also the artwork for it looks gorgeous

“Hey, kadan! You wanna know what it’s called when you go out during winter?”
“… do I really want to know the answer to this question?”
“One more of these awful puns and you will have to get your own eggnog, amatus.”

Where do I begin? I want to say thank you. Thanks to everyone who likes or reblogs my art, who takes the time to write all these wonderful little tags and comments, who chats with me about Adoribull headcanons even though they are in completely different countries, towns, time zones. All of this is incredibly precious to me.

I also want to thank all the amazing artists and writers of the Dragon Age fandom, or more precisely the Adoribull community. I can’t even tell anymore how many hours I spent on reading beautifully crafted fanfictions or looking at gorgeous artworks of Dorian and The Iron Bull.

So … I raise my tankard filled with cheap Ferelden Ale (or eggnog or cocoa or whatever I find in my fridge) to say thank you again, and (of course):



A few more shots of my new Elsa Ice Queen cosplay—-showing the side, front and back. The cape is approx 90″ long x 100″ wide, and made of an icy looking crystal organza embedded with her fractal designs and hundreds of various sized AB (aurora borealis) gemstones in the center of each snowflake. The bodice has iridescent sequins, just like Elsa’s in the movie—I was THRILLED to find them—along with hundreds of 17mm baguette AB gems and 2mm crystal gems cascading at the waist/hipline. I lined the skirt in royal purple this time, since I saw the LE Elsa 11″ Designer Doll had purple lining (as well as official artwork if you look closely), and hand dyed the sleeves. After I dyed them, affixed thousands of 1.5mm pale blue gemstones all over the sleeves and also 2mm AB gems in her snowflake/fractal patterns. I used a gorgeous AB 3mm stretch gemstone trim along the top of the bodice. The skirt is made of an Elsa-inspired fabric that has silver threads running vertically all through it. It’s a horrible pain to work with—it frays like no tomorrow! But it really looks like her skirt/ice, so it had to be used. Hope you like my updated cosplay!! I’m really pleased with it and now I think it’s finally satisfactorily finished and won’t be ‘redone’ again! What do you think?

Artists are a gift to the world

Dear @cassandrajp,
Thank you so much for all the wonderful drawings you do as they add gorgeous visuals to @cassandraclare wonderful books. I love all your drawings and have spent numerous hours looking at your tumblr. Also the Waywood ship is cool. Thanks for creating it and making cute artwork. Basically both of you are a blessing to the world.
A fan.


Im so excited to finally be able to post pictures of this gorgeous doll now that she’s in her new home! 

She was ordered as a gift for a young woman by her boyfriend who wanted the doll to look like her, tattoos and all! 

Armed with lots of pictures, I got to work recreating Samantha’s own artwork in miniature with needle and thread.

Samanthas doll also got the special treatment of piercings! I had never done this on any of my dolls before and it was incredibly fun and rewarding

Her 100% cotton hair was ombre dyed in turquoise blue and purple.

I fell completely and madly in love with this doll while I was making her. She felt like she was coming to life in my hands. 


So after I have seen kitty-ever-after ‘s post with the stickers from the book “Activités & Autocollants” I had to get it of course! I thought it would be nice to have some good quality scans so people can use them for icons, avatars, edits and whatever else ;)

Just look at Faybelle! How absolutely GORGEOUS is she!? I love all of Melissa’s artworks but Fay is definitely my favorite so far<3

I also bought several other books and will be uploading more scans!

Birthday Traditions [1/1]

Pairing: Misawa

Rating: Teen

Summary: Eijun’s had two birthdays since starting Seidou. A tradition develops from it.

A/N: -wheezes- Work is hard. Working on Marked in Your Mind still but I got sidetracked by an oneshot that I finished that I don’t know if I should post because it’s 5889 words of fluff and smut and wtf, how did that happen. Then I woke up today and realized it was almost Eijun’s birthday so I panic wrote something. Dedicated to @falsehero who is a sweetie who let me make a ‘written companion’ to her gorgeous artwork ( 1 | 2 ) for Eijun’s birthday!

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Joan from Mad Men is so gorgeous she needed twinkles and blinkles. Plus it’s just so much fun bringing artwork to life with some tiny animations!

Also, I think Christina Hendricks is such a great actress, her fantastic acting skills were being overshadowed in the media by comments on her looks but for me it’s her acting that kept me watching this series.


In addition to the Jack Kirby Black Panther comics that came out today, we also have these back issues of Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive!  featuring some gorgeous covers by Francesco Francavilla.  FF also did the interior artwork for issue 523.1.  Black Panther has a bunch of arms in this one, and it looks like he’s using them all to kick butts!

Check out Black Panther and all of today’s new releases!


Eva Green, pencil Staedtler pencils (various hardnesses) on Strathmore smooth surface 100lbs Bristol paper. 

I also got use my wonderful Sakura electric erasor, wich is great. I glad i won’t have to live without it anymore <3

I wanted to so something a bit more challenging, and I’m happy with the result. What do you think?

Thank you for looking!

my art tag

elektronx submitted: Hi! I know I only started following you a little while ago, but I was looking through your gallery and I swear that I have seen your character before! I can’t believe that I’ve only found your profile and the rest of your artwork just recently.

Here, have a fanart doodle :) All of your characters and work are gorgeous. Please keep up the great work!

Also, happy tumblr birthday!”

!!! Oh my gosh? This is so great!! Thank you so much!! Hmm maybe you saw other fanart of my character? or maybe even saw old drawings of mine on other sites? Cherokee does resemble a v old oc hehe