also that blue thing is a spoon

bluesey ? ?? ? is literally one of the Purest Most Wholesome relationships ive ever read with my own two eyes  .  Y’all . that scene ? ?? ? where gansey tucks blue into his overcoat?  11/10  . every single one of their phone calls? ?  truly Inspiring . top notch  . the topest notch , , .  the scene where they’re being all secrety and whispery and gansey lets out this “tremendous” laugh suddenly and he just looks So Pretty smiling and blue’s thought process is literally “oh no!”? ? thats some . Quality stuff my friends . Quality  . and  that one scene, ,, , where all the boys go to nino’s because blue’s working and they wanna show her the magic box and gansey just .. joyfully cries “Jane!” like, it’s not even really a bluesey scene but fam ,,,. Fam. also,,, lets not forget the lampshade scene . “whatever sort of lamp it belonged to, Gansey looked like he wanted one” can you believe gansey looking at blue with constant heart eyes is a for real canon thing . brings a tear to my eye that does :’’’’) . and then theres the scene where blue literally thinks “she just wanted to keep being Gansey’s best friend forever, and maybe one day also have carnal knowledge of him.” have y’all ever read anything so Good? golly . and then of course . .. .. theres the yogurt scenes . … fam i love those scenes so much for multiple reasons but one of those reasons is that. blue literally has to Look Away when gansey puts the spoon in his mouth . binch . what do y’all think she was thinking then? ? the same thing gansey was ? something  l e w d  probably lord knows that girl has no chill,, ,,, jesus .then theres The Scene .. y’all know the one . . the “I like you an awful lot, Blue Sargent” scene ..  .. .The Scene That Cured All My Ailments. . aLsO tHaT oNe ScEnE wHeRe GaNsEy LiTeRaLlY ,,, “I suppose… She makes me quiet.” yEA H SHE DOES BOI YEAH SHE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not to mENTION1!! THEIR PRETEND KISSES AKA THE SCENES WHERE I MCFREAKING LOST IT  , ;;FITE ME BLUESEY IS SO G O OD 



  • Container: This can be any size (though large enough to shake is probably a good idea) or shape, but I prefer a small jar that seals. A mason jar or even a jam jar would work as well. A clean plastic water bottle with the label removed would be great for children or motivation on the go. Voss water bottles are perfect because they are clear cylinders with simple lids. But as always, be creative when choosing a container!
  • Glue: Clear glue or glitter glue will work, though I always use small tubes of glitter glue. I use two for a small jar, but a bottle of glue would be better for a bigger jar or a plastic water bottle.  
  • Water: It can be room temperature if you use regular glue but should be hot if glitter glue is used. If the water is not hot enough then the glitter will become clumpy and separate.
  • Glitter: Any type of glitter will work, whether it’s fine or super chunky. Super fine glitter will stay suspended in your jar for longer! A blend is beautiful as well. You will need less glitter if you use glitter glue! Blue is the color I’ve chosen for this spell as it aids with will power and focus.
  • Stones: Citrine, carnelian, and amethyst are excellent stones for this spell. I use small tumbled stones as they will be submerged in water permanently unless you decide to remove them.
  • Acrylic Paint: This is optional. A couple drops is enough! Blue is the color I’ve chosen for this spell as it aids with will power and focus. Food coloring would work as well.
  • Strong Glue: For permanently attaching the lid if desired.
  • Decorations: Glitter, paint, Sharpie, or other things to decorate your jar! I also added some glow-in-the-dark
  • Bowl: To mix ingredients in!
  • Spoon/Fork/Whisk: To mix ingredients!
  • Funnel: To pour your mixture into your container.
  • Candle/Incense/Essential Oil: For cleansing stones and jar. White/blue candle or bergamot/cardamom incense would be best. If you prefer to anoint your jar with oil, rosemary, peppermint, or basil would be perfect.

Your container should be approximately 2/3 water and 1/3 glue with as much glitter and paint as you prefer!


  1. Collect your materials! It’s always best to have everything ready at the beginning of every spell. Being well prepared will keep you form having to stop the spell to go grab something you might have forgotten. I always do this spell in the kitchen as water is involved.
  2. Heat up your water! I put 12oz. of water on the stove and did some meditation as I waited for it to simmer. You may need to use more or less water depending on the size of your container. Use this time to clear your mind and focus on your goal and intent. If you would like to ask for the aid of a deity, animal, or spirit this would be a perfect time to call upon them or perhaps prepare an offering of some kind. Deities associated with stars and the night include Nephthys, Asteria, Nyx, Hecate, Zorya,  Astraeus, Hesperus, and Eosphorus​.
  3. Combine your ingredients! Stand over the sink and pour your water into a large bowl. Then place on a solid surface such as a table and add your glue while the water is still hot. Also add glitter and paint/food coloring. Mix completely! Make sure you break up any clumps of glue. After the ingredients are fully blended, stir your mixture in intervals of three while repeating a chant of your choice. “Bring me motivation” or “motivate me” are simple phrases you can use. Visualize white light filling the bowl and settling at the bottom. Then allow the mixture to cool. You can continue visualizing, meditate or turn on some motivating music and dance around.
  4. Fill your container! Use a funnel if desired to pour your glitter mixture into your container. Give the mixture a whisk right before pouring to keep glitter from sticking to the bowl. Make sure you leave a bit of air at the top of the jar so you can add stones or other items to you jar without making it overflow. Use any extra mixture to either make another jar!
  5. Add extras! Add any additional items to your container such as stones, beads, sequins, or other small items. I recommend cleansing stones before placing them in your jar by passing through the flame of a candle or incense smoke.
  6. Glue lid down! Use super glue or another strong glue to permanently attach the lid of your container permanently! This will prevent leakage. As you attach the lid, say your intent aloud to seal it into the jar. You can repeat the mantra you spoke earlier while blending your materials. “Bring me motivation” or “motivate me”. You can also seal the lid with wax if you like. White or blue wax  would be best.
  7. Decorate your jar! Use markers, paint, or whatever you like to decorate your jar or even leave it bare. This is an excellent time to unleash your creativity.  
  8. Cleanse/consecrate your jar! Light incense or a white/blue candle and pass the finished jar through the flame or smoke. You could also anoint your jar with oil.
  9. Finish! Once your jar is complete, shake it gently and watch the glitter settle. Every time you find yourself lacking in motivation, give the jar a shake and breathe deeply, focusing on whatever goal or activity you need motivation for. Once the glitter has settled, jump up and get to work! You can also put on some high energy music and dance around while you wait for the glitter to settle.
  10. Recharge! Whenever you’re feeling your star jar needs some recharging, put it out on a windowsill in starlight and let it sit for at least three hours. I like to visualize the jar filling with light as well.

Remember: This is a very flexible form of magick! It can be used by a secular witch, Pagan, Christian witch, or anyone else! You can change this spell to suit your needs or even create a jar for a very different purpose. As always I would love to hear all of your ideas and see your results! Please e-mail me ( or submit your results to my Tumblr (!

Also don’t forget that spells cannot work in a void! To ensure the success of this spell, make sure you are keeping yourself organized with a planner, write tasks down on sticky notes, reward yourself, and try to help yourself stay motivated!

Preparing for dry fasting.

To get started, the first thing you guys want to do is you want to get off the sugar, you gotta get the glucose out of your system. The negative or uncomfortable feeling that people experience such as light head, dizziness, the grouchiness, the irritability comes from glucose/sugar withdraws. It’s like cocaine in the brain. So you want to prepare before doing your first dry fast by doing protein only and smart fats such as coconut oil that contains high concentration mct oil. If you’re vegan you want to do almonds or almond milk or hemp hearts. Basically focus on protein only. 

Now the other thing I would recommend, is that you want to flush your kidneys out. You want to be highly alkaline. You create an alkaline drink that features 3 component: apple cider vinegar, lemon and baking soda. So you take a tea spoon of baking soda, 1 or 2 lemon and ounce or 2 of apple cider, play around with it. This will flush your kidney’s out. 

Also get some PH strips, the PH strips you will be able to dip into your urine and you want to get an 8 (blue). You want to get a solid blue before you start. 

The hunger that you’re going to experience is not true hunger it’s an emotional craving for something. You want to fill the void with something. But a lot of that is the sugar withdraws. So if you are already off the sugar before you start the dry fast, you are going to feel acceptional . You’re going to need ketone strips available at the pharmacy near the diabetic section. Now if you prepare properly, at the zero mark of the launch when you pull the water in the food, you should already be registering some keytones because you have been on proteins and smart fats for 24 hours. It takes about 24 hours to get off the glucose, you gotta get it out of your liver and system. One thing to do before as well is to do very heavy intensity weight training. So lift as heavy as you can. High weight low reps. 

If you  prepare properly and know what you are doing. If you go into this and you don’t know about flavic acid and you don’t know about alkalizing before hand and you don’t prepare by doing proteins and smart fast, you are going to suffer and it’s unnecessary. It can be a highly pleasurable experiences. 

Other than that guys, it’s really easy!

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matsu's reaction to having a smol s/o?

Osomatsu: He’s a jerk with this, he would use his s/o’s height to his advantage and make them mad. Things casually start to appear out of their reach so they have to ask him for help and he has an excuse to ask for affection as the price doing it. He’ll hold their hand while they’re in public and jokes about “potentially losing them in a crowd” and usually call them a child.

Karamatsu: Perfect, so many scenarios and things he’s read and seen in romance shows can come into practice. Of course some stuff only go as pictured in his imagination, and he is just being as painful as ever. He would give them gentle touches and maybe give of the impression that he thinks they’re made of porcelain. He feels like he is his protector, so proud, big, and strong. A knight in shining armor! Always to be there for his Karamatsu angel~ 

Choromatsu: He doesn’t really act differently, height is not a really big thing for him but he does kinda appreciate being the taller one in the relationship. He’ll be more careful with certain things and put everything somewhere they can easily reach them without having trouble but, of course, he’s always there to help if they need something.

Ichimatsu: At first he acts indifferently towards it, he likes being able to cuddle them easily. But then he becomes cruel and doesn’t help them getting things out of their reach until they beg for it. He can give himself the little pleasure of treating them like a small cat and pet them whenever he wants, also, he may use them as arm rest whenever possible.

Jyushimatsu: He adoooores it! Of course he’d love his s/o no matter what. But them being smol brings a special kind of cute feeling. He likes to hold their hand and just compare it to his own to see the difference. He’d be surprised on how easy it is to carry them, yet it opens so many possibilities. Piggy back rides? Carrying them out of the blue and running around? Yes, yes, so much fun! 

Todomatsu: Totty feels good with himself since he is usually the smaller partner. Having an even smaller s/o brings him a lot of new experiences he’d like to try out. Sitting them on his lap, being the big spoon when cuddling, helping to reach out for things -to an extent-. He’d definitely like the new sensation of giving protection. Also if the clothing size isn’t so different he’d allow them to borrow anything they’d liked -special treatment. 

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I want to send a few asks in, but I hope only requesting the same characters (gom+kagami) is fine! n___n How would Gom+Kagami have their first date with their s/o?

Aah this is so cute!

Alright, so I had two ways of doing this, and I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to do so I wrote both! Normally, there are only so many places you can go to on first dates, and there are a lot of things to consider since you’re still getting to know the person. There are ‘normal’ ideas and then there are the ‘different’ ideas; you can try the latter if you already know the person, while the former are more traditional choices and you can’t really go wrong with them.

Kagami the bae:

  • normal: street basketball he’d want to take you somewhere fun where you could enjoy yourself, so perhaps an amusement park would be his choice. You two would end up having so much fun that during the final ride, the ferris wheel, where he’d planned on asking for another date, you two would have fallen asleep. 
  • different: he’d invite you to have breakfast for dinner at his house. We all know he’s an excellent cook, and he’d want to impress his crush right on the first date, so I think he’d want to do an american style breakfast for them to eat.


  • normal: he’d want someplace reserved enough so you two could talk and get to know each other better, so he’d choose a cafe. I don’t think he’d show up with a gift because he’d think it was too much for a first date, but he’d definitely pay attention to see if there’s any book or game you’ve wanted lately.
  • different: coffee walk. Instead of drinking coffee sitting somewhere, he’d suggest picking up your prefered beverages and going for a walk around a neighbourhood neither of you know very well.


  • normal: street basketball something very casual and not too troublesome, so he’d go for window shopping at the mall. He plans to 'casually’ hold your hand to avoid becoming separated and hopes to see what kind of stuff you’re into.
  • different: go to the mountains. He loves it there, and if he already knows you and asked you out chances are he’s really into you, so he’d want to take you there and try to show you all the fun things he did. At the end of the day, you’d have the perfect view to watch the sunset, but he’d get bored and you’d probably end up making out.


  • normal: a movie date. He’d be the perfect gentleman and let you choose the movie, - not to mention he’d pay for everything - but it’s all part of his plan to steal a kiss from you during the movie, when everything’s dark.
  • different: maybe the zoo or the aquarium. He probably wants as many pictures of you as his phone will allow him to take, not to mention he finds adorable the faces you make when you see the animals.


  • normal: he’d take you out to lunch on a family restaurant. Not only will he have at least one thing to talk about but also he won’t have to wonder what to do with his hands.
  • different: museum. If he already knows you, he’d want to hear more about your opinions and thoughts, so he’d take you to a nice exposition and you two would have long discussions about what the hell does the blue curtain in the left mean.


  • normal: he’d want to take you to a bakery/sweets shop. It mixes both his favorite things, and he doesn’t have to do much exercice other than lift the spoon to his mouth and ask for more.
  • different: go to a street festival. It’s a win-win situation, really; he eats everything the place has to offer, gets to hold your hand so you don’t get lost and gets a kiss from you because he lifted you up to see the fireworks.


  • normal: a walk through the park and later a stop at the tea house. He doesn’t want to rush anything and wants to know everything about you, so a walk through the park under the cherry blossoms seems like his thing.
  • different: horse-riding/ice-skating. He’s got the money and is great at both, so he’d want to both impress his crush and do something different while still having some sort of privacy.
Vague Implications and Seesaw Oscillations Part 11

A/N: AHHH, hi! I’ve been very busy these last some days, and thusly missed an update day, but everything should go back to normal now! Part 12, by this weekend. Thanks for being patient!

Also plase everybody congratulate my fantastic [beta] on spectacularly unfollowing me a month ago today. Also just generally being great at life and sweetness. Hi :)

Part 1: ProloguePart 2: Very BluePart 3: Crystal BluePart 4: Freckled BluePart 5: Rain CloudsPart 6: Confused LipsPart 7: Feverish LipsPart 8: HurtPart 9: Flushed Cheek, Part 10: Intimate (FIC PAGE #SPOON *halo*)

Hartbig AU, SFW, 3,000 words of complete and utter LIES. Enjoy!

Part 11: Tea

The contrast between the intimate softness of their encounter and the rapid, deafening heartbeats in their chests remains unobserved, as both girls lose themselves completely and utterly; not in each other, but in their togetherness.

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Wikipedia defines a pear body type as being when “The hip measurement is greater than the bust measurement“. And as is quite clear here, Opal appears to possess these qualities. So you know what that means? Lesbian Illuminati Post of The Day is go!

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hi angel buttons i love all of you 100% but i’m going to take a lil tumblr break until after the election because i’m!!!!!! so stressed out about it i ate half a jar of peanut butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at work!!!!!!! in the foyer!!!!! with a spoon!!!!!!!!!!!! deeply unprofessional.

anyway you are all the best and most wonderful people in the world and i’ll see u in 6-ish days.

please do ur FIBS a favor and vote for hillary clinton, if you’re of age. also, vote democrat for the senate, because if we can turn the senate blue we have a change at making things not only NOT TERRIBLE but also MARKEDLY BETTER. so let’s do that!!!! message me after you’ve voted and i’ll heap praise upon you.

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i love u let’s be cats together

Pasta Yia-Yia

This is a really fast, simple, satisfying recipe that tastes like it should take a lot more effort and ingredients than it does! The one caveat is that it’s not great for leftovers because the butter kinda congeals - but it’s pretty hard to not just eat it all anyway. I don’t have any precise measurements because I’ve never actually seen a recipe for it - my mother got it from a friend who got it from his grandma, but it’s pretty easy to judge quantities.


  • Pasta of your choice (I find smaller shapes like fusili or conchiglie work best)
  • Butter
  • Garlic
  • Powdered cinnamon
  • Feta (or similar style) cheese


  • Cook the pasta in lightly salted water, as you usually would.
  • While the pasta is cooking, chop the garlic roughly, and melt the butter over a low heat in a small saucepan. Add the garlic and let it cook, making sure not to let it burn.
  • Drain the pasta, take the garlic butter off the heat and add a small spoonful of cinnamon to it.
  • Pour the garlic butter/cinnamon mixture over the pasta, crumble feta cheese into it and stir through. 

It’s that simple! The savory cinnamon thing sounds a little weird but it works so well. It’s also a really adaptable recipe -  I’ve subbed the feta for blue cheese before, and it also works fine with rice instead of pasta for a gluten free alternative or if your cupboard is a little bare. Powdered garlic works if you can’t do chopping but it won’t need to cook - I’d add it at the same time as the cinnamon. While it’s certainly not the most balanced meal by itself it’s also really easy to work greens and protein in: just cook a few chunks of frozen baby spinach in the butter, and I’ve found throwing in some chopped vegetarian chorizo (I imagine the real thing works too) tastes great while making it a little more substantial. 

Jehanparnasse || Modern AU || ~900w
Weed, Brownies and Pining

Montparnasse was floating, his body gently tossed by invisible waves. All of his nerves endings had gone deliciously numb. Only the weight of Jehan’s head on his stomach still held him down to Earth, that and his fingertips, busy playing a soft symphony with the strands of Jehan’s hair. He could almost hear it, string after string, his hand brushing the right notes out of them. The distraction was so heavenly he realised he had almost stopped listening to what Jehan was saying.

“―Byron was the rock star of his time,” Montparnasse heard, his attention shifting back to the lovely monologue. For someone who already spoke softly sober, weed managed to smooth their voice even more. Their words were fluid as silk and sweeter than honey. “The guy had everything: tons of affairs―with women but also with a whole lot of guys. But apparently it’s not gay if it’s in verse, go figure―, an affinity for strange pets, scandals all over the place. He completely went off the radar that one time, so one of his friends went to look for him. He found him in Paris, where Byron had fucked so much he was practically on death’s door. As you do.”

A giggle escaped Montparnasse’s throat. Its soft accents hung in the air, taking him by surprise. His usual laughter was sharper, more caustic.

“Is that what all Romantics do, then?” he asked, his thumb running along Jehan’s temple. “Write poetry and fuck until they can’t stand on their feet?”

He could have sworn Jehan’s forehead had gone warmer.

“That’s what some of us do,” Jehan mumbled.

Afraid he had made his company uncomfortable, Montparnasse decided to play the random card and change the topic as abruptly as he could. Jehan had this annoying tendency to make him care about their feelings.

“I’m hungry,” he blurted out.

It wasn’t a lie. There was a void in his stomach, and he was pretty sure weed had put it there. Montparnasse watched as his anchor left his abdomen, half expecting to fly away like a balloon of helium set free. Jehan pat their pillow softly, their movements slow and infinitely graceful.

“Better get you something then.”

Though they were obviously not dizzy, Montparnasse insisted to secure Jehan’s waist as they began their expedition to the kitchen, advocating safety first. There was a very steady poet wrapped against him. He liked that. He liked that a lot.

“What do you want?” Jehan asked, reaching for the cupboards.

“Brownies,” Montparnasse said, picking the first craving that came to mind.

“I’m afraid I don’t have those…” Jehan pouted, visibly sorry to disappoint. The frown disappeared as soon as it had come, replaced by an enthused smile. “But we can make some!”

This was all well and good, but no matter how much THC was running in his system, Montparansse would never admit he didn’t know the first thing about baking. He couldn’t exactly say “no” to that little inspired crush of his either. Faking nonchalance, he leant on the counter, flashing a languid smile.

“Alright, but I’ll be the lazy sous-chef. I want to admire your technique.”

“Sure you do,” Jehan snickered, opening a drawer next to them. “What kind of chocolate do you want?”

“Dark. Bitter. Intense. Like me.”

Jehan judged him from head to toe with a challenging stare.

“Sweet and smooth milk chocolate it is, then,” they snorted.

And so the baking began. Utterly lost, Montparnasse followed the instructions he was given, faking one or two “I know"s whenever Jehan seemed to suspect his inexperience. They both decided that using the stove would prove too dangerous, so they opted for the microwave to melt the chocolate. All in all, Montparnasse thought himself a pretty damn good sous-chef. Or, at least, he had deft enough hands to pick wayward egg shells out of mixtures they weren’t supposed to be in.

As the oven was pre-heating, they both sat on the kitchen tiles, the bowl of brownie batter sitting on Jehan’s lap. Impulse control had never been their strong suit. Armed with tablespoons, they both dug into the chocolaty goodness, taking hungry mouthfuls of batter. Woolfing it down resulted it various fits of laughter and variating moustache sizes. The oven had been completely forgotten.

"Stay still,” Jehan ordered softly as they dipped their index into the remaining batter.

Slowly, they drew a thin layer of chocolate on Montparnasse’s lips, their finger leaving sparks beneath its touch. He watched them, mesmerised, resisting the urge to kiss their skin, to taste it. Jehan tilted their head, admiring their work.

Montparnasse licked his lips, grateful he had an actual reason to do so. Somehow, it tasted better than the batter he had spooned directly from the bowl. Jehan’s touch made everything better. He contemplated the idea to kiss them there and then, to share the sugar on his lips and feel the honey of their words.

No. He held back. Not like this. He’d wait for a better time. If he was to kiss Jean Prouvaire, he wanted Jehan to be fully aware of it, and to want it as much as he did. So, instead, he took another spoonful of batter.

“So there’s that other thing about Byron that’s really ridiculous, if you want to hear it,” Jehan announced calmly, though Montparnasse could feel their eagerness to share.

“Please, tell me all about Byron,” he smiled.

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think abt someone finding ganseys journal and in it is like blue hearts everywhere and it will be a page abt glendower and then in the margin it will be like "some conculisve facts about blue sargent: tries to part her hair to the left but it always turns up a middle part by 4 in the afternoon. 90% of the time i get the yougurt fruit but if its peach bits i have 2 fight for it, always opens the door w her left hand even tho shes right handed?, she has a birthmark on her butt (seen w permission)


okay, but can you imagine them fighting over the peach bits? like “no gansey you can’t have the peach bits, go buy your own richie rich” and he’s all “but :((((((”  and then she agrees to give him a little and feeds him some from her spoon and gansey’s very “o_o more???”

also consider: doodles of her. everywhere. in his journals, in his notebooks, and it’s so precise and carefully done, you can just see how much thought and energy he put into it, how important it was to get her right. akgndjsxhk, im so fucking

also: blue finds it after he dies and spends the whole afternoon crying about the drawings and notes in his journals which are half facts and half just things he loves about her, like “the colorful clips in her hair, the look she gets when i occasionally call her by her real name, the combat boots, the way she can eat an unreal number of pancakes, the way she will not cry at sad movies but gets upset if an animal dies in it, when she calls me on the phone just to talk about nothing, the longing i can feel echo in her when i take her for a drive, the way she hums under her breath when she knits, her sense of humor, the way she stands up for herself and everyone she cares about, the way her left hand is bigger than her right, the way she can’t resist swaying to maroon 5′s sugar but claims to hate the song, the way her voice feels like home” and blue reads it all and just curls up in his shirt after and cries bc he’s not here anymore and she can’t tell him all the things she loves about him… im??? im sorry i didn’t know why i turned this into sad… let’s just imagine he comes back to life after and she hugs him and calls him cheesy for all the things he wrote but doesn’t let him go for a week

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Headcanon that the Batfam have an ongoing competition as to who can pull off the best bit of pickpocketing against one of the Leaguers. Bruce made a strong start with stealing Hal's Lantern ring the first time they met - other notable trophies include energy bars out of a flash's pockets, Atlantean currency from Orrin, and a pair of spare glasses from Clark's satchel. Jason claims he once managed to steal one of Diana's daggers, but no-one else believes it, and Diana isn't saying either way.

God these children. You’d think Bruce would teach them manners but he’s the one encouraging, “training exercises” my ass. I’d like to think it gets to the point where the boys just become unconscious kleptos. They just randomly start stealing crap from people??

Dick swipes notebooks and recorders from nosy, obnoxious reporters who’re suddenly wondering where their stuff went. Jason steals food. You have anything on you, it’s going to be gone if Jason is within ten feet of you. Tim is a clothes thief but also just grabs random shit from his friends for no reason, like he wakes up and is all?? (Why do I have Kon’s homework and Bart’s shoes?? Holy crap is that Cassie’s bra?“). Damian takes things that would mildly inconvenience/irritate people. Dick is getting cereal out and Damian keeps taking the spoons away making Dick go back and grab another one. Repeat about 10 times. He steals random parts of Tim’s professional wardrobe so OCD Timmy is running around looking for the dark navy blue tie that goes with THIS suit and no another tie won’t work Bruce god what is wrong with you. Cass just takes whatever she finds interesting, people don’t even realize they’ve been robbed til they see Cass flipping through their book or something.

This is a thing that exists. Because I made it.

It’s a knitted lace doily inspired by The Matrix. It started with the central panel; I was doing a series of tests to see how different letters worked, and ended up with a swatch that said “whoa.” Rather than setting it aside as a useful piece of research that had adequately served its purpose, I decided to try picking up stitches all around the edge, and turning it into a larger thing with a border. Right around that time I was looking through a bunch of different lace stitches, and discovered that there was a pattern called “Trinity,” which I used for the part immediately surrounding the center. After that it was mostly just a matter of swatching shapes that looked like spoons.

This is a lousy picture, so you can’t really see them, but there is a single red bead in the middle of one spoon, and a blue one in the other. A red pill and a blue pill. Because of course.

Also, it’s huge. Stretched out, it’s about 39"x25", which is larger than some small throw rugs. I have no idea what I’m going to do with the thing, except try to take some better pictures tomorrow.