also that blue thing is a spoon


hi angel buttons i love all of you 100% but i’m going to take a lil tumblr break until after the election because i’m!!!!!! so stressed out about it i ate half a jar of peanut butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at work!!!!!!! in the foyer!!!!! with a spoon!!!!!!!!!!!! deeply unprofessional.

anyway you are all the best and most wonderful people in the world and i’ll see u in 6-ish days.

please do ur FIBS a favor and vote for hillary clinton, if you’re of age. also, vote democrat for the senate, because if we can turn the senate blue we have a change at making things not only NOT TERRIBLE but also MARKEDLY BETTER. so let’s do that!!!! message me after you’ve voted and i’ll heap praise upon you.

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i love u let’s be cats together

Wikipedia defines a pear body type as being when “The hip measurement is greater than the bust measurement“. And as is quite clear here, Opal appears to possess these qualities. So you know what that means? Lesbian Illuminati Post of The Day is go!

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