to me. Just then the front door bursts open revealing several men – decked out head to toe in protective gear, with guns, immediately drawing their aim to my father…law officers.

“You seriously thought you could get away with it, Wilkinson?” one officer sneers, “pathetic,” he spits as a third officer draws my dad’s arm behind his back with such a force that he groans in pain.

“Please, just let me say goodbye,” my father begs, sobbing as he stares at his daughter – stares at me – knowing he’s never going to see me again.

“Not a chance in hell,” the first officer spits, nodding for the two others to drag him out the door.

“Dean!” my mother calls out, sobbing, as she tries to maintain her grip on me, so as not to drop me. He tries to call back to her as they carry him backward into the unknown.

“Gwen, I love-“ but the front door slams back shut, and my mother places me to my feet, as she falls to her knees, completely broken inside.

“Mommy,” I start to cry harder.

“Shh, it’s okay, baby,” she coos, wrapping her arms around me before pulling me into her to hold me close, “everything’s going to be okay,” she lied as I cried into her neck and the both of us shook with every sad sob that left our lungs…

I woke with a start to find myself sitting in the passenger seat of the car as Harry drove the three of us home.

“You alright, love?” he asks, quickly looking over at me then back to the road as he awaited my response.

“Yeah” I lied, with the most convincing tone I could forcing a smile his way, “everything’s fine…but I need a favor…”

It took quite a bit of convincing, but because I knew my stepdad wouldn’t be home for at least another half an hour, Harry reluctantly agreed. He pulled the black range rover into the driveway of my childhood home, throwing the gear in park. I look back and make sure Robin’s still asleep in her seat. I nod to myself at the sight of her snoring lightly and turn back around while I reach to undo my seatbelt. Cold fingertips brush against my hand in an attempt to grab my attention. I pull my gaze to where he’s sat, but I don’t look him in the eye.

“Take your time…and if you need me don’t hesitate. Say something to me. ‘ m right here, okay? Not going anywhere love.” his voice is demanding, but soft. He says it in a sweet way that still enforces the fact that he doesn’t like this idea. I nod and click my seatbelt undone, sliding it from my right shoulder before I pull the handle to open the car door and slip out, closing it shut as quietly as I can to avoid waking my sister up. Clearly, a common theme this weekend.

I trudge up to the old navy blue front door with the glass window in the middle. The blinds are shut, which I take as a positive because I don’t want my mom to hesitate to open the door. Given how our last interaction went, I take it she might react that way. With one big deep breath, I close my eyes and exhale quickly before opening them and knocking on the door loud enough for her to hear from anywhere in the house. At the given hour, she could be anywhere within the small two-story suburban home. Muffled footsteps pull me from my thoughts as the door slides open to reveal my surprised mother. Suddenly, my confidence is faltering. I take in another breath before I finally get the words out.

“What aren’t you telling me?” I ask, with my fists clenching by my sides with apprehension. I needed answers, and I needed them now.

witchlightsands  asked:

give me those sweet lloyd headcanons bek (if u toss in a micah u can have my firstborn)

only the sweetest for u rose *finger guns*

  • Will sing Tangled all day long cause when he was a kid he was trapped in the bounty all the time and he has golden hair so he is naturally Rapunzel
  • Nelson: call me THE PURPLE NINJA
    Lloyd to one of the nurses: is this child up for adoption
  • He’ll be like “I’m just doodling” and before he knows it he’s drawn this massive flawless landscape that people would sell their soul for
    • “Haha Kai I drew an ugly picture of you” *shows Kai the most beautifully detailed picture he’s ever seen, better than any selfie he has ever taken*
  • “Honestly who in the hell thought pea green was a good colour. It’s so ugly. Like, how am I supposed to jump out at bad guys in this ugly suit? Ooh, be careful guys!! Pea boy might set his entire allotment of vegetables on you!! I’m so scared!!”
  • “Lloyd remember when you had a bowl cut” “how did any of you not shave my head"
  • Oh him and Kai being best bros?? Completely platonic best bros?? Brothers?
    • I put this in the tags of something I can’t remember but consider: Kai lost his father and he did have his sister, so he wasn’t alone, but he never had someone who he could rely on as a dad. He had to step up and be that himself. So when Lloyd loses his dad, he steps in and acts like the big brother Lloyd always needed because he would’ve wanted someone to do the same for him. And being his bro means he can be an older influence he can trust to take care of him without making him feel as if he is replacing his dad
    • cause let’s be honest Kai will stay up with him until the morning looking at all possible ways to get his dad back
    • That makes it sound like Kai is responsible but he is not ajdjsj
    • “Hey Lloyd I just bought a giant bottle of coke and 7 packets of mints, wanna see how many we can put in the bottle before it blows up?”
    • Lloyd can be the ultimate wingman or the bane of his existence when it comes to Kai trying to flirt with someone
    • Anyone: you’re so smooth Kai ;)
      Lloyd: that’s what you think. Yesterday when he was sleep deprived he tried to hit on a movie poster and when they didn’t say anything back he cried.
    • One time when Lloyd was still a shorty Kai woke up in the middle of the night and turned over to see Lloyd standing by his bedside just staring at him and Kai screams so loud he has a squeaky voice the next day
    • “I wanted to know if you ate my ice cream” he’d said.
    • Kai: Lloyd doesn’t skip leg day, right Lloyd?
      Lloyd: no I don’t.
      Kai: good man! because every day is leg day am I r-
      Lloyd: no. I don’t skip leg day because there is no leg day. I don’t work out. no day is leg day.
  • Lloyd is so good at building dens you have no idea. He had to look like an evil mastermind back at darkleys and you can’t be an evil mastermind without a sick headquarters
  • “I love when people are telling me I’m like 2, 9 years old. I’m eleven so shut the f up”
  • He cannot go on holiday anywhere that requires a passport, because you know, it says he’s like 10 years old and he has a baby photo so
    • He got in so much trouble because he completely forgot and tried to use it at the airport and the security guard was like “is this a joke. You have clearly taken a passport that belongs to a 10 year old child. This is not you”.
    • Lloyd cries.
    • They all get home and they’re like what do we do?? And after a long discussion, cole, who is in the background, just slowly puts his book down and goes “I know a guy who knows a guy. He can hook you up.”
    • And he sounds so sinister when he says it like what does he mean? What will the guy who’s known by a guy that cole knows do??
    • Turns out he just fiddles with the date on his records but still, why does cole need to know someone who can hack into legal documents. Why cole. Why.
  • Jay: Lloyd your mom needs you
    Lloyd: *puts on sunglasses* I can’t read suddenly I don’t know
  • Lloyd: I’m not 10 anymore stop treating me like a baby!!
    Wu: Lloyd you need to come help me with-
    Lloyd: sorry uncle Wu but I am only 10
  • Everyone’s like “oh Lloyd I bought you this green item of clothing because you love green :)” and Lloyd is like :’’’’’’) thanks?? Because he wants to be grateful but he doesn’t even like green he just feels obliged to wear it because it’s his ninja colour ajdnan
  • has so many vintage comics that if he sold them he would probably be a millionaire
  • his reading wasn’t so sharp cause again, he just aged up magically without school or life training etc, but he made himself read more so he’d be better at it and now he would die for a good book
  • pls… don’t go to him with your struggles. he will be more than happy to listen and give you advice but the bean boy has enough on his plate just let him sleep
  • the king of hide and seek? once they couldn’t find him for 7 hours and they assumed he had been kidnapped again
  • “oh, I can be chivalrous, watch this. ahem, wilst thou accompanyeth meen to the theatre where they shallst be showing thine desired movie this fine nightynoon”
  • he once convinced the group that his powers diminished if he didn’t get to eat some candy every few hours
    • how does he still have pristine teeth please tell me
  • Wu: if you don’t stop it right now I will… i’ll… tell your mom i’m mad!!!
    Lloyd with heavy sarcasm: well now there’s no need to take drastic measures here uncle
  • try and pull the “i’m disappointed in you” card and he’ll be like lmao me too, you can’t guilt trip me if i’m already guilt tripping myself *taps finger on his head*
  • one time he pulled the lid off of a tub of cereal too hard and honestly, they were still finding pieces of it a month after it happened. it went everywhere. Lloyd just went straight back to bed
  • “oh, get some sleep??? I don’t know her. I do not sleep. no, only my respecting ninjago juice keeps me going, I don’t need breaks. Breaks are for the weak and sleep is for losers.100% 24/7 365.” “…” “please send me on vacation”

Also some brightshipping for you because it cleansed my soul and cleared my skin and watered my crops

  • The first time they meet Micah trips and falls on him and is like ‘oh no he’s cute’ and just goes “oh are you an angel cause guess I really fell from heaven on you right now and it probably hurt haha b ye” and just gets up and runs away, and Lloyd just lays there on the floor like ???¿??¿¿??¿? what is happening
    • And he brushes it off, but he can’t stop thinking about him for some reason and he’s like “he had really cute hair and the biggest most beautiful eyes that stared right into my soul- oh no Kai had been talking to me for the past 5 minutes I have not been listening”
    • Micah is like pls let me never see him again I’m so embarrassed
    • He sees him again and is like God if you’re out there please let him not notice me
      Lloyd: oh hi fancy seeing you here :)
      Micah: wth @ god I said no what is up with this
  • Wu: I’m going to the mall do you want anything
    Lloyd: something sparkly would be nice
    Micah, dropping to one knee: will a ring do
  • Cuddled up on the couch playing i spy all day and Lloyd keeps saying “I spy the love of my life” and Micah is like that is not how you play the game Lloyd but thank you I love you too
  • One time lloyd is sad and Micah just boops him on the nose and he is healed
  • Lloyd: I still can’t drive
    Micah: are you kidding I’m going to teach you to drive
    Lloyd: Micah… we are .. the same age… you can’t drive…
    Micah: i am going to teach you to drive.
  • I seem to remember somewhere that you said Micah works in a flower shop?
    • So Lloyd and Micah have been getting to know each other for a while and Lloyd is like “I can do this I can buy the cute boy some flowers come on Lloyd”
    • so he marches into the florist and slams $20 on the checkout and is like “I need your gayest bunch of flowers stat”
    • he is shook when Micah turns around and gives him this glowing smile and goes “oh hey Lloyd what brings you here :)” and he’s like “if I ever needed a sign it’s right here”
    • So he asks Micah his favourite flowers that he would “recommend” and Lloyd ends up with a beautiful bunch of flowers and as soon as he finishes paying he screams “WILL YOU GO ON A DATE WITH ME PLEASE” and shoves the flowers back in his face “THEY WE’RE FOR YOU ALL ALONG DO YOU LIKE THEM”
    • and Micah is the colour of the carnations he picked out and goes “of course I like them you loser I picked them out myself”
    • Micah loves them so much he used his best preservation techniques to make them last and then gets one of them pressed so he can keep it forever
    • Shows up to the date with one of the flowers in his hair and Lloyd nearly dies
  • Speaking of Micah makes badass flower crowns and Lloyd is only too happy to try them out
  • Micah: *knocks on Lloyd’s door* oh fancy seeing you here in this part of town ;))
    Lloyd: Micah i live here this is my bedroom
    • Alternatively:
      Lloyd: *comes out of the bathroom*
      Micah: hey come here often beautiful? ;))
      Lloyd: I was sat with you 30 seconds ago
  • Micah: why is our ship name brightshipping?
    Lloyd: because you are the light and love of my life and my source of joy comes from you and whenever you walk into a room everything lights up and I feel like everything is going to be ok just as long as you’re here
    Micah: *clutches heart* I can’t breathe
  • I mentioned that he sings Tangled so the answer is yes he and Micah will duet with “I see the light”
  • Lots of forehead nuzzles
  • Lloyd makes him blush one time and he’s like “he’s so dreamy- hang on are those FRECKLES”
  • Micah: Lloyd I have a gift for you! *kisses him on the cheek* do you like it?
    Lloyd: I don’t know…
    Micah: :(
    Lloyd: I think I want to return it ;)
    Micah: :D !!
  • Whenever Micah is doing anything remotely competitive Lloyd will be in the crowd waving a bi flag with Micah’s face on it screaming “GO ON BABY KICK HIS ASS”
  • Lloyd while doing pushups: 1…….. 2……. 3……..
    Micah: *walks past*
    Lloyd: 166!!!! 167!!!!! 168!!!!!!!
  • One time Micah pulls up on his bike mid battle and Lloyd is like “what the hell are you doing here?!?!” And Micah just goes “you forgot your lunch”
  • Micah: I am so cool, honestly nothing phases me I can handle anything
    Lloyd: do you have any tape babe I broke something off my bike
    Micah: you can have my liver and my hand in marriage will that suffice
  • Lloyd is the master of light/energy or whatever idk they keep changing it, but that means he can make fireworks and pretty swirly lights in the sky in all sorts of shapes and colours for when they’re on a late night date
    • In the most cliche moment I have ever written, Micah is like “they’re so beautiful” and Lloyd is just looking at him the whole time and goes “yeah you are”
    • because he hasn’t even been paying attention to what he’s doing he’s just looking at Micah
    • the reason the lights are the most beautiful things you’ll ever see is because Micah is the most beautiful thing Lloyd has ever seen
    • and he’s just making what he feels inspired to make when he sees his bf’s beautiful face
  • I could write you a novel on the things that are wrong with Lloyd due to past trauma. But the main thing is that he hates sleeping and he gets really anxious about it, but watching Micah sleeping with this little smile on his face and his messy red hair makes everything so much easier because how can he think of anything else when he has this angel in front of him
  • A battle for who has the softest hair
  • Micah is so extra, he will constantly walk up to Lloyd and dip him just to give him a kiss
    Also Lloyd: *trips over a rock*
  • Not to be gay but Micah had a scrapbook of his and Lloyd’s favourite moments and pictures ((also the flower he got pressed))
  • *On Lloyd’s 18th birthday*
    Lloyd: oh you know what this means ;)
  • They aren’t allowed to adopt all the orphans because Wu ruins everything but they do adopt a dog
  • Morro @ Lloyd: hi.
    Micah: *picks up Lloyd and spins him around so he can kick Morro in the face*
  • one time Micah falls down the stairs and when Lloyd tries to help him he goes “wow there are stars in your eyes” and Lloyd is blushing and goes “aw thanks” and Micah is like “no really I’m seeing stars I hit my head really hard I think I need to go to the hospital”

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

Live From New York, It’s Saturday Night!

Title: Live From New York, It’s Saturday Night!

Request: Hi! Can you write an imagine kinda like “I have a crush on you” but for SNL? P.s. I love your write so much!!

Characters: Josh Dun x Reader, Tyler Joseph, Jenna Joseph, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Warnings: None

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anonymous asked:

Please consider. Mermaid Eunwoo getting stuck in a ratty old fishing net that a rude old fisherman just threw into the ocean instead of disposing normally and passerby Moonbin just seeing someone behind a rock squirming around with a net over his head and feeling compelled to help. When Moonbin comes over to help Eunwoo gets so scared he falls back in the water with the net still tangled all over him



  • ok so Eunwoo, prince of the sea 
    • Basically a merman
    • Comes up everyday to collect stuff abandoned on the beach 
    • He’s trying to decorate his wall with sea glass so he kind of needs to collect glass bottles
    • Which, sadly, the beach is littered with 
    • After which he can shatter the bottles against some rocks to collect the shards and wear them down to the size he needs 
    • And so he makes the trip up to the beach every day to collect as many glass pieces as he can 
  • I’m listening to fireworks rn & listen I’m so weak for when Eunwoo sings and you can hear the smile in his voice while singing it’s the purest thing I love him so so much
  • Human!Binnie !! 
    • Basically a night time lifeguard at a beach resort 
    • Is actually the purest bean okay!! 
    • He’s working to earn some money for his sister’s birthday present 
    • She’s intending to go to seventeen’s concert but doesn’t have enough for a lightstick 
    • So he’s saving up a little to surprise her with a carat bong before her birthday 
    • And surprise surprise night shift pays a lot better than day shift even though day shift is more difficult given that there are more people swimming 
    • Which is more or less a good thing for Bin
  • And so every evening at 8 Bin climbs up his small lifeguard tower and sits in his board shorts and tank tee and puts on quiet music and waits till sunrise 
  • Occasionally when he feels like falling asleep he climbs down and does a couple minutes in the ocean before climbing back up to his tower 
  • And it’s awkward, a little, because you know what happens at beach resorts at night
  • That’s right
  • Weird couples coming out to the beach and doing god knows what in the water 
  • Bin never knows if they’re struggling because they can’t swim or they’re just doing very vigorous physical activity 
  • So he just listens for screams of help and covers his eyes otherwise 
  • my poor son
  • Until one day 
  • One night, that is 
  • He sees a man struggling 
  • Weird, he didn’t see anyone come down to the beach 
  • How did that guy just get there 
  • Oh my god what if he’s a criminal 
  • And he’s swimming over from the next country 
  • (@ Singaporeans do you remember mas selamat fhdjdhsj) 
  • Dammit he has to save him anyway 
  • Bin leaps down from his tower and runs into the ocean and starts paddling to the struggling man 
  • Eunwoo’s choking dear lord he can’t breathe 
  • What the HECKITY HECK is this ????
  • He was taking his short cut near to the rocks as usual
  • When suddenly some sticky black thing ???? Wrapped around his neck ????? 
  • He’s thrashing wildly trying to get free and his tail is flipping in all directions and heck he has to get to the surface to try and find the top of a sharp rock to cut the rope or something but he’s struggling and there’re black spots dancing in his eyes and suddenly he can’t move his arm goddamn it’s tangled and 
  • Suddenly he feels strong arms wrapped around his middle pulling him up towards the surface 
  • And 
  • Legs ??,????????
  • Kicking near his tail??? 
  • Human ?????????????????
  • I mean, if this human wants to help him, sure
  • So he flicks his tail feebly and helps propel them to the surface 
  • Bin’s pretty sure this is the fastest he’s ever reached the surface ever it’s a little weird 
  • He’s kicking normally and trying to push with only one arm and the other arm is wrapped around the other man but ?????? 
  • He’s moving so fast it’s a little alarming
  • But then the train of thought ends as his head breaks the surface and he gulps down sweet, sweet air 
  • Oh good lord
  • He hurriedly checks the poor man sandwiched under his arm 
  • Only to see a net wrapped around the other man’s head and neck and him slumping into unconsciousness in Bin’s arms
  • Oh Jesus Christ on a stick 
  • He hurriedly hauls the man through water, cutting through the currents with more and more difficulty until he feels his arm hit solid stone
  • Bin pushes the man against the closest rock, cold fingers slipping in and out of the netting and trying to undo the knots
  • He succeeds in loosening the ones around the man’s neck first, then starts finding a way to remove it totally from his neck
  • Wait
  • W a i t 
  • The back of this man’s neck 
  • Has slits
  • i gotta put this under a readmore it’s too long

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All of this had been on my phone btw, as my computer is dead dead this time. If you notice any formatting weirdness, you can mention it (I appreciate it if you do) but I may not be able to do anything about it until later this week. Bear with me!

While I’m personally trying to keep this Reader as general as possible, I love creating characters and that seeps in. If something doesn’t fit with you, just ignore it please!!

Also thanks for loving this y'all!! This makes my day!!

Summary: It was lucky his arms were so long. Jack Lowden/Reader
Warnings: There’s… some kissing. Enjoy!

She crossed her arms stubbornly and Jack thought she looked adorable. A tiny little Valkyrie in poor temper.

Chris smiled and squatted to dip his fingers in the lake. “It’s very comfortable-”

She mimicked him and stood so fast she almost fell. Shaking her head, she cussed under her breath. “Cold. It’s cold. I’m not a European. I’m from the desert. I don’t go jumping frigid lakes for shits and giggles.” She frowned. “Aside from all that, you promised.”

Chris nodded. “And I’ll hold to it, but you’re my best camera and the shot is honestly going to make this scene. Besides you’ll be wearing a wetsuit. That will keep you warm.”

She considered that, knowing that flattery got Chris everywhere. “I really don’t like large bodies of water.”

“Ye scared, hen?” Jack rubbed his hand over her back, pulling her close to him. “I’ll be wit’ you.”

“That’s right, Jack will be in the water with you. Everything will be fine. Come on, love, I need you. This is your speciality, Y/N.”

She sighed. “Fine.”

Chris smiled and pulled her into a hug. “You won’t regret this when you get nominated for an Oscar, little one.”

She rolled her eyes and he wandered off to do whatever it was he needed to do. She stared into the water.

Jack laid an arm over her shoulder and pulled her into his side. “Wha’ is it, lovie?”

She scuffed her foot along the wet wood of the dock. “There aren't… nevermind that’s stupid.”

Jack shook his head. “Wha’ is it?”

She shook her head. “It’s stupid.”

He turned her towards him and framed cupped either side her face, thumbs smoothing the skin in front of her ears. “What is it?”

She sighed and glanced up at him through her lashed before shrugging. “I know this is completely irrational… but there aren’t sharks right?”

She could tell he was about to laugh, clearly not expecting that, but he swallowed the smile and shook his head. “No, Y/N, there are no sharks.”

She nodded and chuckled. “It’s a bit silly…”

He shook his head and knock foreheads lightly with her. “Where ye’re from I imagine sharks are more common. They’re pretty rare here. Besides,” he winked, “if there are any sharks, I’ll punch th’buggers in th’nose.”

She grinned. “My hero.” Taking a deep breath, she pulled away. “It’s lunch time. I suppose we should go.”

“S’pose so, hen.” He nodded and motioned for her to precede him.

As she turned, her foot caught a wet patch and honest to God, time slowed.

She could feel her body pitch forward, arms trying to help her keep her balance, feet still trying to find purchase in the slick wood.

She was going in that lake, whether she liked it or not. Fate was a cruel bitch.

Wait do I have my phone in my pocket? Shit!

A bare second later that also somehow felt like an eternity and she felt more then saw Jack move. His arm wrapped around her like a metal band and he pulled her to his chest before she could fall into the dark lake.

She breathed deep and let her head fall back on to his shoulder. She could hear Jack’s heart hammering against his ribs.

“Are ye alright, love?”

She nodded. “I’m fine.” She turned toward him and wrapped herself around his middle, smiling up at him. “You really are my hero.”

He chuckled and squeezed tighter to him. “Aye.”

She sighed and took advantage of the situation. Burrowing into his chest, she wondered, not for the first time, if he was ever going to ask her out.

Bloody Harry.

She had been so sure that he had been about to ask her out.

He rubbed her back and she felt his lips press into the crown of her head.


The dreaded day was here.

She rubbed her hands over the wet suit. She was still rather nervous but she turned and smiled at Jack.

His eyes went wide and he blushed and she realized that his eyes had been suspiciously low.

She reddened and he stuttered. He swallowed dryly and she almost laughed.

He was so cute.

“What’chu lookin’ at?”

He grinned, still ruddy with embarrassment. “Ready?”

She nodded and smiled. “As I’ll ever be. Though honestly, if we don’t do this soon, I’ll lose my nerve.”

He grinned. “It’ll be fine, hen. I’ll be right there wit’ ye.”

She nodded and let the sight of a fine man in uniform distract her from the cold, dark waters of the lake.


“Get set!” Chris stepped down the dock ladder and motioned for Y/N to follow him. She took a deep breath, sparing a smile at Jack, and followed. As he foot touched the first rung on the ladder, she felt Jack take her hand and help her into the water.

“Than-” she yelped abruptly as she stepped up to the knee into the water. “Comfortable, my ass! Holy fuck!”

Chris laughed. “It’s not that bad!”

The look on her face sent the crew still on the dock and Jack into fits of laughter and she glared at the lot of them.

“Bloody Europeans.” She glowered at Jack, the effect somewhat diminished by her chattering teeth. “Get in the damn plane, Jack.”

Jack laughed again and nodded. “Alright, love, alright. But you actually haf ta git in th’water.”

She took a deep breath and held it before shoving away from the ladder and fully submerging herself. “Fuckin’ bullshit!”

Jack cackled as he stepped into the plane.

“‘It’ll be fine, hen.’ Load of shit.” She muttered under her breath and accepted her waterproof camera from her assistant.

When she turned to float over to the side of the ‘downed’ plane, Jack smiled at her from his seat. “Ye’re like a little cat, angry that she fell in the bath.”

She huffed. “I don’t like being wet.”

He nodded. “Oh, I think that’s obvious, lovely.” He leaned forward. “I’m confused though, hen. I thought ye were scared and yet, here ye are spitting and hissing like an angry kitten.”

She smiled, finding it hard to stay angry when faced with those dimples, and checked the focus on the camera.

“Hard to be scared when someone told me he’d punch a shark for me.” She glanced at him from under her lashes and bit her lip.

He grinned and booped her nose. “I’d punch any number of sharks fer ye. Every bloody shark in the universe, if need be.”

She blushed and giggled. “Okay, Sir Shark Puncher, let’s get this done.”

He saluted smartly. “Aye!”

Chris called the scene and they settled into do as many takes from as many angles as they could while they had the light.

When it was done, she all but raced to the ladder and handing off her camera, was handed a blanket upon leaving the water. She shivered and rubbed at her arms, turning to see Jack leave the plane, the blue wool of his uniform clinging to his body in all the right places.

She opened her blanket. “You want to share your warmth?” Her teeth were still chattering and he nodded, rushing to her and wrapping himself around her.

She wrapped the blanket around his large frame as best she could and pushed her face against the slick, wet plastic of his flight vest.

“See not too bad, yeah, Y/N?”

She shrugged noncommittally and Jack chuckled against her hair.

“I better get a damn oscar.”


She set a six-pack of beer on the table and sat on the floor. “What are we watching?”

Tom regarded her from the couch. “Do you want to sit on the couch?”

She shook her head. “I want to lay down.”

Her phone dinged and she looked down.

Jack: can I come cuddle with you?

She nodded and smiled at him from where he sat next to Tom.

Bring a pillow and a blanket.

He grinned and Harry huffed. “Quit texting each other from across the bloody room! It’s irritating.”

Y/N stuck her tongue out at him. “Don’t be jelly.”

Jack stood and made to grab the couch pillow. Harry fell on it dramatically.

“No! Get your own!!”

“This is my bloody hotel room. All of the pillows are mine.” Jack laughed and made for the bed, grabbing a pillow and the duvet.

Harry shook his head. “I have claimed this pillow. It is mine.”

She snorted and stood, helping Jack spread out the duvet. “You are a child.”

Fionn looked suspicious as Jack sat next to Y/N on the floor. “What are you doing, Jack?”

Jack grinned, laid back and got comfortable, Y/N following him down and resting her head on his chest.

Harry patted Fionn’s knee. “We’ll explain it when you’re older. Also you two, no funny business. There are minors present.”

Jack wrapped his arm over her shoulders and pulled her closer to his side. Looking over her head, he flipped Harry the bird.

“In your dreams, Harry.”

Jack blinked. “What?”

She blushed and glanced at Jack. Shrugging, she whispered to him. For his ears only. “We’re hot, pretty boy. But I don’t make porn.”

Jack flushed and he shifted her closer. “Bloody hell, woman.”

She giggled and bit her lip. “What are we watching anyways?”

Harry listed off a couple scary movies which were quickly shot down.

Harry shrugged. “I dunno… Jaws?”

Jack chuckled as Y/N muffled a squeak against his chest.

He leaned into her, lips against her forehead as he spoke. “I’ll protect ye, hen.”

“Thanks, rooster.”


“To the bar?”

The was an answering chorus in agreement and the men started toward their local. Y/N dropped back and Jack paused to look back at her. “Ye comin’, hen?”

She made a face and shook her head. “Nah.. I think I’m going to go back. I’m exhausted and I’m a bit people-d out. I think I may need some me time.”

He looked disappointed. “Well-”

“Though…” She blushed. “If you feel particularly inclined, me time is easily exchangeable for.. Jack time.”

Jack grinned. “Yeah? Not sick of me?”

She bit her lip and shook her head. “Hasn’t happened yet.”

“Well, what do ye know.. I think I do feel ‘particularly inclined’. I think I may need some Y/N time.” Still grinning like a loon, offered his arm to her. She hooked her hand in his elbow and Jack called to the still walking actors.

“Oi! Imma walk th’lady home!”

“Have a good night, Y/N.” Tom nodded sagely. “See you later, Jack?”

Barry snorted. “No we won’t! He’ll be staying with her, I’d imagine. He’s done a runner’.”

Jack shrugged, unashamed. “Yer mad if ye think I would trade th’company of a bonnie lass for ye lot.”

“Yeah, uh-uh.” Harry rolled his eyes. “Get out of here.”

He smiled and turned toward the hotel. They chatted for a bit, but both were feeling the tension between them.

Jack hummed and chuckled to himself.


He looked at her and smiled, shrugging. “Ah dinnae ken- I don’t know- if this means to ye, what it means to me.”

She pressed her cheek to his bicep. “Well… what does it mean to you?”

He took a deep breath and released it slowly. “I want to date ye.”

She slipped her hand into his pocket, chasing his hand. “Then yeah… I think this means to me what it means to you.”

He chuckled. “Guid.”

Ten minutes later they were safely ensconced in her hotel room, having changed into comfy clothes. Jack was laid out on her bed, arms folded behind his head. She sat cross-legged next him scrolling through Netflix.

“Do you just want to watch like, Parks and Rec or something?”

“Ye choose, hen.” He shrugged and she cast it on to the television before settling against him, head on his shoulder, arm stretched across his chest.

He settled back against the pillow, one arm sliding down her side to rest on her hip. With his free hand, he picked up the hand on his chest, threading his fingers through hers.

She smiled and turned to look up at him. His eyes- so blue -were focused on their intertwined hands.

“Yer hands are so small…” His voice was deeper than it was normally and his accent stronger and she shivered.

Feeling her move, he turned his head to focus on her face instead.

They were still for a moment, then he leaned forward, capturing her lips with his.

She gasped and stretched along his side- like a cat, he would note later- pressing closer to him. He grinned against her lips and left her hand on his chest to thread his long fingers into the hair at the back of her head.

She giggled and fisted her hand in his shirt before pulling back slightly to smile at him, swollen lip caught in her teeth.

He groaned. “Lass, ye’re killin’ me…”

She hummed and he stroked his thumb over her imprisoned lip. Tugging it free with a smile the likes of which she has never seen on his face, he leaned into her again and kissed her, hot and open-mouthed.

Suddenly she was pressed back into the pillow and her senses are filled with Jack and Jack only.

She sighed and he pressed closer, his tongue tangling with hers even as his hips press tight against her. The arm that is still locked around her tightened, lifting her up into his embrace.

Damn the man can kiss.

She lifted her hands and cradled his face, shifted slightly away from him to suck air into her lungs.

He grinned and captured her bottom lip, sucking gently on it. “Where’re ye goin’? Get back ‘ere, lass.”

“Holy shit.”

He chuckled and moved to worry his lips along the line of her jaw. She huffed and pulled his face around to face her again, biting at his lip. He grunted and pressed her back into the bed, shifting so he was fully laying against her, one elbow bearing his weight by her shoulder, the opposite hand had found its way under her shirt.

“Don’t tease me, love.”

She laughed against his mouth. “Me?” She kissed him again. “You’re the bloody tease.”

He grinned. “I’ve been waitin’ so long for this.” He pulled away and touched his forehead to hers. “Since th’moment I first met ye, I wanted ye.”

“Then stop keeping me waiting.”

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Spending More Time with Him

Ittt’s Father’s day where I live! This one focuses on my Siegbaby wanting to spend more time with his precious father, enjoy!

The Kingdom of Nohr had been blessed with the birth of the second prince a few months previous – Young Prince Kana and Crown Prince Siegbert now were the light and joy of the palace, though a very conflicted boy sulked about around the corridors.

Not to the point of getting behind his classes, heavens forbid! No, he always made sure to be as focused as he should during his lessons, but a few side glances and some blank stares caught the attention of one of his instructors, who promptly reported to the Queen.

“Siegbert is acting strange?” Kamui repeated the report, placing one hand over her cheek in worry. “He’s always been such a good child, I wonder what ails my baby…” She murmured the last part to herself, the music teacher excusing herself while the Queen made her way towards the Crown Prince’s chambers.

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Your Stories Are The Best

Prompt from anon: Hey, can you do one with Jughead based on “They love me so much, and to be honest, it scares me. i don’t think i deserve all of that love.” and “I want to spend the rest of my life hearing all your stories.”?:) Like really fluffy😄

1. “They love me so much, and to be honest, it scares me. I don’t think I deserve all that love.”

2. “I want to spend the rest of my life hearing all your stories.”

A/N: This sounds adorable and yeah I did it. I made the reader best friends with Cheryl. Also the buildup is a lot, but I think it’s really cute :) It’s short but sweet!

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Characters: Jughead Jones, Popular!Reader, Cheryl Blossom

Warnings: none, just cutesy fluff

Originally posted by riverrdxle

(gif not mine, like always)


You were sitting at Pop Tate’s Chock’lit Shoppe across from Cheryl, your best friend, when suddenly her phone blared and buzzed. She picked it up and answered, “Hello, mother. What did you interrupt my wonderful afternoon to say?” She listened for a few seconds and said, “I’ll be home at the usual time. Goodbye.” 

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anonymous asked:

Ladybug finds an adorable stray cat which Chat Noir is jealous of, and Adrien just happens to find out about!

Okay sorry this took forever, I got super into it and I wanted it to be perfect. I hope you like it, enjoy! (Will post on soon) I like to call this one “The CATastrophe”. hehe. 

EDIT: Included the link - 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Awwww, whats this?”

Chat stopped walking and turned around to see Ladybug on her hands and knees on the roof, crawling around the corner.

“My lady?” He walked back over to see what all the fuss was about. He got there in time to see Ladybug sittting crisscross-applesauce on the roof with a light caramel and dark brown long-haired tabby cat in her lab. She grinned proudly as she gently scratched his ears. Chat’s jaw dropped.

“Who’s cat is that?” He asked as soon as he regained the ability to speak. That fluffy little puffball was just sitting, happily curled up in her lap, like he totally deserved to be there. Chat immediately felt jealousy swell inside him. Which was totally stupid, he told himself, its a cat, and you are THE Chat Noir, crimefighter, partner to ladybug, defender of Paris, etc, etc. Have a little perspective, Adrien, he chided himself mentally. But then he saw her give him a loving, gentle kiss on the head and he swallowed hard. God, what he wouldn’t do to be that cat just then.

“I dunno, he was just sitting up here, curled up in an empty gutter. This poor little guy doesn’t have a collar, either.” She scratched down his back, and the cat purred loudly. Chat’s ear twitched.

“Well I’m sure he’ll be fine, we should go before our transformations run out.” Chat offered a hand to help Ladybug up.

“What?? No!” She turned as if to sheild the cat from Chat’s outstetched hand. “We can’t just leave him here. He’ll be cold, and hungry.” She nuzzled her cheek against his soft fur. “Won’t you baby? Awwww, who’s a wittle bitty baby waby-” her speech quickly devolved into baby talk. She was so cute holding that fluffy cat like that. Ladybug was so confident and strong and quick-witted, he didn’t often get to see her being a gushy teenage girl. He decided this was freaking adorable, and he couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his face.

“C’mon, he probably lives out here. Besides, I’m cold and hungry.”

“But he’s so sweet!” As if to accentuate her point, the cat curled his tail smugly around himself. “Im taking him home with me,” she declared, and stood up with the floof in her arms.

“No fair, you never let me come home with you,” Chat pouted, leaning his head on her shoulder. He blinked his big green eyes a few times. The tabby booped at his bangs as they fell across her shoulder. Ladybug sighed, but her lips were pulled back into a grin.

“Mon chaton, you aren’t a real cat.“ She playfully patted his head.

He gasped and threw his hand over his forehead dramatically. “My lady, you wound me deeply! How could you say such hurtful words to me, your only partner!” He cried with a grin. This time, she couldn’t help but laugh at his display.  Chat smirked. Let’s see that little puffball make her laugh like that.

“Mrowww,” the cat interrupted.

“He’s right, we should get going now. Ill see you tomorrow night, chaton.”

“Till then, my lady,” he said with a very typical dramatic Chat Noir bow, a cheesy grin, and, for added flair, backflipped off the roof.

Ladybug just smiled and shook her head as she walked off. A quiet evening on patrol usually left them with a lot more energy, but finding this adorable cat made a nice quiet night with Chat Noir even better.

Chat climbed back into his window, closed it, and detransformed. As usual, Plagg plopped himself down in the middle of his oversized bed and moaned loudly.

“I need Camembert,” he groaned, dramatically throwing a leg up. “So tired…”

“Plagg, come on, you didn’t even have to fight today.” Plagg flew himself over and perched himself on Adrien’s head.

“I thought you were gonna fight that alley cat Ladybug picked up,” Plagg laughed and rolled over onto his belly. Adrien sputtered.

“Please Plagg, that’s insane, I’m not going to fight a literal alley cat!” he swatted Plagg off, who floated away and kept bellowing for cheese until Adrien finally gave him some. That cat Ladybug picked up was just a pet, he reminded himself. He was her partner, the only one she trusted with her life, and her with his. Their bond was special. He smiled to himself as he started the shower.

Marinette carefully made her way back to her house, which is much more difficult that one expects with a cat in one arm. Luckily for her, she was able to get her window open with one arm.

“Alright kitty, here we go,” she whispered as she set him gently on the desk. The cat mrrrowed in mild protest at having been manhandled so and began to furriously lick his paws. “Tikki, spots off.” A flash of light briefly illuminated the room as she detransformed. The cat jumped a little at the light. Tikki perched herself on Marinette’s shoulder.

“Marinette, why did you bring that stray cat home?” She squeaked, eyeing the cat suspiciously.

“He seemed lonely and sad, I couldn’t just leave him all alone. Look at him, he’s so cute!” She grinned down at Tikki, who was returning her smile with a dubious glance. “Oh Tikki, I’m sorry, I suppose I should have asked you first, its just so hard to when I’m in costume, and-”

“-Oh Marinette, its okay!” Tikki zipped up to her face. “I think its sweet you want to take him in. Cats can be a very big responsibility, and you already have so much on your plate. Also,” she added, glancing at the cat again, “cats tend to think Im some kind of bird.”

“I’ll keep you safe,” Marinette reassured Tikki as she cupped her kwami in her hands. Tikki nuzzled her cheek happily.

“Now come on Marinette, its late and you have school tomorrow.” Tikki reminded her.

“Alright, let me get something for the cat to eat.” Marinette slipped her shoes off and slooowly opened her bedroom door. She had no idea how to take care of a cat, but she figured they probably liked fish. “I know we must have a can of tuna in here somewhere,” she muttered softly to herself as she riffled through the kitchen cabinets as quietly as she could muster. “….no….no….aha!” She triumphantly pulled the tuna can from the shelf. She grabbed a can opener and cut the can open.

“Psssst, kitty cat?” She crept back into her room and set the can down.

“Mrowwww!” The cat leapt enthusiastically off the desk to lap up the tuna.

“There we go” Marinette smiled, then yawned. “Alright Tikki, I’m definitely going to bed now.”

“Wait one second, Marinette!” Tikki piped up. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“My alarm clock is set, my laundry is done, my homework is finished…. I don’t think so?”

“You have to give you new pet a name, silly!” She chuckled.

“Oh! Right!” She paused and sat on her bed and watched the light and dark brown fluffball purr loudly through mouthfulls of tuna. “Well he certainly likes Tuna…. is that a good name? A cat named Tuna?”

“I think its cute!”  giggled Tikki.

“Tuna the cat it is!” Marinette declared with a yawn. “Goodnight, Tikki.”

“Goodnight, Marinette.”

Adrien was tired.
More tired than someone his age should be, he determined as he walked off the set of his latest photoshoot in these crazy tight jeans. Admittedly, they looked amazing on him, but beauty is pain and these jeans were proof of that. Oh well, he shrugged as he crossed the street. He pulled out his phone and checked the time. Well, on the bright side, it was only 6:30, meaning they’d finished almost a half an hour early. He had time! Time…..for what, though? Patrol with ladybug wasn’t until 9. Father wasn’t expecting him home until 7-ish. He could just walk around? Enjoy the day? Or- Suddenly his empty stomach interjected with a loud gurgle. That’s right, he had a light lunch today. He grinned. He would go visit the Marinette’s bakery. Father wouldn’t know because he’d think he was still at the shoot. He pumped a fist in the air excitedly. Carbs! Pasties! Freedom! He was so excited he jogged the whole 4 blocks.

“Ting, ting,” the door bell rang as he walked in. He loved everything about this place. The ring of the door when you walked in, the smell of pastries, and Mr. and Mrs. Dupain-Cheng were so nice every time. It was so comforting.

“Hello, Adrien,” Smiled Mrs. Dupain-Cheng warmly as she walked to the counter from the kitchen. He grinned brightly. He often felt more welcome here than in his own home.

“Hello Mrs. Dupain-Cheng,” he said, unable to keep the big grin off his face.

“You’re in a good mood today,” She noted, returning his smile and punctuating it with a small chuckle. “What can I get for you today?”

“Well, I-” He was abruptly interrupted by the sound of a loud crash from upstairs, followed by a yell.

“Mom!!” Came a desperate cry from upstairs even as Marinette climbed down the stairs cradling a squirming cat in her arms. “Mom, I think Tuna’s hungry, he keeps jumping up on my desk and biting my sl-” she froze when she saw Adrien standing in the bakery. “A-Adrien!”

“Hi, Marinette,” he said with a small wave and a smile. “You have a cat?”

“Y-Y-… cat! Yes, I, um, I found a stay cat last night, and he followed me home, and, well, I….” She trailed off nervously before clearing her throat in an effort to regain some composure. “This….this is Tuna.” She held out the fluffball of a feline to Adrien, who now wore a small red collar with a tag that read “Tuna”.

“Aww, he’s so cute, and….” He trailed off as he took the cat in his arms and Tuna batted at his bangs. This was surprisingly reminiscent of….. No, No way. That wasn’t possible…..was it??? Holy crap Adrien slow down! Just because Marinette got a cat the same time Ladybug happened to get a cat and looked exactly the same and the cat remembered him and-

Marinette was kind of confused. Adrien was staring at the cat like it contained the secrets of the universe. She peered curiously at his face. Nervousness was beginning to give way to worry. “Umm, Adrien? You don’t have to hold him if he bothers you, or you don’t like cats, or….?”

“Oh!” He snapped out of his sudden trance. “No no no I love cats, they’re like the best things ever-” He hurriedly reached out to give the cat back to Marinette. “I just remembered I’m late for….” he trailed off as Marinette reached out to accept Tuna back from him. Their hands touched and he froze and looked into Marinette’s eyes intently.

Oh God oh God oh God, Marinette prayed silently. What is he doing??? Her cheeks reddened more the longer he stared. Her heart was racing wildly. It was almost like he was looking for something???
“A-Adrien?” She finally managed to squeak out.

Her mother was giving him a really strange look. Shit, he was causing some kinda scene. “Oh! Sorry, M-Marinette. I have to go, Ill be backk later,” He said to Mrs. Dupain-Cheng. He bowed, yelled a hurried “thanks!” as he ran out the door and didn’t stop till he had turned the corner and was out of sight.
“I worry about that boy,” Mrs. Dupain-Cheng sighed as she shook her head. “Is he okay?”

“I have no idea…..” Marinette replied, obviously concerned as well. “Ill check on him tomorrow at school.”

“Good idea,” her mom said before heading back into the bakery kitchen. One thing is for certain, she thought as she took Tuna back upstairs, tomorrow was gonna be an interesting day at school.

Adrien’s head was spinning so fast he could feel himself getting dizy. Was it even possible? It wasn’t IMpossible…..right? He believed in coincidences, but this was too much….RIGHT??? He couldn’t think straight. His feet were walking home on autopilot while he tried to digest what just happened. How could he have missed it?? They have the same hairstyle for crying out loud. And blue eyes. And…. wait, no, there’s got to be more than one person in the whole of PARIS who had dark hair in pigtails with blue eyess….RIGHT???

“AAAAGH!” he cried. This whole thing was messing with his head.

“Adrien?” Nathalie called. Oops. He had actually made it home. “Are you okay?”

“Im fine, just tired. Long day, going upstairs to do homework!” One thing is for certain, he thought as he grabbed his backpack and took it back upstairs, tomorrow was gonna be an interesting day at school.

atlasistryingherbest  asked:

If you're still taking Voltron writing prompts, fluffy Shklance that involves one of them bringing a wild animal into the castle and when the others find out, they make whoever brought the animal in catch it and put it back outside singlehandedly? Of course, whatever it was was a scratchy baby so the other two help tend to their wounds. It leads to kisses and cuddles and overall cuteness. Thanks!

This is like, an amazing prompt. I am honored to throw this together. I also altered it a bit for the humor’s sake. Hope you like it!

Lance really didn’t get his boyfriends at times. Shiro had his moments where nothing seemed to work other than slapping the Black Paladin upside the head and reciting common sense at him. Lance didn’t have much common sense, but he knew enough to know that trying to fly Voltron through a tightly packed asteroid field was, in fact, not common sense. And Keith was worse.

Soooo much worse.

“Keith. What the hell is that?” Lance hissed, pressed back against the Red Paladin’s wall. Shiro was a few feet away from him, not pressed against a wall, but rather in a fighting stance. Shiro met his gaze briefly before looking back at Keith.

Keith was sitting there, affectionately rubbing the underbelly of a creature that was more teeth than fur. Its tail lashed out in the air, razor sharp, as Keith smiled down at it.

“Its name is Kitty.” Keith said, as if it were obvious. Lance was going to need couple’s therapy after this.

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James Potter Imagine 1

Originally posted by chasingxprongs

alright there weren’t really any specifics so imma just… write!

a/n: my patronus is a grizzly bear so I used that, but you can insert yours if you wish!


You felt something collide with you and milliseconds later, found yourself laying on the ground groaning in pain.

“Bloody hell, James!” You heard a boy shout, “There’s a new hot girl and your gonna kill her on her first day?”

You looked up at the black haired boy that seemed to being scolding his friend, a pale boy with round glasses and messy hair. 

He grimaced, “Oops.”

You rolled your eyes and got up, scoffing, “Yeah, ‘oops.’”

He gave you a grin, “Well, you’re fine, right? Besides, nothing wrong with bumping into the hottest Gryffindor.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what the hell a ‘Gryffindoof’ is, but if your the hottest one I can’t even begin to imagine how hideous the others are.”

“Gryffindor,” James corrected, “And nice one.”

You gave a short laugh, “You act like I wasn’t genuinely trying to insult you.”

“You were?”

“Why is that such a shock? You seem irritable enough.”

The other boy with curly black hair who had been silently laughing, was now in hysterics, “Mate, just drop it before she punches you.”

You couldn’t help but smile at the fact that you had made the other one laugh. 

He collected himself before holding out a hand to you, shoving a still-in-shock James to the side, “Sirius, charming, and you are?”

“Y/n, charmed, of course.”

“American, are we?”

“It seems so. Is that good or bad?”

“Surprising. But kind of hot.”

You laughed, “Thanks. I just moved from the American school.” 

“The Americans have a school as well? What do you think of that James?”

He turned and slapped his friend on the back, who had the same smirk from before back on his face, “I didn’t think there were any American wizards, to be honest.”

You laughed and gave a confused look, “What, you just thought they were all British?”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

“Alright, well I should probably find a place to sit, so-”

“Sit with us!” James shouted, causing you to almost jump, “I- uh I mean, like, you can sit with us, i-if you want to. Yeah.”

You raised your eyebrow as Sirius patted James’s shoulder, “Very smooth,” then he turned to you, “Come on.”

He led the way to the compartment where he walked in and sat next to a tall boy with several scars on his face and another short, rather plump one. You were stuck sitting on the other side with that conceded know-it-all James. 

“This is Moony,” Sirius said, pointing the the taller boy, “and Wormtail,” he added, gesturing to the shorter one.

The taller boy rolled his eyes at Sirius before extending his hand to you, “Actually, the name’s Remus, and that’s Peter.”

You shook Remus hand and waved to Peter, who gave a small smile before turning to look out the window.

“So,” Remus said, “Are you new? Kind of odd for someone new to show up in fifth year.”

“Yeah, actually I just moved from America-”

“Moony, she’s American!” Sirius whispered to Remus excitedly.

Remus sighed and smiled, “Yeah, I got that, thanks.”

“Yeah, well, I moved here to Hogwarts sent me a letter, I guess they do that to all the wizard citizens of the UK.”

“Yeah. What house do you think you’ll be in?”

“Oh, is that what James was bragging about earlier?”

Remus laughed, “That wouldn’t surprise me.”

“You know,” James sassily added, “I wasn’t bragging.”

“Yeah right,” you shot back, “you may as well have covered yourself in glitter and got a sign that said, ‘I’m Conceded!’”

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Well you may as well have… have…”

“Ha! You can’t even think of anything!”

“Well that doesn’t even matter because you’re annoying!”

“Oh, wow,” you said sarcastically, “Nice one, I’m crushed.”

“Oh, shut up!”

“You shut up!”

“No, you shut-”

“Can you both shut up?” Sirius interrupted, falling to hide his laugher. 

Remus smirked at Sirius and then back and forth between you and James knowingly.

“You see it, don’t you?” He commented to Sirius.

“Of course! I’m not bloody blind!”

“See what?” James asked with his arms crossed. 

“Oh, nothing….” Sirius grinned. 

“What?” you pressed on.

“It’s really nothing,” Remus added with a smirk.

“It’s obviously some-”

The train came to a stop and you became air born, landing sprawled across James’s lap. 

Sirius and Remus began laughing as a blushing James remained frozen, arms around you as a reflex. 

“Ugh, let go of me,” you said blushing, brushing off the flutter in your stomach as train sickness. You may have gotten off on the wrong foot but he was rather cute. 


By Christmas time you had become best friends with the Marauders, making fun of their name but ultimately becoming as much apart of the group as any of the others. Sirius kept up the little flirting game with you while you and Remus had become the best of friends. James and you kept up your little bickering game, but you all knew that you two would do anything for each other. Peter was always asking you for help and advice, and you were every happy to help with whatever he needed. 

You decided not to tell the others you were an animagus, something your parents made you endure and learn how to become for whatever godforsaken reason, but from what it seemed, they had their secrets too, going off without explanation at least once a month. You’d hoped they would come around to telling you what was up, but after half a year of being best friends, they still hadn’t fully opened up to you, and you were beginning to feel hurt. One day, you decided to follow them. 

Since you had only learned to become and animagus a year before and you were still only a teenager, your form was still a little cub, but you could move around just as well even if you weren’t menacing. 

You waited until after classes when the three boys began sneaking off and slipped into your bear form and followed them.

“-the full moons not till tomorrow,” you heard Remus say.

“Yes, but we have to talk,” Sirius said.

“Should we get y/n?” James questioned, making you smile.

“No, this is about her!” Sirius saying that made you even more suspicious. Had you done something wrong? 

You continued following them to… the Shrieking Shack?? No one was supposed to go there. You paused for a moment before remembering you were an animal. A bear, for hell’s sake! Sure, you were a little cub but you could handle anything! With new found confidence you followed the boys into the Shrieking Shack, remaining unnoticed. You sat behind the door, one ear flicking near the doorknob, ready to listen.

“What is this about?” Remus asked, sitting down next to Sirius. 

“And what’s Y/n got to do with it?” 

“Well,” he began, “I wanted to talk about Remus’s furry little problem-”

“We don’t have to worry about it until tomorrow!” Remus wounded irritated.

“Yes, and I know it’s not my decision, but I think we should tell her.”

Remus groaned, “Look. We just became friends with her! And I don’t want to scare her off, James would kill me.”

“Hey!” James interjected.

“Come on, Prongs. We all know you’re in love with her.”

You gasped and stood up, forgetting you were still a cub, causing you to loose balance and roll forwards, knocking open the door. To the boys, it looked as though a small bear cub had spontaneously rolled in.

“What the-?” James stood up. 

“A bear!” Remus shouted, more surprised than anything.

“How the hell did that get in here?” Sirius questioned.

“Bear seems kind of stupid if you ask me,” James said, “what kind of bear would just roll on into a room of people?”

You got up on your four paws and gave James the evil-eye.

Sirius laughed, “he looks like he heard you.”

“It’s kind of cute,” Remus said, “hey little guy,” he put on a baby voice and crouched down towards you. 

You figured maybe you could have a little fun with this.

You rushed towards Remus and jumped on him, licking his face. Whatever this ‘furry little problem’ was, you really did hope he was okay. 

James and Sirius laughed. 

“Wait,” James said, “I wanna play with it!”

James sat on the floor and patted the ground, “Come here! Come here!”

You blushed remembering what had been said before. Did he really feel the same way about you? Your thoughts were interrupted as you were being picked up. James cradled you in his arms and rubbed your stomach. You lifted up your paw and booped his nose, making all the marauder’s laugh.

“God,” James said, “I wish-”

“-Y/n was here,” said Sirius, exasperated, “We know! You say that about every five minutes she’s away.”

James blused.

“I do believe you said that last night at about one when we were all trying to fall asleep,” Remus added.

“’s not my fault I miss her,” James mumbled, still blushing.

You wriggled out of his lap and ran out the door and through the halls. You decided you had to talk to him, it just couldn’t wait any longer. Now that you kew he felt the same way, you could run outside, change back to human, then act like you saw them heading over here and pretend like you came to check on them. The second your paws hit the snow outside the door you turned back into a human and turned back around to head inside, until your bumped into someone. 

“Oh, shit…” you said, looking up at James, hoping he didn’t see what had just happened.


You smiled, relieved. He didn’t see.

“Oh no,” James ran his hands through his hair, “Wait- you’re an animagus? Why didn’t you say so? Oh my god! You were the bear? That means you heard….”

“No, no, James, it’s fine, really! I was there and I heard- but I wanted to tell you that I also-” your confidence completely went away, “t-that I…” 

He looked at you expectantly.

You took a deep breath.

“I… love you.”

He laughed. Your heart broke.

You looked down.

“I-I understand if you-”

Lips collided with yours and you were caught by surprise when your feet left the ground. James set you down and looked into your eyes. 

“I love you too.”

You smiled and put your forehead to his chest. 

“Asshole,” you said looking back up at him, “You scared me for a moment! I thought you didn’t feel the same.”

“That impossible. Besides, you were the cutest little bear cub I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh, god,” you blushed, embarrassed. You were still a little cub.

“I’m serious! It’s bloody adorable. Plus, there’s something you should know…”

James stepped back and next thing you knew there was a beautiful stag in front of you. 

“James?” You questioned, still surprised.

The stag jumped towards you and put its head under your hand, forcing you to pet it. You laughed, “Oh god, you’re so needy.”

Laughing, James returned to human form, “Ha ha.”

“I suppose we should go and see everyone else…”

“Come on then,” James grabbed your hand and led the way.

You entered the room to Sirius and Remus in a heated debate about who knows what. 

“I did it!” James proclaimed, holding up your hand.

“Woah woah woah, not so fast,” you interrupted, “I did confess to you first.”

“I did it!” James repeated.

You rolled your eyes and he looked over at you lovingly.

“Finally!” Sirius shouted. 

“Oh and get a bloody load of this, guys,” James said, taking a step away form you. You caught onto what he was getting at and changed into your animagus for a few seconds before switching back.

“That’s great!” Remus said.

“That was you?” Sirius asked, “No wonder the bear was so obsessed with James.” 

You rolled your eyes once more.

“Well,” Remus took a deep breath, “I guess since your an animagus I can’t make any more excuses. There’s something I should tell you… It’s why we all sneak off sometimes. I guess you’ve noticed since you followed us..” he gave you a scolding look for a second and you smiled guiltily, making Sirius and James laugh, “but I understand if you don’t want to be friends. I’m… a werewolf.”

He grimed and looked ready for a punch to the gut. 

You laughed, “What are you waiting for? Me to beat you up? Remus, I’ll always be your friend and I’ll always be here for you. This doesn’t change anything. You’re still my best friend, and an amazing person.”

Remus let out a shaky breath and you ran over to hug him. 

“Thank you, y/n,” he told you.

You pulled back, “Well now that we’ve gotten that out, Sirius, what’s ur animagus?”

“Ah,” Sirius jumped up excitedly, “I’m a (beautiful) black dog.”

You laughed, “Oh, I’m sure.”

You looked over at James, this was going to be a great Christmas. 


I don’t really like how this one turned out, LMK what you think! to the anon that requested, I’ll be happy to write something better/more specific for you! it’s a lot easier to write a good imagine with a prompt or idea. 

requests are open!

ships are open!

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Hi!!! Can I ask for a neville x reader one where he shows our kids a scrapbook thats composed of our relationship with like movie tickets, dried up flowers, and butterbeer mugs? thanks!!!

(A/N): Dude, I love the idea! Also, can someone explain why I suddenly have like 10000000 requests for Neville? Not that I’m complaining 

On another note: I’m listening to pirate music. Idk why but it’s fun. 

Originally posted by scrapbookofdemigods

You smiled when you saw your little girl run away from her younger brother. Isabelle had your hair and eyes, but Neville’s really pretty face shape. Her brother, on the other hand, had Neville’s hair and your eyes. 

You rested your head against Neville’s shoulder as you sat down on the bench in the park. 

“Why are they growing up so fast?” You sighted. Neville chuckled and kissed the top of your head. 

“We grew up fast, too.” He wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “That doesn’t have to be a bad thing.” 

You took Neville’s other hand and pressed a kiss to his shoulder. “I just want them to grow up as happy as we are.” 

“Even if they are half this happy, they’ll be lucky.” Neville smiled and you looked up with a small smile. 

“I’m glad you are happy.” He chuckled at your words. 

“I’ve been happy ever since sixth year with you.” He boop-ed your nose and kissed your forehead. 

“Okay, you’re getting too sappy. Let’s go home before Isabelle hurt Aiden.” You smiled. It had happened a lot of times that Isabelle, who played rather hard and rough, hurt the little toddler. 

With Neville’s hand in yours, you tried to gather your children, which was hard since they kept running away. 

When you finally got the children to follow you home, Isabelle started asking you and Neville questions about your time at Hogwarts. 

Isabelle was nine, and couldn’t wait to go to Hogwarts. That is, if she could go. You smiled at Neville and took his hand, so that you were a chain of family. 

“Well, Isabelle.” You smiled. “It was great. We learnt a lot, and made a lot of friends.” You didn’t want to tell them about the horrors that had threatened you every year. 

“Did you and daddy love each other already?” 

“Yes, we did.” Neville smiled at you. “We did lots of things together. And I think we actually kept a lot of things.” He gave you a small smirk. 

“We made a memory book. Want to see it?” Isabelle nodded, and Neville had to grab Aidens hand as he tried to wriggle free. 

Aiden couldn’t speak yet, but he pointed his cubby finger towards the ice cream car. 

“No, Aiden. We already ate some on the way here.” Neville lifted the boy up. “Let’s go home.” 

When you were almost home, it started raining really hard. You gave your jacket to Isabelle, since she was too stubborn to take one with her. Neville put on Aidens cap and handed him to you. You were confused, since you couldn’t really run with him in your arms. But Neville took off his jacket and wrapped it around your head before taking Aiden back. 

Together you ran back to your house. Neville turned the heater up and redressed Aiden and told Isabelle to do the same. You made some hot chocolate. 

When Neville had put on some dry clothes he kissed your head. 

“Honey, go clean yourself up. I’ll finish this.” You thankfully smiled at him and left the kitchen. 

Honestly, you didn’t even know how you got so lucky. Neville was the best thing that had ever happened to you. He was your everything, and you knew you were his everything. 

You put on some pajama’s and took the scrapbook from your room. You smiled when you saw Neville, Isabelle and Aiden on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate, you smiled. 

“So, is there a spot?” You sat in between Isabelle and Aiden. “I brought the book.” Neville smiled. The book had ran out of pages a year after you left Hogwarts. 

When you opened the book, you got swallowed in memories. The two of you started with the scrapbook when you were just friends, so the first few pages were just friendly things. Then the flowers came. They were dried and next to them, cute little messages were written. 

There were pictures of you two kissing, and hugging. There was so much. You felt tears in your eyes, these memories were your life, your past. And hopefully your future. 

You didn’t know what the future held, you just hoped it would be next to him. 

•RFA Proposal/Wedding Headcanons!•

- this boy
- would be extra af with his proposal
- he’d get you a front row ticket to one of his shows
- as the applause dies down from his final curtain call he turns to you
- “(y/n), I love you more than I love myself Will you marry me?”
- it would be all over the media outlets
- Musical Actor Zen Settling Down!!?
- half his fans (probably the same ones who believed Echo Girl all those years ago tbh) would be pissed lol
- but his TRUE fans (Jaehee included) would be happy for the both of you
- red roses/rose petals everywhere in the venue.
- actually the colors of the wedding would just be red and white. Red and white everywhere
- there’s a whole platter of goldfish shaped buns on the buffet table shoutout to Mr. Kim
- Zen would wear an all white suit and maybe a black tie he would look beautiful as always
- he’d tear up as you walked down the aisle let’s be honest
- his vows would be cheesy as hell
- probably sneak in some lines from his favorite characters in there too
- he’d barely be able to contain himself once the officiator says “you may now kiss the bride”
- he’d lift up your veil and caress your cheek and smile at you for a moment before he kisses you
- he kisses you so sweetly and gently and he’s smiling into the kiss
- your first dance would be to some sappy romantic love song that Zen recorded himself surprise
- immediately afterwards Seven would just steal you away
- Zen would be slightly annoyed GIVE ME BACK MY WIFE LUCIEL
- you dance with all of the RFA at some point
- even Baehee
- when Zen finally gets you back he doesn’t let go for the rest of the night
- he’s always touching you in some way whether it be holding your hand, having his arm around your waist, etc.
- the cake is three tiers
- vanilla, red velvet, vanilla
- white chocolate and raspberry
- Seven wouldn’t be drunk but his speech would be complete nonsense anyways
- wedding night get ready he’s gONNA UNLEASH THE BEAST

- he asks you with with LOLOL
- he cooks you a very nice romantic dinner for your anniversary
- like
- it’s actually really nice though??
- like the food is amazing and he set out candles and it’s very nice
- he’s all cute and adorable and blushy throughout the whole dinner
- after dessert he wants to give you your present
- “No the dinner was more than enough omg what else could you give me?”
- it’s a tiny replica of his LOLOL avatar
- but wait
- what’s this in its hand??
- it’s a diamond ring
- to answer your question- “the rest of my life :)”
- although you don’t straight up cosplay your LOLOL avatars at your wedding….
- your outfit colors match the avatars’ colors that was the compromise
- Seven is the officiator because reasons
- Yoosung’s guild is invited
- V is there too! Yay forgiveness!
- the kiss was just short of a peck and you’re both blushing when you pull away
- you know how you slow dance in middle school? Like the girls have their arms around the guy’s shoulders and the guy has his hands on her waist and it’s a little awkward and essentially like an extended hug?
- yeah that’s your first dance with this bab
- also you know how sometimes people have bride and groom cake toppers?
- your LOLOL avatars are your cake toppers
- he would totally boop frosting on your nose trust me on this
- ah yes the wedding night
- this could go several ways
- 1) very vanilla and sweet
- 3) you nerds are up all night on LOLOL still in your clothes from the reception

- she would be so shy about it
- like it’d take her forever to work up the courage to ask you to marry her
- the proposal would be sweet and simple
- literally
- she hid the ring in your dessert when you two were on a coffee date
- this poor baby she was so stressed trying to plan the wedding she wanted perfection
- eventually you convince her to let you help
- the wedding is v small it’s pretty much just the RFA
- but that’s all you two need
- it’s such a nice wedding
- flowers and fairy lights and just very pretty in general like her
- Baehee’s in a pretty white flowy dress with flowers in her hair like the a n g e l she is
- your kiss is very soft and sweet
- Zen dances with both of you individually at some point
- he also sings the song for your first dance
- she’s internally fangirling so hard this adorable child
- high key she made your wedding cake
- and pretty much everything else on the dessert table
- your wedding cake is a simple two layer naked cake with berries
- you spend your wedding night watching (and singing along very loudly) to Zen’s musicals

- he ties the ring to Elly’s collar
- and then sends her to your room to wake you up
- you wake up to a kiss on the forehead and soft white mound and the smell of pancakes
- “Good morning, darling”
- well someone’s being exceptionally sweet this morning
- “What’s the occasion?”
- he just shrugs and “I just felt like it”
- you’re very suspicious of Mista Trust Fund Kid as he doesn’t just do things like this
- you’re enjoying breakfast in bed and petting Elly when you see something sparkly on her collar
- “Jumin what’s thi-”
- you almost choke on your pancakes when you realize what it is
- “(y/n) will you be my business partner for life?”
- you almost smack him with a pillow but you’re too happy so you don’t
- Breaking News: Jumin Han Does Not Gay
- but the RFA members are the most important clearly
- V is the best man ofc
- he hired a wedding planner so everything is pretty much down to a T
- he looks nicer than usual in his tux with a white rose in the lapel
- you basically have a princess dress he hired the best tailors to custom make it for you
- Elizabeth 3rd is the ring bearer and she has the cutest little ribbon on for the occasion
- your first dance is a waltz
- the wedding cake is HUGE
- the power of money wow
- he’s surprisingly vanilla on your wedding night
- just wants to love you
- but on the rest of your honeymoon….
- …Mrs. Han, Mr. Han will see you now

- probably hacks into your computer from the next room to propose to you
- you’re just scrolling through social media when all of a sudden your screen glitches out
- “I’m innocent I swear!” he yells from the next room
- you’re about to go whoop his ass when your computer stops glitching
- instead of whatever you were looking at now it’s Seven on the screen
- “I’m just gonna get to the point. Be the Honey Buddha Chips to my Ph. D. Pepper?”
- now he’s standing in the doorway smiling with his hands in his pockets
- “So, (y/n), what do you say?”
- then he gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring
- space themed wedding duh
- this fuckin nerd wears a space suit to the altar when will your fave ever
- who needs a traditional wedding dress when yOU CAN HAVE A GALAXY PRINT WEDDING DRESS
- a bunch of random ass guests at the wedding
- Luciel did you invite longcat???
- poor Zen has to leave the room bc allergies
- his neighborhood friend Tom is the best man duh
- his vows are actually really sweet
- “(y/n), I didn’t know what true happiness was until you came into my life. I love you more than Elly. ”
- Jumin breathes a sigh of relief
- your first dance consists of a mashup of viral dance trends and dabbing
- you already know what the food and drink at the reception will consist of
- that’s right
- there is “actual food” as per literally everyone else’s request
- lol you know what his wedding gift for you is
- Custom sex toys
- enjoy your honeymoon ;)))

A night in

Pairing(s): TFW x Reader (friendship)
Characters: Dean; Sam; Castiel
Prompt/Summary: Movie night at the bunker
Author: Nikki
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count:2481
Warnings:  Mentions of airsoft guns, memory of Demon!Dean, horror movie cliches, very brief mention of a random couple sneaking off to have sex, brief mention of a serial killer, no smut

Summary: On a rare night off at the bunker, you, the boys and your resident angel settle in for a good movie

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anonymous asked:


I have a feeling I know who you are, but thank youuuuu! :) this was so much fun to write omg.


Gives nose/forehead kisses: Lucas gives the forehead kisses because he loves feeling like he can protect Riley from everything bad in the world, but Riley gives the nose kisses to either comfort him or when she’s feeling particularly cheeky. It’s also become an inside joke for them to say “boop” when kissing each other’s nose, just to take them down memory lane to when it all started between them.

Gets jealous the most: The one who gets more obviously jealous would be Lucas, as one would be able to see along with his clenched fists + jaw and narrowed eyes how he glares at anyone he deems a romantic rival for Riley’s affections. Riley would get jealous, too, but it’d be a bit more playful, calling out someone she’s jealous of and reminding them that she’s Lucas’ girlfriend.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive: Even though I see Riley doing this whenever Lucas gets drunk after an emotional breakdown or the like, I actually see this happening more to Lucas after Riley accidentally has a drink too many at the bar. After just turning 21, Riley could order a yummy-sounding fruity drink, not realizing it’s alcoholic because she may assume you have to ask for alcohol to be added to a drink - that’s just the kind of rabbit farmer she is and Lucas loves it, not minding the adventure of picking up a drunk Riley from the bar at all.

Takes care of on sick days: Definitely both. They’re the kind of couple in which one of them gets sick, the other one refuses to stay away or not kiss them despite knowing the sickness is probably contagious, and said other one ends up getting sick, restarting the cycle. But it’s cute and their families are used to them ringing each other’s doorbell with a sick kit, prepared to be their lover’s personal doctor.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: Riley. Lucas tends to like watching Riley play around the water by herself while he’s on the beach towel, possibly taking a nap. Riley would threaten to trap him in sand the next time he falls asleep or she would grab a bucket, fill it with water, and pour it on him when he’s not looking. Somehow, some way, Riley will get Lucas into the water.

Gives unprompted massages: Riley gives Lucas impromptu massages whenever she sees him getting tense. She can notice the slightest change in his posture or the look in his eyes, and her hands are immediately on his shoulders, soothingly rubbing away any stress. Lucas wants to do the same, but he’s afraid of hurting her with his strength, even though Riley insists that he couldn’t and he wouldn’t.

Drives/rides shotgun: Lucas drives while Riley rides shotgun. Driving doesn’t allow Riley to basically plant her face against the window, pointing out all the different sights that interest her during the drive, so she prefers to let someone else do it. Every once in a while, Lucas would turn to smile at her excited face, and at every red light, he’d give her a peck, whether it be on her lips, cheek, or the back of her hand. Drives with just the two of them are the best.

Brings the other lunch at work: Riley! The whole veterinarian clinic expects her by now and is excited to see her, as she has also developed the habit of bringing a portion of food large enough for all the personnel there. Lucas appreciates it very much, kissing her cheek every time.

Has the better parental relationship: Riley seems like she’s the one who has a better relationship with her own parents, so she probably knows how to connect with her kids better on an emotional level, but she’d definitely encourage Lucas, making him feel like he could be an even better father every time he watches her interact with their kids.

Tries to start role-playing in bed: Riley. A friend tells her about it so Riley thinks it’s a good idea at first, even gets some clothes to really make it come alive, but Lucas thinks it’s outright hilarious the way Riley approaches it and might laugh a little too hard, slightly embarrassing Riley. Lucas would tell her they never have to act like anyone else around each other, whether it be in bed or walking around town. For them, making love is best as their own selves, and Riley would agree completely. That would be the end of that.

Embarrassingly drunk dancer: Riley’s already a slightly embarrassingly crazy dancer while sober, but Lucas would have his hands full controlling her while she’s drunk. He’d be that boyfriend chasing around his drunk girlfriend as she shouts at everyone to get off the dance floor because it’s her time to shine. Every time that happens, he makes a promise to himself to watch how much she drinks next time….it never works out well for him.

Still cries watching Titanic: Riley, and she does it unashamedly every time. Lucas can’t help but chuckle in pure amusement as Riley screams at Rose to let Jack onto the door with her. “OH C’MON ROSE, HE TOTALLY COULD HAVE FIT ON THERE WITH YOU. YOUR SELFISHNESS KILLED HIM!”

Firmly believes in couples costumes: Riley is more enthusiastic about it, but Lucas is definitely down to wear them, too. They always have a playful argument in the Halloween store of which couples’ costume suits them better that year, and Riley might even suggest that they make unique ones themselves.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: The huge bouquet of bright flowers Lucas buys for Riley every Christmas is already enough to break the rule. Riley scolds him every year, Lucas apologizes and says he won’t do it again next year, but he ends up doing it anyway. He just wants to spoil her, and even though she complains, Riley won’t refuse it and appreciates it.

Makes the other eat breakfast: Riley. She’s up early and cooking up a hearty breakfast for the two of them, and when she’s done, she’ll jump onto the bed and loudly wake up the drowsing cowboy. Occasionally, when Riley’s lazy on weekends, Lucas will do the job, making sure to make a smiley face with her food, because he loves to see how bright her eyes get when she sees her breakfast.

Remembers anniversaries: Both of them! Lucas likes to pretend that he doesn’t remember the day before an anniversary, enjoying the sight of Riley trying to hide her stress at the possibility of not doing anything for said day. But on the day of the anniversary, he always pulls through, surprising Riley every time.

Brings up having kids: Lucas, definitely. He does it nonchalantly, casually mentioning how great it would be to see a bunch of their children running around his family’s farm back in Texas. That would be the start of a more serious conversation about them planning a family.

I can see you - Baekhyun Scenario

my dear fairies, this ist the first not-requested-scenario i wrote for another member than kai. it’s an baekhyun scenario just because i feel that he needs to receive a lot more of love. there weren’t any requests for him for a while now. i really hope you will like it.

- nabi ♡

♠ ♠ ♠

I can see you - Baekhyun Scenario

♠ ♠ ♠

Sometimes it was enough to feel it; to feel his touch, to feel his breath lingering on my skin, to feel his heart beating while my hand was resting on top of his chest. Sometimes it wasn’t enough to only feel it. Sometimes I wanted more.

It would make no sense to open my eyes. I already knew it was still dark, I didn’t sleep for that long. I missed that warm feeling of the sun tickling my skin and I missed the feeling of looking at it for too long, when it was shining so brightly, when my eyes would begin to hurt.

I could hear his fast but steady breathing and those cute little noises he made every now and then while sleeping. I tried to imagine his face, him cutely pouting with his mouth while he was still dreaming.
I could feel his arm still wrapped around my waist - We were still laying in the same position than yesterday before the both of us drifted into a peaceful sleep. His nose was pressed into the back of my neck, his little breaths were softly tickling me.
I also could hear a car, fastly driving through the streets, like the person behind the steering wheel was in a rush. Maybe he overslept or he needed to attend an importan meeting in the early morning hours. Quietly I cleared my throat and tried to move under his tight embrace, without waking him up.

Baekhyun sighed loudly and for a second I stopped moving. Good, he didn’t wake up. Instead his head began to move until he rested it on my shoulder while I was facing the ceiling now.

That nightmare woke me up half an hour ago and I was still sweating. It felt so real, like it really happened - He loved another girl, which I bet was thousand times prettier than me, which wasn’t that difficult. She was able to pay more attention to her appearance than I was.
I stroked away some strands of my hair which were uncomfortably glued to my forehead. I also I rested my arm above my eyes and laughed out quietly. He wouldn’t do something like this. At least he promised me. He said so. He told me that he loved me, and only me. Maybe he was just blind, not able to see how I really was looking like.

He moved for another time and I listend to his every movement. His hand which was wrapped around my waist until a few seconds before got lifted until it found my other hand, which was resting next to my body. Softly Baekhyun intertwined his fingers with mine and for a moment nothing else than that happened. But he was awake. I could feel how his breathing began to change, it got slower until he released another sigh. His thumb gently rubbed the back of my hand and I couldn’t decide if I was feeling happy right now or if I wanted to cry. As his thumb hovered over the ring I was wearing I decided not to do anything. I just wanted to lay there and to feel nothing, wether sadness nor happiness.

Baekyhun began to shift his weight fully now and I tried to imagine him supporting his upper body with his elbow, his head laying on his hand while he looked down on me. I waited for him to say anything. Because it seemed like he already knew that I was also awake. Seconds went by, 127 to be exact. I could hear the tick of the clock which was hanging right above the bed. My heart was beating way faster than that. But I wasn’t able to count the beatings as well.

Suddenly I felt his breath right on my face, he was so close now that I almost squeaked. Instead I only lowered my arm and rested it on his shoulder, searching for his neck with still closed eyes. The breath got stucked in my throat. Moments like this were all I was living for, because they were so rare. But who was I to cry about this? Baekhyun was already a busy person as I met him for the first time. And for me it was an miracle that he still wanted to spend his free time with me.

His lips found mine, but the kiss was way too short. After only one second he pulled away and left me longering for more. He let go of my hand and placed his own hand on my waist, holding me in place. But he really didn’t need to. I did not want to move, not when he was close like this. I opened my mouth to say something, to greet him or maybe even to scold him so he would hurry up and kiss me again. But before I could say anything another soft kiss was planted on my lips, he kissed my cheek, the corner right next to my left eye, before he moved a little lower until his upper body was almost laying on top of mine. Suddenly I felt like I was made of pudding.

Baekyun’s lips were brushing against my earlobe and a heavy shiver run down my spine. “Hey”, he whispered, merely audible and his voice was still drowsy from his deep sleep. He was used to short nights. But once trapped in his dreams it wasn’t easy for him to wake up in a matter of seconds. “Why didn’t you sleep a little longer?”, he asked and I remembered about that dream while sighing quietly. I softly began to stroke the back of his neck as he began to move again and I heard a quiet click the next second. Baekhyun just switched on the little light which was standing on the nightstand right next to my bed. I hummed and began to smile weakly.

His thumb was stroking my lips softly and I was about to whimper quietly. “Won’t you open your eyes today, ___-ah?”, his voice snapped me out of my trance and I almost hit his head, because I suddenly got startled. I again began to smile, but this time it was sincere. I shook my head and formed a mute No! with my mouth. My boyfriend chuckled quietly and booped my nose with the tip of his index finger. “Open them!”

“But I don’t want to!”
“But I want to see them!”
Silence for another 48 seconds and nothing else besides that.

“___, I didn’t want to…”, his voice broke as I again shook my head to signalise him that there was nothing he did wrong. I felt the tears in my eyes but forced myself not to cry right in that moment. Baekhyun really did nothing wrong. It wasn’t easy for him as well - Well, maybe it was even more difficult for him to deal with it. He knew it from the beginning. But to date someone like me and to live with someone like me was something different.

Baekhyun moaned frustrated and pulled away. He wasn’t frustrated because I was acting like this. No, he was because he promised not to ask me for things like this anymore, when I told him I don’t want him to do it. I tried to grab for his hand but failed. “Oppa, it’s okay. It’s just…”
“I’m such an idiot!”, he interrupted me while I grabbed for the pillow which was laying right under my head. Annoyed I finally opened my eyes and threw it into his direction and waited for any noise that signalised me that I was able to hit him.

Too late Baekhyun acted like the pillow got directly thrown into his face and groaned and moaned like he was in a heavy pain. Well, I didn’t fill the pillow with stones or something like this. “I missed you, huh?”, I asked before I lifted my head and supported my upper body with both of my elbows. Now his laughter began to fill the room, he almost ended up breathing out little hiccups. “___, you know I’m not that tall. I’m not Chanyeol.”

I hummed frustrated and fell back down into the sheets. It was getting annoying. Not him, of course. But sometimes it seemed like there was nothing I could do right. I couldn’t even fight with him. I could, but only with words. He was so afraid that he didn’t even dared to tickle me for once, or to surprise me out of the blue sky - Well it wasn’t even possible, because I was able to hear him whenever he was near. He always did something that exposed him. He shifted his weight once more and came closer, placing himself right on top of me and almost pressing the life out of my lungs.

“What are you…”
“I’m here”, he said and my eyes followed the sound of his voice. “Yeah, here.” I could hear him smiling. And again I had those feelings, the worst I could imagine about.
“Why are you even with me?”, I asked, insecure about his answer. It was the first time that I asked him something like this and I was afraid. Would he feel offended? Would he get mad at me? It didn’t take him that long to think about his answer. And as he leaned his forehead against mine his warmth began to fill everything. I took a deep breath as he rested one of his hands on my cheek.

“___, that’s the most stupid question that ever came out of your mouth”, he laughed slightly. “I’m with you because you are able to calm me down whenever I’m being hyper. Or you will cheer me up when I’m feeling down.” A soft kiss was planted on the tip of my nose and made my heart to skip a beat. To soon for my liking Baekhyun pulled away. “The best thing about you is that you really can see the beauty - You know how beautiful a person is by just meeting him for once.”

“But I can’t see you…”
“Is it really that important?”
I nodded and gulped down the heavy lump in my throat. “I really want to see you!”
“But you can do those things with your fingers whenever you feel like.”
“But I really want to see you, with my eyes, just like everyone else can see you. I want to see those faces you make when your fans begin to scream. I want to see how your gaze changes whenever you see me. And I really want to see you smile for once.”
Baekhyun hummed in response and I knew exactly that he wasn’t able to speak right now. This topic was the most sensitive. Talking about our relationship was easy. Talking about me being blind was not.

“And maybe some day you will”, Baekhyuns said with shaky voice. It wasn’t easy for me to love someone who I’ve never seen before. But I guess it wasn’t easier for him. To be with someone that never would be able to tell you how cute you were or how good you looked in that clothes or to tell you if your new hairstyle was a good decision. All I had was my imagination and I doubt that I saw him the way he really looked like.

“And to be honest, somehow I am a little bit afraid that you won’t like the the way I look.”
I hit his upper arm without hurting him because I almost failed again. So I ended up brushing his arm harshly. “Don’t you dare to ever say this again!”, I said and tried to make a serious face.
“Then do you want to try out something?”, Baekhyun asked and didn’t even wait for my answer as he again pulled away and pulled me with him while grabbing my wrists. “What?” I was now sitting on top of my bed.
“You can touch my face over and over again and tell me what you can feel. And I will tell you if you’re right, hmm?”
I inhaled some air as he slowly dragged my hands into his direction until my fingertips were brushing over the skin of his face. Of course I did this before - But we never talked about anything that I was able to feel. I nodded.
“Okay”, he placed one of my hands on top of his head. His soft hair made me smile. “You know that I dyed my hair last week again. But what else can you feel?”
I played with some strands of his hair. “Hmm… You grew it a little bit.” I felt him nodding under my touch. “Right. And can you remember what blond looks like?”

I closed my eyes and searched through my fading memories. It wasn’t like this since I was born. I lost my sight in an accident as I was sixteen. So there were still some memories left. “Yes. And you straightened it yesterday”, I added as I took a strand in between my thumb and my index finger, exploring it to its tips. He grabbed my hand which was still playing with his hair and guided it to his forehead and pushed it higher. I noticed that he wanted me to hold his hair like this so my other hand would be able to touch his forehead. I quietly began to giggle as he furrowed his brows. “This is how I look like when I’m really concentrated or when I get angry. But you know that doesn’t happen that often.” I smiled and bit my lower lip. 

He then guided both of my hands to his eyes but somehow I didn’t touch them. I began to laugh as something brushed against the tips of my fingers. “My eyelashes”, he said.
“I like them”, I answered.
And so we continued with that game. I was able to explore his whole face and it really almost felt like I was able to see him. He wrinkled his nose and laughed when my fingers were pressed against his cheekbones. Baekhyun also pouted or opened his mouth, he smiled and yelled at me to show me the various facets of his lips. It seemed like I adored everything about his face.

And then he finally pulled me even closer until my chest was pressed against his own. I felt my heartbeat mixed with another. His heart was beating so fast as I hid my face at the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent. I couldn’t compare it to anything else but I knew that I liked it. Baekhyun wrapped one of his arms around my upper body whereas his other hand found its way into the back of my neck, forcing me to stay there - I didn’t even want to move. Never again.
“I really believe that you will be able to see me in the future and until then you can try this…”
“What?”, I whispered and my lips brushed the skin of his neck. He slightly began to shiver and his upper body tensed up.

“Whenever you want to see me, close your eyes and only listen to your heart. Do it!”
I did like I was told and waited for my heart to do something. And really - It skipped a beat as a picture was forming itself in front of my inner eye. I could never be sure if he was really looking like that since I wasn’t able to see him for real. But what I was able to see at that moment was enough for me to hold my breath. I did not want to cry, but I couldn’t help it. Slowly tears were escaping my eyes. I blinked for a few times as a big lump appaered in my throat. “What can you see?”, Baekhyun asked and snapped me out of my thoughts back into reality. I grabbed some of the fabric of his t-shirt and tightened the hold around his waist.

“I can see you!”
A satisfied noise escaped his mouth as he began to pull away just to place his hands on my cheeks again the next second. “And what does your heart tells you?”, he asked with somehow shaky voice. A small smile plastered my face. “That you’re really beautiful!”
“Oh my God, I’m really afraid now. You will be so disappointet when you’ll see me someday”, he joked and we both began to laugh. But it didn’t last for long. He catched me off guard as he kissed me. I would never forget about that picture I had in mind. And someday I really would be able to see him, I knew it. I just needed to save my money for a little longer, for that operation. And it didn’t matter if he would look the same. Love wasn’t about looks, even though I imagined him being beautiful. For me he was pretty and so was his character~~