also the dates are wrong but the story the same

A Pain in My... Back

Summary: Hospital AU. One Shot. A bit of a Meet-Cute. Mary Margaret has just had surgery and won’t stop pointing out all of her cute nurses to Emma in an attempt to get her back out in the dating field. It’s a little embarrassing.

Word Count: 4519

Rated: T

A/N: This is very loosely based off of my mom attempting to do the same thing to me a few weeks ago. All of the medical/hospital terms I used in this came from my memory of that experience so I apologize if I get anything wrong! Also, as you can probably guess, my story doesn’t have the same ending as this one! Ha!


It wasn’t like her sister-in-law intentionally sought out opportunities to embarrass her.

She was just kind of oblivious to how loud she spoke.

And the strong pain killers the hospital was giving her was not helping matters.

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Right so I’ve come across a lot of anti-phan blogs and posts lately and I want to make some stuff very clearly.
-All my fics are fictional, it’s literally in the name. I do not pretend they are real; I made them up.
-I do not know DnPs sexualities. I do not pretend to, and I really don’t care that much tbh. It’s not something that matters to me.
-They have both said that they are fine with the shipping and fanfic and art and all that. That’s their most recent stance on it, should that change and they ask us all to stop then I will. I’ll delete this blog as it’s a side blog or I’ll change all the names to fit a different ship.
-I don’t pretend to know whether phan is real or not. I really don’t care whether it is or not, their happiness comes first and my shipping isn’t limited to it being romantic/sexual. Their friendship is far more important.
-I refuse to harass any female or male they collab with or are rumoured or are actually dating. That’s just plain wrong and I really can’t stand the hate some of their friends get.
-In all my stories they become characters based on, but not actually, real people. I have written all sorts of pairings and I will never pretend they are the same as the actual people.
-I would never harass them about Phan. That’s just wrong and invasive, it’s also disgusting and would make them uncomfortable which I don’t want to do. I also would never put this blog under the main tags or send anything of mine to them.
-As for the ‘If someone shipped you with your best friend how would you feel’ well I have been shipped with someone and we laughed about it. It was a joke between us until he got a girlfriend and people forgot about it. I have two best friends and we’d just laugh tbh. Same for if people wrote fanfic about me. Mildly creeped out because I’m underage but I’d read it, reblog it and laugh. Just making that clear.

5SOS Preference #3: Breaking the walls

Anonymous asked you: Can you do one where they’re trying to break down your walls/ get you to open up to them

Author’s Note: Sorry that Ashton’s one is such a short one. Includes self harm. Don’t read if you feel uncomfortable to think about this. 

Ashton: Running down the street straight to Ashtons house. When I rang at his door he opened immediately and got me in. “Come upstairs with me. You’ll get some of my clothes.” he advised. Changed clothes my best friend brought me a cup of tea and sat next to me. “What happened, (Y/N)?” he asked worried. He may be my best friend and I do trust him, but somehow, I can’t tell him everything. There is still the part of me. The hurt one. However, today was different. “I…I can’t do it anymore, Ashton. School stresses me, my parents, everything. I’m alone and have no one that helps me or could even handle me.” Tears were streaming down my cheeks. “No. That’s not true, (Y/N). I’m here for you. You can tell me everything and I understand you. I’ll never let you go.”

Calum: Dating Calum has its ups and downs. Today was a down again. I was scrolling through my interactions on Twitter and there was more hate than ever before. “(Y/T/N) shouldn’t date Calum” She’s fugly” and death treads were filling my screen. Calum was in the studio writing some new songs with the boys. Every single hate tweet I read was destroying me more and more. It has been months, almost a year I have to see this. I don’t want to anymore. Calum doesn’t know about how I feel inside when it comes to hate. He only knows me as the strong one fighting back. Well, I decided to make it end. Cal may said I should deactivate my account but I never did until today. “I love all of you and please don’t be mad. I’ll be gone now.” I tweeted and again, my mentions were exploding. Fans asking why or if we broke up. I turned off my phone and went to the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and saw my not perfect skin, not flat stomache and every single flaw I got thrown at my head. “(Y/N), WAKE UP! (Y/N)!” someone screamed and my eyes opened. “Calum. I…I’m sorry.” I mumbled. “No. Don’t be. I have seen the hate and why did you never tell me? Why didn’t you open up to me and talked to me? It’s okay. Shhh…We can make it through together. Everything’s gonna be fine again.”

Luke: Luke and I were dating for over a year now. We told us everything. Well, almost everything. I have secrets he doesn’t know and I don’t want him to find out. Tonight we have planned a movie night and while he was out with Cal and Ashton I got all we need ready. Popcorn, DVDs, other food. When I walked down the stairs with blankets I heard a voice in the living room. It was Luke. Was he crying? I went to him and saw him with his hands on his face. “Luke, babe, why are you crying?” I hugged him like he does when we cuddle. “(Y/N), why didn’t you tell me?” he sobbed. “What didn’t I tell you, Luke? Speak to me.” He held up his phone and I saw a page I knew well. My old tumblr. “How?” I frowned. “Fans sent me the link. They said it was yours.” his voice shaked. “Luke…this is the past…I…I used to self-harm before we dated. When I met you, I stopped. For you. This tumblr was there so I could let all my feelings out. I promise, I didn’t hurt myself since we started dating. Believe me. It’s the past.” I explained to him and held back my own tears. “Is this everything? Why even could you do that to your beautiful skin?” He asked me so many questions I decided to answer him with the complete truth. This evening ended in cuddling and telling him about my past. “Thank you.” he said. “Why?” I looked up. “For stopping. For me. I love you.”

Michael: “Babe? Can you give me the controller?” Michael begged me. I stood up and got the red controller for him. “I’ll get us some food and drinks.” I stated and walked into the kitchen. While the pizza was in the oven I got a glass and because they’re up so high I had to stretch. “What is this, (Y/N)?” I shrieked and almost let fall the glass. I turned around. “Damn it, Michael. You scared me! What do you mean?” I walked over to him. He grabbed my wrist and I flinched back. “This, (Y/N). This. Those scars. They are so small and look like you’ve burnt yourself.” The floor was the one I stared at. I couldn’t look Michael in the eyes. I pulled down my long sleeve again. “Nothing. It’s totally nothing big, Michael.” I hoped he doesn’t ask more. Those scars were mostly because of some stupid games but some were also because I used to burn myself. “Don’t you dare to lie at me. I know those have stories you didn’t tell me. (Y/N), we know each other for so long now and we also date for a long time now. If you think I would leave you, you’re deadly wrong.” Michael’s voice was soft but demanding at the same time. “Michael. I can’t tell you. I got them from stupid games. They’re fading. Scars are scars and that’s it.” I wanted to go away but he pulled me back. “Don’t lie. Tell. Me.” Michael commanded. So here we are, sitting on the kitchen floor, me crying my soul out and Michael hugging me tight trying to comfort me. “They were stupid games on parties. A friend of mine thought it would be funny to burn someone with cigaretts and I yelled at him to shut up but he just burned me. After a time I didn’t complain about it anymore and I did it myself.” He stroked my cheek. His index finger and thumb on my chin forcing me to look up at him. He pressed his lips on mine. “Stupid people in this world. Stupid me for not noticing it earlier. I’m so glad you don’t do it anymore. I love you. Please, don’t be shy when it comes to things like these. Tell me. Open up to me.”

Note: If you struggle with depressions, self-harm or any other problems don’t wait and text me. I’m there for every single one of you. I care about you even when we don’t know each other. You can trust me, I will listen and try to help you. Please don’t hurt yourself. I believe in you. You can make it out there. Get someone you trust or you think you can trust and tell them. Use tumblr to express your feelings instead of hurting you. You’re beautiful. You will find someone. You will meet someone where you think “I will stop for him/her.” 
I say it often enough but everything is going to be great in the end. It may take a long time but it will be fine. I love you xx

140517 Andy Ningbo FM

Andy answered a bunch of questions from fans during his 17 May Ningbo fanmeeting. 

Q: How have you been recently?
A: Firstly, I’m really sorry to have caused everyone worry. (His voice seems to be trembling) I have been busy preparing hard for activities and comeback in Seoul. Thank you everyone for inviting me here.

Q: Is your waist any better?
A: Ah… (coughs) Firstly… It was a little taxed because of activities and performances. I went for treatment during my rest time, now it is much better. I have also been exercising regularly these days.

Q: How are you feeling about coming to Ningbo?
A: When I arrived in Ningbo today I kept to my room. Because the hotel is big, I will meet people if I walk around. But it is not very convenient for me to show myself too much in this circumstances. So even though I really wanted to look around, I couldn’t come out. If I have the chance, I will like to come back to have a good look. I also feel Ningbo has good fashion.

Q: Can you sing a short verse for the audience?
A: (Ruffles his hair anxiously) I haven’t sung in almost half a year. (The emcee indicates that her microphone is slightly better and offers it to him) No, it’s okay. (Holds tightly to his own microphone) What should I sing? Propose? (Sings one line and stop) I forgot the lyrics. (Laughs and continues singing another line) And what comes after that? (Hums a verse) I suddenly cannot recall. (Again, he hums softly, and then sings the last bit confidently. Audience claps and cheers) It has been a long time since I sang, please excuse me if it sounds strange. (Laughs)

Q: Are you still bowling?
A: Actually I haven’t bowled since Cool Kiz. Not because we lost stamina, but because there were fewer people to play with after that show. Previously I was with a bowling group, a celebrities bowling group. It was something I originally created and participated in. After that, Hyesung hyung joined our group, I got kicked out after he joined. (t/n: The person who posted this was not too sure of her translation at this bit. From andymycutesuperman it seems he said he left the team.)

Q: When do you work out? Actually, what we really want to know is when are you guys coming back, because we have to start saving money. (The audience starts yelling “Solo!”)
A: Solo… I don’t think I can do it. I have no confidence in doing a solo. To reveal my abs is like asking me to die (t/n: Not too sure because original transcript didn’t specify) I’ll settle for dancing.

Q: Is Pani male or female? How old is it? How heavy? Are you intending for it to bear puppies?
A: I think Pani is male? (Laughs) Pani is female. Approximately 7 years old. Very old, already a grandmother. She is 2.8kg. She was originally very small, but she has gotten fat because we feed her well. I also have another dog called Juju. I’ll upload its photo when I have the chance next time. Also very small, a girl. (Audience yells “Weibo!”) On Weibo? Okay, I think everyone will like her.

Q: Do you like Chinese girls?
A: Li… Like. (Embarrassed face) As long as she fits my type, I’ll like her.

Q: When will you be getting married? Any plans this year? Have you proposed to your girlfriend?
A: I want to get married. I want to propose and get married, if she appears… I don’t know too… How do I say… Don’t others propose marriage when they fall in love? I don’t know if I’ll be like that.

Q: Compared to Hyesung, who is better at golf? (Audience yells “Andy!”)
A: I am better at golf. Previously when we played something like golf together, he kept asking me to give way to him. But even when I gave way to him, he still lost.

Q: What do you do most at home during your rest time?
A: During rest… Mostly housework, analysing how best to do the housework. (t/n: From andymycutesuperman, it seems he was referring to cooking more than housework. The Chinese translation did not specify.)  At night I usually watch drama series. What am I watching? I fear people will see me as an idler once I say it… I am currently watching a lot of dramas. SBS’s Doctor Stranger, KBS’s Big Man, MBC’s Triangle, reruns on television.

Q: What types of exercise are you into now? Are you able to play with the members?
A: Exercise wise… Eric hyung prefers judo and boxing types of exercise, those aren’t my cup of tea. Hyesung watched me play bowling and golf and found it interesting, and thus started playing too. Now he plays more than me, so he might be better than me. I haven’t played in a long time, now I’m thinking when I should restart.

Q: Do you read your messages and comments on your Weibo? Is there any message that left a deep impression?
A: Is it like Twitter? Actually I started one reluctantly, I usually don’t use social media. Recently I also barely go online, actually I have cut my internet connection at home, because I can use my smartphone if I want to go online. But I don’t look. I want to look, but I can’t bear to. When I am more settled down, I will slowly work towards a positive direction, then I will communicate with everyone through social media.

Q: What kind of activities makes you happy?
A: (Smiles) Talking about what makes me happiest… There was a time I slept for 32 hours, I was very happy. Not lying, I only went to the toilet twice, and then came back to sleep. When I woke… Usually if you sleep on 17 May, you normally should wake up on 18 May, right? But 18 May disappeared, it became the 19th. I was also shocked, I was wondering if the date on my watch was wrong, why is one day missing? When I looked carefully, I really slept for 32 hours. That was like the first time.

Q: Please share some stories about the private relationships between members.
A: As you all know, the members are very busy. You all should know that. (Audience yells “Eric!”) The members are probably very worried about me, they want to communicate more with me, but I keep shying away from them. (Laughing and talking at the same time) How do I talk to them if I sleep 32 hours? We have Kakaotalk and Line, when I woke up I found a few hundred new messages. If I look at the chat history, there is no space for reply, because it was all past. Because if I reply, I have to start from the beginning. Right, two days ago… So I also gave up. Ah… So it is like that… Ah. So it is settled like that. When I ask if we want to do anything together, other members always had schedules. The members are very busy in May, so probably after may… in early June? Then we will start meetings. I think that is what will happen.

Q: When will we see 8 packs?
A: As we grow older… This is not easy, no matter how you adjust… (Heaves a big sigh) It is easier if I quit drinking. Me, quit drinking? If I were to quit drinking, I don’t have any means to relieve stress. Quit smoking? Smoking does not have any impact on the abs. I will try and see, but it is very difficult. Actually, the other members don’t have abs. The six of us are the same. Maybe amongst the six members, my tummy is slightly bigger.

Translated by @tuchoong, based on audio recording and Chinese translation by @净小颜是龙姑姑.

Please take out with full credit.