also that is a legit quote


she was warned. she was given an explanation. 

nevertheless, she persisted

Me: okay I need to stop crying over the Ace of Spade like wtf where does that come from.

My Brain: That’s right, a Bookman doesn’t need a heart

Me: what

My Brain: Your feelings are so strong, you’re almost dazzling. It is as if, like the light, you are going to fade away

Me: what the fuck

My Brain: Can you hear…. My voice…..

Me: I legit didn’t ask you stop that

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Hey, umm, question, is there some sort of vetting procedure to figure out which submissions get posted? Do you decide randomly, or...?

I’ve actually got some editorial guide lines that I follow. A lot of it is your typical stuff like no racism, sexism,homophobia, anti semitism, etc. Then theres some specific things I don’t publish like violence against children, sex workers, or homeless people. I also tend to stay away from quotes that are explicitly or graphically sexual. The list of things I flat out deny is a fluid thing so I could never really give you full details on that, I just decide things on a case by case basis.

As for the quality and comedic value of what gets published, that is a little more random. The only two things I know for sure that get the followers of this blog hyped are 1)Seducing things and 2)asking if things are a free action. Other than those two constants, everything that gets posted here I either legit thought was funny or is just me guessing what the kids these days are laughing at. More of the latter and less of the former. Also I really like to post quotes that mix up rogue and rouge because I love seeing people get worked up over that.


No… No. That’s not right…

This is kinda long but

Our world history teacher is basically our school’s meme. He’s so completely spontaneous and illogical, even though he’s a legit decent teacher. Some of his more memorable quotes are “so let’s talk about drugs, kids!” “Slapedemia/slapedemic all American!”(used intermittently), “Walmart is a necessary evil in our society” and “So in a way, Ozzy Osbourne helped end communism”. He also calls us slaps a lot and buys oranges off the school’s coffee cart, but never eats them. The seniors like to take them off his desk and put them on top of his projector. Last fun facts: he allegedly hates cotton balls and he always has an absurd amount of tabs open on his computer (I’ve counted 23, 32, and someone said that there was once 70)

A truly frightening Halloween Party

Okay so here’s the scenario: Jehan gives a halloween party with the theme “fear”. Courfeyrac will pout at anyone who doesn’t try enough for their costumes:

  • Bahorel overcomes his fear and goes as a lawyer, robes and all
  • Joly might just go as a plague doctor. Because the idea that medicine can be so wrong is seriously scary … and also it’s a symbol of plague but also legit cool medical history
  • Enjolras wanted to just wear a crown, but that got a level 2 Pout from Courf. Enj ended up being forced to go as Louis in full costume, since his other idea of  "a people in bondage" would be fodder for innuendo for a year
  • Jehan wears a strict, drab school uniform. No individuality. It still looks good on them though,because
  • For the price of being allowed to tailor Jehan’s outfit, Montparnasse sacrificed greatly and doesn’t only wear an ill-fitting suit, but a thriftstore one. That’s worse than bad normal clothes. It means you tried, but you failed
  • Bossuet came as his Professor Blondeau, as a zombie (this is a very reasonable fear according to him, because no amount of eulogies or imagined deaths can make the man stop teaching)
  • Éponine comes as a fifties housewife, full getup, curled hair, looks GORGEOUS, all shiny, no agency, her mother’s dream 

This got long, so have a readmore:

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a pussy hat selfie does not an ally make

so …… duchovny/gillovny stans remain remarkably silent, just like DD. all the dumb comments about how he’s totally changed and he’s an ally now and he’s at least more feminist that peter etc., remain dumb and baseless.

how sad that he couldn’t find it within himself to even retweet gillian’s tweets. I guess yay that he’s not slamming her in the press like he did when she was fighting for parity in the 90s. but like dude, come on. how fucking sad that only gillian and annabeth are talking about the writer’s room issue. men remain useless.

This looks like shit but I try 🙃🙃🙃 anyway not sure why I feel like this quote fits the circus..

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maybe its just the tumblr quotes ive been seeing making rounds, but there seems to be this cliche about introversion and having alone time and how other people are just Boring. like i get it solitude is great for exploring ones thoughts and we all need that but sometimes it just feels like people find inherent depth of character to introversion and romanticize being a shut in with no social skills, i feel like this is also a running cliche in the wider literary / classics world

you know what, no? actually? like…no? people on the internet legit romanticize the hell out of romanticizing anyway and it will never stop and introversion is definitely nowhere near being cherished or romanticized enough? it means connecting with yourself and it is not to be mistaken with isolating yourself from the world? solitude for christ’s sake can. never. be toxic. – not conceptually and not realistically. it can never be exploited through words either because it is ever-changing and innerly filtered through each one of us and it’s not some belief or idea jfc it’s NOT a meme; it’s a state of the soul & literature for all the accurate reasons in this universe mercifully pays tribute always to it because…authors with HUMANITY and INTEGRITY feel compelled to do justice to that solitary place which fuels their writing? Idk I do not agree at all with that you’re trying to say here. especially and explicitly about solitude. and I mean..out of all the flat out damaging-to-the-brain cells, idiotic concepts people romanticize on here – you choose to criticize “solitude”? it feels sort of laughable to me, i’m sorry

Guess who’s really deep in Sonic Hell and made a Sonic OC in celebration to Sonic Forces. Hi >w> Yo it’s been like a decade since I ever made a legit Sonic OC so uh. yeah. 

So this is Peaches, his personality is still in the works so I don’t have too much knowledge on how he is yet, but I do have some tiny bits about him! 

-Giant Sonic fanboy. Inspires to be a helpful individual like Sonic and just wants to be a good person!! Uses the whole ‘what would sonic do’ quote to inspire himself to do the right thing. 

-Incapable of feeling pain. He gets covered in bandaids and bandages often due to being a rather reckless boy. He also has difficulty understanding other people in pain… This subject confuses him greatly for obvious reasons lol. 

-Acrobatic and loves parkour. You can find him jumpin around on rooftops, trees and whatever else he can climb and hop off of. Due to this very thrilling hobby, he does get hurt a lot and doesn’t notice it (PLEASE WATCH HIM, HE NEEDS SUPERVISION)

-Parents divorced soon as he and his sister moved out to their own place. He felt this comin but his sis didn’t. They’ve both been taking it pretty hard and their own relationship is pretty rocky due to his sister being rather overbearing and him not empathetic enough (he’s not as understanding with his family for a multitude of reasons, I may change this tho vwv). 

-Doesn’t wear pants, only big shirts. His spandex shirt and a big ol letterman jacket is his usual get up, otherwise, BIG SHIRTS N SWEATERS!


Since I’m still seeing Superwiki paraded as truth, I present you this. Jules is just taking a guess, guys. And these SeaCon s13 contact discussion vids people are talking about? They don’t exist. @justanotheridijiton can’t find them and if Mel can’t find them then they are simply not out there. And the Jim Michaels quotes outta that Brazilian con confirming j2m2 for s13 contracts are sketchy at best, the man has frequently been wrong before and that’s without translating his words across another language. So…


For those of you now waiting on Misha’s JIB con response, I’d also like to reminder you, PR is NOT SHOWRUNNING. Misha is likely VERY RESTRICTED on what he can say right now (if he knows he is in the season), tho I’d personally say his general temperament seems positive despite being seemingly very (understandably) tired this year. The next LEGIT info on the season is likely to be outta SDCC 2017, July 20-23. That includes the status of Misha’s contract. I don’t mean to rain on the hope parade I’m just very tired of seeing unchecked speculation being passed off as fact on my dash this morning. Let’s all hope for the best, but please know the truth.

i just want a high school au that like. doesn’t even have to be specifically klance-centered. just mentions that they’re the high school’s power couple.

their senior year there were two prom kings bc everyone wanted them to be co-prom-monarchs.

they’re both top varsity players in football and baseball and super competitive but also disgustingly in love. whoever scores more gets to plan dates.

they’ve been dating for most of high school but they have a running joke so whenever somebody asks “how’s lance/keith?” they deadpan “who the hell is that” and try to trick freshman into thinking they legit don’t know each other.

their teachers are so sick of them flirting during class but also they work best when they’re together. they both end up in the top 10.

they have matching yearbook quotes. the yearbook also has a “sweethearts” page and the center picture is keith picking up lance and kissing him after they win states. there’s a smaller picture in the corner with lance obnoxiously kissing keith’s cheek as keith pretends to be disgusted but he’s laughing too hard.

they get engaged a few years out of high school and nobody is surprised. when they show up to the high school reunion, both with jobs at nasa and still sickeningly in love, a little bit of hope returns to everyone’s life.

Ranma: *hugs Akane from behind*
Ranma: *softly tucks her hair behind her ear*
Ranma: *whispers* Eat all the frosted animal crackers again and we’re fucking done

Andy: *is a living train wreck* yaas!!! stay hydrated guys! life is so beautiful we are all beautiful always smile at strangers and eat healthy :)

Lai Guanlin Fuckboi!

I never even wrote Guanlin’s fuckboi series I’m legit the worst ^^’’’’

•I don’t know what it is about Guanlin but he just really strikes me as the jock type of fuckboi

•Like the one that has girls piled up just to watch him practice and practically waiting in line to wipe off his sweat

•He could careless for relationships and really just wants the heated makeout sessions

•Rumor has it he’s already made out with the whole cheerleading team and girl dance team

•He doesn’t even bother on building up the girls hope because it’s quote on quote too much work

•Also because he’s too busy with basketball practice and studies to even care

•But that all changed when during a game he fell on his ankle weirdly and had sprained it

•He was brought to the school nurse to by Seonho aw the little chick caring for his hyung

•You were part of student council and part of it was to run the nurse’s office because half of the time they were literally never fricken there like actually where were they  or is that just my school…

•Anyways Senho came in running holding Guanlin like he was a princess and Guanlin was letting out a string of profanities because the running was not helping out his ankle at all

•When he barges into the room you’re literally scared for your life but quickly understand the situation and motion for him to place Guanlin on the empty bed

•Senho literally drops Guanlin’s ass in that bed his arms are hurting so much from carrying him poor chick

•Guanlin swears once more but before he could actually directed anything at Seonho, he books it out yelling goodbye to you

•However his whole demeanor changes when he notices you

•Like his eyes are practically burning into your soul as he watches your every movement

•You couldn’t help but scoff because you knew what type of person Guanlin was and you really didn’t wanna help him but you had no choice

•”What’s wrong with you?”

•”I sprained my ankle sweetheart.”

•You smile at him sweetly with a hit on sarcasm as you take his foot into your hand and move it slightly

•”Does that hurt?”

•”Dang, sweetheart what you think.” Although he’s face obviously still showed pain he kept that stupid little smirk on his face and you literally wanted to wipe it off his almost perfect looking face

•So you let go of his foot abruptly and a whole  new string of profanities leaves his lips and he’s low key glaring at you as you get the things you need

•But at the same time he’s checking you out because not once has he seen you around the school and he totally finds you hot

•Once you elevate his leg and place ice on his ankle he decided to make some bs excuse to get you closer to him

•”Darling I don’t think I’m feeling too well.”

•”Well ain’t that a shame.”

•The sarcasm in your face was practically music to his ears as he watched you take the thermometer out

•His plan was playing out perfectly as he watched you lean in and touch his forehead while handing him the thermometer

•Instead of taking the thermometer he kind of pulls your wrist so that your fall over him

•Suprise suprise you do and you’re not even shocked with what had happened

•You’re more annoyed for the fact you let it happen but you had a way in getting back at him

•You let him capture your gaze and slowly lead you downwards

•But as soon as the smirk returns to his face you halt in your tracks and glare your eyes at him

•”Nice try Guanlin but I’m not as easy your average pick in girls.”

•You pull back patting him on his chest before sitting back on the chair crossing your legs before your attention is taken by your phone

•Once he snaps out of his state of shock he couldn’t help but smirk and turn his gaze towards you

•You were an interesting one to him considering no girl has ever rejected Lai Guanlin

•The next day you were in the nurse’s office once again because you’re in AP so you could do your homework without the teacher’s help

•half way through the day Guanlin walked in with crutches before settling himself on the closet bed towards you

•He held his hand out towards you holding a slip of paper

•”if it’s your number keep it.” You mumbled walking towards him

•”aye come on now don’t be so harsh.”

•rolling your eyes you took the slip reading that Guanlin was to stay in the nurse’s office for the rest of the school day

•You mentally groaned taking the slip and scribbling the information onto the sign in sheet for him

•As much as you wanted to return to your homework you had to take care of him

•You elevates his leg and placed ice on it and placed a cup of water near his bed before finally returning to your seat to do your work

•Guanlin couldn’t help but watch you with interest (considering you were the only one there with him)

•He liked the way your teeth would tug on your lips as you thought about a question and the way your hands would run through your silky smooth hair

•if he was being honest you were actually one of the few girls he actually thought were attractive

•Which only made him want you more

• woah Guanlin slow your roll mate you’re only 16 I’m literally one year younger rip lmfao

•anyways he reaches in his bag and starts to do his homework because he not bout that do your homework at home life

•Also because he lowkey wants to impress you by showing you he’s not just a fuckboi

•But while he’s in the midst of trying to do algebra he gets annoyed because he can’t do a certain problem lol me all the everyday and I’m prob gonna fail my algebra quiz tomorrow whoops

•You lift your head up when you hear him grunt in annoyance and kinda chuckle in amusement watching him struggle with his homework

•You stood up and walked him to see what the problem was and you literally had to hold yourself back from laughing

•”You can’t solve 12-10.86=0.99(m-10)?” You ask teasingly causing Guanlin to cover up his work protectively

•”I can I’m just thinking.”

•”Than show me.”

•After about 4 minutes of struggling he finally gave up and asked for your help

•You basically asked him a whole bunch of questions that led him into the steps he was supposed to do

the answer is m=11.15 repeating btw

•You pulled your chair towards his bed and sat there doing your homework on your lap just in case he had needed anymore help

•At that point Guanlin just thought you were an actually breathing angel

•You were smart, caring, and the best part you had a touch of sarcasm to you

•A lot different from the bland, giggly and mindless preppy girls he had always managed to score on a day to basis

•You had a personality he wasn’t used too and he wanted more than just a heated makeout session from you

•Since then it became a daily thing for you to take care of Guanlin and be his tutor for a while

•When his ankle had gotten better you had to admit you were going to miss his stupidly and cockiness

•Okay you take that back he wasn’t stupid, he just took much longer to grasp concepts in math and physics

•Anyway when he stopped going to the nurse’s office you got pretty bored since student usually only went out to skip a class.

•Once day you were absentmindedly twirling the pencil in your hands when the door opened snapping you out of your daze

•You looked at the door to see Guanlin standing there in his basketball uniform and you could only raise a brow in suspicion

•”What you ‘accidently’ hurt your ankle again because you missed me.” You mocked even though in reality you missed him

•He shot you his famous cheeky smirk before shaking his head

•”Wanna watch my practice. I know it gets pretty boring in here without me.”

•”I’m not even gonna sit here and lie it is pretty boring so I guess I’ll watch your practice.”

•You stood up not missing Guanlin’s gummy smile that he only showed his friends and you

•Honestly he looked more like a precious child rather than a fuckboi when he showed you that smile and it made you soft

•You followed after him letting him guide you a certain area of the bleachers so that his fans wouldn’t annoy you

•This didn’t go unnoticed by his hyungs as they teased him referencing you as his princess

•”Omg did Guanlin actually escort his princess to an exclusive place of the bleachers so that his fans wouldn’t mess with her?” Jisung gushed.

•Of course Guanlin ended up “accidentally” passed the ball at Jisung face

•During practice Guanlin would occasionally look at you after he made a basket

•And he wasn’t actually discreet about it either, his gummy smile would show and he’d look at you almost looking for approve

•You couldn’t help but smile a little because he was being so cute and looked like a little kid compared to his fuckboi demeanor

•After practice he rushed towards you with a paper towel in his hand, a cheeky smile on his lips as he handed you it


•Instead of answering he bend down your height pushing up his bangs

•”Seriously?” You asked back playfully before obliging and patting off his sweat for him

•Once again his hyungs were fangirling in the back making both of you roll your eyes in reply

•But on the inside both of you were absolutely losing it, your hearts beating out of your chest

•Okayyy maybe you both had caught feels maybe is an understatement

•Taking the moment to his advantage Guanlin cleared his throat taking your hand in his

•”I know I’m not your type but maybe wanna give us a try?”

•He swallowed dryly not happy with his own confession, his face flushed red as he shyly scratched the back of his head

•You couldn’t help but chuckle a little in amusement at his obvious discontent of his confession

•”You sure you’re happy with that confession Lin-Lin?”

•He took your sarcasm as yes because not once have you ever called him a nickname

•”I’d be more happy if I could call you mine?”

•”Promise never to use cheesy pickup lines again.”

•He pulled you into a tight hug smiling widely

•”You love it cutie.”

•Que Hyungs screaming and fangirling

•BUT dating Guanlin would consist of sweaty hugs after basketball practices, him making you wipe of his sweat, cheesy pickup lines, laughs and shit load of cuteness