also the flowers are supposed to have a meaning


Sunflowers and White Azalea

Loyalty, Adoration and First love 

These One layer only things are really tiring but satisfying to do! It was supposed to be only icons but i got carried away as always 


“Hi.” Draco smiles widely the moment she opens the door–and the video absolutely did not do her justice, she’s much prettier in person–and extends his arm, presenting her with a bouquet of pink and purple flowers. “I brought flowers. They’re supposed to mean.. honestly, I have no idea. I just thought they looked pretty. Pretty sure some of these are supposed to mean forgiveness, but I’m also pretty sure you have nothing to forgive me for, so–just focus on them being pretty.”

He grins again, hooking his sunglasses on the collar of his shirt. “I’m Draco, by the way. Which you probably know since you did ask me out so, but just in case.” Definitely much prettier than in the video. Good to know how long he spent picking his tightest jeans and getting his hair to look exactly like he just got fucked within an inch of his life was not a waste of time. “Are you ready?”

I think Cure flora is in some way supposed to represent fertility. First of all, her cure crest is directly over her uterus. all other cures have their crests directly in the center of their chest, close to their hearts. Also flowers are often symbolism of virginity. I might be reading to much into it I mean thats a really weird combination of crest placement and symbolism choices aint it?

Submitted by Anon