also the flowers are supposed to have a meaning

November 21st, 2014 - Of Orch Dorks and Band Geeks

ARTIST: stephyhime

AUTHOR: Anonymous

21st of November, 2014 - Of Orch Dorks and Band Geeks

Alfred F. Jones was a proud band geek.

He loved his high school band class and his fellow band geeks. Being in band meant playing pop tunes and patriotic marches at half-time shows. It also meant cool stuff like occasional road trips with the football team (heck, yeah!) and days spent giggling with the other freshmen about being “tromboners.” The absolute best part was summer band camp and some very enjoyable memories that he had sworn he would never mention in public ever again.

So Alfred didn’t understand why he was expected to play with the orchestra dorks, the epitome of uncool, for the next month. The kids in orchestra were boring and dull. They liked classical music and dressed up for their concerts. Bach? More like blugh. Unfortunately, the orchestra conductor had decided that she wanted to play some selections from the Nutcracker Suite for the school’s winter concert. Much to Alfred’s displeasure, it turned out that a trombone was technically part of a full-sized orchestra, making him the newest, honorary, orchestra member. If he had known, he would have picked a different instrument back in grade school. (He still had a hankering to play the guitar and a gnawing feeling that Guitar Hero didn’t really count.)

So it came to pass that Alfred found himself slouching his way to the back of the orchestra room, tuning up his trombone, and praying for a black-out. They would have to evacuate and he could spend the class period doing something more enjoyable than playing a few stupid notes in a stupid classical sonnet or concerto or whatever-the-hell they were called. Lost in his funk, it took Alfred a few minutes to realize that he actually recognized the song that one of the violinists was practicing in front of him. Suddenly, he felt his interest perk up.

“Whoa, is that from Lord of the Rings?” Alfred asked, turning his music stand to the side so he could lean closer. The string solo abruptly ended as the violinist glanced back. He was blond and skinny and looked a couple of years older than Alfred, probably making him a senior. He was kind of cute in a way that the young American teenager was still trying to understand. Alfred grinned and continued, “I wish we were playing that instead. I mean, geez, ‘Waltz of the Flowers,’ can we get any more gay?”

The violinist tucked the instrument underneath his arm and arched a very bushy eyebrow. “I like waltzing and flowers,” he said dryly. “I also prefer men, but I’m not sure what that has to do with waltzing or flowers. So no, for what it’s worth, I don’t think I could 'get’ any more gay.”

Alfred shook his head and laughed. “I didn’t mean it in—”

The other teen continued to talk. “In fact, if they handed out grades for gayness I would have an A plus. Or I suppose I should call it a Gay plus?”

“Dude, chill. I didn’t mean it in a bad way,” Alfred repeated, finally finishing his sentence. He wondered why the other teenager was so uptight. (He learned later that the older teen’s name was Arthur, he was incredibly anal about grammar and punctuality, and he didn’t play the violin, he played the viola. Alfred also received an hour-long lecture on why violas were superior to violins, which went in one ear and out the other.)

Arthur sighed. “I suppose this is the part where you tell me that you have a gay friend or perhaps bisexual tendencies yourself and were only making conversation because you think me attractive and assume that your inane twaddle is preferable to Tchaikovsky.”

Alfred nearly dropped his trombone. “Shit! How’d you know?” He hurriedly glanced around the room to make sure that none of the other orchestra members had heard. “Don’t tell anyone, I haven’t even told my brother!”

An awkward silence stretched between the two of them as the other musicians continued to tune their instruments in the background. It occurred to Alfred, a little too late, that the older teen had merely been trying to get a rise out of him and accidentally hit a little too close to the mark. Despite the awkwardness, Arthur shot him a conspiratorial grin. “Don’t worry. There’s no shame in liking Tchaikovsky,” he murmured, before turning back to his music as the conductor called class to attention.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Alfred flipped open his music and decided that maybe he could learn to like orchestra class after all.

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i love the svt as flowers so i was curious if you could give brief explanations to why you schose the flowers you did for each member? or if you could link me if you've already done so?

i haven’t done it before, so ill write it now!!!
here is the post of 17 as flowers w/pics 

Seungcheol - Queen Ann’s Lace 
Most commonly, Queen Ann’s Lace is used as a filter flower to help showcase the beauty of other flowers, much like Seungcheol is always there to uphold and bring out the best in his fellow members as their leader. The meaning of the flower in flower language is sanctuary, which I think is something Seungcheol provides to the members when they’re at low points.

Jeonghan - Lotus Blossom
I choose it because it is one of the most aesthetically iconic flowers, beautiful and elegant like Jeonghan. But also the flower represents perseverance and beauty that comes from within, it represents a person who emits a glow from both how they look and their personality. I think Jeonghan is a perfect symbol of that as well.

Joshua- Lily of the Valley 
Associated with purity of the heart and even the Virgin Mary herself, I chose this flower because Joshua, no matter what, has always seemed to be a sort of voice of consciousness and reason. His aura for me is one of someone who may be an adult, but is still really lighthearted and naive - in a pure and wholesome way. 

Jun- Snapdragon 
The flower I chose has a double-sided meaning of grace but also deviousness. Like Jun, the visual of the flower is really striking and strong and you can’t help but keep looking at it and I think Jun evokes this kind of visual curiosity in people. 

Hoshi - Primrose 
Patience and belonging, along with the phrase “I can’t live without you” are associated with the primrose and in a lot of ways Hoshi has brought a sense of belonging to the other members through his patience with choreography and his natural ability to kind of take some of the younger members under his wing. He’s someone that is irreplaceable within Seventeen.

Wonwoo - Mock Orange
Interestingly enough the whiteness of the flower which is supposed to symbolize purity, was actually taken by the Victorians as a means of deceit - this flower stands for someone who make look gentle, but has another side to them - but not necessarily a bad one. Wonwoo, he can look cold and unapproachable, but we all know that he’s far from it. His looks are not the only thing about him. Also, this flower is known to have a calming effect, Wonwoo’s sleepy nature reminded me of that. 

Woozi - Apple Blossom
This flower deals with the heart’s desire and has the ability to make someone feel good. Woozi has followed his passion tirelessly and you can see that making music for seventeen, really makes him feel good. I think people might say that Woozi doesn’t lift the mood, but I would disagree. I think he’s a big part of the reason seventeen has succeeded and will continue to succeed.

DK - Sunflower
Probably the most self explanatory, no flower is more bright and vibrant and symbolic of happiness than the sunflower. DK’s shining personality and smile are a perfect match to this flower.

Mingyu - Foxglove
Aside from the fact that this flower is long in nature (very much like Mingyu), the flower is associated with magic and creativity. Mingyu has always come off as someone that can easily charm others, without ever really straining himself to do so. Like the foxglove flower is addicting to bees, Seventeen is addicted to Mingyu.

The8 - Periwinkle 
The flower stands for blossoming friendships and achieving your dreams, two of the things that The8 has experienced through his joining of Seventeen. The simple, but enchanting gentleness of the flowers visual remind me of the quiet boy who’s become a star.

Seungkwn- Love-in-the-Mist 
A very romantic flower that comes in very vibrant colors, it is a flower that matches Seungkwan’s personality. It is the first flower you’d see in any bouquet, much like you see Seungkwan present himself at the forefront of Seventeen. 

Vernon- Cosmos 
The cosmos is a flower that you give to someone when you silently want to declare your devotion, and I think Vernon is that kind of person. He’s not always verbal with his feelings, but you can see it in his actions. The cosmos also symbolizes modesty and I think Vernon is a gentleman by nature. 

Dino- Bluebells 
This flower is associated with consistency which is something Dino is known for, his constant and energetic effort to do the best at what he loves. He’s a hardworking maknae who will never let his team down, they can count on his constant loyalty. 

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flower :3

My name is actually based off the flower. If I’m being perfectly honest, “Cereus” was actually my last name on a Pokemon roleplay community and such, I’m a staff member, aka Professor, so I got to have a plant name.~ Typically suppose to go with tree names but I mean. I’m that professor who’s like SCREW TRADITION, and went with my favorite flower. Which is a Night Blooming Cereus aka the lunar flower. I love them. C: I also designed a pokemon based on that flower, so I mean. It was kinda suiting that I use that name.

Oh and then “Blue” came from my shiny Umbreon who is constantly with me and is often drawn along side me. His name is Blue and I have a cute little Banette named Netty. C:

Also, I totally was not aware that “blue cereus” is the name of a type of cactus till someone pointed it out. So. I’m still a plant. Still have flowers. xD


Shishio with and without glasses (and yeah I know he’s supposed to be black haired but it was not good with the rest of the drawing…)

flowers are : Buttercup (childishness / happy to love) ; Asphodel (regrets) ; Adonis (Sorrowful remembrance) ; Coreopsis arkansa (Love at first sight) ; Yellow tulip (Hopeless love) ; Rose of Sharon (on the left side = my heart is taken / Yellow = If only I could express my love) 
Also, I’m not an expert and sometimes flowers can have different meanings by countries so I’m sorry if some are not correct o/

The next one is gonna be Suzume Yosano to finish the trio and I will also do a new one for Mamura because his love story has changed and so did his feelings !! :D

Well shit...

So I noticed JUST NOW that I’ve been spelling Lilly’s name wrong. It’s supposed to be Lily, after the flower which also means pure and is a symbol of innocence, purity, and beauty. Now I’m gonna have to go through all my old posts and retag everything…dammit…

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Do you have any reading suggestion for a witch interested in herbal magic(online sources,books) I am particularly interested in how a correspondance between a certain plant and a certain effect is established. Thanks, as always, for your great work

I personally believe that there’s no specific set of ways a plant can work. However there’s a general consensus among some plants working in certain ways, and I also believe you can make a plant have your own meaning given what it is used for or does.

The effect is established, in my view, when you decide that a particular herb is going to mean that particular thing in a spell. Rosemary, for example, can be used for cleansings or divination, or even both. Imposing your will and intention unto an herb as you use it should establish what that herb is supposed to do. Or likewise, the herb will manifest its magical property into a spell that you have already given meaning and purpose to. 

Personally, I usually go with floriology, the “language of flowers,” as flowers have been given meanings over time to establish a form of communication.  There seems to be a general consensus that Roses mean love, or at least are related to relationships, as well as other flowers and plants, also wedding planning stuff tend to use a lot of flower symbolism.

All that said, I would recommend:

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs (pdf / illustrated)

The Magickal Cat Herb Grimoire

Earth Witchery’s Magickal Properties of Plants (A-G)

Earth Witchery’s Magickal Properties of Plants (H-O)

Earth Witchery’s Magickal Properties of Plants (P-Z)

The Language of Flowers

Flowers n Garden Meaning of Flowers (pictures)

Wikipedia’s Plant Symbolism entry

Wikipedia’s Hanakotoba entry

Perfect Wedding Day’s Flower Meanings A-Z

Power Flowers Plant Meanings (includes herbs)

Richters Symbolism of Herbs

Photovault’s Symbolism of Plants, Trees, and Herbs (white text, black background - can be straining on the eyes)

Missy’s Corner The Meanings of Herbs & Spices

Spice & Romance

Universe of Symbolism - Tree Symbolism

Ancient Wisdom Tree Lore

Upon Reflections’ Ogham page

Vedrblom’s Sacred Trees List

My own Tips for Hexing & Cursing (autoplay)

I don’t know much about Ogham but you could try looking into that for more tree-related stuff (though I think there’s more to it than just trees and staves, but again I’m not sure). 

I hope this helps !

~ Rose  

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Imagine though, Persephone is just laying about in their living room and there would be flowers growing everywhere around her. Hades walks in like “What is this!? What have you done to the place, it’s supposed to be dark and gloomy! What are you doing?” and he picks up some flowers and they imediately turn to ash in his hands.

When he looks at Persephone and see’s the horrified look on her face his mean exterior melts into apologies and he tells her she can grow as many flowers as she likes and that he didn’t mean to kill the flowers, that it just happens when he touches them.

Also; She’d make Hades flower crowns but the flowers would dry up when they touched his head.  His hair wouldn’t kill them as quickly as his hands so he’d try not to touch it at all

This. Right here. Is a poster for Advent Children. It features Tifa in Aerith’s church with the flowers all around.“

Whenever Cloud is shown with flowers a huge fuss is made about it and it usually circles into being part of the debate. Well, no, FUCK YOU. I am making a fuss about THIS picture. THIS PICTURE OF TIFA SURROUNDED BY FLOWER PETALS IN AERITH’S CHURCH. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL!!!

Why is this a big deal to me? Because I love Aerith and Tifa’s friendship and I will never reduce their friendship to something petty like fighting over a guy when the world’s in danger.

This picture is SUPER IMPORTANT. Not only does Tifa look insanely badass in it, but Aerith’s presence is in the picture as well.

I have seen every possible word picked apart, every phrase skewed to mean something different, every scene carefully nitpicked for SOMETHING to be brought up.

So I bring to you, the Tifa and Loz fight scene.

When the fight begins, Tifa makes the first move, forcing Loz out of the flower field!!!

Tifa tries to fight as far from the flower patch as possible. When she lands in the flower patch, she practically jumps over the whole thing. She doesn’t trample them or run through them, she jumps over them.

When Loz lands in the flowers Tifa PUNCHES him out of them.

The only time Tifa is ever in the flower field during this fight is whenever Loz attacks her, ALWAYS targeting her towards the flowers. The only time the flowers get hurt or trampled, is when Tifa is taking hits from Loz. Other than that, she fights outside of the patch.

The creator’s have said that there is a lot of symbolism within the movie, such as the angel statue and the wolf appearing. Although some of these were not given any actual meaning, the angel statue is meant to be symbolic nonetheless, but to what is up to the viewer.

This fight scene with Loz I believe also to be symbolic. Loz is a remnant of Sephiroth, and is suppose to be the characteristic of Sephy’s strength. Flower’s, of course the ones in the church, symbolize Aerith.

Loz also remarks on how he thinks the flowers are "gross” and we know that Sephy wasn’t particularly fond of Aerith.

Tifa fights away from the flowers, yet they still get trampled and hurt as Tifa gets beaten. I believe this to be symbolism of Tifa being hurt, Aerith is also hurting, but she can’t actively help Tifa. All she can do is be passive like the flowers.

The poster shows Tifa looking awesome, but surrounded by the petals, and the petals are also present during Tifa’s limit break in Dissidia 012.

As Tifa fights, Aerith is with her always. When Tifa is hurt, Aerith is hurt. The two fight together GIRL POWER against Loz/Sephiroth/Jenova.

This scene in the movie is a very meaningful one to me and my feelings on AerTi.

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hi!uknow fics with adventure (and/or supernatural elements) where Jungkook protects Tae (kinda like Of Knights and Princes and Wayward Adventures)?thanks

I couldn’t find a lot of adventure fics but there are plenty of supernatural/fantasy fics with protective guk (and they generally have a decent amount of action). hope these are okay!

Find the way home by foolishbangtan - “Y'know, pain is something man must endure in his heart. And since the heart feels pain so easily, some believe life is pain. You are delicate like glass. Especially your heart.” “I am?” “Yes, and worth earning my empathy.” “Empathy?” “I’m saying, I care about you.” Taehyung vows to destroy every fallen angel possible, but Jeongguk is adamant on showing him a new perspective.

Silvermoon Starlight by foolishbangtan - Sometimes, dreams have a stronger meaning than Taehyung might think.

Give Me Your Hands (I Will Pick the Stars for You) by mindheist - I miss you like the moon misses the sun, destined to chase you until the end of time.

insanity love by waltzformula - Demons weren’t supposed to protect angels, weren’t supposed to give them cloaks, weren’t supposed to leave them flowers and saccharine notes. Demons were supposed to burn. Yet, Taehyung found himself hesitating. Most demons also weren’t the Ninth King of Hell.

Live By Love (Though the Stars Walk Backwards) by FAF_Productions & kyukyuu - Jungkook heads to a land full of riches, only to fall in love with the poorest of them all. (Wealthy!Jungkook x Slave!Taehyung)

you’re my earth (the center of my day) by taetastic - He likes watching the colors dance in Taehyung’s wings when they catch on the light of the sunrise, and the golden glow of his fingers when he brushes them over flowers and plants.

Of clueless mates and stupid best friends by Chihiro - Taehyung somehow adopts a wolf and finds himself a possessive stalker at the same time. Jimin is 500% done with everything.

edge of the world by sassyneki - “Your eyes look like they’ve seen the world.” “They have.” In a land far away with rolling hills and sparkling lakes and lavender sunrises, there lies a boy who waits and waits and never forgets. (PeterPan!AU)

Only When the Sun Sets by sacramento - Jeon Jeongguk was never meant to handle so much responsibility, but when he sees a vision foretelling the King’s death, he cannot just sit back and let it happen. The ‘right’ thing to do would be to stop it, but as Jeongguk soon discovers, doing the ‘right’ thing is never so simple, or easy. Stuck in between underhanded plots for the Iron Throne, Jeongguk must figure out who he is and what he stands for. He must choose a side, and he must choose well, for in the Game of Thrones, you win… or you die. There is no middle ground.

(lots of action and adventure, but I’d say they’re both equally protective of each other in this)

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-punkguchi’s very very softly- Idek but I really wanted to do this for a long time cuz @yankasmiles is a really nice person and I still really love all that you do even though I practically dived off the planet when I’m now at another crossroads. Thank you for all you created.
I hope she’s doing well. Also the fandom. Have my very apologetic (but was very fun doing) baby yam yams

Also can I just say that yams needs MORE LOVE. PLEASE.

Sunflowers and White Azalea

Loyalty, Adoration and First love 

These One layer only things are really tiring but satisfying to do! It was supposed to be only icons but i got carried away as always 

my heart blooms when it is with you by bleep0bleep (scott/kira, rated G, 2k)

also on AO3 

“I hope the Muggles aren’t getting you down,” Malia says, her voice resonating through the glowing sphere of light that is Kira’s quick communication spell.

“Malia!” Kira seriously thought she hung up a minute ago. Malia must have done her own and called back; these spells don’t come cheap, calling across the country is probably going to mean she isn’t doing much else spellwork today. Kira feels appreciative but at the same time wants to tell off her best friend for doing something so wasteful.

Then again, Malia goes through cell phones very quickly, and she doesn’t have one right now.

“What? You just seemed super sad and you might not have the energy to spare today but I do. How’s Beacon Hills, land of no magic?”

“It is fine,” Kira says, hastily looking around the nursery. Luckily, no one is watching, and better yet, it’s pretty sunny out so the spell doesn’t look that strange.

“I can’t believe you took a job out in the middle of nowhere. I mean, sure, no competition, but also– no one else to fucking talk to about being a witch. I mean, how are you supposed to date? Is that like, a first date thing–”

“I have to go,” Kira says quickly, spotting a customer walking towards her. “Thanks for the call, and tell Derek that his package arrived yesterday and I like the cookies a lot.”

“His cookies are awful, my cousin can’t cook without magic, you need to stop encouraging him, I can’t eat anymore, I swear—”

Kira giggles. “Bye!”

She draws the rune that ends the spell just in time; the customer appears behind a particularly enthusiastic flowering gloxinia, and Kira can feel her ears turn pink.

It’s him again.

“Hello,” Scott says, turning something over in his hands, a soft sweet smile on his face.

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My thoughts on ME!ME!ME! and DAOKO Girl

Me!Me!Me is about a man who breaks up with his girlfriend and ends up dissociating. He gets sucked into the world of the internet and emptily finds pleasure in anime porn or fictional women… There were many hints in the video that showed that he picked the world of fiction over his girlfriend (Hana)… Which led to their break up…

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(( What do you know about how different cultures accept non hetero-normative types and activities? ))

Non hetero-normative…?

[Neht has to think for a minute because it’s not a word he’s encountered very often, if at all.]

Oh, like the word heterosexuality?  Not that I’m in the habit of using such academic Imperial terms.  I don’t really understand the Cyrodiilic urge to categorize everything that exists in the world, no matter how small.  The Cyrods usually get everything completely wrong.  I mean, just look at the most popular translation of the 36 Lessons into their tongue.  It’d be very easy to forget that Lord Vivec was also a woman if you’d never read anything else and let’s not even get into how the butchered Almalexia in an attempt to prove their bizarre theory that she’s basically just Dib-Mara-Kyn combined with Akatosh.  Akatosh.  We were not worshiping Auriel before we were not worshiping their Ayleid god.

You know, there’s a point there.  The Imperials think that you must be all this thing or all that thing, that everything must fit perfectly in one place, and never should there be any murkiness or confusion.  They would say that it’s been like that forever but really, once you study the ancient histories with a critical eye (of course, you mustn’t rely on translations, which are colored by the biases of the translator), you realize that it wasn’t always like that.  I do think that Imperials have been thought to be stodgy, pedantic, and altogether quite annoyingly self righteous since the days of Reman, at least, but the idea that they’re prudish is relatively new, only since the late Second Era. 

It’s about then and especially when Tiber Septim took the throne that you really start to see a great deal of revisioning of the old stories to clean them up.  Alessia turns into a gentle, virginal maiden and her consort turns from an actual bull to a rather big man, and Reman, RemanReman.  Goodness, what can I say about Reman Cyrodiil to do the man justice?  I don’t understand why everyone stopped worshiping him.  Tiber Septim conquered all of Tamriel and that’s a feat, I suppose, but he never…well, anyway, the Imperials of today like to think that they’re very fine and respectable, though they’re very surprised when they head to Morrowind and realize that we mostly think they’re perverse.

I do believe I have lost my point.  Let me find it again.  Oh!  Yes, Imperials like to make very technical words for things: homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, androphilic, gynephilic, others.  It’s a bit too technical for me and I’ve never been quite certain what I count as.  To the Imperials, I’m a man because I was born as one, but in High Rock, I’m too womanish to be a man, and in Morrowind, I’m ehkmeri because I am inherently Mephalan in temperament.  I don’t know how to translate it but I can try.  If you do what a woman does, then you’re a woman.  If you do what a man does, then you’re a man.  If you do otherwise, then there are other things to be, and oftentimes, you become another thing as you age.  Of course, we don’t really have words that translate directly into man and woman as humans use them.  There are bladed folk and wise women and kin-fathers and battle-wives and…well, it does go on.  It confuses the hell out of foreigners, let me tell you.

I think I lost my point again.  We were talking about sexuality, yes?  Yes.  Sorry, I went off on a tangent.  I do that.  In High Rock, things are very…well, we certainly don’t view Mara as a god of monogamy.  We were descended from the Direnni and like the Direnni, we firmly believe that it is absolutely essential to have a good mistress regardless of sex.  I was the…concubine?  I suppose that’s a good enough word in Tamrielic.  I was the concubine of several noblemen and two ladies.  I mean, not all at once, but spaced out over the years.  I was on friendly terms with most of their spouses. 

It’s true that noblemen almost always marry ladies so that they might produce heirs, but you have a fifty-fifty chance that they also have a boy.  You can usually tell what sort of person a man’s looking for by the flower he wears on his coat and women seeking partners have a whole system of hair decorations, though it changes quite often depending on the fashions at the time.

Morrowind is accepting of many things and intolerant of many things as well, though attitudes today are much more relaxed than they used to be.  Homosexuality has never been illegal but certain sexual acts were frowned upon for centuries, and because of that, manly couples tended to be stereotyped as a little irreligious, though also under Vivec’s protection.  Attitudes have changed tremendously since then, however, and that sort of thinking was dying away when I first came into Morrowind.

I’m not sure I did a very good job answering your question.  Truth be told, I know only a little about the other provinces and I am certain that what I do know is liable to be wrong.

So, I’ve been reading about Baelish in general…..

Cat mentions when seeing him in the brothel at King’s Landing that even though his temples are peppered with grey hair, he is still just shy of 30.

And interesting points made by PrettySiren:

The ASoIaF wiki basically estimates Petyr as being born between 266-268AL. Cat was born in 264 (Eddard and King Robert were born in 263). Cersei and Jaime, Lysa, and Gregor Clegane–all born in 266AL. Sandor was born in 271. Sansa was born in 287.

But, really, Petyr could’ve been born as late as 270. It would still make him three years older than Edmure, but so much younger than Catelyn, it’s so easy why she could only think of him as a little brother. And Lysa would love to have him as a little pet. It explains why she was so bossy and reviled old age. Why would she want old Jon Arryn when she could be a semi-cougar? lol

The problem is, there’s never been anything concrete said about Petyr’s age other than he was definitely far younger than Cat (meaning at least as young as Lysa, probably younger), and almost certainly older than Edmure, or else the two boys might’ve been better friends.


Granted, they have aged up the characters for HBO, but still, I do not understand why Sandor/Sansa is perfectly acceptable, yet anyone that finds Petyr/Sansa an interesting/dynamic or even romantic pairing is sick and wrong.

Also mentioning that Westeros isn’t supposed to be a modern American society. Girls who have flowered are considered ready for marriage. I’m not agreeing with it but history shows us this to be true of girls of a marriageable age was around 14 and so on. Girls during that time period (Medieval thru Regency) were far more different than girls of a modern age. Girls by the age of 17+ were starting to be considered as spinster/old, etc….

So Sansa at 13, along with Dany are betrothed/married off to much older men. Tyrion is not Joff’s age. Sandor is only a few years younger than Petyr. But no one seems to be screaming PEDO! at them. Which puts Cat  and Lysa as quite young when they married. So if Petyr is approximately 16 years Sansa’s senior (29), that puts him at 16 at the time Sansa was born, and considering Sansa has older siblings….that makes Cat very young when marrying and becoming preggars with Robb. Cat is approximately anywhere between 2-6 years older than Petyr.

Also, Petyr has not raped her. He could have long before now if all he really wanted was sex. He sees Sansa as perhaps a second chance at his childhood or moreso as an equal. He sees himself as a young Petyr before he became Littlefinger in some moments with her when perhaps he forgets himself. Sansa is beginning to see the differences between Petyr and the Littlefinger mask he wears. I don’t read Petyr as being older than 30 in the books. Granted Aidan IS older (although I don’t think he looks his age …he never did since Queer as Folk) in the show, but so is Sandor and Tyrion. Younger men prematurely grey, it’s a known fact. Cat states that despite he has some grey, he’s still a young man.

Is it only because he is perceived as a villain? I see Petyr more as an anti-hero really. He’s not a ‘good’ man or classic villain either. He’s extremely complex which is what makes him so damn fascinating to read/watch. There are so many different sides to him. He plays many parts depending on who he is interacting with. He’s made Littlefinger a role….a mask he wears. Sansa is the only one that is glimpsing the man behind that mask….and the play acting he puts on for everyone.

I’m not saying Petyr’s obsession with Cat is at ALL healthy or the transferring his affection to Sansa is either. But if you put it into perspective that he is 30 or slightly younger… mentally, he’s not that old. I’m currently 30 and I swear I don’t feel like it sometimes. There are times that I can’t believe 10 years have passed since age 20. When I was a teen or turning 20, I might have thought 30 was so far away and older/mature. Now, that I’m 30, I don’t feel/think it that way. I’m not saying I’m ready to pounce on a bloody teenager, Noooooooo. But I can probably see where Petyr doesn’t think himself as OLD.  Especially not in the context of the fantasy period in which he lives. And him playing 'father’ to Sansa’s Alayne. Sometimes, I get the feeling that people skim over his sarcasm and dark humour. He is using his older/wiser image to pass himself off as a father to her in public. That it wouldn’t be a shock that he could have fathered a child as a teenager himself. But he’s not old like Jon Arryn was to Lysa. It almost seems like an inside joke when he asks Sansa to give her father a kiss because he’s not her father and they (he/Sansa) knows it….they are playing a game to keep her safe until she can be revealed as a Stark once again. I really never saw him having 'paternal’ feelings for her. Maybe protective at one point when Cat was alive as a sense of duty to her…. but there’s nothing in their relationship that show that either Petyr or Sansa see each other as father/daughter. It’s the masks they are wearing and the game he is teaching her to play. If he had a better way to keep her identity hidden without being father/daughter, I think he would have chose it. Being his bastard was the  easiest and most believable lie and he used it.


Would fans be irritated as much if Sophie were playing her age and Aidan was only barely pushing 30 with his youthful looks instead of 46? Or if Sophie were a bit older while Aidan is in his 40’s? How about Arya killing people at an age much younger than Maisie is portrayed on the show?

I’m really curious on book/show fans opinions on this. What do you think?

I completely fell in love with gingerhaole’s handmade halos, so I wanted to do something with it! This was supposed to be Vana and Yavanna sharing a sisterly atmospheric moment (also, flowers and grapes - lots of ‘em), but if this means I accidentally start a ship I will rather just say you should think of them as random spirits of nature or whatever.

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