also that is a legit quote

So we’ve reached a special here’s a shoutout to our favorite SOC blogs

All y’all pop up on my dash either cause I follow you or others I follow reblog your content. 

@thephantomqueens - they’re not just SOC, but their writing is beautiful and the three of them are all super talented. They’re also the reason I read this damn book in the first place. 

@incorrectsixofcrowsquotes - what more can I say…they produce totally legit accurate quotes from six of crows 

@incorrectsoc - similar to incorrectsixofcrowsquotes but another blog I fucking love their content is quality.

@punkass-arcane - my fam, again, another multi-fandom blog but reblogs quality SOC aesthetics

@murder-nerds-  reblogs nice fanart, aesthetics, and other generic SOC stuff

@fourmillionkruge - more generic SOC stuff, one of the first six of crows blogs I ever followed, consists of aesthetics, AU stuff, theories, posts along that nature

@heart-brekker - Quality SOC shitposting of all natures, from headcanons to fanfiction. Also writes fantastic headcanons.

@dirtyhands-kaz - reblogs beautiful fanart from across the fandom.

And to Leigh Bardugo for writing these wonderful books.

Ur fave is problematic: Junkrat

- Always on fire a little bit

- 6 foot 6, 155 pounds. (plz feed him)

- Was once tricked into destroying a man’s shit bc he thought it was a legit job. The man in question hired him in the first place

- Refuses to wear shirts

- Frequently breaks his pegleg jumping off of tall things. (Dangerous)

- Is literally flaming. at all times. I don’t think u understand

- Quotes Katy Perry

- Tries to share jokes Roadhog tells him with the rest of team (that’s going to ruin Roadhog’s scary-guy cred Junkrat. Not cool)

- Roadhog also once robbed an ice cream truck for him. What dark acts this boy inspires

- Did I mention he is always on fire


“Yes, and I had pimples so badly it used to make me so shy. I used not to look at myself. I’d hide my face in the dark, I wouldn’t want to look in the mirror, and my father teased me and I just hated it and I cried everyday…”

“Because show business and my career were my life, the biggest personal struggle I had to face during those teenage years did not involve the recording studios or my stage performance. In those days, the biggest struggle was right there in my mirror.” ~MJ

shit i've said while playing okami | sentence starters

•“I accidentally threw, like, two monkeys off a cliff once.”

•“_________! I’m gonna feed you ’cause you’re cute and I can pick you up in my mouth.”

•“They’re dogs, ________. Dogs get hungry. Dogs are stubborn. Dogs like to not do stuff unless they’re fed.”

•“You keep asking me the same stupid ass questions, I’ll give you the same stupid ass answers.”

•“Can I cut one'a those down and then befriend it?”

•“What the shit?”

•“Oh N O…! Don’t T O U C H me!!”

•“Alright. Guess I hafta go through this shithouse first.”

•“I forgot you get, like, hordes of these bastards comin’ after you.”

•“Oh shit. What’d I do?”

•“Okay. Stop making weird noises, old man.”

•“Aw, bitch please. I was b o r n ready.”

•“Pray to who? Me? ’Cause I’m a g o d?”

•“I gotta kill the gate.”

•“Become one with the horses. Become bros with the horses.”

•“Cherry bomb it, baby.”

•“I gotta go find the fireworks dude.”

•“The things I do for praise…”

•“Ohhhhh. What now, fish breath?”

•“Don’t tell me you’re out or I’m gonna fuckin’ kill a bitch.”

•“I’m gonna run right past this bitch.”

•“I don’t do scrolls, I ain’t gonna do scrolls, never. Gonna. Do. Scrolls.”

•“Oh yeah! I can blow a hole in the ground!”

•“Oooooh. Mermaid Lake!”

•“Oh I will punch this in the face.”

•“I am the master of the bloom.”

•“Yaaaay little piggy family!”

•“Thank you, rock, for giving me praise.”

•“Augh. This asshole.”

•“If you wore more than a thong maybe you’d be okay.”

•“I know what you need. You need medical alert.”

•“Sure thing, numbnuts.”

•“________, don’t stop me or I’ll punch you in the face you little bug.”

•“I have so many trees…”

•“Just your average shit.”

•“I don’t need to eat any more, I’ve got three stomachs full of shit.”

So, I had to do this project for my English class, that project actually having to involve making a meme. I am being legit serious.

The idea was to create your own meme, and make a correlation between the events that take place in the play Hamlet, and recent events in today’s time, using a specific quote from the actual play. Considering that the biggest thing that was going on was the election of last year, many students, including myself, actually chose Trump as their subject matter.

However, people also picked things such as Black Lives Matter, Hillary, Bernie, and other things that might have proved controversial.. This didn’t end so well.

Whenever a student went to present their project, the quote used from Hamlet was often used to mock the potential their subject matter. Most mocked Trump, but others mocked BLM, Hillary, anything revolving around social issues and politics. Other students who obviously opposed their views, became quite argumentative. Some straight up calling other idiots, and other offensive terms, and things at a point genuinely got heated, even when the person presentng might have even interpreted the quote incorrectly in the first place.

In the beginning, it was actually a calm debate. Overtime however, people had seemed to grow offended. The teacher eventually grew tired of it, scolded the class, and pretty much made everyone write essays according to specific guidelines, that she herself, made. In the end, her senior class wasn’t even mature enough to handle ones views.

As farfetched as it sounds, this is legit thing that happened. If you don’t believe me, I can actually take a picture of the rubric and guidelines of the project and post it. It was crazy. Like you’d think that people would be more mature about this thing right? Nope.

titleknown  asked:

Out of curiosity, where are your sources for those bits of Scooby Doo canon? Like, I'm legit fascinated by how much you know, and I'm curious where you learned it. Also, what do you think of Mystery Inc?

Hello friend! Thanks so much for sending me a message! I love getting mail! SO almost all the info from that post comes from my Scooby Doo’s Greatest Mysteries VHS, specifically the fake Behind-The-Scenes with the Gang clips! A few, such as the Shaggy is a gymnast one, comes directly from something said, mentioned, or shown in specific episodes in the original Scooby Doo Where Are You? series, but a lot are from those clips! 

Regarding Mystery Inc, it was cute, I mean I’m a sucker for most animated shows, but my favourite part of the original Scooby Doo, what made it so fun to watch, was that the ends was always “the gang solves the mystery, the bad guy gets caught, and they all go out for milkshakes” and I didn’t get that from Mystery Inc. I love that there’s a lore to the show, and there was a real story going on, but it was a touch to deep and intensive for me, but if people are into that then power to them! Not that I’m a total traditionalist! I’m loving Be Cool, Scooby Doo because while the animation is strange, and some aspects are bizarre, there’s just an enjoyable lunacy to the series which is fun to watch. My sister and I do nothing but laugh the whole time and that’s really all I need!

reminder @nottobecrossed is an extraordinary roleplayer with her oc family. she knows just how to balance these beautiful and incredible muses to no ends. I enjoy so much of her on my dash and I love reading her things. She’s such a wonderful person out of character too, and I love discussing headcanons, and I love building things with her and I literally want so many threads with this person but I cannot throw 3825983 things on her ok. Because I have to calm down sometime. 

also casual reminder that katherine pierce is so in love with gideon cross and this is such a phenomenal roleplay experience and seriously, she is so happy and for the things we have plotted out are such character development and so many wishes Katherine wanted???? and even though they are an eclectic couple,  (legit to quote the great taylor swift: they will never ever ever go out of style. ) they still have so much chemistry and so much dynamic it’s a beautiful thing. 
and when ever that comes with the wedding dress thing, she will die ok katherine pierce will just trip over something and be awkward like a little school girl TRYING TO DENY WHAT SHE WANTS FOR THE FIRST TIME. 

Mikayuu vs YuuMika vs Whatever the fuck

I’m just going to say that I read something today that really hurt my feelings. I had no idea that there was such a debate whether Mika or Yuu were “top” or “bottom,” now i will go ahead and say that my blogs header says “Mikayuu” In no way shape or form was I like “Yes Mika is top and Yuu is bottom” (I don’t even know how these people think honestly so that’s a weak quote), but i ship mika and yuu because both of them equally love each other and thats that.

 im not “heteronormative” I dont give a flying fuck who is “seme” or “uke”

i dont “hate” other ships or bash them. I ship Yuu and Shinoa also. I ship Yoichi and his demon, listen idk im a sucker for cute relationships.

I legit love all of the characters in ONS (except for Ferid, but I don’t hate him. HE CUT MY BABIES ARM OFF DAMMIT)

I’m really perturbed and annoyed that these issues come up. People need to grow the fuck up and have a change of perspective.

Stop bashing characters/ships someone else cares about. Stop stating your opinions like facts. Stop shoving/pushing your beliefs on someone else. If you’re having trouble doing these things, theres a red X at the top or you can go to settings and scroll all the way to the bottom and kindly log out.

let’s just stay positive and try not to squash other people’s feelings.

A list of things MINTP Can Do

-Took flying lessons, can almost fly a plane.
-Took boating lessons, can actually drive/use/sail/ a boat.
-Took cooking lessons, can cook vegan food like a fucking champ, also can cook non vegan food like a fucking champ.
-Can do anything with carbon fiber.
-Can do anything with metal.
-Can machine anything.
-Can make oils and soaps. Like legit awesome oils and soaps for your skin.
-Studied human anatomy, mostly to give massages to look like he knows what he is doing.
-Can shift his truck pretty much without a clutch because he knows his stupid car that well.
-Watched tv episodes so many times he can quote with our without the episode.
-Attempted to hem his own junky jeans.
-Literally just came home and only said he did okay on a test that most people get a 20-40 on, and got a 98. 

That quote is so real

There is legit no such thing as the perfect time or when you’ll never have any anxiety trying something new or going for what you want or just putting yourself out there in any aspect

The best things in my life that were the most significant growing experiences for me were when I had no idea if I was gonna succeed or fail at it and I was also scared as fuck

Acknowledging the inevitability of fear but doing it anyway is the only way you grow