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Side Chick

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A/N: Also thank you to @iknowyoufeelme for helping me brainstorm a few ideas for this imagine.

   Calum was walking an appropriate distance in front of you as you discreetly trailed behind him. Your mood at the moment was not the happiest and you were trying to keep up with the tall boy as you two made your way to class. You knew the rules of being a side chick. Never interact in public especially when Calum’s girlfriend was around, never fall for the guy you’re sleeping with, and always keep things on the down low. You’ve heard of stories where things had gone wrong and you wanted to avoid that at all costs. Though you had a safety net. Being in the same class as Calum allowed you to talk to him in public, using class work as an excuse to talk with him outside of your hook up time. “Calum,” you timidly said, trying to get his attention and weaving through the crowd as you came up close behind him. “Calum,” you repeated, reaching out to pinch at his arm only for him to pay attention to your next words. “Are we going to the frat party tonight?” you asked. The words came out loud and Calum’s head whipped around, his eyebrow rose, and he gave you a once over. Then he turned back around and continued his trek to the 1pm class. It was the action he gave when he shrugged someone off which is what he had just done to you.

Your pace quickened and soon you were walking beside him. “It was a yes or no question so don’t shrug me off,” you said in a strong voice. Entering inside the building for the Psych 102 class. Calum glanced around at his surroundings before quickly pulling you under the staircase.

“I am going to the party, but not with you…look, Y/N don’t overstep your role. I have a girlfriend and this-” he gestured between the two of you, “This does not see the daylight. Only the darkness of your bedroom or the backseat of my car. Got it?” His words came out cold and you felt a chill run down your spine at the dark stare he was giving you. Calum’s eyebrows rose in question. You swallowed hard and nodded. 

“Got it,” you whispered, almost feeling your breath being sucked out of you as Calum left. Rule number three: don’t catch feelings. That was hard not to do. Sure you enjoyed the sex, but after hooking up with Calum so many times how could you not fall for him? His girlfriend was getting everything you wanted. Calum was emotionally and sexually available for her, but of course there had to be something wrong with his relationship if he was seeking sex from you. You waited a couple of minutes before walking out from under the staircase. Minutes later you entered the classroom and sat two rows and one spot away in front of Calum. No contact whatsoever. 

You chin rested in the palm of your hand as you scribbled down some notes that were written up on the slide. You felt yourself begin to doze off and your eyes landed on the clock rested above the whiteboard. A small groan left your lips as you realized there was still fifteen minutes left of class. Throughout the whole lesson your instructor had been rambling on about dreams connection to memory. You had gone into your own thoughts. Thinking mostly of Calum and how you felt about being in the situation that you were in. Your head tilted to the side and you took a glance at the Kiwi boy. Calum looked bored with the lesson. He was leaning back in his seat with crossed arms and an expression you couldn’t quite read. You felt a tap on your shoulder and your attention was brought to the person sitting next to you. You stared at the guy and your mind raced to place a name to the face. “Hey are you going to the Alpha Omega frat party tonight?” he asked. Eric Knight, you thought to yourself. The two of you had often talked, but it had never gone more then at least five sentences to one another.

“Uh maybe not. I have a ten page paper to write for English,” you lied. Truth was you had finished that paper three days ago, but you remembered Calum saying that he was going to be at the party with his girlfriend. Him being at the party with her meant that you couldn’t attend. Rule number six: never be in the same location as the main chick.

“Awe come on! You’re the life of the party without you there it’d just be bleh,” Eric smiled, playfully nudging you in the side. You chuckled at his words and shrugged your shoulders. 

“I’ll think about it,” you told him, “Not making any promises though.” Eric’s smile grew into a grin and he nodded at your words. His smile only made you smile.

“Well I hope you do come,” he last said, starting to pack his stuff up. You looked around and realized everyone else was also doing the same. Eric gave you a wave goodbye and left out the room. You smiled to yourself and began to pack up your stuff. Your teeth sunk into your bottom lip and you shook your head to stop the thoughts that were running through your mind. Your conversations with Eric usually ended in that way. His charm rubbing off on you in a good way. He was always flirting with you and often times wanted to hang out. Though your small banters only stayed behind the classroom and at parties. 

Calum was leaning against the wall next to the door when you left the classroom. He’d never wait on you unless he was in the mood, but as you looked at him quizzically you could tell that wasn’t the case now. You didn’t allow him to say a word only brushing past him at a quick pace. Calum had told you to stay in your place and so that’s what you were going to do. “Don’t ignore me,” Calum said, his voice sounding raspy. His chest was pressed up against your back and for some reason the action made your core throb. Luckily for the both of you the hallway was packed as everyone was leaving the building or traveling to their next class. You kept quiet and waited for him to say something else. “What did Eric want?” Calum questioned, pinching at your hip. 

“He was asking if I was going to the party,” you told Calum. He let out a low chuckle at your words and without turning around you could already see him shaking his head. 

“You’re not going. I’m gonna be there with Ria remember,” he said, “I don’t want you anywhere near her.” You frowned at Calum’s words and let out a huff. Your social life basically didn’t exist anymore because Calum was always going to be at some party or event with his girlfriend. It irked you to the core and you knew your friends were starting to worry.

“I told him I wasn’t going, so cool yourself alright,” you snapped. Calum smirked at the reaction he got from you. His eyes scanning over your backside for a second. His hand reached out to grab your elbow and to make you stop walking. You let out a deep sigh and you turned to look at him. 

“Why don’t we sneak away to our little spot,” Calum suggested, wanting to take your mind off the party. “I can do that thing you wanted,” he smirked. You rolled your eyes and pulled away from his touch. 

“You have to meet Ria in five minutes and I’m hungry, so I think I’ll pass.” With that said you walked from him and headed towards the Dining Hall. As much as you wanted to feel Calum inside of you, you were also pissed off at him. In spite you had decided on going to the party. Just for one night you didn’t want to be Calum’s side chick. You wanted to enjoy yourself and who was he to tell you not to.

     Your friends hooted in happiness as you walked out your room dressed up for the party. “YOU LOOK HOT!” your best friend, Deandra, shouted. “Give me a twirl girl,” she said spinning her finger around. You laughed in delight and turned around to show them the back of your outfit. They cheered even more which only made you laugh harder. It had been a long time since you had gone out with the girls. Calum was the main reason for that. The only person that knew you were a side chick was Deandra. Though she didn’t approve of it you were still her best friend and she wasn’t going to love you any less. 

“Alright, alright let’s go before I completely back out of this idea,” you said, grabbing your phone from off the charger. Everyone began to leave your shared apartment and made their way out to the car. Deandra stayed behind with you and waited till the room was clear before speaking.

“Have fun tonight and please don’t let that ass-hat stop you from having a good time,” she said. You smiled at her words and nodded. The two of you left to catch up with the rest of the group. You were about to break rule number six. As long as you stayed a safe distance away from Calum and his girl you should be fine.

Music was blasting loud in your ears and the smell of alcohol instantly hit you as you entered the frat house. You smiled at the sight in front of you; a crowd of diverse people all having fun, drinking, and dancing. You had missed the party scene it almost felt like you were home and a warm feeling of comfort slid down your spine. You followed your group of friends, weaving through everyone until you made it into the kitchen. One of your friends grabbed a cup from off the counter and picked up a bottle of alcohol. “Ladies let’s toast to commemorate Y/N for finally leaving her damn apartment and joining us once again on a party night!” she said, raising the bottle high in the air. You rolled your eyes at her words and raised your empty cup in the air with everyone else. 

“Well let’s party then!” you shouted, earning cheers from everyone that was in close proximity of your group. You laughed loudly and grabbed the bottle of alcohol from your friend, pouring it in your cup, and mixing it with some soda. Everyone dispersed and you found yourself joining a group of people watching a game of beer pong. You sipped on your drink and turned away from the game to scan over the room. Not too far away you spotted Calum with his own group of friends. His arm was draped around Ria and whispering in her ear about something. He hadn’t noticed you yet which was good. 

“You came!” a familiar voice yelled. You turned around to see Eric. He had changed into a button down shirt and jeans. His light brown hair hidden underneath a snapback just a few strands of it poking out. Your eyes lit up and you embraced him in a hug.

“Yeah I thought why not have some fun ya know,” you said, pulling away from him. “Who did you come with?” you asked, feeling Eric’s hand grab yours and pull you away from the game. 

“I came with a few of the guys. They’re somewhere around probably out back,” Eric said loud enough for you to hear. “What about you?” he asked, pulling you into a corner of the living room.

“I came with my friends too,” you told him, back pressed against the wall as you leaned against it. “It’s been a while since I last came to one of these,” you admitted raising the cup up to your lips. Eric nodded at your words and his arm draped over your shoulder. He pointed over to a crowd of people and brought your attention to it.

“Well one thing you’ve missed is that now there are bets placed on how long some of the guys can stay up on the beer keg,” he explained, “My bets on Cooper over there. So far he’s won by ten minutes.” You laughed at the news and then scrunched your face up. 

“Uh I’m not one for gambling,” you chuckled, looking over to him. Eric nodded at your words and instead pulled you towards the center where everyone was dancing. Eric began to shimmy around in his spot and rocked his hips to the music.

“I know you can dance beautiful, so show me what you got!” he yelled making everyone’s attention land on the two of you. You began to laugh and started to dance to the music. Your favorite song came on and Eric pulled you into him. You turned around and began to grind into him, feeling his hands land on your hips. It had been such a long time since you had let loose and the alcohol running through your veins only elevated your experience. It all seemed to end quickly when you caught Calum’s eye. He was in the middle of kissing Ria, but his eyes were trained on you. Your shook your head and tried to focus on the hot guy you were dancing with. Calum’s stare was making you uncomfortable and you turned around to face Eric. “Are you okay?” he asked, noticing your smile had faded. 

“Yeah. Hey do you want to go somewhere?” you questioned, jutting your thumb over your shoulder towards the exit. You were both swaying to the music now and Eric nodded. You could still feel Calum’s stare and you shifted in your spot. “I’m kinda craving some Mickey D’s fries and I believe I saw one down the street,” you explained, “So I was thinking maybe we could leave the party for a bit and do a quick food run.” Eric looked down at his feet and a small smile embraced his face. 

“That actually sounds like a great idea,” he said, his hand sliding down your arm and interlocking your fingers together. He pulled you towards the door and you both made your way to the McDonald’s that was down the street. It was a bit chilly out as the both of you walked and continued to talk some more. “Can I admit something though?” Eric asked after a while as your laughter died down. You nodded and went quiet as you waited for what he had to say. Instead he held the door open for you and you walked into the fast food restaurant. You were still a bit on edge from Calum’s staring and the fact that Eric hasn’t told you what he wanted only increased it. “Two large fries and two sweet teas,” he said, pulling out his wallet to pay. Once you got your order, you both went to find a seat. 

“So what did you want to admit?” you giggled in a teasing tone, sliding into a booth that was in the back corner. Eric slid in next to you, his arm resting over your shoulder. You began to munch on the salty treat and turned in your spot to give him your undivided attention.

“I’m glad you came tonight because it gives me the opportu-”

“Y/N! Eric!” the familiar voice exclaimed. You let out a groan and looked up to see Calum. Ria was latched onto his arm and his three best friends were behind him. “Didn’t expect to run into the two of you here,” he smirked. You rolled your eyes and Calum pointed at the empty space inside the booth. “Mind if we join you?” he questioned. You could see the look in Calum’s eyes and knew what was happening. He was jealous. The type of jealous that made you question just exactly where the two of you stood in your “relationship.”

The birds & the bees

A/N: Someone requested this from somebody else who didn’t wanna write it & I couldn’t help myself. Reader walks in on Dean with a lady friend & the boys have to explain what was happening.

Dean’s age-22   Sam’s age-18   Reader’s age-8

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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“Why can’t we go to the library?” You asked as you hurried to keep up with your older brother walking down the sidewalk.

“I already told you Y/N,” Sam replied, looking behind him he noticed you were struggling at the rate he was walking and slowed down, “Gimme your backpack.” He told you as he reached for it.

You quickly took off your old green hand-me-down backpack and gave it to Sam, “Thanks Sammy. That was heavy.”

“No problem.” Sam replied as he shrugged it onto his shoulder, “Let’s go, I wanna get back to the motel so I can start my project.”

“Okay, but why can’t we go to the library. I wanted to get more books on animals, if I’m gonna be a vetra-vetrana-what’s the word again?” You questioned.

“Veterinarian.” Sam answered, “And we aren’t going to the library because they’re closed today; they’re renovating the ceilings.”

“Ohhhhh.” You exaggerated, “Will you help me with my math homework when we get home?”

“Course, we gotta get you through third grade math before you can be a vet.” Sam told you with a smile.

“Thanks Sammy.” You said, returning the smile he gave you which showed off the gap in your front teeth.

“No problem bug, now…race you to the motel room!” Sam shouted as you rounded the corner into the motel parking lot.

You took off as fast as you could; Sam was close behind you, however you had the advantage since he was being weighed down by two backpacks. As you approached the motel door you looked behind, “Too slow to keep up Sammy!” You shouted as him before turning back towards the door and quickly swinging it open so that you could gloat about beating your brother to Dean.

Stepping inside you started to talk to your oldest brother, “Dean! You won’t bel-what are you doing to that lady?” You questioned with a confused face when you realized Dean head was between her legs.

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Holding On (And Letting Go)

Title: Holding On (And Letting Go)

Summary: When a hunt goes terribly wrong, Dean is left to deal with the consequences. 

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Claire Novak, Sam Winchester and Jody Mills (both mentioned)

Word count: 2414 (this is what happens every time I tell you I’ll drabble for your challenges, Jess)

Warnings: Fluff. Angst. Language. Allusions to violence and mentions of blood, hospitals and death (nothing graphic).

Author’s Note: This is my submission for @trexrambling‘s Hunter Celebration (from a very, very long time ago). My dearest Jess, thank you so much for letting me participate and being so patient with me. Life got crazy, but I’m glad I could do this and hope it’s worth the wait. 

As always, I want to thank my twin @ravengirl94 because she’s the best sounding board/writing guru ever and she’s been an incredible support to me these past 2 weeks, even when I was being quite difficult. Twin, you’re the best.

My prompt for this was “Claire, Arachne, Bear spray”. Gif’s not mine. x

Without further ado. Enjoy <3

You should have known this was a bad idea.

After all the years you’d spent arguing with the Winchesters about them being pointlessly reckless, after all the times you’d seen them die in mind-blowing ways –yes, you were still not over Dean’s death by tacos, you should have known that hunting with a rebellious teenager as your only back-up while you were still recovering from a nasty flu, was a godawful idea.

And yet, when Claire called to ask for your help tracking down an Arachne and begged you not to tell the Winchesters because Jody would tear her a new one if she knew she’d been hunting on her own, you agreed, without even stopping to think that you were making the wrong choice.

If only you had known how all of this would end…

“Y/N?” Claire bawled as she turned to look at you, hands never leaving the steering wheel. “You doing okay back there?”

“Yup. Just peachy.” You rasped out, fingers pressed tightly against your open wound. “Might –oh, shit- might pass out though.”

Claire shook her head, panic and guilt clothing her features as she drove onwards, white-knuckled.

“God, Y/N, don’t do that. I can’t –shit, I don’t know what to do. I’m so-”

“Hey,” you breathed out through gritted teeth. In and out. “It’ll be okay.”

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uhhhhhhhhhhhh this is going to sound like a faux post, as many do, but i went into work just straight up SOBBING… and i always go on and on abt work just being work and never mattering to anyone there (or like, at all, to anyone, ever, lmao) bc i genuinely.. worry abt that and feel like that, but… like.. everyone was concerned? multiple ppl told me that if i needed to talk to any of them, they’d be more than happy to listen? @ one point i even had to leave the counter bc like.. i started bawling yet again and i didn’t want to be there all snotty and watery whilst trying to sell candy to ppl (bc like.. whom wants to see that also whom could even understand me when i’m like that) and when i came back this one sweet chick who i talk to semi-frequently was like “oh btw i left you a note” and just.. 

idek how to process any of that lmao? i almost started crying AGAIN bc it’s so overwhelming to even think abt the possibility of ppl GIVING a shit and not thinking i’m a complete waste of space and even after i’d calmed down no one treated the situation as weird or treated me any differently/avoided me like……… idk it’s so wild to think abt…….. being wanted/cared for. lol, as they say


After mating, the female cassowary will lay three to six large, green eggs.  Once these eggs are laid, the female’s job is done, and she will wander off to find another male to mate with.  It is the father who constructs a nest of waterproof vegetation and incubates the eggs for the next fifty days.  A devoted parent, the male will not leave his eggs until they have hatched.  A broody male cassowary does not need to eat, drink, or even defecate for the entire period of incubation.

Cassowary chicks are small, beige in colour, with dark brown stripes.  The father will protect his new family with devotion, showing them what foods to eat and ferociously protecting them from predators.  The chicks will stay with their father for the next nine months.

It has also been noted in zoos that cassowary chicks will imprint readily on anyone who is present when they hatch, including humans.  These chicks are then extremely tame and will follow their adopted parent anywhere.  In some native villages in New Guinea, cassowary chicks are even kept as pets and left to wander loose through the village, like chickens.  However, even the tamest chick will turn savage and dangerous upon reaching adulthood.  

Junior Year...

Ok. So I’m actually a high school graduate, but I still have a story. In my junior year of high school, we had some fucked up shit happen. My junior year consisted of two bathroom fires and a stabbing… Yes, a stabbing. The bathroom fires sucked because, duh, the school was on fire. I was in an AP class the first time, which sucked, and the second one I had just gotten to school because I didn’t have a first period. Now the stabbing. So… The stabbing happened after a guy got a girl pregnant. The guy wanted the girl to get an abortion, but she didn’t want to, so he left the girl and started screwing some other chick. And I heard a lot of people say that he had gotten the second girl pregnant, and that the first girl heard about it. The stabbing itself happened on the second floor. In fact I happened to walk right under it and didn’t know about it until people had started walking in to class…

Also there was an orgy behind the school freshman year and when they were caught the girl claimed she was getting raped. She came out eventually and said she was lying. My high school was not an ok place.

NCT and their PATRONUS (As Requested)

Chenle: Hyena. Because he laughs like one but also because they’re a symbol of passion and knowledge which suits Chenle as he’s been passionate about music from an incredibly young age and is amazingly smart. 

Doyoung: Rabbit. Because he looks like one but also cause rabbits symbolize vulnerability, Doyoung has a mother like temperament and is sensitive despite being a giant smart-ass. 

Haechan: Otter. Because otters symbolize creativity which Haechan has and they are also incredibly hardworking but not always as appreciated as they should be. Give my boy some attention. 

Jaehyun: Golden Retriever. Compassionate and supportive towards his team members and is intelligent and helpful. Plus, they’re both so pure and adorable. Protect them. 

Jaemin: Deer. Symbolizes gentleness, intuition and sensitivity which suits Jaemin and can also be associated with harmony which I think Jaemin brings to the Dream members, they’re too wild when he’s not there ngl. 

Jeno: Flamingo. Finds comfort in his group much like a flock of flamingo but still manages to stand out for his striking features. Jeno is actually a pretty flamboyant dancer. Also, good at supporting his members. 

Jisung: Chick. Innocent, young and cute. But can also be a handful and pester his elders. Both are adorable. 

Johnny: Lion. Lions are fierce and brave but also lazy and Johnny has described himself as the most chill member. They also symbolize authority and the group tend to listen to Johnny even though he isn’t the leader.

Kun: Cat. Cats have the courage to explore the unknown much like Kun when he left China. They’re also mysterious animals much like Kun as not much is known about him. They’re also independent and patient.

Mark: Lion Cub. Mark shares many of the same aspects as Johnny except he’s more motivated and playful. This is why he’s much like a lion cub and he also looks like a baby lion cub in limitless promotions.

Renjun:Giraffe. The babies like to play fight much like Renjun with Chenle. Also symbolize gracefulness and a bit of mystery.

Taeil: Penguin. Funny and adorable but slightly awkward. Can also symbolize intuition and intelligence and taeil is incredibly intelligent.

Taeyong: Wolf. The leader of the pack support and guides the others but can also work well indiviudally. Wolves are seen as aggressive but that’s a misunderstanding, they’re just temperamental. They avoid fights and only attack to protect those in their pack. Much how Taeyong has a reputation for being scary but is actually a ball of fluff unless you insult his members.

Ten: Gazelle. They are graceful and agile much like Ten when he dances but they are also incredibly aware much like Ten is of his members and can sense their moods. They try and avoid negative emotions even though they’re vulnerable animals because of their place on the food chain. This could symbolise Ten being a happy person even though he may not always be as happy as he seems.

Winwin: Fox. They are cunning and know how to get what they want. Foxes are also swift and graceful much like Winwin. They also learn quickly and adapt in new situations much how Winwin did in Korea.

Yuta: Horse. Ambitious and passionate. Can symbolize war or a fiery temperament much like how fierce Yuta can be. Can also mean to be free and openminded much how Yuta is mindful and liberal in his opinions and actions.


inspired by a mood board by @anieekkjeeex

You always woke up holding his hand, he liked the contact. That was if you’d fallen asleep on the sofa, in his bed or really anywhere. He always found your hand, he said he didn’t know how it happened, but really he always grabbed your hand before he fell asleep because it grounded him.

When he was away, he’d send you a selfie in the morning, and if he forgot, he’d send you one in the evening. You always sent one back, usually of the view outside your window. He liked those because it reminded him that you were home, safe and unharmed. He also liked seeing the progress of the bird’s nest at the end of your garden. Recently, the chicks had left the nest. Tom had named them and constantly asked you how a specific bird was doing. Like you knew which one was which!

When you did manage to go and visit him on set, he’d take you on a tour of the location, arm slung around your shoulders as he pulled you close to his side. He always spoke too quickly and gasped for breath when he remembered he needed oxygen, but his excitement was contagious and you would tug him to different places and encourage him to explain a silly anecdote he has of the place.

He would transform his hotel room on his days off, sheets hung overhead isolating the two of you from the rest of the world. You’d marathon all the movies you could think of, and would only leave your little heaven to get some pizza. It was nice for Tom, he savoured these days more than he ever told you because it was just you and him. He wasn’t Tom Holland: Spider-Man, he was just Tom. Your loving, dorky Tom.

Tom had arranged for one of your dates night for a hammock to be set up, fairy lights twisted through the branches above. It was in the corner of a filming lot, not the most romantic place, but somewhere that it was private, just the two of you. Tom always tried to keep you away from paparazzi, by your choice. You were the one who didn’t want to be in the limelight, so you asked to stay as secret as you could. You just didn’t want everyone to know of your love life, and Tom appreciated that. So he called in a few favours and got this place sorted for you. The two of you swung gently in the breeze as he ran his fingers gently through your hair. Neither of you spoke as words weren’t needed, there wasn’t any awkward silence’s, not when it was just you and Tom.

At one of the locations, there were ducks. So, of course, Tom chased them as he is a child trapped in an adult’s body. He proudly strutted back to you and held a duck close to his chest as he beamed at you. You rolled your eyes, grinning as you took a photo. You then told him to put the duck down, neither of you knew if it had fleas! Throughout the next couple of days, whenever Tom saw the duck, he grinned and pointed it out to you, waving enthusiastically at it, as if it knew he was saying hey.

But before you knew it, you had to go home. The day came too quickly, and it was a sombre day as Tom kissed your forehead as he pulled you close to his chest. For a few minutes, the two of you stood in his trailer, swaying to the imaginary music. Someone knocked on the door way too soon, saying Tom needed to go for hair and make-up. With a heavy sigh as you pulled away, looking up at Tom as you kissed his lips with all the passion you could. He gripped your waist, as if afraid you’d slip away right between his fingers. You practically had to rip yourself away from him, and it felt as if you had left half your heart with Tom as you boarded his flight. Before turning off your phone, you saw he had sent you a selfie. Him and all the crew smiling at you through the screen.

When you got back, the first thing you did was visit Tessa. You set your sunglasses on her nose, grinning as you snapped a picture before sending it to Tom. He knew you were home, knew you were with his best girl. It was only two months before you saw each other again. It’ll fly by…right?


Note: It’s been forever and a half since I’ve written, I’m sorry. Deadlines are kicking my ass, so I haven’t had time to do much of anything. Buuuuut, enjoy this super long Daveed fic! 

Word Count: 3222

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: implied smut, getting drunk

AU: Roommate

“Daveed, get your ass up! It’s Tuesday!” You yelled, hitting your roommate with a pillow, trying to wake him up.

He groaned, turning over to cover his head with his arms.

“It’s my day off, Y/N, it’s too early for this shit.” His voice sounded muffled due to him laying in the bed facefirst.

“No,” you whined, “you’re my running buddy. I wanted to go on a run before the streets get busy.”

“The streets are always busy. Let me sleep.” He stated turning towards you, and cracking one eye open.

“Shut up.” You said, hitting him with a pillow again, causing some feathers to fall out of it.

“Ow,” Daveed groaned. “What the fuck, Y/N? Chill. What did I ever do to you?”

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anonymous asked:

Not sure if its been asked yet but best tumblrs to follow? Ones where its obvious effort's been put into tagging and stuff

It’s not been asked since this is the first question I got… Nice!

So, basically all the tumblrs I reblog posts from lately are in that category: tags are important, and I find that even only adding names of pornstars is incredibly useful.

Without further ado, let me make a list of all the tumblrs that come into my mind:






































Yeah ok, I checked a bit my blog to find some more than just the first obvious ones…

They all deserved to be mentioned for one reason or the other (being a gifmaker, reblogging awesome gifs, being a good person with whom I enjoy chats, etc.).

Oh and I surely left (unintentionally) someone out, so if anyone has some other suggestion I’m happy to expand the list!

Hope that satisfies you, and I also hope your blog made it into the list! :D

File 1005

This is a brief retranslation done by an inexperienced translator. Didn’t have time to proofread, forgive me for any mistakes XD

Finally… I was able to confess my feeling

  • R: This is my answer….
  • R: Did I ….. screw up?

  • S: No……
  • S: No way! Only on the cheek?

[Translation from Yunnie]

  • S: Calm down… heart
  • S: Please keep quiet just for now!!
  • S: …wait, who it belongs to?
  • S: Whose heartbeat it is?!

  • S: Damn it… It’s mine
  • S: S…Sorry, Ran
  • R: Eh?
  • S: I got a call from a client
  • S: I will talk to you next time
  • R: Shin….Shinichi…
  • So: What was that?
  • Se: ……
  • So: I can’t believe he let Ran took the initiative
  • R: You….You saw that?
  • R: Ah…
  • R: Sera-Chan!?

  • Se: Excuse me…. Get out of the way…
  • Se: I said GET OUT OF THE WAY!
  • 1: Eh?
  • 1: A high school student who appears to have difficulty walking?
  • Se: Yes, this is what he looks like, did he exit thru this door?
  • 1: I don’t memorize every single student who were here on a field trip
  • H: Oh, if you’re looking for Kudo

  • H: He just rushed towards that direction
  • H: Maybe he needs to go to the restroom or something
  • Se: What was with your backpack?
  • H: Er… I just happened to carry one
  • Se: Let me see what’s inside
  • H: Aho! No way!
  • H: I have underwears and other stuff inside that I can’t show you!
  • Se: Like porn?
  • H: Yea, there are some extreme porno in there!
  • Se: Did I just spot a Teitan High uniform hanging out?
  • H: EH?????
  • Se: Just kiddin
  • H: Oi…Kudo…
  • H: That chick probably has already….
  • H: Know about your secret?
  • C: Yea…. It was a handful

  • 2: I need to make an announcement
  • 2: Kudo Shinichi from 2B class has called
  • 2: “Something urgent came up, I can’t join the field trip with everyone”
  • Crowd: EHHHH?
  • 2: Therefore, his group will need to get ready and leave without him
  • 2: Also, he would like everyone to not mention his involvement with the case
  • 2: So please do not post anything on SNS
  • 3: What a shame, I wanna ask him about the case on the way back
  • 4: It’s okay, we’ll just ask Sera
  • So: That deduction bastard… just left like that?
  • So: Letting Ran kissed him on the cheek
  • R: Stop with the tease Sonoko!
  • R: Say….How did Shinichi know about Okita?
  • So: Of course it was me who sent the affair photo to him
  • So: So what were you saying to Okita-kun?
  • R: I was just returning….

  • R: This charm was given to me by Sato-Keiji, you left it at the tournament
  • O: Oh! You found it! Thank you so much!
  • R: Oh…. And
  • O: Eh?
  • R: I placed the charm on the desk at the Agency
  • R: And my dad…
  • K: A charm? Its probably Ran’s
  • K: What is in there?
  • K: A piece of wood…. And a photo?
  • K: It’s probably a photo of that detective brat
  • K: Eh?
  • R: What are you looking at? Dad?
  • O: You…. You saw the photo?
  • R: Yea…. I wasn’t intend to… but…

  • R: The girl on the photo
  • R: Is she Okita-Kun’s girlfriend?
  • R: I was curious…. so I wanna to ask you in person
  • O: No….She’s not
  • O: Well…. Not yet
  • R: So she’s the girl you like? I think you guys are so cute together!
  • O: Yea…. She’s my rival’s little sister
  • O: I promised myself I won’t confess to her until I defeated him
  • O: Please keep that confidential from that boob chick
  • R: Boob chick?
  • O: She will just be nagging to everyone if she knew about it
  • R: This is what we talked about…

  • So: So…You sure you didn’t cheat on the guy who look like you husband just to make him jealousy?
  • R: What cheating?
  • So: But it was MY picture that made the whole kissing thing possible! You need to thank me!
  • R: Geez Sonoko!
  • N: And then what? what do you think? Mouri?
  • N: What does kissing feel like?
  • R: Even if you ask me….
  • R: I only kissed on the cheek
  • So: Didn’t you guys ask the wrong person…..?
  • R: Even though it was just a kiss on the cheek… It took the dedication of jumping off the kiyomizu stage (TN: in reference to what Sonoko said in file 1000)
  • R: Shinichi…
  • R: Mail?
  • R: From Shinichi?
  • “Sorry Ran… I wanna to spend more time with you, but things didn’t go as well”

[Translation From Yunnie]

  • S: But I was really happy to receive an answer to my confession! Thank you
  • R: Sheesh…
  • R: Well, I’ll forgive you for now…
  • Se: Yeah.. Looks like it exists…
  • Se: A medicine that will allow you to return to your original form, mama…
  • M: Then you should find the developer of this medicine at all costs…And obtain it…
  • M: Once I return my original form, we’ll stop running from place to place…
  • M: And will counterattack…
  • M: Don’t fail, Masumi…
  • Se: Ok!

  • C:Mail from Ran
  • H: Oi…. It’s dangerous to use your phone on the road
  • C: I’m just checking…
  • R: Thank you for the mail…
  • R: So this means that we’re officially a couple now?
  • C: Crap! I need to respond ASAP
  • H: But that little Nee-Chan is such a troll…
  • H: If she had given you a backup antidote, you would’ve been able to go back with the group
  • C: Backup antidote
  • C: She gave me one, but I couldn’t take it…… I will have to wait eight hours…. Eight hours later we’ll be back in Tokyo
  • H: I was in a real panic, seeing you shrinking… I had no other choice but to shove you into my bag… And you can’t give me a heads up?

  • C: I had a lot on my plate!
  • H: Eh? Like what?
  • C: Well… Since you didn’t see it
  • H: Yea I saw nothing…

[Translation From Yunnie]

  • H: I saw nothin’, nothin’ at all… specially not somethin’ like you and that nee-chan kissin’ at the Kiyomizu temple’s stage…  
  • C: You saw us?!
  • H: Damn it, the Kiyomizu temple’s stage was my next best candidate for the confession with best scenery…
  • C: Ah, well… that was impulsive…
  • H: And a kiss on top of that?
  • H: He’s raisin’ the bar pretty high…

[it’s about the previous case, nothing new. Let’s just agree we don’t care about this page XD]

  • Yus: The problem is, this globally known case was solved by Shinichi, who should not have been existed on this world….
  • Yus: So they’ve reported that the high school detectives solved the case
  • Yuk: Shin-Chan wouldn’t have neglected something that important, he asked not to mention his involvement
  • Yus: ……
  • “Did you hear about the case on the Kiyomizu temple stage?” 
  • “Yeas it was high school detective who solved it” 
  • “Hattori Heiji right? I’m sure he will solve it” 
  • “I heard there’s another guy and another girl” 
  • “Who were they? I wonder?”
  • “The girl is a bit of a tom boy! Shes so cute"
  • “Who’s the other guy! I’m curious" 
  • “I know! I happened to be at the scene” 
  • “it’s the detective from the east! Kudo Shinichi!” 
  • “No way! Isn’t he dead or something?”



lc2258  asked:

Hi QC, Curious why you think they were together, broke up and got back together. I assumed they've been inseparable and hiding it since the beginning. I didn't come on board the ship till about beginning of 2016 so I missed some of the early stuff. Thx!

hi! basically because of what I said in my last post. I obviously don’t know if I’m right and I actually was just coming into the fandom in November 2014 so a lot of what I know is from other people who were already around but apparently things just felt off with them. Cait basically fell off the face of the earth and Sam appeared at various Hollywood events with blonde chicks (Amy Shiels being one of them and we know now she was never his girlfriend but nobody knew that back then lol). They also showed up at a party for the Globes separately and there’s a story floating around about Cait getting into a fight with some chick over Sam and then Sam and Cait left together that night ;). I think that was in November. 

I really don’t have a more specific answer for you simply because we don’t really know if they did breakup. It’s kind of become a general consensus amongst a lot of shippers that they probably took a break for a bit after season 1 and it makes sense. as I was writing this I got this anon though:

“IA. I think the first season was very much a bubble. And imo, they took a break to evaluate whether it was real or not.“

and I think that’s probably about as close to a reason as we’re gonna get hahaha. 

(BMC/Hamilton) Learn, Song Parody

Parody: Learn
Actual Song: Burn
By: Hamilton

I saved every memory we shared
Selfies, doodles and art both of yours and mine
Yours were better than mine
Always better than mine

Do you know what my first thought was
When I saw you turn your back and leave?
I thought:
‘I should have expected this…
He always had more potential than me’

You and your jokes had me in nonstop laugh
Your humor I could never surpass
You cheered me up on all of my worst days
You were my hero

I’m looking through all the things we shared
Your artwork, my pictures, our selfies…they all look fine
How can they be fine
When I now know you were lying

It’s time that I learn

You left me when you had the perfect chance
No goodbye, no last hug just a look and a turning away
In improving your life
You have ruined mine

Do you know what Brooke mentioned
As I sat alone at a table one day?
She said:
'You’re welcome to sit with me…
Also, is your friend Jeremy straight?’

You now have girls who like you as a boyfriend
Congrats, you got what you always wanted
No need to hang out with me anymore
When you have these chicks


I’m erasing myself from the narrative
Let yourself move forward without having Michael to hold you back
You have chosen your path

It’s time that I learned
Time that I learned

I have no place in your new life
And you now have no place in mine
You’ve outgrown me, I guess that it’s fine

I’m learning to back away
Learning to let you go
Learning to hate you

You forfeit the right as my friend
You forfeit the right to my heart
I’ll get over you, make a new start
With just one fleeting memory of when you were mine…

I’m sure that I’ll learn…

I Always Get The Truth (Star-Lord Smut)

As requested by anon: Your starlord reader inserts are sheer amazing beautiful genius. Do you think maybe sometime you could do one where the reader is taken captive by the guardians for some reason and Peter’s in charge of “interrogating” her? (But in a smutty way)

Warning: NSFW

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Dylan Strome imagine (part 2)

I kinda went a bit over the top with it but i hope it’s okay and that you can’t tell that i wrote this at 2am…

(part 1)

requested: yes

for: @scottish-kid , @astilinski24 , @miserablee–at–best , @langblr-eva & @nhlmcdavid

warnings: hangover

words: 1,4k words

Originally posted by konecny

You felt like you were dying. Your head was throbbing and you could barely move.

“Good morning sunshine.”

His voice was too loud and made your head hurt even more, burying your head under your pillow didn’t help either. At least it was Dylan and not some stranger. You saw a pale hand offer you something that looked like painkillers and a bottle of water so you took them and immediately hid under your blanket again. The bed dipped down a bit and your blanket was lifted. A warm body slipped in next to you but at the moment you couldn’t care less and curled towards the warmth. You really hoped you’d fall asleep soon.


When you woke up the throbbing had become bearable but still painful. You didn’t want to open your eyes in case the brightness of the room would hurt your eyes again so you cuddled closer to Dylan with your eyes closed. In the last few months you had snuggled up with Dylan in front of the tv enough to know when he was next to you. His warm arms tightened around you and he sighed.

“You awake?”

You hummed in response, not feeling ready to talk yet.

“Does it still hurt when I talk?”

He whispered and it didn’t hurt so you shook your head a little.

“You really had me worried last night. You didn’t text or call only to come stumbling in at 3 in the morning sucking faces with some random asshole.”

His arms around you tightened some more. Dylan usually only became possessive when he was drunk or the Otters lost a game and he was blaming himself. You secretly prided yourself on the fact that you were the person that gave him comfort. Being roommates with a guy had its perks, but being roommates with a guy you liked… It wasn’t always easy.

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Red Pt. 2 [Jason Todd x Reader]

@jay-birdbitchez @roseangel013bf

A/N: Here’s the second part of ‘Red’. Thank you for the positive response of the first part! I’m sorry this isn’t as good as the first one, but I tried my best. Thank you @the-chick-with-the-best-fandom for this amazing idea!

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1772

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 



There were many things that drew Jason Todd to you. When he first met you, you were the innocent one on the streets. Your heart was too soft for Gotham City, and while it was admirable, he also thought it was pathetic.

In Gotham City, kind people were betrayed, stepped on and left in the dirt. It was every child for themselves and everybody knew it. Jason had to survive using his wits and turning his heart stone cold.

You, on the other hand, seemed almost the complete opposite. You had a heart of gold, a rare find on the streets those days, and you only sought to steal bits and pieces of different places so no place would be damaged significantly.

“Hey! Get back here, that’s mine!” you yelled, chasing after a young boy your age. He was like you no doubt, a street rat.

“Better luck next time shortie!” he exclaimed, jumping over a fence.

After losing you–a fairly easy task–Jason grinned at his prize. It was a warm loaf of bread, no doubt just recently taken out of the oven. He wondered how someone as weak as you could get her hands on this, but no matter. It was his now. Besides, you had a bag full of them, losing one couldn’t hurt.

The thing about you that made Jason always come back to you was that you cared.

You cared for those who were weaker and younger than you on the streets. You gave them your share of food, provided them with clothing and blankets for the night and made sure they were safe. You treated their wounds and helped them find a place in the world, without question. You didn’t gain anything from it, you just did it because that was who you were. That’s what made you a person, and that’s what Jason loved most about you.

Your forgiving nature was also another feature Jason adored. You forgave people. You weren’t naive–you never forget–but you were willing to give those you truly cared about and the people who deserve it a second chance. You had this uncanny ability to forgive even him, and he certainly didn’t deserve a second chance. You saw something in him that no one else did. You forgave him over and over again.

Your caring and forgiving personality were your best features, and you had no trouble displaying them. So when Jason found that you were seemingly ignoring him after that night at the bar, he wasn’t necessarily disappointed or worried, he was royally pissed.

You had forgiven him for worse things than simply neglecting you for a few weeks. You had forgiven his sins and his wrong-doings yet you couldn’t see past this? Furthermore, you had forgiven criminals and street rats that were contaminating the city, yet you couldn’t find it in your heart to let this issue go?

Jason thought it was ridiculous, and childish. He knew you were avoiding him; your landlord had informed him that you were still paying your rent. You were still here, yet you chose to not face him.

He never thought after all these years, the friendship and what the two of you had would crumble because of some unnecessary jealousy. If you had kept in contact with him, you’d know he already broke it off with that woman–and it was over you as well! The damn bitch said some not-so-nice things about you when she was drunk off her ass. You had no reason to hold such a thing against him.

He knew that if you were going to continue avoiding him, he wasn’t going to be the one to initiate the first move. You were the unreasonable one this time, not him.

Though it was incredibly frowned upon, Roy Harper had a perfectly reasonable reason to break into the woman’s apartment.

He landed in your bedroom swiftly and quietly, noticing how eerily silent the entire place was. Running a finger along the desk, he narrowed his eyes at the dust that stuck to his finger. Upon closer inspection, the entire place was coated in a thin layer of dust, as if no one had been living there for the past few months.

Roy had initially came to your apartment to find and convince you to speak to Jason again. No matter how stubborn that man was, Jason was a mess without you. He killed more, had a shorter fuse, stay out drinking late, smoked more often and god knows what else. You were the one who kept him sane and though he acted pissed he was really hurt and upset.

Roy smiled as he remembered the first time he met you.

“So you’re Roy Harper.”

Roy glanced up from the computer screen and saw a pair of perplexing [E/C] eyes studying him with curiosity.

“That’s right, and you?” he asked, smirking. He had to admit, you did look pretty cute.

“Off limits.” Jason growled as he entered the room, standing in front of you protectively.

Roy glanced between the two of you and chuckled. “No way man, is she your girlfriend?!”

“What? No!” Jason exclaimed, his cheeks turning slightly red. Roy’s smirk widened. Yep. Jason was definitely into you.

“Just friends.” you corrected kindly, smiling.

“Yeah sure.” Roy drawled skeptically, wriggling his eyebrows at the two of you. “We’ll see how long that lasts.“

It wasn’t long until he befriended you, and it wasn’t long after that did he discover your feelings for Jason.

Roy continued to explore your apartment, taking care not to look too deep because he respected your privacy. The more he looked, the more he realized just how… wrong everything was.

The apartment had obviously been out-of-use, and as far as he knows no one had seen you, not even your landlord, yet you still paid your rent.

He sat on the couch and began to go through all the things you spent your credit card on over the last few months. When he saw that you had purchased absolutely nothing, and had not even used your money to pay your own rent, he knew that something was wrong.

Something was seriously wrong.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

“Alright I’m coming!” Jason yelled, marching over to open the door. The person in front of his door, whoever that asshole was, had been slamming their fist on his door for a straight five minutes. Jason had hoped to ignore whoever was outside but he had enough of the noise.

“What the fuck do you want?” he hissed at Roy.

“It’s [F/N].” Roy breathed.

Jason couldn’t help but roll his eyes, ignoring the beat his heart skipped. “Not interested. Goodbye.” He was about to slam the door but Roy’s next words stopped him.

“I think she’s been taken.”

Jason froze and his blood went ice cold. He pulled Roy inside the apartment and closed the door. “What do you mean ‘you think she’s taken’?”

“Because she’s been off the radar for months and nobody has seen her.” Roy explained.

“Wait her landlord said that–”

“The payments were paid by an outside account. She doesn’t even live in the apartment anymore, it’s covered in dust.” said Roy, frantically showing Jason the evidence; photographs, video footages and records. It didn’t take a great detective to see that you hadn’t been seen over the last few months.

As Jason scanned the evidence over and over again, that’s when he began to panic. Fear crept into his heart and seized it tightly, squeezing and twisting it until the pain was almost unbearable.

You hadn’t been avoiding him, you had been gone and he didn’t even notice.

“Fuck… fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jason swore, his hands flying to his head. He paced back and forth, his mind already thinking of the worst-case scenarios.

“Do you know when she was last seen?” Jason inquired.

“Here.” Roy showed Jason a security footage of a very familiar bar. “This was the last time we saw her on camera.”

Jason watched you leave the bar he, his ex and you went to a few months ago. Your head turned from left to right; you were looking for a cab. After a few minutes and some frustrated gestures, you walked out of the camera’s view.

“I’m betting she must’ve been taken not long after that.” said Roy.

However, Jason wasn’t listening. There was a strange ringing in his ears that he couldn’t get rid of. His body felt numb and he fell into an armchair.


Laughter erupted from Jason’s throat when he heard another one of your stories. He couldn’t remember how long it’s been since he last spent time with you. Ever since he got a new girlfriend he hardly had time for you.

“Jason baby.” his girlfriend drawled. He turned to her and smiled, missing the look of sadness that appeared on your face. “Let’s dance!” She hopped off the stool and grabbed his hand, dragging him to the empty space in the bar. The jukebox was playing a rather slow song, perfect for a couple.

“Sure thing doll.” said Jason, grinning from ear to ear.

That night, his girlfriend was completely wasted. She could never really hold her alcohol well, so off course by the end of the night she was drunk as hell.

“Okay, that’s enough.” said Jason, dragging her away from her shot of tequila.

“But Jason!” she whined, pouting. He sighed, knowing he had to take her home. It was dangerous to walk in the streets of Gotham alone at night.

“[F/N], I have to–”

“I understand.” you smiled, and like before, he missed the sadness that flashed across your face. “Do what you have to do.”

“Thanks [F/N], you’re the best.”

He left the bar, his mind completely focused on getting his girlfriend home safely. He had forgotten that she wasn’t the one walking home alone that night.

He had forgotten you. Jason was so concerned about his girlfriend that night he didn’t realize he had left you to walk in the streets of Gotham all alone.

When you never returned his calls or made an effort to contact him, he immediately thought you were avoiding him. It never crossed his mind that you were taken because all this time, he had always been there for you.

He didn’t even realize he stopped doing that, he didn’t even realize he had left your side. Now, he faced the consequences of his actions.

And he felt his heart being ripped out of his chest because of it. The guilt and pain in his chest was immense and it only grew over time.

He had failed you.

anonymous asked:

For the "I love you" prompts: NurseyDex 71 or Holsom 89? If you feel like it? (I'm assuming from your tags that you actually want prompts; please ignore this if I'm wrong about that, I'm maybe a little bit short of sleep just now.

I did want prompts! I went with Holsom 89. “I noticed.” (Shout out to @omgericzimmermann​ for Ransom’s favorite ice cream and @poetry-protest-pornography​ for Jewish Buffalo native consultation! Now I’m hungry…)

Holster liked to think of himself as an observant kind of guy. He noticed things about the people around him. Okay, sure, maybe he tended to notice more about the people he cared about than just, like, general people, but he noticed stuff!

Like, he knew, uh, he knew his sister’s birthday, and his mom’s favorite tea, and… and… screw it, fine, maybe he just noticed stuff about Ransom. Ever since the first moment they met, he noticed pretty much every little thing about Ransom. His looks, duh, because he wasn’t actually blind (and had the prescription to prove it), but also his favorite flavor of ice cream (lemon and chocolate gelato, which wasn’t exactly an easy combo to find at murder Stop ’n Shop), and what kinds of chicks he liked to wheel (tall, brainy ones), and when his study panic tended to hit (12 hours before a test, like clockwork), and how long he should be left alone under the table before intervening (about 45 minutes).

At some point, noticing things about Ransom just became so second nature that Holster had stopped noticing, and now he really wasn’t sure where his music taste stopped and Ransom’s began, or which shirts in his drawer he’d actually bought for himself or Ransom or if he’d even been the one to buy them at all. (Not the salmon shorts, though. He knew who bought those.)

Of course, by the time Holster noticed he’d been noticing so much about Ransom, it was too late; he was gone, he was in deep, he was in love. With his best friend. Who he helped wheel chicks at kegsters, so that wasn’t awkward at all.

Holster was maybe starting to feel a little down about the whole thing. Which he’d maybe been showing by spending more time in the library, (though Ransom always found him,) or watching shows with his earbuds in, (though Ransom usually ended up leaning against Holster’s shoulder with one of the earbuds in his own ear). But it was fine. Holster would get over it and they’d stay best bros and Ransom would never even notice. Everything would be fine.

He was totally surprised when Ransom burst through the door of the attic with a large box in his arms. He set it down on Holster’s bunk triumphantly.

“Open it!”

“What is it?”

“You have to open it to see.”

Warily, Holster fished a pair of scissors out of the desk beside the bed and slit the tape. Then he looked inside.

“Holy shit, bro!”

Ransom was beaming at him.

In a flurry of packing material, Holster pulled out Loganberry, Weber’s mustard, Miller’s horseradish, and a package of Kimmelweck rolls.

“I think there’s some halvah in there, too,” Ransom said. “And there’s corned beef is in the fridge downstairs, with a note on it that no one else is to touch it on pain of gruesome death, but I went to a deli in Boston for that instead of getting it shipped.”

Holster, lost for words, resorted to gesturing helplessly at the bounty in front of him. “What…? Just… how?”

Ransom shrugged. “You seemed down, so I called your mom.”

Holster looked down. “Oh. I, uh, I didn’t think you’d notice.”

Ransom reached out and lifted Holster’s chin until he was looking Ransom in the eyes again.

“I noticed.”


I have no shame 

Digger and the Gents are a N*Sync Style boy band with a little bit of classic rock flare here and there. Popular amongst teenagers of all genders, everyone has their Favorite - Digger, the head of the band (middle) is a Total Sweetheart; Eddie, however, is a heartbreaker (far left); Kent (far right) is a shy and quiet soul; Andy (second from the right) is a Trans Man icon; and finally Xander (second from the left) is a Wild Card, a Mystery waiting to be Cracked.  Their latest album, Here Comes the Stomp, is a Feel-Good mix of dance tunes and love ballads that would make anyone swoon. 

Captive Harpy is a Solo Indie Rock artist whose scratchy, soulful voice and Deep Themes have made her popular among various counter-cultural movements. Her previous album, Finding Myself, in which she came out as Bisexual, also made her an idol for the Sapphic community, her song “Let’s care for An Abandoned Chick Together” causing excitement far and wide for lesbian, bisexual, and other sapphic women. Her latest album, My Inner Dinosaur, is said to go deeper into her path of self-discovery and even may touch on some darker themes such as the end-Cretaceous Extinction. Early reviewers have said that if you do not cry while listening to this latest album, you literally do not have feelings. 

Three’s a Crowd**



Your friend from uni had come up to stay with you for the weekend to reconnect and have fun like you the two of you did back when you shared a dorm. Fortunately, Joe was out of the flat for most of the weekend either attending meetings or filming videos with the boys so you and Rachel were able to really dig into the gossip that had happened over the past 3 years. 

Rachel had come up Thursday night and for the next two days the two of you just lounged on the couch watching chick flicks and rom-coms. Joe would occasionally sit in for a movie or two but other than that he left the two of you alone.

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