also the drugs are gone

|| Dealer Rick - Making fat stacks the only way he knows how.. 
By synthesizing and distributing drugs to Ricks throughout the citadel and across the multiverse… Sorry no Mortys allowed.

 I assume all drug dealers have cool coats so they can display their goods discreetly… at least the good ones anyway..

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Why do you like Alex so much? I find her kinda boring sometimes. Like, I wish she'd do something.

I love Alex because. …

* Despite being beaten, bruised, raped, assaulted for like 11 years, probably more, she is still kind, gentle and smiles even in the saddest of times,. 

* Racial Diversity. The whole manga is great for it, but finally, a multiracial female lead in a manga.  

* She beat rapists up with a pole when they attempted to rape a small Twilight girl, despite her (that we know of) having any fighting capabilities. She risked death to save one person. A person she did not know of. 

* She is trying to learn a completely different kind of language to be able to communicate with Nicolas properly. (Seriously, why would you do that if you weren’t a complete cinnamon bun???) 

* She has a mental illnesses (Obviously some sort of PTSD and psychosis of sorts) and has to take medication to help it. Kohske did a good job in showing that it sucks to have mental illness. It isn’t glorified in anyway. 

* She also probably has amnesia due to all the drugs Barry gave her, also possibly due to the shit she had gone through with him. 

* She still does her best to help where she can, despite her own struggles. Despite not having much (That we know of) physical strength. Even if it is answering the phone at Benriya or singing for Loretta, or holding Nicolas’s hand when he has a seizure, leading to him basically breaking it, or at the least severely spraining it and bruising her skin. 

* She is thankful for people helping her, consistently wanting to thank them. 

* Her friendship with Nina is just precious, like can we just. 

Alex Benedetto may just be a ‘normal’ but she does her best to help, to smile, to be thankful, be helpful were she can be and look after her friends where she can. I love her so much <3

I have to talk about this “the 100 still has good representation” thing before I explode,

I must admit tho that I sed to ignore and not aknowledge this issue bacause they still had Clexa wich was a pretty good representation for a Homosexual relationship  and Clarke & Lexa were also good Bi & Lesbian representation. I admit that it was wrong of me and I apologize, being a WoC myself I shouldn’t have done that.

Now. For all the people who says that the 100 still has good representation because of their diverse cast. 

¡Having a diverse cast does NOT equal good representation!

Let go with the characters: 


  • Pike: Do I need to say anything about this? he is a tyrant and one of the villains this season.
  • Jaha: He has gone so extremely crazy that the whole fandom hates him and wants him gone. Also he is practically a drug dealer. 
  • Raven: She is so constantly tortured mentaly & physically and also slut shamed by the own show-runner. She can’t catch a break andf is constantly in pain. She was cheated on and lost her lover and only family. Oh! i almost forgot that she had an abusive mother that didn’t give her any food. 
  • Bellamy: Has being showed as a monster & dictator at first. has tortured another PoC and has also being tortured himself. Has being portayed as a soldier or a leader unable to make good decisions without some white person holding his hand so he doesn’t go “stray”. His girlfriend was killed for shock value and will also be beat up by his sister. He has being writed as aggressive and as someone that is unable to take responsability of his actions. 
  • Monty & Miller: I put them together because they have been side lined so much that I don’t have much to say. They seem like the good guys but are often showed as the “sidekicks” or companions of the bigger characters. 
  • Hannah: Monty’s mom has had more screen time than Monty and there is nothing positive about her. She was ready to kill a kid to cover what they were doing!!! that’s all I‘ll say.
  • Indra: Even tho she is a leader and a strong woman, she has been showed as “savage” and as someone that needs to be controled, also she has been shot 2 times already.
  • Anya: She was killed by white people just as shock value. And was caged like an animal. 
  • Wells: We didn’t knew much about him except that he was a very loyal friend and probably THE best guys on the show. the most pure character for sure. But, once again, he was “the companion” he was never really important beyond being part of Clarke’s story, and a reason for his father to go Cuu-Cuu in search for the promised land.
  • A.L.I.E: She is THE big bad of this season, she is responsible of the nuclear apocalypse. It’s just a machine without understanding of human nature and feelings. Even tho they also showed Becca being absolutely good… they are probably not going to keep showing her beyond being the original Commander.
  • Lincoln: I left him porposely for last ‘cause I hadn’t realize how racist the show has been to him until @the-stars-that-shine-here pointed it out to me before or at the begining of season 3. He was always showed as “the beast”/ the monster/ The drug addict/ The caged animal. And after Ricky came out and talked about all the bullying and racism he had to endure because of Jason… I don’t think I need to sasy anymore.

Now relationships 

(here people might get mad but please hold your horses)

  • Linctavia: Even tho I love this ship… it’s based on stalking and stockholm syndrome, Also as it was pointed to me, the relationship is an analogy for “Beauty & the Beast”
  • Bryller: Well… Nothing much to say beyond that we are supposed to assume that they have a good relationship. They have had 3 scenes together were they seemed just Bros until they kissed last episode. But it was obvious later that it was just so Bryan could implant a hearing divice on his jacket. 
  • Bellarke: Bellamy has never been Clarke’s equal, even when they were “co-leading” together. Bellamy is always following Clarke & we all know that Clarke is master manipulator. Even the fandom has seen him as the “knight” to Clarke’s “princess”. He has also showed as someone dependent of Clarke to be “good” 
  • Wicken: I don’t think I need to say much, Wick guilt-tripped Raven after they had sex to give him a chance. I’m glad he’s gone. 

Now let’s talk about the LGBT+ representation

  • Costia: Was never showed on the 100, but we all know she was killed and tortured for loving Lexa (probably Titus had someone to do with that)
  • Monroe: It was said by the actress that she was queer but never aknowledge by the writers. Either way… She is dead too. 
  • Nylah: Wwas beated up for protecting Clarke. coincidentaly after they had sex *gasp!*
  • Lexa: Was killed basically for loving Clarke
  • Clarke: Is constantly tortured mentaly, everyone blames her for everything that goes wrong. Everyone of her “friends” has turned their backs on her at some poin. Every lover she had is dead. And is showed as the most manipulative character on the show (I love this about her, but its’s not something good)
  • Bryan & Miller: Put them together ‘cause, like I said, we don’t know much about them. But their only romantic interaction has been revealed as not purely romantic. 

About the “Sub-Text” of the show about the whole Sky people v/s Grounders is very racist…. This whole deal just remind me of that african proverb:

“Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter” 

If the story was told from the grounders point of view…. our beloved characters would be the villains (wich they are) This is why I will never be able to support the sky people. I will never be able to get behind their actions or sympathize with them. 

So! all the poeple that still think that the 100 has good representation can you please point out to me where? ‘cause I’m unable to see it 

This all coming from a WoC that has never gone out of her country and has never suffered from discrimination or racism. I’m actually impressed that you all can’t see this. 

F2F| Sorry -17th September, 2015-

Santana had spent a lot of time not talking to Dani, thinking about her. She was angry at her for throwing away the opportunity because she didn’t want to try getting off drugs. That made her weak in Santana’s opinion, especially after everything she had, had to go through with her boyfriend. It seemed funny that she’d rather deal with abuse than no drugs and it also hurt her after everything she had gone through to stay alive and take her away from it all, she could have just given up and everything would have been over with. It irritated her that she missed her and still thought about herself running away with the girl. She decided to just go and see her again, getting high beforehand.

Walking over to her apartment, she was nervous about whether the girl hated her or would want to see her. She knocked quietly on the door, playing with her fingers.