also the colours here were pretty

Let’s be honest here: Mercutio is tumblr’s baby. If there was a poll on favourite Shakespeare characters, he’d win by a landslide. So we had to make a cocktail for him, but we were also very specific about what we wanted to make it suit the character. It had to contain enough hard alcohol to put you in insta-party mode, but it also had to be pretty damn sweet. It had to give off a joyful and incredibly queer vibe while being colourful as fuck. We pondered and pondered, and then it hit us. Now we proudly present: The Mercutio.


  • Pomegranate juice (red)
  • Apricot juice (orange)
  • Mango juice (yellow)
  • Woodruff syrup (green)
  • Powerade “Mountain Blast” sports drink (blue)
  • Blackcurrant juice (purple)
  • Rhubarb juice (pink)
  • 2 cl vodka
  • 2 cl Bacardi Razz
  • 4 cl Cointreau


Make ice cubes from the various different juices; obviously you can use different flavours so long as the colours match up, but these go well together. (Handy hints: the woodruff syrup needs to be mixed with water, but not too much, else it will turn out turquoise rather than green; the blackcurrant juice works best when mixed with a bit of Powerade and a bit of water, to become more purple rather than dark purple-red; if you don’t like Powerade, Curaçao is an alternative for the blue bits.)

Stack the ice cubes in a tall glass so that they make a rainbow (i.e. in the order they’re given above). Top up with the alcohol - pre-chilled, ideally, so that the ice takes longer to melt. Ta-daah! Drinkable, alcoholic rainbow. Go crash a Capulet party with your boyfriend and the Montacrew.


Part 3 of my follow up comic to this. Featuring my favourite facial expressions in this entire comic (no one has time for the techno-babble right now, Coran!).

Also, shout-out to @radioactivepeasant for pretty much accurately guessing the script for this follow up. Here’s how it panned out but you were very close!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

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I genuinely believe that all gems are placed in a diamond’s court on a strict colour-coded basis. So here you go: an arrangement of gems, corrupted or otherwise, sorted into diamond courts.

Some of them seem pretty obvious, while others are just plain guesses. And a few corrupted gems were left out (like watermelon tourmaline) because I had no idea where to put them. I also headcanon that, since Pink(?) Diamond is out of the picture, her court was split in half. So now Ruby would be under Yellow Diamond, Amethyst under Blue Diamond, etc.

But this is all speculation, so feel free to fight me if you have better ideas!

Boueibu Puzzle game Io Hot Spring Ending

And here we have Io <3

How dashing does he look in that yukata????

Io is completely flabbergasted running into you in the outdoor bath, of course he was going to leave, however you want him in with you O(≧▽≦)O

He did manage to get in with you, however unlike Ryuu this situation is way out of his comfort range xD

Beautiful!!!! Of course he cries out “Please don’t look!!”

And he ran xD

He is so pretty though ;u;

These graphics were amazing! I am also happy they finally corrected his eye colour =3

But no joke I really want to live in this game! 

Day 1: Sports Banquet
Word count: 2310
Pairing: Calum Hood/Reader
Rating: R

A/N: Hey my kittens, welcome to the first day of 25 days of Smut! Heres to the start of a very merry christmas. I’m awful at keeping on track here so I give you full permission to yell at me if I get behind. Enjoy :) I get a lot of comments on my writing about spelling things with a ‘u’ like 'colours’ and 'favourite’ but just so you guys know I’m Canadian so that’s why haha. Also I’m pretty sure you all get what I mean by football, just because this is in  australia so yeah hehe byeee.

“Calum come on, we’re going to be late.” I called through the house. We were going to Calums football christmas party tonight. I looked in the mirror at the front door again, making sure my curls were even. Calums loud footsteps echoed down the hall before he appeared before, desperately trying to tie his tie. I chuckled at his helpless state and diligently took the task from him, quickly tying a knot. He slid his blazer over his wide shoulders before resting a hand on the small of my back and leading me out the door.

“You look amazing tonight y/n.” His deep voice resonated in my ear while the two of us walked down the drive way. “As per usual.” I was wearing his favorite dress; red with a crossed back that fell to the bottom of my thighs and hugged at my body perfectly.

“Thank you Cal, you look pretty hot yourself.” I felt my cheeks heating a little and he winked at me before climbing into the drivers seat of his black SUV.
As we drove down town the sky fell to night and the lights of the festive cheer illuminated the city. It was a beautiful sight. Christmas is my favourite time of year because everything is just so pretty. It’s the time of year where the mood is always bright and you feel closer to others.

Calum pulled into the parking lot of the club house and parked near the front. We climbed out of the vehicle and I felt Calums large hand enclose my small one before tangling his fingers with mine while we walked towards the front entrance. Calums teammates crowded around him as we walked in and they all politely said hi to me before I excused myself and went and sat with the other players’ girlfriends.

“Hey y/n,” Michaels girlfriend Jess greeted me, leaning closer across the table as I sat down, “I heard Calums most likely going to get MVP tonight. Everyone’s talking about it.”

I looked around and sure enough most people in the room were looking in Calums direction and talking to the ones around them. I smiled, proud of my boy. “Really? That’s great he deserves it.”

Calum and some of the other players came to join us girls as the announcer walked to the front of the room, microphone in hand. Calum kissed my cheek and rested his arm over the back of my chair. The announcer stood near the huge christmas tree that was beautifully lit.

“Hi my name is Johnston and to start the night off I would just like to announce the amazing and dedicated coach. A round of applause for Coach Chandler please.” The announcer said before a hearty applause broke out around the room with a few hoots from the players. Johnston clicked a button on a small remote thing in his hand and someone flicked off the lights, leaving only the christmas lights decorating the wall on, as the screen behind him lit up with a video highlights from the first quarter of the boys season. So many of the clips were of Calum, scoring and stealing the ball from underneath the opposing teams feet. Seeing him in action made the space between my thighs begin to ache and I leaned my chin on Calums shoulder and pressed a single kiss to the spot behind his ear.

“You look so hot while your playing.” I whispered and watched his adams apple bob. He laughed quietly and shook his head at me. I leaned back as the video ended and the lights came back on. Coach Chandler made his way to the front of the room with the MVP plaque in his hand.

“Good evening and thanks for coming out.” He greeted us before holding up the plaque. “It’s the time of the night where we announce the MVP and let the winner have the glory for the rest of the night.” A soft laughter rolled over the crowd and Coach C. waited for it to quiet down.

“This player has shown all the qualities of a great player this beginning of the season and I am proud to say that I have coached him for 7 years now and continue to be with him now. His sportsmanship and dedication to the team makes him not only a great player but also a great teammate. Lets have a round of applause for Calum Hood.” The crowed broke out in applause and all of Calums teammates hooted and hollered.

“That’s my baby.” I said against his lips as he kissed me before standing up and walking towards his coach, receiving numerous ass-slaps from his teammates on his way up there.

The pure joy on Calums face made my heart warm. Coach Chandler gave Calum a hug and patted him on the back before handing him the plaque. He whispered a few words to Calum before handing him the microphone.

“Y'know guys, this is amazing really. This team means the world to me and I’m so honoured to be a part of it for these past 4 years. You boys are truly my best friends and brothers. Thank you for not only putting up with us but also coaching us as well as you do Coach Chandler. A lot of my enthusiasm for this sport is because of my beautiful girlfriend y/n, for supporting me at every game and for all her harsh but necassary lectures after I complain about losing a game. She keeps me grounded.” My cheeks heated as a blush crawled onto them and the crowd awwww’d. He thanked a few more people before dissmissing himself and coming back towards our table. Music began to play through the speakers which meant the speaking part of the night was done.

“Join me for a dance gorgeous?” Calum asked while taking my hand and pulling me towards the center of the room with the other couples. His hand pressed low to my back and he leaned in, his breath sending shivers down my spine. “Have I ever told you how fucking hot you look in this dress?”
A small groan escaped my mouth at his words, his voice alone made me weak but his voice saying dirty or sweet things to me made my entire body tremble. 

“I’m so proud of you baby.” I told him and kissed him.

“You’ve done so good this season so far and I think that deserves a reward don’t you?” I asked suggestivley and cocked my head to the side. He leaned in towards my ear again and kissed my sweet spot on my neck before whispering;

“Now baby is that appropriate to be saying in public. Sounds like something we might need to take home.”

“Oh not a chance Cal, you’re going to stay and enjoy your night with your team mates Mr. MVP.” I told him and he pouted but I just smiled and shook my head before dissapearing into the crowd to get a drink. I poured a glass of pepsi and turned to walk back towards the dance floor. Calum was being congradulated by the league manager when I walked up. Calums arm instictivley wrapped around my waist.

“Mr. Avery this is y/n, my girlfriend.” Calum introduced me and I shook his hand politely and sipped at my pepsi.

“Hi y/n, I was just congradulating your boyfriend on his amazing skills.” He said and I smirked but was elbowed discretley in the side by Calum.

“Yes sir, I agree, he’s very skilled.” I said innocently but could tell Calum was holding back a laugh. Mr. Avery excused himself after saying another congradulations and left me alone with Calum.

“Skilled huh?” He cocked an eyebrow and I bit my lip slowly and nodded.

“Oh definitely, very skilled. Especially with those hands.” I played with his fingers. Anyone looking at us right now would see some innocent flirting. I could tell by the stiffness is Calums shoulders and the way his adams apple with bobbing that my words were affecting him.
“If you let me take you home right now I promise I will show you just how good I can be with these hands,” He told me and lowered his voice. “and other things.”

I felt the urge to squeeze my thighs together and couldn’t hold back. I nodded, giving in and letting him lead me to the front door and we dissapeared before we were noticed. The sexual tension was overly evident during the car ride home and our deep breaths to calm ourselves were fogging up the windows. Luckily it was a short ride home and we pulling into our driveway within 10 minutes.

The moment I stepped inside the confines of our room I was pressed against the wall with his lips attached to mine. His tongue slipped inside my mouth and his finger tips dug into my hips. “Jump.” He murmerd against my lips and I did just that, wrapping my legs around his waist as he expertly manouvered us past the christmas lit living room and up the stairs to the bedroom, dropping me lightly on my back onto the king sized bed. He attached his lips to my neck, sucking a deep purple mark onto the flesh. I moaned and lifted my hips to his, desperately trying to relieve some of the tension between my legs. I arched my back to help as he peeled my dress from my body and dropped it to the floor. My hands tugged his shirt over his head and that landed in the growing pile of clothes beside the bed. I scratched my nails down his stomach while he removed his jeans, left only in his boxers. He groaned at the contact of my cool fingers on his stomach and rolled his head back.

“Fuck baby you are so damn hot.” He breathly moaned and guided me onto my back. My knees were propped and he easily separated them with his hand. His thumb stroked softly over my clit while he landed a few soft kissed onto my stomach before sucking a harsh hickey into the sensitive skin above my underwear line then continued to slide my black panties down my legs. The cool air hit my wet core, making me moan.

Calums eyes met mine from between me legs and I watched him slide his middle finger into my heat. The feeling resignated in the pit of my stomach and I moaned as he pulled it back out and sucked his finger into his mouth, moaning at the taste. “God, I could fucking taste you all day.”
He leaned his head down and kitten licked at my clit before sliding two fingers back into me, pumping slowly and curling them deep inside of me, reaching my g-spot expertly. He sucked my clit into his mouth, sucking harshley and speeding up his fingers. 

My moans became for frequent as I neared the edge and my knees began to involuntarily clench around his head. He released my clit and removed his fingers seconds before I hit the edge and my head dropped back onto the pillow while my chest heaved. I sat up as he crawled over me and allowed his fingers into my mouth. I moaned as I sucked my juices off of them mostly for his own pleasure, seeing as it turned him on for me to enjoy the taste of myself. He reached his one hand around my back and released the clips of my bra and gently removed it. He sat back, admiring me but I soon got impatient and dipped my fingers into the band of his boxers and snapped it back against his waist. He got the memo and chuckled before removing them. 

The sight of him made me groan and I reached to touch him but his fingers caught mine and he gently pushed me back down onto the matress before hovering over me, lining himself up at my entrance.
He pushed the tip into me, stretching me much further that his fingers and continued to slide into me, our moans mingling from the pleasure it gave us both. He began to thrust slowly, touching the perfect spots each time. His pace increased dramatically when I clenched around him, giving him large amounts of pleasure. My nails dug into his shoulders as my climax neared.

“Cal- fuck, calum im close. Oh my god.” I managed to get out between the immense pleasure running through me. He slammed his hips into mine suddenly and I let out a scream as I was sent flying over the edge. He came quickly after and his forhead fell against mine. We breathed heavily for a minute, coming down from our highs. His sweaty hair was sticking to his forehead and his deep chocolate eyes were hidden from me behind his eyelids. His eyes opened slowly and he let out a breathy laugh before rolling us onto our side so my head was leaning against his chest.

“Congrats Cal.” I told him and he kissed the top of my head.

“Thanks baby girl.”