also that first split i think is a joke


Follow up to this:

As usual, Sans gets everything wrong and it’s up to the great and super cool papyrus to pick up the slack! Everyone knows that the proper way to fight the cold is with a scarf! It’s a good thing Papyrus is there or who knows where these two would be without him.

Papyrus actually tripped me up at first until I figured his structure out a little better. I guess I can a little lost with his upper arms and shins and like how his armour works and all that. Turns out it’s really simply and I just needed to simplify it first. So at the end I figured him out pretty well I think also, still getting a grasp on how Sans’ facial expressions work. At first he was suppose to look less amused in the second panel, but when I drew this expression I realised it fit the situation more (ie Papyrus appearing from nowhere to rant about something).

I was at first gonna have this and part 1 as one strip, but I realised the timing worked better if split into 2 so they could be 2 seperate jokes, rather than try and fit a double joke in 5 continuous panels.

Sans, Papyrus and their tiny pet child is like my absolute favourite thing in the world right now.

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hi can you perhaps help me? i am very very new to this fandom (like a few weeks new) and i am very lost lol. everything is v intimidating. i started actively listening to panic like three weeks ago and i haven fallen in love w any band so fast lol. i've been in a lot of fandoms before but like idk there are so many inside jokes and? from what i gather most blogs seem to luv ryan and pretend to hate on brenden (??) for splitting up the band. i think most ppl are joking but tbh you are (cont)

(cont) the first blog i’ve stumbled across that seems to like brenden more than ryan. i also feel like i’m committing some major faux pas by asking all this lol but i’m hoping to get some info on this fandom lol. i mean i adore the band sooooo. is there anything else pertinent i should know abt this fandom. usually there’s a major ship war or great divide and idk i’m rambling. anyways any help would be great and i luv your blog!!!!

this ended up being more of a long list of random things about the band i could think of bc i got distracted by…things. i just figured since ur a new child born into this hell, there r some amount of things u should know, not just about this H*ck fandom

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A Peek into the Future P4

—I forgot Tikki… can we just assume she’s sitting on Marinette’s shoulder the whole time?

When Marinette’s panic attack subsided, the two Ladybugs eased into a more comfortable conversation. One revolving around a certain blonde model

“Is Adrien still modeling?”

Of course, the older Ladybug knew exactly where he was. Aside from the small flicker of a smile, she was good at hiding it. “Yes, but he’s drifted into the background of the fashion industry.” Marinette tilted her head in question. “He actually works more closely with his father instead of being the one in front of the camera.”

The girl gasped. She was sure she was hearing it right, but she just had to ask, “He’s better with his father now?”

“Better than ever. Although, I’m pretty sure a certain cat helped along in that.”

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