also that is a legit quote


she was warned. she was given an explanation. 

nevertheless, she persisted

This is kinda long but

Our world history teacher is basically our school’s meme. He’s so completely spontaneous and illogical, even though he’s a legit decent teacher. Some of his more memorable quotes are “so let’s talk about drugs, kids!” “Slapedemia/slapedemic all American!”(used intermittently), “Walmart is a necessary evil in our society” and “So in a way, Ozzy Osbourne helped end communism”. He also calls us slaps a lot and buys oranges off the school’s coffee cart, but never eats them. The seniors like to take them off his desk and put them on top of his projector. Last fun facts: he allegedly hates cotton balls and he always has an absurd amount of tabs open on his computer (I’ve counted 23, 32, and someone said that there was once 70)

Signs of falling into a fandom

So being that I am a fangirl of many different things, from books to manga to anime and series, I have come to recognize the crazy decline normal signs or stages that I follow when I fall head first into another fandom.

So, guys, here are my eight stages of being a fangirl.

Or more commonly known as the eight stages of going fandom crazy.

Stage 1

Ok so first there is the discovery – this is where you “accidentally” stumble upon another series or anime to get absorbed into watching or book or manga to spend hours reading. It usually starts with something like artwork you come across or a clip or gif of the obsession. This is usually where you get sucked into the new fandom, by the time it happens there is no chance for escape (not that we want to).

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Stage 2

Now comes the beginning of addiction – now you start with your obsession. I find mine usually begin with me falling in love with one of the characters, for example with Voltron I fell in love with Keith. You start to see things and traits that you love about them and that makes them so darn cute. This is also where you start collecting random pieces of fanart to use as wallpapers on your devices and post to your blogs. Soon half your phone’s memory is filled.

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Stage 3

The anime, series, or book ends and you go into denial before begging for more – Most of the time when this happens I go into a slump where I cannot function without this series or anime, I legit just rewatch the anime repeatedly till I know the lines without needing the subs. If it’s a book I go through this phase of knowing the quotes and trying to use them in everyday conversations (I also have internal debates on if I should get pieces tattooed onto myself). Also, it’s never below me to go and possible beg the author, artist or production company to bring out more.

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Stage 4

Tumblr and the internet become my best friend – often the people I surround myself with don’t understand my obsessions with certain things. But people online understand. I go and stalk blogs and sites to find out every little detail about my favorite show or anime. Often just reblogging images of the anime and series or book till my whole dashboard looks like some sort of shrine (Not that I am complaining).

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Stage 5

Official fandom member – well this step is pretty self-explanatory, right?

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Stage 6

Fangirling at maximum output – this is where your obsession reaches full-frontal momentum. From fanfiction writing to imagining scenarios for characters. Photoshopping images of you and the characters from the anime, series or book is also not exactly out of the ordinary, is it? This is also where I start using my fangirl cries and mating sounds, you know the ones right? Those shrieks and grounds and sighs whenever you see any mention of that obsession or fandom.

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Stage 7

(This step is optional) The unconscious ending to your obsession – sometimes you don’t even realize it, but you slowly become less obsessed with the fandom, it no longer brings those fangirling moments and you no longer reblog every single article related to the fandom. The one thing about this step though is that it never fully disappears. The love you had for the fandom. There is still a part of you that loves the fandom. You will still feel that joy whenever new exciting news about it is shared, you just no longer stalk and investigate every little detail about it. It becomes an old friend that you can return to every now and again, a place that will always be home.

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Stage 8

And finally, the cycle begins with someone new

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Since I’m still seeing Superwiki paraded as truth, I present you this. Jules is just taking a guess, guys. And these SeaCon s13 contact discussion vids people are talking about? They don’t exist. @justanotheridijiton can’t find them and if Mel can’t find them then they are simply not out there. And the Jim Michaels quotes outta that Brazilian con confirming j2m2 for s13 contracts are sketchy at best, the man has frequently been wrong before and that’s without translating his words across another language. So…


For those of you now waiting on Misha’s JIB con response, I’d also like to reminder you, PR is NOT SHOWRUNNING. Misha is likely VERY RESTRICTED on what he can say right now (if he knows he is in the season), tho I’d personally say his general temperament seems positive despite being seemingly very (understandably) tired this year. The next LEGIT info on the season is likely to be outta SDCC 2017, July 20-23. That includes the status of Misha’s contract. I don’t mean to rain on the hope parade I’m just very tired of seeing unchecked speculation being passed off as fact on my dash this morning. Let’s all hope for the best, but please know the truth.

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so it’s already canon that alec lightwood loves shakespeare (him saying ‘et tu, izzy?’ in season 1, a quote from julius cesar, as well as izzy saying when talking about distracting demons. “and demons don’t exactly like shakespeare, alec” as if alec actually attempted to distract a demon by reciting “shall i compare thee to a summer’s day?” which is HILARIOUS)

alec just loves reading???? the institute has a huge library and when he was younger he would go in there and just READ and he still does after training or after a meeting and he loves the classics like wilde and chekov and tolstoy and often quotes phrases from books or plays like every single day

especially with magnus???? always quoting romantic literature to his love like legit magnus will be on his balcony and will hear “but soft!!!! what yonder light through window breaks???? it is the east and magnus is the sun!!!!” and magnus looks down to see alec waving his arms and beaming at him and magnus cant stop laughing as alec climbs the fire escape dramatically, yelling romeo’s monologue the whole way up.

he also has a designated “book nook” at the institute where only approved members can enter and it has a bunch of pillows and fairy lights its super comfy and cozy and he’ll meet weekly with like magnus and aline and helen and they’ll discuss books and plays!!!!

and alec legit loses it when magnus says he’s met with or knew one of his favorite authors and he cries like actual tears while listening to magnus’ stories about them

I could go on forever about this omg


No… No. That’s not right…

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Hello, Londoner here! I've been lurking in the TJLC community for about 2 years now and this is my first time making contact. :) Your blog is great! I come here every time I feel down about the 'fucky business,' which is quite a lot. Just wondered if you'd seen the clip of Andy Murray meeting Benedict at Wimbledon last summer. Andy asks Ben how many episodes there are in the series and he seems to have a hard time remembering. It struck me as odd at the time. Now I think (hope) I know why!


Wow, thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, that’s so lovely!! <3 <3 I’m happy that I am a place you come to when you are down; it is my happy place as well, and I am so happy that it is yours as well.

I actually HADN’T seen it until you told me about it, and now that I have, it’s really really interesting that Ben had to think about it… It’s really hard to hear and there’s a REALLY ANNOYING high pitched intermittent buzz, but around the 10 second mark, you can here Andy ask Ben “How many you gettin’?” and Ben then fumbles, shakes his head and closes his eyes and replies with “Er, Uhm, three”. Now, I CAN’T CONFIRM that they’re talking about Sherlock, because I can’t hear what Ben and Andy are talking about before the 10 seconds. If it is indeed about Sherlock, that is a rather curious response to a show that ALWAYS has three episodes…

Or, I mean, to be fair to Ben, he is also a little scatterbrained sometimes, especially when he’s meeting people he admires; I mean… I get really REALLY dumb around celebs and people I admire all the time, so it could also just be a “Ben Thing” because he’s precious that way.

Here, all, have a listen for yourself and tell me what y’all think. Again, there IS a REALLY high pitched intermittent buzzing that grated on me and I don’t have sound sensitivity, so just an heads up:

Look how precious these two men are. They’re so in awe of each other and admire each other and I legit cried happy tears watching this, though :D They’re so adorable.


“Yes, and I had pimples so badly it used to make me so shy. I used not to look at myself. I’d hide my face in the dark, I wouldn’t want to look in the mirror, and my father teased me and I just hated it and I cried everyday…”

“Because show business and my career were my life, the biggest personal struggle I had to face during those teenage years did not involve the recording studios or my stage performance. In those days, the biggest struggle was right there in my mirror.” ~MJ

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Hi Sarah! I'm the waxer anon! I just wanted to say that the lady came back in today and she was telling me that Harry sent her a birthday text and she was surprised he even remembered! How sweet! This is a super random story but I love when I hear little stories about Harry lol

Omg Sarah I’m legit freakin out and it’s gonna sound so stupid but I’m a waxer and this lady came in for a Brazilian and omg she works for musicians and she’s worked with 1d and solo Niall and Harry and we were both gushing at how wonderful Harry is (and Niall too lol) but she basically told me that he’s the sweetest and most genuine person she’s ever met and that he’s such a rockstar and then she was so super sweet and asked me if I wanted tickets for his concert - and I about cried but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to make the dates & travel and all that but THEN she pulled out her phone and sent Harry a text saying “btw I’m getting my bits waxed and my waxer, Alex loves you and says hi!” And I still can’t believe something like this just happened. I feel like I’m in a fucking dream omg and her name was Gemma and she was the awesome and she says her next gig is gonna be with Niall wtf just happened??? -oh! Also, (sorry for the time gap but I didn’t want to be driving and typing lol) she told me that Harry would buy everyone gifts! Like candles and stuff and her legit quote was “ya know you just see someone and you know there gonna be big? That’s Harry! He has it all really, He’s Handsome, kind, talented and so charming! I only get to work a few shows from his tour but he’s gonna be amazing” And I just asdfghjkl fucking swooned! And then we freaked out about him singing with Stevie Nicks

So sorry for not posting your original messages in a timely fashion, but if they’re not RIGHT in front of my face, I tend to forget about them until I meander through my ask again. 

But that’s really sweet. I’m sure she’ll remember you forever! It’s lovely that Harry remembered her birthday, too. What a gent.

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That was exactly what I thought when I read that quote (Sabrina talking about R+J) lmao

Lol yeah, R&J are not hopelessly romantic. Juliet is like 13 almost 14 and Romeo is a good deal older (18-20 maybe, don’t think the text states exactly)…..ick. Also Romeo was legit infatuated with Juliet’s cousin Rosaline like mere moments before he first sees Juliet. And ofc don’t even get me started on the whole suicide thing.

It’s a tragedy, not a romance

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Any meta thoughts on wig wearing and Turn characters? Particularly in the wake of Hewlett in photos with his real hair? Culpers seem to wear them the least (then again, Richard never wears one), and Hewlett always wore one until he was kidnapped. Andre had his brief debut in one and then never again. And Simcoe--well, what do you think? Does wearing a wig/false hair signal anything to the audience about characters on Turn?

This is SUCH a fun question, thank you! Disclaimer: I am soooo not a fashion or military historian. I’m not any kind of historian, in fact, and as such, I feared I wouldn’t be able to answer because I simply don’t know enough about wig-wearing habits of the 18th century. INCREDIBLY, though, I actually DO know a totally concrete answer to at least ONE of these character’s situations, because JJ Feild told USA Today last year:

[Andre] did have the wig early on, but Feild was able to ditch it after asking executive producer Craig Silverstein, “‘Do you really want that for your seducer/lover for the next three years? And he said, ‘No, not really.’”

So, where Andre is concerned, the answer is — yes! His wiglessness was much more a narrative choice than a historical one, and it absolutely signals something to the audience! It signals, “You Are Supposed To Fall In Love With This Man And His Sexy Hair”!

(pictured: HAHAHA NO.)

Feild also said that he wanted to ditch the wig because he wanted the audience to see Andre, born to immigrant merchant parents, as an outsider among his fellow officers, who are largely of gentle birth. This is more of an in-universe explanation than the sexiness principle, but it was still definitely a conscious choice intended to influence audience perception. So overall, I suppose the question is: Does TURN give its men wigs based on historical accuracy to their social class, military rank, etc.? (Aka, an in-universe justification?) Or is TURN more concerned with the overall impression of a character’s costuming than with strict historical accuracy?

…TURN being not particularly known for its historical accuracy, I kind of already have my suspicions. But I’m also not discounting the historical element entirely; I think that does play a part. Let’s see…

Powdered wigs were expensive and troublesome to maintain. As such, I would expect to see them only on men of means, status, and/or a keen sense of fashion, and broadly speaking, TURN … kind of holds true to this principle. Most of the civilians we see are wigless, as are the Continentals. Makes sense; these are colonists, after all, provincials, many of them country folk. Even GWash powders his own hair for formal occasions rather than donning a peruke. A notable civilian exception is Rivington and a notable Continental exception Lafayette; I think both can be justified in-universe by Rivington’s pretentiousness and Lafayette’s status as foreign aristocracy. (There’s also Freddy! Who’s just stylish.)

Where things might get a little shakier is the British army. While there are background redcoats who wear their natural hair, I’ve seen it opined that TURN honestly features far too many wigs being worn by soldiers who would have more likely just treated their own hair with grease and powder and styled it into some sort of queue or plait. Again, Hewlett and Simcoe we can forgive on the basis of their social class, but what about orphaned Baker? What about all the other background common soldiers in their expensive, troublesome-to-maintain perukes? 

The overall trend — though with definite exceptions — seems to be a not strictly historical effort on TURN’s part to associate wigs with British rule and wiglessness with the colonists. More abstractly, these expensive, fussy wigs are associated with the old-money wealth, social hierarchy, and pomp implied by British rule, while the colonists are made to seem more down-to-earth, more egalitarian, less pretentious. It’s alllllmost a way of coding Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, at least in s1, when that was more clear-cut — but that’s a complicated issue. Again, there are practical, in-universe reasons for this. I mean, the Continentals are broke, they couldn’t afford wigs even if they wanted them! But I really do think that the general principle goes back to what JJ Feild said about Andre. Andre is allowed to go wigless even from the beginning because we’re meant to dissociate him from the wealth, status, and pomp (and … villainy?) of the rest of the British army. Rivington, although a colonist (an English immigrant, but still a colonist), does wear a wig because he’s pretentious and at least ostensibly a Tory. Lafayette’s wig likewise signals wealth and status.

Okay, what about the other exceptions, then. Simcoe and Rogers. British soldiers, yeah. But wildcards. They — and the Rangers in general — are Irregulars, with a sort of wild, woodsy, feral lawlessness that sets them apart from the fussiness and ceremony of the Regulars. Also, as far as I can tell, historical Rangers just legit did not wear wigs. But I still think it fits the theme, especially since historical Regulars apparently probably wouldn’t have either. Certainly Simcoe’s shift from Regular to Irregular is essentially one in which he’s let off his leash, free from the constraints of regular military hierarchy that kept him somewhat in check in season 1.

And then there’s Hewlett. Of COURSE I have thoughts about Hewlett.

Honestly, ever since the photos of him with natural hair came out, my mind keeps going back to that JJ Feild quote. Like, I don’t want to sound like a crazy shipper fangirl here, but the evolution of Hewlett’s wig situation over these four seasons has been notable, and I think that it’s very much been about influencing audience perception of him. I mean, look:

Season 1: The Worst Wig. The poofiest wig. I can’t look at it, it’s so tragic. But it’s also no better than I’d expect, because at this point, Hewlett is essentially a non-villainous antagonist whom we’re meant to find a bit ridiculous — and, of course, the absolute epitome of that upper-class old-money fussiness that’s being contrasted with salt-of-the-earth ‘Merica.

…But then suddenly. Holy shit. Suddenly, someone decides that this guy should be a love interest. A love interest for a major protagonist. And like JJ Feild said, you can’t have your love interest looking like … that. You have to make him attractive! You have to give him a much more dignified, more understated wig that flatters the shape of his face!

And is it coincidence that part of season 2′s process for making Hewlett more likable involves revealing that, oh, actually, he’s not the epitome of old-world wealth and status? That he’s a gentleman, sure, but his family’s broke, and he’s just trying to support himself and his parents, and actually he’s big into the kind of Enlightenment thinking that (particularly in Scotland, which is where he’s, uh, from, suddenly?) was concerned with social progress? …Weird.

As part of this humanization, s2 also gives us our first glimpse of his actual hair, which I am … more than okay with, even considering the circumstances.

Season 3 is either the same wig or a very similar one, which makes sense given that Hewlett does not have any major beats of character development between 2 and 3. But then season 3 smacks him with some MAJOR disillusionment and personal tragedy, and thus … The Hair!

I still suspect that the in-universe explanation for this is that he’s been demoted to some extent, if we’re to believe what he said about resigning his commission and being cashiered. But I seriously cannot shake the sincere suspicion that this development is FAR more about making him more appealing to viewers than about anything in-universe. It’s another step in the same progression of character development that has, since 2.01, been continually positioning Hewlett as more sympathetic, more down-to-earth, more at home in the colonies, and — critically, if my theory about the overall wig theme holds true — less certain about his devotion to the British cause. And if there’s Annlett this season, the hair will also be part of his progression as love interest.

Again, I’m definitely coming at this from the perspective of a storyteller, not the perspective of a historian. I would love to hear from anyone who can give a better opinion on TURN’s wig accuracy and how much of a role historical fact plays in determining which characters wear wigs. But the more I think about it, the more I think that there is some sort of general characterization trend here and that the costumers are conscious of how audiences will perceive men who wear wigs versus those who don’t.

DSOD Review Art (2) : Korean-Dubbed Kaiba Gets 20% More ROMANTIC

※ Removed actual spoilers! :-)

I’m really satisfied by, even so proud of, the Korean dub of Yugioh 《The Dark Side of Dimensions》! The translation is 99.7% accurate compared to the Japanese original version. (The mistrans of ‘Planners’ into ‘Plana’ accounts for the remaining 0.3%, though) And all the voice acting veterans do sincerely a stellar job, making me feel as though the movie was filmed right here in South Korea! Kim Hyun-Wook voicing Aigami is especially noteworthy; he’s only 24 years old but in DSOD, he sounds like he’s been in this business for 30 years 8-D

They should release the DVD and Blu-ray so that Yugioh fans outside South Korea can get access to this wonderful dub :-)

But that’s not all,

It’s predictable that both the way they translate the original script and the way the voice actors do their characters reflect what they think of the characters, and….

….. it seems 200000% obvious the Korean dub team for DSOD actually meant it : making Seto Kaiba look like he’s stuck in legit 20% PURER & MORE ROMANTIC ORPHEAN LOVE with Yami Yugi…..

In the dubbed movie, one of Seto’s lines reminiscing Yami Yugi is like, in Korean : 

“그래, 덱의 구성, 작전 구성, 그리고 은근슬쩍 사람의 신경을 긁는 얄미운 태도까지…..”

In that text, the Korean adjective “얄밉다” is EXTREMELY important;

It basically means ‘annoying’, which is what his Japanese original quote intended to, but the Korean word “얄밉다” also means “annoying, but in an acceptable, CUTE, ADORABLE way”….

…..which leads to the impression that Yami Yugi was “ADORABLE” for Kaiba.

Therefore, it sounded like :


Okay but also-also for that rival gang Au.

Now that Taehyung knows Yoongi doesn’t hate him but actually wants to quote “wreck him” he’s totally the biggest tease ever. Like before he’d been cute about the way he flirted with Yoongi but now, oh man poor Yoongi legit gets blue balled so much he’s literally at that point where one wrong word from someone would get them Yoongi’s favorite pistol to their head.

It’s all fun really, even if his dick is constantly half hard.

It’s almost enjoyable, until the plan for Taehyung to sleep his was into EXO has to begin and Yoongi has to watch what he now says is HIS boy flirt with someone else.

Taehyung’s first mission is simple. Get yourself noticed by the enemies leader. It’s easy enough for the younger to do.  

Taehyung smirks as he enters the club Kai is known to hang out in, dressed his best. The pretty boy wears his signature short white shorts with black knee high boots to match the black leather jacket he has on over a mesh shirt that does nothing to hide his body.

Yoongi had nearly growled and tossed Taehyung over the couch when he’d noticed the giant nine tails fox the younger had tattooed on his left side ribs.

“Remember the plan?”

Yoongi speaks into the mic that is connected to an earpiece Taehyung wears and he pretends the giggle Taehyung lets out in response doesn’t have him buzzing.

“Of course, bat my pretty lashes, spill a drink, look hot.” Taehyung runs a hand through his red hair, once again held out of his face by a black bandanna, and winks out the window he knows Yoongi is watching him from.  “Try not to get too distracted by my ass, babe. You gotta keep me alive.”

Yoongi has to stop himself from shooting Taehyung. In a loving way of course.