also the chick on the left


This lovely taxidermy case by Edward Hart depicts a family of a pied variety of Common Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) complete with dad, mum and a trio of tiny chicks. The specimens themselves date to 1876 and are from Christchurch, Dorset.

Upon closer inspection during our Natural History review, we discovered that one of the chicks has a third leg! S/he is the chick that is the furthest to the left (nearest the male). You can take a closer look at this case online as it is part of our online collections. Zooming in will also give you a chance to explore the beautifully painted landscape that sets the scene for the diorama.

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I'm a vegetarian and don't eat any form of dairy, but I eat eggs from my own hens I care for with great passion and freedom. I also don't wear fur or anything of that sorts. I'm not a vegan clearly, but what's your opinion on my lifestyle?

H! <3

I would love to share PETA’s official position on this. :)

As an animal rights group, we cannot condone using animals for any reason, which is why PETA promotes a healthy vegan lifestyle. However, we would not oppose eating eggs from chickens treated as companions if the birds receive excellent care and are not purchased from hatcheries. Make sure you’re ready for the commitment of adopting chickens, as they will continue to be a part of your family long after they stop producing eggs.

Hatcheries breed chickens to have “desirable” traits despite any negative effects this inbreeding may have on their health. It’s also common for sickly chicks to be tossed out and left to die, while male chicks, who don’t produce eggs and are seen as disposable, are often ground up while still alive. Doing business with hatcheries encourages them to continue to breed and hurt chickens. The only ethical way to obtain chickens is to adopt them from animal shelters or rescue groups that have the birds’ best interests at heart.

Thank you for your compassion!

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Your love of these one word asks will kill me one day, but I’m gonna use it and tell you about my favorite animes because you’re a weeb and it’ll bring us closer together.
So ha!

Alright, here we go.
My first anime is one I can’t even remember the name of, it came on like Toonami when I was a wee child. It featured a guy that got this sword hilt with no blade, but after something happened he could summon like this blue light to be the blade. There was also this space pirate chick with three circles on her wrists, one left and two right, that was connected to the blade somehow; I think he was like made her warden? I know eventually they end up in a spaceship-house thing, and do something. idk.
Yuyu Hakisho was probably one of my favorite animes when I was a kid, that spirit shotgun ramp up I can remember like to this day. Heidi was pretty cool to me back then, but I was young so anyone with a third eye that was edgy was my shit.
Inuyasha will always be my favorite bad anime; I’m straight up watching it now on Netflix and subjecting my wife to this shit. I love demon shit though, it’s my deal. I’ve seen every episode and movie; the third movie with the hellblade is my favorite.
Kenshin is probably my all time favorite anime in general because I love the story and art so much, I can’t really remember one part of it I don’t enjoy that much. It’s one of the few animes I cared enough about to read the manga of even. It’s just the bomb.
Samuari Champloo is probably the only other contender for all time favorite. The silly parts to it really add in, but the characters in it are just something else, and I love that stuff. It’s also short, so I can binge watch it in like a day to relive it when I want.
FMA is a big favorite, but I mean who doesn’t like FMA? It’s probably one of the widest franchises I’ve ever seen.
I mean, all in all, you can say I’ve got a big love for animes that have the lone hero(es) learning to control a power far beyond their wisdom sort of deal. It’s why I like animes like Soul Eater and Attack on Titan. Blue Exorcist. Shit even the one that’s pretty much an ecchi anime with the monk that has the super powerful exorcism energy, but he only can use it when he’s horny, so the show is 80% the other 8 priestesses being nearly nude.

Gundam though. Gundam will always have a special place in my heart because it literally started my career. I was like ~6 when I first saw it, and I would watch it with my Dad, and I decided I wanted to be the guy who made those things, so I asked him who does that; he told me engineers. I never actually got into robotics for engineering, but since I was ~6 I have wanted to be an engineer, and it was 100% attributed to Gundam; I still have sketch designs from like middle school where I made prototype models for combat and shit.

Dragon Ball Z is probably another one that’ll always be special, but that’s because I used to watch it with my Dad all the time as a kid. He was a big fighter when he was a teenager and a young adult, mostly because he was a Latino kid in the slums of Baltimore and then backwater ass country Maryland, but when you’re a kid and hear your dad fought a lot you assume it’s because he was a superhero or some shit. So I always watched it and was like “Dad, you’re like Goku, but bald! And that makes me Gohan! Haha!” I wanted a fuckin’ tail when I was a kid because of that show, it was horrible.

I’m trying to read what’s going on in my friend’s life but the post below is a gif of a dude pounding the shit out of some chick and it’s distracting.

I left ten dollars in my work pants, looks like I gave a nice tip to our laundry team. I needed to those ten dollars too 😐

Today at work was super chill mostly because there were no upper management present. They also had this dope 80s station playing in the dining room. Fucking love 80s music man.

I want a dog and a cat but I want to wait till I buy a home before doing so which is gonna be awhile. I already have my animals picked out!

I know I just got back from vacation but I’m counting the days until Puerto Rico! (203 days)

I was tagged by theranidw. Yay!

Name: Barb

Height: 5'2’’

Where I live: Czech Republic, meh.

Fave Bands/Artists: Not really my stuff. When I like the song, I like the song. But I´m always slut for Nightwish. That´s what´s left from my dark phase.

One thing that pisses me off: Let me choose… people. people are pissing me off. Czech people, to be more specific. Today at bus I realised I hate everyone.

Meaning of URL: Chicked-Chicken

Last thing you Googled: how much is 160 cm in feet.

Birthday: 10/10

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Frickin´confused.

One place that makes you happy: Bed with wi-fi.

What I’m wearing right now: t-shirt and sweatpants, which also happens to function as pajamas.

Last book I read: Something from Discworld I guess, currently reading Peter.

Last thing said to family member: “16:44.”

Favourite beverage: Piňa Colada. And juice.

Favourite food: Are you kidding me, how am I supposed to know that…

Last movie I wanted: I don´t really want movies, they usually just come to me on their own and then I realise I want them…

Dream vacation: Scotland. And London. And sightseeing in Italy.

Dream wedding: Just gimme pretty dress and yummy cake.

Dream pets: Bunnies, cats, dogs… octopus.

Dream job: Just let me draw stuff and pay me for it.

Random fact: I hate my better half.

Tagging: adorable-redcoat, christopherleefan, ellaveci and probably whoever else wants to do this.

also a post about my mom sorry

she suggested I watch a movie called 27 dresses right

I started watching it with her and it revolves around so much sex

I heard some chick basically say “what’s a relationship/drunk night out without sex?? you’re so boring” and I was just like oh my g od

and then I left bc it was too sexual and heteronormative for me to keep a straight face lmao

she perceives me as such a sexual person bc I’ve had a ton of crushes and have a lot of shirts that show cleavage. literally like I remember her telling me in 7th grade to use my boobs in interviews l i ke that’s not right


i’m ace af (I’d say demi but sometimes I feel more ace then demi tbh, it happens, sexuality is fluid)

I also really like girls (kinda more than guys tbh) and am biromantic af


dwarving around..

so in my current dwarf fortress fort, the only randomly generated gay dwarf and straight woman dwarf are both in relationships within the first year, with bi men - all 4, amid the dozen or so randomly-generated personality characteristics, have “Is often nervous (More likely to stumble obliviously and go stark raving mad).” alrighty then. hope that doesn’t cause a tantrum spiral or mass amounts of Fun (hilarious death & destruction).

also, nobody would pick the eggs out of the nest boxes so like 50 chicks, turkey poults, & ducklings hatched & exploded out everywhere through the fortress because i also forgot to set the doors on the nesting rooms to contain animals/pets. dwarves are chasing birds left and right

im just waiting for the 2 cats i embarked with to get together and cause a catsplosion


first picture from left to right: Emille (daughter in law, married to Carson), Eliana (daughter), Amy’s butt (daughter in law, married to aden), forgot her name but shes Eliana’s daughter.

and the chick in the back is emilees daughter. shes also in the 2nd pic lol

OH this stupid thing happened to my dad the other day.
this is why people don’t want to be nice to strangers anymore:

so my dad went to get gas for his car and some girl was on the other side getting gas but she had accidentally put money in the wrong pump so my dad was kind enough to help her get the right one BUT my dad had just put his money in the same one before he noticed this so this chick got a ton of gas for her car with my dad’s money and when my dad told her that she just basically took his money and he got nothing, she just shook her shoulders and was like “whatever” and left. and also she didn’t even thank him for helping her.

like wtf.
luckily when my dad went into the gasstation and told the cashier the whole thing, he got his money back but seriously what an asshole that person was.

and afterwards my dad was like “I’m never helping anyone again”.

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Did you read the article about Taylor's left arm lyrics during her "Speak Now" tour? She also had lyrics from Alanis Morissette and The Dixie Chicks. What is happening?!?!?

do you have a link???? i don’t know if i read it 

I go away for a few days come back and find out Taylor brought ellen on stage and sang with her childhood faves alanis and Natalie of the dixie chicks????


My Monday

Sleep in till one then ran to office Depot with the hubby to get a new printer. Got chick-fil-a for lunch and came back home.

Also we got a call from our case worker, she was just checking up on us. I didn’t get to the phone in time so she left a voice mail
and I haven’t called her back yet.

I Took a nap cause I started getting a migraine and that’s been hours ago and I still have it and I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those that sticks around a few days so I’m pretty much going to stay in bed and try and watch Netflix and relax till it goes away.

Shrek vs Disney

Image from:

It has been noted by some critics (namely Lindsay Ellis aka Nostalgia Chick) that there has always been tension between Disney and DreamWorks.  DreamWorks became the new Warner Bros, the cynicism to play off Disney’s whimsy.  Ellis also noted the dualling (not duelling) going on between the companies, generally caused by DreamWorks.  Since Jeffrey Katzenberg left Disney and formed DreamWorks, it seemed to be his mission to shove it in his former company’s face.  Pixar (part of Disney) released A Bug’s Life so he released Antz.  Pixar released Finding Nemo, he released Shark’s Tale.  Disney made The Wild, he released Madagascar which, unlike the other two, actually succeeded in making us forget about its Disney counterpart.  But where does Shrek come in?

Shrek is the figurative middle finger to Disney.  It takes some of their most successful fairytale adaptations and makes fun of them.  Many people of my generation know Snow White, Pinocchio and Cinderella because Disney introduced them to us.  Katzenberg knew this and took advantage of it, making fun of them throughout the film.  But is that all there is to Shrek?  I would argue that the message becomes self-defeating throughout the films.  Let’s briefly look at each film’s approach to fairytale characters and Disney.

In the first film, fairytale creatures are the thorn in Shrek’s side, the inspiration to make him go on a dangerous journey to remove them from his land.  This could be read into a lot as representing the over-saturation of Disney.  This is most apparent with the parody of It’s a Small World which every kid sang, not knowing the parody or the intent.  The message becomes self-defeating because in the end this story is every bit as cliché as the material it makes fun of.  It has the typical misunderstanding plot-point and a somewhat reverse Beauty and the Beast ending.  It then ends with a wedding celebration which includes the fairytale creatures, they are somehow all friends now.

This last point becomes more clear in Shrek 2 where the fairytale characters actively help the plot move forward, helping Shrek save Fiona.  This is a drastic change, opting to use the characters that made Disney famous as opposed to just making fun of them.  They are now active participants as opposed to punchlines.  There are still jokes at Disney’s expense though, namely an early one involving a parody of Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

In Shrek The Fourth, this is extended further as the series takes Arthur, a less famous Disney adapted character and makes him one of the key characters to the plot.  It also takes full advantage of famous Disney villains to move the plot forward.  Has DreamWorks given up on simply making fun of Disney and accepted the fact that Shrek only exists because of Disney?  Have they finally allowed themselves to simply have fun with material instead of it being fuelled by hate?


The past week has been one thick blanket of fog. It’s been pretty depressing to see every morning but no fear we can still find whales! Instead of looking for them with sight we will shut the boat down and listen for them. Because whales are mammals they have to come to the surface to breathe and when they surface they exhale first. This exhale sounds like someone blowing their nose really loud and we can hear this for about 1 or 2 miles away. It’s harder and more work to find them but kinda cool in the fog too. They appear out of nowhere.

The Dolphins have also been around a lot too! Nursery groups with little calves! Always so cute too see.

Only a few days left before I head back to the world of textbooks and exams. I’m savoring every last minute!

Whale Chick

PS the research boat from Provincetown is here. Hopefully they can find Lacuna and get him disentangled! Keep your fingers crossed.