also that cute kitty paw thing



Matt and I just recently opened up an ETSY SHOP to sell these cute little things! THEY ARE CALLED PRIDE PAWS! 

  • PRIDE PAWS - Sexuality/Gender Expression Pride Flag Plush!
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Battle of Gods-Closed starter w/mindswappedkai


It had been quite sometime since day the two Buu’s decided to become one being, and everything had been fine back on the planet Earth.
But as for a certain Universe 7 cat god…things weren’t exactly going quite right.

Beerus gasped when he felt the other slam him into the ground, feeling the others gigantic paws on his face.
“Damn it Sangris! Unhand me this instant!”

The fox god chuckled at that, his red eyes glowing brightly and a smug grin spread across his cheeks.
“Aww…~ what’s the cute kitty cat going to do about it? Cry me a river?~”
Sangris was a rather bulky red fox, he was wearing a brown cloak over him while the outfit underneath him was just a black shirt and pants, he also wore black boots and black gloves with a red gem in the center of them.

He suddenly snarled and slashed Beerus’s face, leaving a large claw mark on it.
“Face it cat, you’re NOTHING…you’re the weakest out of all of us kitty…and honestly it’s adorable to see you try to even fight me back~”
He growled and slashed the cats ear, having it chipped.

“Let this be a reminder, Beerus, you’re just a weakling, a weakling who thinks he’s strong but really isn’t…heh…I bet you couldn’t even save your universe without Whis’s help…~”
He chuckled, letting go of him, his tail wagging teasingly.
“You’re pathetic cat”

He opened up a portal himself and stepped into it, leaving the cat gods Planet.

Beerus growled a bit and sat up, was that fox right…? He knew he was the weakest of the other gods and goddesses…
He sighed and shook his head, looking at himself in the water, damn he really messed him up…he sighed and began to wash his face.
“Stupid fox…I’ll show him…”

Beerus perked up when he heard someone teleporting…that must have been Whis…