also the elves are my spirit animals

What do you mean, they were space slaves?

Party: Bard/Rogue(Me), Cleric of healing/animals (also me), Dragonfire Adept, Samurai, Fighter, Ranger, cleric of the undead/evil, sorcerer, wizard, and a paladin. (We overcompensated and then the DM gave us new pcs, it’s a mess.)

Setting: Space, specifically on an alien spelljammer. We’ve broken past the elves that control the outer reaches of the atmosphere, and we’ve encountered a spidery ship that immediately latched on and started attacking us. About twenty humans with glazed eyes and shuffling walks come out of the cargo bay and start to attack us. Everyone but my characters immediately start attacking them.

Me: Guys. They’re mind-controlled. They don’t have weapons.
Samurai: They’re threatening us.
Me: They’re shuffling across the ship.
Dragonfire Adept: To attack us! Destruction!
Me: Guys. Seriously. They’re slaves.
Ranger: They’re a threat.
Me: (Fighter and Death cleric) please don’t kill them. Help me fight the actual aliens.
Fighter and Death Cleric: K

(After the battle)

DM: So, when you defeat the last of the aliens, the remaining humans in the hold suddenly slump over.
Me: Mind control broken.
DM: shh. As they wake up, you see they seem confused, but their eyes are no longer glazed and they move normally. Some of them thank you for breaking the spell on them, others seem to be nothing but husks. There’s a whithering man seated on a chair made of stone.
Everyone else: NOOOOOOO!