also the dipshit just never learns

hoiger-howgendoogen  asked:

Hey dude, I hope you're doing ok with all the anon stuff! Thank you for trying to make the mm fandom a better place to be. It may not be much, but know your hard work and your content are much appreciated.

Hi there! Thank you for the kind sentiments :)

I think that even with the Dipshits, I love the Mysme fandom and I cherish it enough to try and preserve it. And obviously sometimes that means pointing out some hard truths that aren’t so easy to accept. And tbh as sad as The Bullshit was -is- I take comfort in the fact that it’s never too late to change your ways and learn to treat others with tolerance, respect and kindness. Dipshit is not the only person in the Mysme fandom to send hate, just the one who got caught, but in all instances they are the minority.

This drama has been hard and stressful, but along the way it’s also reminded me of how caring, generous and warm everyone is and how supportive we can be of one another. You’re never alone in a fandom; there’s always someone out there who will listen to you and care. I made new friends, became closer to my old ones and just generally..the person I pity the most in this is Dipshit. Because I know they are still watching people’s blogs (statcounter), likely anxious as a result of the call out, which I’ll be honest… I get. But the fact is that no matter what they were going through or how upset they were to the extent that they were driven to send anonymous hate and feel justified doing so…ultimately… all of the people they ended up attacking were exactly the kind of people who would have treated them with kindness and supported them through their struggles. And that…more than any other part of this drama… makes me sad.