also the feet are a bit off ignore them

Something's Wrong AU (Bruce+Laya)

Waking early that Saturday morning, something felt… wrong. Off. But honestly, it was too early for Bruce to care. He climbed out of bed, the need to pee to great to just ignore it. Padding across the carpet, eyes half opened, he felt… shorter. Lighter. What the hell?
Finally making his way into the bathroom, the linoleum floor child on his bare feet, he looked down at them, only to notice that his feet were much, much smaller than he remembered. What the…
It was also then that he realized something… a bit more important than foot size was missing. With a quick jerk, definitely wide awake now, he looked up at the mirror, a small, wide eyed woman looking back at him. It was then he felt the swing of thick curls against the small of his back.
It took him a moment to realize that the high pitched scan was leaving his lips, quickly slapping his hands over his mouth.