also the coming pun was unintented


Well, it finally happened! 

After a looooooong time of searching, I found a couple that liked to be shared in a FYFF ™ way.

So, I’m generally a shy guy, and due to my “complex” sexuality, that makes me like sharing women with other men, but at the same time I don’t want neither to analy penetrate the guys, but in a “bromantic” sense, I like having the intimacy and not being afraid of touching, rubbing, cumming.

Anyway, I had placed a few personal ads around, and my first couple to respond about 2 years ago, they invited me over to their house, first to watch and then participate. I guess they liked my slim/muscular build, and my hung cock (just to brag a bit:). 

I arrive to their apartment, kinda cold temperature (winter no heating), they were sitting on the sofa, and they started without talking or anything to touch each other and soon (within 3 minutes) they started fucking. I was sitting across the room, watching them, whipped out my cock to which prompted her to invite me over, almost drooling, and she started sucking. I tried to make eye contact with the dude, (fit, hung btw) and even play with her pussy while he was fucking her doggy style, but nothing. A couple more minutes later, and while I started getting into it, and feeling more relaxed, the guy came apparently, and kinda said well we are done here. She was clearly pissed at him, and I was kinda confused, horny, and awkward… The whole thing lasted less that half an hour. Oh well, it’s a start I guess.

She texted me a couple more times, wanting to repeat (and asking me to fuck her), but she implied that her bf didn’t want to.

Fast forward a few weeks ago. 

In the meantime I met a few guys that wanted to be bate buddies (watching porn, and wanking, sometimes more), until I found this guy that suggested we’d fuck his gf together.

Both late 30s, both fit (he runs + build), (she swims, small body, nice ass, average sized perky tits). I arrive to his place, they were already playing, he tells me don’t be shy, we’ve already traded pics. I drop my pants, he “orders” her to grab my cock bends her over, she starts sucking and he starts pounding…

It’s like we lived in a post from Trey… Double barrel blowjob, helping hand, fucklicking, you name it. Best part was when she was on top of me, and he sticks his warm cock in her ass. Boy that feeling of two girthy cocks, inside a small body, made me cum almost instantly… He also came in her ass, and I proceeded, after a few minutes to come back to life (which wasn’t hard *pun unintented* trust me) I used it as a lube and fucked her again, this time while he was fucking her wet pussy…

We met again this weekend, with even more confidence, and more touching between the guys. But that’s for the next post.

Too bad they are not into building a MFM relationship :( Hopefully someday I will find a bro, and a girl that likes to be shared, that want to build one.

Live free, love everyone, play safe!