also that fic will forever be one of my faves

now that 2016 is finally coming to an end, i thought i would do a follow forever, mostly bc its a traditional thing, and bc i hit my 3 year mark on this shit ass website earlier this month. i also hit 4k followers?? and i can never thank you guys enough, so here is my follow forever :’)

special mentions

@sentimentalsteve - you're great and i love your art and writing so much, and you're one of my faves, and i am blessed to be able to talk to you 

@between-sirens-and-soldiers - im never gonna forget that time we read a pepe x trump fic in class out loud, what great times we had on that shitty college course, you're a fave and lit to talk too

@thefailednerd - shan my man, youre great af and weve known each other for ages??? and your love for space is great and i will never forget the times we skyped.

blogs i follow who are great!! faves bolded (under cut)

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ASGZC Fic Recs (Final Fantasy VII)

(becuse why have an otp or an ot3 when you can have an ot5? ;))) plus i have not been able to find a fic rec post for them yet! so here are all my fave fics featuring the wonderful polyship that is angeal/sephiroth/genesis/zack/cloud.) (also if you have any more recs pls send them to me i will love you forever)

A Cadet and a Cat by Pegz [M, 8.5k]

One lonely Friday evening Cadet Cloud Strife has an unexpected encounter, and lands himself in a situation he never dreamed could happen. 

The Best of the Best by Tobirion [T, 6.5k]

If you want to know something, you go to Kunsel. That’s just how things work. Kunsel’s been recruited by the Silver Elite to find out who Sephiroth is dating. He figures it out, that and a lot more.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a list of your fave fake dating fics? :))

LET’S POUR ONE OUT FOR THE ULTIMATE FAKE DATING FIC, AWKWARD BEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, want to know how trash I am….I don’t even read that many? Why do I suck? THIS IS A CALL-OUT POST @ MYSELF LIKE I’M A FAKE BINCH WHO LOVES FAKE DATING AUs AND READS LIKE NEGATIVE 100 FAKE DATING FICS. But here’s a list of all of the ones I know about:

I feel like I’m missing 100000. Guys, I’m trash. Am I missing any obvious ones? Plz send help.