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MBTI personalities as Buzzfeed Unsolved Quotes

ENTP- “my greatest fears, I think I’ve said this before, is that someone will trick me into doing herion.”

ISTJ- “Which is the dumbest fear I’ve ever heard in my life.”

INTJ- “You don’t think it’s odd that it (the ball) stopped in the middle and before it went into the room but my name?”

ESTP- “But it also stoped at the ‘I love pot’ graffiti, so maybe this ghost just loves to blaze it.”

ISTP- “Hey ghouls! The boys are here!”

ESFP- “It’s a g-g-g-ghost butt!”

INFJ- “And the worst part is, I don’t even have my holy water!”

ENFJ-“Why don’t you punch me in the face, maybe smack me around a little? What are you, a wussy?”

ENTJ-“Well, if its any consolation, you look like an idiot.”

INFP-“If you slit my throat tonight, I’m gonna have a hard time forgiving you for that.”

ISFJ-“Fuck that demon, he’s whitewashing the history of this house. He’s exactly what’s wrong with Hollywood.”

INTP-“What’s the fucking hold up? I’m trying to check into a room, and you’re giving me a god damn inquisition?”

ISFP-“Going back to my fear of bears, I would never go, "Hey let me go pet this bear.”

ENFP-“If he had a book called 'How To Crime’, (wheeze) then there’s your guy.”

ESTJ-“Some old lady in Florida bought the Unabomber’s typewriter?”

ESFJ-“Oh maybe the uh, feds will be angry with me on this one.”

PSA TO FANS WHO STAN ‘unpopular’/’underrated’ GROUPS : please reblog

So I’m writing this to other fans that know the struggle of being constantly scared for the disbandment of one of your fave groups. I know Nu'est fans, Topp Dogg fans, After School, Stellar, B.I.G, Madtown, 24k, Boys Republic, MYNAME, Berry Good, Rainbow, Sonamoo, f(x), History and so many other fandoms can relate. You all know who you are, and I’m praying, hoping, that we can all help each other out again, like we’ve done before and band together to help support a group that I really don’t want to disappear like so many others have.

If you’re interested in helping out that would mean the world to me but if not, maybe you could check out some of the links I’ve attached below, or REBLOG, or even just check out one video: BIGSTAR’s most recent comeback Full Moon Shine. If you’d like to just skip to the links, I’ll have everything under the cut, but if you’d like to read a little about the group and hear my thoughts that would be awesome. (There is quite a bit, I will warn you.)

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Smile and Wave (Peter Parker/Reader)

Peter would do anything to prove himself to Tony Stark, including making up a girlfriend, and that’s where you came in.

Warnings: None (yet)

Notes: I don’t even know, so I’m just gonna apologize in advance if this is trash. But hey, if you guys like it, that’s cool, too.

Part 1/7 || Part 2/7 || Part 3/7 || Part 4/7 ||  Part 5/7 ||  Part 6/7 || Part 7/7

Part 1: Just One Night

“Oh, no. No—no way. There is no way in hell I’m going to—“

“Pleeeeaaaase,” Peter begged with a slight pout. “It’s only for one evening. You just—“

“Peter, I am not going to lie to Tony Stark! Besides, it’s not my fault he thinks you have a girlfriend when you clearly don’t!”

“Okay…so…maybe lying to him was a bad idea,” Peter began.

“Maybe?!” you asked in disbelief. “Peter, you told him you have a girlfriend, who—by the way—doesn’t exist!”

“But he wouldn’t stop teasing me about it! (Y/N), you don’t get it. I want Mister Stark to stop treating me like I’m a kid!”

“So making up a fake girlfriend was your solution? Honestly, Peter, you are so—“

“Immature? Yeah, I know,” Peter huffed and rolled his eyes. “C’mon, (Y/N), it’s just a small party. You know how much this internship means to me, and I just…want to prove myself, you know? He always treats me like I’m some clueless five-year-old.”

Peter placed his hands on his hips, cleared his throat, and put on his best Tony Stark-esque face.

“Hey kid,” Peter mocked, trying his best to impersonate the ever cool Tony Stark, “you sure you can handle that? Wire-bonding those die bits is a lot of hard work—why don’t you grab me a coffee instead?”

“Peter, this—“

“Kid, you can barely talk to a girl; you are definitely not dealing with that client,” Peter continued with his terrible imitation.

In actuality, Peter’s frustrations had little to do with wire-bonding and potential customers. He was supposed to be a superhero; he was Spider-Man for crying out loud! He should be out fighting crime—not saving kittens from trees and helping old ladies cross the street (not that he minded since he was, more often than not, rewarded with free food). He couldn’t tell you that though, even if you were his best friend, because, well, it may have slipped Peter’s mind to tell you that he was bitten by a radioactive spider and got super powers.

“Peter, this is ridiculous! Who cares what Stark’s making you do? You got the internship, right? That’s all that should matter. Just give it a rest,” you argued. Peter let out an exasperated sigh and took your hands in his, grasping them tightly.

“(Y/N), I’m begging you. Please,” Peter pleaded, looking into your eyes imploringly. “Just one night. If I can prove Mister Stark wrong about something as small as this, maybe he’ll actually have some faith in me.”

You stared at Peter for a long time and as the silence between the two of you grew, so did Peter’s worries. He knew he was asking a lot of you, but if Peter could just prove Stark wrong about one thing, even if it was petty teasing, he could show the Avenger that he was capable of so much more than the billionaire made him out to be.

You let out a defeated sigh.

“Fine,” you agreed, rolling your eyes and pulling your hands out of Peter’s grip, “but you’re doing my AP Calculus homework for the rest of the year.”

Peter grinned widely, “Deal.”

The sharp ringing of the late bell drew your conversation to an end, and Peter shut his locker, swinging his backpack over his shoulders.

“I owe you one, (Y/N),” Peter said gratefully. “See you in sixth, yeah?”

“Yeah, yeah,” you waved him off and watched as his tousled brown hair disappeared among the mass of students swarming the hallway to get to class. Peter Parker—probably the brightest and, simultaneously, the dumbest boy you knew, but he was also insanely lionhearted, kind, and loving in his own quirky way. Damn it, you had it bad. Even if it was all an act, at least you would have your Cinderella moment, and even if it wasn’t real, he’d be yours for a few hours. So you thought to yourself: how bad could one night be?

1. the awkward but heartfelt reunion between arya and sansa
2. sansa mentioning how happy jon will be to see arya
4. i really wanted to see jon bend the knee i just really wanted that and they didn’t give it to me
5. is it incest if you don’t know your related? cause
6. jon “im not a bleedin poet” snow giving dany that speech like boy that was so poetic
7. arya vs brienne was the most badass exciting fun and sweet moments i’ve ever seen
8. “who taught you to fight like that?” “no one” BITCH I SEE YOU
9. also sansa is just like,, what the fuck is going on
10. arya looking at littlefinger like “ur next bitch” im ready
11. dany took olenna’s advice and stopped listening to the “smart people”
13. dany is such a badass?? name another queen that would be on the front lines of a battle I LIVE
14. bronn i love you but if u hurt one of my dragons again
15. why is jaimie not dead????? he should be dead??????????? he’s had too many chances to redeem himself but he keeps fucking his evil sister he can go now
16. honorable mention goes to jon saying “she has a good heart” and then daavos going “yeah i’ve noticed you staring at her good heart”

anonymous asked:

baby stingy headcanons please...

here we go m'dudes:

-high maintenance child

- Was a very quiet and reserved toddler. Unlike ziggy, he would sit quietly and observe the other kids play, as he protected his vast collection of various items. It probably wouldn’t be until he was six or seven when he eventually broke out of his little shell.

-Was the kind of child to get into his mothers lipstick. Sometimes his mother would try to put lipstick on him properly. He enjoyed that because “he looked the the princesses from his story books” which meant he was royalty. His mother even bought him his first crown

-Grew up with lots of old-fashioned music, and would always spend rainy days watching the records spin

- His parents brought him on a few business trips, which were the highlight of his life. The amount of attention his father’s coworkers gave him was the best feeling in the world to him. He was a really cute chubby child so there was always one person giving him something.

- Since his parents were filthy rich they always lived in a mansion. (Or a really big house to say the least) Stinge was a really small baby which meant he could fit into smaller spaces. Sometimes he would disappear for hours until someone found him hiding somewhere strange. ( for example, he would be found under his parents bed, fast asleep clutching his first piggy toy.)

- on another note with the piggy toy and his piggy obsession in general, i love to imagine him receiving a giantic piggy stuffed animal and being to in love with it that he sleeps on its back every night. (just imagine smol babby on giant fuzzy piggy)

- Stinge would have been a giggly baby. He would take amusement to the dumbest things, but eventually he grew out of that and became a serious boy.

- He was also a big crier. The slightest inconveniences made him cry, for example if he did something as simple as drop a toy of his on the floor, or if he gently fell on his butt.

-shiny object is good

- you know how some kids develop weird obsessions with random household objects? For stingy he would never leave alone this particular wooden spoon from his kitchen because it was smooth and he liked it.

What are friends for?

“What do you want?”

“I want to wake up and crawl into the warm spot she left behind in the bed. To take in her left-over scent. Then when she comes back to wake me up pull her back into bed with me.  

I want sneak into the shower behind her and make her moan when I help wash her hair.

I want to let her use my lap as a pillow as I watch bad Sci-Fi and she reads books in weird languages.

I want to buy her a house with a ‘Raven Cave’ and a mail box, and fill it with babies” Beast Boy’s words slurred towards the end.  At this point his eyes rolled back into his head. He fell forward his face hitting the counter before his body spilled onto the tile floor.

Cyborg looked at his unconscious friend. They had both been on mission nearly 4 days without sleep.

The robotic man turned back to the young confused woman behind the register and calmly said.  "He will have the number 6 with the black beans, and extra guac please"

“That will be $24.72” She replied grateful to get back to something resembling normal, she accepted Cyborgs card “Thank you for choosing Bueno Burrito”

Cyborg carried Beast Boy who was as limp as a rag and the food to an empty booth dumping him on the bench. He took a set opposite of his prone friend.

After a few minutes and 4 tacos. “Hey green bean!” Cyborg playfully kicked Beast Boy under the table.


“I am giving you three days to propose to Raven” He said between bites of taco. “Or I am going to do it for you. And while I am at it I will plan your wedding.  I am thinking of a 'pie’ theme” He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “We will get the priest to dress like a pastry chef and Raven’s dress will looked like whipped topping. 'Dearly beloved we are gathered today to mix these two ingredients in love and deliciousness’ You on board with that?”

Beast Boy’s only reply was a low gurgling sound.

“I am going to take that as a yes. After all what are friends for”  

Ladies and Gentlemen I submit to you the dumbest thing I have ever written. I love the trope of people asking that question in the first line and getting and honest but completely out of context answer. Also just the visual of Raven and Beast Boy having a Pie theme wedding made me laugh so hard I had trouble breathing. 

Pupformance Unit (Puppy!Performance Unit)


  • he’s a Tibetan mastiff since they’re both tall, regal, agile, and mild
  • but it is a guard dog breed so if anything ever happens he’s always ready to fight
  • probably the sneakiest of the litter
  • doesn’t particularly care for shoes
  • but oh boy does he love eating bras! 
  • usually eats all the other puppies’ food
  • is already potty trained
  • like he can pee in a toilet hes a good boy
  • really excited when you say “WHO’S A GOOD BOY?!”
  • somehow the dumbest puppy you have ever met
  • if you block his face, he starts crying
  • ends up sleeping by puppy minghao, either on top or under him
  • always up to cuddle with his favorite human
  • and lick your face to no end
  • ok lets just say on top of being a koot pup he is also a gigantic troll
  • gets ticked off when there are a lot of strangers in the house
  • and that’s when you get to catch a glimpse of his favorite pastime!
  • pooping for no reason
  • now I just wanna reiterate that Jun is actually a v good boy
  • but he likes pooping
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • please watch this video this would be you if Jun was your dog
  • and yes Jun would be the type to poop on a random stranger’s shoe when you’re tryna have a house party
  • he just wants you all to himself ngl
  • and he’s not into strangers all up in his grill
  • but with that being said he IS v into cuddle buddies up in his grill
  • he’s always down for a good cuddle/chill session
  • but if it’s another member of puppy!svt he will literally abandon cuddling and attack them no joke
  • he plays really roughly
  • like literally tackling other puppies and like carrying them in his mouth by the skin on their necks
  • and Jun also loves playing with that toy thats basically just a rope and a human pulls on one side and a dog bites on the other side
  • he’s really competitive so that game is his jam
  • he’s just really intense but also playful, smart, and loving
  • who’s a good boy?
  • Jun’s a good boy
  • :’)


  • cute mix between a border collie and something else
  • you honestly have no idea what
  • has floppy ears like puppy!dk
  • trips over his ears all the time
  • like ALL THE TIME
  • it’s v koot
  • loves to chase his tail
  • he’ll spin in circles for hours at a time if you let him
  • the only reason he really stops is he gets so dizzy he falls over
  • or he trips over his ears
  • one or the other
  • likes to bark at the squirrels with puppy!dk and do backflips when puppy!vernon breaks out the music
  • literally the most hyper puppy you will ever meet
  • tries to steal puppy!jeonghan’s spam
  • never succeeds bc puppy!jeonghan don’t need no puppy!hoshi taking away his precious spam aka the only true joy in his life
  • also gets very jealous of puppy!scoups when he gets a costume
  • especially if the costume has a cape
  • will try to take the cape so he can wear it himself
  • likes to play a game of “how many times can i touch pomsky!woozi before getting attacked” on a daily basis
  • this is quickly followed up by some tail chasing, then a round of “how many times will pomsky!woozi attack me before giving in and letting me cuddle”
  • when puppy!woozi gives in and lets him cuddle, he gets restless real fast
  • staying still isn’t his strong suit
  • gets up and brings you a frisbee bigger than his head for you to throw and plays with that with some of the other puppies
  • really likes cuddles, but can’t stay still for too long during the day so he only cuddles at night 
  • will waddle up to the other puppies when they’re sleeping and cuddle next to them 
  • other puppies place bets on who puppy!hoshi will cuddle with each night
  • favorite cuddle buddy is either shihtzu!jeonghan (bc of his soft fur) or sleeping pomsky!woozi (smol and floof + less scary than awake pomsky!woozi)
  • sometimes he’ll join beagle!scoups in your bed
  • it’s warm and makes him happy
  • you make him happy and he makes you happy! 
  • :D


  • literally the most graceful basenji pup that ever lived
  • he’s kinda medium-sized, calm, reserved, and loyal
  • when he’s inside it doesn’t seem like he has that much energy
  • but as soon as you let him go outside he’s like 💃🏻🏃🏻
  • “l8er human i’m tryna GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”
  • ok and get this: basenjis actually can’t bark like regular dogs
  • so that’s mainly the reason why he’s so quiet
  • but if he’s tryna tell you something
  • it’ll literally sound like this ok so don’t be alarmed
  • and that’s what happens every time he tries to bark literally
  • so rip your neighbors if Minghao gets like really annoyed
  • which he probably will if the other pups try to cuddle him or play really roughly
  • since Minghao is a really big fan of personal space
  • and he’s really tolerant of people and other animals but if he ever gets super mega annoyed he’ll literally give you this look like
  • “………………………………………..why”
  • also Minghao hates going to the vet
  • like no one could ever figure out why
  • but calm, mild Minghao will literally go berserk as soon as he sets foot in the vet’s office
  • maybe it’s because he hates that stainless steel smell?
  • but he’s perfectly fine with randomly licking/scratching the fence post in your backyard so…
  • anyway
  • he’s also v obedient and a fast learner
  • he’s literally the poster child for using pee pads in the house
  • and legitimately if you’re not busy he’ll literally go find you and tug on your pants a little bit to let you know he just used the pee pad
  • he’s such a good boy omg
  • his favorite treats are Jun’s treats lmao
  • he’s also a v competitive pup but he’ll only listen to you so entering him in contests in useless
  • basenjis typically only form emotional bonds with one human
  • so yeah you’re p much stuck with him forever
  • but he doesn’t mind
  • and you don’t mind
  • so have fun cuddling your fluffy puppy friend for eternity


  • he’s a shiba inu because they’re both fiery, bold, and good-natured!!
  • follows beagle!coups around often because Dino likes to look up to his alpha
  • shiba!dino would appreciate it if you put a hat on him
  • it’ll make the puppy happy, so just do it
  • shiba!dino is very well mannered unlike french-bulldog!vernon
  • this puppy isn’t that hyper tbh
  • but omg don’t let puppy!mingyu eat puppy!dino’s food
  • dino doesn’t care that mingyu is a lot stronger than he is
  • puppy!dino will yap mingyu’s ear off until you give puppy!dino more food
  • when puppy!jeonghan sees this happening he’ll just walk over to puppy!dino and places BOTH of his paws on dino’s head like
  • “puppy child, stop”
  • it’s really cute because shihtzu!jeonghan is actually smaller than puppy!dino so imagine that
  • chases pomsky!woozi around the house just because woozi is smaller than puppy!dino so woozi just kinda stumbles every few steps across the floor
  • when you reprimand dino for this, dino will give you the BIGGEST puppy eyes
  • because like he’s sorry??? he was just having fun??? he didn’t want to upset you :(
  • usually spends his time rubbing his back on the carpet or grass
  • the other half of the time he’s either using husky!wonwoo as a pillow, or hiding from shihtzu!jeonghan
  • awwww imagine him climbing into the sink because he’s just so ready for his shower
  • at first he’s like “WHAT IS THIS? I’M GONNA DROWN?”
  • *cue the doge meme*
  • so hes just paddling around in there with his small paws
  • and he’s enjoying the way you’re shampooing his fur BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY BUBBLES
  • so he tries to eat a bubble, the bubble popped and he found it very amusing
  • so when you were blowing bubbles for him the next day, he took note of the bubble bottle you were holding because he’s a smart dog like that
  • now he brings you the bubble bottle like everyday because he LOVES BUBBLES 
  • not as much as he loves you though :’)

-Written by Admins Chorizo, VK, Sea, and Cali

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The Boys.

a/n- Finn+Archie= Finchie. Chop+Finn+Archie= Chinchie. So says I. I have a lot of friend feels at the moment.

He’s aware that he’s moving.

He’s also aware he’s had a bit much to drink and that clear liquor turns him into a truly stupid teenage boy, but he’s also aware that he’s smiling and he’s happy so for the moment, that’s all that matters. The girls are giggling and moving around him and Archie bumps into him once, twice and then both boys are swinging each other around, dancing and howling.

“Do you hear this song?” Archie yells over the music. “This is the shittiest song ever and we’re dancing to it!”

“We’re drunk!” Finn laughs.

“We’re dumb lads!”

“The dumbest!”

And they’re laughing again and the girls are pulling them apart but Finn grips Archie’s t-shirt and pulls him in one last time, calling above the noise, “I don’t care what you are, Arch. I fucking love you, mate!” Then they are dragged apart and Finn can’t help but notice that Chop is staring him down. It’s not a disgusted look, it’s a look of uncertainty because since Archie came out, Chop’s been out of the boys club because he couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that his mate Archie was also his gay mate Archie. Finn’s still dancing, still bouncing and he pulls out of whoever’s grip and he slinks between two people to reach Chop. “I fucking love you, too, even though you’re a massive cunt!”

Chop tries to look serious, tries to frown but his mouth splits in a smile. “You’re a cunt!”

“We’re both cunts, but it’s ok. Archie’s a complete twat and a bore, too. But you… you gotta stop this, man.”

“You talk too much when you’re drunk!”

“Yeah, well, you talk too much period.” Finn grabs Chop’s head in both hands, gives a little shake and laughs at the stirring muddy water joke on his tongue. “I’m serious, Chop. Don’t let this ruin us, ok? Me and you and Arch… we work.”

Chop’s the jokester, the one not to be taken seriously, but Finn knows that underneath all those smiles (and confused fucking faces) there was a lot of insecurity. He wasn’t in school and he worked in a shop and he was left out of so many things the gang did because of this and now he was miles away from them because Finn had known and Chop hadn’t and he wondered how many other things he was left out of.

Finn shakes his head, shakes Chop’s head, laughs and bounces. “Get it out of your head, idiot. We’re all pals. We’re gonna be pals forever. So get used to it.”

Archie approaches gently, slowly because the last time he spoke to Chop, he had yelled at him. He figured that weren’t friends anymore and avoiding was the best deal, but he needed a smoke and Finn was always good for one. But before Archie can ask for one, Finn’s looped an arm around his neck and is pulling him in. There’s enough alcohol in all of them for them to giggle and be off balance in the huddle, to forget for a moment that two of them weren’t speaking until Finn has a moment of sobriety and says very seriously, “End this now. I mean it. I won’t be in the middle of this and I won’t pick sides. We’re a fuckin’ team, you pricks.”

The music is blaring and Archie and Finn are still swaying a bit Chop squares his feet and demands, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I thought we were mates.”

“I didn’t tell anyone except for Rae and she just found out.”

“Then how did Finn know?”

“How the fuck does Finn know anything?” Archie laughs. “Seriously, he’s like a fucking mind reader or something. The boy is magic.”

“You should have told me.”

“I should have but I didn’t and you acting like a fucking arse hasn’t made things any easier.”
Chop considers this. He has been an arse, hasn’t acted like much of a mate lately. Instead of bemoaning the fact that he was on the outside again, he should have been drilling in and figuring out exactly where they wanted him. “I’m sorry. I’m a shit friend.”

“You aren’t,” Archie gives him a soft look and shrugs. “I’m sorry, too, though. I’m sorry to both of ya. I should have trusted you more.”

Someone bumps into them and the boys lean against each other further and somewhere in the fray, Archie trips and his lips land on Chop’s and Finn is horrified for the both of them, ready to jump in and save Arch if Chop gets the wrong idea.

But Chop is speechless and Archie is wiping his mouth on his sleeve. “For fuck’s sake, Chop, did you lick an ashtray? Iz was right about you. It is like kissing a corpse.”

“You liked it!” Chop says indignantly.

“Never again!” And Archie breaks the huddle, sticking his tongue out at Chop. “Chop the Corpse, worst kisser this side of the Atlantic!”

And Chop chases after Archie yelling something about a do-over and I’ll show you, and the music is back in Finn’s bones and he realizes maybe he is magic. And maybe he doesn’t need drink or drugs or women to soothe over that abandoned place in him. Maybe, just maybe, he can be happy without really trying. Maybe tomorrow he’ll talk to his dad and maybe tomorrow he’ll talk to the girl and maybe tomorrow will be different.

(But none of that matters right now because he’s got his mates back.)

Stuff That NS Says that Proves NS is BS Pt. 2

Part 1

All right, I just want to thank the NaruSaku fandom for constantly coming up with dumber and dumber arguments. I would ignore, but where’s the fun in that? Lol! 

NS: “Sakura deserves a guy who’s actually around!” 

-Sigh- You guys wanted Naruto to end up with her right? Well even if she had ended up with Naruto, you DO realize that he’s the Hokage right? He wouldn’t have been around much either, I mean don’t you remember how many times Tsunade had to work through the night? 

NS: “Sakura’s bond with Sasuke is by far the most shallowest one yet! She doesn’t love him!” 

This is coming from SK fans mostly who also ship NS. Let me get this straight. Sakura, who despite knowing how much darkness was inside of Sasuke, wanted to save him from it and even though it broke her heart she still went on loving him. That’s shallow to you? And you think Karin, who basically tried to jump Sasuke and just wanted the D, has a deeper love? Tell me, does that make sense to you? At all? 

NS: “LOL, you guys think that just because Sasuke boned and impregnated her, you assume that he loves her? NOPE!” 

Why else would Sasuke ultimately want to be with her? She doesn’t have any special bloodline and she’s the child of civilians and if he needed just to make babies, I would think Sasuke would choose someone with a strong bloodline to pass on to his kids. That’s how Sasuke was for just about the entire series. Hungry for revenge and power. Also he wouldn’t have stopped at just Sarada. Plus what part of “she filled his lonely existence with love” did you not comprehend? 

NS: “Boys who like NH just do it because of Hinata’s boobs and they self-insert themselves as Naruto, and girls who like SS just do it because they think Sasuke is hot and they self-insert themselves as Sakura. How shallow.” 

Wut. Way to make the world’s dumbest assumption guys! I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure the majority of us like NH and SS because of the development and the chemistry between these pairings. Seriously where’d you get that from? 

NS: “Hinata’s love for Naruto is just so shallow! She’s so selfish!”

Uhh. How? I’m pretty sure we all read the same manga. How is striving to get better, admiring a person for who they are, and risking your life not once BUT TWICE for them, shallow? And selfish? Hinata was the epitome of selflessness. You can’t worry about someone else’s well-being and safety that much to the point where you’d be willing to take a bullet for him and be selfish. Just saying. 

NS: “Sakura is so selfish! The bitch didn’t even consider Naruto’s feelings for a second!” 

And you call yourselves Sakura fans? Give me a break. You consider Naruto’s feelings, but what about Sakura’s feelings? She has them too yknow. No what would’ve been selfish is if she’s ended up with Naruto despite loving Sasuke. That would make her selfish. Also you act as if you can actually control who you fall in love with. 

NS: “Yahoo Japan is covering up the negative impact of The Last.” 

We all know who said this so I won’t bother. But really? Oh you mean deleting the reviews that you Western NaruSaku fans went in there and put despite not having seen the movie? If you are referring to those, then yes, of course they’d delete it. They know you haven’t seen it, they know you’re not actually writing a review. That’s why it’s getting deleted. 

NS: “Junko Takeuchi hated the ending! She even told Kishimoto to shut up when he kept going on about Hinata!” 

She didn’t hate the ending, she said she was surprised is all. Also, if she hated it that much, why would she have gone ahead and done the movie anyway? Why would she show up to all those interviews? Also she’s a professional, it would negatively impact her career if she was acting as rude and obnoxious as you claim. 

NS: “Minato and Kushina would’ve never approved of Hinata! Kushina wanted Naruto to find a girl like her!”

Love how you guys think that their love for their son is that conditional. Sakura only shares Kushina’s temper. That’s it! Also why wouldn’t they approve of Hinata? She accepted Naruto when no one else did. She loved him before anyone else did. She was willing to sacrifice her life for Naruto much like the both of them were. But please, please go on about how displeased with that they’d be. 

NS: “NaruSaku should’ve been canon! Look at the ObiRin and JiraTsuna parallels!” 

Oi. So in order to prove that your pairing should’ve been canon, you use non-canon pairings in your argument…? I mean if you’re going with unrequited love then I mean yeah those parallels work. But that’s about it. 

NS: “Sarada looks too much like Karin for it to Sakura’s child!” 

Sarada has Sakura’s face, eye shape, and forehead. She even has Sakura’s mom’s hairstyle. She wears glasses, that’s the only thing she shares with Karin. If that’s what you mean, then all of us who wear glasses are Karin’s kid. It’s been a joke for two months, refer to the karinskid2k14 tag. 

NS: “You guys are hypocrites! You call NS/SK abusive but ship SS and SuiKa! Those are worse!” 

Sasuke actively ran Karin through. I still fail to see how Sasuke is abusive to Sakura. Because he tried to kill her? Guys…he tried to kill everyone! And SuiKa? Suigetsu loves to annoy and bug Karin. Most of the time he deserves what Karin gives him. Naruto never deserves what Sakura does to him. She hits and punches him just for being…well Naruto. 

**There’ll be a part 3 you guys. As long as NaruSaku is around, there will always be a dumb argument to counter. And if you’d like to add one onto this feel free to!