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Special Instructions (5/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: E
Word Count: ~3200
Chapters: One Two Three Four

I love y’all and hope this little tidbit of humor and sexual tension cheers you up if you’re feeling down ~ ❤️🍕 

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Special instructions: tell me jokes, joke man

Things were going great with Killian despite the fact that they communicated almost solely through text message. She’d spent nearly the entire first week of November out of state chasing a particularly sneaky skip and she was pretty sure the number of texts between them had fallen into the thousands by now.

They talked a little about their lives, just little tidbits about their likes and dislikes and the gossip from their respective friend groups. Emma liked crime shows; the less scientifically accurate, the better. Killian was into sitcoms. They both enjoyed reading but where Emma loved horror and suspense, mainly every book Stephen King had ever written, Killian was actually into sensual romance novels. (He’d only been slightly embarrassed to admit it.)

David and Mary Margaret were trying to get pregnant, and Belle and Killian’s older brother Liam were pregnant; they’d practically just found out that she was 10 weeks along and Killian was psyched at the prospect of becoming an uncle. Ruby was getting over her recent heartbreak by beginning an interesting three-way relationship with a martial artist and a dog groomer, both women, both ridiculously head over heels for her. Killian’s buddy Will was inheriting a bar from his recently deceased boss. Regina and Robin were planning the most extravagant wedding ever, and by that she meant that Regina was planning the most extravagant wedding ever and Robin was passively agreeing with all her decisions. And Killian’s best friend Ariel’s Etsy shop was booming; apparently handmade mermaid tails and shell bras were in surprisingly high demand.

They learned quite a bit about each other. Their friendship was blooming…

But mostly they flirted.

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The Things That Made Bubbline My AT OTP (Redux)

Go With Me

So wait, the Princess has a first name and Marcy is the only one who calls her that!

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What Was Missing? 

She looks so worried when she got hurt 

Does Marcy think she’s pretty?


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They keep showing Bonnibel when she was singing this song. She was like pissed off that it was about her 

but at the same time she was all “You… you still like me?”. WHY ISN’T THEIR A EP BACKSTORY ABOUT THESE TWO YET!?

“I never say you have to be perfect!” - Princess Bubblegum. Omg, this really proves they like each other! 

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The way Marcy is looking at her! 


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Whoa, Marceline looks really worried that Finn might take Bonnie away from her

So Bonnie’s most prize possession is Marceline’s rock shirt and she wear it all the time as pajamas,

It made Marceline blush,

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Burning Low

Why does it feel like she’s referring this to Marceline? 

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Sky Witch 

Bonnie also sniffs it,

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She’s really worried of what happen to Peebles 

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She looks so worried when PB lost her kingdom to King of Ooo

So she is referring it to Marceline back at Burning Low where PB is telling Finn about “Responsibility Demands Sacrifice” It makes a lot of sense becase she used to have time to hangout with her but her kingdom kept on growing, leaving her to push her away, so she could protect her people. I’m trash 

Best duo 

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She hates when she cries

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She just called her handwriting pretty and she likes it. SHE LIKES IT!

Omg, she’s apologizing to her for leaving her and even said “I pushed you away”, just her and no one else. GLOB DAMN THIS IS SO GOING TO CANNON!

And then Marceline comfort her and she made her open to others.


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Adventure Time Mini-series Stakes 

She looks so happy when she’s riding on Batceline in the opening

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Bonnie will be the one to bury her to the ground 

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Finn got DENIED! 

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Bonnie is holding Marcy when she was dying from poison

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She’ll kick someone ass to save her

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She’s even stressing out that Marcy was dying. Also she was dying in her arms!

She’ll be one to bury her to the ground but not yet

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Marcy is actually dreaming about being with Bonnibel. Also the dress represent funeral or even WEDDING in Korea 

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There’s no word to describe how gay this scene is

I really hope they’ll be a backstory episode them soon or later!

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And then Bonnibel helped Marceline to grow up

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The Thin Yellow Line


Broke His Crown

I can’t believe Marceline invited Bonnibel to have dinner with her and the Ice King 

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Bonnie just called her “girlfriend”, 

just like Korra said to Asami and look how did that turned out!

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She’s holding her hand

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Bonnie will try to get along with the Ice King for her!

Marcy is cleaning Bonnie and she doesn’t mind

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Marceline just made Bonnibel blush again

This looks like Bonnie is having dinner with her GF and her “dad”

I can’t believe Marceline let Bonnie rant in front of Simon and she smiled

When Simon ask that Bonnie has a boyfriend, she admittedly said “no”.

And then Bonnie smiled! 


Wtf, is Marcy singing about Bonnie because there’s an image of her and it looks like from the episode Sky Witch 

And at the end of the music video, there’s two people with long hair, holding hands and watching the sunset together which looks like to me it’s her and Bonnibel

For this LGBT month, I’ve decided to post this again but more evidence. I still hope that this will become cannon becuase of the many moments they had and it’s pretty convince that they should be together. With each season 7 has shown many interaction between these, so I’m hoping this will finally make it happen. I also hope their will Bubbline moments in The Music Hole. Also I’m trash and I hope this will be cannon!

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do you guys have any harry potter x tk headcanons? 🙊

yes! indeed we do. a year ago, we answered some asks (1, 2, 3, 4) about slytherin jeongguk and hufflepuff taehyung, but it has been quite some time!! and we dont agree with those headcanons anymore (e.g. slytherin jeongguk).

so instead, we offer you: beauxbaton jeongguk x durmstrang taehyung!!

  • this entire headcanon exists because carboxyls loves the mental image of jeongguk wearing the powder blue beauxbaton robes
    • he would look really cute and soft all the time ok (●♡∀♡)
    • “i have a deep love for the image of jeongguk conjuring a tiny mountain bluebird and holding it on his finger as taehyung coos at it” –carboxyls
  • they probably meet at one of the triwizard tournaments! beauxbaton is hosting and taehyung is the durmstrang champion. (jeongguk is a spectating student/not the beauxbaton champion, probably cause hes more baby.) we are not sure how they meet but they do
    • taehyung offering his fur cloak bc jeongguk’s uniform is blue silk
    • “why is everything you wear lined with fur” “why is everything you wear made of SILK”
  • and they hit it off! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ jeongguk takes around taehyung around his school and shows him all the hidden hallways and rooms, his favorite paintings to chat with (the beauxbaton castle is really beautiful in an Extra Way, as only the french can be)
  • and eventually people just start assuming its taeguk when they see a beauxbaton and a durmstrang uniform together (≧∇≦)/
    • mingyu: i hear they eat rocks and snow
    • jeongguk: wtf what no they do not
    • (later)
    • jeongguk: hey what do you eat at durmstrang
    • taehyung: rocks and snow
    • jeongguk:
    • taehyung: i’m kidding.
  • they eat all their meals together and wander around the grounds together and after a while everyone else doesnt really care tbh
  • smitten baby jeongguk is always getting all dreamy about how pretty taehyung is and mingyu nudges dokyeom like “…is he ok….”
    • after first all of jeongguks beauxbatons friends like ??? youre talking to a guy from DURMSTRANG? THOSE GUYS? but they come around after they meet taehyung
    • yoongi, jimin (aka taehyungs friends in durmstrang): FRATERNIZING WITH THE ENEMY

oops this got long as Heck so more under the cut ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

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(1) This chapter opens with a shot of an agehamodoki/butterfly moth (this again, which also happens to represent Touka as well as ghouls, particularly because Touka again is like the ghoul represent in TG) on the floor, seemingly part of all the debris in the abandoned building they have converted to a makeshift love hotel. A butterfly moth is like a fake/imitation, while actual butterflies are associated with illusion/dreams. awkward virgin sex.

(2) The mole on Touka’s breast, actually quite a few characters in TG have conspicuous moles which reminded me that “mole reading” is a thing. According to some Chinese and Indian fortune-telling beliefs, where a person has a mole can indicate something about their life be it their personality or prospects with various things like luck, wealth, love, etc. I have no idea from a preliminary search what a mole on the right breast means as you get widely varying results that can’t be considered 

conclusive. Note that at some point sheets appear under the pair. It’s like magic, because sex on a dirty floor is not too sexy is it? At one point Kaneki references last chapter’s hookline with “ah am I really doing this with Touka-chan?”. The OEK can’t unhook a girl’s bra lol Personally I find this panel kind of off-putting and unnecessary, but before Kaneki uh, gets going, Touka is posed like an angel with the sheets spread out like her wings.

(4) This is to denote her innocence which is about to be lost. You could also see those as her butterflymoth wings, which gives a different connotation of Touka not being what she seems…Of course the most unsettling part of this chapter is at the end, at which Kaneki unconsciously starts to cry right during the thick of things, but this is not the worst part. 

(5) The last page is a spread of Kaneki curled up in fetal position head resting on Touka’s lap as she understandingly and gently strokes his head, and interestingly enough the sheets(that came from nowhere) are creased to resemble an outline of the butterfly moth. So, wtf does all this even mean?

(5) First off the fetal position represents child-like vulnerability. Having sex with Touka, a girl he claims is quite attractive to him meant to be his lover, somehow unconsciously triggers something within Kaneki that upsets him to the degree that it leaves him feeling vulnerable as a child again.But why would this be? A few weeks prior Ishida posted a poem on his tumblr accompanied by artwork of Kaneki curled up in fetal position, which to me seems to have been about childbirth or

(6) mother-child relationship. Touka also appeared in a recent colour cover in which a blood splatter appears over the area where her womb could be, implying some connection to motherhood. If you put two and two together, Kaneki’s breakdown this chapter is related to his mother issues which seem to have been overlapped with Touka. Not good.

(7) The sex was actually “too good to be true”. Instead of Kaneki feeling whole and loved he broke down after being reminded of his troubled relationship with his mother. This spells trouble for the two as lovers, as it seems to indicate that Kaneki won’t be able to love and be loved until he can get over the issues of abandonment by his mother which has left him deeply scarred. That even when Touka was willing to both emotionally and physically give herself to Kaneki,

(8) it wasn’t enough to heal his heart like she had hoped. This I would guess is the “dream” part of the whole thing. Ishida’s way of dangling a carrot only to bring down the stick. (entire chapter of happy sex, you wish). It’s actually kind of a downer for TouKen shippers even though Ishida played it straight. For me, I didn’t care about the sex or the ship so I was able to dedicate my attentions to locating the origins of the mysterious sheets lol

Uhm, really can’t say I agree with this interpretation. The moth represents metamorphosis. Several moths have also appeared throughout the series during key events of change, like when Eto reveals to the world that she’s a Ghoul, for example. Its focus is to suggest a huge change in Kaneki’s emotional state, and as the Tarot of the Sun indicates, it’s a positive one which leads to greater wholeness in Kaneki. And before you might argue that the Tarot is reversed, a reversed Sun indicates “unrecognised hope” which fits Touka to a tee - in avoiding Touka, Kaneki didn’t realise she was his hope. Even if you don’t agree with that interpretation, it’s definite that the Sun is never a negative card, even when reversed.

Touka has had wing imagery for ages, long before she had anything to do with moths. She’s an ukaku and carries the image of a caged bird: “Your wing can’t fly anywhere”, “This world is like a twisted birdcage”, and also feeling explicitly sorry for an actual bird in an actual cage. Even if imagery here is meant to represent moth wings, which I contest, that wouldn’t be a bad thing either because the moth represents change and as the Tarot indicates, change here is positive.

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar and a mole is just a mole. Likely just for the sake of showing a realistic but still beautiful body.

Blankets are symbolic of warmth. Even if they’re actually doing it on a hard, dirty floor, the moment is so wonderful to them it feels no different than being on silk blankets. They give each other warmth in the cold, they give each other happiness in a world of pain.

Touka’s angelic appearance has nothing to do with the outdated concept of ‘losing innocence’ (she’s killed people for crying out loud). The image is reminiscent of our old friend the Sun Tarot - Touka practically glows with light above our naked child Kaneki. 

See how the darkness at the bottom of the page is dispelled by the light that Touka is bathed in? The positioning of her hands and the blanket behind her evokes angel symbolism to reinforce her imagery as a celestial being that brings light to Kaneki. It’s only “off-putting” and “unnecessary” if it doesn’t lend itself to your theory - for Sun Theory, it’s a giant boost.

Kaneki cried tears of happiness upon seeing Touka again in :re, and his tears here are meant to reflect that occasion, even to the extent that he has to be told that he is crying, and then asked why. He doesn’t provide an explanation in either case, but in both, it’s clear it’s because he holds strong romantic feelings for Touka. Haise’s inner monologue in :re confirmed this then, and Kaneki moving in for the kiss immediately afterwards confirmed it now. He’s crying because he’s finally found what he’s been searching for.

Your analysis in the next section relies on incorrect information. The caption for that image was “Don’t hit me, father”. It never mentioned a mother. Additionally, Kaneki (if it is him) isn’t in the same position in that image as he is in this chapter - in the image, his hands are wrapped around his legs, an image indicating curling up from abuse rather than a foetal position. 

Also, if this was a mother-related breakdown, why would Ishida be so randomly obtuse? His mother isn’t mentioned at all this chapter and unlike every other time Kaneki’s realised something about her, she doesn’t appear in his mind’s eye. If that’s what Ishida intended, wouldn’t the obvious thing to do would be for after Kaneki starts crying to have a small panel with the words “…Mother?” or the outline of her face? As it is, I’m afraid you’re drawing something from nothing here. 

Kaneki is in a foetal position for three reasons: 1) To hearken back to the image of him in a solitary foetal position vs him now with Touka to indicate the end of his loneliness. 2) To indicate that he is being reborn once more, imagery that we’ve also seen when he battled his suicidal urges vs Arima. 3) To appear childlike and naked as Touka smiles on above to match the Sun Tarot Card.

You argue that Kaneki won’t be able to love or be loved after he started crying, but you ignore that extremely passionate image of love-making that immediately followed it. And you say she couldn’t heal his heart, despite looking utterly peaceful with the Sun Tarot right next to him. This supposed stick seems totally illusory. Is it so hard to believe that we’d be given a carrot after facing the stick for so long?

This is why I can’t agree with your theory, anon - that, and because it flies in the face of the entire feeling and emotional impact of the chapter, aspects which certainly should not be ignored. You might not be interested in the ship, but Ishida has always seemed quite invested.

My soul is an empty carousel at sunset.

Slow burn Yuri/Otabek with demi!Yuri and lots of texting as a belated birthday present for for @limitlessmonster. [Read on AO3]

Yuri grows up, grows older and grows into himself. Otabek helps. It just takes a while to get there.

Texting with Otabek, when it first happens, is fortunately not something anyone bothers to comment on.

While Yuri is not as much of a social media addict as he could be, when he is not on the ice he is instead glued to his phone, like any self-respecting teenager should be.

And it’s not like Yuri has never texted with people before. There’s Yuuko, and some other skaters still in the Junior division, classmates from Russia, even though he never exactly considered any of them his friends. It’s just that, with Otabek, Yuri is actually smiling down on his phone.

“Oh, Yuri, you’re smiling?” Mila had asked once, curiously cocking her eyebrow at him.

“Funny cat video,” he had told her, making to hold out his phone to her, “Do you wanna-?”

Luckily, she had immediately made herself scarce then. Everyone knew that once Yuri started pulling out the cat videos he didn’t stop until he ran out of battery.

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The year of 2016 shall in many peoples memories, be a year of complete and total shit. A year that saw the rise and fall of many great things. From Donald Trump to Harambe memes and everything in between, 2016 was a year of transition.

And so too was it for me a year of transition. A year where I said goodbye to a great many things yet at the same time ushering in a new chapter in the book of Destery. Which is not a real book because if it was, it would be full of poop jokes and terrible humor.

So much like the years before me, in addition to listing my accomplishments throughout this year, I’ll follow it up with what I’d like to see achieved in 2017 and hopefully at the end of it, I can look back and say “man this year didn’t suck, thats amazing! How new!”

1. YouTube
2016 was one of the most eye opening and easily the most financially lucrative years on YouTube I’ve ever had. this year alone I gained almost 250,000 subscribers, almost doubling what I gained last year, And finally hitting that magical One million subscriber mark that people have been long anticipating. And while numbers don’t truly mean that much to me, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely proud of how far I’ve come. That said, this year also was a huge year of transition on YouTube for me. I ceased making WTF NEWS on Shane’s channel and started up WTF FIVE, a show that was definitely out of my comfort zone when I first started it; but I’m glad I took the risk as it’s taught me a lot about myself in the process of the show’s growth, now reaching almost 1 Million people per video.
WTF NEWS was moved to my Capndesdes, which has quickly became the #1 most viewed show on my channel. In addition, i stopped doing the Recap vlogs and brought back the Destery watch vlogs which I believe feels a lot more personal and allows me to have sort of a conversation with people rather than just talk about my life that really isn’t all that exciting anyways. I stopped doing the Monthly favorite videos, I stopped doing Real Ass Talk videos, I stopped streaming on twitch, I closed down my MineCraft server, and I haven’t posted a QNA in over a year, but regardless, true fans and viewers have still stuck by my side, eager for whatever random shit I dish out next.
In the next year I hope to continue posting my WTF NEWS videos, Destery Watch vlogs, random skits, as well as bring back the Capndesdes QNA videos as I greatly enjoyed doing them.

With all the phasing out of older video series, many people began wondering: what the hell is destery doing with his time anyways? And while YouTube will always be a main passion and income source for me, 2016 proved to be the first year where I tried expanding my reach in more than just the digital world. So in order to cut back even more on the amount of time I spend per week doing YouTube, I hired two editors this last year who have been a tremendous help to me in allowing myself more time to focus on more pressing concerns than spending 5 fucking hours editing a video. And With the free time gained from the help of my editors, I was able to focus on something I’ve always wanted to do: make a board game.
And Though the game is still very much in it’s alpha phase, I’ve recently also hired two artists who are already taking the game from just an idea into a magnificent work of art that has inspired me even more to have it released.
I can’t wait for you guys to play it and remark on just how fucking nerdy I am that one of my dreams in life was to make a board game.

So one of my resolutions for last year was to travel. To see more than just the worlds and places I see on TV and to actually venture into the scary unknown abyss known as “outside”. Well this year I’m happy to report that I travelled a metric fuck ton. Starting with going to Tennessee last January; then to Las Vegas in March, then exploring cool new places here in Portland, visiting my mom and Nathan in Idaho twice on a long and terrible car ride, Then to The land which I promised I would never return in Orlando Florida, then to a weekend in Seattle, and then again to Tennessee. This year was by far the most I’ve ever travelled and I’m extremely proud that I was able to leave my comfort zone which is really just my apartment filled with cats and video games, to embark on a quest to see more of the world.

SO fun fact - I’ve never really thought very highly of myself. Even if I have all of these accomplishments and useless to mediocre talents like making transformer sounds with my mouth, I still have a hard time with my own self worth and image. So this last year I vowed to test myself. To push myself harder than I ever have before both mentally and physically. And though I still look like a sad sack of uncooked chicken, My increasing desire to work out, eat healthy, and ice skate rigorously has only been briefly halted this year by my own doubts and the evil addicting nature of Taco Bell. I know that this year I can prove to myself even more that I am a Warrior and I will not give in to doubt or 2 dollar chicken burritos.

So those were my accomplishments I felt were worth noting this year, And as I venture forth into the next year, I have but one resolution.
STOP BEING LAZY. The largest hurdle between me and greatness is the limitations I set in my own mind And the inability to act on opportunity simply because it requires work. Nothing is simply achieved. Everything requires work - and my goal this year to be someone who constantly strives to work their hardest. Not only for my fans and people who look up to me, but to myself as well. When you’re sad and feeling helpless, many times, it’s hard to dig yourself out of the hole you’ve made. But inaction is greater a crime than trying and failing. Inaction leads to settling. Settling leads to regret, and regret leads to a mundane life. And if theres one thing I know, I will never settle for the mundane. Because the weird - The strange. The people who try something they’ve never done, or attempt something that frightens them - Those are the people who change the world.

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aHhh pls share more abt the role swap au,,, my m an,,!!!


Okay anyway let me explain in better detail wtf Lance is doing while Hunk/Keith/Pidge have a bonding montage.

  • So like I said in my first post, Lance goes back home because he misses it/feels like he’s needed. But a couple months later, he’s feeling super shitty because he’s basically dropped out of school and lost the opportunity of a lifetime. He doesn’t really know where to go with his life.
  • And he like, tries to cover up how lost he feels because he doesn’t want his family to feel guilty about asking him to come back home. But Hunk is an emotional GOD so it only takes like two days of back and forth Skyping for Hunk to deduce that Lance really wants to come back to the Garrison.
  • “Well, you can always just apply again,” Hunk suggests. He’s sitting on the roof of the Garrison because it’s the best place to receive a wifi signal. On the screen of Hunk’s homemade computer, Lance’s image flickers for a few seconds. It’s funny; when Lance was still at school with him, Hunk always refused to sneak out after lights out. Now that Lance is gone, Hunk makes his way to the roof every third night.
    Lance is dubious. “I’m pretty sure the Garrison doesn’t accept take-backs,” he points out but Hunk just shrugs. 
    “You never know ‘til you try, dude.”
  • So Lance sends a hesitant email, and Commander Iverson almost laughs himself into a coma when he reads it. Honestly, Lance McClain giving a shit about his education?
    • Iverson tells Lance that he can come back the next school year if he passes the entrance exam for his grade. It’s a ridiculously tall order, and Iverson only offers it because he’s an asshole and believes Lance will either say no or fail miserably. Unfortunately, Iverson has never known a Lance who is Out To Prove Something™
  • Lance is like HELL YEAH and begins studying in earnest. His Skype sessions with Hunk basically becomes a tutoring session, and as Keith and then Pidge befriend Hunk, they start showing up to help Lance too.
    • Lance grills everyone for info and they all take turns quizzing him. Only Hunk and Pidge are helpful though, most of Keith’s advice boils down to ‘idk instinct I guess’ which is “NOT HELPFUL, KEITH.”
  • Lance’s family manages to convince the Garrison to spare a tutor, so Lance moves shop to a town that’s an hour or so away from the Garrison. It’s half-military, half-civilian, and it’s the place where the families of most of the teachers are stationed. Lance makes a lot of new friends, mostly with the lil kids lol
  • When he’s not studying with his tutor/friends, Lance often finds himself wandering into the desert. And at first everyone in town tried to discourage him from doing it since they were worried he would like, get lost and die, but Lance always seems to know where he is and comes back before dinner so like. They just leave him be. Everyone including Lance just thinks his brain is all scrambled from the studying he’s doing.
  • At first Lance tries to deny that he’s feeling drawn to the desert, but eventually he admits to everyone that there’s some weird ‘energy’ out in the desert. At first Keith is the only one who believes him, because Keith also feels like there’s something out there calling him, and that helps them bond.
    • Pidge is eventually convinced once they finish building their supercomputer and begin picking up alien chatter about ‘Voltron.’ (Side note: When Keith found out aliens were real he LOST HIS SHIT because Keith is 1000000% a EVERYTHING but especially aliens conspiracist. Keith’s favorite channels are the History Channel and Animal Planet.)
    • Hunk is still kind of dubious about everything but he trusts Lance, so eventually 4/5 of Voltron start working together to find this ‘energy source’ Lance keeps mentioning.
  • So basically, Keith’s year of research from canon is condensed into only a few months of searching for Lance because 1. Four people are working together to find the same thing, and 2. Lance has a stronger connection to Blue because… that is his Lion lol.
  • Anyway eventually they all figure out where the energy source is, and Lance sets out to go check it out against the wishes of everyone since all they know is that it’s alien and therefore might be dangerous. Lance is like LOL.
  • Lance finds Blue and is like HOLY SHIT and he calls everyone to tell them the news but everyone else is too busy also going HOLY SHIT because Shiro’s ship just crashed into the desert. Lance is like ‘be right there’ and basically the rest of the scene plays out in canon. This time Lance acts as the distraction with his Lion, Keith gets Shiro out like usual, and Lance is the getaway pilot. Keith is like ‘I know a safe place’ and directs Lance to his little house on the prairie. Yeehaw.

I have… So Many thoughts abt this au idek why.

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Kikasa just ahhhh kikasa I wish you can do them all but that would be mean sorry so do the ones you feel like doing? If you like thank you

Well, normally I wouldn’t do that many at once, but since the KiKasa tag is so quiet, I’ll answer all the questions that aren’t either patently obvious from canon or that I’ve answered in some form elsewhere.XD Here you go:


- How do they fall asleep? Wake up? Any daily rituals?
Kise is a shamelessly grabby cuddler, but he also moves around in his sleep. Kasamatsu has woken up in the middle of the night after being flipped over like a pancake when Kise decided to roll over. They haven’t yet found a good solution to the problem (It’s okay, he gets revenge by tweaking Kise’s nose to wake him up in the morning.)

- How’s their team work? Do they share well?

I rest my case. XD

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Hannibal Rewatch: 1x11

Season 1, Episode 11: “Rôti”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

“Rôti” changed me.

I remember staring into the dark after I watched this episode, heart pounding from having just leaped onto my bed from halfway across my room in case I was about to be face-attacked by someone hiding underneath it, and feeling like I was going mad. How did this happen to me?? I wondered, overwhelmed, and I would try to pinpoint it and I couldn’t and then another wave of delirium would sweep over me. Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last, I considered how the sea that Will was in was where I was as well. I screamed silently into my pillow.

The fourth wall was gone, eaten up some time before. The madness was mine too, and frankly: I loved it.


So I’m very dreading and desperate rewatching this one, but HELLO CHILTS. Figuring out rn why it was that I hadn’t cared about Dr. Chilton’s fate in this episode, and it’s because this is only the second time we’d seen him! Felt like more, actually — nicely done, as always, Mr. Esparza.

“If only I’d been more curious about the common mind.”

Oh my god, delivered with all the tragic irony of the hero stating his fatal flaw, gazing ~majestically~ out into the snow like “ah yes, my tragedy: being Too Attuned to the Rarified” — beautiful. I have never before seen a side character who more visibly believes himself to be the central protagonist.

Hannibal: “You were trying too hard, Frederick.” Chilton is a canonical try-hard, #txt it

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Lindsay Lohan's Last Fan's Last Post

Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan


            “So….what’s new with Lindsay?”

             I looked directly at Allen, my best friend for maybe nine years, and realized that he had run out of things to talk about with me. I responded with a neutral head nod. 

            “A new nip slip? Rehab? Comeback? Freaky Friday sequel named Strange Saturday? So Daniel…?”

            I took another sip of my iced-chai and then replied in a monotone voice. “She’s going to star in a David Mamet play in London or something, right now she is wasting away on a yacht in Ibiza surrounded by handsome dudes who wear Rolexes.”


            I don’t know when I became this assumed scholar in all things Lindsay Lohan for all of my friends and family. Almost once a week, someone references Lindsay Lohan to me, either through interweaving a Mean Girls quote in a casual conversationor explicitly asking me for the latest update on the fallen starlet.

Nearly three years ago, on a random Freshman year night in a crowded dorm room, I told my pop culture savvy friend Monica about some half-baked conceptual Tumblr idea I had. Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan creates the fan blog to end all fan blogs: an aggressively pink aesthetic with bright yellow Arial font, content strictly consisting of photos and memes of Lindsay Lohan that would be interspersed with purposefully misspelled ramblings fearlessly defending the star. A few moments later, Monica pushed aside the cluttered mess of empty 40s bottles on her desk and whipped out her MacBook. The first photo uploaded was of a naked Lindsay clutching an acoustic guitar on a sandy beach, captioned with “If I coood be ther with her, if I coood touch her AURA.” Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan the character was officially created.

            When I started the blog in the fall of 2011, there was an odd sense of hope for Lindsay Lohan and her career. She was showing up to court-mandated community service. She had landed the cover of Playboy. Even the most scathing of gossip columnists were noting how “happy” and “healthy” she looked in recent photographs. In the early stages of this persona, a typical Tumblr session for me would consist of messaging other Lindsay Lohan fan blogs asking if they wanted to join forces, reblogging every image under the #LindsayLohan or #LiLo Tumblr tag and going on manically apologetic rants defending her latest misbehavior: “nooooo she’s $tumbling out of B00000tsy Belllows cuz of THE PRESSURE of the #FAME not cuz $HE WAS drunk”. I was the L’enfant terrible of the Lindsay Lohan fan community; overeager, overzealous and typing with a sense of entitlement that I and only I, Linday Lohan’s Last and only true Fan, truly understood the star. A series of questions from other “genuine” Lohan fan blogs started piling up in my Tumblr inbox: “Why are you so creepy? Why do you misspell everything? Why are you so OBSESSED with Lindsay Lohan? Who are you? Are you a boy or a girl?

            At first I was adamantly opposed to answering any of these questions, thinking that this persona of Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan, being so warped up in her obsession, wouldn’t feel any desire to assert any sense of selfhood. I randomly replied to a few questions with the 2007 “not my cocaine” in her pocket era Lindsay Lohan mug shot or a Freaky Friday GIF; my glossy pink mystique remained in tact. When I showed my friends the blog, they either would tell me it was funny, reply with a shrug or question if perhaps my liberal arts college had made me go manic: Daniel, do you even like Lindsay Lohan? Are you okay? The project was admittedly aimless; the same joke of an anonymous Lindsay Lohan jihadist repeated over and over again. In January 2012, I was about to quit and get a new hobby.

Then Lana Del Rey’s SNL performance happened.

 I was fascinated by her self-pitying lyrics, the permanent sadness in her eyes and her shameless embrace of being society’s victim. I spontaneously copied and pasted the chorus of “Video Games” to a photograph of a 2010 “I’m going to Cannes Film Festival to party on yachts” Lindsay gracelessly falling on her face: Heaven is a place on Earth with you. The Tumblr response was ecstatic: HAHAHA, GURL wtf is this! I transitioned to creating memes with my own cheesy musings of what Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan thought about her emotionally abusive parents, loneliness and her painful obscurity. Lindsay Lohan had alcohol and cocaine to escape the “painful misery of daddy and reality”. Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan had well, Lindsay Lohan. I stopped obnoxiously misspelling words and reblogging generic Lindsay Lohan GIFs and photos and embraced a new direction. I put on the guise of a crying teen girl in her bedroom, using this Tumblr persona to express some inner-darkness that could only be articulated through hyperbole: We both hate daddy, we both have fake friends and we both are on the edge of the abyss, forever isolated, forever shackled to this life! Over time, Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan became less about the idea of obsession and more about the idea of what it means to truly connect with a specific celebrity. Lindsay Lohan’s last truly culturally relevant movie was Herbie Fully Loaded. For years now her actual Blockbuster, enticing body of work was her fragile existence. Her life, filled with arrests, rehab visits and lesbian romances, was ripe and ready to be part of a grander tragic meta-narrative. There was nothing more to her than her latest fuck up; everything snowballing into the inevitable TMZ headline: Lindsay Lohan DEAD followed by the inevitable Dina Lohan or/and Michael Lohan “up close and PERSONAL” account of their daughter’s life. Nothing about Lindsay Lohan and the cult of her celebrity is necessarily unique. If anything, her life has become a self-actualization of a Valley of the Dolls-level of triteness.

As my Tumblr popularity increased, I noticed that the other blogs reblogging my memes had been sandwiching my content in between photos of the late Anna Nicole Smith dressed as a clown, Paris Hilton mug shots, Britney Spears scarfing down Taco Bell and a crack head Amy Winehouse. I was being embraced by the #Camp #2005 niche sub-culture of Tumblr, with blogs that had a flashier and glitterier design praising my work and calling me “BB”.  It was all too silly. I had to go back to the drawing board; I tapped deeper into the depths of this inner sad girl. I made Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan question her own obsession and write epic poems about the increasing sense of alienation she felt between herself and the star: When Lindsay cries, it’s BREAKING NEWS, when I cry, Daddy just laughs and suggests waterproof mascara. The more invested I got, the more Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan became about how one individual amongst a sea of internet trolls, journalists, gossip magazine readers and fans, had found a unique connection with someone who invoked such ubiquitous disdain. Dr. Drew Pinsky using Lindsay Lohan as an example of the dangers of alcoholism was no different than when Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan related the critically panned Liz and Dick to her own personal experience of stuttering during a Bat Mitzvah speech. She didn’t need the TMZ obituary; Lindsay Lohan had been up for grabs for a while now.

In the fall of 2012, I woke up from a nap to a Facebook message: “OMFG. Check BuzzFeed…”

A handful of my memes that I uploaded during my “Live-Meme viewing session” of Liz and Dick had been incorporated into a list of “21 People Who Genuinely Loved Liz and Dick”. My images were interspersed between Tweets from unassuming, “genuine” Lindsay Lohan fans that actually liked her critically panned Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime bio-epic. Immediately after the BuzzFeed post, my viewer stats hit records high, got a ton of new Tumblr followers and hundreds of more reblogs. If any of my friends and family didn’t know that I had this second Internet persona, they now knew and they now could count on me as their handy-dandy Lindsay Lohan expert. A few days after experiencing a manic rush from achieving a minor-level of notoriety, I revisited the BuzzFeed article. I had a painful epiphany: my blog was fucking evil.  

This persona I created of someone being whole-heartedly sincere had come under attack by a snarky blog, being lumped in with actual fans who were deemed naïve and stupid. The character was given exposure not on her terms, but on the fucked up power dynamics of irony and mockery perpetuated by some presumptuous arbiter of good taste. This project had become a monster. Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan had also started becoming all consuming: My MacBook Desktop was now completely covered in memes and photographs of Lindsay Lohan, I woke up everyday Googling Lindsay Lohan, Facebook had started trying to sell me Amazon discount DVDs starring none other than…. Lindsay Lohan.

After the BuzzFeed existential crisis, I started making darker, more tragic memes. I thought that there was no real point in ending the blog because Lindsay Lohan’s life had yet to reach a true moment of catharsis. Perhaps the #comeback was going to actually happen in two, three months or a year and what a fucking shame if Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan missed it. And so I continued. I even started making deeply disturbing Youtube videos in which I paired distorted recordings of the persona’s obsessive thoughts with glitched out, pixelated images of Lindsay: I woke up and thought about Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay Lohan also woke up and thought about Lindsay Lohan.

            I had come to discover that maybe the concept of “performance art” is rendered meaningless on the Internet. I was creating a specific artifice for myself, this crazed, manic-depressive fan and was being engaged directly on the aesthetic of my work. Without the confines of a gallery space, there was nothing to potentially differentiate this performance project from the other fans on the next “21 People Who Actually Like Lindsay Lohan” list. It didn’t matter when I submitted it to a Dis Magazine contest or when “Tumblr Teen Girl” artist/expert Kate Durbin reblogged my work for her Womans as Objects project. It never and still doesn’t matter because Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan the Tumblr page is out there waiting for people to stumble upon it and not even question it’s alleged inauthenticity: What’s wrong with you? Are you okay? Looking back at old memes, it’s hard to say whether the “I am so lonely” was real at the moment or not; the well-worn cliché of method acting is admittedly a lived experience for me. At this point, I want Lindsay Lohan to win an Oscar, I want Lindsay Lohan to get married, I want Lindsay Lohan to start her inevitable Long Island nuclear- family and finally be clean and sober for good. Not necessarily because I care about her as a person, but more because I want her to do anything that could liberate her from the creepy and firm grasp of Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan. She has now reached a point of nicotine-induced malaise, wasting away on a yacht in Ibiza surrounded by handsome dudes who wear Rolexes. Analogously, Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan floats along, feeling neither a sense of closure or the same captivating connection of yesteryear. Thousands of memes later, the superstar and fan have both reached a period of indefinite mediocrity.  It’s time for the blog to end.

 If I learned anything from this project, it’s honestly just the objective truths about Lindsay Lohan that can be verified by court records, IMDB, Wikipedia and photographs.  Yes, I am a Lindsay Lohan expert. And so, this January, I will teach a run-of-the-mill introductory course on Lindsay Lohan for my college’s experimental learning week. I won’t bring up Warhol or Koons, Baudrillard or Adorno. No, this will be a cut and dry course covering the facts of Lindsay Lohan’s life: She did star in The Parent Trap in 1998, she did date Wilmer Valderrama in 2005, she did get two DUIs in 2007. After the class, I will tell the students to discuss the content and collectively decide what to make of my boring PowerPoint presentation: What’s the narrative here, if there really is one? Then and only then, will Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan would be allowed to finally die.  

            It’s you, it’s all for you, everything I do, I tell you all the time, heaven is a place on Earth with you

anonymous asked:

It's good that they got rid of the boobplate, but all the women are still really skinny compared to the men... I mean, they're both soldiers? Why are they so afraid of muscular women?

I don’t know, it’s a good question. I really like SisRyder’s look but in the trailer when they showed the female squadmate’s shadow (Cora?) she did look extremely thin/skinny. Then again we don’t know if they’re skinny and muscular, that could also be a thing. I’m thinking about some pictures of Michelle Rodriguez, in it she appears skinny at a first glance but she’s incredibly muscular.
Then there are women who are incredibly muscular but seem heavier and I think we won’t see much of them in a major role. Like you said, they’re probably afraid of it (because those women look powerful? because they appear to have the same strength than men and it bothers them?) or it simply isn’t what our society deems beautiful. I think what is beautiful or not is also a real argument, because you would see a lot of men behind the scenes being Art Director or dealing with concept art and they have a very clear idea of what they want in their female characters. No matter how talented they are, sometimes those guys are clueless. Derek Watts, the previous Art Director for the trilogy, is one of those guys. He did amazing concept art for the turians and other species, but when it came to female aliens and women in general, suddenly the guy is like “hahaha boobs or not????”. I mean. WTF, right? 

So there is that, this idea that is very much rooted in our modern society that women have to be of a certain body type to be considered beautiful. If they’re heavy or mascular, they aren’t hot or sexy. And they have to be hot or sexy in the media we consume. In turn, it influences us, especially as girls, and that even divides us as women.
How many times have you seen women say “real women have curves”? 
That’s bullshit, right? Skinny women ARE real women. Women of all body types are real women. And all of them can be beautiful. That diversity, we’re supposed to see it because it’s our reality, but we’re not. We’re constantly seeing only one body type and we’re told it’s the only good one. 
I’m trying to think of a single fat woman in Mass Effect and I can’t find any (I use fat as a very neutral word, btw, I don’t like pretending fat is a bad word to appease people who don’t like it). One thing that could explain it is the lore. Medecine and technology at the time will make it easier for people to be thinner. Alright. But that’s a bit bullshit, right? I mean, it’s so systematic that you don’t see much exception to it. It’s just how it is. The women also wear incredibly tight dresses - and I don’t mean that those dresses are revealing (though some are), I mean they’re tight and would be so uncomfortable to wear for women who aren’t skinny. It just doesn’t make room for curves.
And if you consider it, the women who are really fat in stories, they’re either mothers (so it’s allowed, they don’t have to be that desirable) OR they’re villains, grotesque, ridiculous. Disney is a major offender, though they’re trying to make amends lately. 

Anyway, it’s all tied up to this idea of beauty. Muscular women, heavier women - they’re what we see in reality. They’re not what we see in our media. It doesn’t meet the expectations our society have of what a woman should look like, especially in a major role. That’s my theory, at least. It’s possible there is another reason.

pennyroyalcas  asked:

Do you guys have any Disney aus? Like they could be working at Disney, or they're in a Disney movie, I don't care. You guys are awesome! Thanks!

Hey there! Right at the moment this one dropped into our Ask Box I told Admin A not to go crazy with her Beauty and the Beast AUs. I don’t know if you were our reader back then, but when some poor one asked us about movie AUs those were pretty much everything Admin A recced. So, just check that post in HERE. We have also made a Cinderella (story) AU post that you can read in HERE and Aladdin AU post that you can read in HERE. Too much Disney already? Nah, because I’m only about starting now. Go and grab some ice cream and get comfortable on the couch ‘cause here we go, some good Disney related stories from my personal folders. – Admin J

P.S.: You know that Destiel is ruining your entire life, right? I mean, try to read these and then watch Disney movies without thinking Destiel. It’s impossible. My mind is in forever Destiel mode. There’s no way to turn it off.

Title: Actual Disney Princess

Author: centreoftheselights

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 2,697 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This is like the only fic I can imagine starting this rec with since it’s a classic. It’s hilarious and one of those fics I keep re-reading time after time.

Summary: Written for the SRS2012 prompt: “Gabriel gets tired of the way Dean and his little brother are constantly making eyes at each other and doing nothing about it, so he zaps them into various Disney films- always with Castiel as the prince and Dean as the princess- until they get the hint.”

( Read here )

Title: Your Heart Makes

Author: schmerzerling

Rating: Mature

Words: 51,884 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I’m still totally in love with this fic, especially how relatable Castiel’s depression is. I don’t really want this note to be a repeat of the last time that I recced this so I don’t really know what else to say except that you guys should all go and read it!

Summary: Castiel is directionless, depressed, and working in one of the worst possible places to be so—Disneyland Park. Seeing hundreds of excited people every day, trying to smile for the customers, and dealing with the fact that his infuriating brother Gabriel is so readily capable of every park job he throws himself into makes Castiel feel like he could barely manage to keep his head above the foot of water in the “It’s a Small World” canal that he oversees. All of that changes when the universe sees fit to put him in a Disneyesque love story opposite the handsome animator in the window on Main Street who doesn’t care about Castiel’s lethargic lack of idealism—so long as he can make caustic Cas come to appreciate every attraction in the park. But life isn’t a Disney fairytale, and even though an easy out and a happy ending are what Castiel seeks, he’ll begin to wonder if the happiest ending isn’t really an ending at all.

( Read here )

Title: Let Me Be Your Wings

Author: quillquiver

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 3,799 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I’m not quite sure if Thumbelina is Disney’s (I think it’s not) but since it’s from the golden years of Disney and since my dad took me to see in the cinema when I was four years old I wanted to add this fic in here. And no, that awesome father-daughter day did not end up my dad carrying me out from the theater since I couldn’t stop crying. Anyway, this fic. I gotta say that fairy prince Dean is my new favorite Dean because of his freaking bee and and first entrance… I can’t handle it! I laughed so much while reading this. And oh, poor Cas.My heart almost broke for him, even though I knew there would be a prince for him.

Summary: There was once a beautiful young woman, who, more than anything in the world, wished for a child. She was barren, you see, and her husband was constantly away and travelling as often merchants do. The beautiful young woman, Eve, was lonely. She prayed for a child every night. (Thumbelina AU; Tiny!Cas, Faerie!Dean)

( Read here )

Title: Fairytales Never Mentioned Us

Author: frecklesandwings

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 2,180 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: You know what? I’m going to sell everything and move to some city that has Disneyland and start working in there, because what the hell? I have never, ever even think about the fact that there are so many princes walking around. And now I can’t get the mental image of Cas as Prince Eric away from my head. It seriously seems impossible for me not to lose the point in my notes. The fic is hilarious and so cute and well-written, so read it if you need some fluff in your life! I think I’m gonna re-read it like right now. It makes me happy.

Summary: AU in which Dean and Cas work at Disney World as Prince Charming and Prince Eric. When they get stuck in the hunted house during a shift and believe something supernatural is after them, the best idea they can come up with is to hide inside a closet.

( Read here )

Title: Disney Princesses Never Had It This Good

Author: crossroadswrite

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 2,788 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: While reading this I was like wtf all the time because Nessie? Singing? I need my life to be a Disney musical as well! Admin A, from now on I’m gonna sing everything.

Summary: “Pity this isn’t a Disney princess movie, then they could just sing their feelings out and kiss in an overly romantic scene in the end.”

Suddenly there are hands framing his face and a chocolate covered mouth against his as Gabe smooches him, “Babe, that’s the best idea you’ve had!”

“Wait what?” Sam blinks at him.

( Read here )

Title: Tale as Old as Time

Author: whelvenwings

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 4,424 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This right here is like the most romantic shit ever. I don’t care about roses and candles or anything, I want to sit on a couch and watch Disney movies. I can’t handle the cuteness of these two. I just can’t. Can I get this fic written into the actual show? Please? Read this and you’ll get it why we need this to happen in the show.

Summary: When Sam recommends that Cas should start watching Disney movies to help with his insomnia, Cas decides to ask Dean to join him. Beauty and the Beast seems like a good story, but there’s one thing that Cas is sure about - it can’t end happily. A strange creature, terrifying and yet lost - he obviously stands no chance with the beautiful Belle. For who could ever learn to love a beast?

( Read here )

Title: The Sleeping Beauty in the Smoke

Author: kiragent

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 7,443 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I was pretty skeptical about this one at first since the summary was like that, but luckily they weren’t kids for the most part. After that I was only thinking “ok that’s it I’m gonna be a Disney princess and sleep until Cas comes to kiss me”. By the way, how is it that Dean’s pretty much always the princess? It’s awesome. Omega Dean, princess Dean… I think I’ve a thing for Dean being the damsel in distress, lol!

Summary: “I’m ten,” Cas says, solemn.

“Wow,” Dean whispers. He glances back at his parents again, and looks to the front to see that Ruby’s taken Bobby’s place by the basinet.

“How old are you?” Cas asks after a moment. When Dean doesn’t answer right away, he frowns and adds, “And what’s your name?”

“Dean,” Dean says, “and I’m eight.”

( Read here )

Title: Disney

Author: chemicals_ignite, KRmartian

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,184 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: This wasn’t quite as good as all the other, but I actually saw the scene going on in my head the entire time I was reading it, so points for that. I swear this has been the most satisfying ask for a long time since all the fics are been well-written and so funny that I’m probably in a good mood for the next few… days. Or hours, maybe. I’ve so much angst to read next.

Summary: In which Castiel discovers Disney movies, and Sam and Gabe discover Destiel.

( Read here )

So my thoughts about GOT7

Well FIRST let me point out I’m a BLACK WOMAN! Am I biracial? Yep. But am I still black? Yes, just ask my 100% black father and my mother who is also mixed with black (but you cant ask her cuz she’s deceased). 

ANYWHO so last night I went to bed all happy and ish cuz yo, I met GOT7 a few days ago. I HELD HANDS with JACKSON WANG and JB and YOUNGJAE stared into my soul like he was hypnotized. So I’m on cloud 9 needless to say. So before work this morning, I read some devastating news. Yugyeom was drunk. Mark got a tattoo. And… Bambam said the “n” word. I almost choked on my saliva at the last one. But before we get to that let’s talk about Yugyeom…

YALL ACT LIKE YOU HAVEN’T DRUNK  UNDERAGE BEFORE! Is it illegal? Chyeah it is cuz he’s only 18 over here in the good ole US of A. Could he have gotten into serious trouble if caught? Hell yeah, bruh. Can this ruin his idol image? I mean yeah. Yall know idols supposed to be robots and squeaky clean (hint my sarcasm). I mean, my thing is why did Mark’s shitty friends record that and put it on social media? That was supposed to be a private event for GOT7 to relax and have fun after touring for like a week and half. But nah, his friends had to go and spoil a good time for what? To impress everyone they’re friends with a celebrity?? Who c a r e s? You’re not the actual celebrity so you’re irrelevant. So now we got my poor baby Yugyeom exposed for being drunk and I’m so sad he’s getting so much flak for this cuz he’s such a sweet kid. Why they out to ruin that sunshine? Also, hello. He’s a damn teenager. Teens make mistakes all the time. Also, I’m sure Yugyeom wasn’t aware they were gonna record him and post it. Like… what kind of friends…? Anyways. While I’m on the subject of Yugyeom, let’s add in leader JB. HOW DARE YALL FUCKING CLAIM TO LOVE HIM AND YUGYEOM THEN BODY SHAME THEM?! I don’t give two fucks if they have a tummy or a 6-pack, they still fine as hell and if you letting something like that determine your love for them then BYE! You’re not a real IGOT7 and you don’t truly love those boys. They could be 600 pounds and I’ll still support them 100%. Like yall do realize not everyone has a 6-pack, right? Or that not everyone wants one? Like is that such a hard concept to understand? 

Anyways, I’m keeping Mark short and sweet. He’s got a tattoo. Big whoop. A lot of idols have tattoos. More than one, too. If you don’t want him to have a tattoo then B Y E! He don’t need you to dictate his life and tell him what to do with his body. Like get outta here with that unnecessary drama. That’s just reaching for something to complain about.

AND LASTLY, Bambam. Honestly, I’m so disappointed. I expected more from him since he’s all into our culture and stuff. I guess JYP didn’t teach them not to use that word while over here. Like… can I forgive him, yes. Will I forget he said it, nah. But I’ll forgive him once he apologizes which there’s no doubt in my mind he won’t after his sister confronts him. Plus, I read that Mark’s (shitty) friends told him it meant bro/friend. Like why mislead this kid who only knows a sufficient amount of English? Chill. And like I’m lowkey questioning Mark now cuz if his friends are like this then what’s he really like, ya know? I’m trying to think positive tho. Also, can yall not send death threats to the boy and tell him to leave GOT7?? It’s serious but it aint serious enough to tell someone to kill themselves. Two wrongs don’t make a damn right. Also I highly doubt Bambam is racist. Like stop calling him that, too. He was ignorant. He didn’t know any better but trust, he’ll learn real quick not to say that demeaning word ever again. Like I ain’t defending this kid whatsoever cuz I’m highly disappointed and reading about this made my heart break and caused the cloud 9 I was on to dissipate right under me. However, I still love him as much as I did before I read about this cuz I believe he can learn from his mistakes. Also, I’m disappointed in Mark cuz I read he didn’t correct him from saying it? Like c’mon Mark, you grew up here. That’s another reason I’m side eyeing him and his choice of friends.

ALSO, speaking of friends. They ain’t shit. They’re using Mark for his FAME and that’s it. I see no real friendship. Then at their concert they were drunk and threw water on a fan? BOY, I would’ve let the real me show if I was that fan OR EVEN if I was near that fan. Mark’s friends or not, who the fuck you throwing water at? I would’ve been kicked out asap. Best believe. And I know I read on Twitter that one of his friends even tried to use Jackson as bait to get a girl to sleep with him just cuz she biased Jackson and promised if she slept with him then he’d let her meet Jackson. Like wtf? I’d rather pay $200 to hi-5 Jackson than to sleep with a guy I don’t know. Jackson wouldn’t be proud of that at all. It’s not in his morals. I hope Mark realizes what shitty friends he has and confronts them. I know Jackson ain’t playing with them cuz he AND Bambam unfollowed all of them from IG. 

This whole situation just ruined everything for me and I’m highly disappointed in everyone except a select few (That being Youngjae - he wasn’t there, JJProject - I read they were just chilling, and Jackson - This boy left early apparently AND according to sources, he was just dancing to Nicki Minaj lmao). I know they’re gonna get it from JYP when they return to Korea. I can just only pray to God that JYP doesn’t go to harsh on them and let’s them come back to the US again. I’m just… ugh. 

Elle UK

Bait and Switch

“Would Zayn Malik give Drake a lap dance?… Naturally, I wonder… Would Zayn go there?” 

“‘I wouldn’t be able to,’ he says with a shy smile. ‘I’m just not that great of a dancer. Maybe I’ll get a stunt double.’”

I guess that one bit must be the justification for why Zayn has a cover alongside Amandla Stenberg, Kristen Stewart, and Hari Nef.  I love Zayn- the real Zayn, not #realmusic Zayn- but the content of this story just makes no sense in the context of these covers.

Recording Again

“Next door his producer Malay (the man responsible for Frank Ocean’s album Channel Orange) is waiting to record with him for the first time since the debut record.”

I say once again, wasn’t he retiring?  Oh yeah, that’s probably also when the interview was conducted if the interviewer’s comments are true.

Exclusive Timing

How laughably convenient that The Sun reports the exclusive about Zayn and the band TV show just before the Elle UK article- the interview for which was done around 2 months ago according to the interviewer- which also mentions it, is released.

Fact Checking?

“as he then tweeted, ‘a normal 22-year-old… out of the spotlight’.”  

Wrong? Pretty sure without checking that was only through the One Direction Facebook account and checking reveals that he was silent on Twitter from March 17th to April 17th just as I remember.  I sound just like my dad when he complains now, but I fact check my posts better than most press fact check their stories anymore.

Can We Get Through Just One Interview Without the Interviewer Having Designs on Their Subject?

“a stare of such skin-tingling intensity that you’ll recognise it if you’re one of the 554 million people who watched the PiLlOwTAlK video.

With me, sadly, he largely avoids such direct eye contact”

Politics and Religion

“But Zayn doesn’t want to join me in slagging off Trump, nor talk about politics or religion at all. On these issues, as with others that might prove controversial, he skillfully swats away questions, the result, perhaps, of years of media training under Cowell’s reign. To be fair to him, on the occasions he has let his guard slip it hasn’t gone well. When he tweeted #FreePalestine in 2014 he was bombarded with Islamophobic hate and death threats.”

They’re pushing this in every single interview to the point where it really makes me curious.  I could see this being Zayn’s actual feelings maybe, but the point is always elaborated on so much that it feels more like official narrative BS.  My best guess is that they want to take advantage of Zayn’s background, but don’t want to get too into the serious issues for fear it would mess up whatever they’re using his bizarre solo image for.  It’s certainly not being used to help his music career anyway.


“Zayn travels with a Mariah Carey-sized entourage: one publicist, two stylists, a tailor, a groomer, an assistant, another assistant, and managers one, two and three. Each team member is dressed primarily in black. He hangs with this LA crew out-of-hours and, judging by the high-fives and the lad banter, it’s clear they’re close. Recently the set have started karaoke competitions”

Sentence 1: excessive, Sentence 2: WTF????, Sentence 3: emphasis on LA, Sentence 4: thank you (not really) for intentionally reminding everyone of that racism fuckery (and no, not originating from Zayn)

“I ask if he still has mates back home? He shakes his head. ‘I haven’t been in touch with my friends from Bradford for a long time. I’m too busy. I work too much.’”

It might just be me, but I feel like the hanging out with the LA crew and having karaoke competitions is meant to contrast with the question about his Bradford friends to make him look bad.  He has time to mess around with everyone in LA, but he doesn’t even have time to call and text (even if he can’t visit) with his friends from before he was famous.  That’s just the implication I felt they were trying to make everyone believe by how the flow was set up.

Zigi isn’t painfully contrived, not at all.

“The pair met recording the video for his debut track PiLlOwTAlK last November”  

Oh, is that the story?  I hadn’t noticed if they’ve said that before. They probably have and I missed it.  Anyway, we can conveniently explain away how Gigi being in Zayn’s video isn’t at all related to her being in her former “boyfriends’” music videos.

Necessary Edit

“When I ask Zayn about marriage and kids he says, ‘maybe one day’, but shoots me a look to suggest I am crazy if I think for a moment he is about to waste his days as a millionaire pop star in his early twenties on something as banal as that.”

Seriously?  Can I rewrite this?  Normally I try not to be too obnoxious, but this one is begging for it.  Isn’t it just that the interviewer misinterpreted that look that Zayn shot?

“When I ask Zayn about marriage and kids he says, ‘maybe one day’, but shoots me a look to suggest I am crazy if I think for a moment he isn’t already excrutiatingly happily married to Liam Payne and greatly looking forward to the day he can adopt children with him.”


“‘When I was in the band my appetite went a bit funny from the travelling, so now I’m getting in shape,’ he explains.”

Possibly one of the only true things in the article.

Photo Books Are the Epitome of Realness

“He’s also working on a photo book for his fans: ‘As much as social networking is a big thing now, there’s something to be said about having something real,’” 

How is a photo book real in comparison to social media and phones?  In the fact that it’s a material item used to make money from fans?  Just ask 1DHQ and Louis (and any of the other boys really).

I mean, you can make an argument against social media and constant texting, but why are photo books used as a contrast?  We know why, I guess.  Either that or someone copy and pasted a quote into the completely wrong part of the interview.

Cancellation Sabotage

“I’m due to see Zayn again a few weeks later at his first UK solo performance at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball at Wembley Arena: 90,000 adoring fans (and I) wait, waving banners and cheering his name in anticipation. But 15 minutes after Zayn is due on stage, an announcement is made that he won’t be coming out. Devastated kids slump in their chairs, and the crowd quickly exits the stadium on a low.”

Thank you for bringing up the cancellation.  Actually, especially thank you for bringing up the adoring fans who waved banners and cheered in anticipation only to be devastated, slump in their chairs, and exit the stadium on a low because of Zayn not being able to make it.  By “thank you” I mean, well, not “thank you”.

Whether you believe he has anxiety or that it’s a story being told to cover his team deliberately sabotaging his career, it’s hard to argue all that build up and let down imagery was necessary.  Chalk that up to the second time his team’s sabotage and/or injurious incompetence was brought up in this article.

Can someone (the author?, Zayn’s team?, Simon Cowell?) please make a decision about whether Zayn is a pretentious, diva fuckboy, or a sensitive, insecure introvert? 

sensitive, fame-shunning introvert:

  • “he says with a shy smile”
  • “almost bolted”
  • “I just don’t have it in me to feel fully secure in anything I do”
  • “I’m just stressed out trying to control how I’m perceived"
  • “I think about things a lot”
  • “avoids such direct eye contact, hiding behind a pair of eyelashes”
  • “consistently looked uncomfortable”
  • “his voice is soft”
  • “if someone told me Zayn was still 17, I wouldn’t doubt them”
  • “awkward hug”
  • “seems vulnerable and cautious”
  • “which is both endearing… and also a tiny bit heartbreaking”
  • “apparently living the dream, and yet he doesn’t seem entirely sure about it”
  • “it was a sheltered upbringing”
  • “being quiet, polite and entirely un-divaish”
  • “his uncompromising and unknowingly earnest way”
  • “one day I’d like to move to the countryside in the UK, have a farm, away from the fame”
  • “his crippling anxiety”

bad boy fuckboy: 

  • “despite the rebellion”
  • “ultimate contrarian move”
  • “a furrowed brow that radiates moody machismo”
  • “a stare of such skin-tingling intensity”
  • “I wonder how Gigi, the ultimate Californian girl, understands a single word. Perhaps a relationship like theirs doesn’t need much dialogue”
  • “the high-fives and the lad banter”
  • “break-ups and make-ups, it’s part of being young”
  • “when I ask Zayn about marriage and kids … [he] shoots me a look to suggest I am crazy if I think for a moment he is about to waste his days as a millionaire pop star in his early twenties on something as banal as that”
  • “his willingness to take risks”
  • “it takes someone with Zayn’s confidence and self belief to make it happen”
  • “would like to bulk up a bit”
  • “started dating fashion’s most in-demand supermodel” 

pretentious diva: 

  • “moved to Hollywood”
  • “all the characteristics of an archetypal hipster”
  • “travels with a Mariah Carey-sized entourage”
  • “each team member is dressed primarily in black”
  • “authenticity is the key to being a successful artist, and to being iconic”
  • “I haven’t been in touch with my friends from Bradford for a long time. I’m too busy. I work too much”
  • “a relationship documented by black and white Instagrams, red-carpet appearances, paparazzi shots and millions of column inches”
  • “if I had a choice I would take the camera off everyone’s iPhone and make sure we didn’t have Twitter or Facebook. It affects art forms” 

attempt at reconciliation: 

  • “I wonder to myself if Zayn might indeed have been happier as an English graduate living somewhere quiet, tending animals and growing crops. I quickly remember the Versace dressing gowns, the supermodel waiting in his bed, that 13-person entourage and realise that’s unlikely: yes, he is torn, global megastar on one side, introverted artist on the other.”

Ok, writer-person, sure.  I’ll buy that the warring images you used to the point of causing whiplash in that article are because of Zayn’s split desires.  Oh, wait, sorry, I won’t.  

If it were a bit more subtle, then maybe, but his entourage all wear black? WTF is that even?  Are they beatniks or does Zayn not like anyone but himself to wear color or maybe that’s supposed to show how cool and bad they are?

OK already.  Enough with rewriting history about how miserable Zayn was during his years in One Direction.  

I guess it’s necessary to repeat it ad nauseam to really pound it into people’s heads when you’re lying through your teeth.  Yes, being under 1DHQ was (is) oppressive and creatively stifling, but Zayn appreciated the good bits as much as any of the boys and he certainly isn’t free right now.  His own clothing choices indeed.

  • “five hesitant years as part of the world’s most mercenary, chino-wearing pop group”
  • “throughout this meteoric ascent, Zayn consistently looked uncomfortable”
  • “he left behind guaranteed success, certain fortune and millions of adoring teen groupies to become, as he then tweeted, ‘a normal 22-year-old… out of the spotlight’”
  • “the album is a build up of six years and never being able to express what I wanted to say. I had something to get off my chest”
  • “he was breaking out from his past with One Direction, and truly representing himself as an artist”
  • “the result, perhaps, of years of media training under Cowell’s reign”
  • “authenticity is the key to being a successful artist”
  • “If you’re not going to be honest with people”
  • “since leaving One Direction I’ve been given the freedom to wear whatever I want and that’s made it more interesting. More creative”
  • “I started acting when I was in school with theatre studies and then music came after. It completely stopped when I joined the band but I’d definitely be interested if I was given the right role.”
  • “But for now Zayn Malik is living the life he wants, finally, on his own terms.” 

Alright already.  #realmusic.  We get it.  Zayn’s pathetic excuse for a team can go back to singing karaoke and planning their fashion careers now.


devildart replied to your post “Late to the party, I know, but could Wroka’s special ability be that…

Can we see these in progress works or were they merely concepts? (Or do you merely wish to keep them from view because in that case im sorry for bothering you)

Unfortunately I was way too impatient for concept arting back in the day. I only remember vaguely doodling something in photoshop about the wing contraptions the dogs used, but I’ve just spent an hour digging into my old image files and have found absolutely no traces of it.

But I did find some other (less interesting/weird/WTF) concepts from The Old Days!

Wall of text below.

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Just no people! No!

I go on goodreads to see the page count for empire of storms. And what do I see people? cover hate! Character hate! Previous books hate! Author hate!

This pissed me the hell off.

So, this is going to be my incredibly long rant about people that piss me off.

One note, it is also the red tide right now so I was in a bad mood to start.

Cover hate:

Multiple people have left comments on how much the think the cover sucks. I don’t know about you, but I go to goodreads to either a) read a review about the content of the book or b) learn information about the length, release date, ect.

I don’t go on goodreads to have to scroll through endless posts about how much people hate the cover.

Next, having a beautiful cover is nice yes but no essential. There are plenty of great books that have not so pretty covers. I bring my books everywhere so they usually are pretty beaten up anyway.

Another thing, it took someone lots of time and effort to create that cover. Can you think of the pressure you would have of creating a cover for such a succesful series. You would not only have to keep in mind the quality of the art, bit the wow factor. You would have create something both loved by fans, and something that catches someone’s eye making them want to read it.

Lastly, people complain it doesn’t look like aelin. I didn’t think any of the past 5 books except throne of glass really resembled aelin either. So what? In my opinion most times the characters portrayed on the covers of books don’t portray my image of the character either. NEWSFLASH MOTHERJAMMERS! They were fucking created by someone who had a different fucking perspecting. That is the magical thing about brains. Everyone’s works differently, perceives differently. Your imagination is your imagination. Authors give is guidelines to create whatever image we want. Your imagination of aelin is just different from the cover artist.

Character hate:

This I felt was also a little stupid. On goodreads leading up to the release of the book people leave comments about how excited they are and stuff.

It is okay to me to dissect a character. I understand different people have different views about characters and that’s okay. My best friend ships doraelin hardcore and I ship rowaelin. Whatever.

It annoys me when I see. “Aelin is such a whiney spoiled brat. Insert male character name here (Because let’s be real guys 1/3 of them have been love interests at some point) deserves someone better than her”

okay. If you don’t like aelin then why the fuck have read 4 very long books mostly about her life and times. In my opinion the entire series is about her and characters who have been affected by her. As it has been from page 1. If you hate her so much, why are you reading empire of storms?

Also, the comment “can rowan die. Pretty please.” Gets on my nerves. But that is just my savage inner shipper-fangirl-will-eat-you-alive-if-you-so-much-as-look-at-my-tiny-hawk-son-wrong showing

Breathe in. breathe out. Different opinions

Anyway, I get it if you don’t like a character. I really do. But bashing anyone’s fave usually results in hate storms. *cough* chaolaena vs. rowaelin *cough*

Let’s all be happy and talk about the characters we love together.

Author hate:

The worst of the worst. The biggest baddie of the book world. The thing that makes me blow my top in two minutes. Okay here is all I have to say on this.



Previous books hate:

Okay guys. Seriously. Just. Why are you reading the series if you don’t like it. Does it give you some satisfaction to read a book you hated, think wow I really hated that, then read the rest of the series? WTF? Okay. You don’t like the book okay. Leave your review about how you didn’t like the first book in the first book and let that be it. I don’t need your griping about how much you hated queen of shadows in empire of storms. Stop stealing space from another book.

Wow. Uh that was longer than expected. If you bothered to read to here thank you. I would like to say this is just my personal opinions on those topics, so please don’t hunt me down and spam my inbox. If you would like to talk about any of the stuff I said though, please message me.