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country singer bitty accidentally writes a hit about nhl player jack

Based on this post about the inspiration for Dolly Parton’s Jolene, which is somehow even gayer than the song itself. Bless you, Dolly.

It had started out so innocently.

Bitty had been tired after hours of this meet n’ greet, and when that tall drink of water walked up to get his autograph, Bitty couldn’t help the words that tumbled out of his mouth.

“Gosh, well aren’t you the most handsome fella I’ve ever seen,” he said, reached for the outstretched CD–CD! Who even bought CDs anymore?–and readied his Sharpie. “What’s your name, hun?”

“Uh, Jack,” the man said, pretty eyes going wide. If he’d been more awake, Bitty might’ve felt bad for making a fan uncomfortable. But if this Jack really were a fan, then he certainly wouldn’t have a problem with another man complimenting him. And besides, he was handsome, with his wide shoulders and high cheekbones and eyes as blue as the summer sky.

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anonymous asked:

Hiya hey hey! Just wanted to say your work is amazing and I adore your writings so much! Okay, so I was wondering if you could write something cute with the RFA + Saeran + V + Vanderwood (if you can) taking showers together? Like nothing nsfw, of course, but just real fluffy and fun where they shape their hair with soap or help wash each other and they're all chaste touches and everything~ It's no problem if you can't write it, but thank you for everything else, anways >3<

Hope you don’t mind, but we felt more comfortable making it a bath instead of a shower. Hope you enjoy it all the same!


  • Sometimes you two like to take baths to relax
  • Zen doesn’t like getting his hair soapy at first, so he’ll tie it up in a bun
  • He also has those headband things with the animal ears on them
  • You two sit next to each other in either a peaceful silence or soft conversation
  • You usually lay your head against his shoulder and make little swirls in the bubbles
  • Meanwhile, he likes holding your hand under the water
  • Sometimes he’ll run a finger up and down your arm
  • At some point, he’ll definitely lean over to kiss you
  • While you two are in the middle of a little kissing session, he’ll try to rest a hand on your knee and pray he doesn’t miss
  • He really enjoys these softer, intimate moments with you


  • He had a really stressful day at school/work
  • So when he got home, he decided to take a bath
  • You came home late and you see him inside the bath, covered in bubbles with a single rubber duck floating around
  • First thing you do is wake him up and gently scold him because it wasn’t safe
  • He asks if you want to join, but you refuse
  • Seeing how sleepy he is, you start washing his hair instead
  • He’s loving it since it’s sort of like a head massage, and you can feel him go lax in your hands
  • When he wakes up a little, he gets playful and tries to get some soap suds on you
  • You start fighting back a little
  • In the end, you have to take a shower once he’s done to get the soap off
  • You find him knocked out in his pajamas when you get out


  • It was just another girls’ night, so you two put on masks and got into a hot bath
  • You two sat across from each other
  • Jaehee gets a little skittish if your foot will brush her leg or foot
  • You both have your own glass of wine, and there’s music running in the background
  • For some reason, you two just find everything funny
  • At one point, you two are cry-laughing because you’re blowing bubbles into the air and it lands on your heads in a funny way
  • It’s all fun until the questions comes up
  • Who’s getting up first?


  • He has one of those nice jacuzzi tubs
  • Of course, baths are a normal thing for you two
  • Jumin puts a lot of thought into your bath nights
  • He’ll have candles lit, essential oil aromatherapy things, the softest towels
  • There will be glasses of your favorite wine ready to go
  • Sometimes there’s even petals daintily spread over the counters
  • Of course the jazzy music to set the mood
  • You put a bath bomb in and it’s one of those midnight blue and gold ones
  • You two sit together but with some space between you
  • Mostly because he likes to massage your shoulders or your palms
  • You love it when his bangs get wet because they curl ever so slightly
  • It’s really all romantic, so he leans in for a kiss
  • That’s when you see Elizabeth got in and was perched on one of the cabinets and creeping closer
  • “Uh, Jumin…I don’t think she’s gonna make it.”
  • “She’s fine,” he dismisses, just wanting to steal that kiss.
  • That’s when there’s a loud splash and an unhappy cat


  • You told him you were getting in the bath, and you told him you would leave the door open if he wanted to join, even though he said he wasn’t
  • You’re in the warm water, but before you can do anything he runs by the open door and shoots this ball in the water
  • You’re freaked out at all the fizz until you see it’s a galaxy bath bomb
  • You start relaxing into the water, so you don’t hear him sneak back into the room
  • He comes behind you and threads his fingers through your hair before pecking the top of your head
  • He’s just not a bath person, but eventually you coax him into the water by doing the thing where you take his glasses off and he starts melting
  • When he does get in the water, he doesn’t like being half dry and half wet so he dunks his whole head in the water
  • You’re laughing because now there’s sparkles sticking to different parts of his face, his hair gets ten times curlier when it’s wet, and the combination of both was hilarious
  • He’s actually really shy in the bath, so you have to inch towards him because he retreats to one side
  • If you try to touch him, he gets super fidgety and he doesn’t really know what to do with his body
  • He just feels super vulnerable in that moment
  • He starts getting more comfortable when you start splashing the water playfully
  • After that, he starts to soak in the moment and take in how beautiful you are
  • The whole atmosphere gets intimate all of a sudden


  • You were relaxing in the bathtub
  • The water was warm and soothing
  • You had left the door slightly open just in case of an emergency, so it wasn’t surprise when Saeran walked in
  • He had only come in for a band-aid, but he keeps lingering around and finding different things to fix
  • Until finally, you just told him to stay and sit
  • He sat on the outside of the tub, resting his chin on the edge
  • You two just make small conversation while he just gently puts swirls ontop of the water
  • Occasionally, he’ll gently wipe away the bubbles that get on your face or shoulders
  • It was really just an excuse to touch you, if he was being honest
  • He thought you looked soft surrounded with fluff like that
  • “So…Saeran, do you want to join me?”
  • “And bathe in your dead, floating skin cells? I don’t think so.”


  • He sees you looked tired after a long day
  • Wordlessly, he’ll draw you a nice bath with a candle and nice smelling soap
  • You’re so thankful, especially when you first get into that hot water
  • You ask if he could join you…because you’d really enjoy the extra warmth and company
  • So he does
  • He’ll lather your shoulders and back with soap and give them a little massage or scrub them with a sponge
  • Lots of soft forehead kisses or sometimes soapy kisses on the cheek
  • You’ll tease him a little with his hair
  • Because you’ll split it in certain ways to make him look funny
  • There’s not too much talking…just comfortable silence

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Prompt idea I'm too nervous to try writing: One of the Side's eyes change colors depending on his mood, and no one notices until they're nearly black one day from sadness/red from anger, and whatever you want can happen afterwards. You choose what colors represent which emotions, which side, and any relationships (I love them all). Angst is appreciated but fluff is also wonderful. Sorry if it's a bad prompt it's just an idea I had. You're an amazing writer!

A/N: This is an amazing prompt! I put a slightly different spin on it, but it’s still the same basic idea. I’m also now obsessed with this au, and will probably write more of it in the future. Enjoy!

Tag List (let me know if you want to be removed/added!): @thuriweaver @bloodropsblog @justanotherpurplebutterfly @cosmic-chu @lynlinked @imnotamermaidimanangel @lollingtothemax @sombraplayslazertag @softbludemon 

Patton was at the core of a lot of Thomas’s feelings. And not that this was new news, all the other sides knew this. There was a reason they called him the “heart” after all. However, there was something odd that happened to Patton because of his emotions. His right eye would change colors. While his left eye would stay the same warm brown color, the other would change according to his emotions. When he was happy, it would be a golden yellow. When he was sad, it was a dark blue, so dark it was nearly black. When he was scared or anxious, it would turn purple. When he was calm, it was light blue. And the list of colors could go on and on.

So yes, Patton’s right eye could change colors. And he hated it. It made him feel ugly and out of place. Thankfully, none of the other sides seemed to notice his… condition. That is, until now.

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nonuniqueindie  asked:

#74 of ways to say I love you, any omgcp pairing

74. “We can share.” I was going to do this for Charmer, but it was giving me writer’s block until I realized on the way home today it wanted to be Nurseydex.

Dex blew out an angry breath as he stared at the now completely empty baggage carousel. The color stood high in his cheeks, and his hair was sticking up on one side where he’d been gripping it in frustration. Nursey wanted to smooth it down, but restrained himself, as he had been for months. Years, possibly. He was getting good at it.

“It’s taunting me,” Dex said flatly.

“What is?” Nursey asked, seated atop his own suitcase, pushing it back and forth idly on the wheels. He hadn’t fallen over yet, amazingly, and he was now actually timing himself to see how long that would last.

“The baggage… thing. With its complete and total lack of baggage. Mine in particular.”

“Noticed that, did you?” Nursey tried to bite back his grin, but suspected he probably failed.

Dex scowled. “Shut up.” Yup, definitely failed. “I should have known something like this would happen. I should have turned down Jack’s offer of tickets and just stayed home. Why did I need to come to the beach here? I live at the beach. There was no reason for me to come. Now the universe is punishing me.”

Nursey planted his feet and started ticking off reasons on his fingers. “It’s an SMH reunion for all of Bitty’s peeps, you know this. You miss me and C during the summer, don’t front. You are occasionally allowed to have fun. And no one in their right mind turns down a free plane ticket from an NHL star.”

Chowder came bouncing up just then, preventing Dex from continuing to try to glare his bag into existence. “The airline said it should be here tomorrow! It was still back in Maine and got loaded onto the next plane after yours. They’ll deliver to the house for us and everything!”

Dex raised an eyebrow. “Really? Did you point out to them that the house we’re staying at is four hours away from the airport?”

Chowder’s face fell. “Oh. Maybe I told them the address wrong? But that was what they said! I could go check again?”

Nursey stood up. “Nah, C, you go find Cait. I got this.”

Chowder looked uncertainly between the two of them. “Are you sure? You really shouldn’t start the trip off with a fight.”

“No fights, I promise. I got it.”

“You got it, huh?” Dex asked, irritated, but quietly, so Chowder wouldn’t hear.

“Yeah, I got it. Come on.” Nursey tugged him in the direction of the lost luggage office. “If there’s anything my, and I’m about to quote you here, ‘overprivileged childhood’ prepared me for, it’s dealing with airlines losing luggage. I have found myself sans belongings on multiple continents now, let me tell you. Always a fun time.” He held open the door to the little office and gestured Dex in with a grand flourish.

Ten minutes later, he’d charmed the very tired-looking woman at the desk into a complete recap of how they’d located Dex’s luggage, exactly where it was now, and given her three different ways to reach them when it arrived the next day.

He slung his arm around Dex’s shoulders and guided him back out. “’s all good, bro, see? They know where your shit is, it’s not going to be one of those permanently lost in the ether situations.”

Dex sighed, looking resigned. “I just… what am I going to do tonight? And tomorrow?”

“We can share.”

Dex looked over at Nursey in surprise. “Do what now?”

“Share. We’re the same height, and I always overpack for vacations. Consequence of traveling with my mother; she can never decide what we’ll be doing ahead of time, so we’re expected to anticipate all things.”

“I don’t… I mean, okay, I just don’t want to be… like, an inconvenience or anything…”

Nursey stopped. Fuck it, he decided. He took his arm off Dex’s shoulders so he could look him in the eye. “Dex. Haven’t you figured it out yet? There’s nothing I wouldn’t share with you.”

Dex stared at him, presumably in shock. Nursey braced himself. “Oh,” Dex said. “Oh.” And then he got a fistful of Nursey’s shirt and kissed him.

It didn’t last long; Nursey was grinning too much. “Glad you came after all, Poindexter?”

Dex’s ears turned an adorable shade of red, but his voice was entirely sure when he answered, “Yeah, I really am.”

MARS-Astrology and Sex pt.2

So now that you know how you and/or your significant other actually “do the deed”, it’s time to look at how you seduce, and no this is not where Venus comes in. This is actually when you’ll need to know your rising sign because the house your Mars is in describes your most effective seductive techniques. Also it describes your sex appeal outside of the bedroom whereas you Mars sign is all about the deed. Be sure to radiate your Best Traits when trying to seduce your crush. 

Mars 1st House

Mars in the first house is the Alpha in any pack. They seduce by competition, they love the idea of rivals and the thrill of the chase. In love or lust,they are brazen but completely unsubtle. 

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Happy early Valentine’s Day! This is for @whimsyalice as part of @aftgexchange!!! Yay!!! I wanted to include all your fave ships/characters, so this is more Foxes nonsense than ships! Hope you enjoy! :) 

Use this post for reference

It starts on a Monday. The locker room is a cacophony of chattering voices as the Foxes all arrive for afternoon practice, everyone still thrumming with excitement from Friday night’s win. Neil follows the group in and past the lounge. Allison and Renee have their arms linked and heads bowed together as they make their way into the girls’ changing room. Dan and one of the freshman girls are close behind them, not even pausing their lively conversation as they disappear behind the door. Andrew pushes past the door for the men’s changing room, Neil behind him. Matt and Nicky are hot on their heels and arguing about some television show as Neil makes his way to his locker.

“I’m telling you,” Nicky says. “He’s dead.”

“No way!” Matt argues. “He’s gonna pop up next season. You’ll see.”

“Are you sure we watched the same episode?”

“They can’t just kill off a fan favorite like that!”  

Neil tunes them both out and spins the combination into his locker lock. When he pulls the door open, something falls out and clatters to the floor. There’s a moment where Neil’s heart stutters to a painful halt in his chest, his breath clogging up his throat. Somewhere in the back of his mind, memories he’s long buried try to sink their claws back in. He has to close his eyes for a moment before he can focus again. Neil slowly looks down only to find a plastic knife at his feet. He blinks a few times in confusion before reaching down and picking it up. He turns it over in his hand and sees Justin Mattews scrawled in sharpie across the handle. As far as threats go, this one definitely makes the least amount of sense. Neil gives his brain another minute to come up with a possible explanation, but when it comes up blank, he holds the plastic knife out towards Andrew in a silent question.

“Neil! What’re you doing? You’re not supposed to tell anyone who you have!” Nicky exclaims from across the row of lockers.

“Murder season is finally upon us,” Matt says. “Let the chaos begin and may the best person win.”

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@jamiiemariia You have requested and I’ve returned. Prompt: Doomfist and Lucio soulmate AU where their first words to each other are written on their wrists and they meet in battle.

some notes, I’m actually a sucker for soulmate AUs, I know its super over done, but like, they over done for a reason. This is actually a tini bit inspired by @junelets​ recent doomcio panels.

Parts: 1, 2, 3

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anonymous asked:

hello! i have an OC who is blind and uses their staff (as they're a healer) as their cane and detects the environment around them a lot like toph from atla. the story is supernatural, i want to present their disability as a good thing but since they're a healer and a bit of a "holy" figure of the story, i want to avoid the "blind clairvoyant" trope. do you have any any advice in avoiding said trope but still keeping the image? thank you!

Hi there! I think that’s really good question and I’m glad you asked.

So in general I think there are definitely a few things about that to be aware of if you want to avoid any weird tropes or uncomfortable portrayals. And actually, if you would be willing to give me more in-depth info on the world, this character, and their specific powers, that would probably help a lot.

But in general, here’s what I can already think of:

You will want to be very careful of the characters powers negating the disability or allowing them to function practically the same as an abled person. One of the biggest problems I had with Toph from Avatar was that her powers went beyond just being an assistive tool, and practically negated her blindness altogether except in rare situations. Sure, she still couldn’t read and couldn’t navigate in the sand, but those issues rarely came up in that world and the rest of the time she may as well have been another sighted character that happened to make blind jokes. She could use her powers to such an extent that she could basically see everything around her for a long distance and could even tell what lots of people looked like aside from the finer details of like facial features.

This wouldn’t have been much of a problem if all earth benders had been shown to be able to use their powers to such a similar extent, but it was never shown that any other earth bender was even remotely capable of getting nearly as much information out of their powers as she was. And it’s perfectly reasonable to expect that she would be able to interpret reasonably more information from her powers than sighted earth benders because she’s far more tuned into it and pays a lot more attention, but they took it too far and put her leaps and bounds ahead of any other known earth bender and practically declared her the best in the world. There is a difference between a disabled character finding convenient ways to use their powers as assistive tools, and a disabled character’s powers making them basically able bodied.

So you want to make sure that your blind character’s ability to use their powers to sense their environment is not exclusive to them and that other sighted characters with similar abilities are also able to do similar things if they tried. Again, it’s actually good if you include that this character is better at getting information through the powers because they are far more focused and in tune with them while the sighted characters don’t need to use it in that way and therefore never paid as much attention, but don’t take it too far. And avoid the powers being able to be used so strongly that the character is able to basically see their environment practically just as well as a sighted character.

So in order to do that, he will want to include sighted characters who have the same powers who are shown to be able to do similar things but maybe just aren’t as good at getting the information as this character is because this character knows how to pay more attention to it. You will also want to be sure that you are showing the character using lots of other blindness skills and alternative techniques in conjunction with these powers, so that blind people reading the story can still see themselves in the character. Another problem with Toph being able to do so much with her powers was that she just didn’t feel like a blind character to blind people, and you couldn’t relate because you couldn’t do that. You needed to stop and ask a stranger for directions, or use a cane to help you navigate, or listen to sound cues in your environment to gain clues as to where you were or where something was.

So you might want to include plenty of little things here and there like the character putting their finger over the edge of a cup while pouring something in to know when to stop pouring, or using the cane (or staff) to find the door of the building, or asking a stranger for directions or information like street names or what buildings are around them. If braille is a thing in this world, have the character use it. Have them use non-visual techniques of labeling things that aren’t distinct already or cutting things up like food or materials.

You may also want to include minor other blind characters here and there who do not have the same powers just to show that everyone is different and that there are other blind characters who are also just as independent without that power. Even if it’s just one other blind character who appears like once or twice for only a few minutes, you know? Because it’s awfully convenient that the only blind character happens to be the character who has power that can allow them to fill their environment to special powers, doesn’t it? So maybe just randomly include another blind character or two that has different powers or no powers and show how they are able to either use a different powers they have to their advantage or how they are just is able to do things even without those powers.

I hope this was helpful!

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Random girl at bar starts flirting with Jake, Jake is clueless and it all goes right over his head, Amy steps in and gets her to back off

HI THANK U FOR THIS PROMPT I HAD FUN bc jake is a puppy and of course he’s got no clu what’s happenin:

On an early December evening, the warmth of Shaw’s is immediately comforting- as he enters, Jake can feel everything from the freezing cold tip of his nose, to his red cheeks, to the stiffness of his icy fingers, encompassed by the cosy heat of the room.

Reluctantly- despite this warmth- he pulls off his coat and his scarf as he approaches the bar, slipping onto a stool and trying to catch Carl’s eye so he can signal for a beer. This is to no avail; it’s busier than usual in here, even for a Friday, and he’s completely occupied, hands full with dirty glasses while someone gives him an order. For now, Jake relaxes against the bar, pulling his phone from his pocket to check the time.

For what may very well be the first time in his life, he’s early.

He’s due to meet her here in half an hour, to celebrate the end of what’s been a completely tortuous week. Both are working stupidly, painfully long cases, and have barely seen each other, even at work. He feels it in his chest, a tightness, one he’s known long before these couple months of their romantic relationship- a tightness that can only be fixed by Amy.

A hollow grumble in his stomach brings a sharp pang of hunger into his head, which is when he realises he hasn’t actually had anything to eat since breakfast. Mindlessly, he picks at a bowl of peanuts on the bar, only glancing up a couple of times- to order a beer, and to check for Amy.

“Hey, are you okay? You look lonely!”

A saccharine, perky voice makes him do a double take; at first, he’s not even sure it’s addressing him, until he turns round and sees a smiling blonde woman next to him.

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anonymous asked:

Ok, hi, I absolutely ADORE your writing for hiccstrid! They're so cute and fluffy! Could you possibly write one about the first time Astrid wears her HTTYD2 outfit in RTTE? I love your work!

Aww thank you Nonnie! I’m so glad you enjoy them! <3 :D I somehow missed this message in my inbox, but once I was going through the different requests I stumbled across it and was like “MAN I wanna write that!” Thanks again! 

Same but You

“It’s freezing.” Hiccup chattered, arms hugging himself as he tugged his fur coat tighter around himself, ducking his head. “It can’t be natural for the weather to get this cold.” He grumbled.

Toothless warbled and snuffed Hiccup’s leg, wrapping his tail around his rider in comfort.

“Hope the others found something warm to wear. Sometimes this leg of mine can be handy.” Hiccup held up the said limb, staring at it in half hate and half gratefulness. It had started aching nearly four days ago, so badly that he’d been forced to stay indoors for an entire morning because of the pain. But it was also news that they were in for a cold front, giving them enough time to button down the hatches.

Toothless hummed, treading onward while dragging Hiccup along. His human had a habit of dawdling at times, and the Night Fury was just as cold as he was. All he wanted to do was get to Astrid’s hut so he could curl up around the stove. 

Hiccup readjusted the bundle of blankets and furs in his arms, hurrying to catch up. “Hope everyone’s warm enough..” he murmured. “Like the twins, who have no sense to cut firewood so they don’t freeze.” 

Toothless huffed and paused at Astrid’s door, flicking his tail at the door knob. Hiccup fumbled with his load of supplies, struggling to reach the handle to open the door. Before he could finagle a way in, the door swung open to reveal a rosy cheeked and smiling Astrid.

“Morning!” She called, stepping away to allow them inside. “Toothless- don’t track in any…” The dragon disregarded her, walking in anyways and leaving a trail of snow behind. “…snow.” She finished lamely, giving the dragon a bemused look while he merely curled up by the fire pit.

“Brought blankets.” Hiccup informed, dumping the items onto the table. He burrowed deeper into his coat, redirecting his gaze towards his girlfriend.

His eyes widened. “Thor…” He whispered. 

She wore new winter clothing that Hiccup had never in his life seen her wear before. There was a red shirt, similar to her old one in style, only it had a brown fleece long sleeved shirt underneath, her wrists wrapped in thick hide arm guards. She wasn’t wearing her armor, but there was a fluffy fur hood hanging down her back. She wore dark purple leggings, with extremely fluffy and furry boots that looked much warmer then her old ones. And, Hiccup noticed, Toothless was watching them enticingly from his place on the floor. 

“You’re staring, is something wrong?” Astrid asked, glancing down at herself with a little flush of embarrassment. “Sorry if it’s… I hadn’t planned on wearing it for awhile, so it’s a little miss-matched.” 

“NO.” Hiccup interrupted quickly, looking up into her face. “Gods, no…. you look…” He stepped closer to look her up and down, eyes wide and jaw slack. “You look beautiful…” He murmured.

She blushed and fiddled with her fingers, gaze lowering. “Thanks…” 

Hiccup lifted his hands to grab her hood, tugging it over her face with a laugh. She sputtered and moved to push it back out of her face, eyes twinkling merrily.

“Haha, you did not just-” She called, jumping and tackling him to the floor. Hiccup wriggled and tried to free himself from her grasp, finally giving up when she tugged at his own coat and pulled his fur cap over his eyes.

“Mphh! Astrid!” Hiccup giggled, shoving her to the side so he could see again. “Thor- take it easy on the cripple!” 

“Hush you.” Astrid laughed, grabbing his hand and helping him to his feet. “How is your leg?” 

“Better…” Hiccup looked down to glare at the foreboding object. “A bother, but…” he looked back up with a shrug, tugging at her hood once again. “Where did you find that?” 

“I made it.” She replied indignantly, swatting his hand away. 

He double-blinked, “It’s cute.” he grinned.

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Full transcript of Adam Lanza's 2011 radio appearance
  • (music fades out)
  • Host: Hello! We got the collapsible headphones here, but uh... we're back.
  • Co-Host: (inaudible) we got Greg on the phone.
  • Host: Oh! Greg. Okay. How's it going?
  • Lanza: Hi, good. Um, I'm a fan of your writing.
  • Host: Thank you.
  • Lanza: I'm sorry to bring up such an old news story, but I couldn't find anything that you said about the topic, and it seems relevant to your interests, so I thought I would bring up Travis the Chimp. Do you remember him?
  • Host: I don't.
  • Lanza: Well, um, he was a highly domesticated chimpanzee, who lived in a suburban home in Stamford, Connecticut.
  • Co-Host: Oh, yeah.
  • Host: Oh.
  • Lanza: And he was raised just like a human child, starting from the week he was born. By the time that he was fourteen years old, which would be somewhere around age twenty in human years, um...
  • Host: Uh-huh.
  • Lanza: ...he slept in a bed, he took his own baths, he dressed himself, he brushed his teeth with an electric toothbrush...
  • Host: (laughs) Really? When was this?
  • Lanza: Um... well.. (chuckles) this happened in early two-thousand-and-nine.
  • Co-host and Host: Oh!
  • Lanza: He ate his meals at a table, and he enjoyed human foods like ice cream, and used a remote control to watch television, and liked baseball games... and he even used a computer to look at pictures on the internet.
  • Host: Huh.
  • Lanza: And... (chuckles) it goes without saying that Travis was very overweight; he was two hundred pounds when he should have been around the low hundreds. And he was actually taking Xanax.
  • Co-Host: (laughing)
  • Host: Amazing.
  • Lanza: I couldn't find any information about why he was taking it, but it just seems to say a lot that he was given it at all. And, basically, I think Travis wasn't any different than a mentally handicapped human child.
  • Host: Hmm.
  • Lanza: But, anyway, one day in February 2009, he was acting very agitated, and at some point grabbed the car - his owner's - car keys, and went outside and started leaping from car to car, apparently wanting to go for a car ride. And he was acting very aggressively, so, his owner called her over to get her to help calm him down and get him to go back inside, and once she arrived, he immediately attacked her, and his owner tried to stop him, but couldn't, and she even resorted to stabbing him with a knife, but nothing worked.
  • And she said that after she stabbed him, he looked at her as if to say "Why'd you do that to me, Mom?" Because apparently that was what their relationship was like; no different than between a human mother and child.
  • So, after stabbing, she called the police, who arrived twelve minutes after the attack, at which point her friend was... pretty close to dead. And once the cruiser came up, Travis went over to it, tried to open the locked passenger door. He smashed off the side mirror, went over to the driver's door, opened it, and the cop shot him. He fled back into the house, where he went to his playroom and bled to death.
  • Host: Hmm.
  • Lanza: And... (chuckles) um, it might not seem very relevant, but I'm bringing it up because afterward, everyone was condemning his owner for, saying how irresponsible she was for raising a chimp like it was a child, and that she should have that something like this would happen, because chimps aren't supposed to be living in civilization, they're supposed to be living in the wild, among each other. But, their criticism stops there-
  • Host: Mmm-hmm.
  • Lanza: -and the implication is that there's no way that anything could have gone wrong in this life if he were living in this civilization as a human, rather than a chimp.
  • Host: Ah, indeed.
  • Lanza: Because, uh, he brings up questions about this whole process of child-raising.
  • Host: Yeah.
  • Lanza: Civilization isn't something which just happens to gently exist without us having to do anything, because every newborn child - human child - is born in a chimp-like state, and civilization is only sustained by conditioning them for years on end, so that they'll accept it for what it is, and since we've gone through this conditioning, we can observe a human family raising a human child - and I'm sure that even you have trouble intuitively seeing it as something unnatural - but when we see a chimp in that position, we immediately know that there's something profoundly wrong with the situation. And it's easy to say there's something wrong with it simply because it's a chimp, but what's the real difference between us and our closest relatives?
  • Travis wasn't an untamed monster at all. Um, he wasn't just feigning domestication, he was civilized. Um, he was able to integrate into society, he was a chimp actor when he was younger, and his owner drove him around the city frequently in association with her towing business, where he met many different people, and got alone with everyone. If Travis had been some nasty monster all his life, it would have been widely reported. But, to the contrary, it seems like everyone who knew him said how shocked they were that Travis had been so savage, because they knew him as a sweet child, and... there were two isolated incidents early in his life where he acted aggressively, but... summarizing them would take too long, so basically I'll just say that he didn't really any differently than a human child would, and the people who would use that as an indictment against having chimps live as humans do wouldn't apply the same thing to humans, so it's just kind of irrelevant.
  • Host: Uh-huh.
  • Lanza: Bu anyway, look what civilization did to him; it had the same exact effect on him as it has on humans. He was profoundly sick in every sense of the term, and he had to resort to these surrogate activities like watching baseball, and looking at pictures on a computer screen, and taking Xanax. He was a complete mess.
  • Host: Mmm-hmm.
  • Lanza: And his attack wasn't simply because he was a senselessly violent, impulsive chimp. Uhm, which was how his behavior was universally portrayed. Um, immediately before the attack, he had desperately been wanting his owner to drive him somewhere, and the best reason I can think of for why he would want that, looking at his entire life, would be that... some little things he experienced was the last straw, and he was overwhelmed at the life that he had, and he wanted to get out of it by changing his environment, and the best way that he knew how to deal with that was getting his owner to drive him somewhere else.
  • Host: Yeah.
  • Lanza: And when his owner's... owner's friend, arrived, he knew that she was trying to coax him back into his place of domestication, and he couldn't handle that, so he attacked her, and anyone else who approached them. And dismissing his attack as simply being the senseless violence and impulsiveness of a chimp, instead of a human, is wishful thinking at best.
  • Host: Mmm-hmm.
  • Lanza: His attack can be seen entirely parallel to the attacks and random acts of violence that you bring up on your show every week, committed by humans, which the mainstream also has no explanation for-and-
  • Host: No.
  • Lanza: -and, actual humans... I just- just don't think it would be such a stretch to say that he very well could have been a teenage mall shooter or something like that.
  • Host: Yeah. Yeah.
  • Lanza: And-
  • Host: Wow. Thank you, Greg.
  • Lanza: Yeah.
  • Host: That's quite a story. That's, uh, really apropos, isn't it? Travis the chimp.
  • Lanza: It's just that I'm a little surprised that I haven't heard you bring it up all because... (laughs) maybe I'm just seeing connections where there aren't any, but-
  • Host: Not at, I uh, think not. No, I just... I didn't catch that one. I didn't uh... maybe I was out of the country or something, I don't know, but I missed that it. Thanks very much, man.
  • Lanza: Thank you. Bye.
  • Host: Take care.
  • (Lanza hangs up)

staycute1234  asked:

Imagine that Taegi were dating and they had a bad break up. They're sad and still in love but don't want to be together. Then two years later Yoongi gets a call from Taehyung's little Sister that Taehyung is in the hospital and is asking for him. Yoongi drops everything and goes but he pace in front of the hospital for 20 minutes before going in. Taehyung was in some kind of accident that made him forget the two years and he is back to the mindset him and Yoongi are a couple. Yoongi sees this-

((Look i’m actually crying and laughing at the same time because i had so much written for this but then i went to minimize the page and instead i accidentally closed the entire thing and it didn’t save T_T anyways though! Look at you Satan! I thought i was angst queen but it looks like you’re coming for my place lol!) (Also you totes are the more popular one out of both of us baby! That’s why you have more request)


So many people liked to compare Taehyung and Yoongi to the sun and moon as if they were fucking Shakespeare or some shit, as if their relationship was some fairy tale out of story books read to children at night. It was romantic sure, in a way, the thought of these two beings fitting so well together. Everyone wanted a relationship like that. Everyone wanted to fit so well with their partner that nothing was ever wrong. No one really bothered to stop and think about the fact that the sun and moon were basically the same fucking thing. They were both stupid shapes in the solar system that lit up the earth at different times of the day and eventually it would get tiring. 

Taehyung and Yoongi were exactly that. 

Taehyung and Yoongi were two beings on the same planet, in the same city, living in the same apartment that fit so well together it pissed Yoongi off. 

It sounds dumb now that the elder thought about it. How could anyone be pissed off that their relationship was so perfect? How could anyone get so angry about how well they fit with their boyfriend that they felt the need to cause a fight just to get some excitement? At the time it’d sounded like a wonderful idea to Yoongi. The elder can remember the way he actually fucking laughed when Taehyung began yelling at him. He can remember the way he was actually happy they were doing something other than their routine date nights even if it was yelling at each other.

It was so fucking stupid but Yoongi was happy that they were FINALLY disagreeing on things. 

WE HAVE LITERALLY BECOME THAT COUPLE AND IT’S FUCKING GROSS!”  Yoongi pants angrily as he watches the way Taehyung’s perfectly shaped eyebrows furrow in confused irritation. 


The fact that Taehyung doesn’t even realize what Yoongi means angers him more. 


The entire apartment shifts into a silence Yoongi hasn’t heard in a while and it frightens him a bit. Of course his pride won’t let him say anything else. He was just so angry with how easy and boring had become, how routine their relationship had become. There where times when they first started dating that Yoongi can remember when he and Taehyung would run around like reckless kids breaking into empty pools to have sex under the stars. Hell there were times when they would just get in their car and drive for miles with no where to go just because they wanted an adventure. Now the most they did was eat at a different restaurant once  a week, it was maddening. 

“Well then.” Taehyung pauses and Yoongi’s not sure if it’s so the younger can calm down or hold back a sob. “I hope your next relationship is as fucked up as you want it to be.

Flash forward two years later and Yoongi is once again panting for breath.  The giant white building looms in front of him looking almost as if it’s mocking him, almost as if it’s daring him, teasing him to enter. He’s not sure if he wants to honestly. Yoongi’s not sure if he can face the darkness that waits for him inside such a bright building. 

“Yoongi, It’s Taehyung. He’s hurt.” 

The sound of Taehyung’s sister sobbing still played in his head as he fought back the urge to gag. He can still remember that night, although just barely, he can still think back hard enough and remember the way he’d been drunkenly fucking into some faceless man when his phone had begun to ring with a number he hadn’t seen in year flashing across the screen. 

“Let it ring baby.”  The faceless man had moaned out but Yoongi had barely noticed it with the way his body shook. He’s almost did though, he almost let it go to voicemail until something in his gut had told him better. He almost let the past stay in the past until something, someone, had screamed at him to raise the small device to his ear.

It’d taken Yoongi two years to let something he wanted so much get ruined, two minutes to answer the phone and two days to race to the boy that held his entire being in his hands. 

“Before you see him you need to understand…. Taehyung… he still thinks you two are together.” Taehyung’s sister sighs. “During the accident he hit his head against the window on the drivers side door hard, the doctors say the blow caused short term memory loss. Taehyung thinks it’s still August of 2014.” 

Yoongi stiffens. August of two years ago, that would have been two months before the fight that broke them up and two months before their anniversary. 

The door to Taehyung’s hospital room opens and Yoongi nearly falls to his knees in tears. 

“Yoonie! Baby, you came!” 

Yoongi will never understand how Taehyung still shines even while in a hospital bed with bandages covering his head and cheek. Thought, it could be because Taehyung has always been the light that shined in Yoongi’s life. Either way the elder does his best to smile as he hands over baby pink roses to the younger boy in bed. 

“Sorry it took me so long to get here, Doll. I had to pick these up for you.” 

“Oh that’s okay!” Taehyung giggles and Yoongi can see the way the younger’s sister clenches her fist. 

It’s understandable, he can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel to watch your brother smile at the boy who broke his heart and have to act like everything was alright. Taehyung and his sister had always been more than just siblings, they were best friends and each other’s guardians. Hell Yoongi was surprised the girl hadn’t punched him in the throat the moment he’d suggested acting like he was still dating the younger to save him from anymore pain. 

“But Yoonie, where were you??” Taehyung’s still perfectly groomed eyebrows furrow in confusion. “You weren’t in the car with me during the accident right?”

For a moment Yoongi thinks Taehyung remembers everything and the younger is just trying to punish him by asking something like that, but Yoongi knows better.  Yoongi knows Taehyung would never do anything to purposely hurt Yoongi because that was Yoongi’s role. Yoongi was always the one to hurt Taehyung. Yoongi was the one to cause fights when he was bored. 

“No, Doll.” The elder fights back a sob. “I wasn’t in the car with you.” 

“You know, now that i think about it, we’re probably really behind on Goblin huh?

Not for the first time in the week that he’s been by Taehyung’s side, Yoongi stiffens. 

“You are starting to remember things?!”  A small smile blooms on Yoongi’s lips as he thinks back to all the nights he would spend curled up with Taehyung running his fingers through his hair as they watched the tragic story of Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin. Something Yoongi once thought was so fucking boring. The smile he wears shifts into something a bit sadder and the elder sighs. 

“Yeah we are a bit behind but we can catch up when you get out of the hospital.”

It’s two nights later and Yoongi is awoken to screams. 

The elder shoots straight out of his seat and is by Taehyung’s side instantly he tries to clam the shrieking sobbing boy. Fear races through his body every time he catches the sounds of Taehyung’s heart monitor beeping uncontrollably with every shout and kick the younger lets out and it’s only when Taehyung sits up covered in sweat and shaking that Yoongi realizes the younger had been having a nightmare. 

Yoongi himself feels like he’s trapped in his own personal night terror when Taehyung sobs out the words the elder never wanted to hear. 

“Please don’t leave me.” 

“Hey Doll,” Yoongi gently rubs his thumb against the back of Taehyung’s hand as he holds the younger. “Do you want to talk about the nightmare? From two nights ago?”

It’s Taehyung’s turn to stiffen at Yoongi’s words. After the elder had been able to get Taehyung calm and back to sleep the younger had wanted to completely ignore whatever it was that had him screaming but Yoongi….. Yoongi needed to know what it was. Yoongi needed to know what had left Taehyung to shaken that he’d barely let Yoongi go to the restroom without his heart monitor spiking.

The younger sighs quietly and turns so he can rest his face against the fair skin of Yoongi’s neck. 

“We were fighting.” Taehyung’s breath shakes, Yoongi takes that as his cue to rub the younger’s lower back slowly. “In my dream we had been happy and having a date and then suddenly we were fighting and screaming at each other.  You had said you didn’t love me and then i stormed out and left.” 

Yoongi knows Taehyung’s dream must have been a mixture of the younger’s fears and his memories of the night they’d split up. It hurts him to have to think so but he knows it’s time to tell the younger the truth. It was time to end the little happiness he had if it meant helping Taehyung get better. 

“That wasn’t a dream.” 

Taehyung looks up and Yoongi swears he sees his entire past and future in those brown wide orbs he’s fallen in love with all over again. The elder is about to start talking again but before he can Taehyung’s quit voice is interrupting him.

“Yes it was….. because in real life…… during our fight…. you never said you didn’t love me.” Taehyung frowns. “You called us boring.” 

Just like that Yoongi’s entire world stops spinning. 

“When did you remember everything?”

They two boys now lay in the hospital bed facing each other with only their hands locked together between them. Just the way they would lay once upon a time in the bed they shared in a perfect apartment in Daegu. Yoongi gently squeezes Taehyung’s fingers when the younger smiles at him and for these moments they’re happy. 

“Two nights ago, after the nightmare.” Taehyung scoots a bit closer until Yoongi can feel his breath against his own lips and it’s not really a kiss but almost. “It all came back to me in a rush during the time that i was crying after you woke me up. I was just afraid if i stopped pretending i’d forgotten everything you would leave.”

For the first time in the two years, two minutes, two days that everything had happened, Yoongi lets his lips press against Taehyung.

“I love you, i’m never leaving.” Yoongi grins. “No matter how boring we get.”


(i probably butchered this idea :c but anyways you should totally write the smut part!) (i suck at porn) 

anonymous asked:

This idea has been on my mind all day, so I decided to write it to you as a prompt.Could you recreate a situation like the one in the inshallah clip?the new school year has started and one Saturday morning Sana finds herself in kitchen peeling carrots, Yousef enters and offers to help her, only that they start flirting in a very obvious way (because they stand in a different point in their relationship then in clip they're kinda together, or they're almost there).Let me know if you like the idea


Thanks for the prompt!! 

I don’t know if this is exactly what you had in mind but I really hope you like it :D 


Hi mom” Sana greeted her mother as she entered the kitchen on Saturday morning.

It was October, she had already started her last year of high school but she didn’t have much to study yet so she decided to go out of her room to spend some time with her mom. It also didn’t hurt the fact that Elias and the boys, including Yousef, were hanging in her living room in that exact moment.

“Hi love” Sana’s mom said with a smile

“What are you doing?” she said as she approached her mom.

Sana smiled when she realized what her mom was doing, she was peeling not other thing than a carrot.

“Just making lunch, I think the boys are staying”

“You know…” Sana said hesitantly as she smiled to herself remembering a previous Saturday morning “You’re actually peeling that carrot wrong”

“You’re telling me how I’m supposed to peel a carrot?” Mamma Bakkoush asked raising her eyebrows at her

“What? I’m just trying to help…”

“Well, since you’re so willingly to help maybe you can finish this for me while I go to the store to get some ingredients I need” Sana’s mom said as she passed the peeler to Sana

“Do I have to?” Sana whined

“This is what happens when you try to be smarter than your mom” she said kissing her daughter’s cheek tenderly before leaving the room

Sana shook her head and sighed. She took her phone and searched in her playlist for a song, if she had to peel some carrots she might as well do it while listening to some good music. She found the song she was looking for but before pressing play she thought about something first. She went to the kitchen’s door and looked at the living room where the boys were. They were just talking to each other and laughing and they hadn’t noticed Sana yet.

“Elias” she called her brother with the peeler in one hand and a carrot in the other one “Uh, mom let me in charge of the food while she’s at the store. I won’t bother you if I listen to some music while I’m at it, right?”

It wasn’t like she needed permission from her brother to play music. That comment was more like an excuse to show a certain boy what she was about to do.

“Sure sis, no problem” Elias said

Sana nodded. Her eyes found Yousef’s then, he was already looking at her with his eyebrows raised. Sana smirked at him and turned around to go back to the kitchen.

She then took her phone once again and this time she pressed play.

Ed Sheeran’s voice filled the room as Kiss me started to sound. She played it loud enough so it could be heard from the living room.

“Are you doing this on purpose?” she heard the voice she was waiting for saying no more than 10 seconds after she played the song

“Huh?” she said looking at Yousef faking confusion “Oh hi Yousef, are you here for a drink?”

“Yeah, I’m here exactly for that” he said biting his lip.

He took a glass from the cabinet and approached Sana on his way to the fridge. Just like he had done a few months ago he walked closely behind her, slower than it was normal.

“You do know that the kitchen is big enough for both of us, right?” Sana said in a low voice as she felt him a few inches from her back.

“Yeah, I do know that” he whispered standing right behind her.

Sana smiled to herself and turned around to face him, startled at first by the proximity. She knew he was close but not that close. Yousef noticed the surprise on her face and quickly took two steps back to give her space.

“I’m sorry, am I making you uncomfortable?” he said kind of panicking “I’m so sorry”

“No, no, Yousef, it’s alright.” She said as she took a step towards him “It’s just your extra side showing”

She shrugged and smiled at him to ease the tension. She then turned around and continued with her carrot peeling. She heard him chuckle behind her and walked to the fridge to finally get that drink he was supposed to want.

“So, your mom trusted you enough to peel a carrot all by yourself? Wow, brave” he teased her

“Well, I’ll let you know that I’m the master of peeling carrots now” she said looking at him while still peeling the carrot

That, of course, didn’t end well and before she could stop it she cut her finger with the peeler.

“Ouch!” she yelled as she tossed the peeler and the carrot on the counter and held her thumb with her other hand

“Are you okay?” Yousef asked taking a step towards her in concern

“Yeah, yeah, it’s just a small cut”

“Let me see” he said as he slowly took her hand into his to examine her thumb.

“See, it’s not even bleeding” she said looking up to him

Yousef was looking back at her while gently brushing her hand with his fingers. He was standing so close to her that if she wanted to she could count his eyelashes.

Eyelashes, Sana? What is wrong with you? Why does this dork have that effect on you?” she thought.

She shook her head at herself trying to focus. Yousef did the same as he too had been lost in Sana’s eyes and cleared his throat before letting go of her hand.

“Okay, Master of peeling carrots, how about you let me help you so you don’t lose any of your cute little fingers here?” Yousef said taking the peeler and the carrot and starting his task

“I was doing just fine before you came here and started to distract me”

“Do I make you nervous?” he said trying to put an interesting voice

Sana rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Come on you have to admit that I’m the real master of peeling carrots” he said as he threw a peel in her direction

“Eh, I guess you’re alright. At least the kids won’t starve with you, that’s a good thing”

Of course they won’t, our kids will be perfectly fed”

Sana widened her eyes at his sentence as Yousef closed his and lowered his head once he realized what he had just said.

“Our kids?” she said trying not to laugh at his embarrassment

“I meant…what I wanted to say was…I mean…you know…” he stuttered not daring to look at her

“It’s good to know that they will have a good meal every day.” She said “You’ll have to settle for six though, there’s no way I’m having 12”

Yousef looked up at her in shock at first but then his face lit up and he grinned widely at her as she did too.

“Six kids it is” he agreed.


I hope you’ve liked it!

I’m sorry it’s kind of short

Thanks again for the prompt and thank you all for reading!!♥♥

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how would the rfa (and vanderwood/saeran) help out mc after they had a really reaLLY long day? maybe mc starts crying a bit bc they're just so overwhelmed and whoops everything's coming out at once whoOPS

✿ Hooo-boy do I know the school stress. As we approach the end of the semester… this is very relevant!


  • oh god does he understand.
  • The two of you study together although sometimes you get distracted and you can always complain about teachers, homework, and essays with him.
  • You’ve got codewords for your awful days.. When he asks you how you are, all you have to say is “lemon” and he’ll know something happened - a failed exam, a stressful professor, a terrible class - and that you need some cheering up. And if he says the same thing, you’ll hug him and coo over him and tell him it’ll be just fine. He’ll make it. You’ll both make it.
  • One night during finals week, the two of you just grab each other and bawl. Why is everything so hard!
  • Even when you’re working on different things, you stay in the room together. It makes things feel a little bit less lonely, and it helps remind you to… y’know. Eat. Sleep. Take care of yourself.
  • He talks you through panic attacks. One awful day your flubbed answering something in front of the entire class, and you call him right after while crying and he books it all the way across campus to take you out for a smoothie.
  • He’ll take you to the grocery store sometimes, and the two of you will domestically ~plan out your dinner.~ it makes everything feel lighter and easier to deal with.
  • Normally, he won’t stop you from doing your work… but when it gets too absurd and you’ve hit the three-day mark without sleep, he’ll just grab onto, haul you into bed, and make you use his shoulder as a pillow.


  • You’ve been good. You’ve been so good. You’ve been juggling everything - your relationship, school, everything - without letting anyone know about how stressed you are. But oopsie-daisy, it’s a third day straight without sleep with weeks of predominately restless nights before that, and you just collapse at one of Zen’s practices.
  • He drops literally everything, picking you up and SPRINTING you to the hospital. You try to tell him that no, no, you’re just… sleepy, but he’s not having any of it.
  • The doctors spill all your secrets. You haven’t been eating enough, sleeping enough, resting enough, and your stress levels are through the r o o f. you need some rest. 
  • Zen is so sulky oh my god. why didn’t you tell him you were struggling? why didn’t you let him know how much work you had?
  • You didn’t want to trouble him… but he would never have thought of you as a burden!
  • He makes you sleep a full eight hours, and then he is all about helping you with your schooling. Which. Y’know. Zen… isn’t really… book smart? So that mostly means getting you lots of coffee, giving you massages, and… y’know.
  • ( ・∀・)
  • stress relief.
  • He makes jokes out of your book work - occasionally reading passages in silly voices and making fun of the names in the texts - and that makes everything seem less overbearing. Once you bring some humor into it… it isn’t so bad.
  • A particularly bad days drives you to tears, and he wipes them away and sings to you softly. He knows about all about how it feels, to work so hard, and he tells you that he’s so proud of you.
  • He can’t wait to see you on your graduation day, and he knows that you can make it.


  • She knows this song. She knows this dance. She’s been through the hell of school, a hell which continued into the office, and she is not letting you fight this beast alone.
  • She makes sure you eat by packing you a healthy lunch. She helps you budget your sleep - because she knows you won’t always have the time to get a full eight hours, but there are tricks to keep going even with a limited amount of rest. She helps you get your butt moving when you need to do work, and she’s always got a cup of coffee ready for when you need it.
  • But even that isn’t enough sometimes, and as finals loom, you come home one day, collapse on the couch… and curl up with your face in your hands.
  • Jaehee pokes her head out of the kitchen, having heard the door open, and she sees you there and she just k n o w s. So she walks forward, pushes your hands aside, and tilts your face up to look at her…
  • and you just look so miserable. your mouth twists, your eyes mist over, and you try to keep it in. you try so hard, but when you try to say, it’s alright, don’t worry, I’m fine, it all comes out in ugly, choking sobs.
  • you’re so tired.
  • it’s been such a long day and you’re so tired!!!
  • She lets you cry yourself out, and then she gets you some water and makes you a horribly sugary caramel-lattee-machiatto-thing that must be what flows through the pipes in heaven. You snuggle against her - she’s so soft and nice - and she asks you if there’s anything that’s due tomorrow. You say yes, and she works out a plan with you about how to get it done…. or, if you can’t get it done…
  • Get enough completed that it’s okay.
  • Jaehee is all about planning, preparation… and she helps you sort things out so they don’t get overwhelming again.


  • this man knows how to work hard, but he also knows that one’s health is important, so he does his best to reign you back on your self-destructive tendencies.
  • did you eat? did you sleep? he points out that you’ll be more productive if you’re properly rested, and you tell him to eat a walnut he’s not ur mom
  • (he acts like it tho omg)
  • He’s constantly asking you if you completed such-and-such assignment and if you did such-and-such obligation and you have to admit, it’s EXHAUSTING. you know he cares about you - that’s why he’s trying to get you to eat and sleep right! - but with the way he’s hovering over you, you’re not really getting any break from school at all.
  • you can’t even rest at home because he always wants to talk to you about school!
  • You reach your breaking point one day, when the first thing Jumin asks you when you come home from class is about the test you took that day, and - and god, you studied so hard for it but you still felt like you bombed it and you’d been up since 6AM and it’s too much. You try to keep it in and just… tell him how it went, but nope, it all just comes out and Jumin is left dumbfounded as you end up sobbing.
  • okay, maybe he didn’t focus enough on how you felt.
  • He hugs you, lets you cry, and says it’ll be alright. One test won’t determine your life, one class won’t determine your life, and - shoot, he’s sorry. He really just wanted to be engaged in your life and helping you do your very best, but he kind of went too far, didn’t he…?
  • The two of you don’t talk about school for the rest of the day, and he reads you to sleep that night as you drink a nice glass of apple cider.


  • He helps you in other ways, though - he’s a smart cookie, and he knows how to study. He hits the books with you, gives you advice on your papers…
  • Sometimes, he’ll adjust his glasses and pretend like he’s ‘Seven-Sensei’ who will teach you about magic and the stars!
  • (it makes you laugh.)
  • He makes you robots to help cheer you up, little cats and dogs that’ll sing to you and tell you jokes whenever you turn them on. Whenever you’re having a really hard time, he’ll redecorate the apartment to make it a little more magical - like putting stars on the ceiling or glitter on the walls.
  • One day, you stumble home, completely at your limit from everything… and when you approach the security system door…
  • It sings you a welcome home! song.
  • Seven sweeps you into a hug immediately as you enter. Was this a whim of his? How had you known your day had been awful? But he dances with you, twirls you around, dips you to some K-Pop he has playing, and gives you a huge grin.
  • Everything feels… better at home.
  • He makes you take an hour break - which you cry during, because you’re so overwhelmed even thinking about school - and then helps you half-ass your work into a state that’s good enough for now. It’s a bit easier, when you don’t hold yourself to such high standards.
  • The two of you have some space program or another playing while you’re working, and occasionally he’ll point at the TV and babble some space-fact. Sometimes it’s real, sometimes it’s just something he came up with on the spot… but it’s always a funny little distraction.

(Minor trio under the cut!)

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Non-Stop (Jim Kirk x Reader Part 3)

Originally posted by star-trek-world

That Would Be Enough
(Part 1)
(Part 2)
(Part 3- you are here)

Pairing: AOS Jim Kirk x Reader

Rating: PG for angst, language and descriptions of violence

A/N: Time to pick up steam and get into the meat of some plot~ Enjoy!

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‘What if the guys were given a motive that they had to kill someone or else their S/O would be killed? (Bonus points if they're not allowed to tell anyone)’ part 2

What if the guys were given a motive that they had to kill someone or else their S/O would be killed? (Bonus points if they’re not allowed to tell anyone)

Never ever ever ever ever again, nope.

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anonymous asked:

AU where David's suitcase and Jack's suitcase get mixed up on accident after a flight because they look the same- leads to awkward questions about what they're travelling with...

Two prompts filled in one day? Heck to the yes!

Also I got a little carried away with this one but it was fun 

Jack hovered around the baggage carousel, though he wasn’t entirely paying mind to the passing luggage. His gaze kept drifting over the people and the entire airport, stubbornly landing back on the guy standing not a few paces away from him. They had been on the same flight, Jack had seen him across the aisle.  He wanted to know his name, wanted to know why his attention kept sticking to this one man in particular.

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Inktober Day 19 - Walk Away

Notes: I’m so sorry guys, I wrote this yesterday morning but I had wifi problems. It happens quite often but I didn’t have time to post this from my phone so I decided it was best to wait until the rooter started to function again.

Anyway, this is for @grootiez, who helped with the prompt by writing “For walk away, how about teen Groot running away from home after an argument with the other guardians?“. As per usual, it’s not exactly what you asked for, your suggestion inspired this (and again, I’m truly sorry I’m late). Hope you’ll be satisfied anyway!

“I miss my best friend.”

“I’m right here, dude.”

“Flark off Quill, I wasn’t talking about you.” Rocket throws a wrench at him to make his point. Peter manages to catch it right before it hits his nose. He’d probably make a sarcastic remark, but Rocket really isn’t feeling okay.

“Have you tried talking to him?” he asks.

“What’s the point?” Rocket shrugs. “He’s a teenager. A big boy. He thinks I’m dull.”

Groot’s behavior has changed a lot, recently. He’s been in full moody-teenager mode for a few weeks, now. He doesn’t enjoy the Guardians’ company as much as before, he wants his own space, he complains that no one understands him - he just sighed and walked away when Drax pointed out that “That’s impossible, we’ve all learned how to comprehend everything you say.” -. All he does is spending the day alone in his room, playing hologames.

For Rocket, this is torture. He cares for the young tree more than it’s safe to admit. Damn, he raised him. He’s been used to Groot needing him, looking up at him in time of need, for years. Now, he feels left out. This leads to the team finding the raccoonoid sulking in different places of the ship at different times of the day.

And they have enough of it.

“Just ask him to spend some time with you. You can do something together, like old times.” He suggests. Rocket lowers his ears.

“I tried. He didn’t want to make bombs with me. I even allowed him to work on death buttons and he still looked bored! He used to love death buttons!” he complains.

“Then you’ll bond over something else.” Peter promises. Fully aware of the huge risk he’s taking, he lifts Rocket and mercilessly drags him away from the couch.

“What the hell are you doing, you disgusting-“ Peter ignores the colorful string of insults that follows. He also ignores the scratches and bites. He reaches Groot’s bedroom, opens the door and all but throws Rocket on the bed before closing the door, locking it from the outside.

“I’m going to kill you!”

“I am Groot?”

“You both listen to me now.” says Peter in a tone that means business. He uses it so rarely that it makes Rocket and Groot instantly shut up. Flark just got serious.

“We’re all sick and tired of both of you. We know you miss each other, so you’re not leaving this room until you sort this out.” Peter proclaims. He hears protests, and he knows that Rocket could hack the door in a second if he tried. He also knows that Rocket won’t try. This is too important to him.

A couple hours later, the room is still locked. Peter decides it’s been enough time and goes checking on his friends.

What he finds doesn’t exactly meet his expectations.

“Uhm, guys? Dinner’s almost read-“

“I am Groot.”

“Go away, Quill.” echoes Rocket, eyes never leaving the screen, hands moving fast on the joystick. “I’m not moving until I beat Groot’s high score!”

Knowing he’s made a terrible mistake, Peter closes the door once again. He leans against the wall.

“Everything all right?” asks Gamora, when she finds him like this. Peter shakes his head.

“I’ve created a monster.”