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High school!Voltron head canons because I have no self control


  • Super athletic. He does at least one sport a season, soccer in the fall, swimming in the winter, lacrosse and baseball in the spring.
    • Don’t ask how he does it because nobody knows
  • The person everyone asks to proof read their essays before they turn them in. He just…has a way with words.
  • Never has pencils.
    • Even when he goes out and buys a brand new box…he just loses them so easily.
  • He always loves the books they read in English, and like, he actually reads them.
  • The kid who just does not get math no matter how hard he tries.
    • Shiro becomes his tutor and things actually start to make sense.
  • He’s best friends with almost all of his teachers.
    • They really just love his banter.
    • There’s two teachers who absolutely loath him though bc they’re old fashioned and he never stops talking.
  • “Hunk, how long could I survive if I just dropped out of high school? I could get a job at McDonald’s, it would be fine,”
  • Convinces everyone to go to the school musicals/plays in the name of supporting Allura.
    • In reality he just doesn’t want to go by himself.
    • It becomes a tradition bc the squad all lowkey love plays and musicals.
  • Took French so he could be trilingual

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Cats and Scarves: A Short Story

It’s always cold first thing in the morning, so Eleanor is sure to bundle up with her scarf and sweater, as she downs her coffee and struggles with the key to lock the door. Her car takes a while to wake up, and she curses under her breath, checking the time on her phone. 8:47. She’s trying to get to the new pet shelter, to volunteer- it’s not really a job, but it’s a start, and working in movie theatres isn’t going to work out forever. She backs her car out of her driveway, checking the road for ice, then deeming it safe as she slides a CD into the player. She’d better not be late.

The shelter is warm, is the first thing Zaire registers as she steps inside, pulling her coat out of the way so it doesn’t jam in the door. There are a couple of people already there, silently looking at their phones. So much for Zaire’s hope to make friends. It stinks less than she expected, and the walls in the office are adorned with photos of dogs and cats. Zaire smiles. She’d love a dog, she’s always been a dog person. Suddenly the door opens with a suction-like noise, as wind desperately tries to overwhelm the office, and someone else comes through. They’re almost smothered in a huge scarf and sweater, and Zaire can tell they’ve now noticed the temperature, because the scarf is hesitantly pulled off and stuffed in a bag. Then the new arrival sinks down onto a waiting chair, picking at their nails. Without the scarf, Zaire can see that the newcomer has long, dirty blonde hair, messy but beautiful. Maybe this would be more interesting than Zaire thought.

A tall vet with hair cut in a blunt bob enters through a door at the back, immediately capturing everyone’s attention. Including Eleanor, there are four people, and the vet stands in front of them, gaze sweeping over them. Eleanor feels self conscious and resists the urge to pull back her hair. “I’m Amy Pinnock,” the vet announces, her voice firm but kind, “Are you all here for the volunteer positions?” Eleanor nods along with everyone else, and Amy looks satisfied. “Alright then,” she says. “Follow me.”

The first day is more introductory than anything, though Dave is asked to clean out a litterbox, which he does so somewhat resentfully. Zaire feels a surge of annoyance. It’s not a nice job, but he knew what he was signing up for, didn’t he? The other two volunteers are introduced as Daisy and Eleanor, who is the one with the beautiful, messy hair that Zaire can’t stop staring at. Her own hair has been pulled into a messy bun, which she usually does so she doesn’t have to deal with it. She has the kind of hair that is always tangling, no matter how much hair conditioner she uses. Eleanor smells of grapefruit and lemon, and it makes Zaire feel a little dizzy. She can’t afford to get distracted, especially on the first day, but it’s hard to ignore someone with the kind of presence Eleanor has. Inescapable.

After a week on the job, Eleanor gets used to the smell, the constant threat of having your eye scratched out by Penny, a tabby cat who had been rescued recently, and even getting up early. She starts getting friendly with the other volunteers, learning that Daisy wants to become a full time veterinarian, and Dave has never had a pet due to his parents having allergies. The one person she doesn’t know much about is Zaire, a girl with eyes the colour of grass, and hair that is always pulled up and out of her face. She isn’t secretive, but she doesn’t exactly volunteer information, she’s friendly enough but always seems to escape under Eleanor’s gaze. She feels drawn to Zaire, more than she’s ever felt anything before, and the need to know her properly is starting to eat away at her. Finally on Friday, the end of the second week, Eleanor and Zaire end up working late, cleaning cat dishes. At first they keep up a mild chatter of small talk, then eventually it fades and they work in a silence that feels magnetic- anything but wrong. There’s a pull between them, and eventually Zaire pulls out her phone to check the time, and her wallpaper catches Eleanor’s eye. “Shrek?” She asks, a smile tugging at her lips. Zaire looks over, and Eleanor expects her to shrug and go silent, but she smiles, too, pocketing the phone. “I have this weird thing for the Shrek movies,” she admits, and Eleanor feels excited for this bit of information. She doesn’t want it to end, so she asks, “What movie is your favourite?” Zaire smiles again, and it lights up her eyes. “I don’t know. I think Shrek offers more on self acceptance and friendship, while Shrek 2 is more about love and the risks you’ll take to save it. And, well, Shrek’s 3 and 4. Not that newsworthy, in my opinion. I guess both the first and second have different things to offer, and are great in different ways. Do… you like Shrek?” Her voice goes a bit quieter when she says this, as if she’s scared of the answer. “Absolutely,” Eleanor replies. “You know, I’d never really analysed it before, like you did. It was interesting.” Zaire smiles, scrubbing a bowl. “What’s your favourite movie?” Eleanor doesn’t have to think long. “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Aside from being bloody hilarious, it really opens a new door in the series.” She feels confident admitting her Potter obsession, not only because Zaire is a self-admitted Shrek follower, but because the air around them feels peaceful. She’s surprised when Zaire admits, “I’ve never seen Harry Potter.”

“What? No way! You must’ve at least seen the first one?”
“Nope. My mum thought it was too dark when I was a kid, and then I just never felt compelled to check it out. I tried reading one of the books, but it didn’t make much sense. I think it was the Order Of the Phoenix?”

“Of course it didn’t make sense, it’s right in the middle of the series!” Eleanor laughs. “You need to read it in order!”

When she stops speaking, it all feels quieter than before.

“Maybe I will then,” Zaire smiles, reaching for a hand towel, at the same time as Eleanor. Their fingers brush, and Eleanor nearly jumps. Is this normal to Zaire? She doesn’t know if the tension and chemistry is one sided. When they’re finished with the last of the dishes, Zaire wishes Eleanor a good night, and leaves to catch the late bus. Eleanor makes her way to her car, and sits in the seat for a moment, going over everything that just happened. She smiles to herself, shakes her head, and turns the keys to get the engine started.

It’s two days before Zaire gets to see Eleanor again, and she passes the time listening to poppy, bright music and checking facebook, where she and Eleanor have recently added each other as friends. When Monday finally rolls around, you wouldn’t have known anything had happened on Friday, save for Eleanor and Zaire’s private smiles. By the end of Zaire’s shift with Daisy, Daisy starts talking about a party she’s hosting, and invites Zaire along. She adds that all the volunteers are invited, which puts a new batch of butterflies in Zaire’s stomach.

The week leading up to Daisy’s party is relatively calm, and Eleanor feels a tingle in her chest when she hears Zaire saying she’ll be at the party. On Saturday night, she goes through her drawers and wardrobe, eventually settling on a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. The volunteers are supposed to change into hospital scrubs during shifts, and she’s hoping to come across as gay as she could. Which is how she dresses generally. At six thirty, she went into the kitchen and grabs a six pack of muffins, then gets in the car and makes her way to the address Daisy had sent.

Zaire is early to the party, and despite Daisy insisting it’s fine, she feels awkward. She’s wearing a green dress, nothing fancy, but nice enough. She’s also brought a bottle of sparkling grape juice, as she isn’t a huge drinker, and the bottle sits alone on the table. Daisy has gone off into the kitchen, leaving Zaire alone, also. She wants to help Daisy set up, but she’s already told her she’s fine with her just waiting. Maybe she just doesn’t want to make conversation with Zaire. Regardless, she is stuck sitting on a lavender coloured couch, with her phone.

When Eleanor gets to Daisy’s house, people have already started drinking, even though it’s only 7 at night, and Zaire is seated in between Dave and a giggly brunette. She doesn’t look unhappy, exactly, just out of place. Eleanor wipes her hands on her jeans, seeing Zaire’s dress. She looks beautiful. Eleanor walks over to the couch, ignoring the nervous feeing that arises, that always arises around large groups of people. It’s not what you could call a small party. “Hey,” she says, trying to sound casual.

“Hey,” Zaire replies, a small smile appearing on her face.

“Um,” Eleanor says, and Zaire frowns a little.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m- I just-“

Zaire gets up and shows Eleanor to the back door. No one is out there yet, so they have the cool and quiet night to themselves.

“Hey,” Zaire says, in a tone that Eleanor has never heard her use.


“What’s up?” She scans Eleanor’s face, and Eleanor is surprised to feel a tingly feeling in her chest, despite her anxiety. And then, oh god. Zaire is seeing her freak out. She turns away, embarrassed, and Zaire takes her arm, gently.
“Hey. It’s okay. You’re okay,” she says softly, and Eleanor forces herself to look back at her, and tries to breathe normally.

“Hey. Hey. Just take, take one breath in, and hold it in for three seconds.”
Eleanor complies.

“Okay, now let it out slowly, for three seconds.”

She does, her heart already beating a little more normally.

“Now do a little kind of sigh, to push it out more, but gently.”

After a few more breaths, Eleanor’s head feels dizzy, and she looks for somewhere to sit. Zaire sits next to her on the grass, and Eleanor suddenly remembers, somewhere in her mind, that it’s winter, and Zaire just took her into the freezing cold air, stayed out there, despite only wearing a dress, and helped her. The realisation is still sinking in when she sees Zaire shivering slightly. She wants to kick herself, why didn’t she bring a jacket? She could have offered it to her. Instead, Zaire lies back and looks up at the sky. Eleanor follows, her head softly hitting the damp grass. The sky is going dark, as it does around winter, and stars are starting to appear- just a few, so excited that they can’t wait for the sky to go completely dark. Too excited to shine.

It’s quiet, but comfortably so, and Eleanor can hear every breath Zaire takes, every move she makes. She rolls her head on her side so she can look at her. Her voice comes out unexpectedly.

“Why do you always tie your hair up?”

Zaire looks surprised at the question, but replies. “It’s just easier to deal with, I guess. It’s a bit… wild.”

“I wanna see.” Eleanor wasn’t planning on saying those words, but the second they’re out she realises it’s true. She does want to see it. Zaire rolls onto her stomach to look at Eleanor.

Eleanor nods.

“You’re sure?”

“God, how bad is it?” Eleanor asks, and Zaire laughs. Then she sits up, straightens her back, and starts to pull the tie from her hair. Eleanor is in awe as the dark locks tumble down around her shoulders, lively and, as Zaire said, wild.

“So, what’s the verdict?” Zaire asks, finally looking up at Eleanor. “Too wild?” A shy smile, bright eyes, and that wild hair.

“I.” Eleanor wants to say something, anything, but words are failing. She’s overcome by Zaire’s beauty. All she wants is to reach over, pull her in, and meet her lips with her own. She shakes her head. Not worth the risk. She swallows and replies, “It’s lovely.”

After the volunteers’ first month at the shelter, Zaire sends Eleanor a message. It’s late, or early, depending on your view, and she can’t sleep.


Her phone makes a buzzing noise.

“Hey. What’s up?”

“Can’t sleep.”

“Me neither… you wanna talk?”
“Can you believe it’s been a month since we started volunteering?”

“I know, it feels like forever. Especially when I’m cleaning up cat pee.”

“How come you’re volunteering if you hate it so much?”

“I don’t hate it. And I don’t know. I wanted to meet more people, I guess.”

“And what do you think of the people you’ve met?”

Is that flirting?

“You’re cool. I feel like I’ve known you a long time. Daisy’s cool, but I don’t think she likes me much.”

“Why’s that?”

“I don’t know, she just seems to act weird around me. I don’t know, maybe she’s just like that.”

“Did you know she has a thing for Dav?”




“What about you?”
“Not my type.”

“I mean, are you seeing anyone?”
“No. How about you?”

Zaire’s heart beats hard as she awaits Eleanor’s answer.

“No. I was talking to this girl a while ago, but it didn’t work out.”


“I have to go to sleep now, but it was great talking to you J see you tomorrow.”

It’s on Wednesday that Eleanor finally says something.

“Hey, Zaire,” she calls, trying to be quiet so she doesn’t scare the cats. Not that Penny got scared of anything.

“Yeah?” Zaire comes over to where Eleanor is crouching, feeding the cats.

“I was wondering. If sometime, you wanted to, I don’t know, get a coffee or something? Or just hang out? Um, yeah,” she finishes pathetically.

Zaire is smiling when Eleanor finally looks up.

“I’d like that. Yeah.”


Zaire’s phone goes off, the opening lines of All Star. She checks it, and sees a text. “Nearly there! :)” Zaire smiles and puts the phone down as Penny nips at her toe. She and Eleanor have adopted a few cats, including bad-tempered Penny, who, as it turns out, just needed some love. She didn’t think she was a cat person, but she’d fallen in love with them.

The door is suddenly pulled open, as Eleanor rushes in, her scarf making her almost unrecognizable, like the first time Zaire saw her. Zaire smiles at the memory, and Eleanor dumps shopping bags on the floor, and meets Zaire for a kiss. Zaire closes her eyes, smiling into it, her arms around Eleanor’s back, holding her. Around them, she hears a cat meow and feels another rub up against her leg, and she’s never felt so content.

The End.

thelilacdragon  asked:

You're 3D work looks so cute so far!! I'm glad your expanding your horizons and stuff!! I don't know the first thing about both pixel art and 3D art so it's so cool you're doing both! Keep it up! ! I stranger on the Internet is proud! !!💜

Aw thank you so much! That means a lot!

Sometimes it’s nice to have something to refresh the brain a little bit^^

Also.. I’m a huge bottle/glass container fan… I *love* perfume and liqueur bottles and such, so this definitely scratches an industrial design aesthetic itch!

sick december

Jake went into December’s room to wake her up since she always wanted to wake up for runs in the morning. “Good morning baby.” Jake brightened her night light and found her curled up in a ball under her covers. “Hey..” He walked over to her and sat down on her bed to put his hand on her shoulder. He realized she was shaking and sweating and her hands were holding her stomach. He pushed her hair back from her face and asked her,“ Baby are you alright? You’re scaring me. Hey.” December moaned in pain as a response and pushed her hand into her stomach even further. “Baby…” Jake sat her up and hugged her tightly. Tears started trickling down her cheeks from her tightly clenched together eyes. “December please. Tell me what’s wrong so i can help you. Please.” Jake wiped her tears away. He took a hair tie from her wrist and tied her hair into a ponytail. She cried harder into Jake’s chest as she clenched her stomach. Jake was getting so worried and he held her closer to him. She finally stopped crying after a while and looked up at him with red eyes and muttered painfully,“ Jake my stomach is killing me it hurts so bad i want to die.” Tears resumed falling off her face as she looked at him. Jake suddenly felt a pang of horror as December rarely felt horrible and she had always had a very strong tolerance for pain. “Baby, lie down for a while and i’ll go get you some painkillers. I’ll be right back okay? I love you.” Jake gently laid her down and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead before running off for the painkillers and water.

Jake quickly returned and fed it to December. “Thank you.” She weakly mumbled. “It’s okay.” Jake looked at her with a face full of concern. She let out a soft burp and covered her mouth. She burped again and again. She started to pat her chest and tried to burp but she cant get it out. Jake gently hit her back to help her and after some pats she let out a huge burp. “Can you please get me a bucket i feel sick.” December asked. “Sure sure.” Jake rushed off and back with a huge bucket. He also took a bottle of medicated oil. “Do you want me to help you rub your stomach? I think you will feel better after.” Jake offered. She nodded gratefully. He smiled and lifted her shirt to put some medicated oil on. He noticed that her stomach was very bloated and that it was gurgling loudly. He dropped some onto her stomach and started to rub it softly. She moaned and Jake gave her kisses. She burped once in a while and Jake started to rub a little harder to help her get the gas out. “I’m going to be sick.” December quickly sat up and grabbed the bucket. She gagged and dry heaved while Jake rubbed her back soothingly, whispering comfortingly to her. “Let it out, it’s okay.” Jake reached in front for her stomach to give it rubs. She let out a wet burp and spit into the bucket. Jake rubbed her stomach harder and she started to throw up streams of water and stomach acid. She hadn’t ate much for dinner and haven’t even ate breakfast so she didn’t have much to throw up. She continued to dry heave even though there was nothing left in her stomach. “Baby that’s enough you’re empty already.” He pat her back to show her. She finally stopped and she leaned back onto Jake’s warm body. She rested her head on his chest. Jake noticed little droplets of tears dripping from her eyes and he wiped them off with a soft towel. “Do you feel better?” He asked as he pat her stomach softly to settle it. “No, it still hurts a lot.” December replied weakly. Jake gave her some water and she rinsed her mouth, spitting it out into the bucket. “Drink some baby. I don’t want you to get dehydrated.” He held the bottle to her mouth after she handed it back. She resisted for a while before drinking a tiny sip. “Hey. Don’t be so stubborn. Drink more.” Jake said firmly. December started to cry. “Baby, baby no, don’t cry please. I’m sorry, i’m just really worried about you.” Jake felt incredibly guilty. December managed to drink half of the bottle with tears dripping off her face. “That’s enough baby. Thank you.” Jake capped the bottle and continued rubbing her stomach. Her stomach rumbled loudly and she moaned in pain. Jake could see her stomach getting bloated even though she isn’t eating anything. “I need to bring you to the hospital December.” Jake told her. “No! Please. I don’t want to go, just stay here with me i’ll get better i promise.” She begged Jake and looked at him with wet eyes. “If you get worse i will need to bring you to the hospital.” He said. She nodded and rested her head on his chest again. Jake hugged her and pat her stomach lightly as she fell asleep.

December suddenly sat up and looked around frantically for the bucket. She quickly reached for it and threw up the water she just drank. “Oh no.” Jake kneeled beside her and rubbed her back. She burped a lot and he pat her back to help her. After some time she leaned back against Jake and breathed heavily to catch her breath. Jake kissed her forehead and she looked at him. “I’m sorry.” She sighed. “It’s okay baby, i love you.” Jake smiled at her. “Why is it so cold.” She rubbed her arms and shivered. Jake took off his hoodie and put it on for December. “You should sleep. Rest will get you better.” Jake kissed her lips softly and pat her back as she curled into him. She fell asleep in Jake’s muscular arms and Jake pulled up the blanket to keep both of them warm. Jake fell asleep after some time as well.

Jake woke up after he felt December get out of his arms. That was quickly accompanied with sounds of her throwing up. He rubbed his eyes and blinked while he tried to grasp a hold onto reality. When he finally really woke up he saw December kneeling in front of the bucket and she was dry heaving. “Oh baby you don’t feel well again.” Jake walked over to rub her back. She nodded as she threw up streams of water and stomach acid. Jake fed her some water and wiped her mouth. “We should go see a doctor you know. I’m worried for you.” Jake suggested. “I don’t want to, Jake. And i probably can’t even get out of the house right now.” December protested. “I’ll carry you out if that’s your concern.” Jake replied. “No, please i really don’t want to go.” December gave Jake her puppy eyes and pouted. “Plus, if it were you being sick you wouldn’t want to go see a doctor too, and i know that.” She added. “True.” Jake sighed and continued rubbing her back. “But do you feel better though?” He asked. “A little bit. Can you rub my stomach again? That felt nice.” December smiled at Jake to reassure him. “Sure baby, anything for you. I’ll go get some more water and empty the bucket first.” Jake hurried off and back. “I love you and i hope you feel a lot better soon.” Jake kissed her stomach and then her lips. “Hey don’t kiss me. You’ll get sick too.” December pushed his face away weakly. “Then you’ll take care of me won’t you.” Jake laughed. “I will but i don’t want you to feel horrible babe.” December held his face in her tiny hands and felt his sharp jawline. He smiled and kissed her cheek before rubbing her stomach for her. “Let me know if i’m hurting you alright? And tell me if you feel sick again.” Jake told December. “Mmm.” She replied and closed her eyes. Jake continued to rub her stomach in gentle circles and sometimes patting it. He could feel and hear her stomach rumbling and gurgling. She would occasionally let out soft burps and cover them with her hand. After some time when December’s stomach didn’t rumble so much, he asked her,“ Do you feel any better? Does your stomach still hurt?” “I feel a lot better now. Still a little bit nauseous but it’s alright.” December replied. “Good.” Jake reached for her hands and massaged them. “Your hands are so big it feels really nice.” December smiled. “I’ll do this more often for you then.” Jake laughed and continued. “Sleep with me, I bet you’re tired too.” December scooted to the inner side of the bed and made space for Jake. He climbed in and pulled her in to cuddle. “Thanks for taking care of me babe. I don’t know where i found this amazing boyfriend haha.” December laughed as she buried her face into Jake’s warm chest. “It’s okay. I found you in the dust bin.” Jake joked and they both chuckled. They soon fell asleep to the rhythm of Jake patting December’s back.

My nail polish collection! 

It’s 145 bottles strong, not including my top coats, base coats, stamping polishes, striping brush polishes, and polishes that I have replaced with a higher quality of the same color.  Including all of those puts my total over 200!

Also you can see my HUGE bottle of Zoya Remover+, lol (it’s the best)


24.03.2015 | The day started a little later than I planned but I guess I needed that extra half hour of sleeping. I had a nice healthy breakfast while highlighting some things. 

Then I starting taking notes with a loyal mug full of coffee by my side (yes, that mug, I love it so much) while listening to Battle Studies by John Mayer. I also developed the life-saving habit of having a huge bottle of water near me so I can have a decent water intake.

Happy study everyone!