also that scene tonight was amazing

Did I miss it?

Did I miss it or was Susan not mentioned at all in that episode? If so, it proves the theory that Prommy knows who really matters to Oliver and she was just a red herring. If he really thought she was important, wouldn’t he have mentioned the kidnapping as part of the torture?

Was Susan’s kidnapping just a means for him to get Oliver - or did he turn her to his side like an article alluded to a while back? 

Other thoughts: 

  • Stephen Amell was so amazing in this episode. This had to take an emotional toll on him. I’m wondering if that was why he was on a social media break. People were really down on the show at the time, and it was probably hard to take while he was also filming those scenes. 
  • Lot’s of Olicity nods tonight. Like, of all the kills, one that he highlighted was the count. And Felicity’s glasses. Did you see the rage Oliver had when Chase pulled those out? And the focus was really on his son and Felicity - Prommy knows Oliver for sure. 
  • Evelyn was the worst. Will we see her again by season’s end? I know a lot of people are sure she’s Vigilante, but I don’t get that feeling for some reason. Mostly because the EPs mentioned we probably wouldn’t know who Vigilante was this season. 
  • I was actually not surprised by Oliver’s confession. Mostly because I started watching Season 1 again yesterday and that Oliver is waaaaay different than the one we’ve had the last few seasons. He killed without blinking an eye. He was seriously messed up. Notice his confession was in the past tense. 
  • I’m very nervous about the next couple of episodes. I have a feeling it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better for our characters. I’m here for it, but I will need some wine to watch. 
Legion s1 e7

I cannot express in any way, shape, or form how much I loved tonight’s episode of Legion. The graphics were amazing. The acting, especially Dan Stevens, was also amazing. And I absolutely loved how they turned that one part of the hospital scene into black and white. It reminded me of an old black and white movie, and they even had the text written on the screen of what there were saying. 😍

FRONTWOMEN // a mix by panicfever

In a scene dominated by men, women in alternative music deserve all the recognition they can get. 


01. st. patrick // pvris 02. machine // love, robot 03. lonely girl // tonight alive 04. playing god // paramore 05. cold blooded // courage my love 06. gravity // against the current 07. talking dreams // echosmith 08. heaven knows // the pretty reckless 09. the best thing (that never happened) // we are the in crowd 10. summer // darling parade 11. captivate you // marmozets 12. freak like me // halestorm 13. make a move // icon for hire 14. fight // the dirty youth 15. save yourself // adora 



I’m reposting my Caryl drawings and I have decided that I will be drawing more of them!!! Screw the TWD writers!!! They may not want to see Caryl together, but there are a lot of people who do and I’m going to help in this effort. I’m going to draw both moments we’ve seen and moments we’d like to see between them. I’ll also draw pics for you if anyone has a special pic they want me to draw. Just send them to me and I’ll do them.

I watched the reunion hug on YouTube tonight. Ok, I watched it several times!!! I still can’t figure out why they would do all of those beautiful Caryl scenes the way they did them and then go nowhere with it. It makes absolutely no sense to me for them to have taken years to cultivate this amazing bond between them and then just drop it. But it has been a year since they even spoke or interacted at all.

I just don’t know what to think. I have read some amazing theories about where they may be going and I really want to believe they’ve got something like that planned since I will ship them to the end!!! I still love Caryl and will always love them as they used to be. I really enjoyed the beautiful bond, understanding, and connection they used to have. Even if it’s been a while since we saw any evidence of it on our screens, I really want to believe that a bond that I considered unbreakable can’t just be erased. And in reality it can’t. They gave us a lot of beautiful, amazing moments between Daryl and Carol that nothing or no one can ever take away no matter how hard they try. Their story has just taken a crazy turn with them apparently forgetting each other exists. And after all they went through.

I have no idea what the writers have in store for us but it would have to be pretty amazing to undo the damage they’ve done. We may not get any Caryl interaction for a couple more weeks, but we know they filmed together for episode 15. At least maybe then we’ll find out why they apparently don’t even speak to or like to be around each other anymore. I don’t know about you but I’m really interested in seeing the reason behind their separation!!!

Don’t get me wrong. I do still have a small sliver of hope that the writers are planning something pretty amazing for us in the end, it’s just a little difficult to have any faith in them at this point. But I am still shipping Caryl and I suppose I always will. I’m watching Caryl videos and reading Caryl fanfiction to try to cheer myself up. Thank God for those who do that for us!!! And I do love reading all of the positivity being spread around on here. I love my Caryl family!!!!

Don’t forget to send me any pics you want me to draw.



Anyone else notice Rayna was wearing the same shirt tonight when Deacon proposed as she was when we first found out they had a past together? Don’t know what it means so I’m going to assume it means they’re meant to be together forever as perfect country-music-singin’ soulmates. That’s a reasonable message to get out of a shirt, right?

Jared was like…so amazing in this episode???!! Like he is amazing in every episode, because it’s Jared Padalecki so that’s just a given…but tonight was incredible. Also props to him for being able to do that suicide scene because that could not have been easy for him. Basically I love him, he is fucking incredible, killed the season premiere and that’s all bye. 

Michonne is the only new Mrs. Grimes

Did any one else scream Please kiss or have sex when Rick asked Michonne why they were the only two up or something like that. Also that scene and any scene with them tonight was amazing and I’m gonna need them to share a house and a bed real soon!

I will and you can’t stop me.