also that's my favorite line ; ;

why do y'all columbine stans say shit like “it’s just an interest/fascination!” like, no, an interest would be saying things along the lines of “what drives a person to do this, how do their brains differ, is anyone capable of murder?” and etc, NOT “murder me daddy!!!! I’m so sad they’re dead here’s my favorite journal entry paired with a flower crown edit UwU xx”

One of my favorite headcanons is that James is a foot taller than Lily. 6′3 and 5′3. Sometimes when she is particularly feisty he will pick her up and carry her somewhere else and it pisses her off even further. He also controls the kisses - she can’t reach his face unless he wants her to (which obviously he almost always does) and sometimes he makes her work for it which also pisses her off. When they are standing in the corridor talking to their friends, he rests his arm on her head because she is the perfect height for it and she returns his affection by jabbing her elbow into his side. Basically him being so much taller usually ends up with her being mad, but she also loves it. Once she asked him how tall he actually was and he responded “taller than you in heels, evans” and she nearly died.

protip: maybe don’t demand a certain update schedule (or an update altogether tbh) from your favorite fic writers because it’d be convenient for you. these are real people taking real time out of their days to provide free content for you and they have to do it at their own pace, not at the pace that behooves you as a reader. be nice to them! show your support! understand that they’re trying their best and also have their own busy schedules to think about! they’re very much writing as quickly as they can, trust me, but they have things to do and lives to live and will therefore update whenever they can for you!

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YES YES me too nowadays tbh exo is not the group i really really stan but i knew from long time that their vocal line wasn't any joke. and also like... korean (i mean not only korean but anyway) is a very different language and so for any language your voice changes quite considerably but when i heard sabor a mi which was the closest they got to speaking my first language i was like....... They are No JokE. you know? and also aaaah... shineeeeee don't even get me started <3

the sabor a mi cover is amazing tbh i listen to it every so often cause like… they did that (especially kyungsoo imo) im not hispanic in any way but i study languages and stuff and i think they did a decent job thats my second favorite cover they’ve done after it’s still a dark night which they sang on immortal song 2,

also its like crazy how much exos vocal line has improved cause i remember back in like 2012 or 13 they got criticized for a bit because they were always lipsyncing to their songs and people thought they couldnt sing or something as well live and look at them now lmao

and my boys SHINee the reason im rly into kpop… i love them so much… like im so biased with them its crazy i put them above every kpop group cause i love them so much. i had a bucketlist in highschool that said to see SHINee (which i havent yet but someday….)

Honestly my favorite line in Truman’s Last Chance is “don’t cry on the upholstery,” and it’s all in the delivery of the line. He says it softly, warmly. He doesn’t say it to irritate Casey, and he doesn’t say it because he actually cares that much (Derek is driving The Prince! I doubt that upholstery is all that nice anyway). He says it to make her smile.

It sounds like something he would say. He’s trying to make her feel better by acting how he normally would, which is, insensitively. Except, that his tone is too gentle for it to actually be insensitive. He says it and she smiles, with a slightly exasperated eye roll, but still. She’s smiling through her Truman Tears because Derek is being Derek. And that’s exactly what he wants. She smiles, and he smiles right back.

“don’t cry on the upholstery” is Derek’s way of telling Casey that it’s going to be okay, and you can tell by her smile that she knows exactly what he’s doing.

Yesterday I showed my little sister the teaser trailer for Zootopia and she loved it. She was so excited, and then disappointed that it’s not coming out until next year.

She also said “My favorite part was at the end when it said ‘Like nothing you’ve seen be-fur’. Because it’s like before but fur, like with animals.” and then she laughed. She loves puns