also thats a really long title

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i'm late late late bUT YOU RAN THE HARDENSHIPPINGHELL BLOG????? i've been following that blog for MONTHS (back even when it was awkward) without even realizing it dskljfkldsfjgld i also followed the youcantfucknickvalentine blog or w/e the title is long before i realized that, simultaneously, i followed your blog. how many more blogs do u run that i might be following >.>

LMAO thats really funny! i sure do make my way around the fandoms! :D but yeah i ended up making hardenshippinghell so i could dump all my hardenshipping feels/draws XD its too bad im not really into them anymore umu

but thats actually about the only other popular blogs i run. i got a couple of off ask blogs that are dormant rn (stomachmouthbatter and askthecakeboss), but they never got the same attention that hardenshippinghell or youcantfucknickvalentine do, so i think youre good!