also that sudoku puzzle is hard

headcanon; jake is actually really good with word searches

a few marco headcanons

since its my favorite Gemini’s birthday, and all.

- Marco has a green thumb and has been known to rescue plants in need and keep them meticulously for years.

- Marco collects records. Some of his favorites are rare jazz albums.

- Marco is extremely independent, and as much as he loves his friends, is also happy just spending time alone.

- His favorite hobbies include reading, playing videogames, drawing, and doing brain puzzles.

- His ideal night in would be one where he could curl up on the sofa in his sweatpants and a band shirt, and play in one of his many books of hard sudoku while drinking white wine.

- He loves sitting on the toilet longer than he needs to, and playing games on his phone.

- Marco is a great cook, and loves making gourmet meals, even if he’s the only one eating them.

- He does this in his reading glasses.

- Marco is very passionate and loves having sex. He is a sex crier for sure.

- He’s very physical—he’s the kind of person whose always touching people’s arms or shoulders or backs gently when he moves past them.

- Marco always has fresh flowers in his vase at home. Not for anyone else, just because he likes them.

- Marco loves having his hair played with, it puts him right to sleep.

- Marco’s mom lulled him to sleep as a baby by driving him around the block in the car. Now, if he rides passenger, he conks out almost immediately.

- His favorite music is pop punk, unapologetically.


Summary: Stiles helps Derek revive a family tradition.

Notes: I’m not sure what this is exactly, but I think it’s mostly just a giant pile of fluff. You’ve been warned. (On AO3)

Stiles swings by the loft on a Tuesday afternoon after his lecture, and is surprised to find that Derek has finally bought more furniture. Surprised, but also secretly pleased, because that means Derek is planning to stay.

The most obvious addition is a huge oak dining table, which fits well in the huge empty space of the loft. Derek’s evidently been cleaning and fixing things up, too, because the windows don’t look grimy anymore, and the whole place smells faintly of fresh paint. The loft is starting to look like a place a normal person would live, rather than that of a tv-show vigilante who has no time for personal comfort.

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anonymous asked:

Sorry about anon. How about a sickfic/injury fic with Sans as the sufferer? (It's his turn now lmao) Like a "healthy" mix of angst and hurt/comfort would be great! No specific problem for the smol bones, just Paps taking care of his brother and said brother feeling shitty somehow. And also congratulations on finishing FINAGLC!! I hopped on about halfway and it's been a wild ride but boy was it worth it!! Good job and thank you!!

No probalo! :D

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